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Some pointless insults I’ve been thinking about today.

1. You look like you jokingly called yourself a flat-earther until you “decided to look into the science of it more.”

2. You seem like the type to tip “the appropriate amount” based on the service provided at a sit-down restaurant.

3. Look at you! You probably get 8 hrs of sleep a night, don’t ya?

I’ll probably never use them, mostly because I’m trying to be a kinder person in the world. Feel free to use em!

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god i rlly cant cope with the fact I’ll be alone forever

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My boyfriend and I have a two year age gap and we started dating when I was a freshman in college, so it always felt like he knew more than me and he was kind of intimidating when we first started dating (not like, he scared me, but I felt like I was going to appear too young or naive to him).

But, now after how long we’ve dated, I look back on our first meal together and wonder how I ever saw that short goofball intimidating.

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it’s so ironic that lgbt conservatives will “date anyone regardless of political ideology” while left-wingers typically won’t and i can’t quite wrap my head around it. like no of course i’m not gonna date a conservative but that’s because we have different values and no one should ever date anyone with different core values than them because I think that’s something that determines the success of the relationship and is extremely important for bonding in the first place. so i cannot understand why a conservative would want to date someone with starkly different views than them. political ideologies, for the most part, reflect your personal values, but a lot of people these days seem to think they reflect what “side” you’re on, which i think contributes to political polarization. 

anyways i cannot for the life of me figure out why someone who values the economy and the market would ever want to date me, even if we might both have similar interests like animals and ecology, because who i am at the core directly contrasts with them. on the other hand, i get that a lot of lgbt people who have values that are typically conservative can feel lost when it comes to politics these days since, well, the right in government is directly oppressing/excluding them and yet there is no place for them in the left either bc the left doesn’t share their core values of tradition, etc. 

so what is to be done about this? maybe more spaces for conservative lgbt folk so they can find each other & reduce alienation as well as risk of suicide? but who’s gonna make spaces like that? i can’t bc i’m left wing… so what then? would a conservative organize such a group? and if not? we can’t just let them die… so what do we do? 

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Though I don’t tolerate racisim, I won’t unfriend or leave a friend behind for differences in opinions (if it’s not a racist, homophobic, or just an opinion delved from hate but I think I’ve long filtered out that population from my friend group).

In church, we learn that we have to be surrounded by people unlike ourselves. We have to understand the rest of the world to understand our own faith. And also because what is the use in telling a current follower of Christ about the love of Christ?

And also we learn not to shun away someone in the church who is maybe not a believer or facing difficult questions concerning their faith.

Because how are they supposed to grow if you shut the door on them?

You are not helping the movement by shutting the door on anyone. Especially not people you have been friends with through thick and thin until now.

People who aren’t on board- they aren’t because they don’t understand. So help them understand. Don’t guilt them to understand because they won’t. Help them. Talk to them with a level head. Bring up examples. Think about your friends who are affected right now- what would you feel if it was your friend or family?

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“Almost” is such a heartbreaking word. Ironic how it contains six letters which make it even. The feeling of almost something happening, is equally as heartbreaking.

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You gave me a half ass closure and then started giving me mixed signals after and then you expect me to be okay about it all? Hindi ba ang unfair naman non?

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