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#repost @mare.mp4

> François Goeske <
• @francois_goeske_official •
~> love his acting skills so much!!
Dt: tagged💘
#armansgeheimnis #BlutigeAnfänger #German #French #Actor #Schauspieler #francoisgoeske #francoisgoeskeedit #Edit #FanEdit #Vinkle #VideoStar

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Originally posted by solarpunks

Energie erzeugen - to generate energy - wytwarzać energię

Energie gewinnen - to gain energy - pozyskiwać energię

Energie sparen - to save energy - oszczędzać energię

Energie verbrauchen - to consume/ use energy - zużywać energię

der Energiebedarf - energy demand - zapotrzebowanie na energię

die Energiequelle - energy source - źródło energii

der Stromausfall - power cut - awaria zasilania

der Generator - generator - generator

das Kraftwerk - power plant - elektrownia

das Windrad - wind turbine - wiatrak

die Solaranlage - solar power station - instalacja słoneczna

die Windkraftanlage - wind power station - elektrownia wiatrowa

der Stecker - plug - wtyczka

die Steckdose - socket - gniazdko

das Stromkabel - cable - kabel

den Akku aufladen - to charge a battery - ładować baterię

die Batterie - battery - bateria

der Akku - battery - akumulator

Strom liefern - to provide electricity - dostarczać prąd

der Rohstoff - raw material - surowiec

Schadstoffe freisetzen - to release harmful substances - uwalniać szkodliwe substancje

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“(…) während in der kommunistichen Gesellschaft, wo Jeder nicht einen ausschliesslischen Kreis in der Tätigkeit hat, sondern sich in jedern beliebigen Zweige ausbilden kann, die Gesellschaft die allgemeine Produktion regelt und mir eben dadurch möglich macht, heute dies, morgen jenes zu tun, Morgens zujagen, Nachmittags zu fischen, Abends Vuehzucht zu treiben und nach dem Essen zu kritisieren, wie ich gerade Lust habe, ohne je Jäger Fischer Hirt oder Kritiker zu werden.”

Marx, Die deutsche Ideologie

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What does native language sounds like to non-speakers? (inserts twice song) I wanna know know know what is likeeee🎶🎶🎶

wholly different for everybody but i guess you want the two cents of yours truly, lemme see 🤔 disclaimer, my base language is the german dialect you speak in Hanover (the opposite of angry berlin brand german i.e. uppity german) so that’s the filter i perceive everything through.

  • aussie english: everything sounds like a vine.
  • gaelic: dutch played in reverse.
  • british english: the person has an invisible quizzing glass. 
  • ‘merican english: lonesome banjo player in the desert.
  • scottish: deep-voiced people, brawling on lawn.
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What has been your biggest language-learning milestone so far? 

Thanks for the ask, Anon #2! 

The biggest milestone was definitely getting hired to teach A1 and A2 German in a language school. 

Before this, all my milestones were very personal. Finishing a novel in German. Watching all my movies and series in German. Leaving my German-English dictionary at home and being okay. Writing short poems in German and sharing them on Twitter. 

And all of these were wonderful when I achieved them … but when I also passed those three recruitment interviews and a teaching demonstration, I had my first professional milestone. 

Before this, German was something i did for fun, alone in my room. But after this, German also became a way to make a real impact on the world. I’m currently teaching my fourth class of A1 learners and doing my best to make a good difference in their lives. 

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16 for the ask game??

16. which stereotype about your country you hate the most and which one you somewhat agree with?

Fuckign hate german accents in non german movies :/

German Bureaucracy is a thing. Not saying it’s good or bad but it 100% exists and it is a powerful thing,,

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10. most enjoyable swear word in your native language? (Always a good thing to learn about other languages!)

Kruzifix! And building onto that:

Kruzifix nochmal // Kruzifix no'mal

Kruzifix nochmal aber auch // Kruzifix no'mal ab'r'au


Donnerwetter // Donderwedder

Donnerwetter nochmal // Donderwedder no'mal

Donnerwetter nochmal aber auch // Donderwedder no'mal ab'r'au

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