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puckleisdreaming · a minute ago
Kat grabbed her keys and her bag as she marched out of the flat, taking a quick glance in the hallway mirror as she left. It had been days, weeks even, since she had met with professor Sarris and she didn’t want to be late, she didn’t want to miss one second of it.
As she walked through the park she noticed the joggers and the dog walkers all with eyes down watching their feet, lost in their own little worlds. She found it so frustrating that no one ever raised their eyes up and out, that’s what she loved about professor Sarris. Dark eyes always bright and aware, she never stopped analysing the world that passed her by. Students who didn’t know her thought she looked bored, they joked about how dull she clearly found teaching undergrads, but Kat wasn’t fooled. She saw that the carefully poised look of disinterest was her genetics lecturer’s armour, it shielded her from the interest of others and left her free to observe.
And so it was as she strode through the park she noticed those same bright dark eyes watching her from a bench shaded by hawthorn. Kat was early, the tutorial wasn’t for another five minutes but already she could see a few class mates milling around, killing the time until the lesson with headphones in. Kat approached Sarris who quietly smiled from the dappled shadows.
“It has been too long, so good to see your smile again Kat”
She was glad Sarris had broken the silence first, despite being at uni she wasn’t quite used to the more relaxed demeanour her lecturers had with their tutees
“It has! I’ve missed this, I’ve missed seeing people and talking an-“
She stopped short, halting the over excited rambling in its path and just smiled instead, blushing a little at her own enthusiasm.
“Do you think we’ll be able to do this every week? Meet in person, outside I mean, is this really allowed even?”
The invite had been a fairly casual, an email to the tutees who then put it in their group chat. Although it wasn’t official the whole group had shown up, and apparently most of them were early as Kat noticed more of her class mates drawing nearer.
Sarris remained quietly regarding Kat for a moment, smiling slightly with a quick glance at the other approaching students.
“I hope so”
And that was all Kat needed to hear
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afleetingindecency · a minute ago
Someone brought this up before but I thought it might bear repeating - we never see wounds show up on Billy's body. After Neil punched him in s2, he didn't have a black eye or any bruising. And Steve got some pretty good hits in during their fight in that same episode, but if you look at Billy's face when Max injects him, all he has is a bloody nose, no bruising or swelling or anything (unlike poor Steve). Steve's punches were solid, and yet Billy's face showed almost no sign of being hit.
In Runaway Max, Neil beats Billy until he bleeds. Although the companion novels aren't necessarily 100% canon, they are meant to help us understand the characters better. So, we're meant to assume that Neil has beaten Billy pretty badly over the years. And yet, Billy has no scars on his body at all. Generally, the show is pretty good about that kind of thing. Billy should have scars on his body that attest to Neil's abuse but he doesn't.
I just...wonder whether this is something we're meant to notice. Did he have any scars or bruises after the MF crashed his car? His not being injured while posessed could possibly be explained by the MF, but instances before the posession are more difficult to explain away.
The promo today got me thinking. The Jesus imagery around Billy was so prevalent. And having to hide the aftermath of an attack is such a consistent part of the experience of physical abuse, it's odd to me that the Duffers would kind of...leave it out of Billy's story. Idk. Maybe I'm forgetting something or looking too deeply since I really want him to make another appearance. :\
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captainsgr · 2 minutes ago
Dear the person reading this, I hope your day is filled with love and happiness!! ♡ (send this to 5 people you LOVE and think they need) -- ✨💚
I DID need this today because exams are stupid <3 ty!! I want to send this right on back to you but I won’t so I can continue the chain, just know that I want to!!!!!
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snootsnooter · 2 minutes ago
ngl I feel like if Hotel Transylvania 2 was gonna go all in on the ‘being different’ lgbt / biracial couple aspect like it did they should have kept Dennis a normal human to drive the point home, especially in the end. Making Dennis actually a vampire in the end undid EVERYTHING the movie was setting up
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littlesparklight · 2 minutes ago
What are Poseidon's duties as the ruler of one third of the sphere? Like, compared to his brothers is hard to grasp his impact on the order.
Hahah, yeah, a little hard, isn’t it?
But I think it might help to separate out Zeus’ “ruler of the sky” from his “[high] king of the gods” and set that against Poseidon being “ruler of the oceans”/one third of the sphere.
Like, on the one hand Zeus is doing something none of the kings previous to him did, sharing his power with his brother, and on the other he still is, ultimately, in a slightly higher position (compare Agamemnon, and why I’m saying “high king” because that fits rather well).
Ignoring Zeus’ acting on behalf of cosmic order and keeping the order in his court and the greater kingdom (say, by acting on his brother’s behalf when a mortal infringes on Hades’ domain in ways that can’t be easily slotted under direct hubris against a god), his, Poseidon and Hades’ roles are probably more metaphysical than not, keeping their various spheres in harmony, both with each other, the physical, mortal earth, and against the greater cosmic order.
Poseidon would also be responsible for keeping all the sea related deities and nymphs and any critter with enough between their ears to be sentient in line and obeying the rules. He’s keeping a court as much as Zeus (and Hades is, he does actually have more people down there than just shades) is, even if we see less of it, and that means political work. Also, while we don’t see as much of it, he could probably be petitioned for formal protection - Asteria escapes Zeus by jumping into the ocean, leaving both the sky and the earth behind (the first which belongs to Zeus, the latter which is common to all three brothers), and enters Poseidon’s domain, and Zeus does not pursue her further. (Then there’s versions where Poseidon then attempts to assault her and THAT triggers her binding herself to/transforming into Delos, but that’s not the point here.)
I hope that helps a little!
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perfeqt · 3 minutes ago
I’ll always remember that look on your face. You saw me. You’ve always seen me. And I think that’s all that anyone wants.
Benjamin Alire Sáenz, The Inexplicable Logic of My Life
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cryptid-graveyard · 4 minutes ago
what if we found a pretty park with a garden & found a quiet spot in the shade. You rummage through the bag to find the tea while i set out the blanket. the tea shimmers in the small gaps of sunlight because i can’t help but add a little bit of magic too it & you love it that way. we spend the day in our own little pocket of the world. you ramble about volleyball & i listen to you while sketching every flower around us. you lean on me & tease me when i say dumb shit. as the day passes on we can doze in the dimming sun but we do get up to go out on top of a hill so we can watch when the sunset creates a beautiful view.
Tumblr media
photo is my own
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trashcanalienist · 4 minutes ago
More black people in robot fiction please!! My god, what I've been missing out on! What with: primarily, the Purpose of robot fiction; secondarily, the development of a world in which robots exist; and thirdly, black people existing in movies. Detective Del Spooner being a robot-racist is a fun spin cause he's black, but...come on man, you ain't tryna tell me racism's over because we invented a slave class. Like Harry Domin indirectly stated - as long as we are different, we will hate each other for being different. Robots are similar even if not identical, and thus do not - even cannot - hate each other. Y'all coulda kept the Elijah Bailey vibe...Lije wasn't too thrilled about robots, but he accepted them as part of the world and kept his dislike for them harmless and professional. Like Eddie Valiant with toons. Man, Roger Rabbit's a good movie.
Will Smith got his fuсkin Converse All-Stars and his sweet potato pie and he out to solve some murders! He's even got a god damn guitar wall in his little apartment. Bet your аss he don't play one of them in the movie. EVEN BETTER,, THE FIRST WHITE PERSON TO SPEAK IN THIS MOVIE (though he be the hologram of the dead roboticist, Alfred Lanning), IN HIS FIRST EVER LINE, CALLS DETECTIVE DEL SPOONER "son". YES! THAT IS WHAT I CALL...UH...well it's not exactly racial subtext, but also that's exactly what it is. R. Sammy and everything. I wish they'd've gone a little further with the "robot" designation used as a method of...not dehumanization because they're not living or humans, but...devaluing? It is obvious that Giskard Reventlov is a robot, so it is considered rude to distinguish him from other Aurorans with that R., whereas the Earthmen delight in devaluing their machines by insisting on that R, denying them last names, giving them names like "Sammy", and calling them "boy"...sound familiar? Anyways that's how it is in the novels, I wish it were the same here.
Del Spooner thinks a robot can do crime even though no robots have ever done crimes. He thinks this because he is prejudiced. This is the weakest facet of the movie. He's prejudiced because one time he and another car got shoved off a bridge into the water, and a passing NS-4 saved him but not the little girl in the other car. They say it's about percentages, and it is, but the robot should still have been positronically affected by not being able to save Sarah as well. Like those poor Solarians who couldn't save Dr. Delmarre. It should at the very least exhibit some cognitive dysfunction as a result of not being physically able to obey such a strong Law.
I think if a robot can commit a crime then the First Law must be strengthened. The definition of "harming a human being" would need to be expanded. It would lead to slight issues like Herbie and might make robots less useful, but the point of the Laws is to promote safety over usefulness. I am glad then to see that no robot who obeys the Laws has ever committed any crime.
Anyways Del's a cop with a "documented history of savage violence against robots" man come on, grow up. Get some god dаmn therapy
Aight so they put the Laws onscreen before the movie fully starts, but then Del asks Dr. Calvin some very basic questions genuinely and it's like...Del man how you live in this world and you don't know how the Laws relate to and conflict with each other?? I know USR is still in its relatively early days, but come on! Well, he's the type to endanger himself, his passenger, and every other motorist by taking manual control of a self-driving car. Spoon's the type of guy who opens the front door of a house that ain't his, LEAVES it open, and then gets spooked when the wind slams it shut. That's why he hates robots, man. He's just that kind of guy...the entitlement combined with the proud humanism.
They shoulda subtitled this movie "Will Smith Does Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Property Damage" bro even before the NS-5s start attacking him he's blowing their positronic brains those things ain't cheap! Or maybe they are! I don't know! Del's grandma can't seem to afford one, but they're mass produced and their creator Alfred Lanning wanted robots in every household. Bet he'd love Solaria
On one hand I understand and agree with Del's reluctance to talk around what is in this film possibly corporate spyware. On the other hand the anticorporate subtext in this movie kinda muddles the whole robot racism thing. Like yeah I'd be polite to FedEx NS-4 but I'd also shoot down Amazon drones with a BB gun so
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thegaygreaser · 4 minutes ago
I found a shirt that looks exactly like Steve’s DX shirt, I just need to cut it :)
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theblogthing-tm · 4 minutes ago
I want to kiss a boy and make him feel loved ugh
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danibby · 4 minutes ago
if langa were to put on a team rocket costume he would just be james
edit: reki could be jesse
another edit: miya as meowth
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highhkicks · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Fühl mich sexy.. aber wahrscheinlich nur für einen kurzen Augenblick.!
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akasuki · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I just came on this app to write and read fan ficition, please stop with these types of shit, i blocked the person after seeing their account, i'm fine with venting but not without any warning or just straight up ignorance. I'm turning off my dms so that only people I follow can talk to me. Sorry.
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angst-fairygodmother · 8 minutes ago
I always feel guilty working on requests out of order.
But I’m really feeling this new one...
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thoughtkick · 8 minutes ago
So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.
Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth
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That trope of immortals being forced to fight the same war forever except they change because time changes people, they loose their anger because no one can hold onto anger forever they grow weary on both sides and so one day they choose when they return to life after being slain to walk away from the battle field, just one or two at first, then all, they wander away and the blood dries and the poppies grow and eventually former enemies meet by chance and share food.  Immortality combined with choice, not merely as a choiceless curse. 
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honeytea-sunshinerays · 9 minutes ago
I've been feeling really happy recently? Sometimes it feels odd to admit or realize you're in a good place since it's almost like the moment you admit to being alright something goes awry.
There's nothing wrong with being happy and you shouldn't have to feel guilty about being comfortable with yourself or your position in life 🌱 There's also nothing wrong with having bad days or weeks or months.
Give yourself more credit and let yourself be happy even if it's a small moment! ✨
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