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01/21/21 - ig: theacadominique

“my name is dominique. my name is dina (the russian name i used when i took classes).”

✨ this is my first reel! give me some feedback on how i can make it better or what kind of content you’d like to see on reels. i’m still deciding whether or not this is a format i’d like to explore 

i messed up and positioned the paper too far left, so you guys can’t see half of the first sentence for half of the video 😂 anyways, my sister asked me to do a bit on the pens i use, so i decided to show some of the different shades i have! i use stabilo point 88s. i’ve got shades of red, orange, green, dark blue, lilac, and pink 💖 i also have light blue and light green, but the ink is too light on white paper so i wouldn’t recommend them! and the black pen i use is from my mom’s workplace 😂


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18/100 days of productivity

Today I worked the whole morning, and again we did not stop a second so I’m pretty tired. In the afternoon I started to read and annotate one of the articles I had found yesterday. After that I decided to take some time for myself to practice some self care, I also hope I’ll fine some time to journal this evening.

Winter study challenge day 52 // 21st January Stay warm inside or go outside in the cold?

Stay warm inside, for obvious reasons. But I’ll admit that it’s even nicer to go inside in the warmth after being out in the cold.

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Daily Wrap Up: 21st of January


  • Reading “A Raisin in the Sun”


  • Producing, uploading and correcting phonetic transcription


  • Phonetics And Phonology

Not a good day today, neither academically nor mental health wise.

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1/21/21 - 1/100: It is 11:38am and I have started one of my professors prerecorded math lectures, finished and turned in the first recitation worksheet, and taken notes for chemistry. Later today I have an online session for science and the public, I already completed the pre session survey. I’m waiting for my mom to wake up so I can use my study space without being concerned over the noise I may make.

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In love with my new planner✨

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the semester is starting to get busy, but i’m keeping up so far

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I’ve completed all of my assignments for January, so I’m taking notes on some of the extra readings mentioned in lectures and pursuing my own interest in learning the USSR. I got essay feedback again today, which was actually very positive.

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| 01.21.2021 | 🌸 — hello~

I finally got an actual study table! I am definitely the happiest potato today~

Today is the most productive I have been since classes started earlier this week. My brain was still in the denial stage for the first day, then I got sick the next day, then I had errands to run yesterday. Getting the table and seeing the growing list of readings i need to do really helped me get back in tune.

What I finished today:

🌸 3 online lectures

🌸 1 online lecture

🌸 reviewed pharma

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✧・゚* 1/21/21 || 19/100 Days of Productivity *・゚✧

*sigh ( ´△`) Today was another busy day for me…. I feel so tired…. It’s actually 12 AM rn (where I live) so I guess it’s Jan 22 now. But let’s just pretend that this was posted yesterday heheheheh….(´▽`)

So, recently, I was invited to a Discord study server. There’s also a lot of other stuff unrelated to academics in the server. The people there are quite nice but it’s hard for me to jump in conversations. So far, the only thing I’ve done in the server is to add my to-do lists there. It helps to make me more accountable. I was also able to chat with one of the members in the server who was from the same country as I was! Although the day was exhausting, I was able to socialize with more people today. I also managed to finish my priority tasks. But, I feel like I should have finished more tasks…. (。ŏ﹏ŏ) Oh well I’ll just try my best to finish them tomorrow!! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Have a good day ya’ll!

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22/01/2021- day 1/101 days of productivity

decided to get my (college) life together by setting my to-do list straight! it’s only week 2 of the semester but i’m starting to realise that taking more modules than recommended may not have been the best idea…

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Hi! I’m looking for fellow Economics major students or aspiring to be students as mutuals! Love to see your posts on my feed! You can send me a message or just follow whichever you’re comfortable with!

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New year, still work to do. My second semester hasn’t started yet, but I started after the break by writing 8000 words in 10 days because I procrastinated over Christmas… Those reports are handed in now, and I got results back for another assignment I finished before the holiday - 72%, which is in the highest scores of my course, so I’m very happy! This afternoon is spent in the library, reading some preparatory texts for my dissertation, which will hopefully build/expand on my undergrad diss, but with more focus on the heritage/modern implications. Specifically, I am interested in the misappropriation of runes, runestones, and other Viking myths by white supremacists and neo-n*zis.

🎧 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (original game soundtrack)

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210121// 13/100 days of productivity

online presentation set-up! i’ve also received my package with some albums and photocards - it felt festive again :)


  • studied korean
  • revised material for my presentation
  • actually had my presentation early in the morning and i guess it didn’t go too awful :)
  • annotated and watched some more videos/read articles on baudrillard
  • planned another part of my research project
  • read another journal article
  • planned my presentation for next week (final presentation/research report)
  • looked up some fancy phd position in different countries! (ready for an adventure)
21st January - Stay warm inside or go outside in the cold?

Stay warm inside while it’s really cold outside! days like that are the best days :)

today’s focus: 7h 30min

listening to: jooheon, king 

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