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bts social media au

singer!reader x singer!jungkook

when indie singer y/n is asked by her company to fake a relationship with a famous singer to stop another controversy happening - y/n suddenly is in the limelight.

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You’re startled awake in the middle of the night, but you cant figure out what by. You sit and try to calm yourself down, and you’re in the middle of taking some deep breaths when you hear it.

“Aaaaaaaaarrrmyyyyyyyyyy…” a whisper on the wind blowing through the open window. Everything inside of you tenses and tells you not to look outside, but you’ve never been good at trusting your instincts. You slowly, silently creep off of your bed and towards the window, the moonlight casting shadows around the- wait.

Didn’t you close the curtains?

You pause in your movements and hold your breath, straining to hear… something? You’re not sure if hearing or not hearing something would be better at this point. Regardless, no noise reaches your waiting ears, so you continue your slow tiptoeing across the floor.

You’re right by the window now. You talk to yourself, saying that theres nothing to be afraid of. You hadn’t heard anything anyways and you were probably just being silly-


It was louder this time. You stand shock still, the only sounds being the light breeze from outside and the loud beating of your pounding heart.

You shouldn’t have to be this afraid in your own home, you think. This was your place. Your space to live and breathe and feel safe. Whoever - or what ever - was making this sound was trespassing, and had disturbed your sleep. You were angry.

“H-hello?” The anger did not carry to your voice, which shook with fear as you called out to the empty room. “Who’s there?”

You wait, one moment, two, three, but no reply answers your question. You decide to look out the window.

Counting down, you take deep breaths as you prepare yourself for whatever you may or may not see awaiting you in the garden.


You close your eyes, shielding yourself from the ghoulish shadows created by the moonlight that twisted and changed to look like creatures of the night and danced around your room.


You inhale and steel yourself against intrusive thoughts running wild in your head, producing gruesome images of the horrors you were convinced you were about to see.


Your eyes open, and you are confused.

You feel the grass under your toes and the chill of the air on your skin where before you felt the comforting warmth of indoors. The moonlight that once fell through the window to hit the floor now bounces off your bare skin. You are in the garden.

Your eyes open wide and you look around wildly, your breathing coming in harsh, heavy pants as questions hurl through your mind at light speed.

How did you get here?

Is the thing that made the noise out here with you?

Are you alone?

At this last thought, you gasp and look up to the window where you believed you stood just moments ago, where you remembered counting down but never taking that final step to actually look at the thing outside.

You look… only to see seven sets of eyes staring out at you.


Lmao idk my brain tried to tell a joke and it ended up like this. I dont really write, like ever, so please be nice 🙃

This is all my writing so please dont steal it

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I have something to say about BTS and the civil war that’s happening in the USA right now.

Black ARMY have every right to demand BTS say something about the civil war happening in the States right now. From the beginning of their career til now, the boys have profited off of black culture – from fashion, to music, to the AAVE they slip into almost every single one of their songs and daily lingo.

They owe their entire career to black culture, and we will NOT be silenced.

We are not being fake ARMYs for criticizing their silence.

We are not being fake ARMYs for wanting vocal support from them since they built their careers around black American culture.

We are not being fake ARMYs for demanding they put their anti racism/anti-discrimination message into action.

No, they are not American and technically have no obligation to say anything. But seeing as how they have one of the biggest platforms in the world, they built their music around us, and they have actively promoted in America since 2017, they owe it to their fans that are hurting and out on the front lines to provide the comfort they claim to want to give out.

This is not just a controversy. This isn’t just a scandal. This isn’t just ARMYs being spoiled children and being upset at a minor scandal.

We are literally in the middle of a civil war.

Y'all wanted to separate them from Kpop and say they’re international artists: this is what international artists do. They use their voice in times like this.

Silence does nothing but help the oppressors because they know who is willing and unwilling to speak up for what is right.

And DO not try to say these are antis trying to make ARMY look bad. Racism towards black fans has ALWAYS been a problem in the BTS fandom.

If you have a problem with that, get the fuck off my blog.

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