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Fun Fact

The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Red-bellied woodpecker. (Is it just me or did they miss a real naming opportunity with this one?) As with the previous pictures, I’m going to tell you to blame digital zoom for the artifact generation here, but let’s be real this is also a side effect of not investing in professional photography equipment. (I’ve considered it, I’ve also considered the chances of me lugging around a giant camera when I routinely stop in the middle of walking/birdwatching to pull garlic mustard.)

After the emerald ash borer murdered the shit out of our ash trees, a whole bunch of woodpeckers moved in. (I saw a downy one as well, but no pictures at all sadly.)

Also, this is what the tree looks like:

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Been having a bit of a hectic week so far and been feeling a tad stressed about a whole bunch of things generally, but I did at least manage to paint this Iberian lynx for an art competition on Instagram just in time for the deadline, so that’s something.

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A year ago, we had Kohlscheissy. Today, life has sent me Blauscheissy to remember him.

Oh, Blauscheissy. Hopefully you’ll be free of the aches of parenthood soon.


Blaumeise (blue tit) im Stadtgarten, Stuttgart-Mitte.

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