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Quote of the day - Aziz Gattoufi

Quote of the day – Aziz Gattoufi

Gattoufi Art

“When you know and nobody else need to know

When both of you know you both know

There is no need for anyone else to know

When you don’t know

And you know

No need to ask questions

When you don’t know and you don’t know

that’s bliss. –

Aziz Gattoufi [22.1.21]


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In fiction, when a huge creature such as a giant or a dragon tell humans how small they are, they usually compare humans to ants. Unless that fictional world have giant ants, It us doubtful that a giant or dragon would know what ants are. (source)

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<div> —  Kim Taehyung </div><span>Unless you open up and share your feelings, no one can understand what you’re going through.</span>
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>>> I thought you would scroll further without before Following my Tumblr

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The purpose of becoming self-aware is so that you no longer allow any thought, action, or emotion you don’t want to experience to pass by your awareness.

-Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

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That dinner I was meant to go to yesterday got postponed to a lunch tomorrow and I am now under the impression the lunch ain’t happening either

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honestly why waste your time with W*lker when you can watch The Boys and look forward to Jensen joining the awesome? 

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<span>Never feel guilty about doing what you need to recharge your batteries. You can’t pour from an empty cup.</span>
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When looking at the stars, you become the unique, final resting place for billions of photons that travelled thousands of light years only to make your life a little brighter. (source)

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humans hate animals that defend themselves so much it makes them look stupid

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A lot of the time for me I think my love for bgs dwindle over time but theres really something about bands I really gravitate to. I think maybe part of it is that they write their own music but I also think of that moment in Good Bam and Rooftop when Hweseung’s voice kind of sounds bittersweet and fleeting. I know Good Bam isn’t a sad song but I think there’s that moment that gets me. It keeps me. I really enjoy their b sides as well particularly Autumn Dream because of that time. It hits particularly when you’re just not really paying attention. And I’m biased because Autumn Dream is my favorite N.flying song. But it is truly that part where you don’t even have to feel it in your chest it’s just the knowing. The knowing of something not quite being right but your heart still being in it even if it shouldn’t.

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