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#self insert
Azul, Rook, Idia, Riddle playing with S/O in snow headcanons if youcan please!! tyvm Raven!
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
The cold doesn’t bother Azul (he’s dealt with worse in the chilly waters of the Coral Sea), but he’s reluctant to do anything that requires exerting a lot of stamina. It won’t be long before he’s wheezing and and pink-faced, and needs to stop to catch his breath. Because of this, he insists on slower paced activities with more emphasis on planning than vigorous movements.
After some back and forth, you come to a mutual agreement: you’ll pick one activity, and Azul will pick another. He’ll do his best to honor his end of the bargain with you, but it won’t be without some grumbling, depending on what your choice is. Azul doesn’t very much enjoy being pelted with snowballs or having blistering wind chills tearing at his face as he sleds down a steep hill—but he’ll grit his teeth and endure it for you.
His glasses fog up terribly in the winter weather! He has to take them off and wipe them on his coat or on his scarf every so often just to keep his vision clear. It’s one of the few moments when you can glimpse him without his glasses (though he’s quick to replace them and smugly ask if you ‘see something on his face’).
When it’s his turn to choose something to do, Azul takes the reins of command and announces his plans to build a snow sculpture. He starts by etching a large circle on the ground and, as a stickler for interior design, mumbles to himself about potential furniture. Block by block, you and Azul carefully construct a spacious igloo, complete with little snow stools and a low, flat mound resembling a coffee table.
Once your new shelter is complete, of course you’ve got to crawl inside to test it out! It’s a little cramped and dark, but the igloo is surprisingly warm and cozy, especially squished so closely with Azul. (Is this what it’s like in his octopot? you wonder.) “For what it is, it’s adequate,” he remarks with a vague blush, “... but it’s certainly not what I had in mind for the home we’d one day share. When the time comes, I ensure you that it will be nicer than an igloo.”
Tumblr media
Rook’s ecstatic to join you for a day of fun in the snow. So ecstatic, in fact, that he skips ringing your doorbell or knocking the door (you know, like any rational person would) and instead heads to right below your window. Forming a snowball in his hands, he chucks it at the glass panes to grab your attention—and shoots a smile, and a morning greeting, from below.
He’s open to any and all winter time activities! Rook’s not that picky; he’ll happily follow along with whatever you’re in the mood to do. If you happen to choose something competitive (say, a snow all fight), he’s good about restraining his physical prowess to allow you a reasonable chance of defeating him. (... Though if you accuse him of “taking it easy” on you, he’ll throw his hands up and deny it, instead attributing his loss to your skillful play.)
His artistic abilities can be put on full display, with snow as his medium! While you work on making a standard snowman (even if its head is more narrow than round), Rook whips up fantastical sculptures with his bare hands—a deer family and a cheeky rabbit, a boy playing with a bear, a llama (eating... spinach puffs?), and finally, a pair of strikingly familiar people, happily embracing one another.
Rook shows you how to identify animals by their tracks! Together, you crouch low to the ground and exchange hushed whispers over the shapes in the snow, sometimes coming across dens in a forest of barren trees. He warns you not to disturb the hibernating animals—but should you come across one that is awake and well, he’ll coax it closer so you can run a hand along its fur.
You decide to make snow angels to leave your own mark in the area. Side by side, you collapse with Rook onto your backs, spreading your arms and legs out to form glorious wings. You get back up and brush off the snow, Rook chuckling as he helps pluck out particularly large chunks from your coat. “When all the snow melts away, there is only an angel left behind,” he croons, fingers weaving through your hair. “What a lucky man I am, to have an ange before me.”
Tumblr media
It must be a Christmas miracle that you managed to coax Idia out of his room and out into a winter wonderland. He looks so awkward standing there, sharp teeth chattering, shrinking in on himself in the middle of a flurry of white, snow fizzling away as soon as it makes contact with his scorching hair. His enthusiasm is at an all-time low, and it’s up to you to lift his spirits!
Idia’s clumsy—not that he usually is, but this otaku’s definitely not used to treading on slippery ground! Every other step is a dare with death itself, with Idia stumbling over his own feet to correct his balance. It’s even worse for him when he attempts (re: attempts) to join you on a frozen lake for ice-skating. He has to cling onto you for dear life as you slowly make your way around the rink, praying that his trembling legs won’t double over and make him look lame.
Idia’s like a walking furnace. Whenever you’re too cold, all you need to do is lean a little into him to get an instant surge of warmth. He’s especially warm when his emotions are running high—from your touch or from your words. And if you ask to hold his hand, or for his breath to thaw your fingers, it’s game over for Idia. That boy’s overheating, his brain is crashing, and it will take one looong debriefing before he reboots again.
He’s not a fan of normie activities, but he’ll gladly augment sports with his various inventions, just to make it feel more like a video game! Idia’s got a snowball shaping machine, and a snowball launchers for faster and more precise aim—one for you, and one for himself. But don’t think he’ll go easy on you just because he tried to even the playing field! Idia’s playing to win and come out on top, getting so swept up in the match that his cackling carries well across the silent snow.
Once the FRZN status has really started to eat away at him, Idia packs up his gadgets and begs you to go back inside. Even with the whirring machines scattered throughout Ignihyde generating warmth, it’s not quite enough to keep you comfy. A hesitant glance, a nervous bite of his lip—and Idia awkwardly extends both arms, his eyes lowered to the ground. “I-If you want... I could also warm you up... w-with a spare hoodie or something!! D-Don’t assume this is a high level love flag...!”
Tumblr media
Riddle has always wanted to frolic in the snow, even if he may not always express it. He rarely had the chance to play outside as a child, but his curiosity has never died out. You’ll often catch him staring out of the window during a study session, his eyes fixated on the blanketed landscape, and the drifting bales of white—so when you finally suggest that Riddle experience it for himself, he agrees.
Riddle’s unsure of how you properly “play” in the snow, so he asks you to demonstrate for him. For a while, he shuffles after you, hands stuffed into his pockets, and watches as you show off the snow’s qualities—how fluffy it is, how cold it is against your skin, how quickly it melts at your touch. He listens and observes with rapt attention, eventually bringing himself to scoop up some snow for himself, and allow a few falling flecks to hit his tongue.
Since he has the chance, Riddle wants to try a little bit of everything. He trusts you to be his guide as he stumbles on ice, shapes the snow, and decorates with sticks and stones and uneaten vegetables... It’s a joy to watch him slowly open up and familiarize himself with it all. Riddle laughs and smiles like he hasn’t been able to in a long time. (... Is that a tear in the corner of his eye, or it that just melted snow?)
As much as he enjoys catching up on aspects of his childhood that he missed out on, Riddle’s resilience (or lack thereof) soon catches up to him. Like a rose, he can’t take ice and frost for too long before wilting. You shelter Riddle and his bright red nose, huddling close as you lead him inside and throw a thick blanket over his small form.
You prepare mugs of hot chocolate, piled high with whipped cream and marshmallows—one for you and one for Riddle. Together, you snuggle by the fireplace as you sip at your drinks, warming you from the inside out. “I’ve never had this much fun before,” Riddle softly confides in you. His fingers slowly trace the rim of his cup, his image reflected back to him in the chocolate. “... Thank you for sharing this with me.”
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samaelwalten · a day ago
Tumblr media
i may be cringe but im free
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odonghe · a day ago
a question for other self shippers: do you have any fictional places that feel like home? a world, a town or city, a house, a spot of wilderness, etc. maybe you don't even have an f/o in this media, but the place is special enough to draw you back in?
i think this is a special and interesting concept, because universes, settings and times have the power to invoke as much emotion and even a sense of love as fictional characters
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astralselfships · 2 days ago
🌸 Imagine your usually calm and collected F/O not being the jealous type, you think. That is, until a certain someone gets too close to you or wants to befriend you, and your F/O just feels how something breaks inside them, little by little.
Imagine them not showing jealousy in typical ways, as they remain silent, lost in their head. Maybe they even place their hand ever so gently on your shoulder to get your attention from time to time.
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blushxblush · 2 days ago
hey um @ adults self shippers, pls remember to be aware that minors are apart of the community too. like, remember to properly tag any nsfw or dark posts, and to treat minors with respect and kindness. im saying this as a minor who has seen several untagged posts and is very uncomfortable by it, and who hasnt always been treated well by adults in the past. please be patient with minors, and help to explain anything we dont understand or answer questions we have. and if you dont want minors interacting with your blog, block us or just say so.
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selfshipseaside · a day ago
♡ Imagine your f/o comforting you in a time of overwhelming sadness or stress. They know your boundaries, whether you need a quiet partner to sit with, or to hold you, no matter what you require they are there to provide what they can. A listening ear perhaps, or maybe a hand to hold or a shoulder to cry on until you feel ready to talk. Or unless you need simple distractions, whether it’s watching your favorite shows and movies, or listening to music with your head on their lap. They’re here for you, always. Comfort and happiness is what you deserve and they believe that to the fullest, and if they can help you reach that point they are happy to do so!
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bigshotspambot · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
(Sorry the fingers are a bit of a mess) But thank you for the ask and thank you SO MUCH for the kind words....... 🥺.
Tumblr media
obligatory s u s version (dont mind me . ) Hoobadeeœbaboobabab494ababbboooob q bbq Q
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Random teleporting s/o is basically an enderman- – Depresso Anon
Referring to this post!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
giving some spotlight to enderman s/o UwU
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b0wieblue · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Okay bedtime now, I have had my allotted simping time for today
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schneekuchen · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Going through Lostbelt 5 in fgo and I... just really love Mandricardo.. He’s so endearing with his awkwardness
My selfship senses are tingling after reading his interactions with the MC, i just had to draw something
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dr-angel23 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Needed to redraw a meme
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apple-duck · 2 days ago
Three souls cursed with resting b*tch face 😔
Tumblr media
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lilacslovers · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
pokemon self insert update! ^^
(s/i uses he/she/they/ey pronouns!)
yes i KNOW i literally just updated how my s/i looked two months ago DFGKGH but.. listen.. gyaru.........
i’m not too proud of this but. it’s just a simple ref before the end of the year! <3
i might make a few ‘concept art’ like sketches too like you see in the galar gym leader concept books but i’m not too sure yet ^^; the pokemon style is hard to nail.....DFGJKHFHJG
but yeah!!!! i hope you all like how he looks!!! <3
also heres the sketch of em too because i liked it ok thx
Tumblr media
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bumblebriearts · a day ago
Tumblr media
Toony comm one of two for @cj-self-ships of his cute bird ranger girl Autumn! Thanks so much for your support! 
Commission Info - Ko-Fi
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havinganfois · 2 days ago
Imagine going to the doctor's for a check-up with your parental f/o. They fill out all your paperwork. You're supposed to get your blood drawn today, and they're honestly more nervous than you. "Don't worry kiddo, you'll be okay!" They say in full confidence, more reassuring themselves than you. When you actually get your blood drawn, they squeeze your hand, talking about anything and everything to distract the both of you.
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devoidwrites · 20 hours ago
I WOULD • Kim Hongjoong
Tumblr media
Summary: You have a boyfriend, and Hongjoong respected that, but he couldn’t stand seeing you miserable with someone who doesn’t treat you right.
Words: 2.1K
Genre: non idol au, angst
Pairing: Kim Hongjoong x FEM!Reader
Warning: reader cheating on her scumbag boyfriend
“Would he say he’s in l-o-v-e? Well if it was me then I would.”
Hongjoong let out a sigh as he placed the menus down on the podium for what seemed like the hundredth time today. He began back down the aisle, his eyes catching sight of you sitting alone in a booth.
“Y/n?” You turned your head, offering him a soft smile. The two of you had met in your first year of college. You easily became good friends over the years. “What are you doing here?”
“Waiting for Dulsik to show up.” He scowled at the mention of your boyfriend.
“He hasn’t shown up yet?”
You turned to him with furrowed eyebrows. “What?“
“Nothing.” He flashed a quick smile. Truth was, he was never a big fan of your boyfriend. He did stuff like this a lot. Made you wait for him, whether it’s him picking you up or you meeting him somewhere. He’s canceled on you plenty of times as well.
But Hongjoong never says anything. He remains to himself. Why? Because he sees the smile on your face every time Dulsik finally does show up. He loved seeing you smile, even if it was for your douche bag of a boyfriend.
Lately your smiled hadn’t been there, because it’s gotten to the point he doesn’t even show up anymore.
Another truth. Hongjoong was sure he was in love with you. The way his stomach fluttered whenever you smiled at him, and the way his skin burned every time you touched him. Every sign was there. He embraced it like a fool. You wouldn’t be his. Not with Dulsik around.
Had he thought about getting rid of the guy? Plenty of times. That’s all it was though. He’d never actually do anything about it. He didn’t want to see you go through that pain.
So, he waited. He waited for you to realize how much of a dick your boyfriend was. Every time he tried to mention his mistreatment you’d curse him out. You were blindly in love with Dulsik. It was infuriating.
“What time was he supposed to be here?”
Hongjoong scoffed. The bastard left you waiting here for 50 minutes now? “And you’re still hoping he’s gonna show?”
“I was, but i’m not so sure now.” You sighed. Hongjoongs heart broke for you. “He’s not answering his phone. I hope nothing happened to him.”
“I’m sure he’s fine.” You nodded in agreement, but the disappointment was clear on your face. Hongjoong sat down across from you, crossing his arms. “I get off in ten minutes. If he’s not here by them you’re welcome to come to Chanhee’s with me.”
You knew Chanhee. You shared a couple of friends with him, so of course you knew him. He was a cool guy. “What’s happening at his place?”
“Nothing much. He wants to show this cool mic he got. We might mess around and make a track or something.”
You smiled at the idea. Chanhee was an excellent singer, and Hongjoong wasn’t too bad at rapping either. “Who else is gonna be there?”
“Dahyun, Sihyeon, and Minho I think.”
Oh, so all of the talented people.
They were all gifted in their own ways. Dahyun was a great actress. She got lead in almost every play your school held. Sihyeon had the voice of an angel. She and Chanhee basically ran the choir. And Minho was the schools best dancer. He even led a dance crew of his own.
What did you have to bring to the table? You took band once, but you didn’t think the saxophone would help with this. You weren’t that great of a rapper, and you couldn’t carry a tune to save your life.
Still, anything was better than sitting in a booth until the restaurant closed.
He nodded with a smile before standing up. He checked his watch. “Eight minutes.”
He disappeared into the kitchen. He finished what he had to do faster than he’s ever done before. Taking the apron off, he hung it up on the rack. Seungkwan eyed him as he moved quickly.
“What’s the rush?”
Hongjoong barely glanced at him. “I’ve got someone waiting.”
“That pretty girl you were talking to?” Seungkwan smirked at the prominent blush on the boys cheeks. “Friend of yours?”
“Yes, but she has a boyfriend.”
Seungkwan nodded before going back to work, letting the boy clock out before walking back out of the kitchen.
Hongjoong stepped up to the table, offering you a hand. “You ready?”
You nodded and took his hand. He helped you to your feet and the two of you were out of the restaurant.
You couldn't contain the laugh that you let out as Chanhee nearly tripped over this chair. He cursed softly before standing up and dusting himself off.
You'd been here for nearly two hours, and you were having fun. They didn't question why you were here, but the conversation was brought up when you received a text from him.
I'm sorry.
That's all it said. Nothing more. No I'll make it up to you or an explanation as to why he never showed up. You scoffed before tossing the phone on the couch. Two could play at that game.
"What's wrong?" Hongjoong asked. He noticed your change in mood almost instantly.
"Dulsik apologized."
Dahyun sent you a curious glance. "What happened?"
"He never showed up for our date." You told her with a shrug. You tried to play it off, but you were hurt and you were sure it showed. "I waited for nearly an hour, but he never came."
"Dude..." Sihyeon trailed off, a look of disgust on her face. “Did he at least tell you why he never showed up?”
They didn’t want to hate the guy immediately, but it was hard not to with the small shake of your head.
Chanhee scoffed. "You deserve better than that Y/n."
You were starting to realize that. You had grown tired of his constant excuses, but yet you held on in hopes he could change. It didn't seem likely, but you had hope.
"Good luck with that." Hongjoong thought to himself, moving back to the computer. "I've been telling her that for months."
Minho sat down in the desk chair Chanhee nearly tripped over. "He do this often?"
"More than I'd like to admit."
"Dump him." Minho was blunt. "What's he ever done for you anyway, besides leaving you in a booth alone?"
"He ever buy you flowers?" Sihyeon asked. Your eyes diverting to the ground told them no.
Dahyun scoffed. "Does he even tell you he loves you?"
No. He doesn't. "He said he wasn't ready for that commitment."
I would. Hongjoong looked at you. He'd do both of those things. He'd shower you with gifts, and constantly remind you of how much you meant to him. It's nothing you didn't deserve.
"Let's drop it." Hongjoon hoped you were finally starting to listen, but he also didn't want to see you upset. And right now you looked like you wanted to crawl away and hide. "We're almost done with he track. We just need a cover photo."
Your eyes lifted, sending him a grateful smile. What would you do without him? You felt a small sensation in your stomach, and you knew what it was. The only thing was yo couldn't figure out why it was happening towards Hongjoong.
He was your friend, and you had never felt such a way about him. So, why now were you feeling like you wanted nothing more than to reach over and hold his hand?
"I can help with that." Finally something you could do. "I don't have my tablet right now, but I could whip up some digital art for it. Just give me a preference and I'll have it done as fast as possible."
"Really?" Change asked. His eyebrows lifted in surprise. "That'd be great."
He didn't think twice about taking your offer. They were all gifted, but not when it came to digital art. That was your specialty.
They began to offer ideas as to what the cover photo could look like, and you took notes in your phone so you wouldn't forget. It seemed easy enough. You should have it done rather quickly.
A week after your hang out with Hongjoong and his friends you found yourself waiting in your living room for the arrival of your boyfriend. Thirty minutes later and he hadn’t showed up yet.
He was supposed to pick you up and the two of you were gonna watch a movie, but like always he had to work. He was always working.
You could feel it. The love you once had for Dulsik were slowly disappearing, and you were certain next time you saw him you’d break up with him. The fear of being alone outweighed the mistreatment you were facing.
A knock on your door made you lift your head. You stood up and walked over to the door. You opened the door to reveal not your boyfriend, but Hongjoong.
“Joong?” You said in a questioning way. You weren’t expecting him today. “What are you doing here?”
You moved to the side so he could step inside your small apartment. He did so, quite timidly. “I came by to see if you wanted to hang out with me and the others tonight. We’re going to a karaoke lounge to celebrate the finished track. Wouldn’t feel right the now have you there.”
You smiled. Feeling included in such a project made you feel needed. It was nice. “You couldn’t have called?”
“Well if you agreed to go I didn’t want you to walk alone. Plus your place is on my way there.” He shrugged as if it were no big deal. “Did you already have plans?”
“I did, but-“
“Wait let me guess. Dulsik never showed.”
You didn’t want to look at him and admit it. You didn’t need too. The glance away from him confirmed it by itself.
“Why do you keep putting yourself through this y/n?” He asked with a sigh. “You don’t deserve any of this.”
“And what do i deserve?“ You asked. He’d been telling you what you deserved for months. You wanted to know just what he thought you deserved.
“Some who actually cares for you.” Hongjoong’s rose a bit. It wasn’t angry yelling, but desperate. “You deserve to be shown just how much they care for you. Someone who doesn’t throw you to the side and keeps you waiting for hours. Y/n, you deserve someone that’s not afraid to tell you they love you.”
“And who’s gonna do all of that?”
“I would!”
A burst of emotion set off through your entire body, and before you could stop yourself the two of you met in the middle, lips crashing together feverishly. Your hands made their way to his neck, and his to your waist to pull you closer.
The kiss was fast and sloppy, but it was everything the two of you never said. He was putting his confession into this kiss- hoping you’d understand just how much he cared for you.
You? You put the bottled up feelings you had for him out. You always did like Hongjoong, but how could you have been sure he felt the same? It was too risky to lose someone on hopes they felt the same.
“Y/n.” He said through kisses. “This- this isn’t.”
He reluctantly pulled away from you. He was loving every second, but-“ This isn’t right.”
You knew he was right. Even though your feelings for Dulsik have dwindled, and your love for Hongjoong has flourished, it still wasn’t right. You were still with Dulsik, and you just cheated on him.
“I’m breaking up with him.”
It was final. Even if you hadn’t kissed Hongjoong you were gonna break it off with Dulsik. The kiss just encouraged you to do it sooner.
“Good.” Hongjoong smiled. “You should be with someone who really loves you- i’m talking about me. You should be with me.”
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