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supersoldier-husbands · 2 hours ago
iron man and the orphan boy
(from the perspective of peter parker, inspired by the song “travelling man/orphan girl”)
my whole life i’ve been waiting for someone, my whole life i’ve been waiting to come undone. iron man led me into the sun
he took me to the tower and i never looked back again. no more working in a science lab, no more getting bullied. he swept me up and laid me down in a place where i belong.
iron man and his orphan boy stall away in the space of a day, my heart was bursting open, torn wide open
i don’t remember when he died, he was just gone. broke me down to nothing, orphan boy had to carry on. a rough and tumble life, only had myself to blame
so far from home, orphan boy lived up to his name. my whole life, i’ve been waiting for someone. the orphan boy begins his life, walks down the road with no regrets, no ties in mind to what he gets.
iron man he disappeared, and gave him what he always feared. the orphan boy has finally come undone...
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princessofbookaholics · 2 hours ago
Book Review #80: The Travelling Cat Chronicles
Book Review #80: The Travelling Cat Chronicles
Title: The Travelling Cat Chronicles Author: Hiro Arikawa Genre: Contemporary Number of Pages: 288 About: Nana the cat is going on a road trip with his beloved owner, Satoru but he doesn’t know the purpose of the trip. They meet Satoru’s various friends during the road trip and Nana soon finds out the reason why… Characters: This book had a unique narration as it is told from the cat’s…
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irresponsibility101 · 3 hours ago
hi i’m back with more star wars time travel concepts, once again featuring korto vos my beloved.
so. leia, luke, ezra, ailyn vel (because this is my au and i said she’s force sensitive, even if she’s not a jedi and is in head to toe beskar half the time), korto vos, ka’ra koth and the rest of the jedi/force sensitive who i’m forgetting about time travel from a bit after ROTJ to the prequels. i don’t know when, but the clone wars might be fun. they all decide ‘fuck it, let’s fix the galaxy’ and then proceed to go about it doing the literal opposite of how everyone else does it.
ailyn says fuck it and becomes the mand’alor (again, because i think the concept of boba fett’s daughter being the mand’alor is absolutely hilarious). she says the clones are all mandalorian, very loudly and very publicly, and also says that, and i quote, ‘palpafuck can fight me’ because she may be very competent however she is also in her late teens to early twenties and generally speaking, people in their late teens to early twenties are not often known for their eloquence. bo-katan and satine both hate her, bo-katan because she’s like ‘hi i’m restarting the true mandalorians, maybe don’t join a terrorist group?’ and satine because she’s restarting the true mandalorians, has the d a r k s a b e r and has already got a reputation for ruthlessness.
ka’ra becomes an outer rim cryptid who just randomly shows up, heals the sick and injured, and then leaves. mandalore is growing shit again. people can go outside without having to be under the domes. she may or may not be involved.
leia politics her way into becoming something vaguely involving alderaans senator, and says she’s breha’s scandalous illegitimate younger sister. you can choose if bail and breha know about the time travel or if they’re just like ‘cool let’s go with this, she’s competent and i bonded’.
ezra just goes to the jedi order like ‘yo you’re gonna die lol’. mace appreciates the honesty but also gets a massive headache
korto makes like quinlan and does some nice fun spy shit. this also has the side effect of making him a cryptid, but this time more along the lines of a clone cryptid, because he shot krell and took over the umbara campaign like ‘oh no... krell fell into a carnivorous plant... i’m so sad...’ and then vanished once it was done and obi-wan was like ??? which jedi? there is one vos in the order and he’s currently off being a bastard on coruscant???
(he also saves echo because he got bored and decided it sounded fun. nobody figures out it’s him, mostly because he got onto the ship whilst in hyperspace somehow, got echo in without being noticed, and then leaves but shhhh don’t tell anyone).
and now we’re down to luke. there are many options for luke, from him doing the stereotypical ‘hi i’m your kid please don’t fall’ speech to him just going full apeshit and yeeting palpitations off a cliff, but i quite like the ‘at no point does he realise anything has changed, because he was a being a cryptid anyway and wasn’t paying attention’ option. i think he only realises when coming face to face with yoda, like hm maybe something is happening.
in conclusion: local idiots travel back in time and have wildly different ideas about how to save the galaxy
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androidgeeksblog · 5 hours ago
Travelling Hoppy Biography | Facts | Plus Size Model | Social Media Influencer
Travelling Hoppy Biography | Facts | Plus Size Model | Social Media Influencer
Travelling Hoppy is a beautiful plus size model. She is young and she is popular. The beautiful model is all natural, and claim to never gone through some cosmetic surgery. Currently, the model is living in Denver. The stunning model is a sporty girl. She works out regularly. The model is famous for her beautiful eye colour and amazing beauty. She has become a hit after posting her cool and…
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karaikalonline · 5 hours ago
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