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Una vez más me quiero morir y aunque ya le dije a mi familia piensan que la que está mal soy yo…

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You Are Unique

Liking yourself doesn’t mean you’re full of pride; it simply means you’ve accepted yourself as the person God created you to be. The more you like yourself, the less negative your life becomes!


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Dear Diary

I really like it when there’s a storm outside and the power is cut. I like that we can light candles and play board games in their light. Most of all I like that we all come together and we have fun and the atmosphere is fun and relaxed.

I like it when we don’t have power. I like it when we get along. I like it when we can all be happy.

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September 2020 VS January 2021


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soooooooo……..yes, i did finally finish redrawing my very first Laxus and Hisui drawing, which also happened to be my first digital art piece.

i cant get over this, it’s just…… damn fulfilling to see this.

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Day 24: A letter to your parents

It would have been nice to sit down and have a conversation with the two of you at the same. I know I’ll never see that day. None of you were really good about talking to me. Dad disappeared, and you disappeared in other ways. I want the both of you to know that I am okay, but I am still coping with the damage you both inflicted upon me and my brother. You both abandoned us in your own ways. Dad left physically and you were both emotionally and physically absent. I understand that you didn’t have much of a choice because someone had to support us financially, but we didn’t really have much of a support system to lean on. All we know is broken. We don’t even have close familial ties to anyone. Everyone is closed off to us. Recently, John reached out to Grandpa Mitchell and he got chewed out. I barely know any of my family. As a result, I’ve become a very independant person and lost all trust in people. I wish I could remember pleasant memories of us as a family, but that was very short lived. I’ve tried reaching out to Dad within the last couple of years, but he is a coward. When I moved out to California, he tracked me down on Facebook to tell me he was having heart surgery and then preceded to block me. I have not talked to the man since my early childhood years. He abandons me, refuses to support me financially (as is his fatherly duty until I came of age) and then ghosts me. There have been many moments where I have wished I never existed. I never asked to be here. Why have children if you’re not going to do your part in raising them. I raised myself. I think I turned out fine, but damnitt I wish things were better. The life I could have lived if I hadn’t known pain all my life.

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A/N: This is a fic based within the universe of @tri3tri where the reader and Yandere!Malleus have a son, Lucien, who is starved for affection from the reader. So…I wrote a story in which the reader is transported from a different universe that has a loving relationship with both Malleus and Lucien. Thank you to Tri for letting me use her characters for this fic! Please check out her other works!  

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Yandere!Malleus x Fem!Reader ft. Lucien 

You woke up and immediately opened your eyes to a familiar sight. The sight of you and your husband’s bedroom. The space next to yours was empty. To be expected, of course, Malleus had so many duties as King of the Valley of Thorns after all.

You slid the covers off and lept out of bed, ready to start the day yourself. 

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Oh. My. Gods.

Four year olds’ birthday parties? Exhausting.

My nephew is so enthusiastic about every single present, too. Everything he gets is literally his favourite thing, ever. It’s sweet.

Right up until the moment you are head to toe covered in bubble mix, trying to figure out how his VR Bumblebee helmet works.

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I always forget just how fun it is to DM when I have everything planned out and ready. Just DM-ed for my family with my brother being the only one who has played before (tho my mom played 20 years ago). They all loved it~~~ always nice to give good experiences to new players.

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Housing minister Kelly Tolhurst resigns after ‘devastating’ family news

Housing minister Kelly Tolhurst resigns after ‘devastating’ family news

In a letter to Boris Johnson, she said that she was stepping down from the government role to spend “precious time” with her family.

Ms Tolhurst, who represents Rochester and Strood, said she hoped to have the opportunity to serve again in government “in the fullness of time”.

She wrote: “Following on from some devastating news for my family, after much consideration and deep reflection, it is…

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Ancestry Finally Posts AncestryDNA Health Ending - Ancestry January 14, 2021 - January 16, 2021

Ancestry Finally Posts AncestryDNA Health Ending – Ancestry January 14, 2021 – January 16, 2021

Standard Disclaimer:

I am not a medical health professional and any comments I post are not intended, nor should they be construed, as medical advice.

I checked yesterday and the day before without seeing anything on Ancestry. I checked the two places they normally post. Today, I saw an article dated January 14, 2021 on their blog – Ancestry deepens focus on Fami ly History; will discontinue…

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We just wanted to wish our homeslice @sam_ferraez a very Happy Birthday!

We love her and her energy. Keep on keeping on Sam!


#spektrum #spektrummag #spektrummagazine #samferraez #sam #beautiful #beautifulgirls #gorgeous #happybirthday #happybirthdaytoyou #teamspektrum #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #birthdayfun #birthdays #saturday #saturdayvibes #mood #vibes #funtimes #family #familyiseverything #smiles (at Los Angeles/Hollywood California)

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The Choice (on Wattpad) 

 "Kamu pernah bilang kalau hidup adalah tentang pilihan, Radi. Aku harap kamu nggak lupa kalimatmu sendiri. Dan ini, pilihanku.“ 

"Aku nggak pernah berharap akhir macam tai kucing begini, Ara. Tapi, pada akhirnya kamu sendiri yang memaksaku melakukannya." 

Sebagai artis dan model terkenal, Zeline tidak sepenuhnya menikmati kehidupannya yang serba mewah. Banyak peraturan dan larangan yang terikat ketika namanya semakin melambung. Ia tidak dapat melakukan kebebasan yang ia inginkan. Karena tak tahan lagi, ia kabur ke Jawa Timur dan mencari tempat yang cukup berjarak dari Kota Surabaya, dengan harapan tidak mudah ditemukan. 

Karena trauma dengan kematian ayahnya sepulang dari merantau, Radi memilih diam di tempat tanpa pekerjaan tetap. Bekas tembakan di bagian kepala mayat ayahnya membuat Radi mengambil keputusan untuk tetap menggantungkan hidupnya melalui lukisan dan tulisan. Namun, kehidupan tak akan pernah membiarkannya jalan di tempat begitu saja. 


The Choice adalah novel kedua yang konsisten saya tulis dan publikasikan di wattpad setelah I Don’t Care (Yang kemungkinan akan berubah judul menjadi ‘A Name’). Berlatar di Sidoarjo, Surabaya, dan Jakarta, The Choice mengusung seputar kehidupan pemuda Jawa, gadis metropolitan, dan sedikit bumbu filsafat. Sebagai penulis, The Choice sukses membuat saya jatuh cinta bahkan kepada karakter tokoh saya sendiri, yang murni lahir dari imajinasi liar saya. Cerita ini bisa diakses langsung di akun wattpad saya @ValentinaPinky_S. Atau klik link yang tertera.

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This S'pore Family Biz Strikes Gold With White Bee Hoon - Its Revenue Hits Over S$1M A Month

This S’pore Family Biz Strikes Gold With White Bee Hoon – Its Revenue Hits Over S$1M A Month

Singaporeans living in the North region will certainly have heard of the famous white bee hoon restaurant in Sembawang that always has snaking queues.
Its signature white bee hoon is a dish made out of rice vermicelli soaked in a rich and thick broth, which comes with seafood, egg and vegetables.
Called White Restaurant, it actually started out from a zi char hawker stall at Chong Pang Market in…


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