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deorstitchery · 11 minutes ago
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ophelyia · 4 hours ago
Human Design - 6/2 Profile
Role Model Hermit
With a sixth line personality, you move through three distinct phases in life. During the first thirty years, you are deeply engaged in the process of experimenting and gathering valuable experience. You need to find out what works and what does not, largely through the so-called trial and error process, which is all about discovery. This can be a difficult time as things often do not feel quite right, and you are pulled from one experience to the next. But you also have the ability to sustain yourself throughout your process, instead of succumbing to the chaos and giving up.
During the second phase up to around 50, you feel the need to withdraw and detach yourself from the ongoings of the world around you, retreating to a place where you can be removed from life’s drama and simply observe, rather than immerse yourself. During this phase, you have the opportunity to develop an objective view by drawing on your many experiences, and you simply watch for the things that work. This retreat phase will feel very natural to you. In the final phase, from age fifty onwards, you can then apply the insights gained, and re-engage with life,
It is important to go consciously through each of these phases, as this will prepare you to become a true model or even leader, which is the of a sixth personality. Others recognize this in you—the wisdom and the natural ability to offer guidance. You are seeking perfection, depth and meaning, and ultimately your own truth. You carry the potential to develop great observational wisdom, to find your own truth, and trust in yourself.
You can feel disconnected from others, as your perspective tends to be objective and less personal; you don’t like to concern yourself with trivia but to probe deeply into things to find meaning. You can find substantial wisdom about the nature of life through your tendency to observe, and over time, others will seek you out for the guidance you can offer. You have a natural talent that others want to call out. It is paramount that you use your to know when it is right to step out and engage yourself.
The early years of life can be difficult; there are many experiences to go through and many mistakes may arise during this process, whether in your relationships, your professional life, or wherever you focus attention. During this time, it is natural for a sixth profile to be pulled from one thing to the next and even feel disillusioned because many things don’t seem to work. If you consciously live through and embrace these first two phases, then this will be apparent during the latter phase of your life when you can finally re-engage and apply the wisdom you have found, and discover the underlying optimism that has sustained you throughout.
While you are fundamentally optimistic, the experiences of the first thirty years can make you rather disillusioned with the way the world operates in general, and with human beings in particular. You realize that there are no examples to follow and that you need to find your own inner wisdom to understand the greater picture.
Extra: The 6/2 Profile as a Generator
The first thirty years of a 6/2 Generator’s life can be truly chaotic. There are many experiences that pull you in, and unless you are settled in your strategy and authority, you may respond to all the wrong calls and end up completely frustrated, having used your energy getting involved in experiences that were not right for you. You find over and over that things don’t work out, which can make you rather pessimistic.
The Generator has its strategy of learning to listen to its sacral response. Once you are settled in your strategy, you will know for certain when an experience is right, and when it is one you need to engage in on your way to becoming an objective observer. Ultimately, knowing exactly what works through all the experiences showing you what does not is great observational wisdom that you can offer others. You need to learn to trust and be clear in your response, and thereby trust in yourself and your own natural abilities. There are no role models out there for you to follow; you are a role model unto yourself.
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calicograndma · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
took a lovely sunday walk to see the bluebells and made friends with a fuzzy lil bee 🐝 💐🌿
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