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serendistudy · 4 hours ago
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7.12.2021 | tuesday
not long until christmas holidays!! i'm trying to revise japanese a bit because the exam is next week. i have to present my thesis plan tomorrow and i'm a little nervous but mainly i just want to get it over with. i wish everyone a lovely december!
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belovedapollo · 22 hours ago
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I’ve been so busy these days, barely can keep up with the time passing by so fast. Can’t wait for the holidays and vacation. Even though I’ll have to do lots of uni work as well. Study masters they said, it will be fun they said. ( They didn’t entirely lie tho.)
please don’t repost
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diarystudyblr · 18 hours ago
a vintage book store in Versailles is always a good option💘
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_winter studying challenge | 4. dec. 2021☕
❄️ day 4: What is an unpopular opinion that you have about winter?❄️
I think that you like winter is already an unpopular opinion haha
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lovelybluepanda · an hour ago
I've gotten a lot of asks recently with worried people that they're too old for certain things so I want to share this:
If you remember, a few days ago i said that i am in an environment where i have older people around, at least 20 years older.
One of them is almost 46 and they dropped out of school after 7 classes. This person goes back to middle school to study and get that diploma. They also added that they want the highschool diploma and they'll get it in 3-4 years at the pace they're studying.
A thing which got my attention in the conversation is the fact that not for 1 second did they think they were too old or that it was too late to do anything.
Age is a problem for your goals only if you look at it this way.
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studyingspaceandstuff · 3 hours ago
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Practice at uni.
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dailystudent · 18 hours ago
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late autumn study session
Tomorrow I will retake my logic exam and I really need to pass it🖖🏼
My life has been so crazy and smooth recently, I have been working alot (for financial issues 😅) and I’m tryna keep two majors which is pretty hard.
Today after work I went to a shopping mall to buy small gift for my flat mate because today it’s 6th Dec, and it’s common to give lovely gifts for relatives and friends. Later I went to Starbucks and started studying there. I love studying in public places and restaurants!!
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the---hermit · 22 hours ago
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Currently reading
91/100 days of productivity
Okay I can't believe in less then 10 days I will be done with yet another 100 days of productivity, but here we are. Today started weirdly, I had to send a few emails to professors, and that as always was a huge trigger for my anxiety. This means that even though I did what I had to (and I am very proud of doing it) my anxiety has been kicking my butt for the whole day. But I accomplished something that was intimidating for me so I am still counting it as a win. Other than that I continued reading and annotating the book I am studying for my political institutions class. I continued reading The Time Of Contempt by Andrzej Sapkowski (I did read first thing in the morning, and during my lunch break). I have also practiced French, German and Irish on duolingo, and plannes the rest of my week. Later I will hopefully find time to practice self care and either read a bit more or have a writing session.
tranquil's winter studying challenge // Day Twenty-Four: Send love to your top three favourite study or book blogs, and write down something you love about each of them!
Let's start by saying that I could mention so many blogs, because there's incredible people on this site. In this I cannot avoid sending all my love to @peregrination-studies, we randomly started talking after I posted about reading The Song Of Achilles, and let me tell you an amazing friendship was born. Grace is probably one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever spoken to, and her joy is absolutely contagious. Then I have to mention @contre-qui, one of the first people to follow this blog, I fell in love with her studyblr. We're also talking about a fellow witch, who does amazing book reviews, I was obviously going to love their blog. I feel like I should also mention someone who inspired me to open this blog, @serendistudy and @rylie-studies are the first two studyblr blogs I started following. They are the people who inspired me to open this side blog in the first place, as I was saying, and I couldn't be thankful enough. Plus seeing their blogs on my dash is always an instant smile. I reccomend checking out all these blogs, and I am sending them all my love 💜❄.
myhoneststudyblr's winter studying challenge // 6th December - Do you get a break from school/uni/work during winter?
Yes, technically I do get a Chrstmas break from uni (more or less from the 24th of December to the 7th of January). Practically I study more or less all days. Working in my family's store we have just a couple of days off for Christmas, winter is always auite busy.
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halliereads · 10 hours ago
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welcome to my brand new studyblr, where i'll be focusing on productivity, self-care & study habits. i can't wait to take you along for the journey <3
though i don't have many photos / resources up now, i have many being created + queued up! i hope you'll join me as i fill this blog with a scrapbook of studies. i'm currently in school (middle school / high school), but would love to work in medicine or business one day!
name: hallie, or hal
pronouns: she/her
loves: reading, writing, organizing, pretty notes, my hamster linus, soccer, school ><
fave music: xmas tunes, conan gray, girl in red, clairo, the arkells, ariana grande, etc.
some blogs that have inspired me to start my own include (more included in messages!) : @mid-afternoon-studies @studyblr @study-van @sprouht-studies @studyblrmasterposts @studynostalgic @studyartsy @academiix @alexistudies @anoukostudies @aceademic @andotherlawstories @aavr @acadstuds @alfalfaaarya @ancientmariner13 @annick-k @astudyingdemon @bookflo @booksandcafes @blueplaidstudies @babymedicc @coffeeforcollege @crimstudies @cals-desk @captainofstudies @chazza-studies-alevels @decaffs @dungeonstudy @dionyrtal @depressed-linguist @doctorpstudies @emmastudies @elkstudies @ellie-studies-psych @einstetic @ecostudier @fannistudies @frenchtoastlover @galina @gaaandaaaalf @hannybstudies @herbstudy @itsanerdything @iamnymphea @kloudeestudy @lalesnotes @life-and-law-studies @linastudyblrsblog @lifeofthegrind
i hope blogs can appreciate me as a new studyblr starting out! ty to everyone who has reblogged <3
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frithams · 14 hours ago
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some of my notes on discrete mathematics
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myrtleandberry · 7 hours ago
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12.07.21 | tomrw’s a holiday so I’m studying early for our pharma exam on thursday 🥲 2 of our exams done. 6 more to go!!!! we got this!!!! ✨
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peachblossomstudy · 22 hours ago
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❄️ winter studying challenge ; day 6
do you get a break from school/work/uni during winter?
yes! i get two weeks off around christmas and i’m really looking forward to it.
(also yes i know i’ve already skipped quite a few days, i’m rubbish at posting consistently so will probably be dropping in and out of the challenge as i remember to post)
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eden-codes-and-studies · 21 hours ago
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Day 22/100...
It's very cold and gloomy today so my mood is not the best. I've been sitting on my floor today thinking that I should take a break but I know if I do it will be hard to get back into it and I will fail this challenge. Here's to trying out Javascript. 🍻 I know I don't like it but I have to do what I have to do. At least I have Spanish to look forward to..Wish me luck.😫
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madis-study-nook · 2 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Revising for my Anatomy & Physiology final while listening to coffee shop ambiance music ✨
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ecostudier · 19 hours ago
What I’ve been doing to study + stay motivated at the end of the semester
Finals season. We don’t love it. This is my penultimate semester as an undergraduate and I’d like to think I’ve gained a bit of experience when it comes to keeping up your motivation and studying for finals.
So here’s the most basic but truly helpful advice for me when it comes to studying:
Study in the way that works for you — If you’re used to taking notes on paper or typing, do that! Generally, handwriting or speaking things out loud are going to help your brain remember things better. If you are a visual learner, use images.
Give yourself breaks — I cannot stress this enough. Forcing yourself to review difficult topics over long periods of time will not help motivation. I like to give myself small rewards during each break to motivate myself to get things done, i.e. 30 minutes of studying then 5 minutes on social media.
Change up your studying environment or have a designated study spot — whatever you do, don’t study in your bed or somewhere you’re going to get too comfortable. Your brain associates sitting at a desk with getting work done, rather than sitting in bed. I like to go to cafes or a library.
Set daily, realistic goals — I can’t study for more than 4-5 hours a day. Know your daily study time limit then set goals that you will be able to finish within that time. Work on 2-3 things per day so you don’t get burned out studying one subject. After you’ve finished your daily goals, allow yourself to relax.
Other resources:
I love to use the forest app to help me with motivation. You can plant a tree as a timer, and when the timer is up, the tree gets added to your daily forest. If you lose focus and use your phone, you kill the tree. This is a fun way to incorporate the Pomodoro technique.
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the---hermit · 5 hours ago
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Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix
Lately I have been craving horror novels a lot, for some reason, and when I saw this book I got super interested in it for obvious reasons. It looks exactly like an ikea catalogue, the aesthetic details in this book are insane. The structure, the details in the cover, the more you read of the story the more you notice.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The plot is quite simple, it's a very classic haunted house story, but instead of being set in an actual house it's set in a furniture store. We follow Amy, who works in this store, and ends up spending the night inside the building, with a couple of her coworkers, in order to understand the weird things that have been happening. In fact every morning at the opening, they find broken objects and misplaced items, suggesting that someone might be hiding in the store at night. Of course things degenerate from there, but I won't say more not to spoil the book. I really like the ending, and overall I found it to be very enjoyable. As I said it's a classic story, just with different settings and characters, but the attention to some details is absolutely worth it. I also really like the writing, I will have to say that I read the Italian translation, but it can't be too different from the original. It's quite simple writing style that helps you stay glued to the pages, and makes the book a very nice read that doesn't require too much effort. I highly reccomend this to anyone, expecially if you like haunted house themes, or if you are looking for a light horror book. I will surely check out some other works by this author.
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