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You deserve a gentle soul. Don’t settle for less and know your worth.

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My heart is set on you.


So hold me close and don’t let go,

Because I can’t lose, you have to know.

Give me the reasons to leave,

And I’ll give you all reasons to believe,

That I will stay until the end,

Because forever with you I want to spend.

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out of all the people I could be,
there is one I never want to be.
a combination of my parents.
which has already happened, obviously,
but my personality is intact.

unable to tolerate any opinion that is not your own.
constantly belittling and hating, yet raging at being called out.
snapping at every speck of dust, every small word.
nobody is perfect except for you. there is but one way to live.

there is no happiness, no hope, in that personality.

I never want to fall so far
that I lose myself to the shadows above me.
if I do, you have every right to shoot me.
please do.
I’ll have already lost.

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Originally posted by darkheartbrake

Source of pain

It’s not the thought of you that is hurting me,

It’s the moment that I realize that I have nobody to comfort me that is slowly killing me.

It’s not your fault that you don’t love me, don’t comfort me and whisper lovely things into my ear.

I understand that you don’t want a ship wreck when you can have a yacht.

But the knowledge that nobody would ever be able to love that empty shell of a human being that I am breaks me apart.

Whenever I think about the kisses I can never have and the soft touches I’ll never feel, I think about the endless lonely nights that are still ahead of me.

Because even if I could move on from your perfect being, I know that no matter who I fall for next won’t love me back either.

In the end, nobody could love a demon and that’s exactly what I am.

My thoughts are dark and self destructive, I drain the happiness of other people and I move numbly through the night, like a living dead.

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