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Mooooore genderbending!

One of my favorite AUs is where Zuko keeps Katara’s necklace for longer, so why not genderbend it? In this one, Princess Zuko keeps Koi’s necklace until the beginning of the Southern Raiders- during that “I’ll end your destiny permanently” scene. Her neck feels kind of naked without it later… but she can get over it when she gets Koi’s forgiveness. (I might draw the GB’ed hug scene too.) I feel like Princess Zuko wears the necklace around her neck, because Prince Zuko wears it on his wrist.

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28/28: COMPLETE! I did it again! Yay! Achievement! *throws tiny trash* 🎉🥳🎊

This work is a Prompt collection of johnlock ficlets, short stories, poetry, and whatnot for the month of February. I borrowed the prompts of @ohlooktheresabee. Again, thank you so so much, bee! You are AWESOME! You can find the list of prompts here, as well as the other entries for the collection.

Thank you for dropping by! Please help me reblog my work to spread johnlock love! Thank you for your kindness! 🤍

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Levi x Reader AU - The Spy Who Yelled at Me - “Safe House”

WHO’S READY FOR A WRITTEN POOOOOOOOST? Bear with me, I’m realizing that these are in no specific order and frankly jumping around the plot I have in my head. Don’t you love a writer with a questionable commitment to continuity? I think I’ll start dating them so it’s more clear to the reader where the fuck they are in the timeline. Fic readers, forgive me, for I am but a lazy author trying to write for fun. 

April 2019

“Tch, this place’s a fucking sty.”

You groaned so loud Levi felt it reverberate through him, a reminder of your proximity as he supported you through the threshold of the safe house. He glanced away, resisting the urge to drop you right there to take his mind off the feeling. 

“Don’t do it,” you implored weakly, knowing precisely where this was heading. “Don’t you dare try to make me clean right now.” 

He didn’t reply, at least not verbally—the unceremonious way he deposited you on a beaten up couch was response enough. Your weak mumble of “fucking asshole” was met with a barbless murmur of “brat” and you two fell into silence while you attempted to recover your energy. 

You knew despite his gruffness Levi was opting out of your typical bickering until you were well enough to walk on your own—quite magnanimous of him, really. 

You closed your eyes and tried to focus on your breathing, hearing the sounds of Levi moving cautiously through the small cabin, picturing the disgusted grimace on his face a little too easily. 

“Here,” you jumped when his voice sounded from closer than you’d expected, blinking at him owlishly before taking the offered glass of water. 

“Thank you,” you sat up carefully, and he nodded curtly before sitting down on the coffee table across from the couch, resting his elbows on his knees. His hovering made you realize he was expecting you to drink it in front of him, and you smiled inwardly at the behavior that was as sweet as it was absurdly overbearing. 

There was a time when you’d have been embarrassed about him looking after you in his own aloof (but well-meaning?) way, but you’d gotten over feeling like a burden to him long ago. He’d insisted you do as much at a certain point, especially after you’d actually managed to save his ass a few times. 

You took a closer look at the cabin you found yourselves in as you began to sip the water. It really wasn’t too terrible - the sparse furniture was clearly meant to provide the simple necessities, and you didn’t actually spot any signs of animals or insects having moved in. 

“I’m sure it’s not so bad. It couldn’t have been that long since someone needed to stay here,” you offered as you brought the glass to your lips for another sip.  

“Better hope so. I didn’t clean the glass.” 

His expression seemed unreadable as you choked on the water, but you saw the spark of amusement in his eyes. 

“You are such a dick,” you said as you surreptitiously inspected the glass you just drank out of, torn between your amusement and concern you just drank a cup of dust. 

He elected not to respond immediately, finding himself overcome with affection for you that he was worried would slip into his voice. 

At his lack of reply, you gave him an expectant look, before sighing and rolling your eyes. Having come to your own conclusions about his lack of response, you threw your arms up in exasperation, “Fine, let’s start cleaning.” 

You stood from your spot and he watched as you swayed immediately, standing up just in time to guide you back onto the couch, “Just lay down, dumbass. You’re useless like this.” 

Your head was spinning, eyes clamped shut willing the nausea to pass. You were so focused on your discomfort you didn’t realize Levi had remained close, scanning your features with a furrowed brow. “Mmk,” you responded, trying hard not to vomit. “I really overdid it.”

“Then rest. Now is the perfect time for that, so just do it.”

You had a hand pressed over your eyes but sensed he was still sitting next to you. 

“Hey, Levi?”


“If you ever make me drink dust again I’ll turn you into it.”

“Didn’t realize you had a head injury, brat.”

“I don’t—oh shut up.”

Levi didn’t hold back the smirk this time; your eyes were covered anyway.

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I watched Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse again and it still slaps. So Nico as Spider-Man, sorry the quality is crap, but shit happens idk

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Meet the ten protagonists of The Will We Ever Get A Happily Ever After concept AU:

  1. RILEY MATTHEWS: the new student at Adams who is the reincarnation of Cinderella and possesses fairy godmother’s magic. She is trying to find her place in the ranks of Adams, while trying to fulfill her destiny.
  2. LUCAS FRIAR: a student at Adams, who is neither a fairy tale reincarnation or a magic user. He is head of the ordinary clan (similar to the techies in @/ambitionsource)- who are ordinary fairy tale reincarnations without magical abilities or deemed “supporting cast” to protagonists (performers). 
  3. MAYA HART: a student at Adams, who is the reincarnation of the Evil Queen- she’s Adams’ main antagonist and a talented magic user. She is ambitious in fulfilling her destiny- without any mishaps, no dancing to death in red hot iron shoes for her. She is considered to be Riley’s ‘rival.’
  4. ISADORA DE LA CRUZ: a student at Adams who is the reincarnation of Red Riding Hood. She is also Lucas’s best friend and pseudo sister. She’s bossy and wants to maintain control over everything to get work done. Isadora hates being a damsel in distress.
  5. FARKLE MINKUS: a student at Adams who is the reincarnation of Briar Rose (sleeping beauty). Farkle is usually in the background of the chaos in Adams, and is always tired. He spends his times in the science lab or in the library.
  6. ZAY BABINEAUX: a student at Adams who is the reincarnation of the piped piper. He’s an inspiring musician and dancer, able to play any instrument and perform any genre of music. Zay is more of a go with the flow type of guy.
  7. ASHER GARICA: the reincarnation of Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Dylan’s boyfriend. Because he’s the reincarnation of Alice, Asher can see things that no one- even reincarnations- can (something called looking glass).
  8. DYLAN ORLANDO: the reincarnation of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Asher’s boyfriend. He has a magical hat that can fit anything and can hear people’s narrations (sort of like an telepath). 
  9. CHARLIE GARDENER: one of many Prince Charming reincarnations (specifically in the cinderella story). Charlie is trained to protect ‘damsels’ and serve his purpose as a prince. He is also Adams’ ‘dream prince.’
  10. ELLIOT MATTHEWS: Riley’s older brother who isn’t a fairy tale reincarnation (like Lucas). Elliot tried to adjust to Adams, while desiring normality. He also is excellent at fix broken machines and gadgets. 
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It Always Gets Better, if Only We Try the Best We Can.

click for higher quality.

alternate universe in which Annette survived Raccoon City with Sherry, and was able to be the best mum to get that she always should have been able to be.

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Seriously behind on writing on all three WIPs. Had the in-laws staying with us this week, and I don’t usually write around other people. (Anxiety is fun. /s) And my next few days at work will be super busy. Hoping I have a chapter or two to update by the end of the week, but I’ll just beg patience.

Peace and love to all you lovelies out there. ❤️❤️

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Levi x Reader SMAU - The Spy Who Yelled at Me - “Burden”

November 2016


I will not apologize I am living my truth

The Spy Who Yelled at Me - Main Post

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Roman is alone sitting in his and Virgil’s bedroom.

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I’ve posted the first chapter of “Mirror Mine” on Archive of our own. It’s a Tony Stark/OFC accidental pregnancy fic, with lots of drama and fluff and eventual daddy Tony (in a familial way…get your head out of the gutter!) 😉😘 I will finish my other fic but I’m going to work on this one for a bit! I hope everyone enjoys it as well! I’m super excited about it!

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In an alternate universe Hailey Upton is a famous singer, who grew up in Texas, and Jay Halstead happens to be transferring to a precinct in Texas leaving his life and brother behind in Chicago. What happens when these two different people meet? Find out in this Upstead Fanfic

Part 1 (Meeting her)

Jay Halstead was transferred to another District, this time Texas. He didn’t expect life to change so quickly, one second in chicago the next second on a flight to Texas.

Jay finally got to sleep and 20 minutes later he jerked awake, opening his eyes due to the captain making an announcement.

“All right folks we are landing in Dallas Texas in five minutes, make sure your seatbelts are on, and stay in your seats until we land.”

The captain stopped talking and Jay checked his phone.

3 missed calls from Will Halstead

Sighing he switched his phone to Cellular data.

“Hey sorry just landed.” He said.

“I know I am sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He said. “Alright. I will call you again once I get settled.”

Jay didn’t particularly like this move to Texas, but he had no other choice. Since the 21st district got overrun by Kelton, everyone split up, he hadn’t talked to anyone from the unit in six months. They all had been separated.

Getting up from his seat. He reached for his luggage up top. Once his luggage was secure in his grip he started moving, shuffling through the people as he made his way off the plane.

Goodness he could already feel the weather change stepping off the plane. “This is gonna be great.” Jay sighed under his breath.

He decided to ask someone where the coffee is, because after all of this, coffee sounds great.

“Hey do you know any places to get good coffee at?” He asked one of the flight attendants following him out of the door leading to the open space in the DFW airport.

“Umm…yes there is a Starbucks, just turn through that hall. “You see that Barnes and Noble.” She asked him pointing, and he nodded. “It is right next to it.” She said.

“Thank you.” Jay said as he smiled at her and started walking towards the Barnes and Noble.

He thought it was cool how thick their accents were as he met more and more people.

Sitting down sipping his coffee, he checked his phone again. A photo from iPhone memories popped up with Kevin, Him and Adam all laughing.

The sudden realization hit him, leaving the home that he knew as his forever home. It was too late now, but would he go back if he could, honestly he didn’t know, but right now this was probably the best place he could be right now.

After his coffee was finished, he decided to explore a bit in the airport more before heading to the new precinct.

He decided on looking in the souvenirs in the gift shop. Will loved to collect souvenirs from different states, and Jay wanted to get him something, because obviously he wasn’t here himself.

After looking through a bunch of different ones, he decided on the little glass globe, but instead of snow, it was just water.

He carried it up to the desk to ring it up. “Not from here huh.” The cashier said. “What threw you off.” He asked her smiling.

“The hoody you have on, let me give you a tip, you should know it’s almost always hot here.” “The days we get rain, it’s glorious for everyone.”

She said as handed her his credit card. “Thanks.” he said unzipping his hoody revealing his old Intelligence tee.

After he finished buying the globe in the store, he finally decided that he was done exploring and that it was time to get settled in at his new desk at his new district.

Turning the corner he collided with someone.

“Oh, my gosh, I’m so sorry.” The small figure said. Jay could hear the thick Texas accent.

“I have to hide.” She said.

“What why?” He questioned putting his hand on her shoulder.

“I’m a cop, are you in trouble.” He said helping the jumpy blonde to her feet.

“No,not at all.” She smiled. Wow she had a beautiful smile he thought to himself. “I need to hide somehow ,they are coming.” She said.

Immediately he took off his jacket and put it over her shoulders, and put his arm around her putting his Chicago hat on her head.

She leaned into his chest as he put his arms around her, pretending that he was her boyfriend.

He switched sides with her so she was hidden against the wall. She looked above his shoulder waiting as the paparazzi passed bye.

“Thanks I owe you.” She said. “Here’s your hat back.” He took the hat from her. “Not at all, I’m a cop, well detective…” “I’m an expert at being secretive.” “Oh, is that right.” She smiled at him.

They stayed like this for a few minutes before she brought herself back to reality. “Umm..anyways thanks again.” “I really gotta get goin.” She said leaning off the wall.

“Oh, do you want your Jacket back.” She said. “No, you keep it, in case paparazzi comes by again.” He smiled at her. “It looks better on you anyways.” Smiling she started to walk off out the doors headed in Jay’s opposite direction.

“Wait, what was your name.” He said raising his voice as she ran farther away. She turned around stopping.

“Guess you’ll have to find out detective.” She said smirking and running off again. “My names Jay..Jay Halstead.” He said hoping she would give her name.

“Well Detective Halstead, I am sure you will figure it out.” She said smiling once more before biting her lip and running off again.

Jay knew he shouldn’t be already flirting getting a fresh new start and all, but there was something about her that he absolutely admired. His mood changed since he met her.

He wondered why paparazzi would be after her. Could she have been famous? A singer? A celebrity? He didn’t know, but he promised he would find out.

Thank you to whoever read this!!

I am so excited to continue this story, I wonder where it will go. Stay tuned for chapter two.

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Title: The Reflecting Door 

Author : TheHedgeRider

Summary: Klaus presumes she’s dead. The ritual to break his curse is days away. Can Bonnie Bennett do what must be done without her life being forfeit? Maybe…but the help she’ll need comes from the unlikeliest of sources.

Pairing : Klonnie

Status: Multichapter

Read and Review

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