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That day I cried,

Its goodbye forever in order to be happy

Sometimes I laugh at something

I’m fine thank you, thank you 💔☁️

- Ladies Code I’m Fine Thank You

my angel 💔

Saying goodbye to someone is the hardest thing because you made memories with them, but now they become a memory to you.

This edit is not mine, credits to the one who made this.

my angel 💔
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This picture is some Simspiration? I just created that word I don’t know if it’s a thing haha! I think that this outfit is perfect for when it’s getting cold outside and Harvestfest is getting close. It’s  a simple outfit but it looks stunning on my sim! Want to know more about the outfit? Press ‘read more’!

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Valens Lake: Marsh with Roots by 📷 Petri Varsa
Via Flickr:
Dead tree roots line the marsh at Valens Lake Conservation Area near Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. For this shot, I held one lens of my polarized sunglasses in front of the optics to act as a polarizing filter.

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