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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
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Each month, members of the spellbook tier will receive the complete happy mail bundle of stickers, an A6 print of an illustrated plant, with an introduction of it’s history, herbology, or mythology, and the monthly letter! There might also be the occasional extra items   

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Some of the lino blocks I’ve made in the past couple months

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Garden Birds

For day 228 of 365 Days Wild I spent some time watching and sketching the blackbirds in the garden.

Usually I’d include some photos as well, but I didn’t manage to get a single clear picture the whole time I was watching them.

By the time I was done, I had three little blackbirds on a page of my sketchpad.

After I finished sketching I decided to try a larger picture of the bird table…


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