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Dragons don’t play by the rules.
One minute a dragon is a hulking monster that can’t be harmed by any weapon. The next it’s a slender, fragile wielder of magic.
Dragons not only refused to be tamed in stories but by logic and rules and expectations.
Welcome to our world of dragons and fantastic creatures:

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Getting into quite an exciting part of Kingdom Come: Deliverance with lots of goings-on - first some sneakiness of ours, then some more on their part. Really enjoyed the story and pacing here.

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Pretty late night post for me but I wanted to post something.

I was drawing various things and I as particularly fond of this drawing.

It reminded me a bit of the pose your character is in in Daggerfall (which I’ve only really played barely long enough to know said pose)

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Y'all how the hell could I have forgotten about my best girl Quinn Adstrum?? She has gone through so much shit. From Falling from Heaven to being captured and forced to sing for mortals and then bought at an auction. . I swear this child has been through so much and I’m gonna put her through so much more.

The right is done by @cookiescr and the left is @julie-ghouls !! Both are spectacular artists!

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Culture: German

Date: Around AD1450

Weight:  6 lb. 9 oz. (much more normal weight for a sallet compared to the last one)

Credit: The Met

Info: This sallet has seen better days. The museum states that this is not only corrosion, but fire damage as well. 

While the sallet style of helmet is most associated with Germanic cultures of the Middle Ages, such as the Holy Roman Empire, helmets in this style could be found in many other places as well, though often with small regional variations. 

Even within the same region, two helmets of the “same” style may look different, because each one was hand-made. It is very rare for two pieces of Medieval equipment to have exactly the same dimensions.  

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