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In the process of re-doing my desk wall, working on some embroidery, and I’m considering starting up a new project which is totally different than anything I’ve ever done before. Might not go through with it, actually. Idk.

Did some research on REST APIs for my internship, gotta do some more research on dif topics tomorrow.

Pics are of my desk set up process, I have the main stuff up and I think I’ll put the embroidery up for display when it’s done. If anyone has any good science/ space type graphics esp to do with women plz show me where to find them!

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I‘ve been feeling awful lately, unfortunately, and I‘d like to get away from things for a while. I know this is a lot to ask but would anyone be willing to take me in for about one or two weeks! I REALLY NEED THIS! :( If you want to get to know me, just text me :)


Love, Sophia ❤️

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1/100 days of productivity

04 june 2020

hey there studyblr community! 

i’ve decided to commit to this productivity challenge, as it was one of my goals when i started this studyblr.with all this free time being productive and not watching tv all day is my main priority.

today i woke up pretty early (5.30 am!) and worked out. After breakfast i logged in to my scheduled zoom classes. I did my best to concentrate and take notes especially during english lit. (that didn’t require much effort tbh, it was really really captivating)

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4.6.20 - I did some gardening today, namely repotting all my succulents and cacti bc they outgrow their pots, and getting some ivy clippings mc my ivy isn’t looking great and it’s too big!

I know I’ve been awol for a while, a lot has happened in my personal life (breakup, family stuff, mental health etc) that has made me take a step back from tumblr… but I haven’t forgotten!

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went to the park on a whim yesterday afternoon. thought i would only stay for a bit and then get straight home to study for several more hours. but i ended up walking and contemplating nature until it was time for dinner. because it felt good to breathe again, to feel the wind and watch the birds. i hope you’re allowing yourself some time to unwind and rest. take care of you, take care of your mental health, take care of those around you.

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Day 44 of 100 Days of Productivity


Can´t believe we are already halfway through the 2020. C´mon, it´s just started and I was supposed to do all those things. But bad shit keeps happening and at this point I´m too afraid to even comment on it.

Plan for today:

  • study study study
  • prepare a video for a Spanish class
  • stay away from social media
  • STAY AWAY from it.

 Have a nice day!

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today was a busy day! i met with my faculty mentor and we decided that i’ll be working with 2 other lab partners, so I’m excited.

8:04am: did a workout and meditated shortly after

9:00am-12:00pm: GRE Prep. We moved on from reading comp to sentence equivalence + quantitative comparison (which is weird)

12:45pm: quickly ate lunch, which consisted of a tuna lettuce boat, broccoli, and strawberries

1-3pm: McNair workshops! We did a Reflecting on Self exercise, and then talked about academic writing tips with a graduate writing specialist! (Time for me to edit that Princeton statement with all my newfound knowledge)

3:45pm: went over my books! McNair sent us these books along with a GRE Pre Power Pack, so I went through these and got slightly acquainted with the literature

10:13pm: working on rewriting my princeton statement. After attending a Statement of Purpose workshop AND today’s workshop, this statement could be 100x better!

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As promised, the links! Both of these lead to a ton of information, or more links to resources

This has a bunch of African American literature, completely free and accessible to all:)

A youtube video whose ad revenue is going to BLM movements! There are tons of links in the description to petitions that you can sign while the video is playing in the background too! Remember to turn off ad blockers and do not skip the ads when they pop up!

Happy Learning!

Black Lives Matter!

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