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The custom tent is so comfy…

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Bear LAID on me for the first time in the 7 years I’ve had him

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The power of silver vines.

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Rock got me out of bed today by meowing incessantly at one of the back windows. When I came downstairs to figure out what he wanted his response was to curl up in the kitty cove for a nap.



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A secret tent comprised of her favourite things - the cat tree, the toast pillow, and her christmas blanket. Supreme comfort!

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Strawberry REFUSES to eat out at the Chum Bucket. 

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SO, this blog might be undergoing a bit of a change. 

To put a short story short, I want to post pictures of my pets XD. This blog will also still be a gardening blog, but also a dogblr and catblr one! And even the gardening side, will honestly be more focusing on Bonsai because I grow more of than then I do most other things :).

If you don’t like pet photo, beware I guess? But yea. Some minor changes coming, just because I have this blog and I’d love to use it more :). 

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this is rascal! my sweet angel honey bun. i met him when he was no larger than an iphone. now hes my big pretty boy 🥺 he turns ten years old in september. my sweet cuddly little man. hes a domestic shorthair/ragdoll mix and hes the light of my life.


He is so handsome and soft!!! Look at that sweet boy!!! I love him so much!!!

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