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shini--chan · 4 hours ago
How about the 2ps react to a reader that is like Jessica jones (like strength, and is working as a private detective)
Jessica Jones is actually on my to-watch list now. Haven’t watched it yet, decided to write this anyway.
Yandere 2p! Axis – Private Detective
Tumblr media
Despite all your strength and observation skills, he would still see it as a prime opportunity to mess around you. While he would know very well that it would be a risky business to play with fire, and that you could theoretically break every bone in his body if you wanted to, but he would still persist. He would taunt you, run circles around you in a twisted cat & mouse game. – Austria, Italy
Tumblr media
He would take it easily, being weary of you for your skills and the such. Maybe he would lay a breadcrumb trail for you to follow, something that would end up leading to him. During this whole time, he would be patient, testing the waters and your mettle. In a way, he would want to see if you are really worthwhile. Only then would he start to lure you in, setting up a trap that would lead to you being his captive. – Prussia
Tumblr media
Being the thrill-seeker he is while still having a lot of self-preservation, he would try to get to know you the normal way. Or by working together with you, involving you in workplace banter and pay you the interest that would be normal between co-workers (so that you wouldn’t notice the obsession simmering beneath the surface). Nevertheless, he would casually ensnare you, knowing that metal chains would do little to hold you down. – Germany, Japan, Romano
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