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#alternate universe

Sorry for the late response! I’m sure if Maria were alive in another AU, she would’ve learned some form of basic fighting from Shadow. But honestly I picture him teaching her how to use different weapons (mainly guns) more than anything. Because 1) If she still has her disease she’s not going to be the most athletic or have the best endurance and 2) Hand-to-hand combat is dangerous (especially if you’re fighting someone larger and stronger than you or with a weapon themselves) so I can easily see Shadow telling her only to engage in it as a last resort.

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Person A lives in a world where every human has some alien DNA due to intermingling, and Person A has always hated their boring hair color, surrounded by human-alien hybrids with all sorts of hair colors in vibrant and strange colors. So Person A decides to get a drug to change their hair color, which works by activating their alien genes into showing up differently. The seal is broken, but Person A uses it anyway, only for their hair to not change color, but instead they gain many strange and powerful abilities. Person B, the one who messed with the drug, seeks out Person A, since Person A was the only person who didn’t just throw the tampered with bottle away. And Person B wants to study the effects.

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💕Battle of Wills💕

“Are you giving me a mandate, Sweetheart?” Elijah asked Eternity with an unamused smile.

Eternity stared coolly at him, before replying, “No, of course not. You should think of it more as a friendly suggestion.”

His jaw tightened at her sarcastic tone, “Be careful of your tone, my darling wife.”

“Or what? What will you do, Elijah?” She replied bravely.

In an instant, the Original was in front of her with his hand tangled in her long snowy locks. He yanked her head back and glowred at her menacingly.

“I’ll descend upon you,” murmured Elijah. “I’ll make it my mission to remind you who is in control here, between you and me.”

Eternity shivered deliciously at his dark promise, before reigning in the lust that began to cloud her dark sapphire eyes to challenge him, “And I’ll remind you that I’m not afraid to oppose you. So, go on. Do as you will.”

Unable to abide by her challenge of him, the ancient vampire growled and yanked her head forward. His mouth quickly descended upon hers unforgivingly. His tongue swept between her lips and tasted her sweetness greedily.

Then he abruptly pulled back and stared down at her hungrily, while she gazed back just as hotly.

A battle of wills ensued from there.

An Elinity Drabble aka a Potential Fic Scene

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Harry Potter prompt/au!!

What if Remus decided to raise Harry after his parents died? He decides to just take the baby and run, because he knew that he wouldn’t be able to adopt Harry properly. Sometime before Harry goes to Hogwarts, Dumbledore asks Snape to check up on Harry, he finds him with Remus and then they raise Harry together without Dumbledore knowing. And for Snape and Remus’ relationship, you can either make them friends and people think they’re together or it can be Snape x Remus.

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Tony x Reader

Prompt - AU Pulling you in for a kiss by your scarf 

Requested by @honey-bays and for everyone who wanted a bit of fluffy fiction 

Opening the curtains, you squealed with delight. A thick carpet of snow had covered the village. Despite knowing it was going to make your plans for the day harder, it was always magical to see snow this near to Christmas: even at your age!

Looking at the clock, you surmise that your parents will already be at work. This was your first full day back from college on your winter break. You quickly did a bit of tidying up, prepared a meal for later and got kitted out in your winter gear ready to see the one person you had missed the most: Tony.

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Shigaraki: Yes. Did I want to even be in it? No.

Dabi: Ha, yeah…

Toga: Dabi started it! Me and Jin just finished it!



Dabi: Exactly-

Shigaraki: Oh shut it you! You’re literally the oldest and you just encourage the other two!

Toga: Oop-

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Shigaraki: Streaming. I haven’t streamed in a while and Spinner says his fans “miss me”

Dabi: Driving around. I do that a lot when I’m bored or have a lot on my mind.

Toga: At Uraraka’s! Have a spa day while we’re at it!

Jin: At big sis Mag’s house, she always bakes stuff for me and shows me how to make it. Even when she’s busy making designs for her shows she makes time for me!

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pairing : Max/Daniel

Max begins to collect the material scattered around them and when he looks up he is actually looking at the man in front of him for the first time.

And it looks like the man in front of him is actually looking at him for the first time too.

i finally started to post my military au, I’m so excited and at the same time anxious 👉👈

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