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Friends who come to mind as my real-life thinspo

♡K; she’s tall so ik she’s not a realistic standard for my chicken nugget ass but omg her waist & aesthetic 😭❤

♡C; We’re both short and have similar styles. When Matt had a crush on her and my ex best friend but dodged me, I realized I was the ugly, chubby friend… I’m already not white passing so I feel like I have to try twice as hard to be ‘beautiful’

♡Mac; she will be thinner than I probably EVER will be, but her rustic-cigarette-gamer-goddess look is everything. And her freckles. Being around her makes me wanna paint my nails black and walk around by the lake at 2am. Plus her partner is super tall it’s so sweet 😭💕

♡Jo; Omfg. He. Can do. The SPLITS. I’m working on it still, but damn I’m jealous!!

♡Z; they were my roomie a couple years ago and was a little chub (of course they were perfect and handsome that way). They came to the city for my birthday in 2019 and looked like a different fucking person. It inspired me hardcore.

♡A; she’s looks good in anything she wears deadass. I really wanna know what her diet is tbh ?

♡Lin & Zo; we were all coworkers at my first job in the city. They were the only ones that were nice to me out of all the girls in our job position. For the life of me I don’t understand why, but I’m so happy they’re kind to me to this very day. Nice boss bitch thinspo ig?

♡Lex; You’re the biggest bitch ik and are DEF not my friend but you’re also thinspo but still fuck you rude ass bitch

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I got the glow. 💫
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Haha 😂 come on man!! You know this dude smoke weed. Can’t make this shit up..

#JoRob #jorobismusic #waldronmusicgroup #jorobproductions
#funny #lol #lmao #lmfao #socialenvy #hilarious #laugh #laughing #tweegram #friends #photooftheday #friend #wacky #crazy #silly #witty #instahappy #joke #jokes #joking #epic #instagood #instafun #funnypictures #haha #humor (at Washington D.C.)

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Okay next tag!

Thank you @sorry-butlarryisfuckingreal​ for tagging me it was incredibly stressful making this list but I had fun!

In no particular order here are my top 10 male characters:

  1. David Rose (Schitt’s Creek)
  2. Captain B.J. Hunnicutt (M*A*S*H)
  3. Peter Parker (Marvel)
  4. Loki (Marvel)
  5. T’Challa (Marvel)
  6. Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation)
  7. Captain Raymond Holt (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
  8. Detective Jake Peralta (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
  9. Eric Effiong (Sex Education)
  10. Chandler Bing (Friends)

Thank you again for tagging me. I don’t really know who else on my dash would like to do this. I’ll tag @jimmytfallon and @toasty-puppies if you haven’t already done this (sorry if you have lol). Since we’re all quarantined I’ll also tag whoever follows me that wants to do it. Have fun!!

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There are Top!Aziraphale stans but there are also Top!Crowley stans who are just as capable of doing such harrassment. Both headcanons have the extremes. They're like the far left and far right in politics and will take EVERYBODY down with them for no seeable purpose than because they can or to prove a point that stopped meaning anything the moment it went to far. Everybody is entitled to their headcanons but there are the people that will die on the hill of saying "but your headcanon is wrong".

Everyone is always entitled to their headcanons because it’s theirs 🥰 there is no right and wrong and that’s okay!! We can all just enjoy and love the show and characters and let others do the same 💖

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Hoy, a las 8:00 PM
La Chercha VIP.


Enan, Poltalento y Fidel.
Por: Facebook Live, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube, Instagram.


#funny #lol #lmao #lmfao #me #hilarious #laugh #laughing #tweegram #fun #friends #photooftheday #friend #wacky #crazy #silly #witty #instahappy #joke #jokes #joking #epic #instagood #instafun #jueves #lacherchavip #funnypictures #haha #humor

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Why are you being told you broke the rules?? I'm guessing this is just people mad at Top Crowley?

Naw it’s like a meme to get people to delete their blogs and stuff (it might be Top!Aziraphale stans but I’m not 100% sure) ❤️❤️❤️

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i am conflicted. we have an immigration project due (in like 9 hrs but irrelevant) and i picked romania as my country. now, i speak romanian fluently bc my mom is romanian, and i have been writing my entire project in romanian. only now did i realize my teacher might get pissed. she's very chill but i dunno. what do you think? should i keep going in romanian or write it in english? should i send her both versions? it's all quarantine work so it doesn't really count as a grade. ~ ace anon 馃槵

I would send her both copies (in English and in Romanian) because that’s hella cool omfg you might even get extra credit! 🥰

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