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MY FIRST EVER DT FIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really like how this tuned out, yet this might not be everyone’s cup of nutmeg tea. My Love Language is affection, but even I think I put in too much at certain parts. Its not bad it just might make some of you uncomfortable. Like, so much fluff you’ll choke on the fluffiness. But these characters need it after everything.

I’d love feedback on if you think it was or wasn’t too much.

I’ll quite stalling and get to the story now. Enjoy!


Della shoved Donald’s head down in a friendly tousle. He winced and returned the favor. Everyone laughed and cheered around them, a group even cheered Glomgold for some inane reason. Donald was so happy to be home, not just after the insane adventure to save earth or his stay on the moon or his time on a desert island, it was great to be around people he knew and some he didn’t. He’d missed people’s voices.

And there was one he’d missed most of all.

Della was practically leaping around the lawn to talk to different Moonlanders before rushing over to do something with one of the boys and then greeting people she hadn’t seen in ten years. Donald was exhausted just watching her, but he had press he had to wave off his family and Moonlanders to insist to that no hard feelings were felt and boys he had to triple check for injuries. Having no idea what time it was didn’t stop his exhaustion; yet he couldn’t fall asleep, because if he did, she might not be there when he woke.

It was right and beautiful and agonizing and bittersweet to see Della with the boys. Her boys. He felt ashamed when he realized he hadn’t noticed how similar they all were to her. Not in the big ways, those were apparent from hatch, but in the little ways. Huey had the same puckered beak when he was surprised as Della did, Dewey her dramatic head tilt when proclaiming something grand, Louie her aloof expression when called out, all these tiny quirks in his sons they had from their mother. And he didn’t know if he was more ashamed that he hadn’t seen his twin in his sons or of his sons in his twin. His twins sons.

Eventually, Dewey shouted his name and Donald found him in a tree, Della a branch behind him with her hand on his back. Dewey waved with both hands and Donald almost had a heart attack. Della laughed at his face’s expression. Man, he’d missed her laugh. Louie, Huey and Webby clambered up the tree and Donald followed, only to ensure their safety. Once at the top, Dewey grabbed the balloon that had been snared by the branches, declared himself a hero, and dared to be dared into jumping off the tree from that point. Della flatly grabbed him by his shirt and climbed down one handed to keep him from squirming out. Once on the ground he ran off with Webby to return the balloon to its owner and Della and Louie got caught up talking to the manager of Scrooge’s new lemonade business. He happily sat down at the base of the tree and Huey started telling him about the badges he’d received since Donald had left.

“Suns goin’ down bro. You can go to bed now.” Della’s shadow covered the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook between Donald and Huey’s laps.

“What? No, I’m fine.”

“Yeah, no way. Get up and get in.” She grabbed his arm and pulled him up. Huey pushed him up from behind.

“Come on Uncle Donald! You need your eight hours of sleep on a good day, but this has been a very taxing day and you-”

Donald mentally apologized to Huey that he was drowning him out, he didn’t need the science of sleep now he just needed sleep, regardless of how much he didn’t want it.

At the mansions steps Dewey and Louie appeared.

“Uncle Donald’s going to bed now.” Huey informed them.

“Fine, I just hope he showers first.” Louie commented. “Mummy wrappings smell better.”

“I don’t know if that’s accurate, Lo.” Dewey said as they entered the mansion. “More like that Caveduck when he was playing in the toilet.”

“The boys are right.” Della said, finally letting his hand go. “You’ve gotta shower. All of you.”

In unison the boys said “Yes, Mom.” And ran up the staircase. Donald balked at their compliance.

“How did y-”

“I’m the mom. I have powers you can never hope to posses. I had Duckworth set up the third east bedroom for you.”

“That’s not necessary. I’ll sleep in my boat like always.”

“No way am I letting my brother sleep in a hammock after a month on a desert island. You deserve a bed, mister.” She pocked his chest.

“No. I wa-”

“Don’t bother. You’re too tired to argue with me.”

“Am not.”

“Are too.”

“Am not.”

“I’m home and you love me. Please do it. For me.” She flashed him her doe eyes. Suspiciously like Louie’s doe eyes.

He glared. “You should’ve stayed on the moon.” He grumbled good-naturedly.

“Love you too. I’ll be there in twenty to check that you haven’t fallen asleep in the tub and drowned.”

“Always lookin’ out for me, aren’t ya?” He said as he started up the stairs.

“Someone’s gotta.” She closed the door before he could reply.


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Od rana zadaje sobie pytanie gdzie popełniam błąd że ciągle cierpię, ciągle męczę się złymi sytuacjami z innymi. I chyba już znam odpowiedź. Od zawsze daje innym decydować czy chcą mnie w swoim życiu, oddaje swoje życie komuś, nie podejmuję decyzji czy to ja chcę daną osobę w swoim życiu ale obawiam się że to się już nie zmieni…

Mam nadzieję że przede mną już ostatnia taka sytuacja która rozwiąże się niebawem. Więcej nie zniosę..

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Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

Jadi, tulisan ini adalah serial kecil, tentang (sedikit) ilmu parenting yang saya dapat dari bimbingan keluarga sendiri, sekolah pra nikah, buku parenting, pun dari kuliah di pendidikan dokter. Kawan tidak harus setuju 100%, dan kami akan sangat senang bila anda mempunyai opini mengenai tema ini yaitu kebapakan.

Ada dua foto yang ingin saya bagikan di unggahan kali ini dari film A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood (2019)


Pengantar sedikit, boleh ya?

Tanggal 20 Januari 2018 adalah tanggal terakhir saya menulis tentang pelajaran saya untuk persiapan menjadi seorang bapak kelak. Sudah 2 tahun saya absen, sekarang saya kembali lagi. Pasalnya, saya ingin bersiap kembali karena mimpi itu saya rasa semakin dekat di tahun-tahun ini. Saya ingin ketika punya anak kelak, saya punya bekal yang mumpuni untuk membina keluarga. Pada unggahan semacam ini, saya ingin berbagi kembali, apa-apa yang saya pelajari untuk bisa bertumbuh bersama keluarga saya kelak.

Mungkin, menjadi orang tua kelak pun harus mengingat rasanya ketika menjadi anak-anak. Kita menangis karena apa, marah dengan hal apa, dan bagaimana kita ataupun keluarga kita bereaksi. Meskipun memang benar, ingatan kita ketika kecil tidak mungkin seingat itu, tapi paling tidak, kita mempunyai pembanding yang kuat untuk mencari cara mendidik yang baik.

Dulu ketika kita kecil, kita bertumbuh menjadi dewasa. Tapi mari kita sadari, terutama pada orang tua dengan anak yang pertama, orang dewasa pun bertumbuh menjadi orang tua ketika itu. Ketika kita belajar untuk melangkah, mereka pun belajar untuk mengajari anak melangkah. Ketika kita belajar untuk buang air besar, orang tua kita pun belajar untuk mengajari anaknya prosesnya yang baik.

Bertumbuh, bukan semata milik anak, namun juga bagi orang tua. Tata pikir seperti ini nampaknya membuat kita sadar bahwa dalam peran apapun, kita harus belajar untuk lebih baik, baik itu sebagai anak dalam bersikap kepada orang tua, ataupun orang tua terhadap anak.

Selain itu, sisi lain yang saya pelajari kali ini adalah pentingnya untuk jujur terhadap perasaan sendiri. Anak perlu untuk diajarkan bahwa mempunyai perasaan senang, sedih, kecewa, marah, adalah hal yang wajar; itu manusiawi. Tidak ada yang salah dalam perasaan itu. Tidak pula kita memarahi atau bersikap cuek ketika ananda menangis karena hal yang mungkin menurut kita sepele; seperti tidak bisa menemukan mobil mainannya di bawah kasur. It is okay to be sad; anak-anak perlu untuk mengetahui ini. Mereka harus jujur dengan perasaannya sendiri, dan ketika ananda jujur dengan perasaannya, apresiasi perasaan itu. 

Tidak ada yang salah dengan perasaan itu, tinggal bagaimana kita bereaksi dengan perasaan tersebut dengan cara yang baik. Entah kita ajak dia makan makanan yang dia suka, main musik, memukul drum, ataupun berlari-lari di taman dekat rumah. Arahkan ke hal yang positif, sehingga ketika dia bertumbuh dewasa, pelariannya pun ke hal semacam itu.

Pola itu, pun, bisa kita dapat dari ajaran orang tua kita. Saya ingat, ketika kecil, kalau sedih atau marah, saya sering diajak lomba lari naik tangga ke masjid dekat rumah kalau menuju Maghrib ataupun Isya’. Ke anak saya kelak, saya pun ingin mengajarkan hal yang sama, atau serupa, dengan cara yang positif pula. 

Tiap anak itu spesial dengan dirinya sendiri. Mengajari bahwa diri mereka itu spesial dengan segala kelebihan dan kekurangannya itu penting. Sosok terbaik ananda kelak bukanlah ketika ia berkekuatan super semacam Superman atau Spiderman, tapi ketika mereka menjadi sosok terbaik dengan diri mereka sendiri, cara mereka sendiri.


Photo by Tina Bo on Unsplash

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It’s Tuesday morning and my grandmother is telling me a story I’m not sure I want to hear.

‘A cat has died in the garden.’ She tells she, almost immediately after I pick up the phone. She sure knows how to hook an audience, does Primrose.

'Oh no!’ I assume it’s one of our cats. As you would.

'No no.’ continues my grandmother. 'It was somebody else’s cat.’

The plot thickens.

'Somebody else’s cat died in your garden?’ I say, trying to make some sense out of all this.

'Yes. He was called Merlin.’

'Well how did he die?’

'I don’t know Florence! It wasn’t my cat!’

I find out that Merlin had died in my grandparents garden whilst the junior members of my family - brother, sister, cousins etc - had been playing something innocent and wholesome like cricket. Whats worse, he had died a mysterious death with something coming out of his mouth. Why he’d made the pilgrimage to their garden I don’t know, but it had implicated our family in ways they were not comfortable with. Nobody wants blood (or cat sick) on their hands, after all.

My grandfather buried Merlin, and left a small pot on his grave with his collar in it, should the owner want proof of his sad end. The owner did. Merlin was big bucks and the grieving family were offering £250 for his safe return. Only Merlin was dead, under my grandmother’s chrysanthemums.

‘I’m afraid your cat is dead’ said my grandfather to the man who had posted the leaflet. His response, my grandmother would later tell me, was ‘strange’. I have yet to understand what this meant, but in any case he did ask for the collar. I’m not sure at this point whether everything had become a bit like a cat mafia thriller, with age old cat-gangland traditions being adhered to. I suppose it would give proof that the cat was Merlin, and not some other cat. My grandmother hoped desperately the man didn’t think they were trying to extort money for the anonymous dead cat. That would be terrible. Of course when my grandfather went to take the collar from the grave-pot, the collar was gone. My grandmother despaired.

They didn’t hear from Merlin’s original owners again, which is probably for the best. They will probably be remembered in a rather a strange light as the couple who offered them the collar of their supposedly dead cat, and then couldn’t produce it, which is a very odd way to be remembered. That would have been the end of it all if it hadn’t been for the resurrection of Merlin, three and a half weeks later, on a similarly sunny afternoon when the young ones were in the garden again. It was my brother who noticed the disturbance around Merlin’s grave.

‘That bit where I think you buried the cat is all dug up’ my brother told my grandmother


My grandfather put the earth back in the hole and covered Merlin’s grave with a pile of rocks which it seems too obvious to point out must have been uncannily like a scene ‘The Sword in The Stone’. He went back upstairs to play online poker and left them in the garden, my brother and grandmother pulling out the trampoline for them all to bounce on. It’s important to mention that there is a lot of laughter on these days, when the sun is shining through the high dappled trees and the breeze my grandmother would often say is ‘like Australia’ drifting the scent of flowers over the garden, which is what makes what happened next so grotesque.

My cousin Thom bounces on the trampoline almost directly into the sky, laughing joyfully at the sheer wonder of life. Somewhere below him my brother’s shouts of dismay can be heard. As he jumped, below him under the trampoline, lay the dismembered body of Merlin, three weeks buried, freshly exhumed. The cat they had all seen die that day in the garden. Of course, it was disgusting. My uncle and cousin start to gag. My grandmother told me on the phone that Merlin was, by this point ‘half hair, half guts’. I nearly choked on my tea.

You’d think that the children, now at best confused but at worst traumatised by this bizarre semi-celestial saga of death and yet more death would be put off from further involvement. On the contrary. The final nail in Merlin’s coffin was that once scooped onto a spade, Merlin was ceremoniously carried by my uncle (who I think had decided enough was enough) the 500 yards to the local park, followed, incredibly, by an all-singing all-dancing troupe made up of my siblings and cousins.

That’s right. In a merry twist of fate, Merlin, whose spiritual background would have presumably been rooted in Pagan traditions, or at least some kind of pseudo-Christian theology, was given the kind of send-off saved for the most honoured practitioners of black magic. Like a zulu king, followed by dancing feral children drunk on the heady musk of a death celebration (or perhaps too much fanta), his guts on display to the midday sun, Merlin was shot into the afterlife as a flare, like Hunter S. Thompson sticking two fingers up at life.

And that was that. It was just a good job Merlin’s original owners didn’t see the death parade that afternoon. I have a feeling they could think of a better way to spend £250.

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Yummy Yum Yum!! We made a Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Grilled Cheese Sammie with Screamin’ Onionz!! Insanely Delicious!!.
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Which song come to your mind when you think of me?

What I have eaten today?

Which book I am reading you out loud?

What is the first thing I would draw?

Made-up games, little riddles on the phone.

Playing is a resource of life.

Suddenly I am not anymore far away from my father, I can hear his voice while laying in my bed.

I can talk with my sister, she is just in the other room, sitting at the table. 

The laughter of my nieces are real, they are vibrating and sparkling. 

They sting my throat, I can’t hold myself, I am also laughing, watching them disappearing under the small fort they just build.

Rehearsal for a long-distance family: ACT I, “The Corona Quarantine”.

PS: besides all conspiracy theories, one thing is sure. When your 75-years-old father learn how to video-call you, something big is definitely happening.


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Part 3

Mimpi yang paling nyata : Bahagianya keluarga

Mimpi yang paling nyata, harapan yang paling indah adalah bahagianya keluarga..

Rumah yang penuh berkah, kehidupan yang mulia, adalah bahagianya keluarga..

Dalam suka duka, setia bersama..

Mensyukuri, berdoa, ikhlas menerima..

Saling menguatkan, saling memaafkan, penuh rasa cinta tulus kasih sayang…



Semoga apapun dan bagaimanapun keluarga yang dianugerahkan kepada setiap manusia, pada akhirnya kita sama-sama belajar saling memaafkan, saling menguatkan, penuh rasa cinta tulus kasih sayang :)

Dan semoga ketulusan menerima apapun yang terjadi dalam hidup termasuk menerima keluarga kita, akan membawa banyak ketenangan hati (yang tidak akan pernah terbeli oleh materi!)

Pemikiran simple ku mengenai sikap seseorang terhadap keluarganya:

Jika keluarga yang telah menjadi bagian hidupnya saja tidak ia terima, tidak ia support, tidak ia cintai, tidak ia syukuri, bahkan tidak ia maafkan. Bagaimana dengan orang lain yang akan memasuki hidupnya? Bagaimana cita-cita membangun keluarga kecilnya nanti?

Maka dari pada berisik Ingin mencari seseorang melengkapi hidup kita,

Berusahalah mencintai keluarga sederhana yang sudah kita punya, karena itulah anugrah yang telah ada, kan :)

Susan | Cirebon 03 04 2020, 22:45 WIB


Efek lockdown membuat aku dirumah full bareng keluarga, membuatku banyak merenung, menikmati kedekatan ku dengan adik2ku, foto mulu bareng mereka sampe bosan, gokil lah wkwk dan yang paling menyenangkan aku mulai mengenang masa lalu dengan Ibuku, sungguh itu adalah moment aku banyak lebih tersadar bahwa sejauh ini kami telah berjuang bersama :) thanks, Semesta



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I currently know three people affected/infected.

One Californian friend recovered. 

One here, still sick and in quarantine.

But then this. A family member.

The problem is, this is my cousin’s wife, someone who has a terribly compromised immune system as well as a slew of other health problems.

This is bad.  This is very very bad.

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Every day, it’s constant ripping pains, every goddamn day it’s here and it wont go away and I am furious. My doctor fucking failed me. She told me that my endo would be treated with bc, as if this was the best and only option, we had one meeting and she threw bc at me and disregarded my fears and treated me like I was overreacting. Said she wouldn’t preform a Laparoscopy because it was ‘unnecessary’ but now my father and brother will say “oh but are you sure it’s endo?? It isnt a chronic illness”

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