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Dazed and Confused, pt. 15-The Quarantine Series

A/N: lmaoooo i love how I accidentally forgot to delete my chapter plan on the last chapter. And i love how i didn’t even follow it? I might leave it bc like why not, I’m lazy.

Promoting: I’m still doing joint blurb night, because to be honest, with how much I’m doing on tumblr Rn, it is really hard to motivate myself to spend more hours writing than i have to. I definitely have to write another blurb today, bc that’s my goal, but I’m sorry it’s taking so long.

The Quarantine Series Masterlist


Originally posted by juliastiles

You quickly got dressed and ready, donning a shorter light pink dress that you paired with a leather jacket. You grabbed your purse and and rushed back out to Natasha.

“You look incredible,” she complimented. You could tell you’d dressed just right for the occasion. Your outfits complimented one another, and the way her eyes could barely tear themselves away from you made you feel a tad cocky.

“Thank you. Do I get to know where we’re going or is it a surprise?”

“Are you okay with it being a surprise?” She asked. You nodded. Surprises were fine with you, and you trusted her.

“Then it’s a surprise,” Nat chuckled, pecking your lips and then leading you towards the door. She opened the car door for you, causing you to blush.

“And that is why I opened the door for you,” Natasha hummed before closing it. You wondered what she meant, and asked her as soon as she had taken her seat.

“To see you blush,” she answered simply. That only caused your cheeks to get redder, leading to a smirk forming on her lips.

It was quiet while she drove. You spent the entire time trying to figure out where you were going. Finally, Nat pulled up in front of a skyscraper. The valet immediately ran to the car, opening your door for you.

“Right this way, Miss Romanoff,” a man in a suit announced, prompting Natasha to place her hand on your back and gently push your forward. The two of you followed him into an elevator and went up to the very top of the building. The elevator doors opened to a fancy restaurant, and you were expecting to be led to a table in the dining room, but instead, you were led into the kitchen. In the back of the nice kitchen was a table, that was prepared for two guests, who you now assumed to be you.

You sat down in your seat, which had been pulled out for you by the man. Natasha spoke quietly with the chef before sitting down next to you. You sent her a questioning look, to which she only smiled lightly.

“Here are your drinks,” a waiter announced, setting down wine in front of you.

“You know just what I like,” you murmured. “I can’t believe you did all this, Nat. This is incredible.”

She just shrugged lightly, lifting up her glass to clink it with yours.

“After we finish these drinks, we get to help the chef cook, if you’d like. It’s sort of an optional little thing, and if you’d prefer just to watch him, we can definitely do that,” Nat offered. You couldn’t help but gasp a little.

“I’d love to learn some tricks from the chef,” you answered, taking another sip of your wine. You started rushing to finish your drink without even realizing, prompting Nat to lightly place her hand on your forearm, preventing you from raising your glass to your lips.

“Don’t rush, moy serdtse, we have all the time in the world.”


The date had gone perfectly, and it was late by the time you and Nat got home. You were both stuffed, and a little tipsy.

You two held hands as you walked through the tower, back to your rooms. The topic of spending the night together tonight hadn’t come up. You both weren’t quite sure what either of you wanted, so the topic had been avoided. But you’d just entered the hallway that held both of your rooms, and it was time to bring it up. You opened your mouth to say something, but ended up tripping, Nat catching you in an instant.

“Are you alright?”

You nodded. You were caught in a trance looking into her emerald eyes. It was like you couldn’t look away, and your breath caught as you realized her hands were still securely around your waist, and you were pressed up tightly against her. All it took was one moment where Natasha’s eyes flickered down to your lips, and then you were slamming your lips into hers. Both of your hands started to wander when Nat’s tongue made its way into your mouth.

When her hand squeezed your butt, you found yourself pushing her back into the wall. The dominance you asserted in the move surprised her, and she pulled away for a moment.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered, trying to remove yourself from her grasp.

“Don’t be, I liked it.”

“Well, in that case…” you trailed off, waiting for a nod from her as you eyed her lips. Once she signaled that it was alright, you once again brought your lips to hers.

Thank god no one happened to be awake walking down the hallway, because the two of you were causing quite the scene.

At some point into the makeout session, Natasha lifted you up, your dress riding up as you wrapped your legs around her waist. The way it seemed so effortless for her had lust pooling deep inside you. Though her hands had to stay securely under your thighs to hold you up, your hands were allowed to wander.

They started up in her hair and around her neck, but you slowly let one hand slide down and squeeze her breast.

“Y/N,” Nat moaned into your mouth.

“What?” You gasped, pulling away for air.

“You have no idea what you do to me.”

Those words had heat practically surging through you. You once again brought your lips to hers, kneading her breast with your fingers. Without even realizing, your hips started moving against her. But then she was setting you down, her lips breaking away from yours.

“Someone’s coming,” she managed, panting.

“Yes, someone is coming, and he heard you from three hallways over,” Steve announced his presence. His face was nearly as red as yours and Nat’s.

“Sorry, Steve,” you murmured.

“You’re the one who set us up,” Nat teased.

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”


The conversation with Steve had reminded the two of you that it was late and you were tired.

“I’d stay with you tonight, but I have to be up early to train,” Natasha murmured, her fingers running through your hair.

“How early?” You asked, not wanting her to go.


“Four!? Dear god, Nat, it’s already past midnight. I’m so sorry, I -”

“Stop, Y/N,” she interrupted with a laugh. “I’m glad the evening went how it did.”

“You’ll barely get any sleep,” you pouted. She kissed your pouty lips and then your nose.

“And I’m okay with that.”

You still furrowed your brows at her, unhappy with the lack of sleep she’d be getting. Natasha sent you a soft smile and tucked your hair behind your ear.

“Goodnight, Y/N,” she whispered, nuzzling her nose against yours and pecking your lips one last time.

“Goodnight, Nat. Thank you for tonight.”

“Of course, moy serdtse.”

You watched her walk down the hallway, biting your lower lip. Your eyes looked her up and down. You couldn’t believe you’d gotten to have your hands all over her just a while ago.

“If you keep looking at me like that, I’m not going to be able to go to sleep, Y/N,” Nat called, not even turning around. You chuckled and finally went into your room, closing the door and hearing hers close a moment later.


Pt. 16, coming tomorrow (April 2)


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