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#alternate universe
milkoids · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
jealous!zhongli x top!gn! reader
( alternate universe )
disclaimers : marking, gender neutral reader, top reader, jealousy, sex, starts off with zhongli being a tease, near to no conversation, camgirl au somewhat, jealous sex(?), and unprotected sex :)
note : pspspspsps come get ur crumbs :) p.s I'm literally sick and tired of resisting Albedo for Itto
little video for you guys as an apology for the late Zhongli post ;) ( use earphones bb )
( i didn't make the edit and their @ is at the end ! )
Tumblr media
THE LIGHT coming from the ring light you had previously bought made your body feel so much hotter.
You had been at this for hours by now, getting marked up by your boyfriend and your hole teased by just the tip of his cock.
He usually wouldn't tease you, he prefered ravishing your body.
But it wasn't uncommon for Zhongli to put on a show for the camera, well lately anyway.
People were starting to recognize you for your lewd content, and as weird as it was, they started asking you to have sex with them instead of your long-term boyfriend, calling him boring, etc.
It wasn't a secret how attractive you were, and neither was your face. So privacy apparently wasn't an option when out and about.
Your relationship was flaunted everytime you posted videos or lives though, and everyone knew how much you loved Zhongli, you expressed it as best as you could.
But people could care less about your relationship status, they just wanted to fuck someone cute with sex appeal.
You whined again, feeling your boyfriend barely, just barely entering you before pulling out and nibbling on your neck again.
You were getting sick and tired of waiting for him to fuck you, and so were your fans watching.
You had been patient long enough, so you grabbed his hands off your hips and quickly sat down on his cock.
The stretch was absolutely glorious, your eyes rolled back from the familiar sensation.
Zhongli's low groan was just a bonus that you were going to hear more of.
As you bounced, gaining momentum, the male freely groaned and moaned, trying to keep his sounds inaudible.
"I know what you're doing. Don't be shy honey, I wanna hear you." You murmured into his ear, slightly nibbling his ear.
Instead of listening to you, he bit down on your neck.
He was most definitely jealous. For what though?
You started bouncing faster and harder, fueled on by the want and need to hear his voice cracking in pleasure.
But no, he just bit down harder and shut his eyes, refusing to open his eyes or to stop biting your flesh.
You couldn't do anything to get him to moan for you now, what a shame.
As you were reaching your peak, chasing your high, you failed to notice that Zhongli had long since stopped biting you.
Now he was making the noises you desired.
You had barely noticed but when you did it seemed to have been your breaking point and he followed suit with his own orgasm.
You were starting to feel the soreness now as you stilled on top of him, his cum slowly dribbling out of your abused hole.
You barely mustered a small smile from the exhaustion, before Zhongli pulled you in for a short, loving kiss.
"I'm sorry my dear, I'll make up to you, I promise."
Tumblr media
milkoids does not approve of work being reposted without permission
—reblogs are A-okay
Tumblr media
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thesoulspulse · a day ago
Tumblr media
I've been meaning to do a Plant Sam redesign for ages so now I've finally done it and she turned out really cool! Couldn't think of a better name so this is Thistle Plant Sam. Hope you like her!
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strelkovski · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Viking AU with founders. I just thought it would be fun to make something like that.
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luna--dragon · 23 hours ago
"A black caterpillar with white spots? That's a costal killer-pillar! They're dangerous amphibivores!"
This implies that Amphibia cat-erpillars that are any other colors are perfectly safe to keep as pets!
Sprig being on board with keeping Domino 2 also proves this! If all cat-erpillars were dangerous monsters, he'd definitely know and would immediately tell Anne the moment they see Domino 2!
In other words, you can totally give your Amphibia OC, or someone in an AU, a friendly giant Caterpillar, Larva, Butterfly, or Moth pet without contradicting canon!
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lexi-the-demon-child · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yeah, I made a Henry Stickmin Family AU. It was originally created back in September of 2020. 
Here’s a tiny sum up of the AU:
-Henry, Charles and Ellie are little toddlers, and Galeforce and Diamond are their adoptive parents. Whenever they go to work (every week, except for the weekends), the little buggers are dropped off at a daycare that Dr. Vinschpinsilstein runs. 
The main lil’ kids:
Henry Stickmin (age: 3)
Charles Calvin (age: 2)
Ellie Rose (age: 23 months)
The other lil’ kids:
Reginald Copperbottom (age: 3)
Rodger/RHM (age: 5)
Burt Curtis (age: 3)
Sven Svennson (age: 2)
Carol Cross (age: 2)
Toby Mack (age: 2)
Rupert Price (age: 4)
Dave Panpa (age: 9 months)
Some small disclaimers:
-Dave and Rupert are brothers, Burt and Sven are best friends, Reginald and RHM are also best friends. 
-there will be no shipping between the kids. The reason why is because, they’re kids. I don’t feel comfortable shipping little kids together.
{Important side note: This was not inspired by the PJ’s Daycare AU. I didn’t know the AU even existed back when I created it. I personally despise the AU, because of a lot of reasons.}
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mythicandco · 2 days ago
Amphibia AUs I Want to Write, Have Started Writing, or Want to Share so Someone Else Can Write Them For M- I mean get inspired by them
Just a quick dump of a few of the AUs I have in my brain right now. 
Dasha AU - Sasha pushes Marcy out of the way. The result is pure calamity.  - Sasha gets stabbed instead of Marcy - Anne is still sent to Earth with the Plantars, and her adventures up to her return to Amphibia pretty much follow canon - Marcy and Grime are forced to get along and organize a rebellion. It goes... better than I thought it was going to, honestly (this is probably my favorite part of the AU) - Sasha is, surprisingly, much easier to manipulate than Marcy - Olivia and Yunan only go to Sasha as a last resort with plans to ditch her as soon as they get a chance. They just need her brute strength to get them out of the castle and figure out a way to stop Andrias - Based off of two separate dreams I had
The “Good” Ending AU - Sasha manages to hold off Andrias for a few seconds longer, and Anne pulls Marcy into the portal with her. No one gets stabbed, no one gets possessed (yet-).  - Grime, Sasha, Olivia and Yunan all end up in Wartwood after Grime and Yunan decide independently that jumping out of a window is the best option  - Joe Sparrow is so done with how many people he has to carry today - The Core is absolutely pissed and Andrias’ efforts are doubled in an attempt to retrieve Marcy for its plans - Maybe corrupted!Anne? Definitely Marcanne (and later, Sashannarcy, because I am going down with my ship) - It came to me as though in a vision while I was scrolling through the Amphibia Wiki (AKA I saw a meme and got inspired)
The “Vrrrr” AU - Amphibia is an evil video game. That’s it that’s the AU - The Calamity Box is a game console that latches onto someone and “transports” them to the world of Amphibia  - In reality, while you’re living a video game fantasy, the box basically becomes a full-body V.R. suit that controls your physical actions while your mind is in the game - Probably connected to the Core somehow? I should add that the V.R. suit looks like Darcy’s armor, I thought that was a fun touch - Based off of a roleplay I did with my brother a little while ago - Slowly, the player forgets the world outside the game, and thinks that doing the Core’s bidding is “just another level”  - Probably just Marcy who’s affected, but there might be a freaky NPC!Anne and NPC!Sasha (don’t worry, the real versions exist, too, but the ones in the game are created to help make the fantasy more real) - It’s a high possibility Anne and Sasha are originally put in-game as well, but manage to break free and/or log in from somewhere else to help snap Marcy out of the simulation - There might be human!Amphibians? That’d be kinda cool actually, let’s go with that - If you die in the game, you die in real life - The Box is either from an alien planet or created using alien technology. Andrias is some kind of scientist who originally discovered the box/created it using said alien tech. Everything mechanical from the alien planet is connected to the Core (which in this AU is just a supercomputer, probably not a bunch of minds) and Andrias goes on to serve it like in canon 
Dystopian AU - Andrias and the Core’s invasion is successful, Amphibia bleeds into Earth, and the world is sapped of its resources. (Possible alternate title: “Dysphibian AU”) - Anne, the Plantars, Sasha, some other Amphibians, etc. are part of a rapidly-weakening rebellion on Earth - Everyone thinks Marcy is dead, save for Olivia and Yunan who know the awful truth (or maybe everyone knows? I’m not sure yet) - Polly builds robots and made Anne a mechanical arm because we stan one-armed!Anne  - She probably also made Sasha a bionic eye, but that might not be until later in the story - Amphibia was destroyed or is uninhabitable for some reason - Maybe zombies? MAYBE MUSHROOM ZOMBIES??  - This is a few years after canon, the girls are sixteen by now - Not sure if this one has a happy ending or not, there’s probably two versions lol  - This is actually based off of a really cool lucid dream I had
Amphibiland/Beta AU -  Just my own take on the Beta AU. Nothing too fancy here.  - Marcy has lived in Amphibiland all of her life (may or may not have arrived as a young child and simply suffered memory loss, who knows), and is basically trying on a new outfit every day. She specializes in long-range combat and magic - Sasha arrived in Amphibiland when she was thirteen, and has been there for three years since then. She climbs through the ranks of the Toad Army very quickly and is the general of the army in this AU  - Anne arrives the day after her 16th birthday and her misadventures follow canon fairly closely except she’s a bit “edgier”  - Sasha and Marcy were actually close allies, since they were the only humans in Amphibiland and had to stick together. However after her quick rise to power, it started getting to Sasha’s head and she’s started a rebellion against Andrias - Both Sasha and Marcy can use their Calamity powers, but they can’t control them very well  - Sasha’s manifests mainly as her sword glowing with pink mist and being able to cut through anything with relative ease as well as an almost subconcious manipulation of those around her that she probably doesn’t even notice, and Marcy’s is more like moving objects without her intending to do so (it’s my AU so I took some creative liberties that I don’t necessarily consider canon to the show) - All ships involving Sasha are suddenly a lot more toxic, I swear that wasn’t intentional it was just an unwanted side effect  - There are multiple “Calamity Artifacts” - Sasha uses some kind of shield thing, no idea how Marcy got here, and Anne uses a music box as in canon - I should probably create a separate post for all the lore I’ve got on this one, I’ll make sure to update once I finish writing that 
Wow, that was a lot of AUs! I never realized I had quite so many... Anyways, please ask me about ‘em, I will ramble for days and I love me some angst. I probably won’t write a ton of stuff, but we’ll see! 
Note: All of these AUs are my own ideas. Even though one or two of them are related to other, similar AUs or memes depicting ideas in the AU, ultimately the particular stories are mine and I came up with them independently from others. I know there are lots of Dasha AUs out there, but I came up with this one on my own. If you want to use my AUs for something, tell me first. Or at least credit me. Thanks! 
TL;DR:  Dasha AU: Sasha gets possessed. Marcy ends up with Grime in Wartwood. Title is fairly self-exclamatory.  The “Good” Ending AU: Marcy AND Anne get sent to Earth. No one is stabbed or possessed yet.  The “Vrrrr” AU: Amphibia is an evil video game controlled by the Core. Or something like that. Dystopian AU: Andrias and the Core succeed. Anne and Sasha are part of a rebellion. Amphibia is a barren, uninhabitable wasteland and Earth isn’t much better. Also pretty self-exclamatory.   Amphibiland/Beta AU - Literally just the Beta AU with my own spin on it. That’s it. 
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ladyriia · a day ago
#wmmap | I owe you nothing
Tumblr media
Original character time
I present you Ei! Name's short and straight to the point. She's an OC and supposed to be a child Claude had with one of the concubines he used to have in the Ruby Palace before he met Diana. She lived her entire childhood with her mother until some unfortunate events led her to the Emperor's palace. I won't tell you more than that as I plan to write the story soon... uvu this takes place in the WMMAP time-line and Athy is self-aware!
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grahoria · 2 days ago
Fun AUs for your enjoyment :)
I accidentally wandered in on you doing a livestream on YouTube and now people think we're dating
You lead a book club at the local library. When I signed up, I was not expecting you to assign a novel I wrote under a pen name, nor was I expecting you to gush about it quite so much.
My nibling thought your cat was a stray and brought it home and you came to take it back. Hello, cute neighbour, I am so sorry
One of us is an IKEA employee, the other is a shopper, and we are both very lost
I picked you up off the side of the road thinking you were a hitchhiker with nowhere to go, and it turns out I accidentally brought a fae home for Christmas. What do you MEAN I just proposed to you??
Earth's first orbital prison just got hijacked by aliens that are killing and/or infecting the crew and inmates. You, a warden, are only teaming up with me, an inmate, because I seem to be immune to their control and we might be able to survive if we work together
We both got cursed before we met, we might as well team up on an epic quest to break the respective spells
I'm acting as your datemate because some creep wouldn't leave you alone, only I've never done this before and now we're having a fake date at Build-A-Bear Workshop
Listen man, I know gas stations aren’t hotels, but my car won’t start, there’s a blizzard out there, and in case you haven’t noticed, we’re in the middle of nowhere. You won’t even know I’m here, promise
Oh God I swear I wasn’t glaring at you, I’m being haunted by a ghost no one else can see and they’ve decided they want to play matchmaker but I can’t TELL YOU THAT because you’ll think I’m crazy
You saved my life once when we were kids, not knowing I was the heir of the land at war with yours. I’m repaying you by preventing your execution as a spy in the palace, so quit complaining and act like you’ve been my secret consort for years
You're a criminal?? I thought best friends were supposed to tell each other everything! ... Fiiine, I'll patch you up and hide you until it's safe. But I'm going to yell at you every chance I get.
We’re rival supervillains who are never taken seriously because everyone ships us, including the local superhero
You got turned during the zombie apocalypse, but so far, all you’ve done is follow me around, clumsily tried to help with little tasks, and growled whenever someone gets too close
I’m a college student in need of somewhere to stay and you’re willing to let me live with you on the condition that I pretend to be your SO in front of your housemates
Our friend groups keep spending New Year's Eve at the same bar, and us designated drivers might as well get to know each other while we wait for the ball to drop
You, a pirate captain, believe me to be someone important disguised as a peasant and have taken me prisoner; the problem is, I was actually just stowing away on that ship, and the language barrier's preventing me from telling you the truth
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troutagon · 2 days ago
I have decided that there is a new (currently unnamed) au where in lush caves second coming punched (taking damage also takes hunger) and accidentally killed red / attacked him to the extent where red is starving to death and can't fight
So like SC shoves red and then red just DOESNT get up lmao
I don't know what else to do with this except think about it.
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Hiii! Like ten hours late but here’s my take on the first prompt Stockings from @everlarkedalways’ Everlark Christmas Month list. It’s short and basically unedited — but that’s become v on brand for me as of late and why must we be too uptight or perfectionistic — but I hope y’all enjoy it! It was fun to write. It’s set about 9 years Post-Mockingjay.
Oh and it accidentally became a canon divergence partway through writing it… I think you can pretty easily see where I changed the ending of the books… 😆. I think it adds something extra to the holiday cheer though. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Tumblr media
Day One : Stockings
“Peeta,” I say, my tone just a little exasperated.
“Shh,” he immediately hushes me and I reach with the fire poker to jab him.
He swiftly avoids the metal stick and goes back to hanging my stocking over the hearth.
“This is over the top,” I retort as he steps back to admire his work.
“No,” my little sister cuts in, coming up behind Peeta with her own stocking in hand. “It’s just the right of holiday spirit,” she insists and shares a look of solidarity with my husband.
It’s been years since the war ended, since that day in the Capitol Square, where those bombs went off and took the lives of countless children. A little less devastatingly, the same bombs also a leg and arm from Prim.
And yet, nothing — not even an arm and leg made of plastic and metal — manages to dampen her holiday cheer. Two years after the war, District One and Two took on a holiday a week before New Years. A couple years later, Three and Seven also made it part of their community and slowly the festivities spread across Panem but I figured it wouldn’t make it all the way to Twelve.
Now nine years after the games, the rebellion and the war — and with three limbs lost between Peeta and Prim — Yuleday has finally made its way to Twelve.
“We knew she’d be a wet noodle,” Prim remarks to Peeta, acting like I’m not here as she rises up on tiptoe to hang her pink stocking next to mine.
“Excuse me,” I start to complain but Peeta comes to sit on the chair behind me, tugging me to sit on his lap.
“I love your terrible holiday spirit. It’s the kind of consistency I’ve come to count on,” he teases and I shoot him a glare.
“Give him a break, Katniss,” Prim says, stepping back and admiring the three stockings, just as Peeta did. Unconsciously she rubs her metal hand with the flesh of her real one, the mere moments of leaning over the fire heating the prosthetic up quickly.
She catches me staring and rolls her eyes. “Stop,” she orders. “Or I’ll put my burning hot hand on your cheek.”
“I wasn’t looking at you,” I immediately defend but she doesn’t buy it.
“Look at the stocking your husband made you,” she suggests sardonically.
“I could have made that,” I say, eyeing the dark green stocking with my name printed in careful gold cursive.
“You could have. But you didn’t,” Peeta betrays, chuckling at his own joke.
Prim joins in and I huff, standing from Peeta’s lap and making my way out of the living room and towards the front door. “I’m going to go out and find your husband, Prim. Maybe he won’t gang up against me,” I taunt, shooting Peeta a meaningful look.
He’s undeterred though. “I’m sure he will. Your an easy target, my love.”
“If you do see him, tell him I’m not making his stocking for him. He makes it himself or he doesn’t get one,” Prim asserts, setting aside the last blank one, it’s chocolate color a nice contrast to her light pink, my dark green or Peeta’s delicate orange.
“I’ll make sure to let him know,” I quip, grabbing my father’s old jacket — that’s hanging on by it’s last thread at this point — and pulling it on.
Peeta murmurs something to Prim as he kneels down to build up the fire some more and she laughs loudly. And my chest constricts in the best way possible, as I peer back in to see my little sister and my husband, the two people I love more than life itself, smiling at each other.
I may be a wet noodle — or whatever phrase Prim has attached onto in reference to my lack of holiday cheer — but, though I wouldn’t admit it out loud, I can’t help but fill with gratitude during this time of the year.
I may not care for all the parties and drinking and public dancing — or all the people in general — but I care for them. I care for their happiness. And if hanging stockings with our names on them over a fire brings them joy then this is a wonderful time of year.
Not that I’ll tell them that.
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delatoid · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nichijou in the 2000s expanded cast :D
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irlpeachtea · a day ago
IrlPeachTea’s reverse au!
First I changed how Vlad becomes a ghost: Vlad is actually more like Danny’s uncle since he never got ecto acne :))
He helped create the big portal with Jack + Maddie (he still wishes he was married to Maddie but has almost truly given up)
After the portal fails to start up Danny and Vlad go check it out (Sam and Tucker aren’t here in the house)
Danny goes into the broken machine and messes around with the panels as Vlad looks at the outside equipment when Danny hits the switch.
Being inside the machine Danny screams as he “dies” but Vlad tries to at least pull him out but gets hit in the face with ecto energy knocking him out.
When everyone comes down (Jazz, Maddie and Jack) all they see is Vlad with black hair (his eyes would be red but he was passed out) like he had in college and pieces of a burnt hazmat suit left inside the machine.
Jack and Maddie would learn after Vlad work up that Danny was in the machine and is now gone (everyone presumes he disintegrated)
Danny who really was just sent to the ghost zone as his molecules changed was scared and alone. He was so freaked out about what he was seeing and how he saw himself that he started to change into a monstrous ghost. Unlike Vlad who made himself look just a bit younger.
Since Vlad was being healed by the fentons they know that he was turned into a halfa:
<Well Vlad is more like 30% ghost since he only got hit in the face and Danny being completely shocked is more like 75%>
Even though Vlad was turned into a halfa, The Fenton’s believe their son is gone for good. Vlad would be exploring for Danny in the ghost zone but he wouldn’t recognize what Danny turned into.
Danny would be crying and wailing in the ghost zone slowly learning about his powers from doing so. He wants his family to find him, but he’s also scared they will hate him since he is a ghost. Danny would begin to notice a portal ghost are being thrown back from (the Fenton portal) and go through.
Danny coming back to amity park after being gone for so long is a big thing for him. He tries to find Sam and Tucker but they were missing. (They would be searching the ghost zone with Vlad on their breaks in the ecto-skeleton) Then he tries to go back to his old room, but almost gets shot on the way there. After managing to get past everything he notices his room is completely cleared out as if he was never there.
Danny begins to just wail* overcome with grief because everything he hoped and dreamed was gone. His obsession would be being close to friends and family, but since they got rid of everything of his he’s forgotten.
(Reference to my doodle scream*)
His ghostly wail had become news around town because every night different places in town would hear the ghostly wail and crying. People started to call him “The Banshee” because of his ghostly screams and him attracting over ghosts with it becoming a bad omen.
A little skip to when Vlad find the “Banshee” and tries to send them back to the ghost zone but loses to them. Danny’s scream knocks Vlad who changes back. Danny noticing it was his uncle vlad does the thinking about it and drags him back to the FentonWork building and setting off the alarm to get the Fenton’s outside. Danny flees for now.
I ran out of actual typing sentences ideas so I’m just gonna list them!
More info on Vlad:
- His obsession is probably gonna be about the fenton’s or fixing his mistakes- like Danny “dying”
- Vlad has kinda a mullet in his ghost form
-He also doesn’t hate Jack but sees his an annoying brother
-Vlad actually favors Jazz to help in the lab but she’s always busy studying that Danny took her place
More info on Danny:
- He might seem less like Danny in my writing but Danny is a 14. Danny is an emotional kid but does only really show it in more positive? Way like in heroics. Idk the best way to describe it
-Danny did want to work for NASA but after the accident he gave up on that dream
-Danny can’t change back to a human form like Vlad can because he’s more ghost than human. He can hold the form for a couple hours but he’s scared that he will be exposed for being a “monster”
-Sam and Tucker don’t mind Danny’s new form but Danny is scared of hurting them
-Danny is technically the bad guy in this situation leading ghosts to Amity park with his cries
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whimlen · 9 months ago
I was just thinking about how adorable it is that humans write au fanfiction. Like: Wow I love these two characters and their relationship so much so;
Let them fall in love as mermaids, as spies, as pirates and vampires, in space, in medieval times, in a zombie apocalypse, as hockey players and figure skaters, at a flower shop or coffee shop, the list could go on forever
I like to think of fanfiction collectively as a multiverse where all of these stories happen and they fall in love over and over again in many different lifetimes because I’m a sap like that
Okay that’s all
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aluhnim · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Soft Lead
Clark Kent, a cartoonist for the Daily Planet, visits his number one fan, Bruce Wayne, at his home for breakfast.
Edit - Per some requests, this is now available on Gumroad as a PDF! It includes some of the doodles. It is FREE / Pay-What-You-Want.
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pakhnokh · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dark Wen Yuan AU where Wei Wuxian still lived and A-Yuan grew to be his disciple. WWX doesn't leave Burial Mounds and A-Yuan meets with other sects on his behalf. He doesn't hate LWJ, he's still fond of him, but him and WWX have a wrong perception about what happened They think LWJ attacked WWX with all the rest during the fight at Nightless city. Of course WWX and A-Yuan don't know that LWJ actually saved him and suffered the punishment for it. THEY DON'T KNOW ABOUT THE SCARS ON HIS BACK AND BABY DOESN'T REVEAL IT TO THEM! Anyways Lan Wangji has not seen Wei Wuxian for 13 years, because wwx closed himself off with the strongest fucking barrier known to the cultivation world. (YES. It's our genius YLLZ), and only sees Wen Yuan from time to time. However in this au, 13 years later there have been very fierce attacks that the cultivation world cannot handle and they think it's the Yiling Laozu at work again of course, so they plan to make another siege. LWJ hears of this and hurries to see WWX and talk to him, to find out if it was really him who caused it (although he's the only one who doesn't believe it), and to warn him as well. He's very nervous because he's never seen WWX since 13 years ago and WWX never showed himself and neither replied to his confession. So LWJ kinda understood this as his decline and let him be. BUT NOW BABY HAS TO GO UP THE MOUNDS. And that's where they meet again for the first time. With WWX wearing this cloak (I had too, it's sexy ok?) and still demanding to respect Hanguang Jun even after all that happened :’(((((
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stormcallart · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Some things never change. UATeacher!Endeavor AU where Touya injures himself horribly in his first year UA sports festival, the burns are too much, and Enji feels at fault for ever encouraging his son.
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