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shandzii · 2 days ago
I just found the post about lorge Mer Sun and Moon and my immediate thought was "well how am I meant to give them a kiss kiss now- they're to big-" and if that doesn't show how much I love those bois then idk what will-
Tumblr media Tumblr media
just give their faces a gentl bonk c:
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chuuyas--boo · 9 hours ago
Rb to cuddle your f/o(s) like this
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vogueships · 2 days ago
something sooo cute about your F/O taking their hat off and putting it on your head
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cheripfs · 2 days ago
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me every time i see my f/o’s media / source
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frozenhi-chews · 2 days ago
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When the Cain Instinct sets in. GOSH POOR MOON
The latest chapter of @twinanimatronics fic had updated and again I was hit with the Sibling Issues aaa. This scene...OOF. It was a rightful punch in the gut and really set how badly these two wanted to hit eachother. The years of pent-up anger and resentment finally kicking in and it hit me on a deeper level.
Siblings play-fight all the time, my own siblings do this with me as well. But the fact this was more revenge rather than playfulness, yeah like the scene in chapter 8, it full-on smacked me.
Reading this alongside Lofi Beats. This fic is an experience I'll tell ya that! And it's amazing!
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scrapnick · a day ago
I was gonna draw something so self indulgent but as god is my witness…
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cutie-writes · a day ago
Tumblr media
Warnings: R18+, arguments, smut
angst to fluff to smut, 3K
Summary: You are still recovering from a “simple” mission that left you severely injured, much to your embarrassment. You laugh it off in hopes of making light of it so your husband doesn’t think of you as weak— but “weak” is no where near close to what Kyojuro thinks of you.
A/N: Several months later and I’m posting something on my blog that has nothing to do with the academy au 😭
Tumblr media
“You understand why I’m angry at you, right?”
“…is it because now it takes me longer to make those pork buns you love so much?” You say, sheepishly.
The joke didn’t land. If anything it just made it worse.
“Stop it,” He grits out. “Stop making fun of..all of this!” He runs his hand through his hair, tugging at the ends.
“What do you want me to do then, cry?” You snap. You’ve been trying so hard to keep it in, you are not going to burst into waterworks over some shitty attempt at what you guess was a reconciliation.
He scoffs and shakes his head. “I don’t care what you do as long as you just take this seriously!” He shouts, “you were injured! How Reckless can you possibly be?!” It is rare for Kyojuro to raise his voice in anger, much less towards you.
Tears well up in your eyes and you turn around to avoid him from seeing. Unfortunately, he takes this as an act of pettiness and fully unleashes his temper.
“You were so careless! Your comrades almost died, you almost died! And you walk around as if it were nothing! As if you’d just scraped a knee, it’s ridiculous!” He yells now, and you can’t bear to face him. Hearing his disappointment was enough, to actually see it might just kill you. Out of all your years together, your arguments were never this bad.
You stay silent as he paces around the room. You feel shame rise to your cheeks and wrap your arms around yourself. You can’t do this. But it’s not like you can really leave, either.
“The side of your head was drenched in blood, Y/N. They could barely recognize you. Your left leg was crushed. They didn’t know if they’d be able to help you walk again. They didn’t even know if you’d survive the night.” He seethed out before falling into complete silence, not a sound save for the crackling of the fire.
The moment stretches as you become nauseous. You hope those footsteps are moving towards the door but instead sound like they’re getting closer and closer.
“Stop,” you mumble.
He freezes. “Stop what?”
“I…” you take in a deep breath, praying that the words about to come out are steady and firm. The opposite of how you truly feel.
“I want to be left alone,” you say shakily. You start to hiccup and hear a strange “hmph” behind you. You hate crying in front of people and you hate crying during an argument even more. You try to stumble towards your room, cursing as your leg gives way. The next thing you knew you were falling, the floor getting closer and closer…
Then it stopped.
You keep your eyes shut, a whimper crawling out of your throat.
“Y/N,” he calls out softly. “What is this really about?”
That question along with his gentle tone tore down every wall you struggled to build.
Tears flood from your eyes as he moves to cradle you towards his chest, tucking your head under his chin. He sits you both down and waits for you to settle, rubbing circles on your back.
“I’m sorry,” you eventually croak out.
“For what?” He asks.
“E-everything, the crying, the jokes, the mission, I know I failed. I know I disappointed you. I thought that if I played it off, you wouldn’t see it as a big deal and we could just move past it. But that just made it worse. I’m sorry I failed you.”
There’s silence and you slowly lift your head away from his shoulder. As scary as it is, you need to see his face right now.
And right now, he looks completely and utterly broken.
“You…you thought I was disappointed in you?” He asks and you fight the urge to roll your eyes.
“Why wouldn’t you be?! You’re right! My friends were hurt, I barely killed that demon, and to make matters worse, I almost got slaughtered in the process instead! I can’t stay with you if I can’t even manage to come back from a stupid mission in one piece.” You rant, hands clenching in self-pity. “You said you heard from the other hashira what had happened to me! I’m sure you were embarrassed!”
His gaze tenses, but the fire in his eyes held a different light. His grip grows harsher, though it’s not in malice.
“I was upset because I could’ve lost you.” He whispers. “I was afraid that if you kept laughing over this, you’d never take yourself seriously and would end up dying on another mission. And that I wouldn’t be there to protect you.”
“I don’t think you’re weak,” he continues, “I’ve never thought that and never will. You spoke without a problem while your leg was bent in all sorts of angles, for Gods’ sake. You’re one of the strongest people I know,” he smiles gently. “I wasn’t embarrassed when Shinobu and the others told me. In fact, they were just about as concerned as I was.” He was an honest man, you knew he was telling the truth, but you found it unbelievable nonetheless. Still, you fake a smile as you try to lean back into his chest, only to stop as his fingers firmly grasp your chin.
“I mean it,” he says. “No one had a single bad thought about you. They care about you. You’re worth caring about, Y/N.”
Your smile is wobbly as you throw your arms around his neck, he arms wrapping around you just as tightly. “I’m sorry for making you worry about such a thing,” he tells you. You shake your head as a way to say “forget about it” but he pulls you back to take a strand of your hair, stroking it before putting it behind your ear.
“I thought you died Y/N. I thought I’d never see you again.” His hand moves to your cheek, cradling it with the gentleness you’ve been craving since you were confined to a lumpy mattress at the mansion. You nuzzle into it, receiving a playful huff in return. The atmosphere starts to change, and It’s not long before those caring hands move towards the back of your head, gripping the roots of your hair, firmly pulling them back. You shutter as he makes you bare his neck to him, choking out a gasp once his tongue finds your pulse.
“Of course,” he lets out a dark chuckle, “this isn’t something that I can forgive with just a hug and a kiss” he moves to push you down onto the floor before thinking better of it, moving the both of you to the bed.
He sets you down gently, and looks at you silently, hoping that you wanted this as much as he did. You smile and wrap your good leg around his waist, tugging him closer. “Oh? Then what can I do to make you forgive me?” You smile coyly and his eyes narrow. He isn’t as fast as usual, trying to maneuver himself in a way that wouldn’t irritate any of your injuries. “I’m not fragile,” you joke.
His head snaps up in irritation.
“It isn’t a matter of whether you’re fragile or not,” he grips your hip tightly. “It’s a matter of me taking care of you— and for you to learn to take better care of yourself.” If it hadn’t been for your leg, you knew he would have turned you over and spanked you. You mourn for the loss but he more than makes up for it when he seizes your throat.
“I thought you knew that this isn’t some casual fuck. I’m fucking you to teach you a lesson.” His hand is firm over your neck and you can’t hide your smile. He gives pressure and you let out a whine, grabbing his wrist with both of your small hands— not to stop him, just to ground yourself.
“Slut,” he grits out, but it’s not in anger. He chuckles in disbelief. “I try to teach you something and you can’t even listen. I’ve barely touched you yet but you’re already sounding like a whore.” He travels a finger down the middle of your legs, skimming your clit through your clothes along the way. It isn’t by any means close enough, but if you can’t listen, you can at least try to behave. You bite back your whines as he plays with the hems of your clothes, not touching you where you needed it most. Part of you wants to beg, but you’re not quite sure if that’d work or just prolong the torture. He grins as he watches you struggle, your face pulled into a pout and your hands clenching the sheets.
“Good girl,” he whispers, and you involuntarily let out a whimper. You wince, hoping he didn’t hear it but there was no way he could not. However, instead of adding any more punishments, he coos and strokes your bottom lip. “Aw baby, you’re trying so hard to behave, aren’t you?” He says and you shake your head furiously in response.
“It’s nice to know my girl still has her manners” he praises you. You lift your head up in hopes of getting more praise, more stimulation, just more, but instead are met with him pulling away. He tsks as he grabs both your wrists and pins them above your head. “But the lesson isn’t over yet,” he grins and you don’t hold back the sob crawling out of your throat in response.
He takes pity and does his best to rid you of both your pants and under garments without discomfort. You can’t help but wince when he slightly nudges your injured leg to the right. He notices and kisses your knee gently, before slowly moving the leg back down.
“Kyojuro,” you whisper, and he immediately stops what he’s doing, staring into your eyes with an intensity you’ve never seen before.
“I love you,” you say. It wasn’t a tease, or a way of trying to manipulate him into giving you what you wanted. You genuinely wanted him to know how much he meant to you. How much you loved him.
He pulls back from your lower half and smashes his lips against yours, foregoing any slight hint of teasing and instead focusing all of his energy onto you.
“I love you too,” he replies, “so damn much.”
He takes off your top as you start unbutton his uniform, only for him to take over and finish the job quicker. “Some punishment this was,” he laughs and you grin sheepishly.
His gentle sigh turns into a soft frown as his fingers trace over the side of your face that was damaged. You try to turn away to save yourself from the embarrassment, but that only made Rengoku’s grip tighter.
“Don’t,” he warns. “Don’t hide from me.”
His hand is warm against your cheek and you can’t pinpoint what exact emotion he was feeling right now. You nod and give a soft smile.
“Since my first attempt at punishment wasn’t much of one.. I have some rules for you.” He tells you, traveling his hand down and over your heart.
You groan at him, “really, Kyojuro?”
Next thing you know you’re finding it hard to breathe and you blink up to your boyfriend hovering over you, a mischievous glint in his eyes and his hands around your throat.
“Watch it,” he warns, “or I won’t let you come at all.”
You try to nod but he shakes his head before relenting his grip, “words, Y/N.”
“Yes sir,” you gulped.
He relaxes and sits back. “I’m going to give you a choice” he says, “you come from my mouth or my cock- whatever you choose you can’t come during the other. Not unless I say so.”
He’s kidding.
He’s absolutely kidding.
“Ah I guess this requires some thinking, don’t it? I’ll give you some time.” He leans on one of his elbows, an evil grin spread across his face.
“Kyojuro please,” you beg. “That’s not fair!”
“Yeah, that’s the point,” he laughs.
You resist to complain again despite desperately aching for release, because you know it won’t get you anywhere.
“…Cock. I-I want to come on your cock.” You huff out.
“Okay sweetheart,” he smiles cheekily before his head is in between your thighs again.
“Kyojuro wha- ahh! What are you doing?” You’re interrupted by a long swipe of his tongue over your cunt.
“I didn’t say which one you’d get first,” he says.
He grips your good thigh while keeping a gentle hand on the other. You’d like to say you appreciate it but you’re more frustrated than anything.
His nose pushes against your clit and you try to resist moving your hips but to no avail. You hiss at the pressure it puts on your bad leg and hope Kyojuro hadn’t noticed so he wouldn’t stop.
Of course he noticed.
But instead of stopping to ask if you’re okay, he grabs your hips closer and thrusts your hips for you, his tongue entering your hole. Giving it the attention you’ve been craving for.
“G’ah!” You gasp and shoot a hand down to his hair, tugging at his blond locks.
“K-Kyo…” you try to get out, but he’s leaving no room for you to breathe. His tongue dives into your hole once more before moving up and nipping at your clit.
“P-please…” you pant out. You don’t know if you could do this.
He moves over to your thigh, sucking on a patch of skin before biting down on it. You yelp and clench your fists. He huffs a laugh before moving back to your pussy. He leans forward to start again but your hand stops him.
“Oh?” He asks, mockingly.
“I-I can’t,” you admit. “It’s too much.”
“Oh sweetheart,” he croons. “I understand.”
His hand moves up to grab yours, leaning up to place a kiss on it.
“The thing is…” he starts “I don’t ever remember saying YOU could tell me when to stop.”
You don’t get the chance to say anything as his head delves into your pussy, licking and sucking with more tenacity than ever before. You throw your head back and scream, not caring if the neighbors hear.
He adds two fingers into your hole and within minutes you’re shaking, eyes brim with tears. How can you not cum when he’s putting his all into this?
“You taste so good” he moans out.
“Please…” you cry out, shutting your lids and shaking your head from side to side. You open your blurry eyes to see fierce red staring back at you and whine. “I-I can’t” you sob.
“You can,” he ignores you.
“No! I want you!” You yell out.
“And you have me,” he snarks back.
“Your cock!” You slam a fist down. “I want your cock! Please! I need it.”
You don’t hear anything for a moment but you don’t pay mind to it, you’re too busy crying from the overwhelming pleasure- only for it to stop completely.
You look up towards Kyojuro to see him rising from his position, both hands coming to cup your face.
“You did such a good job, baby.” He sighs, “I’m so proud of you.”
You hiccup in his hands and try to stop the after shakes, to which Kyojuro waits to settle down.
“Do you still want me?” He asks genuinely.
“More than anything,” you mutter.
He moves a strand of hair behind your ear and gives you a long kiss. You hum in return.
He is finally going to give you want you wanted. You watch him stroke his cock and move it towards your pelvis but it comes to a halt.
“Which way?”
“I’m sorry?”
“I…your leg,” he tries to explain, “which way is best for your leg?”
That’s a great question, actually.
Except it’s one you don’t have an answer for.
Thankfully he seems to have an idea as he picks you up and goes to place you in his lap.
“I don’t think I’ll be able to help much…” you trail off.
He laughs, “Baby you don’t have to worry about something like that.”
He gently wraps both legs around his hips and your hands around his shoulders.
“You ready?” He asks one more time.
You nod feverishly.
He slows his cock into you and you can’t help but groan in relief of finally feeling full. He stills for a moment and gives you a look, and you hang on tighter to his shoulders.
He starts to thrust and has no problems lifting you up and down whatsoever. It’s not long before he goes faster and deeper and you’re starting to cry again.
“Fuuuck” you moan out, feeling drool start to spill from your mouth.
“Such a good whore,” he praises. The way he moves you up and down is as if you were nothing but a sex toy— and god it felt amazing.
“Yours,” you drawl out. “Only yours.”
“Oh yeah? A good whore only for me?” He smirks as you fail to respond, croaking out nothing but groans and cries for more. He doesn’t slow down when you start to drift off, if anything he seems a little proud of himself. You retaliate by clenching down on him tightly and hear a choked gasp from your lover.
“You…fuck,” He wanted to warn you to not do that but it just felt so good.
“A-again,” he begs, “do that again.”
“Oh? What happened to you being in charge?” You sassed.
He doesn’t take well to that and lifts your hips up to deliver a sharp slap to your asscheek, never minding your whine of pain.
“I said. Again.”
You nod and do as he says, and it’s not long before you start to do it involuntary.
“Kyojuro, I’m close.” You tell him.
“Me too baby,” he pants as his thrusts start to falter.
“Can I come?” You ask, “please? I’ve been good.”
He laughs and tugs your chest to his face. “Yeah, you can come.”
He leans into one of your breasts and bites down on a nipple— and that’s the end of it.
You sob as you finish, feeling one of the most powerful orgasms you ever had. You whine at the overstimulation of him continuing to plow into you and start clawing at his shoulders.
“C-Come on…” you choke through your tears, “come Kyojuro.”
He lets out a loud moan as he finishes inside of you. With the sweat crawling down his body, tongue sticking out and panting, he paints the perfect picture. You grin at the feeling of being completely full and reach for his face.
“Fuck, Y/N” he huffs and rests his forehead to yours. “Perfect. You’re just..perfect.”
Now you start to cry for a different reason and he quickly moves you both to the side, your back to his chest.
“Sssh,” he hushes you, “it’s okay. You’re okay.” He rubs at your stomach and rests his chin on top of your hair.
“I love you so fucking much. I’m glad you’re here. I’m glad you’re safe.” He says in a hushed tone, almost as if he were holding back tears himself.
“You too..l-love you too,” you reply.
You both continue to wrap yourselves into each other, uncaring of the world around you. The only thing important at the moment was right at your bedside.
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ccselfships · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
wanted to draw some self indulgent stuff, jude made a suggestion and i couldnt not do it
it sums up their relationship perfectly i think
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candyheartedchy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Lost and Found
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ash-arts-a-thing · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Can’t wait to go on our second date, thanks Slasher Dating SIM 🥰
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cloud-ya · a day ago
Tumblr media
the worst thing in stye is the itchiness
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kuvvydraws · 16 hours ago
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Happy bday @mochamashi ❤✨
Get me a ko-fi? ☕
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vogueships · 10 hours ago
imagine your f/o taking care of you after you got caught in the rain / snow. imagine them bringing you inside. starting a hot bath or shower for you. helping you out of your wet clothes. leaving you some of their own for you to change into. making you something hot to drink. opening their arms for you to curl into. them holding your hands and blowing warm air over your fingers. just imagine the sweet and intimate process of drying off and heating up with someone you love. 
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cheripfs · 2 days ago
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you your f/o
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Some doodles from twitter with fave monkeys 💕
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mantis-selfships · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
i drew this awhiiile back and im FINALLY posting lol. here's my Owl House insert!! theyre part of the plant coven and their palisman is a horseshoe crab
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sweet-milky-tea705 · 13 hours ago
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@hesperioae okay maybe a little procrastinating is worth it LOL happy birthday rime !!! I drew him from memory dont yell at me plz i know the hair is weird
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famouscreatorwolfcalzone · 2 days ago
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The scrimbos are always watching
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jensheep · a day ago
He is single now OwO and I Made him a wife who loves him 💖✨
Yeah...it's a selfinsert...ha ha 🤙✨
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hopelessloveghost · a day ago
I do intact, like his spark
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