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nonetoon · a day ago
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He’s here to ask how your day was, sport
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kingofhyrule46 · a day ago
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All I want is to be fatter. That's all I think about
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mrwavellswaps · 15 hours ago
Yellow Box
Make sure to read the Prologue first:
Sam scanned his eyes over the three boxes. His gaze darted between them but in the end he settled on none other than the yellow box. He grabbed it and picked it up off the bed. “This one” he said.
“Alrighty then.” And with that Wavell snapped his finger with a glow once more and the remaining two boxes vanished in a puff of smoke. “Now usually I tend to stick around for the next part but I think I’ll give you some privacy. Besides I can always use my magic crystal ball to rewatch whats about to happen.” Wavell joked waving his hands about.
Sam couldn’t tell if Wavell was being serious about that or not. He only watched as Wavell returned to his ghostly form before disappearing through the walls of the hotel leaving Sam alone with the yellow box.
He sat back down on the bed, resting the box on his lap before putting his fingers under the lid. There was a pounding sensation in his chest that felt like a mix of both excitement and anxiety as he slowly but surely slid off the lid. Setting the lid down beside him Sam looked in the box to see a pair of dirty brown work boots. Stuffed inside each boot was a thick white wool sock to match them. Sam could straight away tell that they were used by all the scuffs and dirt marks on the boots. Looking at them though, they only seemed to be a couple sizes bigger than his own shoe size.
Sam pulled out one of the boots to inspect it a little closer. He turned it around getting a good look at the size and shape of the boot, seeing how much dirt it was also coated in, especially underneath. This in mind Sam was already guessing that these were the boots of a lumberjack or a tradie worker of sorts and the idea of that was getting him excited. Most of the tradie’s and lumberjacks he’d seen were strong manly men and the idea of becoming one sounded incredible.
As he continued to fantasise about what the owner of the boots looked like, Sam the quickly remembered that that owners was with him right now in the form of those very boots. “Damn I hope you’re one of the big guys.” Sam stated, grinning at the boot in his hand before pulling out one of the thick wool socks to see it stained in sweat. Putting the sock to his nose, Sam inhaled what could only be described as the powerful musky smell of a real working man. All that sweat trapped in the thickness of the white socks, causing them to yellow slightly, emitted a stench that was irresistible to a guy like Sam. He had his nose buried in that woollen sock for a good couple minutes before coming up for air. “Ahhhhh smells like a hard days work.” He laughed.
Of course he couldn’t help but shove his nose inside the boots as well and they smelt just as deliciously musky. It made his cock even harder as he thought about some guy being trapped in the form of his own smelly work boots.
The next thing he knew, Sam was already taking off his own socks and shoes and setting them aside before grabbing both of the thick wool socks. Sam couldn’t help but shudder in pleasure as he slid his feet into the yellowed socks, feeling the cold sweat inside them dowse his feet. Not only did he love knowing his feet were being enveloped his man sweat but the socks were actually super comfortable as well.
Next was the boots. Sam took much delight in shoving his socked feet inside the damp boots allowing them to become even more consumed the musk. He stood up from the bed and looked down at the work boots he now adorned, wriggling his feet inside with excitement and anticipation.
Luckily Sam didn’t have to wait long because moments after, it began. Suddenly the world around Sam began to spin, everything becoming blurry. After a few moments it stopped however Sam could immediately tell he was no longer in the hotel. He was now in what seemed to be a small bathroom. He didn’t get much of a chance to look around however as right in front of Sam was a mirror and the man looking back at him certainly wasn’t the same man he’d been a few moments ago.
Looking into the reflection Sam swiftly noticed he was wearing nothing but the boots and socks, a trucker hat and white jockstrap. The lack of clothes weren’t his main concern however, it was the fact that he’d went from being a borderline twink to a big hairy bear!
Tumblr media
Sam almost couldn’t believe his eyes as his huge meaty hands wandered down his body. His pecs were so huge and meaty while his stomach thick and strong, ever so slightly pushing over the jockstrap. And of course he couldn’t not appreciate the incredible fur covering it all, rubbing his fingers through the dense coating of it.
“Fuuuuuck yes…I feel so…meaty.” Sam stated in a very husky baritone voice as he groped at his pecs some more, enjoying the mix of fat and muscle.
Then his attention slowly drifted towards his arms, first giving them a squeeze before bringing them up into a double bicep pose. Just seeing those massive balls of muscle flex was enough to get Sam’s new cock to strain against the pouch of the jockstrap. He loved just how huge they were and how strong his arms felt. It could’ve just been the testosterone flooding through him but he just wanted to pick up the heaviest weights he could find and start testing his strength.
Sam took a few more moments to admire his arms, squeezing the bulky muscle before giving his new face and beard a little attention. He loved the feeling of finally having a full beard after never being able to grow one himself, making sure to admire it before inspecting his new facial features. Before Sam had always looked very boyish, despite being in his late 20’s, but this new face was the complete opposite. He now had the face of a mature blue collar bear that would linger in the wet dreams of many gay men.
Eventually Sam ended up turning his backside to the mirror. Thanks to the jockstrap he was wearing he got a nice full view of his huge new bear butt. He groped his cheeks a little, enjoying both their juicy thickness and the layer of fur covering them as well. In all the excitement Sam’s new cock began to leak precum into his jockstrap. Noticing this he started to rub and feel his cock through the pouch. It felt about average length but the girth was something else. It really was a beer can cock.
Sam cupped and jiggled his furry ass a little more before returning that one hand to admiring his chest once again. While his right hand continued stroking and tugging as his erection through the jockstrap, his left hand couldn’t help but cup and grope his pecs some more. He was just about to pull his cock out of its pouch when he started pinching his nipples and allowing a deep groan to escape his bearded lips. Moments after an intense shock of pleasure flooded Sam’s groin. His cock and balls were consumed by the feeling allowing most pleasurable sensation to sweep through his body. Sam was unable to stop himself as he let out an almost primal roar before shooting a fat load, soaking the front of his jockstrap. That was the trigger for the memories.
Suddenly Sam’s mind was flooded with the memories belonging to the man he’d become. His new name was Eric Harbour and, just as he’d thought, he worked in construction. A bricklayer in fact. He was obviously then hit with memories of all the people in this man’s life. Family, friends but most importantly co-workers. It seemed that Eric was already gay and was very open about. So open in-fact that he’d gone ahead and fucked/gotten fucked by a handful of his fellow bricklayer mates. Sometimes even on the construction sites. A ballsy move that’s for sure.
Once the memory wave had subsided, Sam then remembered the real Eric as he looked down at the brown boots he was wearing. Reaching down Sam pulled a boot off and gave it another sniff. Just knowing that the smell radiating from it was now his own was already making his cum coated cock start to chub up again. “Your body is everything I ever could have wished for Eric.” Sam stated as he flex a bicep once again. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life being a hot daddy bear and you’ll get to watch me live that dream while covering your own smelly feet.” He chuckled in Eric’s voice. “Don’t worry I’ll try to wear you as often as possible.” Sam grinned before shoving the boot back over his sweaty socked foot.
Sam then grabbed Eric’s phone that had been sat beside the sink and began snapping some photos of his hot body. He even took a video of himself flexing and feeling himself up partially for his own pleasure and partially because just before Eric had been turned into his boots he’d been sending photos to one of his bricklayer buddies that he planned on getting fucked by. He took a lot of pleasure in worshiping himself and taking a plenty of ass pics just to get the perfect ones for the hung hairy otter he was sending them to.
When the real Eric was first transformed, he was terrified. One moment his was stood in his bathroom in his jockstrap getting ready to take some photos for one of work buddies, next he was on his bathroom floor seeing from two different points of view and all he could smell was a familiar musky oder. Next thing he knew he was being pulled out of a box by an unfamiliar man with no control of his ‘body’. Didn’t take long for him to figure out he’d been transformed into the very boots he’d just been wearing. When that realisation hit him he was scared beyond belief, wondering how that was even possible, but deep down something about it seemed kinda…hot.
What came after that however was almost even more unbelievable. This unfamiliar man actually put Eric’s two bodies on his feet and once that was done the whole world spun around and then Eric was suddenly looking up at his own body. It didn’t take long for him to figure the man that had just put him on had just stolen his body and identity as he began excitedly feeling up Eric’s former body.
Eric was surprised at how quick his imposter unloaded his cum, seemed like even he was surprised by the look on his stolen face. After that though the imposter was different. It almost seemed as though him cumming had unlocked something as moments after this his imposter pulled off one Eric bodies and brought it up for a sniff. It was sort of weird for Eric to think but he kinda enjoyed it when his own stolen body start sniffing his musk out of Eric’s boot body.
The body snatcher told Eric that he would enjoy his new body and that Eric would spend the rest of his existence serving his old body as it’s smelly boots. Eric knew he should’ve been angry about this as his boot body slipped back on his old smelly foot but…he wasn’t. Somehow the idea of spending his life as a smelly boot slave to his former body, getting smell his own sweaty feet almost everyday, sounded enticing to him. He was actually sort of grateful when his new owner told him that he’d try to wear him as often as possible.
Several weeks had passed since Sam took over Eric’s life and he’d slotted into the role perfectly. He didn’t know if it was something about Eric’s body or not but he somehow just fell in love with being a bricklayer. Perhaps it was all the other sweaty men he got to surround himself with on a daily basis.
Anyway Wavell had at last decided to check in on Sam to see how he was settling in. He floated into Eric’s (Sam’s) new apartment to find that he most definitely seemed to be making the most of his new body. The new Eric was on all fours on his bed displaying his huge furry ass to the same hairy otter that he’d been messaging.
Wavell watched curiously as the smaller bearded man, who’s name was Dan, groped his ass devoured Eric’s hole hungrily, Eric groaning in satisfaction. Just then Wavell noticed the pair of boots containing the real Eric placed nearby the bed with a perfect view. Wavell chuckled to himself as he could sense how much the original Eric was enjoying watching his old body get his ass eaten and that unlike most inanimate slaves, he’d seemingly given little to no resistance when accepting his new role.
And so with that the mysterious man figured that his work her was most definitely a success however it looked as though things were about to heat up as Dan started lubing up his cock and fingering the new Eric’s hole. Moments after the otter plunged his cock inside Eric’s warm welcoming hole earning him a mighty moan in response. As he watched Wavell began to feel a tightening in his pants. He might’ve been a powerful warlock but he was still part human after all.
He stayed just long enough to watch Dan dump his load inside Eric, leaving Eric panting face down on the bed with a dumb grin on his face before Dan laid down on top of him. Wavell saw the two of them share a passionate kiss and took that as his sign to leave them be for now.
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tanuki-kimono · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cute polar bear obi paired with a light snowflake pattern kimono.
I think this obi is technically a summer obi, as it’s a type of nagoya obi called hassun obi + wintery/refreshing patterns are often used during summer in kimono fashion.
Hassun obi are around 30cm wide and made from sturdy fabric tailored as single layer with only the tip sewn shut. They are much lighter than the other type of nagoya obi called kyuusun, which are wider (around 34cm), and tailored with double layers + a core.
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sensry · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Drinking at the Pond | amypoeppel on Instagram
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ccartgallery · 12 hours ago
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recent stickers for Asiriyuq ~
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assholdersupreme · 2 days ago
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boobing breastily
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flowerrose14 · 19 hours ago
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Sweetcember 2021 Day 7: Gingerbread
(Possible Rambles Within Tags!<3) ALL THESE BABS ARE £8 EACH!! (EXCEPT Number 4! HE'S £3!!) [And Please Know These Designs I’m Rather Tent With! Finished Fanart,Customs/Design Trades offers are still very much welcomed BUT may be abit more higher then usual, depending on whom you is I’d love to discuss and work out what can be done!]
1.Gingerbread & Milk Cow-Open! 2.Gingerbread Bear Witch-Open! 3.Gingerbread House Constructor-Open! 4.Gingerbread Giraffe Lad-Open!
Small List Of Rules! -No Tracing/Stealing -No Drawing The Adopt Itself for Fanart(Only Existing OCs) -No Selling Adopts for Higher Price -No Changing Design 99% So It’s Unrecognisable -No Using Designs In Sexual/NSFW Situations (Makes me uncomfortable) DM if any of these babs interest you!!💖
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wintersglory · a day ago
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Grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska, USA
Photo © Gary Randall
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