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I feel like Joey gets cut way too much slack in Friends retrospectives lol. All the characters on that show have asshole moments but for some reason, people love to pretend Joey is exempt from that and it’s annoying.

As for Get Out, it wasn’t anything really about the movie itself which I thought was perfectly fine, but rather that I feel like certain white people love to hold themselves as disparate from the white people in the movie in a “we aren’t THAT kind of white person” way while I’m like “dude look in the mirror.” In other words, I feel like seeing and liking Get Out has become a form of virtue signaling for white people and that really frustrates me, even if that’s irrational. Also, I’ve had leftists call me a “white liberal from Get Out’s wet dream” despite being very not white so that also contributes to my not being super into that movie lol.

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Today is a better day guys i think my depressive episode has passed! I am feeling good and my friends are a big part of that! Don’t push people away when you feel down. I know it is easier that way but the people who stay and try to help you change your mind set truly care and you should let them help. You won’t get better but atleast for a little while it will help and little by little you will feel happier!


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so my friend was over this weekend and we literally just talked about our future for like an hour while we were walking around my neighborhood-

idk it’s moments like this i treasure :>

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