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I’ve had my chinchilla’s for a while, so I thought I might share some tips for people who are considering get a chinchilla! Have in mind I am no expert! All of these tips and advice are just from my experience:

  1. They are not cuddly plushies -I know they are unbearably fluffy and cute BUT they are actually very independent. They can be great friends and when they get used to you, they will hang out with you, but it is very rare for a chinchilla to not mind cuddles.
  2. Social animals -They are very social, so you should not get only one chinchilla. If you have only one and you can’t get it another chin friend, you have to be their full time buddy. And even if you do manage to do that, your chinchilla could be unhappy.
  3. Space -The cage should be big and tall. They love climbing and jumping and cages that allow that can get very expensive!
  4. Play time -It is good for chinchilla’s to have a playtime. You could use an empty room (for example a hallway) or use some kind of fence to let them run around. I personally let them into my own room however it is a lot of work to get rid of all the dangerous things and then I have to pay full attention to both of them making sure they don’t get hurt.
  5. Little destroyers -When you let them out into a room, especially with furniture, they will taste everything and anything. Make sure to be okay with them munching on a book or a desk.
  6. Sensitive bellies -Make sure to do a proper research on what to feed them and what kind of a diet they have!! You can seriously hurt them by feeding them generic brands of food from pet stores.
  7. Get them from a breeder -Chinchillas in pet stores are usually inbred. I am very emotional and I buy pets from pet stores because I can’t handle thinking about them being there alone and not taken care of well. However I keep in mind that pets from pet stores usually get easily sick and visits to the vet are really expensive. It is your call.

Of course these tips are definitely not everything you need to know about chinchillas but I think it’s the very basic info for someone who thinks about getting one. I hope I helped!

And to those who already have a fluffy friend, share more advice and more importantly share pictures!!

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Cane feroce e vorace.
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E’ nata una bellissimi cucciolata di Barboncini Nano. Stanno tutti bene e sono in salute. Selezioni e garantiti. Per informazioni contatta Lidia al 3355212368 o clicca qui
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