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I’m a Virgo and a Lesbian so to all the LGBTQ+ kids here if you need a gay mom friend I’m here ✨

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A veces una imagen dice más que mil palabras.

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Hubo un día, no sé cuando. La cabeza me hizo clic. 
Quería estar bien y eso fue un antes y un después que cambió mi vida.

Sigo siendo una persona solitaria, pero en vez de ser por odio a los demás y más allá de mi complejo de superioridad, es porque quiero y me gusta.
Sigo siendo una persona solitaria pero me siento bien. Y me siento mucho mejor cuando comparto algo con alguien por elección y no por miedo a diversas cosas. 

Sigo siendo una persona solitaria, pero no alejo a la gente que quiero.

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arguing with your best discord friends is fucking tiring-

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A new sticker sheet of Almondmilk & Sonya is coming out in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Which is your favorite??? I love my babies so much 🥺 (you can find my shop in my pinned post!)

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hihi!! :0!!! neat!! :0!!!!

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we were waiting for the tramway .. 


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Gracias por estar.

Por darme esa calma cuando más la necesitaba.

Por ese apoyo incondicional.

Por ese silencio cuando estaba mal. Ese silencio que curaba.

Por escuchar esos audios eternos y contestarme con otros el doble de largos.

Por no gritarme para que abriese los ojos.

Por las risas y las canciones en el coche.

Por conocerme tanto que a veces me aterra.

Por ser tú, supongo.

Por ser lo mejor que esta vida podía haberme dado.

Por ser mi mejor amiga eternamente.

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You ever really miss someone whom you used to be really close to? And you want to reconnect but at the same time you know they don’t give a shit about you so it’s just a waste of your time and energy? Yeah thats how I’m feeling right now….I wish I could meet up with them….hit them on the chest and cry…we were so close. But I also never want to speak to them again because of how they hurt me. Fucking feelings man. Need to keep my mind occupied with something else. Hard because I have no friends here….moved to a very clicky and conservative country where no one really accepts foreigners….going out to study later. Maybe being out around people (still social distancing!!!) will help me not feel so alone! ^-^ sorry for the rant. I know no one will read this. Mainly made it for myself to clear my mind. 😅

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hi i’m new to tumblr and looking for mutuals :)

my name is izzie, i’m 17 and go by she/her pronouns

some of the things i like are:

-dark academia/ cottagecore/ aesthetics in general

- film

- fashion

- euphoria

- harry potter

- music (pheobe bridgers + taylor swift)

- art

- criminal minds

- writing

i’m also open to new things!! (plus i’m definitely forgetting stuff)

please interact if ur between 16-20 years old

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i dont think their will be im sorry but we have irita rin they arent a dilf but she will kill you i think :)

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Cass baby light of my life🥺❤

  • 22: What I want to be when I get older

I want to be that kind funny grandmother you can always come to. Like the one making dirty jokes and spoiling the little ones, many laugh lines in my face. I want to everyone to feel safe around me, my house to smell of baked goods from the oven and floral perfume. I want to be a safe haven for my family and friends

  • 25: My idea of a perfect date

Hm, if I don’t know the persons probably something like getting an ice cream or some other food together, finding a topic we can easily talk about.

If I do know the person, watching movies and making food, getting drunk together (that’s optional though) would be what I would like the most.

Nosy Anons!!

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