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Quarantine study Challenge - Week 2 (01/04/20)

Wed - take a picture of your most colourful notes

I don’t really highlight my notes or make them look pretty because of the sheer amount of content so here’s a random page from my psychology stats textbook that I went over recently 😂✨

Click pics for hq

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quarantine challenge week 2

Wed - Take a picture of your most colourful notes


Almost all my notes are digital, and normally I do headings in orange, the majority of the text in black, sidenotes and labels in blue, and examples in green, with yellow highlighting for subheadings or important conclusions, but French class is pretty different from physics lectures, so I’ve ended up with much more colourful stuff. I’m sure it’s not as aesthetic as a lot of other people’s but it’s enjoyable enough for me to read

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¼/2020 | I’ve only had three 25 minute lectures this week, makes me feel like I’m falling behind cause I’m doing way less than normal. I still have plenty of assignments due though, so I’m going to plod along with those.

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The Evolution of the Dragon by G. Elliot Smith

The Japanese “Sea Lord” or “Sea Snake” was also called “Abundant-Pearl-Prince”, who had a magnificent palace at the bottom of the sea. His daughter married a youth whom she observed, reflected in the well, sitting on a cassia tree near the castle gate. Ashamed at his presence at her lying-in she was changed into wani or crocodile, elsewhere described as a dragon (Makara). De Visser gives it as his opinion that the wani is “an old Japanese dragon, or serpent-shaped sea-god, and the legend is an ancient Japanese tale, dressed in an Indian garb by later generations”. He is arguing that the Japanese dragon existed long before Japan came under Indian influence. But he ignores the fact that at a very early date both India and China were diversely influenced by Babylonia, the great breeding place of dragons; and, secondly, that Japan was influenced by Indonesia, and through it by the West, and through it by the West, for many centuries before the arrival of such later Indian legends as those relating to the palace under the sea, the castle gate and the cassia tree. As Aston (quoted by de Wisser) remarks, all these incidents and also the well that serves as a mirror, “form a combination not unknown to European folklore”.
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Wednesday, April 1 2020♥️

I have decided to participate in @warm-suggestions quarantine hashtag challenge! I will try to participate as often as I can. For today’s #wonderfulwednesday , I’m grateful for being able to make my chemistry notes *fancy* (which is not something I usually do 🤪) Along with my sister, I also baked a citrus meringue pie (gluten-free) which was from a recipe she came up with months ago when she was still in hospitality institute.

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instagram: studyous

01.04.20 • today’s set up: studying from the kitchen table while my dad works (aka has zoom meetings) a couple of feet away. i’m using this time to finally get TEFL qualified and although the course is really interesting and fun, i haven’t studied since finishing my ma last summer and i’m not quite used to sitting still for so long anymore - i’m getting very achy! will have to start incorporating some stretches into my study breaks. how are you spending your time these days? ☕️ 💻 🖊

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1.4.2020. I miss browsing around in bookstores specially now when I’m in the mood for some murder mysteries! Agatha Christie anyone?

“Everyone is a potential murderer-in everyone there arises from time to time the wish to kill-though not the will to kill.” - Agatha Christie, Curtain (Hercule Poirot, #42).

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Wednesday, 1st April 2020

RS - Component 1.4, Human Rights - Human Rights + Social Justice

Woo, some actual revision notes! Probably the last for a while - more details on grades will hopefully be released tomorrow. However, my maths teacher has given us access to loads of A-level stuff so I’m excited to start looking at that and hopefully doing some notes in advance to relieve pressure next year.

🎵 Echoes - Pink Floyd (I know I listen to this a lot but it’s on my study playlist and has a high probability of being on since it’s 23 mins 😂)

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안녕하세요 여러분! Hey everyone! How’s it going? Today I thought I would try a new section on my blog which combines two of my favourite things at the moment: music & studying. *whooo get of this crazy fun train* 


Originally posted by excitementshewrote

So this is kinda where I need some help, if people would be interested that is? I would like to focus my Monday’s to a.) sharing some good song recs with you all and b.) use the lyrics to study from. I love getting music recommendations because it opens a door to so many great artists that I haven’t heard of before. Variety is the spice of life and all that…

Sooooo….I would be really grateful if anybody could put in some suggestions of what songs they would like me to write vocab reviews for. This is mainly aimed at Korean songs but I can try to do English songs as well. *Be warned I am a beginner at learning Korean so the grammar translations might be a bit sketchy* But it’s a learning experience for all right? :D 

If you want me to cover a song it can be from any genre you like, atm I’m trying to find Korean indie songs and don’t know where to start! Just send me a message/ comment of the songs you love listening to, or ones you think deserve more air time. Have you got a song on repeat that you think everyone and their granny need to hear? 

Lets see if we can get this virtual karaoke started! 

잔짜 감사합니다! :D 

(Note: gifs are not my own creation, I don’t take credit for them. They were just searched for on tumblr, all credit goes to the original creator.) 


Originally posted by asapscience

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