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yeah, I passed out yesterday, so this is a bit late oops. this is just what was saved in my drafts from yesterday. I wasn’t able to proofread it.

{26} would you rather travel to the future or past? why? 

Es würde mir lieber in der Zukunft reisen, weil ich wissen will, wenn alle meine Anstrengungen mich zu verbessern sich lohnen. Ja, ich will auch mein vergangenes ich besuchen und umarmen, aber meine Angst vor der Zukunft ist größer als mein Wunsch, mein jüngeres ich zu helfen. Es tut mir leid jüngerer Trill, aber du hast bis jetzt überlebt. Was ich wissen will, ist wann in der Zukunft wir glücklich sind.

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einhalten : to comply with; to stop

Haben Sie die Regeln nicht eingehalten?

Didn’t you follow the rules?

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People like to make fun of English for its dumbass rules but like, have you checked other languages? French spelling and pronunciation aren’t the same, German is so difficult that even my former German language teacher has trouble with it, Chinese literature has so many characters that there’s an entire art form about it alone and Malay, which is my mother tongue, doesn’t even have articles (which isn’t a bother) and has really long hard-to-spell words (which is).

All languages are stupid.

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Hi! I’m an italian girl trying to learn german and I’m looking for some cheesy german tv shows! Google is only recommending me the same famous ones, but I’m looking for something less known! Thx in advance if you can help me!


Colgo l’occasione, in caso che qualche langblr italiano che sta imparando il tedesco dovesse leggermi, di specificare che sto cercando qualcosa di bruttino e cheesy tipo le fiction rai, ma tedesco! Le fiction italiane (tipo l’allieva, per intenderci, o comunque quelle cose un po’ poliziesche ma leggere e comiche con mille triangoli amorosi!) sono il mio guilty pleasure, quindi vorrei rendere un poco più produttiva questa mia passione approfittandone per imparare anche un po’ di tedesco in contemporanea!

Grazie a chi dovesse rispondermi!

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