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gibsinternational · 6 minutes ago
Gitarattan International Business School is the most popular college in Rohini, Delhi. Gitarattan best courses provide the best fess. Courses provide Like, MBA, BBA, BA-LLB, BBA-LLB. If you are looking for best Top College for Graduation in Delhi Gitarattan International Business School Is the best. Further reservation for specific categories is as per the guidelines of the Government of NCT of Delhi. You have any problem contact Top Management College in North Delhi at +91-11-27555607/08 and immediately get your solutions.
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udhayam-co · 10 minutes ago
🏫🌄*UDHAYAM ACADEMY*🌄🏫 _Mark is not an education_ Courses offered by... 🖥️ Computer Teaching Institute 🦾 🤖 Robotics Teaching Institute 👨‍💻TNPSC Group IV 🏅🏆Education_Basics 📚📖📝 Tuition for 9th to 12th Address... 🛣️Jagir Reddipatty, Mamangam to Junction Main Road, Near by Anna Statue, Salem-636302. 📲Contact...9003466999 #computerteachinginstituteinsalem #roboticsteaching #learning #teaching #abacus #education #tuition #tnpsc #tnpscgroup4 #academy #mathstuition #coachingclass #school #college #students #salem #teachers #teachers #teacher #highereducation #university #children #robotics #schools #udhayamacademy #udhayam #accent (at Salem, India)
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governmentrecruitments · 12 minutes ago
UP Deputy CM Dinesh Sharma makes BIG decisions about government universities, exams
UP Deputy CM Dinesh Sharma makes BIG decisions about government universities, exams
On June 24th (Thursday), chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Dinesh Sharma, a virtual meeting with Vice Chancellors of the state universities took place to discuss the preparations for the implementation of the exams for the year 2020/21 and to introduce a uniform minimum curriculum at state universities. University exams UP CM has instructed to hold the university exams…
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pdguystoryboard · 16 minutes ago
How to Crash a Frat Party
It my senior year of college and I never been to a Frat party. Bing a nerd might be the reason. I am a science major and I been working of a few project for school and a few I did not tell my professor about.
Tumblr media
Its kind of a transfer drug. I take from one subject and gives it to the other. Its in a form of a injection to get things started.. The subject will somewhat turn to a liquid and their skin is the bag that holds it. Then I apply oil and message the subject to the skin and on myself and make contact and it goes from point “A” the subject to post “ B” myself. It help is the subject is out cold or they will just collapse since their muscle tone will be come said liquid and transfer over to the other party.
I been running test and it seem to work ok. Since I only have other nerd to try it out out since they are the only ones around for me to test it on without them knowing.
Tumblr media
I going to give it a chance tonight, An Crash a Frat House Party, But first I must find the subject. I am off to  Sigma Phi Epsilon. the party not for a few hours, but you can see some of the guys getting the house ready. On the side of the house I see a large tree. It must be as old as the house and one of the limbs reaches right to a open window. Up I go. I see as I climb one of the guy is sleeping on his bed. must be resting for the party. Well he going to get his rest and it it all works, he’ll miss the party and I will be going in his place.
Tumblr media
Nice subject. I seen him around campus. But first I need to make sure he doesn't wake up. I reach into my pocket and pull out a bottle of homemade chloroform. Place it one the rag. I just going to place it in front of his face and slowly up to his mouth and nose since he much bigger them I am. It seems to be working and now I move the rag closer and then over is face. He out.  Well I find out when I try to roll him over and inject him in that fine ass of his. 
I heard him make a  sound as the needle went in, but that was it. now we wait. He naked already so having to strip him of his clothes is one step off my list. but first I better lock his door. I hate to have someone walk in and I am on top and only suck half his body into mine. Now for my clothes and start oiling him up.
He seem to be enjoying it by the smile on his face. A gentle message all over his body, His arms, legs and across his amazing abs and pecs. My hands are starting to stick to him the process is working. I put my right hand in his left, and my left into his right. place my chest on his pecs. its like we are glued together.
My cock seem to have joined up to his and became one and  our legs and feet and now together. I can feel a pumping feeling my body making and his seem to be getting small as the time passes. I never did a full run on this. 
I’m not sure when it stops or how I turn out or how he well look or do we merge as one. I’m still testing this out. It must be working I see my skin taking on his tan and I feel my body changing. Will I become him or will we merge and make a totally different person all together. and how will we look, I hope I don’t turn into a buff Nerd. I never cover it, But will we ever get to change back. Oh my our faces are merging. 
How much time passed between the last of the two of us become one I don’t know. but I come too and roll over onto my back. I feel great, I feel strong, I feel ABS!!! It worked! Let get out of bed and check myself out. Bit cold in here where his underwear. Black briefs Nice, show off my package and my butt.
Tumblr media
Not too bad. Killer body. MY blonde hair on top and his darker blonde on a sides. and a mixture of us both It took all the best part and made one cool looking guys. and damm look at the package I am carrying. I hope I get to test it out tonight. His height, his eyes and smile. and all his muscle tone. Funny I know I was not this tone and he was not.. So did I made a even better person using us both. and man My head is all full of his life adventure and schooling. Political Major leave it to a fat boy, But my science is till there. 
I’m  Logan Brady? I more him then me in view, But I still control everything in this amazing body. Right down to this giant tool of a cock. I never seen one that big. Well I never seen one hard.  and it ready to blast a load.  OH my god dose that feel so good blasting that out of me and all over the shower wall. I got to take a dump now too. Holy cow where did this all come from. and more cum. Shit, I cant’s stop. ....After a short time it did all stop. 
I need to lay down. what was that., OH we merge into one person and I have a feeling we are staying this way and that was the body way of getting rid of what it doesn't need of the two of us.
Its time for Logan Brady to get ready for the party. On with the Frat boy clothes coving this amazing body. The do fit nice on this new body of ours. almost form fitting you could say.
Knock on the door, Come on Logan. 
I open the door, Logan come on -Get down stair the party starting with you. My frat brother thinks I the guy who lives in this room. so even with all the changes all for the best now.
. and time party with my Frat brothers downstairs I can hear the music. Who knows maybe tonight I’ll get lucky. and looking like starting tonight I am going to be Frat Boy Logan Brady from now on. 
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novemberbythestars · 37 minutes ago
The Secret of Us (MASTERLIST)
Tumblr media
"For someone who claims to hate me, you moan my name pretty damn well."
You've always been an overachiever and the class top student. No one really dared to question or even challenge you, that until an exchange student from Osaka, Japan decided riling you up is part of his daily life.
Behind closed doors, seems like you both get along just as well. As a matter of fact, it seems like you both get along a little too well for you to be enemies.
Tumblr media
pairing: fwb!yuta x reader genre: college au, enemies au, slightly mature yeah yeah warnings: some contents will have suggestive content, strong language will also be there every now and then note: if you want to be part of the taglist, then feel free to dm or ask me!
Tumblr media
Prologue // 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10
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mjcolleges · 40 minutes ago
Mahalaxmi Jagdamba College was established in Bhagini mandal jhansi rani square nagpur, Distt. Nagpur, Recognized by Gov. of Maharashtra & Affiliated by R.T.M. Nagpur University, Mahalaxmi Jagdamba Shikshan Sanstha run by many Govt.approved courses , Y.C.M.O.U. Nashik
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andalsomuchcattle · 41 minutes ago
I drifted in and out of class like a zombie. I played my part in Funk/Fusion Ensemble. My other ensemble continued darkly. The drummer didn’t care for me and I could tell by the way he played his drums. In marketing class there was an assignment that I forgot to do. They had given me two chances and I’d missed both completely. As a result, I would get an incomplete. I told them I’d been in a car accident. The lady over email didn’t believe me. She said if you’d really been in a car accident the police would be involved. Where’s the police report? I didn’t know what to do, but I felt it was a sign, and the next day I withdrew from all my classes and dropped out of school entirely. I couldn’t be dissuaded.
Another night came over at my friend’s house, and they’ve invited everyone over. Zach and Diego included. They told me I shouldn’t be mad at Zach because Zach didn’t do anything. I didn’t know how to tell them that’s exactly why I was mad at Zach. I don’t know if I even knew that myself, at the time. I accepted this news in uncharacteristic silence.
We sat in the backyard and Zach told us all his story about the bird. This bird he’d hit with his car on the way down to Miami. He cackled, slapping his knees in uproarious laughter. ‘BOLO!’ he said. And we were confused. ‘Birds only live once!’ And we all laughed. It was a very funny story. Diego kept asking for cigarettes. I remembered that night clearly. After he’d beat me black and blue he asked for a cigarette, and he told me, ‘See, I’m going to take this as a sign that we’re friends.’ I only gave them to him so he might leave me alone.
But nothing happened while they were there. Soon, they left. And it was me in the carpark with Danny and Mark and others, and the conversation became tense, the mood soured, and I accused the two of them of colluding against me. What misery they’ve unleashed upon me, to see him again! And Danny stood as if he might fight me, and I screamed at him, ‘Hit me! Hit me!’ For a moment, it looked like he really wanted to. I collapsed into tears, away from the garage where the partygoers sat. Mark found me and informed me that I could never do anything like that again. When I arrived back home, I called the suicide hotline. They put me on hold.
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peonyprophet · 42 minutes ago
Jensen is really so chaotic it's fucking 12am here I have work in the morning I hate this man
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gleekhq-ads · 47 minutes ago
Tumblr media
A Glee Season One Redo, based around Ohio in the year 2021. Offering you the opportunity to change the lives of the characters who stole your heart from the very beginning, or the characters you loved to hate! Have you ever wanted to learn more about the rival colleges in Ohio and how different they were to McKinley?
Were there storylines you wish had gone differently? Relationships you always wanted to see, but the show never offered? Characters you wish had been there since the beginning?
At GLEEKHQ, we offer you the opportunity to play students from either McKinley Community College or Dalton University Academy! From New Directions to Vocal Adrenaline, Public Education to Private Education, we’re offering you the chance to experience them all!
Show Choir Competitions, Extracurricular Activities and the infamous Cliques, it’s all up for takes, and the choices are up to you!
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ohbuckie · 47 minutes ago
omg c!bucky has a playlist?? would u mind sharing it again if u have already pls :’)
right here!! i add to it occasionally also lol
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solus-poeta · 52 minutes ago
I’m so excited to be able to say i’m a collage student ;; Haven’t even started college and already romanticizing it.
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ohbuckie · 55 minutes ago
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downohsoverybad · 56 minutes ago
Watermelon Sugar High by isntitcrazy
~8k words
Admittedly, I have not emotionally recovered from this dnf fic. Fucked me up--what can I say? Chalk full of adorable fluff even if I wanted to smack the idiocy out of Dream and Sapnap for 95% of it--idiots truly.
Taking that dare was either the best or worst decision of Dream's life. Maybe both.
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southerngentry · an hour ago
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asaibhirud · an hour ago
SSCA Pune is Featured as the Best College for Hospitality Management in Pune. Also, it's Culinary arts course equips the required skills in the hotel industry.
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fanficfreek · an hour ago
Thirsty Thursday: Don't Call Him Baby | PJM (NSFW)
Tumblr media
It's eleven minutes from being Friday, but it's been so long since I wrote a TT... enjoy!
SUMMARY: Jimin lost his girlfriend due to his jealousy, and still isn’t over her. When he sees her at a frat party, he feels the need to tell her exactly what he’s thinking.
PAIRING: college!Jimin x OC
GENRE: smut
WARNINGS: cheating, drinking, jealousy, oral, language, unprotected sex
“Fuck me,” Jimin rolled his eyes and looked over at one of his roommates, TaeHyung.
“I told you she’d be here,” he handed him a red solo cup full of a hodgepodge of various liquors and juices. “Her new boyfriend is friends with Jin.”
He glared at the two, holding hands and smiling as they were greeted by their oldest roommate. “I’m getting drunk,” he informed him before tipping back his head.
“You always get drunk,” he laughed at him.
“Tonight, there’s a better reason,” he handed him his empty cup.
“Mmm hmmm,” he shook his head before dipping the cup into a container to refill.
“Shit, here they come,” he chugged down his second cup.
“So… I guess you two are guarding the grog bowl tonight?” The senior chuckled at them. “We’ll take two.”
“Baby, I’d rather do shots tonight,” she looked around for a bottle.
“All of the liquor is in this container,” TaeHyung tapped his fingers against the rim.
“Ah,” she sighed, trying like hell to ignore Jimin’s stare.
“If my girl wants shots, that’s what she’ll get,” he kissed her. “I’ll be right back.”
“Okay,” she grinned as she watched him walk away.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” Jimin waited until he was out of earshot.
“Excuse me?” she raised her eyebrows and finally looked at him.
“Don’t you fucking call him what you used to call me!”
“Here we go,” TaeHyung threw back his head and sighed.
“You’re drunk and turning back into that guy I left,” she crossed her arms over her chest.
“Some things are sacred, Emmy,” his anger melted into more of whining plea as he spoke.
“You can’t call me that anymore,” she turned her head and looked up at TaeHyung. “I’ll take one.”
“It’s for the best,” he hummed before handing her a cup.
“Can we talk?” Jimin stepped closer to her, glaring down into her eyes.
“Sure,” she quickly downed the drink in her hand as he laced his fingers through hers and pulled her through the house.
They ended up in the back yard, under the light of a full moon as the roar of the party became a distant hum. Both were quiet as they sat on a bench under a tree and looked up at the sky.
“I miss you,” he slurred.
“I know, you text me every day,” she sighed.
“Does he know we still talk?”
“No. No one does.”
“Same,” he dropped his head to stare at her profile in the moonlight. “Has he met your brother yet?”
“No,” she frowned before looking down at him. “My brother wouldn’t like him.”
“That’s a shame,” he huffed. “Your mom sent me a birthday card.”
“Really?” she laughed. “I’ll have to talk to her about that.”
“I like it. You didn’t send me anything.”
“No, because we broke up.”
“But you still love me.”
“I do,” she answered quickly. “I just can’t stand your jealous bullshit that apparently didn’t go away after we broke up. Are you going to do this with every guy I date?”
“Will there be more?”
“Probably,” she smirked. “Especially when he comes back and finds out I’m sitting here with you,” she leaned into him as they both laughed.
“I miss you.”
“Why? Give me one good reason why you miss me?”
“I miss looking up from our tree on campus and seeing you smile as you walked up to me. Do you have any idea what it’s like to see you, and get butterflies in your stomach, only for you to walk by and kiss another guy?”
“Yes,” she turned away.
“I miss the look you gave me after we spent the afternoon trading sexy snaps and I’d show up at your house.”
She closed her eyes and listened to him.
He leaned against her and whispered into her ear. “I miss the sounds you made when I’d fuck you in my car down by the lake after I picked you up from work.”
“Jimin,” she whispered.
“I miss everything about you,” he kissed her cheek. “You’re my baby, not his.”
“Do you at all remember why we broke up?”
“Ah,” he growled as he sat back.
“You never change. You nearly punched my study partner.”
“He was too close to you.”
“He has a boyfriend! He was reading over my shoulder!”
“I can’t help it. I don’t want anyone else to touch you but me.”
“I’m not yours anymore.”
“You can be,” he placed his hand on her knee and slowly moved it up her leg, under her skirt.
“That’s not fair,” she exhaled a shuttered breath.
“I remember when you used to hold my hand at these parties. We’d get drunk and make out until we ended up in my room and then fucked like animals until we passed out from exhaustion,” he ran his fingers up her neck, weaving them in her hair as she leaned into his touch. “You always felt so good, Baby. I’m getting hard just thinking about it.”
“I hate it when you do this. You know I can’t say no to you.”
“I mean… I always hope it still works,” he smiled before kissing her.
She gave in as he pressed his fingertips between her thighs and rubbed tiny circles against her panties. She breathed into his mouth, receiving a smile before he nipped at her lips with his teeth.
“Ditch him and come back to me,” he pleaded against her lips. “We were so good together.”
She pulled away and stared at him for a moment. “I swear, if you fuck up again…”
“I will do my best not to be a jealous ass.”
She sighed and leaned into him for a kiss. “I need to go tell him…”
“No. Right now you need to come to my room.”
“Right now?”
“This very minute,” he rose to his feet and yanked her hand, pulling her up and running to the side entrance of the house. They walked up the hidden stairway, stopping occasionally to look around, until they made it to the top floor. He led her to his room and glanced down the hall before closing and locking the door.
“Alexa, mood lights,” he called out as two lamps turned on and dimmed to a faint purple color.
“That’s new,” she hiccupped just before he attacked her, his lips eagerly pressed against hers as he walked her toward the bottom bunk.
“God, I’ve missed you,” he breathed against her skin as he unbuttoned her shirt and slid the soft cotton from her shoulders. “You smell so good.” He whispered as he pulled her skirt down her legs, stopping to kiss her belly as she ran her fingers through his hair.
“I’ve missed you too,” she threw her head back as he slid her panties down. She felt the bed hit the back of her legs just before he pulled her left leg up and hooked it over his right arm. She fell back onto the bed and lifted her right leg for him as he took her with his mouth.
He teased her with his tongue, switching from gentle licks to firm thrusts as her body wiggled under him. Her moans grew louder as she began pulling on his hair, a signal to him that she was very close, so he placed both hands on her hips and dug in his fingers.
“Oh God!” she nearly screamed as she thrashed wildly.
He pushed up to his knees and unbuckled his belt as she sat up and unfastened her bra. He ran his tongue up her neck and nibbled on the skin behind her ear as she whimpered and dug her nails into his shoulders. He lifted her left leg and pressed his hips into hers, kissing her deeply as he pushed his way inside her.
She let out a soft cry as she rubbed her hands down his back. Why was it that no other person in the world felt this way? No matter where she was or who she was with, not a single other person felt as right as he did.
He pulled up and looked down at her, his eyes finding hers in the dim light as he seemed to read her mind. “You’re mine,” he whispered. “Never, ever forget that.”
She brought her hands to either side of his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. “Stop being a jealous ass.”
“As long as you’re with me…”
“I’m serious,” she stopped him. “This is your last chance. I swear, I will transfer to another school, and you’ll never see me again. You have to stop.”
“I promise. You will never, ever call another guy ‘Baby’ again.”
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justsitbackandchill · an hour ago
Los Angeles City College was my college till I transferred to CSUN...I was at this place almost everyday...
I fucking miss you El Gran Burrito aka Midnight Tacos
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samsteel · an hour ago
I’m killing @kentjohnsons slowly with the blurbs I’m sending her
ahh 🙈🙈
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The electric bike with wireless charging made by college students gives a range of km.
The electric bike with wireless charging made by college students gives a range of km.
Now electric bikes will also have wireless charging facility, the students of this college did this job. A team of third- and fourth-year engineering college students has unveiled a protocol for an electric bike that can be charged wirelessly. Some alumni of the university along with students of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of KL College of Engineering gave information about…
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