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This semester in college, I decided to throw caution to the wind and take a class I’m actually interested in! The class is called Leisure and Outdoor Recreation and we’re going to be learning super useful information! We’ll also be reading a book called Desert Solitaire, which I’m excited about. 

In today’s online lesson, our professor told us about the four phases of the outdoor recreation experience. I thought this was interesting so I’m making sure to jot it down. 

The four phases are:  

Anticipation (I’m definitely in this!), Planning, Participation, Recollection 

  1. Anticipation: the person thinks of doing the activity, reads about the activity, eagerly awaits. I’m definitely doing all three of these things! Plus I’m watching a lot of great outdoor advice channels on Youtube. 
  2. Planning: preparation, gathering necessary equipment, travel arrangements, education and/or social. I would not say I’m in this, because I really don’t have any set plans for what I want to hike or backpack yet. 
  3. Participation: the actual experience
  4. Recollection: thinking, telling, showing experience; oral or written; photos; no time limit to this phase. 

He also mentioned that Anticipation is one of the most important phases because, especially in the times we’re in, having this anticipation can improve your outlook, and keep you going mentally. 

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The Grand Teton, Grand Teton National Park [6000x4000] [OC]

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Old Harry Rocks in the UK [OC] [4215x5269]

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I really miss hiking… I miss getting exhausted, wanting to give up, to sit down, to make my way back… I miss seeing all these beautiful insects, birds, monkeys… I miss smelling the fresh air and feeling the sun on my face… but most of all, I miss the big final moment where all the pain and exhaustion became worth it, where all the problems in the world fade and all there is left is you on top of the world.

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The last light on a foggy day in Zion, Utah. [OC] [1600x1600]

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Wonderful mountains in the North of Spain. County of Asturias [4000 x 5812] [OC] @amo.photograph

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One of nature’s most sublime efforts. Sunset above the clouds at La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain. [OC][3727x4659]

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Elatia forest - Drama prefecture - National park - MacedoniaGreece

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A Double Waterfall in Iceland [OC][1280x1920] IG @holysh0t

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