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Hi rex do you enjoy a good prank for april fools day? Dose your team does it?

“..It’s not too bad. I remember pulling harmless silly pranks with my sister and friends. So, it wasn’t too bad. As for my team….well..” Rex then heard a yell in the other room that was from Summer that started chasing behind Fall that was soaked in water that seems to come from water balloons.

“Get back here Summer! I’ll kill you for soaking me with your water balloons again!!! This one had juice in it!” her voice was laughing trying to throw water balloons back at Summer that dodges.

“Ha, missed Fall! You know it’s payback from last year!” she dodges another one. Rex heard it but shook his head to sigh.

“My team usually is very competitive during this holiday. At least their having fun.”

“I don’t see how in the world they are like this, Rex. I mean come on.” Winter grumbles but Spring was eating ice cream.

“If I recall Winter, you were the same when you prank them the year before that? The dog werewolf prank I take it?” he reminds her that her cheeks flushed pink remembering.

“Hey, they asked for it!”

“I found it funny..” Spring laughed as she sees Summer duck another water balloon from Fall.

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🎄🌷Seasonal Moods ☀️🍁

In Winter, I’m Scandinavian


In Spring, I’m Celtic


In Summer, I’m Italian


In Autumn, I’m New English

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