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#self insert

i’m begging self shippers not to interact with blogs outside of self ship, especially right now.

it’s worrying seeing self shippers big and small being contacted in “friendly” ways by certain bloggers. these are popular mainstream tumblr bloggers who thrive off of drama and controversy and will do anything (including lie about random people) to stir up something to make text posts about. it’s already spreading around and causing harm.

it doesn’t matter how nice you want to be or how many friends you want to make. please ignore and even block non-self ship blogs right now, whether they’re liking all your posts, sending you nice things, or heading straight for sending you hate or making posts about you. i’d rather see a stop put to this than it turned into any more of a circus show

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That moment in the ‘Lightning Breaks’ quest when Johnny flickers out of existence temporarily because of the EMP, it really scared the hell out of Valeria (my V). That was the moment when she realized just how much she’d come to care for Johnny in just a short time. She realized how much it would break her if she lost him, that she didn’t want to live without him. Even if it meant giving up her body to him, dying for him, etc., then so be it.

This was what prompted her to seach for not a way to simply get rid of the chip and save herself, but to search for a solution where both she and Johhny could be saved; she wouldn’t settle for anything less.

This is what eventually leads to what happens in her MAIN ENDING (which is canon divergent); Johnny’s original body is found in cold storage in an Arasaka facility, and they discover a way to transfer Johnny’s conciousness back to his own body, allowing Val to keep hers as well. Though, she is left with some permanent brain and nerve damage; it causes her to get severe headaches, and her hands (constantly) shake slightly from then on. But, she still feels it was worth it for both her and Johnny to have a second chance at life.

It’s also what mainly drives her decision in her ALTERNATE ENDING (the canon ending) to, after speaking with Johnny, commit suicide. She doesn’t want to live without Johnny, and she would rather die as well. It solidifies her decision the fact that she would still only have a few weeks to live. This way, they die together, and, Val hopes that, if there’s any life after death, they’ll meet again one day.

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𝐬𝐛𝐢 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐜𝐢𝐩𝐡𝐞𝐫

「 summary 」 cipher as part of the sbi found family :)

「 warnings 」 mentions of family, techno doesn’t like orphans, some fighting ig

「 type/trope 」 headcanons, fluff, familial

「 characters included 」 cipher, tommy, wilbur, techno, philza (honorable mention: tubbo)

  • LAST UPDATED: 01/17/21
  • all photos made on picsart
  • cipher’s dialogue purple, tommy’s is red, wilbur’s is blue, techno is pink & the voices in techno’s head are in itallics


how he’s found

→ okay so: cipher ran away from home which was a life he didn’t want and he had scared the poor lady taking care of him

→ he was eight at the time, a smart kid and also a little shit

→ philza, while on a walk to gather some wood, finds the little dude who literally nearly puts philza on his ass but philza (with his dad skills) backs away and calms cipher down

→ philza just compulsively brings in abandoned children every other fucking month

individual (when they first met tommy, wilbur and techno, how they got along, stuff they did together, etc.)


→ him and tommy are around the same age

→ tommy was pretty ecstatic to have another boy close to his age around and after learning that he’d be staying with them, he immediately stated that they were brothers

“we’re not brothers.” “whyyyy? why not” “because we don’t have the same parents.” “we can still be brothers!” “no.”

→ it took a few days for them to warm up to him but eventually they did and then they became the closest

→ cipher made a treehouse close to the house but they still wanted to be alone because they werent sure if they trusted the family and tommy would go up there and annoy them because he wanted attention and wilbur was busy and no one else would (cipher nearly pushed him off of the treehouse once)

→ cipher knows that tommy is often seen as a bother to the others and is neglected but he reminds him that he’s not and always gives him a chance

“you’re definitely can be annoying and i wanna bash you on the head with a book sometimes but you’re not a bother to me.”

→ despite cipher’s reluctance at first, tommy and cipher were the closest out of all of them, mostly because of the same age range. both of them were almost uncontrollable children and even worse as growing teenagers

→ tommy bullies as a sign of affection, so cipher adapted by flicking tommy’s forehead, pinching his cheeks and tugging his ears in return. tommy hates it

→ but also hugs because cipher’s overall love language is physical affection! tommy prefers side hugs out of anything but sometimes they’ll suffocate him in a bear hug, especially after a battle

→ cipher gave tommy his ‘chirp’ disc and told him that it was his favourite music disc so tommy often plays it when they’re together (tommy still hides that one from dream)

→ when cipher found out that tommy was scared of spiders, they got to tease him like he did with cipher’s fear of bees

→ the other’s would find tommy and cipher (and sometimes tubbo) asleep together in random places

→ they met tubbo at the age of twelve and the three of them were stuck together like glue


→ big brother mode activated once again

→ for some reason wilbur was the only one that young!cipher wasn’t a little shit to. the softness cipher showed to wilbur was an immediate thing

→ whenever cipher was hiding in his treehouse because he was upset, wilbur would go up and hang out with him and talk with him

→ cipher makes him give them piggyback rides

→ cipher called him wilby to make fun of tommy and then it stuck


→ first of all, techno didn’t really like cipher because they were an orphan and the voices didn’t like that

→ but when cipher started giggling whenever he noticed the tightened grip on a sword/axe and murderous glare that techno gave him, it would shock him and the voices went silent

“protect them” “he gets you” “protect him” “dadza says we can’t hurt them”

→ cipher and techno would read and discuss mythology and books together for literal hours. they often share books with each other as well.

→ techno won’t tell anyone but cipher wears glasses when he’s reading (this is more now!cipher than young!cipher)

“i like your hair. it’s pink.” “thank you.” “can i braid it?”

→ cipher won’t tell anybody but techno is part of the reason he grew out his hair


→ young!cipher didn’t do well with adults and authority figures

→ phil and cipher weren’t that close. phil gave him a home but they didn’t really stay there except for when tommy wanted sleepovers (they stayed in their treehouse mostly). the only reason they stayed in the vicinity was because of his sons

→ phil would find them talking to mobs outside a lot, especially endermen and having to call them inside from a distant because mobs were hostile to him and his sons (not hostile to cipher because of his enderman/herobrine dna. the only ones hostile to him are cave spiders and pilligers)

the rest (more than one together, etc)

→ tommy, cipher and wilbur would scrap a lot and wrestle each other

“bitch” “jerk” “dumbasses” “cunts”

→ if you can’t guess which usually says which it’s in this order: tommy, wilbur, techno, cipher

→ they’d all take sparring lessons with each other (cipher always won the ones he had with tommy and even some of the ones with wilbur and has nearly knocked techno down once)

→ tommy and cipher would wake up wilbur by smacking him with pillows just to bolt out when wilbur would snatch the pillows from them and beat them with it

→ cipher always went to his tree house when upset, you could find him there when he’s upset or wants to be alone

→ reluctantly calls tommy and wilbur his brothers unless tommy or wilbur or both are in trouble

“who? them? i have never talked to them in my life.”

→ OR “you just called them your brothers.” “who?” “tommy and wilbur.” “no i didn’t.” “yes you did.” “i did what?”

→ he doesn’t call philza dad cause he just doesn’t feel like it and techno is rlly just an uncle tbh

→ but then when they turned fourteen —having lived with sbi for about five years— they ran away (like they always do)

→ however they turn up at wilbur’s drug caravan no less than three years later…

l’manberg arc

→ wilbur didn’t recognize him at first as cipher had longer hair, his posture was more stiff, he had definitely hit another growth spurt and he wore a mask over half of his face

→ but when he looked into cipher’s eyes he recognized the black and white irises immediately

“holy shit, cipher?” “hi, wilby.” “welcome to l’manberg.”

→ wilbur immediately crushed the younger boy into a hug which cipher froze up before relaxing and hugging him back

“tommy! tubbo! come look who’s here!” “oh no..”

→ needless to say, cipher was tackled into a huge hug, both boys yelling at him about where the fuck he’s been for three years

→ they welcome him with open arms, of course

UNFINISHED (cause i got too lazy and couldn’t think abt anything else)

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it’s about time i make a promo post!
hello there, i’m blue (they/them)! i’ve had this selfship blog for a while, but never really made a proper about page or card, but now i have… so here it is!

my main f/o is (timeskip) dimitri alexandre blaiddyd from fire emblem: three houses. i also love princess peach! (i’m not comfy sharing f/os though, sorry!)
i’d love to make more friends, and i promise i don’t bite! 

before following me, please read my carrd! 

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I finally made a proper reference picture for my new rhythm-heaven inspired sona!

NOTE: the outfit is a placeholder, anything with this kind of pastel/pink/cutesy aesthetic is fine by me ^-^

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It’s my nasty girl

you can kinda see part of a jester doodle too

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“No, I am not carrying you because I’m afraid you’ll be stepped on. I just… you simply can’t appreciate the glory of the Decepticon mothership from your perspective. It’s your fault, really, for being so diminuative in stature. Afraid you’ll be stepped on. Laughable.”

Sometimes self-care is just shopping yourself with a giant robot.

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hey there! You’re not annoying at all, I’m doing a little better today so I’ll answer your ask ❤️

so, I officially joined the self ship community in… I think last summer. So a while ago, almost a year actually! And as of right now I have about 200 and some (45 or 50?) followers (who I love and appreciate, every single one <3). And if you go way back to the beginning of my blog, you’ll see how my posts and art used to look vs now, and there’s a lot of obvious improvement that I went through. So tbh, I wouldn’t worry at all about embarrassing yourself. Embrace it, I STILL get embarrassed posting on here but hell !! It’s fun !!! There is nothing embarrassing about talking about and sharing the things your passionate about. If you truly love your f/os and want to talk about them, go for it. I and so many other self shippers will be here to listen because we know excactly how you feel. Just remember that self shipping is all about having fun, or coping, or showing love for characters, whatever it is for you. And if anyone does come for you and call you weird (which love, I don’t think you have to worry about in this community), there’s always at least 10 people to counter that with showing you love and support. Trust me, for every negative person in this community there’s at least 10 or 15 positive people that will listen to and support you ❤️

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here’s my toontown s/i 👉👈 i’ve been playing a lot of toontown recently andd i may have fallen for a certain cog GKSKGKSLFLA so fuck it i made a self insert. he’s dating a loan shark cog named ashton (or just ash for short) 😎

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I’ve never pictured Whirl with a minibot before but it’s… so perfect?! He and Cyclonus could be Minibot loving buddies, bonding over their tiny and beautiful partners, and that image alone is everything. But for now we shall enjoy the ANGST

The battle had been a hard one, for sure, and it was a miracle he hadn’t heard of a single bot being confirmed dead. Yet, at every injury or near miss he’d endured, his thoughts had turned only to you. Not that he perceived you as weak or anything, but he knew a thing or two about the brutal physics of combat. If the hits those brutes dished out had been strong enough to send him staggering… Your tiny frame would not have fared well. Just one good punch or shot to somewhere vital, and… his processor refused to venture any further down that dark path.

Or at least it had initially, now with every passing minute turning up no sign of you, he’s increasingly turning to darker and more gruesome thoughts. What if your little frame was beneath one of these bodies? What if they’d torn you into so many pieces he’d passed you several times over without realizing it? What if you were so mangled he couldn’t recognize you amongst the debris as you lay dying?! The worry was rapidly evolving into tank turning nausea that threatened to spill over.

“Bitty?!” He called out into the corpse filled hallway, using half your cutesy nickname for added impact. Though his voice was growing static laden from the yelling, he had no intention of resting it, content to shout for you until his voicebox burned a hole in his throat if that’s what it took. Not even his injuries could slow him down in the slightest. One damaged leg kept plodding along without a fuss, and he would happily let it crumple and fall of it meant finding you.

Admittedly the mangled but otherwise functional limb also struggled to stay steady on the floor for another reason; it was so slicked with enemy blood solid footing was impossible. His frustrations resulted in a piece of debris he’d been examining getting chucked clear down the battered hallway. Exhausted in the worst way, his owerful claws clamped his helm between them as the overwhelming grief threatened to split him apart. He doesn’t want to believe you’re gone, he can’t, but how long can he keep hoping? It’s been hours since the battle ended, and you’re nowhere to be found. All he has is the last transmission between the two of you, where you’d sounded in a bad way already, and had cut off before relaying your position… There had only been time for an “I love you”…

Before he can collapse to his knees, a small sound at the end of the hallway catches his audials. It’s soft; not like anything you’d expect to hear near a literal war zone, yet it instinctively stirs something in his spark. A few wobbly steps bring him closer, ironically to the same spot he’d ended up tossing the wreckage from earlier, where it had landed on a pile of bodies backed up against a door.

Then he sees it; they hadn’t been pushed against the door, they’d been trying to get in, and had perished doing so. The group must have been taken by surprise at their backs, too focused trying to claw their way inside to protect themselves, but what could there possibly have been in a closet to make them so incensed?

A second sound makes him move without caring for a solid answer. Hulking corpses are shoved and tossed aside without ceremony, their limp forms proving a second to final obstacle once he realizes the door itself is locked, and he enters the universal passcode to the bloodied keypad. His claws shake so much it’s almost impossible to get the keys right. Finally, he taps all the proper numbers in order, and the bloodied door hisses as it retracts out of the way.

A supernova bursts in his spark when he takes it all in; you, bleeding and damaged and trembling but alive. Scars and dents cover your frame, but the worst is the mangled stump where everything below your right knee used to be, with the smeared energon beneath to show you’d been forced to drag yourself this far. It’s a relief and an agony to find his tiny mate like this, but he takes the former emotion and runs with it. Shoving those bad emotions aside like so many corpses, he drops to his knees just as you realize your hiding spot has been breached.

“Whirl!” You shout in a cracked and weak voice, exhausted from a million different things but drawing up the strength to welcome him. Much larger than you, the Copterbot has to hunch to pull you into his arms, but is even more gentle than usual to avoid hurting you. Unable to hold back your tears, you sniffle at the rush of emotion that comes with the hug. Whirl is alive, you’re alive, the ship is in one piece… It’s almost too good to be true.

“Shhh… Easy there, Itty Bitty…” He soothes, expertly wiping away one of your tears with the tip of a claw. You hold the digit close, not wanting to lose the instant of contact after being so afraid of never having it again. Using his long legs, the bigger bot steps clear of the tight corner, never losing his protective grip on your body. Unable to walk, you happily let him take the lead. He always insists on carrying you anyway…

“Did we win?” You ask in a hiccup, looking about the destruction and paying special attention to the countless enemy corpses. They’re a lot less scary now than before, but you still find yourself holding Whirl more securely, and you’re cradled in return.

He makes a sound somewhat like a chuckle, and you’re reminded that one of you is far more accustomed to combat than the other. “Sure did. They don’t know what hit them.”

At the comfortable silence that follows, between the pain of your injuries and the blameless protection he shows for you, you’re made aware of some guilt in your spark. How badly must he have worried while you were holed up? How long had he been searching? How much did you worry him by ending up in the situation you did? Surely there had to be a better way to protect yourself, and the countless possibilities make you tear up from something deeper than pain. An apology rises up before you even know what to say.

“Whirl, I-”

“Shhh…” He shushes once more, adjusting you to let your audial rest beside his voicebox. Though his voice is rough, his tone is gentle, and certain despite how he struggles to form the words. “Like I said, just take it easy. Let’s have the docbot look you over before we have any deep conversations.”

“Okay… Okay…” You agree with a tiny nod, finding exhaustion in every remaining limb creeping over you in a slow wave. The closet hadn’t been the best place to realize you were barely keeping your optics open. Now though, in his arms, surrounded by love… It’s impossible to deny a light doze just to recover some energy. Curling up close, you whisper softly before submitting to the need for rest.

“I love you.”

In his own way, he smiles with just his optic, tapping his helm against yours as he gently replies with a slow stroke of a claw over your back.

“Love you too, Bitty.”

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What are you doing?
About what?
What would happen if I mix mentos and coke in my mouth.
You are no longer allowed to use the Agencey's coffee machine.
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Imagine being in a relationship with Levi

“Levi wake up” *shake shake*😯

“Ugh what is it?”

“You still like me right?” 😣

“You-you woke me up at this ungodly hour to ask that?!”

“….well do you?"😗👀

"I married you didn’t I stupid?! Now shut up and go back to bed” 💢

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