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ashwolffe · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
I drew fanart for @wolfythewitch 's vampire au! Go check it out, it's pretty cool. I hope you like it.
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lunareclipse06 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I did another redraw!
I probably should develop this au more. I’ve got bits and pieces written down
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sweetteaanddragons · a day ago
Hand in Hand
“Hello, Nerwen.”
For a moment, the golden light of her forest is the golden light of the Trees, and she is a girl again, mud clinging to the bottom of her skirts, barefoot and certain she can outrun the wind.
“Don’t call me that,” she snaps, ancient instinct resurrected, and then reality reasserts itself, and she is the Golden Lady of the Wood once more.
But it is hard not to be - not Nerwen, but Artanis. It is hard not to be Artanis when Makalaure is standing there in feast clothes, leaning against a sapling with a smirk, like the last three Ages are nothing but a vanished dream.
“Alright,” he agrees easily. “What title are you going by these days?”
“I am what I always was,” she says, and he - laughs.
A true laugh, long and loud and startling in the profound stillness of the woods.
“Oh, Nerwen,” he says, shaking his head, eyes still sparkling with laughter, “we are none of us what we were.” His eyes dance over her figure, lingering on her fingers and the hem of her dress.
It is no longer mud staining it. But it is a little matter, to be resolved soon enough.
She does not like the way he looks at her hand, but she refuses to hide it. She juts her head out instead.
“You seem to be,” she says, and she reaches out, mind to mind, to let her thoughts skate across his.
His mind shies away, and she allows it, for now.
But she is looking now, really looking, and she sees what she missed before; the tears in his tunic, the sharpness of his face.
Still. This is not what she pictured when she wondered what had become of her kin.
“Where have you been?” she asks.
“Oh,” he says carelessly. “Here and there. Of late, Imladris.”
The stillness of the woods creeps over her limbs.
“Imladris,” she says at last.
The pain of it echoes in her mind.
“Have you come to kill me, Makalaure?”
“What makes you think I haven’t come so that you can kill me?”
He sounds exactly as he did in Tirion, when they would bait each other into petty arguments they would spend all evening enjoying.
She wants to shake him for his flippancy.
“I am no kinslayer,” she says, and she puts the full weight of her power behind the words.
But Makalaure- shakes his head. Amused. “Old monsters shouldn’t lie to each other, cousin. There’s no Finwean hand left in Middle Earth that’s clean.”
She does not protest for Elrond. His hands had been clean.
But if she will lie to Makalaure, she will at least not lie to herself.
Elrond is no longer in Middle Earth. He could not - bend enough for that.
She is surprised Makalaure could.
That thought Makalaure allows to land. “I suspect I have more practice resisting mental compulsion than anyone left alive,” he says, still smiling. “And it didn’t take much to twist away from it, really. I already despaired. It’s old news by now.”
He leaves unsaid the other part of it, but he allows her to glimpse it in his mind.
And I already loved you, Artanis.
Yes. Perhaps she shouldn’t have been surprised.
But her thoughts have caught on a previous point. “The children,” she says. “Elrond’s children. Their hands are clean.”
“Ah,” he agrees. “Yes. But they are no longer in Middle Earth.”
She is as still as the bones that still lie in the fields around her wood.
“That’s why it took me so long to come,” he says, still light, still easy. “I had to get them on a boat.”
“Arwen wished a mortal life,” she hisses.
“Well, we can’t always get what we want,” he snaps, a flicker of rage slipping through for the first time.
“She wished to marry her love,” she continues, because it is easier than arguing about everything else.
“Oh, that,” he says, and the rage subsides. “I don’t see why she couldn’t still do that. I got all the children onto the boat.”
“You put Isildur’s heir, a mortal, onto the boat,” she says slowly.
“I did,” he agrees. “At considerable effort to myself, mind, so they had better appreciate it . . . Your father said they let Tuor in; they can make another exception. They owe it to us, now.”
“You think the Valar will consider themselves in our debt?” The idea is so outrageous it is almost amusing - almost because Makalaure has risked the children’s lives on this insane gamble, and never mind that none of them are any longer children to anyone’s mind but theirs.
“We took of their problems for them, didn’t we?” he says, eyes just a little too sharp for his careless tone. “Morgoth, Sauron . . . I suppose Ungoliant might still be hiding somewhere, but I think she would have made herself known by now. And there is not one of our family that has not broken themselves in the fight.”
“I am not broken,” she hisses. It is too close to what her husband tried to say; too close to what she has long assumed of Makalaure. She prefers the Valar’s long ago declaration that she is in rebellion, too dangerous to return home. If she is no longer who she once was, it is at least because of her choice because of what she has done, and not what has been done to her.
This power is hers; she has broken it to her will, not the other way around.
“Don’t say it like it’s such a bad thing,” he says, finally unslouching and coiling himself into something that makes him look almost like the warrior of old. “If you weren’t broken, I don’t think I could forgive you for daring to wear that ring next to the one Celebrimbor gave you.”
She does not look at her hand. She is not such a fool as that.
“What ring?” she asks coolly.
He laughs again. It is ragged now. “Oh, Nerwen. You can hide from anyone else you please, but you can’t hide from me. Did you think I of all people wouldn’t know the signs? Did you think I wouldn’t understand?”
There are two bands of gold around her finger. One of them is bound with her cousin’s power.
It is screaming at the proximity of the other.
“It was the only way,” she says, and she does not like the way the words sound echoing from her mouth.
He looks around at the forest. At the golden light creeping through the silent trees. At what lies among the roots.
And then he turns, eyes looking back as if he thinks even here, even now, he can glimpse Imladris as it was.
When he turns back, his eyes have more torment than the Oath ever provoked. “And was it worth it?” he asks her, and even with his eyes ablaze, he has the gall to still sound as if he is asking over the price of a new concert in Tirion and nothing more.
She says nothing.
The rings are cold on her hand.
He sighs, then. Draws his sword almost carelessly. “Shall we do this then?”
She does not have a sword. She does not need one.
She does not want one.
“Must we?”
“We have to do something,” he says, almost apologetically. “It doesn’t have to be this. It can be knives if you’d rather. A game of poisons if you’re feeling peckish. Or, if I may truly tempt you, it is not too late to build a boat.”
It is her turn to laugh then, because if there is anything it is millennia too late for them to do, it is to build a boat.
His mouth twists into something that is almost a smile. “I will never forgive them for this,” he says, and there is nothing casual in his voice now at all. “They had no business leaving you here until you felt it had to come to this. You had fought enough. You should not have to fight again.”
“You cannot win this fight.”
His eyes widen it. “Win it? My dear cousin, no one is going to win this fight. But if I have to get home the hard way, I’d rather not do it alone. I thought you might feel the same.”
Her hands clench. The trees creak warningly.
“You presume much.”
“You presumed more when you tried to keep both rings,” he says, and the anger is back in his voice now as he slips back into the tongue of their childhood and cries out, ”Awake!”
She wears Celebrimbor’s ring beneath the other because she gained Tyelpe’s first.
In a moment of blinding pain this reveals itself as a mistake.
It - they - it falls.
There is so much blood.
She lunges forward, the hand that is still whole reaching -
Maglor throws himself into her and they fall in a tangle of limbs, wrestling like she once did with her brothers, like they did in the mud of Alqualonde before seeing each other’s faces and seeking other foes, like, like, like -
His mind is open now, no longer hiding, and she shoves her agony at him, her grief and her rage and her indomitable will, and he shoves back with his own, and with memory after memory, goldstained and bloodstained and gone, gone, gone.
The pain grows, and she is not sure if it is hers or his or if it matters.
There is so much blood between them.
Artanis, Artanis, ai, Artanis!
The pain swells and swells, and there is less movement now, less desperation, only the pain, and the red spilling out between them.
Together. Let us go together, ancient monsters both. If we show up in Mandos’s Halls together, one of us will have to look good by comparison.
She laughs, high and bubbling and drowning in the blood.
She wants - she wants -
There is a glint of gold in the grass beside her. There is bone dust ground into the dirt. There is her cousin, holding her like they are both children afraid of the encroaching dark, still reaching for her other hand.
She has only a moment left to decide what she wants. A moment left to sort through the screaming in her head.
She reaches.
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aristocratic-otter · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
I swear it's absolutely a coincidence that both of my CORB fics were ready to post at the same time. It's a perfect storm of author and artist and posting readiness. AKA, it just happened.
For my second Carry On Reverse Bang fic, I fell in love with this art when I first saw it. @steppjes is seriously talented. They manage to put so much feeling into their art.
I'm a pinch hitter on this one, as Steppjes's first author pairing didn't work out. So, it's not finished, but I'm planning about 16 chapters. I posted the first two tonight!
Playing with Fire, Treading Thin Ice
In a world where the Mage doesn't manage to turn Simon into the Chosen One, where Simon is never rescued from the care system, Baz has graduated from Watford and started Uni at Oxford, never having heard of Simon Snow. That doesn't last long. But can Baz afford a relationship with the very attractive but seemingly absolutely Normal Simon?Chapter 1: Prologue
I think I’ve got it this time. It’s a gamble, casting from a distance. But the Normals won’t let me near my son. Child Protection services took issue with the rune scars on Simon’s palms, the last time I returned him after a visitation. They accused me of abuse, assault. They dared to file a restraining order against me.
Not that they could actually stop me, should I decide to sweep in and take him away. But he’s only five. I’ll still need the foster system to raise him until he’s old enough for Watford. I don’t have time for a child. There’s too much work to be done, preparing the way for him. So, I’ll cast from here, from my newly granted office in the Weeping Tower.
Read more on AO3
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stellalunatmblr · 2 days ago
The Flower Path | Chapter 3
Tumblr media
Genre/Tags: isekai (kinda?), bangtan x fem!reader, not poly, oc!bestfriend, surprise romantic pairings; rom-com, slow burn, fluff, angst  (will update tags along the way)
Status: Ongoing
Summary: What would you feel if you find yourself transported to the world of a cheesy web novel? Ecstatic, of course (well, among other things), except you’re stuck being the main character’s best friend slash sidekick. Fair enough, you don’t think you’re main character material anyway. Determined to get through your life that has changed all of a sudden, you try to keep yourself in the shadows of your “best friend.” Let’s just try to get through the last year of high school in peace. You thought it was gonna be easy – like a walk in a flower path– but the thing about walking that road is that there are bound to be thorns along the way.
Inspired by the web novel and manhwa: Inso’s Law
Word Count: 7.1k
Chapter warning: mean teenagers
Chapter Note: oh hello there! i just wanted to say, due to popular demand (lol) i opened a taglist. (See this post). i'll start the tagging next chapter.
please don't be shy and let me know what you think of this chapter by commenting or sending an ask! it makes me really happy. enjoy~
As soon as you stepped inside the school gymnasium, you could hear shoes squeaking and balls thudding on the hardwood floor. When you inhale, the smell of muscle relief patches fills your senses. You were grateful that, although with such a large space, it was well ventilated because the smell of sweaty teens was the last thing you'd ever want now that you have the obligation to come here frequently.
You didn’t expect to get called to the faculty that day after class, but even more than that, you did not expect that your application to be the volleyball team’s manager would be approved by the coach and team adviser.
"We were supposed to pick only one, but then I suggested having two managers for both teams would be more efficient since they don’t always get the same venue for away games. They already picked the other one, so you’ll get to know them eventually," the volleyball coach—coach Kai as he introduced himself to you—says as he hands you a binder.
He also mentioned that you and your co-manager will be rotated between the boys' and girls' teams, so he recommended you become acquainted with all of the team members to make your job easier.
"Here are some documents the former manager left for whoever replaced him because he thinks it would be helpful. He used to supervise both teams, and so he left a lot of whatever is in that." He pointed to the binder that you were now holding, "I'll leave this with you because I forgot to give it to the other manager." He dismisses you after that.
So now you're standing here, confused, unsure how you got into this predicament in the first place. Given you did apply for the position, but you thought your application would just be brushed off. You clasp the binder to your chest even closer, feeling a bit small. You have done a lot of half-assed things in your life. Your academics, learning to cook, heck—even that crocheted blanket you pushed to finish before winter one time. But this… this is what gets you results? You were barely qualified for the position.
To be fair, this wasn't your world, and perhaps the rules of the real world don't apply here—clearly. Maybe it was the kind of world where you didn't need to know anything about volleyball to participate in it. You scoff quietly to yourself. Or maybe I'm simply here to help move the plot along, you think. You were uncertain how it would help, though, because you do not really know what to expect in this novel. You only knew what this world was like.
You were still perplexed as to why you were cast as Minyoung's best friend when you lacked her exceptional traits. You'd offer nothing except that you'd always be the one who supposedly followed her about like a dog as her sidekick. To be honest, she didn't need you; she can make it on her own here with all of her main character privileges. But alas, you can not escape your fate. You know Minyoung has every intention of keeping you by her side.
You looked around with astonishment, as it was the first time you stepped into the school gymnasium. It was large enough to house two volleyball courts divided by a floor-to-ceiling net. You're assuming that each side is designated for each team.
Your snooping was cut short as you heard a ball roll onto your feet. You stare down at it before moving your gaze to the individual whose squeaky shoes have moved closer to you. Minyoung lets out a shriek.
"It's you! Please, please, please tell me it's you!" She hugs you tightly, the binder digging uncomfortably into you, and you brace yourself so she doesn't knock you over. From behind her, you can hear her teammates laughing, and you can even hear someone warning her to let you go before you both fall over. Minyoung ignores them and squeezes you even more.
"Uhm.. it's me?" You answered, puzzled as to why she was asking because she knew who you were.
"No, I mean, you're here as the new manager!" She says, pulling away from you to shake your shoulders.
"Oh, right. Co-manager, but sure," you shrugged, and she jumped up and down and embraced you again, so you laughed and hugged her back.
"You must be ___. We've heard so much about you." A team member extends her hand to shake yours, and you shake it as you cast a tentative glance towards Minyoung. 
"All good things! Don’t worry," she continued when she noticed your expression.
Minyoung comes to a halt at her spot. "Wait, did you just say co-manager?" she asks, her face knitted, as she walks in front of you again.
"Yeah, they decided at the last minute to get two and split them between the teams," you say, nodding. "So I think I'll be switching between the guys' and girls' teams."
You watch her pout and cross her arms.
"I can't believe I have to share you with Jeon," she muttered but you don't hear her.
"Huh?" Your brow furrowed as you inquired of her.
She suddenly smiled and shook her head, "Nothing. I didn't say anything. Come on! I'll introduce you to the rest of the team."
The other girls must have found Minyoung's antics entertaining, obviously fond of her, because they were all smiles and chuckles when you were presented to the team. You could tell they were polite and had a lot of respect for your friend. Ah, so that’s why she’s captain, you thought as you saw them all interact with her.
You and the others were all smiling as Minyoung proudly displayed her jersey with the number 1 highlighted to you. 
Her teammate, who you know as someone from another section of Year 3, taps her on the back and looks at you, "She worked really hard to earn the position of captain; please look after her—and us." 
You grin at her sincerity. It's comforting to know that even when you're not around, people are looking out for Minyoung.
The introductions were cut short, however, when you saw someone raising the net in the center of the court and approaching the girls' side.
"When will we get our turn?" The silver-haired boy grumbled.
"You've had your time with her, so I'm taking her now," he said as he gently yanked at your free wrist and dragged you across the gym.
"Taehyung," you said sharply, rolling your eyes, "I can walk on my own." You pulled your hand back and grabbed the binder with both hands, hoping he wouldn't try to pull it back to him. He glances at you, and you give him a fake grin, but he only laughs in return.
You swear to the heavens this guy is giving you whiplash.
After that incident in the library– which made you think he actually hated you for some reason – he went back to being casual like nothing happened. You almost tripped over your own feet when he nodded at you in recognition in the corridors when you ran into each other at school; you were expecting him to just start ignoring your presence.
He boasted, "Be careful, I know I'm stunning, but you should watch your step." 
You glared at him and scoffed, "as if," loud enough to be heard throughout the hallways. You saw that people were paying close attention to you, glancing your way and then looking at him. You had no regrets about that one, almost wanting everyone to know how appalled you were by his statement.
Taehyung called out to Jungkook once you both arrived where the others were. He turns around and collects the rest of his team when he sees you.
You bow to them and introduce yourself more formally than you did to the girls' team because you know it will take them longer to warm up to you. You didn't mind, and based on what you've heard from Minyoung, the boys' team is under a lot of pressure following their loss last year.
"I'm looking forward to working with you," you said softly.
"Please take good care of us," Jimin said as he took a step forward and bowed, followed by the others.
You reciprocate with a smile. Jimin was the most courteous of the three musketeers to you, with Taehyung a close second but more bothersome than polite, and Jungkook last since he never actually talks to you.
"You guys should get back to doing what you're doing," you say, and they started bowing slightly towards you before dispersing.
You see Taehyung reach out to ruffle your hair, but you catch his wrist and give him a cold stare. You attempt to break free from his grip as he reaches out his other hand to cover your eyes.
“Stop! You're really annoying!" You eventually broke free from his grip and pinched at his side, which he gripped tightly and dramatically whimpered. His antics make you roll your eyes.
Taehyung was a dangerous one, you thought, and certainly someone you should be wary of. You can never figure out who he is as a character because he acts one way one minute and then the total opposite the next. You think his charming smile is deceiving.
“Fine, fine,” He held his hands up in surrender, “You’re just fun to rile up,” he adds.
You breathed a sigh of relief as he finally stepped away, grabbing a ball from the cart and lifting it up to spike it to the other side. Just from that interaction, you feel like you've aged. You're hoping to be assigned to the girls' team more since you don't want to deal with Taehyung's erratic behavior any longer.
You take one final glance around before choosing to leave, but before you can even turn away, Jungkook jogs back towards you.
"Hey," He says tentatively.  
“Hmm?" You hum back, uncertain how to respond since this is the first time he's really spoken to you directly.
He clutches the back of his neck. 
"Would you mind if — I mean, did the coach say anything about..." He pauses, and you wait for him to finish, prompting him with a cocked brow.
You observe him hesitate for a moment before letting out a deep sigh.
"I– nevermind, I'll ask another time," he says as he walks away, leaving you to wonder what the hell just happened. That wasn't really a conversation; they were just a few words he uttered to you–which, by the way, didn't make any sense.
You shrugged as you shifted your gaze to the other side of the gym, waiting to attract Minyoung's attention before waving goodbye. She returns it with a nod and resumes giving directions to her teammates during a drill.
Taehyung notices your retreating figure and calls out your name.
"Bye!" You hear him yell in a singsong manner.
When you saw several kids looking in your direction as you approached the court's exit, you quickened your speed and covered your face with the item you were holding.
You can hear Jimin chuckle alongside him.
You were walking back to your building, taking your time and kicking on some pebbles along the way. Even though it was the end of the school day, many students were still there, engaged in their various extracurricular activities. The typically empty field was crowded with various clubs, some of which were practicing and others doing routines.
You slowed your pace as you turned away from the open field and peered beneath the purple tree nearby. You noticed Jin underneath it, clutching his phone to his ear and seemed to be engrossed in a serious conversation.
You feel like a creep doing it, but you couldn't help but notice how beautiful he looked with the wind brushing his hair and the tree's fallen petals dancing around him. The warm glow of the almost-setting sun gave him a serene look, and you couldn't help but grin when you noticed the tree's petals were almost the same color as his hair.
For a few moments, you just stood there, enthralled by the scene before you. It seemed like something out of a movie, only the peace and quiet contrasted with the grimace currently decorating his face.
You see him purse his lips while on the phone, brows knitted in what seemed to be exasperation, then converse again before his expression changes to a dejected one. His other hand brushed over his face, but it didn't smooth out the wrinkles caused by his frown.
You didn't realize you were approaching him slowly, so as he moved his weight to the side, his eyes landed on you.
You were taken aback by his attention, but you smiled and waved nevertheless, and you observed him halt for a second. His eyes softened and his face morphed into something akin to relief.
You can see him thinking about something, then he turns aside and talks into the phone once again, this time with more conviction than before.
He puts the phone down and walks toward you, meeting you halfway.
“That looked like an important phone call,” you point out once he reached you.
“Yeah, my dad.”
His dad? 
You narrowed your eyes at him. But it looked like they were fighting over the phone, you thought.
"You haven't gone home yet?" He inquired as you both began walking back to your building, him matching your steps because you have shorter legs than he does.
"No, I'm returning from the gym." You turned your head away from him.  "I'm apparently a manager now," you stated as casually as you could, trying to hide your embarrassment.
He must think I'm ridiculous for even considering going through with the application.
"No way! That actually worked?" He gasped exaggeratedly, and he nudged your shoulder with his. You rolled your eyes and shoved his shoulders away, causing him to trip over his feet as he cackled. 
"You’re like, the least qualified applicant for that." 
You huff in response, denying him the satisfaction of a spoken retort. I mean, he was right, but he didn't need to say it right to my face!
His laughter died down eventually and you were enveloped in silence. It wasn’t awkward, but it did seem uncharacteristic of him to be quiet around you. This was Jin, and he, like Hobi, practically never shuts up when he's with you guys, so it did cause you some concern. You wonder whether it has anything to do with the phone conversation he had with his father.
Because of his silence, you peered at him and noticed his eyes reflect his thoughts that were racing at a breakneck pace, his poker face gradually morphing back into a frown.
You feel your hand twitch. You kept your head straight and continued walking. After a few minutes of stillness in the atmosphere, you decide enough is enough and stop in your tracks.
He kept strolling aimlessly, and he would have kept walking if you hadn't grabbed his wrist to stop him. He staggered for a moment before looking at you, wide-eyed.
"You okay?" you ask casually, not wanting to seem nosy.
A few beats pass before he decides to reply.
"Of course, why wouldn't I be?" he replied, flashing the million dollar smile that you're used to seeing him show.
You responded with a hum and continued to stare at him. He attempts to hold your gaze for a few moments before turning away.
He began walking away again, and you followed suit, strolling side by side.
"You’re going to be alright, you know? Whatever it is." You tell him without looking, and you feel him turn to face you.
"And even if you're not fine now, that's okay too."
He waits a little longer before saying, "How do you know that?" like a whisper in the wind — as if he both wants and doesn't want you to hear it.
"Because," you laugh quietly, "I just know."
He's a protagonist, so you can tell him that in confidence. Things will always work out for him, even if they don't right now. Whatever he's worried about, you can be sure he'll overcome it with the aid of whatever forces the novel gods throw his way.
You, however, were lost. You had no notion why you were here, much less how things would turn out. You were blindly navigating your existence here, like if you were wandering down a long, dark corridor. You groan inwardly and forcefully push down the bitter sensation that had begun to sneak up on you.
You were so preoccupied with your own thoughts that you didn't see Jin staring at you as if you were the most complex puzzle ever devised.
How can she say that to me when she appears to be in the same boat as me? 
"I don't know if I will, though. Be okay—I mean." He adds, his gaze fixed on you despite your lack of reciprocation.
You can't exactly explain to him why you were so certain of his future, so you settle on giving him a small shrug. You felt your fingers twitch as he gazed down on his fumbling hands and furrowed his brows even more. You turned to him to poke his cheek, and as soon as you did, you froze. He did too. You don't know why you just did that.
 That's so embarrassing! Why did I poke his cheek!
You notice a menacing smirk forming on his face and before it could fully form, you let out a defensive huff.
"I just– you were frowning so much that you could nearly play the Grinch!" To emphasize your point, you flail your free arm about, although you doubt it helped. It only made you appear dumber.
When you heard him chuckle, you crossed your arms and walked faster.
"This face? C'mon, you're just spouting shit now."
You rolled your eyes at his reply. You can hear him closing in on you before you feel a tiny pat on the head and hear a hushed "thank you."
"Huh? For what?" you asked, but you were left with no reply as he raced ahead of you and opened the door to your classroom.
"You have been blessed with my presence!" He yells inside, and you shake your head before stepping in after him.
You notice him grabbing your seatmate's chair and twisting it around to annoy Yoongi when you finally get in after him. You gather the rest of your belongings and stuff them into your bag along with the new binder.
"Oh! Are you about to head home?" Hobi asks as he watches your movements. Only the four of you were left in the classroom, along with just a few other classmates.
"Minyoung is practicing until the end of the day today, and she told me to go ahead."
You were about to walk away with your bag hiked up on your shoulders when you heard a chair screech, which caused you to pause and look back.
"Wait a minute! Let's go hang out!"
Your brow furrows as you look at Jin.
You turned around and pretended not to hear him when you heard the sound of another chair being dragged back.
You think you know exactly what will happen. You sigh and pinch the bridge of your nose as you close your eyes.
"I don't want to go home yet, either, because no one is home and I'd get bored," Hobi says.
"Then you guys hang out and be bored together," you groan with your eyes still closed, your hand now covering it.
Jin pried your hands away from your face and had you headlocked before you could even move a centimeter away.
You try to push his arm away from you, but the man is much bigger and stronger than you.
"Let go right now," you threaten with a scowl before he lets go and pouts like a child.
You brushed off the imaginary dust on your blazer and straightened your hair before taking a deep breath and glaring at each of them.
"Look, I don't have energy for any more social interactions today. I'm all spent," you said, rather than attempting to explain that you're not exactly fond of whatever force of nature occurs every time they are exposed to other people's presence, just like that time at the library.
"Don't go home yet," Hobi exclaims as he snatches your wrist and swings it back and forth between you.
You sense yourself faltering a little and you hate yourself for it. You yank your hand away. Again.
"Nope, I'm leaving." For the nth time, you begin walking away.
"In that case, I'm coming with you!"
You yank your hair in frustration and turn around to see both of them ready to follow you like you're their kindergarten teacher and they're, of course, the kindergartners. You quickly cover your lips to avoid a chuckle from escaping due to the image before you, but your eyes betray you by crinkling up. The muted laughter you tried so hard to conceal wasn't lost to the two in front of you, and you watch them slowly smile triumphantly. You shook your head as you rolled your eyes. You knew you'd lost the first time you looked back.
Fine. Fuck. Whatever.
You straighten up before letting out a fake huff of irritation and glancing towards the back of the classroom.
"Are you coming, Yoongi?"
You see him sitting up straight and looking at you for a split second before unhooking his bag and standing up.
He came to a halt in front of you and formed a line with the other two. You turned around and raised your hand as if it were an invisible tour guide flag.
"All right, my ducklings, let's go!" you exclaimed as you led the way.
What you don't see is them glancing at each other in confusion before following you.
❀。• *₊°。 ❀°
You snapped a picture of them playing with your dad's gaming console in the living room and opened your messaging app.
[From: You] minyoung why did you leave me alone with the children :(((
[From: Choi Minyoung] im coming home soon from work my sweet, dont worry 
She also included a kissy sticker with this one which made you smile.
[From: You] lol you're an idiot
[From: Choi Minyoung] i cant believe ur hanging out without me !!
[From: You] come over when you get here then
[From: Choi Minyoung] you know i will !!
You placed your phone down your side on the couch, and stretched your body that was now clad in comfortable clothes–some sweatpants and a loose shirt. The guys opted to just remove their navy blazers so they can move more freely.
"You guys hungry?" you inquired, but you received no response since they were too busy shouting at each other over Mario Kart.
You walk to the kitchen to see if you can make something, and as you're searching through the fridge, you hear the front door open.
As you padded along the foyer, you had a panicked expression on your face, and you heard the boys pause their game.
You exhale a sigh of relief as you see your father enter with paper bags in his hands.
As you approached him, you remarked, "I thought someone was breaking into our house." He chuckled.
"I left early since business was slow. They could all manage by themselves." You grabbed one bag from him to assist since he did bring a lot. 
"And look, I packed so much food!" He looked down on what he was holding with a glimmer in his eyes. You bask in his joyous warmth, which brought a grin to your own face. 
You walk ahead, but you hear him stop as he sees the figures who are occupying the living room. They all froze as you turned around to see them looking at your father looking at them. You rolled your eyes and huffed amusingly.
"These are my—" you hesitate, unsure what to call them "classmates. They've come to hang around."
Your father looks at you with wide eyes.
"You have friends?!"
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"I mean, you have any friends besides Minyoung?"
"How does that wording make it better?"
You heard muted laughter from the sofa and cocked your brows at the three guys, your eyes giving them a warning. Your father promptly lays the paper bags to the ground and begins shaking their hands and introducing himself. You're surprised he's taking it so well, given that his teenage daughter just brought home three male friends, and he's casually shaking their hands. You grin at the notion that, while your father is extremely protective of you, he trusts you to surround yourself with nice people, and you know – or think – at least that these ones are harmless to you. You can see it as they all gently smile back, suddenly humble in the presence of an adult.
When he's done, he stands up straight and exclaims, "This is wonderful! I can't wait to embarrass her in front of you!"
"Embarrass—dad!" You scold him, but he ignores you and picks up the bags from the floor again, this time taking the one you were holding.
"What? You never invite friends around, this is a rare opportunity for me," he says, hiking the paper bags more tightly in his arms as you try to follow him to the kitchen, but he turns back.
"Let me prepare you all some dinner before I pull out the photo albums," he says to everyone.
"Wha- albums? Are you serious, Dad?"
You turn around in a panic, seeing both Hobi and Jin gripping their stomachs and laughing, and Yoongi with his head averted but his shoulders obviously shaking.
"Yah!" you scolded, stomping your feet childishly.
You approached them, pulled the controller from Hobi's grasp, and scowled at Jin.
"I'm going to beat your ass in Mario Kart just for that," you remarked, only to be met with an "I'd like to see you try."
After beating Jin in three games, gloating to him, "I told you so," and hearing him complain about how you were "cheating," you rose up and slipped the photo albums into your room, shoving them deep into the closet. You know your dad will not enter your room if you prohibit him, but you can't risk the albums falling into the hands of your friends. You think that seeing your baby photographs – which your father would undoubtedly bring out – and images of you as a child with different kinds of dirt on your face and clothes would be too embarrassing for you and too intimate for the degree of connection you currently have with those people in your living room.
You returned to find the coffee table full of food and your father talking to the guys, so you sat next to Jin and began eating as well. After putting the meal down, your father excuses himself and leaves you alone.
Minyoung arrives not long after and wraps her arms over your shoulders.
"I'm exhausted! And I miss you!" She complained in a whining tone while helping herself with a serving of food.
"We only saw each other a few hours ago."
"A few hours too long, you mean," she jokes, rolling her eyes before turning to the others. "What were you thinking when you chose to hang out here? I'm surprised she let you in."
"I didn't, they let themselves in," you claimed, but Yoongi interjected with a "No we didn't," which you didn't contradict because you were just kidding.
When Minyoung notices something, she glances around. "Where is Joonie?" She specifically asks Jin.
He swallows his food and then purses his lips.
"He had an important event to attend."
"Really? And you're not accompanying him? But don't you come in as a package?" She chuckles.
Jin frowns and has a distant expression on his face, and you suppose he didn't plan to show anybody, but you picked up on it. You raise an eyebrow at him, but he has his face turned away.
"They are joined at the hip." Hobi quips in, "Like me and Yoongi," he says, and you and Minyoung laugh because Yoongi doesn't dispute it and just keeps munching on his meal more intently.
When you glance at Jin, you see him playing with his food a little. You feel your hand twitch and sigh, remembering how distressed he looked earlier that afternoon and wanting to help him feel just a little bit better.
"All right, enough of that. Stop bothering him. Jin is his own person, you know?" You remarked, taking a piece of bulgogi with your chopsticks. From your peripheral view, you notice him turning to face you.
You sympathize with him a little because, while Hobi may not mind his name being linked with his best friend, Jin may. You sympathize because you, too, are now affiliated with Minyoung since you are there wherever she goes. Because you, too, come in a package. Her "best friend" is you. When people address you, they say, "___, you're Minyoung's friend, right?"
But you want to be more than that. You want to be more than just someone who people associate with Minyoung– or even with the sevens. You’re you, albeit sometimes irritable, shy, and prideful, you like to think there’s something in you that makes you special and exceptional as well. Your mom ingrained that in your brain as you were growing up.
"He may suck at Mario Kart, but I'm sure he has something amazing in there," you joked as you looked up but not directly in his eyes, and patted his head. You could feel his stare at you. He shrugged your hands off and turned away with a humorous sneer after a beat.
"I do not suck at Mario Kart," he said with genuine amusement.
"Yeah, sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night, Jin."
You see him try to headlock you, but you push him away first.
"Hey!” you tsked at him.  “You're in my house, don't you dare." You warn him with a pointed finger.
You let them play some more after you finished eating, even indulged Hobi as he took pictures of and with you guys – which is something he seems to like to do. After a while, Hobi checks the time and tells the boys they should leave so as to not impose any further. You call out to your dad so they can say their goodbyes.
As you guide them all to the door, you notice Hobi wrapping his arms around Minyoung as they bicker, and Yoongi strolling with his hands in his pockets as usual. Even with his companions being as raucous as they were today, he remained calm.
You trailed after them, with Jin strolling alongside you.
"Thank you for having us today," he murmured quietly, and as you approached the door, he turned around to look at you.
You raised your head and simply shrugged at him. "It's whatever," you responded, earning a grin from him.
He was usually brazen and had little to no sense of personal space around you, so it startled you when he asked, "Can I have a hug?"
You were stunned, but you didn't think much of his request, so you nodded casually, and he drew you into an embrace, exhaling a long sigh.
He felt a weight lifted off his shoulders when he drew away.
"All right, enough of that! You could miss your train." Minyoung chides them and shoves them towards the direction of the elevators.
She waves them goodbye as you lean against the railing in front of your apartment doors, gazing out at the city lights.
It now occurs to you that you have let them in, entering your home, your bubble, and your personal space. It was terrifying because you were unaware of it as it was happening. Or maybe you were, but chose to ignore it. But a voice in the back of your mind tells you that you can't deny that you had a good time today. Maybe it's alright. Maybe this isn't that horrible. You consider getting caught up in this life, planting your roots here, but knowing what you know, it is all easier said than done.
The light in the hallway starts to flicker. You turn around and don't see Minyoung; you assume she's gone back to their flat, despite the fact that you didn't hear the click of their door. You simply shrugged.
You close your eyes and lean against the railing once again. You wait for the thousand thoughts in your brain to calm before opening them, and as soon as you do, someone pulls you into an embrace.
You gasp in surprise and shove them away, turning around to find Minyoung startled and even a little offended that you pushed her away.
"Minyoung? What are you doing there?" You said, your mouth agape after speaking.
"What do you mean? I've been here the entire time. I just waved the guys off." She looks at you incredulously.
What? She offers you another embrace and pats your behind as she coos, before you can even grasp what she just said and what she meant.
"I'm going in now.  Don't stay out too late–there could be bugs."
When she turns around, you can hear the distinctive chime of the door opening and the click of it closing.
You shook your head and exhaled a confused sigh. Maybe you just exhausted yourself today. You don't want to acknowledge it, but hanging out with the others today was enjoyable. It did drain a significant amount of your energy, though.
You give a little smile and stroll back into your flat, almost unconsciously.
❀。• *₊°。 ❀°
It was break time, and you were returning after speaking with the volleyball team adviser about organizing a practice game with a nearby school's team. You've been taking your manager responsibilities seriously, and you've done a lot of research and worked hard to be an efficient one. You reasoned that even if you obtained the job by sheer luck, you may as well give it your best so you don't humiliate yourself.
The coach has even commended you on your organization skills.
"See, there's a reason I knew I had to choose you," he remarked, smiling.
You were ready to enter the classroom when you noticed the sight inside and came to a halt. You notice the sevens gathered around your table conversing, and Minyoung has taken a seat in your chair. You marvel at the fact that they look like they're in the middle of a photoshoot, with their nice looks, faint smiles, colored hair, and all.
But, soon, the smile fades from your face.
They looked picture-perfect in this position. You have the feeling that if you step in, you will seem completely out of place. You gaze down at your own dark hair, a stark reminder of your place. You know you're supposed to keep in their shadows, yet you can't help but feel spiteful. It's not a pleasant feeling to always feel inadequate.  Being around all of these great personalities would gradually sap your self-confidence, and insecurity is an emotion that does not settle well for you. It makes you want to claw at your skin.
You were ready to suck it up and take a step when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You notice a girl with short black hair beaming at you.
"Hello, my name is Jinah." She said, "And these are my friends," pointing to two girls behind her.
"Would you want to join us at the cafeteria? We were on our way there," she said with a warm smile. You take a peek around before pointing at yourself.
“Of course silly, who else?" she playfully rolled her eyes. "So?”
You pause for a moment. They actually want to befriend me? You take a breath in.
This may be your chance for a taste of normalcy, away from the sevens and Minyoung, and you seize it impulsively, too elated to think too hard about it.
You nodded eagerly, and Jinah took your arm in hers as she led you to the cafeteria. In any other circumstance, you would avoid the cafeteria and would not go anywhere near it. But, because you were certain that the main protagonists were in the classroom, you were confident that there would be no incidents in the cafeteria today. It was simple, and unlike the library, you didn't feel like you were suffocating. You find yourself just talking about whatever you want with Jinah and her two other pals, Minji and Ayeong.
They asked about you and told you stories as you ate food. You were in the midst of laughing at something Jinah said when Minji tapped the table to gain your attention.
"Are you friends with Minyoung?" You pause for a beat before nodding cautiously.
“Right! And I've seen you around the Seven Princes as well," Ayeong adds and you grimaced at the nickname.
“Uhh.. yeah, I guess." you looked down at the table and felt Jinah nudge her companions in the shin under the table.
You look up to see her turn to you and say, "Don't mind them, you didn’t have to answer that."
She gives you a smile and you tilt your head at her when she looks away. She slid a carton of chocolate milk across the table to you and resumed casual conversation.
You tightened your grip on the beverage in your hand. You felt another piece of yourself chip away. You're no longer just you. You may be exaggerating, but you feel like you've been reduced to just being "someone who is friends with Minyoung and occasionally hangs out with the sevens."
You don't think they notice your silence as they continue to talk.
When the warning bell rang, they waved you goodbye, and you parted ways.
As you walked inside the classroom, you noticed that the group that had earlier gathered around your table had gone. You sat in your chair, but you couldn't help but feel a lingering gaze on you. You simply stare down at your hands and allow your thoughts to overwhelm you, not caring to listen to anything the teacher says in front of you.
It was after a few days when Jinah and her friends invited you to hang out again after class, but this time you had the courtesy to text Minyoung about it, albeit you didn't identify particular names. She was already occupied during training, anyway, and your manager duties aren’t always needed during it. You decide to give it another go – perhaps they were simply genuinely curious and didn't mean to pry into your relationship with Minyoung and the Sevens.
You were sitting in a fast-food restaurant, caught up in conversation when Jinah clears her throat from beside you. 
“So, Minyoung, huh?” She starts off and you give her a questioning look.
"Uhm," you cough awkwardly, "Why’d you bring her up suddenly?"
She shrugs, but you catch a glimpse of mischief in her eyes. "Nothing. It's just.." she shrugs innocently. "Must be hard to be friends with the golden girl, huh? Don’t you ever feel insecure? That you’re always being compared to her?"
I am?
In retrospect, you should have known better. The warning lights should have flashed the instant she opened her lips. You've dug yourself a hole with this one, but you were not aware of it.
“She – no, she’s nothing but nice to me. It’s not..” you trail off because you couldn't bring yourself to lie. It is hard. You can’t deny that. It’s hard being blinded by Minyoung’s light when you know you can never compare to her.
Jinah lets out a triumphant smile that you don’t see. Bingo, She thinks. The moment she caught news of the girl that’s hovering over Minyoung whom she hasn’t seen with her the years before, she knew it could be an opening to rip that girl apart. And now that she’s hooked you in, she’s going straight for it.
That bitch. What’s so special about her? She’s not even all that, yet people are always all over her.
She looked at you, seeing you chew on your lip. This is too easy, she’s obviously insecure, she thinks. It looks like it wouldn’t be hard to poke on her wounds.
“Come on, you can tell us. We understand you.” Minji coaxes. “We know how she can be, we’ve been her classmates before.”
You knitted your brows. They know how Minyoung can be? 
You recall all the times you've spent with Minyoung. You recall her scared eyes when she felt the stares from that very first day, as well as the desperate look in her eyes when she tried to keep you close. She always looked at you with warm eyes and made you feel included in her own way. She was the reason you were finally, slowly coming out of your shell.
But then you remember how you merely stood beside her and felt like you couldn't breathe, with intrusive thoughts about your own anxieties nagging you. You recollect the moments when you couldn't even be considered your own person since you were nothing without her in this world.
You look up to meet their eyes and see them look expectantly at you. 
"I..." you said instinctively beneath their stare, and you could feel their excitement grow. You narrow your eyes at them, thinking Jinah let her guard down too much since you noticed a wicked glimmer flash in her eyes. The realization hits you, and your blood runs cold, as if you've been doused with ice water.
They're using you. They’re using you to dig dirt on Minyoung. 
And you almost gave in.
You felt sick, felt the bile threaten to rise up from your throat. You abruptly stood up from your seat, never minding that the chair almost toppled over.
They think you were an easy target to get to her.
You felt tears prick your eyes from the anger.
You straightened up and gave them the coldest stare you could muster, and you swear you almost saw Ayeong flinch.
"Don't ever talk to me again," you muttered in a low growl as you grabbed your bag and walked away, but Minji grabbed your forearm in her grasp.
“Wait! Do you know the phone numbers of the seven princes?”
You return her look with one of horror, astonished at her audacity, and scoffed loudly before ripping your arm away from her.
“You stupid bitch! You drove her away!” You hear Jinah yell at her friend as you walked away. 
You stormed out of the establishment, furiously brushing away tears you hadn't realized were falling from your eyes. You despise the fact that you were played only because of your affiliation with them. You wanted to blame them, to believe it was their fault.
You were so naïve to think that someone else would want to be friends with you just as you are.
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briarruler · 2 days ago
The Human, The Ghost and The Liminal
Suddenly thoughts of an AU where the trio all started out as humans but by present time they have an equal numbers of humans and ghosts are bombarding me.
Aka Sam dies and immediately returns as a full-ghost.
For convenience, so Danny has gotten used to being Half-Ghost and the trio are used to keeping secrets along with fighting ghosts, I'm going to say this divergence happens during Memory Blank.
For some reason or other instead of convincing Danny to undergo the Portal Accident again, Sam sneaks into Fenton Works and opens the Ghost Portal on herself. Instead of turning her into a Half-Ghost it kills her and instantly revives her as a ghost.
Unless her corpse drops out of the Portal next to her (which I don't think it does, either it was vaporised or is in the Fenton Portal waiting to be found) then Sam likely doesn't realize that she has become a ghost right way, she thinks she is just having trouble with returning to human.
Fairly likely that is doesn't dawn on Sam that she might be anything but a Half-Ghost having transformation troubles until after Desiree has been dealt with.
Danny tries to talk her through Transforming. Demonstrates it to her. Maybe someone eventually suggests using the Spector Deflector to force her back into human-form. It hurts but it doesn't work. Nothing works. Eventually someone has to bring up that maybe... maybe Sam didn't survive the Ghost Portal. Maybe it didn't give her ghost-powers, maybe she isn't half ghost, maybe... maybe it just killed her.
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mysticstronomy · a day ago
Blog# 196
Saturday, May 28th, 2022
Welcome back,
Although life on Earth may seem rather stable and unchanging—the tide goes in and out, the Sun rises and sets, and the months bleed on the same as always—in the grand scheme of things, our universe is actually a rather dynamic place.
Everyday, millions of stars are born and die, and in the end, the same thing will happen to our own Sun.
A few billion years from now, as our star begins to transition into a red giant, temperatures on our world will increase, and life will be extinguished.  Just a few billion years after that, once the Sun exhausts its supply of material to sustain nuclear fusion, it will begin its death throes. When this happens, it will cast off its outer layers and, eventually, fade into darkness.
Nothing in our universe is eternal...or is it?
Tumblr media
Atoms are the building blocks of matter. They, quite literally, make our universe what it is. When we die, our bodies do not turn into nothing; rather, they are broken down into their constituent parts and recycled into the ecosystem. In short, our atoms go on long after we are gone.
But just how long can atoms last? Will they eventually be broken down into...nothing?
To answer this question, you need to understand a little bit about how atoms work. As you may know, atoms contain protons and neutrons, and they are surrounded by a "shell" of electrons. The number of electrons that are found in the cloud are equal to the number of protons. This helps create stability.
Tumblr media
Ultimately, the number of protons is what determines the atomic number. For example, helium has two protons, so its atomic number is two (and it appears second on the periodic table of elements). The number of neutrons that are found in an atom are generally consistent, but not always. And if an atom doesn't have the "correct" number of neutrons, sometimes, the atom may lose a neutron (kind of like how you lose a sock in the wash). When this happen, the atom becomes unstable and, in an attempt to become a stable atom, it shoots off subatomic particles. Most often, the atom will shoot off an electron.]
This is how atoms breakdown.
Anytime that you have a heavy atom, there is some risk that it will spontaneously start to break down into smaller particles. This is known as "radioactive decay." This is just a very basic breakdown. Please see the link for more on radioactive decay.
Tumblr media
To return to the point at hand, unfortunately, this is a stochastic process (which means that it has "a random probability distribution, or pattern that may be analyzed statistically, but may not be predicted precisely"). In other words, we can't pinpoint exactly when a breakdown will occur - when a subatomic particle will be shot off; however, since we can analyze the pattern, we can determine how many atoms will decay over an average time, which is called the "half-life," and it is a very reliable estimate.
Since an atom has a finite number of protons and neutrons, it will generally emit particles until it gets to a point where its half-life is so long, it is effectively stable. For example, Bismuth-209 is believed to have the longest decay rate. It undergoes something known as "alpha decay," and it's half-life is over a billion times longer than the current estimated age of the universe.
Originally published on futurism.com
(Wednesday, June 1st, 2022)
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blueberryfrappuccino · 2 days ago
I'm thinking about joining in on the Social media AU's and wanted to pitch this little idea, I was thinking to make it a Fem!Reader x Childe or would Fem!Reader x Xiao be more fun?
But the idea:
A new guy joins the school after Y/N became unwillingly class president, getting tasked to make Childe feel welcome at school. But she hates him and he can't keep his eyes off her. And though they are off-screen each other's enemies, they are sworn friends on-screen.
So what will happen if two streamers collide with each other, without knowing they actually know each other?
Basically, both Childe and Reader are streamers, Childe verified while Reader just streams for fun. They somehow got in contact through a game and found out they were a great team together. Both don't really watch each other streams, meaning they don't know how the other looks.
I know it's confusing! I have to work it out more but would people be interested in reading this? It will be a mix of messages (screens of that ykwim) and written parts to give it more detail.
Let me know your thoughts!
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helplesskid0 · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
personality swap. :')
btw sorry that I've been gone lmao. dealing with art block and it sucks, school isn't great either.
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lm-tomatito · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Forest(?) Claire sketches, this time featuring Skye because the headcanons I have for them are both cute and funny, maybe a bit of the typical romcom couple cliches idk The characters I ship with Claire are vastly different from one another lol
I guess this is even more like an au, kind of, since I change both of them a bit here. As usual, I like to think about deeper and probably sadder stories and motives for these characters, so, in a way, I want to see like a redemption arc for him or something?
Also, some of my ideas regarding this Claire are that she spends more time with Gotz and Harris, and that she knows a lot about hunting or defending herself and others, so she would be a significant treat for suspicious characters. But even if she's supposed to look more reserved, a little distant, she's still very nice and can't help but care for everyone. So, in short, she's scary but also really kind, and that helps changing his ways, at least that's what I'm trying to show here a little bit.
Also let's just pretend Skye is in both towns but mostly in Mineral Town in this stuff, it's self indulgent and because I'm not very familiar with the awl characters :')
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graphitedemon · a day ago
Tumblr media
[Originally posted on Twitter on March 28, 2021]
I drew this to use as an icon, but I stopped using it after a while.
I don't really know why cuz I still think t's pretty cute.
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leatinwlw · 2 days ago
do u ever think of an alternate universe where leah and fatin party together and are best friends and then one night become lovers and never step foot on the island?
because i am rn
Tumblr media
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shylittlefrogg · 2 days ago
"She is a Dryad"
Tumblr media
So! Some things change when it comes to Calamity powers in the Sub Magic Au
First of all, they forge a connection to the dimension they're in, allowing these non-magical humans to be there, but activating the powers is a new slot, it's accepting the dimension as part of their identity (Accept that she is no longer fully human), The green paint she used joined her, tree branches growing from her.
In this case, Anne came very close to a true Dryad.
(The same goes for Sasha and Marcy...)
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dreamlandcreations · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
You've got mail AU
Alfie Solomons x Reader
Alfie Solomons is the infuriating CEO of the company that's about to ruin your quaint little business.
Baker157 is the man you've never met but feels closer to you than anyone ever. He helps you through this tough time and encourages you to fight.
These two people are polar opposites. Or are they?
• moodboards masterlist •
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floreuce · 6 months ago
college? like the fanfiction au?
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adobochi · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
yayyyy ok i made a ref sheet for my f1 au ahsoka. someone on twitter said this was the weirdest crossover they’ve seen and you know what Yes but also Im the drawer so if i want my favourite character to drive expensive and extremely breakable cars around in a circle then that’s what I will draw. Also we are pretending mclaren cars are actually good for the sake of the lore
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patchyegg87 · a month ago
TWST “Shroudswap” AU
Tumblr media
A Twisted Wonderland AU where everything is the same except Ortho is the Shroud in NRC and Idia is the nerdy and maniacal AI program posing as his protective older brother.
Want to see more of this AU? Here’s some stuff about Ortho and Idia!
Want to see more art? Here’s my Masterlist!
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stormcallart · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sweethearts!AU, Inko and Toshi have Izuku earlier than canon and I'd think they'd absolutely be in love with the idea of having thousands of memories of Izuku growing up. They both love him so much ;w;
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bakapandy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[Modern AU] Shinki and Gaara with their menace of a cat Shukaku
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parksrway · a month ago
Tumblr media
been really wanting to swim lately so. yeah <3
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