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halloween-hallows · 3 months ago
Does anyone else just have that ache for autumn yet?
Looking forward to the cold crisp air blowing thrive orange leaves, to warm sweaters and fuzzy socks on cold and rainy days, and to scented candles and the smell of freshly baked goods filling the air...
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ouijaye · 2 months ago
Pretty much every blog I follow is inactive so my dash is deaddddd 💀
Please interact with this post or message me so I can check out your blog and follow some new people 🧡
Especially if you post about:
🔮 Autumn
🔮 Witches
🔮 Crystals
🔮 Forest/nature things
🔮 Astrology
🔮 Cottages/cabins
🔮 Horror movies
🔮 Cute animals
🔮 Halloween
Thank you 🧡🎃
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crispyair-crispyleaves · 3 months ago
just spent about 100 dollars at dollar tree on Halloween decorations 👻🦇🎃🕸️
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My heart’s desire to retreat into spooky season seems to strike earlier and earlier each year…
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the-october-country · a month ago
Tumblr media
The New Yorker has had many lovely autumn covers; see them here.
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