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#self insert

ive been on a bit of a #⌛Fragments kick, since in the “not sad au”, rea stays in canalave city and kurai is able to stick around while they attend their secondary trainer education and slowly become part of society beside rea, who already struggles doing so being 100% human

 im definitely going to explore this alot more because it means alot to me, even if its a bit silly. im too lazy to type out all the context here but itll make sense in future doodles and drawings. ill make references so i dont have to try to explain how this stuff works lol

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Seven has long known that she’s been hurting with fears and demons that he can’t begin to imagine, but he’s waited for her to open up to him instead of demanding that she tell him what was bothering her so greatly. He just wishes that he had known how to ask sooner, so she wouldn’t have shown up distraught in the middle of the night. Why is this weighted depression so heavy? How can he lighten the load of her fears? He would do anything to see her smile.

Writing Trade for @qlassicc

TW: Referenced Self-Harm

Saeyoung knew that something was amiss with her, and he knew that she was hiding something behind her back from him. It pained him to think that she was struggling in any way because he really thought that she would come to him with anything that troubled her heart. After all, she had extended that same feeling to him back when they first met.

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Zuko x Firebending!Reader

Zuko finds himself protecting someone who has almost as many secrets as him.

This takes place after “Tales of Ba Sing Se” and before the next episode. We’ll have stretched the time from days, to about a year and a half. Therefore Zuko is 18.

tw: violence, abuse

Word count: 3600

Zuko’s POV


Originally posted by sweet-cider

Zuko detested boiling water. 

The youth stood with his arms crossed, tapping his foot impatiently. The water seemed to taunt him, teasing with an occasional bubble. How he yearned to pull the fire higher, make the flame searing hot. He cast a wary eye around the tea house. The day was winding to an end, with only a couple in the corner. The one who Zuko was desperately trying to boil this water for. He couldn’t risk it though, his Uncle’s mishap with Jet still fresh in his mind. At the thought of the devil Iroh swept in from the back room, yawning loudly. He gave Zuko a wide smile, redonning his apron. 

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here’s my piece for the self insert zine i was accepted in on instagram! My piece is basically me obnoxiously singing lemon demon and frank falling victim in singing along in the end ( spoiler: he ends up loving lemon demon)

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Hey guys! I do commissions!

Want your favorite characters smoochin? I can do that!

Want em smoochin you/r self insert? I can do that too!

OC’s? Heck yeah! I can do icons to full body, sfw & nsfw!

Everything I do is full color!

Icon - $20

Full-body - $40

Couples - $60

These are the base prices, special requests may raise the price.  I can also do more than two people in a piece, but the price will rise with the addition of more individual!

Contact me at sleepyteafish @ gmail. com with your inquiries!

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