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Shepherds hut mini refurb finished!! . @willowspringscampsite
☑️Outside undercover decking with bistro table and chairs
☑️4kw wood burner
☑️Solar powered
☑️Double bed with orthopaedic mattress
☑️Double sofabed
☑️Adjoining Cookhut
☑️ Firepit and BBQ slab
☑️11 out of 10 on the awesomeness scale.
We’re all set to welcome you after lockdown ❤️😊😊
#glamping #camping #visitwaleslater
#Glyncorrwg #nature #retreat #getaway #visitnptlater #photography #surfing #paddleboarding
#mtb #roadbiking #beach #waterfalls #walking #hiking #explore #wanderlust #relax #running #motivation #yoga #mindfullness #mentalhealth #afan #protectyourcommunity #stargazing #astrophotography

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We went out for another one night camp, this time up into the local mountains (we were originally planning on going back to the desert, but discovered an extreme heat advisory and 107° temps for the region, so… no.).

We boondocked it again, and decided next time, even if it’s just a one nighter, we’re bringing the tent. Still, we had fun, even when the coyotes ran through the middle of our camp. I couldn’t tell if the lead coyote was running from the one behind, or if they were both running from something else. Sorry, but I didn’t get any pictures of that.


This lake was pretty close to out camp, so we ended up here today for lunch before heading home. Also I got enough frames (200) for a star time lapse, which also became the star trails shot above, although that’s super lose edit. A better version will come down the pipe in he near future, as well as a little video of the fun.

Stay tuned.

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A beautiful sunrise over the wild rock formations of South Dakota. [OC] [4000 × 3000] by Daniel Benjamin Photo

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