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Come away, O Human child,

    To the waters and the Wilds,

         With a Faerie, hand in hand,

               For the World’s more full of Weeping,

                                            Than you can understand.

                                                                   - W.B. Yeats (The Stolen Child)

[Photograph by Cephysusfotos, Gif by Livingstills]

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satyrcore ideals-

ive noticed recently that my other satyrcore post has gained traction, but that i was very vague in it. heres a few more bullet points for yall :)

  • music & dance- satyrs are almost always seen with instruments, dancing and singing to their hearts content. talent is not required, but having fun is!
  • nature- as with many other similar cores, nature is a big one! a love for the world is always good.
  • rowdiness- satyrs are commonly shown drinking and partying- which is not to say one must do these things, but rather show that having fun and being care free are things to strive for
  • appearance / fashion- satyrs are commonly depicted as unattractive, and nude. this is not to say that you should stop wearing clothes, however. instead, i recommend wearing comfortable clothing, and items such as crop tops and large scarves. palazzo pants + a crop top strike me as a modern satyr in disguise type of a look.
  • inclusivity- of course, satyrs can come in any body type, of any skin color, of any disability, etc.
  • body hair- seems odd to make this a bullet point, perhaps, but body hair is very much so a satyr thing- leg hair, unibrows, you name it, they got it
  • comfort- rounding out our list, is perhaps one of the most important ones. satyrs live to relax, have fun, and do whatever makes them comfortable. whether thats napping, or partying, the greatest lesson you can take away from them is to relax every once in a while. :)
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