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Where can I find it? Zacian is a native of the British Isles, where it has featured in myths and legends for centuries. Zacian is most commonly spotted in the highlands of northern Scotland, but has also been spotted in hilly or mountainous regions of England and Wales. There are even a couple of sightings that have occurred in London. 

What should I know about it? Zacian, in most myths, appears as the elder sister of Zamazenta, with a fierce sibling rivalry between the two. In the few interactions that have been recorded between the two species, Zacian and Zamazenta get along fairly well - younger Zacian and Zamazenta especially enjoy play-fighting. 

According to legend, Zacian’s sword can cut the ocean in two, causing massive floods. Some have speculated that this myth has some basis in reality, particularly with regards to the flooding of Doggerland, the ancient landscape that connected Britain to mainland Europe during the Ice Age. 

Has it ever been caught? Yes! Two Zacian have been caught to date, one of which currently resides at Oxford University.  

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