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10 years too long (3.3k)
summary: Ten years later, in a rainy London street; you meet single James Potter— the man who took up your heart fully when you were seventeen. could there still possibly be remaining feelings in your heart? buried under layers of everything that happened in those 10 years without James fully in your life.
warnings: drinking, drunk
pairing: james potter x fem!reader
a/n: part 2 to fake it till you fall in love !! Tagging the peeps who asked for a part 2 (I hope that's fine), thanks for the love and on part one, it made me really happy to see positive feedback ... this was very different from what yall probably expected, but I do hope u like this ending of them!!
You tried to shield your eyes from the rain, hating the way the drops slipped to the tops of your eyelids and into your eye. You rubbed your eye gently, careful not to smudge the eyeliner on your face.
You should've been used to it, the unpredictable London weather. Somedays it was bright and cloudy, but the rest of the days it was like this— foggy, rainy, and utterly annoying. Even after living in London for most of your life, you still hadn't become used to bringing a small umbrella in your purse.
You cursed loudly— not that anyone could hear in this bustling city— and ducked under a cafe, not wanting to drench your body and get ill for the third time that month. It was weird that after all these time living there, you hadn't quite adjusted. Part of you wanted to whip out your wand and cast am invisible body smiled over your body so you could walk comfortably to your apartment. But another part of you was desperate to fit in, wanting to forget everything about the wizarding world.
Your wet arm leans against a chair in front of you, relaxing your body and hoping the rain would pass on quickly.
"Oi! You're getting my papers all bloody wet, woman!" A panicked shout from a stranger made you retract your and quickly.
"Oh— sorry! I'm so sorry. God, sorry, I'm really sorry, sir." You stuttered, standing awkwardly near the end of the roof that protected you from the droplets of water.
"Ugh, it's fine." The stranger grumbled, "You didn't do much anyway, these will dry." He said under his breath.
You looked up from your shoes to shoot him a small smile, grateful that he didn't curse you out or scream at you like every other muggle you encountered when you accidentally did something to them.
But the second you looked up, your mouth parted but not words escaped past your tongue. The sight before you ... this stranger, you knew him. You should've suspected, should've known the moment he opened his mouth and revealed his voice.
"James?" You managed, "James Potter?" You asked again, disbelief now painted all over both your faces when the man has fully captured you in his sights.
He looked different. Really different. Wow, you thought ... 10 years really did change someone drastically. His hair was the exact same color, the midnight black you loved so much. His hair had grown, still curling and messy as ever— some strands falling down his forehead and casting that handsome look he always had. His glasses looked new but it was the same shape and design. All of that was the same except for the scruff on his face that was clearly working its charm.
Your stomach lurched for a moment, sudden butterflies sparking at the sight of him ten years later. He looked good, noticeably more muscular than he had been in your Hogwarts days.
"Y/n?" He questions as well, sealing his lips shut after he asked it. His disbelief is prominent, heart beating so loud that it could almost be heard from your place.
"Holy shit, Potter. No way." You say as a hint of smile teases your lips. "It's been ten years, and here you are."
James chuckles, "Holy shit indeed. You look great, a lot different, but the really good kind." He said lowly, shaking his head at you.
You smiled at him, nodding your head. You truly did change. Not only has your appearance changed, your hair longer and your face looking more mature— but you yourself has changed. From the sophistication of your outfit, James has a good idea that you've been doing wonderfully.
For a second there, his mind ran back to the past and brought up an old memory of you two. It was a little over a month after the fake dating business, James had been laying in your bed happily. He forgot that you were once best friends, making it even more painful on your part.
But not just you, it had pained James too. It had pained him an unbearable amount when you told him that you weren't going to be spending the summer with him, Lily, Sirius, and Remus. He wasn't entirely content after receiving your letter that announced your absence. But he let it slide, because he understood how you must've felt if you spent an entire month with two couples.
But the second heartbreak was when summer was over. He sent you countless letters, hoping each one reached your way. But you didn't get any one of them, because you had already moved to muggle London. Just like that without a goodbye to your friends, no letter, no explanation, no call.
No one knew where you went, even your parents didn't leave any traces of where they would be going. You remember it quite vividly, tears welling in your eyes as you cried to your mother about your heart cracking and never healing up again. Then your father had decided that you could all move together, it was better for work, and it was better for you to face a new environment. All the time it had hurt for you, it had hurt for James too.
"How have have been doing?" He croaked, surprised to see that he was desperate to know how you were doing, where you lived, if you worked or if you enrolled in that muggle university he heard about. "Sit down, Y/n. Please."
You pulled the chair in front of you, careful not to wet any of James' stuff. Your fingers twist with each other as you answered. "Uh— I've been really great, James. Yeah, I'm in Uni now actually. It's just like school, but more advanced for an area of study you're interested in. I spent a few years working so I'm a little late to Uni, but this year is my last actually." You smile as you explain, knowing he was probably living comfortably working in the wizarding world department.
"Yeah, I do know. Remus is in Uni too, y'know? Well as a professor though, I guess that's a little different." He chuckled.
"Sounds like him. You're still in contact with him? And Sirius too?" You asked, wanting to add 'and Lily?' but you didn't, deciding against it pretty quickly.
"Except Peter, he moved too." James explained, like you, except he told us all before he left. "Sirius and Remus are actually uh ... married." He smiled tightly. James didn't actually want to say those words, because whenever he did— his mind would wander to him and Lily breaking up.
"That's good to hear, I've always known they were gonna end up together forever." Like us. But that didn't happen because you fell in love with someone else. You cleared your throat before talking again, "And Evans?" You smiled.
There it was. "What about Lily?", "Oh, are you and Evans still dating?" , "Lily still around you?". Everytime he accidentally encountered someone from Hogwarts, their questions always consisted of Lily in the mix. He couldn't blame them though, back then Lily was the most important thing to him. So important to the point that he didn't realize anything around him anymore.
"We're broken up."
There had been a time in your life where you were jealous of everything around you.
— Jealous of every couple you saw in Hogwarts. Marlene and Dorcas, Sirius and Remus, Alice and Frank, James and Lily fucking Evans. And not only was it Valentine's day, but it was also the day that James decided to replace your weekly Hogsmeade trip to go on them with Lily.
Mary Macdonald, your dormmate and the girl who dragged you to Hogsmeade to spend Valentine's day with you to cheer you up. You were grateful for her tries to make you feel better, buying you chocolate to share, browsing the dress shops and picking out some stuff. But none of her tries seemed to do the trick.
In the end, you decided to go the Three Broomsticks and hope butterbeer would hopefully drown out the heartbreak. You cursed Mary for being such a responsible friend, pulling you away after your second tall glass of the drink.
Before you left though, you saw James and Lily sat cozily in a seat corner. They were whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears, giggling, kissing— being in love. Tears slipped out of your eye before you could handle yourself, and Mary dragged you to your dorm. She held you that night, giving you sad smiles and soft touches as she comforted you to sleep.
— Jealous of Lily Evans anywhere and everywhere. It had been graduation then, you had been getting ready all morning with Marlene and Mary. You wore a white dress, just a simple thing that you could afford with the little amount of money you had left.
Lily barged into your dorm just moments before you were about to go down. She was wearing such a pretty thing, white with speckles of gold sprinkling the silky dress. Comparing yourself to her, your dress was much more plain and nothing special.
She had complimented how you looked, and you relished in her praise. You were just trying to the thing over with, wanting to bury yourself in your bed when you were at home later.
The main reason why you weren't entirely enthused about graduation— even when it was the only thing you and James talked about— was because he had become more distant with you since Lily came into the picture.
You tried to talk to him for weeks, but he dismissed all that you said and steered the conversation to how great shit were with him and Lily. You've never had to hold back tears more painfully in your life.
In the end, you graduated. With barely any energy, you want straight to James to give him a hug. He gave you a sisterly kiss on the cheek that evening. You craved his love more than ever, turning green with envy as James turned his head and pressed his lips on Lily's.
— Jealous of your parents whenever you saw them being loving and domestic. That happened when you turned 21 without James by your side, you remember talking about birthdays and where you would be in 2 or 5 years with him— answering "with you" all the damn time. It was said in a teasing matter, but you really meant it when you said that to him.
You got your first legal drop of alcohol that day, spending it with only your parents because you didn't have much friends that time. You remember how your mum baked a cake and your dad decorated the house, crying so hard when you saw the flickering light of the 21 candle and firewhiskey surrounding the table.
When your parents went to sleep, you drank so much that you almost dialed James' home phone Remus made him get. You didn't end up doing it, only just putting the phone to your ear and muttering all kinds of pleas to give James back to you.
You told yourself that you missed James for the first time in 4 years. After much beating around the bush, you finally said it to yourself. Even after 4 fucking years, you still loved him.
— Jealous of your university friends for having friends. You had only a handful of close friends around there, who you occasionally saw around classes and eventually became closer. There were a few of them who had just turned 18, seeing them hang around each other and glide from party to party.
They were so full of life, and you felt ancient in the same room when you were just 23 yourself. That was the age you were when you first enrolled into university. It had been quite a while to get the muggle forms filled, and with the help of someone from the Ministry who had converted your wizarding education grades into muggle ones.
You adjusted to life there, or at least tried. But whenever you saw those kids, your mind wandered to your old friends. Remus, Sirius, Marlene, Mary, James. You missed them too much because life had never felt so hard without their presence.
— Jealous of love in its purest form. People all around you seemed to have someone they could throw their arms around. Meanwhile, you were always standing there alone.
You had a couple of summer flings, but it lasted no more than a month or two. Your mum told you it was because you hadn't truly grown up without letting the thought of James Potter go. That you didn't want to be loved by anyone other than him. Even if it was just for a while, you'd have treasured it like a peice of rare gem.
You brushed her away, even if your heart was burning in your chest as you thought about him for the first time in a while.
Even if you wanted to deny what your mum said, she always brought up that you were 26 years old. It had been 10 fucking years since you saw the first boy you loved. You hadn't had anything in those ten years, not another someone to love, not even anyone who spent the night in your apartment for a quick thing.
Maybe because you were busy thinking about James Potter.
The rain had stopped for a while now, and you had invited James over to your small apartment. The sky was much darker, but the wind was blowing your hair to all sides.
James couldn't stop admiring you, the walk to your place was quiet because he didn't know what to say when you had exchanged every news about each other in the cafe earlier.
You fished out your key to unlock the apartment, clicking the lights on immediately and showing the half a mess, half neat apartment to James. "Welcome to my humble abode." You smiled, raising your hands to show him the small place.
"It's cozy." James comments, he slips his shoes off when he sees you do it. Then he walks around the place, looking for that sign that was your signature. His eyes landed on a drawer next to another room, it looked sort of like a nook. There was a pasted shelf on the wall, filled with pictures of you, your parents, and some more people he didn't recognize. He smiled at it, always admiring your sentimentality about the little things.
"That's just another word for its small." You chuckled, dropping your purse on the sofa and staring at James. "Anyway, I moved in two years ago because I decided that Uni dorms weren't my thing. This place is a little messy, but you know me. There's about 3 boxes in my room that are just filled with books to the brim." You told him.
"Did you keep the ones I gave you? The books, I mean." He clarified.
You smile without saying anything, then led his gaze to a thin bookshelf that stood beside a desk. "These are my prized possessions, Potter. I would never throw them out."
"It's nice to know you still keep a part of me with you." James chuckled, his fingers running over the spines of the books he got for you. They weren't as new as he first got them, when the covers were clean and the spines weren't broken yet.
God, little do you know Potter. It's been ten years, and I still think of you everyday. I keep a part of you in my heart— was what you wanted to say. But you settled for a small laugh instead. "You want some tea?"
James nods and you begun to pour water into the small kettle and heated it up. When the man in your house takes note of his, his brows furrow. "Are— do you not do magic anymore?" James asks.
"No. I stopped ever since I graduated Hogwarts." You said tightly.
"Why? Did something happen to you?" James asked, because apparently it was something he had to know.
"Nothing happened, I just— didn't want to remember the life I had before. That's all, James." You told him.
James settled into the chair at your dining table as you approached him to do the same. "I guess ten years changed you a lot."
"Ten years didn't change me. From the moment I stepped out of Hogwarts, I didn't want to think of anything I had to do with magic. You— I didn't want to think of you."
James let out a laugh, somewhere around forced and amused. "Y'know, I think I finally figured out why you ran off and moved here."
"You loved me. It was so long ago, Y/n— but do you remember that kiss? After my quidditch game, you asked me to kiss you because 'Lily was looking'." He paused, but held a hand to signal that he wasn't done yet. "I thought you were drunk that day, because you sure acted like it. I spent four years regretting everything I did with Lily after you left. I neglected you, that much was clear. But I— I did it so badly that you left. You didn't just leave me though, you left all of us." James said, his eyes looking teary.
"It was hard to live with." You admitted, "It was much harder to live without you though. James— I spent so many years apart from you but I never forgot you." You whispered, like a secret that could never pass between those walls.
James nodded, "Marlene told me. Sirius invited her to my surprise party for my 21st." James chuckled, amused by the old memory. "She was so drunk and emotional. She kept talking about you, how much she missed you, and how it was my fault."
"It wasn't your fault. It was mine, I left because I was jealous."
James seemed to be ignoring your words, "I broke up with Lily there. At my birthday, all because I couldn't get you out of my head. Marlene was driving me crazy with her blaming me endlessly. This— This whole thing was so twisted from the start."
"It always has been. Ever since I agreed to fake date you that day, James— I knew it would end badly." You chuckled bitterly.
James looked up, the sudden rush of old memories wetting his eyes. "You never called, you never sent anything. The two years after I broke up with Lily— Merlin, all I thought about was you." He confessed, "I didn't see you, you were right in front of my face but I didn't see you back then. Gotta be grateful for Marlene, I guess."
"Life is crazy for throwing you right in front of me, hm? God, fuck— I'm almost thirty and I've never loved someone like I did you." You scoffed, "Leaving you was so hard, y'know? I didn't even get a last glimpse of you because you were off spending the best summer of your life. I didn't get to say goodbye, and it hurt so much."
"So it was true you loved me?"
His hand was right in front of you, your own hands curling around it with ease. Your skin grazing his, you missed it so much that a single tear fell down to your cheek. "I never stopped loving you. I— I think I may have paused it for a while, maybe. But I always loved you again. Sometimes it wasn't romantic because I just missed you— but sometimes I needed you to be right there with me, romantically."
"And now? It's a little silly to think, is it? That this is too fucking cliche to be true?" He asked with an amused sigh.
With a single twist, your hands are threaded together perfectly. Just like you always thought— back when you were 17 and even ten years later that you're now 27— James and you had molded perfectly.
"Been 10 years too long, waiting around for you. But I still— still want it." You confessed with a whisper, a small smile teasing its way to your lips.
James tugs your hand upward, all the way up to his chin. Then he presses a chaste kiss on your knuckles. "Let's give it a go."
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*wolfstar looking after Harry*
Sirius: Fuck!
Remus: Stop fucking swearing in front of Harry, Sirius!
Remus: Oh
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Tumblr media
So, bassist Remus anyone?
Inspired by the fics Dress Up in You, all my cards are here and also the amazing dtiys by @ada_lovegood on instagram.
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Sirius is the type of boyfriend that asks remus if he'd still date him if he was a worm
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october 16
Tumblr media
🍁 Mafia — Marauders
content warnings: violence, murder, daddy kink, slapping, dp
“Don’t go,” you whined, wrapping your body around James, trying to keep him from following Sirius and Remus out of bed. 
You buried your face in his strong chest, sedated by his warm, familiar scent. Normally, he’d wrap an arm around you, but now he was trying to pry you off of him so he could accompany Sirius and Remus to a deal. 
“Puppy, let him up,” Sirius scolded, pulling you off of the man. 
“M’coming too,” you sighed, switching to cling to Sirius. 
“No, back to bed,” Remus ordered. 
They were getting up in the middle of the night to go to a meeting, insisting you had to stay in bed, protected by their private security stationed outside the doors and windows of your massive bedroom suite. 
“Daddy, please. I’ll sit in the car and be good!” You begged, looking up at him with wide, hopeful eyes. 
“I don’t want to have to worry about you-”
“Rem, we’re going to be late,” James spoke lowly, suggesting that it might be easier to just take you along then leave you to your mischief at home with their bodyguards. 
“Alright. Come on, let’s get your trainers on,” Sirius sighed, kneeling down to slide the shoes on your feet and tie the laces. 
Remus grasped your chin, making you look up at him. You jutted your lower lip out, pulling the sleeves of your pink sweats over your hands. 
“If we let you come, you must obey everything we say. Understand me?” Remus’ deep voice thundered through you. 
“Yes, daddy,” you nodded. 
“What happens if you disobey?” James prompted as a further reminder. 
“I get spanked and I don’t get to cum.”
Remus let go of you, praying that you actually behaved and wouldn’t make them regret letting you join. 
“Wait!” You gasped before leaving the room, reaching for a stuffed bear that James had given you. Remus’ gaze was hard, but James quietly handed you the comfort item, hushing you before you broke into pathetic, insomnia-fueled whining. 
“Come on, puppy,” Sirius said, anxious from having you join them. He preferred to keep you far away from their work, far from the violence and danger and drugs. 
He climbed in the backseat with you, letting you snuggle under his arm while Remus drove into the city, James riding shotgun. Sleepiness caught up with you, your body remembering it was nearly four in the morning. Sirius’ inked hand came up to cradle your head, keeping you from being jostled by the uneven road. 
The boys talked quietly, keeping their voices low so they didn’t disturb you. Sirius gently woke you up when you arrived at the destination, helping you out of the car and keeping your hand in his. 
“Don’t speak to anyone. Don’t disrupt the meeting, just keep quiet,” James instructed, and you held the bear tight to your chest. Your other hand was wrapped in Sirius’s, the one not holding his gun. 
Sirius glanced down at you when you yawned softly, pressing a tender kiss to your forehead. They went into a large office, and you were pulled sideways onto Sirius’s lap, letting you lay on his chest with an arm around you. 
The discussion soon turned into muffled sounds as you drifted off into sleep, dozing in and out on his lap. 
“What’s she got? A stuffed animal? What is she, a toddler?” A man mocked you, catching your attention. 
Your sleep-bleary mind couldn’t react any way other than breaking down into tears, overly tired and emotionally wounded. 
“S-Siri-” you stuttered out. 
“Shh, puppy, it’s okay,” Sirius tried to pacify you, turning your face into his chest and stroking a tattooed hand through your hair. 
A shot rang off from James’ gun, with almost no hesitation about avenging his innocent lover who’d been mocked by the disrespectful guard. Sirius didn’t allow you to look up, keeping his hand firmly placed on your head. 
“Come on, puppy,” he lifted you and carried you back to the car. 
Another round of sobs hit you, and Sirius couldn’t wipe your tears away faster than they fell. He softly urged you to tell him what you were so beside yourself about, but it wasn’t until all three of them were doting on you that you’d relaxed enough to speak coherently. 
“I-I’m sorry… I don’t want you to b-be mad, I didn’t try to dis-rupt your meeting!” You stammered through sharp breaths. 
“We aren’t upset with you. It’s not your fault, you were perfect, so well behaved,” Remus soothed, his voice much softer than before. 
You struggled to calm yourself down, even after being assured you weren’t in trouble. Your knuckles were white from gripping your bear, and your cheeks and neck were tearstained. 
“Switch with me, Padfoot,” James said affectionately. 
He took the tattooed man’s place, undoing your seatbelt and maneuvering you onto his lap. James gently pressed kisses to your cheeks, nudging you with the tip of his nose. 
“Look at the pretty lights,” he whispered, watch them glitter by as Remus flew down the interstate in his luxury vehicle. 
He hummed softly, rubbing your back as you watched the lights, eventually relaxing. 
“Daddy?” You called to Remus.
“Yes, baby?”
“Can we get some French fries on the way home?” You asked pitifully, rubbing your eyes and hoping he’d go for it. 
James held back a laugh, and Sirius grinned, nodding at Remus. He went through a drive through, ordering French fries for his baby in a luxury car, notorious in the city for being a gang leader. 
He handed you a box of French fries, and James opened his mouth, letting you feed him one. You ate them calmly, asking James to hold your bear. He obliged you, and as soon as the snack was finished, you were drifting back off to sleep on his lap. 
James quietly kissed your cheek, carrying you back inside. The sun still had not risen in the sky, darkness surrounding your peaceful home. The guards fell silent as James carried your sleeping form back upstairs, laying you gently in bed. 
You woke up in your empty room, none of the boys around you. The events of the morning slowly returned to your memory, and you went to the shower to wash them away. Your wet hair fell over your shoulders, and you wrapped a fluffy towel around your body, walking to their office. 
“Good morning, puppy,” Sirius smirked, and you walked to him, giving the man a kiss. He pulled on the towel, letting it fall to the floor, leaving you completely naked before the three. 
Sirius pressed open-mouthed kisses along your breasts, your waist being squeezed in his tattooed hands. James’ hands groped the globes of your ass before dipping down to run his fingers through your slit. 
“Already nice and wet for us, huh, puppy?” James teased, circling your dripping hole with his fingertips. 
“She knows she has to take care of the boss first,” Remus’ voice broke through the haze that was beginning to cloud your mind. 
“You heard daddy,” Sirius slapped your ass, leaving a handprint on the smooth skin. 
You knelt between his spread legs, opening your mouth obediently, gently lapping at the swollen tip of his cock before he pushed it down your throat. Your low whine vibrated around him as Remus began to fuck your throat, both hands on your head, helping guide your movements.  
“Shh, baby,” he hushed when you choked on his massive size. 
“Be a good girl and swallow, yeah?” James encouraged, wiping the strained tears that streaked down your pretty cheeks. 
You felt Remus’ cock twitch before he spilled down your throat as you frantically swallowed, trying to suck down all of his load. 
“There you go, puppy. Such a good little cumslut.” 
You preened under his praise, leaning back against James as you caught your breath. His hand wrapped around your throat as his mouth worked to mark your collarbones. 
“Let’s get her to the couch, I can’t wait to tear up our sweet little puppy,” Sirius said, helping you onto the couch in their office. 
“God, your cunt is fucking soaked. Are you this horny from sucking off daddy?” James pushed apart your lips with his fingers, letting Sirius toy with your clit that was swollen and throbbing. 
You jerked forward, closer to James, who wrapped your hand around his swelling cock. You stroked him a few times before helping him align with your pussy, sinking down onto him as he stretched you out. 
“James!” You gasped, clinging to his body as he dragged along your channel, thrusting his hips up into yours.
You whimpered when you felt Sirius grip your ass, spreading you apart and rubbing his cock against your tight hole. He hushed your soft whimpers, unable to protest as James fucked perfectly into your g-spot. 
“Stretch her ass out, Pads. She can take it, even if she squeals,” Remus smirked, earning a wounded look from you. 
Your expensively manicured nails dug into James’ back as Sirius pushed into your ass, tearing a scream from your lips. 
“I don’t want to hear that nasty word out of your mouth,” Remus commanded, bringing his palm down on your cheek. 
A pathetic whimper slipped from your lips  as Sirius bottomed out, only giving you a moment to adjust before rocking his hips in the opposite rhythm of James, the men fucking you hard and fast between them. 
Sirius’s tattooed hand squeezed your throat, keeping your back against his chest, slamming his hips against your ass as James’ hips bruised yours. Your head dropped back over Sirius’ heart, against the tattoo that read ‘puppy’. 
“I’m going to get you off first, puppy, so you’re nice and sensitive when Siri and I pump your holes full of cum,” James grinned, patting your cheek that was still smarting from Remus’ correction. 
Your eyes squeezed shut as he brought a small vibrator to your clit, forcing his cock into you even harder, making your core tense up as pressure built between your hips. The pain of Sirius stretching your ass was delicious. And you could feel both of them throbbing inside of you. Nerves sparked in your entire body, and you tried to squirm away, though it was impossible. 
Your scream rang out, bouncing off of the walls as you gushed around them, squirting onto the leather couch and their thighs as you tremored from the intensity of your orgasm. 
Your body felt like it was on fire as they continued thrusting into you, the overstimulation burning through your nerves. Sirius’ hand clamped over your mouth to silence your screams, burying himself fully in your ass before emptying his cum inside of you. Remus handed him a plug to keep it all in, and Sirius held you still while James finished in your pussy. 
“What a mess you made,” James smirked, watching the thick white cream drip from your puffy pussy after he pulled out. 
You couldn’t form any words, only a moan as Sirius pulled out of your ass, quickly pushing the plug in to keep his warm load inside of you. 
“So good for us, baby.” 
You accepted a kiss from each of them, too blissed out to even think. They’d fucked you completely dumb, leaving your head spinning and your body aching and full. 
“Let’s get you cleaned up, then you can sit with me until I finish work, yeah?” Sirius offered, earning a small nod from you.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Everything Has Changed
Tumblr media
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Prompt - ‘All I know is we said 'hello' and your eyes look like coming home.’
Notes - We’re celebrating Red (Taylor’s Version) here and I’ll be doing imagines for each song on the album so if you have a request (any fandom I write for) send it in!
It was September 1st, the day you had been dreaming about since finding out you were a witch. As you crossed the barrier taking you to Platform 9 3/4 you couldn’t help but take a step closer to your parents. Yes, you had wanted this day to come for so long but now that it was here it was incredibly daunting.
“You’ll be fine, Y/N.” Your parents assured you, making sure your trunk was where it needed to be. You hugged them tightly before stepping onto the train, face going pale as you saw all the other students.
You walked further onto the train, trying to find an empty compartment but it seemed like an impossible task.
“Hello,” a voice said, startling you. Was he talking to you? “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” Definitely talking to you then.
You turned around, coming face to face with a boy. He was taller than you and had messy jet black curls, perched on his nose was a pair of glasses and he looked at you with warm, brown eyes.
“Would you like to sit with us?” He asked, holding the compartment door open for you. The boy smiled as he watched relief fill your features, a friendly smile spreading across his face.
“If you and your friends don’t mind?” You said, gesturing to the two other boys sitting next to each other.
“Of course not, please come in.” The boy said.
“Thank you.” You replied, shuffling past them and taking a seat opposite the boy with short brown hair.
“I’m James by the way, James Potter and these are Sirius Black,” Here the boy turned his attention to you as he shot you a grin, his bright grey eyes capturing your attention. You smiled back at him, giving him a small wave which made his smile grow wider. “And this is Remus Lupin.” The other boy gave you a shy smile.
“It’s nice to meet you all, I’m Y/F/N Y/L/N. Thank you for letting me sit with you.” You said, smiling at each of them, before turning to James.
“You’re welcome. You’re not from a wizarding family, are you?” James asked, causing you to laugh softly.
“Is it that obvious?” You asked back, causing James and Sirius to chuckle.
“Kind of but it’s ok. Hogwarts is great…” James began before him and Sirius began filling you and Remus in on what you needed to know about Hogwarts and the wizarding world.
As the train got closer to Hogwarts you found yourself relaxing into your seat, laughing along with the boys. When the food trolley rolled around James and Sirius bought enough food and sweets to last at least a week or two causing you to giggle before you all tucked in.
You find yourself gravitating to James on the journey there, something about him made you feel at ease, he made you feel like you could be brave.
“You said something about the houses earlier,” you began, fiddling with a card from the chocolate frog, still amazed at the moving portrait that could leave the frame, “what house are you all hoping for?”
Sirius’ face darkened for a moment before it shifted into a smirk, “I’m hoping for Gryfindor, that’ll really please Mother.”
James laughed but you weren’t sure why but shrugged it off for now.
“Most of my family is from Gryffindor so I’m hoping for that too.” James told you as he turned to face you.
Conversation flowed easily between the four of you and you hoped that they would still talk to you when you were sorted.
As the train pulled up and first years were led away from the other students, you felt your nerves beginning to grow again. Your stomach felt sick as anxiety began to fester. James, who had made sure you didn’t get lost in the flow of students, saw you looking pale and gave you a small smile before squeezing your hand in his.
“You’ll be fine,” He assured you as the boats took you across the lake, the sight of the castle only adding to your fear. “I’ll be with you the whole time.” He promised and you forced a smile onto your face before squeezing his hand back.
“Thank you.” You managed to whisper, causing him to smile.
It wasn’t long before you were walking down the length of the Great Hall, the deafening silence did little to calm your nerves. James walked behind you, in between glances of the hall his gaze drifted back to you, him smiling sympathetically as he saw the tenseness in your shoulders.
Name after name was called, your peers each walked up to a stool. Some looked as nervous, if not more nervous than you felt, whereas some others strode up and sat confidently on the chair, waiting for the enchanted hat to be put upon their heads.
You watched as James was called up, he looked confident, not flinching as the ancient hat was put on top of his head. You stared up with wide eyes as the hat needed barely any time to decide. It shouted ‘Gryffindor’ causing James to grin. He made his way over to the table, sliding into a free space opposite Sirius.
After what felt like an eternity your name was finally called.
“Y/LN, Y/F/N.”
You didn’t move, nerves had you frozen in place and it wasn’t until you felt a hand brush against yours that you jolted. You turned to look at who touched you, seeing Remus there with a soft, encouraging smile. You forced yourself to smile back shakily before your feet began moving.
You perched yourself on the edge of the stool, eyes darting around the Great Hall before the view was obscured by the old hat.
“Hmm, interesting, very interesting,” The hat sat causing you to jump, “A good mind, resourceful, you have the ability to be fairly cunning Miss Y/L/N. But more than that is a great deal of bravery,” it said and you barely managed to suppress a snort, a great deal of bravery it had said, you weren’t feeling very brave right now. “No, no, not now but in time. You’ll be fiercely protective of those you consider family, you’ve got a good amount of courage, daring too, quite the risk taker. I know, I know,” the hat said for only you to hear before it bellowed out into the silence of the Great Hall, “better be…Gryffindor!”
Professor McGonagall lifted the hat from your head and your eyes immediately sought out the two boys you’d met on the train. You couldn’t help but smile as you saw they were clapping loudly, letting out happy cheers as you made your way over to them, taking a seat next to James.
“Told you you’d be fine.” He murmured as he grinned over at you. Despite the nerves you’d been feeling all day long, you couldn’t help but return the grin, feeling more relaxed now that you were sorted.
It wasn’t long before everyone else was sorted into their house, the boys and you all beaming at each other as Remus was placed in your house. The feast was unlike anything you’d ever seen before and now that your nerves had calmed down you were able to enjoy the magical happenings around you, from the magically appearing food to the floating candles to the ghosts that popped out of nowhere.
You ate more food than you could handle and giggled along with the boys. As the evening came to a close with the headmaster rising from his seat, you glanced at James who was already looking at you. You couldn’t help but smile softly at him and James didn’t hesitate to return it.
“First years, follow me.” The Gryffindor prefect said.
You all stood and made your way out of the Hall, your head turning in every direction. Portraits and paintings littered the walls, all of the people within them moved freely from one frame to the other. You were so captivated by them you hadn’t noticed the group turning a corner.
James glanced back and smiled over at you as he turned around and made his way over to you.
“Come along, Y/L/N.” He said, causing you to jump slightly before turning to face him. You glanced around seeing you had lost track of the prefect leading you to the common room and flushed slightly.
James just laughed and took your hand in his before leading you in the direction you were supposed to be heading.
That night as you lay in bed, feeling alone in the girls dorm, you couldn’t quite get the sight of James’ brown eyes, the messy curls and soft smile out of your head and you couldn’t wait to get to know him better.
“Seriously, Potter?” You yelled as you stomped down the stairs leading into the common room.
Nobody looked up at your shout, all too used to the antics from you and the boys. The four of you were closer than anything and despite being the only girl in the group that didn’t exclude you from their pranks and today was no exception.
“Hello Y/N, I must say, I love the pink hair.” James said as he looked up at you, a grin spreading across his face that he couldn’t fight back if he tried.
Watching as you glared at him only made him smile wider.
“You know I’m going to get you back for this, Potter.” You said, as you picked up a pillow on the couch and hit him with it before flopping down next to him.
“Yes, yes, I’ll be waiting anxiously for your comeback.” He laughed, causing you to hit him again before hugging the pillow to your chest and turning to face him.
“You’re such a jerk.” You told him. The smile on your face showing how much you didn’t mean the statement made him laugh again.
“Ah, good thing I’m your favourite then, isn’t it?” Here he turned his head, his cheek resting against the couch, as he looked at you with puppy dog eyes and an over exaggerated pout.
“Hmm, I suppose you are.” You replied with a roll of your eyes.
It had been four years since you’d first met James, you and him had grown closer and closer each day before you were inseparable. Since day one James had taken a shine to you, making sure you were ok, if people tried to pick on you, purebloods from Slytherin had taken a liking to you too, James was quick to put them in their place both at the age of eleven and fourteen.
“McGonagall is going to kill us when she sees this hair.” You told James.
“Us?” He shot back, raising an eyebrow at you. “You’re the only one with pink hair here, Y/N/N.” He smirked.
“Oh come on,” you groaned and when you raised the pillow again he held his hands up in surrender, “Who else is going to spike my shampoo with hair dye?”
“You made an excellent point, Y/L/N.” James laughed, reaching over to take a strand of dyed hair in between his fingers, twirling it around.
“I hate potions.” You groaned, leaning closer to James who smiled sympathetically at you. It was no secret you were hopeless with anything potions related, thankfully you were able to be paired with James who seemed to thrive in every single class. You didn’t feel bad about letting him take over the practical side of the class as you focused on note taking.
James had tried to teach you where he could but he had had one too many cauldrons blow up in his face.
“I know you do.” He said softly, moving his hand from your hair so he could wrap his arm around your shoulder. You happily shifted closer.
It wasn’t long before Sirius and Remus came down the stairs and after more laughing about your hair the four of you headed down to the dungeons for potions.
Slughorn’s voice began to grate on you. He had never been your favourite teacher but today you just were not in the mood for him. James watched you glare at him as he ran through the properties of Weedosoros and chuckled softly to himself.
“Who teaches teenagers how to brew poison?” He heard you mutter to yourself, “Great idea professor, maybe I’ll get really good at potions and have you try my Weedosoros.” Here James couldn’t help but snort, causing you to turn and face him.
“If you get good at potions, I run naked through the Great Hall.” He whispered, causing you to smirk.
“Well I wouldn’t strip out of that robe just yet.” You laughed quietly, nothing in the world could make you good at potions.
As Slughorn continued to speak James found himself growing bored too, even though he didn’t mind potions class, double potions first thing in the morning wasn’t ideal. You and him sat in the back row, closest to the door, and James looked to Slughorn, who was focused on the board, unaware of the blank stares and the one or two students who were sleeping, before looking back at you.
“C’mon.” James whispered, nudging your arm. You raised an eyebrow as he picked his bag up and gestured for you to do the same.
“Ready?” James mouthed, taking a final glance at Slughorn who had yet to turn around.
“Ready.” You replied despite not knowing what was happening. James gestured to the door and took your hand in his. Counting down from three, he pulled you from your chair and the two of you managed to escape the room, Slughorn none the wiser.
“Where are we going?” You giggled as James dragged you down the hallway, the two of you running past the shouting portraits.
“You’ll see.” James said and when the two of you finally stopped, you more so out of breath than James who played quidditch any chance he could get, you raised an eyebrow at him.
“What?” He said, “We missed breakfast.” You laughed as he tickled the pear, watching as it transformed into a green door handle.
The house elves were more than happy to have visitors, pushing more food than either of you could carry into your hands and as you bid them goodbye both your bags were considerably heavier than they had been only moments ago.
“What’s your plan now, Potter? We’ve still got an hour and a half before we’re supposed to be out of class.” James didn’t reply instead he slipped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you against him before leading the way to the entrance hall.
From there you were taken down to the Great Lake. James sat down on the grass before pulling at your hand and gesturing for you to sit too. The lake looked beautiful, it stretched as far as your eyes could see, hills and mountains on either side.
James and you sat together in a comfortable silence, food spread out between the two of you. The sound of waves crashing together in the distance could be heard, the air was slightly chilly but bearable.
It didn’t take either of you long to finish eating, plenty of food left over thanks to the generosity of the house elves. James shifted so his legs were spread out in front of him and he rummaged through his bag, pulling out a yellowing book, the spine was cracked and the cover was worn.
You moved to lay down, resting your head on his lap as he opened the book, you heard the sound of pages being flipped as you looked up at the sky, squinting up at the clouds drifting pass.
You let your eyes fall closed as the sound of James’ voice filled the silence, his tone soft and low and you couldn’t help but smile as you listened to him. As he got further into the book you let your eyes open slowly, lazily gazing up at the sky before turning to face James.
There was something about the peacefulness of the lake, the soft and quiet sounds of waves crashing, birds chirping, creatures rustling leaves in the woods and the soothing voice of James that made you feel inexplicably happy. Out here, just you and James, it was…easy. The two of you were yourselves out here.
You shook your head, wondering where on earth that thought had come from. You looked away from James before he could catch you staring and instead focused on the sound of his voice.
One day it was like something clicked into place for you. That morning you had woken up, it was Valentine’s Day so the entire castle had been decked in pink for the week and your little group had been surrounded by girls desperately trying to get the boys attention.
You’d lost track of how many times they had been asked out but each time a girl approached James you felt something twist inside you. You couldn’t explain why these girls asking James out had bothered you so much, you were in your sixth year of Hogwarts and James was an attractive man, it wasn’t like James had never been asked out before.
So why did it bother you now?
The question had plagued you for weeks and this morning when you woke up, the first thing on your mind was those warm brown eyes, those mess of curls and a soft smile that made you feel safe. That’s when it hit you.
You liked James Potter.
You liked James Potter a whole lot, despite already being attached at the hip you wanted to spend all your time with him, despite knowing so much about him you wanted to get to know him even better, despite the fact that he was your best friend you wanted him to be more.
As you lay in bed that morning, refusing to get out of bed, never being more thankful that it was a weekend, you thought back to when you had met James. Since that moment he said hello to you and held the door of the compartment open for you, you realise now, looking back that’s when everything started. James had smiled at you and you’d never left his side since.
You realised that as you looked into his eyes, nowhere else felt more like home. When you saw him smile, you couldn’t help but mirror it back no matter how bad you were feeling. When things got too much for either of you and you snuck down to the lake, staying there until everything was better.
You liked James Potter.
Just thinking about it made your stomach fill with butterflies. It was the beautiful kind of butterflies, the ones that had you blushing just thinking about him. The kind that made you want to find James and confess everything, the kind that made you feel how James made you feel…giddy.
You liked James Potter.
It was like that thought had changed everything.
When you finally pulled yourself out of bed and headed down the stairs you were greeted to James’ smirk.
“What time do you call this?” He laughed, gesturing to the seat next to him.
Everything felt different, you hardly knew how to act around James now.
You laughed, though it was slightly forced, and took the seat next to him on the couch. His eyebrows knitted together at the distance you’d put between the two of you but he quickly solved it by pulling you against him, his arm wrapping around your shoulder.
Conversation quickly turned back to whatever they’d been talking about before you showed up but you were more content to lay against James, his fingers tracing random patterns on your arm causing you to smile softly.
“You ok?” He whispered into your ear when Sirius and Remus were more focused on their conversation.
You hesitated for a moment, shifting so you could lean up and look at him. He was beautiful, the fire reflected in his brown eyes, giving them a red tinge and you thought that you could get lost in them given the chance.
You shook your head slightly in an attempt to clear your thoughts before you smiled up at James.
“I’m good.” You told him, the look he gave you showed he wasn’t convinced but he let it go.
“What are your plans, Y/N?” Sirius asked, causing you to look away from James.
“Plans?” You asked in confusion, watching as Sirius laughed whilst rolling his eyes.
“Keep up, Y/L/N.” He groaned, making you laugh. You missed the look James was giving you as he watched you laugh against him but Sirius and Remus caught it and shared a look between themselves. “Plans for Valentine’s Day.”
“You asking me out, Black?” You smirked.
“I’m afraid our love shall have to wait another day,” Sirius told you dramatically, “for I have a date with the beautiful Amelia.”
“Good luck with that,” You said, honestly surprised that Amelia had agreed to a date. “As for me, I shall be here, awaiting your return.” You said, causing them to laugh.
“Come on, you have to have a date!” Sirius exclaimed, frowning as you shook your head.
“I was asked but…” Here you trailed off, not knowing how to end the sentence. At first you hadn’t had a reason for rejecting the offers you had received, most of them were fairly decent looking guys but you hadn’t felt anything more than annoyance as they asked you.
Now though, after this morning's revelations you knew exactly why you had turned them down because despite how good looking they were…they weren’t James Potter.
“I’ll keep you company.” James said, causing you to look up at him again.
“You don’t have a date?” You asked, watching as he shook his head. “Well if the captain of the quidditch team can’t get a date, is there hope for the rest of us?” You groaned, watching as James laughed.
“I’d rather hang out with you than with anyone that asked me out.” And that was a statement, wasn’t it? You had seen some of the girls asking James out, they were stunningly beautiful and probably wouldn’t make a cauldron explode in his face and yet here he was saying he’d rather have your company.
What were you supposed to think about that?
“I’d rather hang out with you too.” You told him quietly, it was the closest you were going to get to confessing your feelings but for now it would have to be enough.
“Where are we going?” You asked later on that evening. Most students were in Hogsmeade on dates and you were ready to spend a night with James in the common room when he had entered, raising an eyebrow at your comfy attire before telling you to change.
“You’ll see.” He said and it wasn’t long before he was pulling you along down the old, familiar trail that led to your spot by the late.
As you rounded the corner to your spot you stopped in your tracks, letting out a gasp as you took in the scene. Small tea candles floated in the air, giving the darkness of the night a soft, orange glow. A blanket had been laid down on the grass, slightly larger candles rested upon it, adding to the atmosphere. There was a basket and two glasses placed on the blanket too.
You turned to look at James who looked nervously at you. You were left speechless and he couldn’t tell if it was a good sign or not but when your lips stretched into a grin, he let out the breath he had been holding and grinned back at you.
“What is all this?” You asked softly, the warm glow of candles made you want to maintain the peaceful atmosphere created.
James shifted before clearing his throat. He looked down at his feet before looking you in the eyes.
“I like you, Y/N.” He confessed and felt a huge weight fall from his shoulders, no matter how this went, at least you’d know how he felt. “I really like you and I hate that it took me this long to realise it. I should have realised it all those years ago, Merlin’s beard, Y/N/N, I should have realised it the moment we said hello. When I held that door open for you I should have known then that one day you could be mine and I would be yours, no matter how you felt. All I’ve been able to think about for weeks, months, is you. You’re beautiful Y/E/C eyes, that smile that has never once not made me smile back. Merlin, please tell me there’s something here and that this isn’t all just in my mind.” James said, rushing through his speech like he’d been rehearsing it for a while.
You were beaming at him by the time he had finished, cheeks flushed red and not because of the cold. God, how foolish you both were.
“I like you too, James. When I realised I liked you I was terrified because I thought everything would change for the worse and I didn’t even let myself consider the possibility that you would like me back, that everything had changed for good.” You told him, watching as he gave you the softest smile you’d ever seen on his face.
“I like you so much, Y/N, and I want to make up for all that time we lost being idiots who didn’t realise. I already know plenty about you but I want to know everything about you.” James said as he stepped forward, he reached up cupping your cheek in his hands and despite the cold air, your cheek were warm to touch, making him smile wider.
He gave you time to pull away but you didn’t move, not until his lips were against you. You kissed him back, the kiss started off soft and slow but all the time you’d spent not admitting your feelings had built up causing the kiss to turn. It was hot and messy and the two of you only pulled away when a sudden coldness washed over you.
The pair of you looked up, laughing at the rain that came from nowhere. It was the kind of rain that meant you were drenched through in a matter of seconds, hair and clothes sticking uncomfortably to you pretty quickly.
But that didn’t matter as you and James laughed before he pulled you in for another kiss, this time his arms snaked around your waist and you rested yours around his neck, fingers coming up to play with wet hair.
The two of you stayed outside for way longer than you should have but when you finally pulled away James rested his forehead against yours.
“Sorry we didn’t get to eat.” He said, watching as you glanced over at the soaking wet blanket and the basket.
“That’s ok,” you giggled before brushing your lips against him, “we’re going to be so sick tomorrow.”
“We should head back.” James smiled, entwining his fingers with yours.
You glanced down at your joined hands before looking up at James who, despite being drenched through, looked incredibly handsome and he was looking at you like you were the most beautiful girl in the world despite the fact that you had mascara running down your cheeks and you were equally as wet.
Everything has changed, you thought to yourself, and the next day as you and James cuddled together on the couch both suffering from a cold, you couldn’t help but smile because everything has changed but it was the best type of change.
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scorpiwrites · 16 days ago
So, this is marauders era. Imagine that you're bestfriends with the marauders, and this is your 7th year.
You're a writer, the boys knows that and you always show them what you wrote. They always said that you should just try and make a novel but you always said that no you only write for fun, not for those kinda things, and what you wrote were private.
What they didn't know, was that you ARE writing a novel. But not the young-adult novel they all thought she's capable of writing, but a romance 18+ ones. And little did they know she already made her first book and it hits so well with the wizarding community and all over the world and even the witch weekly were talking about the book. But none of them knew who wrote it.
Imagine that one day you were really having a bad day and your mood is so unpredictable so you decided that you're just gonna stay in your dorm, trying to calm yourself. Thinking that it would be a waste of time if you don't get anything done, you decided to continue writing your smut novel, because the boys aren't there so you felt like it's okay to continue. What you didn't know is that the boys were on their way up to deliver you some lunch because they realized that you weren't on any of your classes.
The thing with you, is that you always whimpers or making those little breathless noises when you wrote the steamy scenes in your novel. And that ended up with you feeling hot and bothered and pleasuring yourself with your collections of toys.
So imagine the boys' surprise when they alohomora your door and opened it carefully, instead of seeing you sleeping and resting, you're there on your chair, riding a huge dildo and gripping a quill in your hand.
Imagine how James and Remus would stand there not knowing what to do, and imagine Sirius would just say fuck it and slowly walked behind you and starts kissing your neck, lapping it up and down. You were on the peak of your climax so you just went with it not knowing who the intruder was, but then got surprised when another hands joined in exploring your body. One of them sneaked into your bra and starts to play with your nipples and when the other hand suddenly pinched your clit, you couldn't help but to scream and moaned so loud as you cum.
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lunaaaalovegreat · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Wolfstar parents.
This isn’t even an au to me it’s just what happened.
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jellycolors · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘶𝘥𝘦𝘳𝘴 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘱𝘴𝘥
𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 / 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐚𝐯𝐞
𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥
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Tumblr media
Happy Birthday, Remus. ✨
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maraudevrs · 7 days ago
remus: yeah napping is restful but have you ever died?
remus: so good
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wrathspoet · a month ago
Annotations (0.8k)
summary: remus steals your book and annotate it
warnings: none really
pairing: remus lupin x gn!reader
a/n: this was soooo short, I'd make it longer if I wasn't so busy. I managed to sneak some time in to write this. Hopefully I'll actively get back within a week but for now I hope you enjoy this <3
You looked everywhere for it. Under the bed, in your bags, even in your dorm mates' drawers. But the book never turned up. You tried to trace back to the moment where you had last seen it.
With ... Remus Lupin.
Your cheeks warmed up again at the thought of him. Just a day ago, you were bundled up with him in the quiet confinement of your dorm room. It was in the afternoon and classes had just ended for the day. Marlene was out with Dorcas, and Lily was just trying to disappear from James Potter once more.
You ran your thoughts back to Remus, who was complaining about how you were running your book. "C'mon, Y/n. You're practically trashing the book." He groaned, dramatically rolling his eyes.
You laugh at him, shoving him with your elbow. "This is just my thought process, and it looks pretty." You mused peacefully while laying back on your bed, the book on your knees.
"Alright, well. Can we do something else? You haven't even looked at me with that book in hand." He commented.
You turn your face to him, "Why don't you grab a book and read next to me, Rem." You offered, your free hand patting the empty bed space beside you.
Remus brushed you off, "I read plenty, and I don't read much romance anyways."
You scoff, "Alright, give me a second. I'll finish this chapter and we'll do something."
That was the end of it, you remembered dropping the book on your bed and spending the rest of your day with Remus. So it couldn't have been him, could it? And besides, he doesn't read much romance.
You were still frantic about the book, wondering into the library to check if it was there somehow. You knew it wouldn't be, even after flitting your eyes up and down three whole tall shelves. So eventually, you gave up and sat down on one of the tables near the edge of the library.
It was quiet, definitely a scene where you would relax. But your mind wouldn't shut up, still tracing back the steps of where you last left it— or where you accidentally placed it.
A snap of fingers drew you out of the small trance, "Hey! I've been looking for you forever." A voice said, belonging to Remus as you saw who it was.
You nod at him, staying silent while you watch him grab a seat on your opposite side. As he settled down, he grabbed a book out of his satchel and set it down on the table. "So listen—"
"Is that my book—?" Your question sounding more like a statement with how high your voice was.
Remus flushed, the thing he predicted turned out correct. He knew he shouldn't have taken the book from her bed that day, he didn't even enjoy romance books. But there was just something about the way you focused on annotating the book that made his heart beat faster.
Remus held his hands in front of you defensively, "Yes. This was supposed to be a surprise. I mean, you're definitely surprised— but I wanted to— to uh—" words seemed to fail him as he faltered, being his tongue down to shut himself up. His then extended his hand with the book, handing it over to you.
"Remus, if you wanted to borrow it you should've said something. This is my favorite book, and I was looking for it all day, so—"
Remus bit his lip, "Just skim over it." He said, his expression now looking a little more proud.
You did so, turning over the creased pages to see ... something. There was more ink on the book than the print itself. There was Remus' messy scrawl on the front, a little message written just for you. When you turned toward the end of the book, the lines between the words were lined in many different colors— making you smile at the messy but playful new look.
"Oh. This is— This is actually really beautiful, Rem. Thank you." You say, slightly flustered at how he was making you feel with this.
By this, you mean Remus annotating a full romance book for you. And you were willing to bet he rolled his eyes or scrunched his nose at a few scenes of the book. But there was his messy handwriting, lines of colorful ink, and pages folded to indicate some of the interesting scenes of the book.
"Mhm. I figured you'd like it." He simply said, smiling warmly at you.
"I love it." You tell him genuinely, "But I thought you didn't read much romance?" You couldn't help but ask.
Remus chuckled, "Well, what is much?" He questioned back, making you roll your eyes and scoff at him playfully.
"You're lucky I like you, Lupin. If anybody else did this to my book then I'd physically strangle them." You warn him, shaking your head slightly.
Remus leaned closer to you, "What do you say about going to Hogsmeade with me this weekend? To treat me back." He bites his lip to avoid grinning so big.
You chuckle, shaking your head at his shameless proposition. "Mm, of course."
—@ wrathspoet
general taglist: @regulusblackswhorecrux
marauders: @risingtripletaurus @athenapotter /send me an ask if you want to be added to the taglist!
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*jily before they were together*
James: Do you prefer being the big spoon or the little spoon?
Lily: I am not a spoon, I am a knife and I am going to stab you in the eyeball.
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Tumblr media
Sirius in Modern AU as a college student based off of the fic Get Off Your Phone on AO3
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bannerbubble · 25 days ago
corrupted — s.b
Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader, James Potter x Reader
Summary: Perfect hair, perfect life, perfect boyfriend. Everything seemed perfect for Y/N. Until Sirius Black came.
Setting: 21st century
Warnings: cheating, smut, female reader, mentions of drugs, angst, tiny bit of fluff if you squint, creampie, mentions of catholicity, reader is actually an ass, james being cheated on and being completely oblivious to it
words: 5k.
A/N: this is my first time publishing something this big but I really enjoyed writing it, I hope you guys like it. it’s basically high school drama but make it marauders and make it smutty. yeah i just wrote riverdale’s script lol. anyway, i wanna say i’m sorry for language and cultural errors cause this is supposed to be happening in england but i don’t know how they do high school there, english is not even my native language so go easy on me. also im no catholic anymore so if there are anything offensive here please let me know. i just realised most of england is not catholic so this really is a mess.
this is inspired by the song ‘scotty doesn’t know’ by lustra and the movie ‘scott pilgrim vs the world’. link to the music will be at specific the scene.
Tumblr media
His arm is around her waist and both lips are curled up in big smiles. His brown eyes shine at her direction and she laughs, one hand placed against his chest. They look too good to be true, like ceramic figures. And around them, everyone contemplates the power couple in their natural habitat: the schools cafeteria. Their little nobility members make a circle around the couple, but they're only pawns. The king and queen stand with invisible crowns on their heads, ruling the entire school. But, truly, they were happy and in love.
James Potter was no douche. He was a childhood friend of Y/N's, since their parents were friends as well. Things just, sort of, fell into the right place. He was captain of the soccer team and she was the president of the student council. Both amazing students, adored by the professors and the principal. They were everything they were expected to be, children of the wealthiest families of England: perfect. She loved his pure heart and his kindness. He loved her loyalty and her intelligence.
As everybody watched, they kissed. Briefly, no tongue, because after all she was meant to save her purity. He respected that, even admired. So their love demonstrations were usually smiles, hugs and gifts. They were okay with it. School was just their little theatre. The less they showed, the more people wanted them to show.
When the bell rings, they separate and go to different classes. She gossips with her friends about those girls who won't save themselves for marriage. He jokes with his friends about the rival team. The class is over, and before they can meet for their quick chat before James goes to practice, the principal calls her on the speaker, asking for her presence in the office. This wasn't unusual, Y/N had meetings with Mr. Anderson almost daily. She greets his secretary, that tells her to wait in the antechamber. She does so, sitting in the green velvet chair and looking over the window, which has a great view of the soccer field. A few minutes go by and finally Mr. Anderson opens the dark wooden door and tells her to come in. Inside the office, a couple and a student sit in the chairs in front of the principals table. Y/N approaches them, whispering a 'good evening' before recognising Mr. and Mrs. Black, good friends of her family, and their not so friendly son, Sirius Black. She didn't know much about him, he kept it low profile. But by looking at his badly put uniform and sharp features, he didn't seem to care.
"This is Miss L/N, she's the top student of our school, you might have seen her before in our events." The principal begins, and she smiles at the adults. "She surely is the perfect fit to help Sirius get back on his tracks, I believe so."
Confused, she asks:
"I'm sorry Mr. Anderson, I'm not sure I understand what you're talking about."
"The Black family needs your help tutoring Sirius, Miss L/N. He's been... off their expectations, and that needs to be corrected quickly. Of course, extra credit will be given if you succeed. Is that okay?"
Y/N looks at the couple, seeing the hope in their eyes. Then, she looks at Sirius. He looks like a hard work.
"Sure, I'll help him."
It's Sunday afternoon and Y/N just left church. James dropped her off at the Black mansion.
"Call me and I'll pick you up, ok? Love you." He said before leaving.
The butler opens the door. Apparently, only Sirius and the maids are home. She is guided up to his room and knocks on his door. A horrific sound is playing inside: screams and guitars. Metal, probably. When he opens it, he's shirtless and black wearing sweatpants. His dark hair falls over his shoulders, over his chest. The room behind him is messy, the walls are filled with posters of bands and naked women and the floor is filled with graffiti and drink cans. He somehow managed to mutilate the classic bed frame, making it look like it has been through several battles. She looks away, putting her hands in front of her eyes.
"Could you get dressed, please?" He snorts and closes the door. When he's out again, he's wearing a black band shirt with a skull on fire in it. Bizarre. They walk to the house's library and sit on one table. It's a quiet place. A little bit too dark for her taste, her library was filled with chandeliers but this one barely had one. Thankfully, some sunlights came through the window to enlighten the room. She puts her books on top of the wood and sits on a chair.
"Before we start, we should talk a little bit about our working habits-"
"Let me cut you right there. Look, I'm really not interested in your tutoring. I'm only here because my parents are real mad at me. I will not collaborate with this. So, instead of wasting our times, lets get straight to the point. I need to get my grades up. You will help me by doing my assignments. You'll get your extra credit and we won't have to interact. How's that?"
"What? No! I... I won't help you, then. If you don't want to help yourself, then no one will."
"I thought you might say that. Well, then I guess you'll have to tell anyone you failed. Great Y/N couldn't teach me. Your prayers didn't work. You're not so good anymore. It's a shame, really."
She stops. It really wouldn't look good for her.
"At least do the assignments with me. I mean, if we never meet each other, you're parents will know. Perhaps you'll even learn something."
He ponders.
"Alright. Every Sunday then." She nods.
They kept their agreement. Every Sunday James would drop Y/N at the Black's to meet Sirius. The first three sessions were challenging. He really didn't want to help. But, thankfully, she managed to get around him perfectly and by the second month, he was doing almost everything by himself. Sirius Black was intriguing. He never talked about himself. He was a complete mystery. Not to mention he was... bad. All the sinful habits he had. But he was also beautiful. His dark curls framed his face like a portrait. His gray-ish feline eyes were so penetrating Y/N felt like fainting when they pierced her neck. That wasn't uncommon. Her neck, her shoulders, her chest, her legs, even her lips — he glanced at them all. Frequently. She never addressed it because, well, she did it too. Sunday after Sunday the look when he opened the door shirtless lasted longer. She stared at his muscular legs when he wore shorts. She would never confess it, obviously, but she did. And then there were the hand touches. Accidental, most of them. She enjoyed his warmth next to her. She began to crave it. To want more.
James noticed when she turned touchy. Unusual, of course, but he didn't mind. He didn't actually care for purity. How could he? He was a boy, after all. Their kisses lasted longer. No tongue, still, because she wasn't sure how to do so. She would sit on his lap in the cafeteria, hands tangled up his hair. Delicate, however. Nothing too scandalous.
Seeing Sirius in school was confusing. He would smirk at Y/N, and she would greet him with a quick hand gesture. He would also silently laugh at James, but Potter gladly didn't notice.
Last Sunday before winter break, all assignments were finished. As they were saying goodbye to each other, the boy asked:
"Do you wanna, like, do something?"
She gave him a nervous laugh, "Um, like what?"
"You've never done graffiti before, have you?"
She shakes her head.
"Alright, I know a place. But you'll need to get changed."
He handed her one of his black sweatshirts and pulled her by the hand. In the back of the house there was a hidden garage with a mini van in it. It was white and had doodles all around it. They got in and drove to a place far from where L/N used to go. He parked at a dark alley and grabbed a bag.
"Hey, you two!" A manly voice sounds from behind them, and a soft light is in their direction.
Sirius pulls Y/N by the hand, who drops the can to the floor and quickly start running. The boy guides her through multiple aisles, going in a zigzag direction until the footsteps no longer follow them. They go over a tunnel and stop close to some woods. She has a hard time running that fast and when they finally stop L/N feels a burn in her lungs and her blood is circulating way too fast. It feels incredible.
"Oh my god!" She laughs, putting her hair behind her ears. "I can't believe we just did that, it was such a rush!"
Sirius nods, smiling as he wipes the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand. He glances at her, still euphorically laughing with a bit of red paint on her cheek. She looks amazing. Alive.
"Can we do it again? I-" She looks at him, furrowing her eyebrows and biting her lower lip. He waits. Finally, she whispers, "I think I wanna kiss you."
There's a pause, in which only the cicadas are heard. What even made her say that? Adrenaline, obviously. Or perhaps the smell of the toxins in the paint. She feels stupid.
"You think?"
"No, I-... I do want to kiss you."
He tries to contain a smirk and she holds her breath. Before she can turn around and run away, he takes her in by placing a hand on the side of her neck, just under her ear. Their lips meet and it's... different. It's not calm and sweet as it used to be with James. It's warm, desperate and even a little bit violent. She puts both hands on his chest and they slowly travel to his collarbones and neck, just as his' stop at her waist and pull their hips together. Their tongues meet and it's unexpectedly incredible. Y/N can't get enough of it.
They quickly get out of breath and separate a bit, their faces less than a inch apart. When she tries to get back to it, he stops her.
"We should probably go somewhere safe, you know."
She ignores the accelerated heartbeat inside her and agrees. They head back to the mini van.
Her skin is on fire, but he still puts his hands under her sweatshirt and trace them up, until the piece of clothing goes over her head. He's on top of her, black curls pending in the air. He stares at her lace bra for a moment, before attacking her neck with soft bites. She sighs and unconsciously moves her hips against him. Her mind is filled with lust, not letting any space left for her thoughts. He giggles, quickly taking off his own shirt. In a moment, they're both in only underwear, skin on skin. Without further ado, his right hand sits on her core, over the panty. He proudly feels it drenched and makes sure to keep eye contact as he presses it lightly. She suspires as he circles her sensible clitoris, enjoying the electric waves going through her body. Sirius puts the cloth to the side and explores the outside of her entry with his middle finger. She nods at him, consenting. Slowly, he penetrates her. She groans at the pain, forcing her eyes shut. Tears accumulate in the sides. When she recomposes with a deep breath, he takes his finger out and penetrates her again. And again. And again. Until she's used to the feeling, desiring it. He wishes to play with her for longer, but the throbbing sensation under his stomach was starting to hurt. So he takes out his already hard cock, lubrificating it with the wetness pooled on the tip. Quickly glancing at her breasts and messy hair, he can't hold no longer. He enters her with a groan and start a pace. Her legs curl around his waist. Her loud moans are muffled by his lips, that also often let a moan out. The erotic sounds made by their bodies meeting excite her even more, making her orgasm start to build up. She begs for him to go faster, harder, deeper. She screams his name and swear words in a sense she doesn't even understand. At this point, she has no control over what's leaving her mouth. It finally comes, the wave of pleasure that completely washes out her senses. It leaves her numb, legs shaking and dark circles in her vision. The clenching around him it's too much, so Sirius tries to pull out so he can finally release. He is stopped by her legs, that firmly hold him at the same place.
"Inside, please..." She asks and the effect is immediate. He fills her with his cum and she loves the dripping sensation afterwards. She loves the feeling of him inside of her and misses it the moment he's out. He falls on top of her, heavy breathing — both of them. Something clicks inside her brain, like the first time you hit weed, and just like that she's addicted to him.
They meet several times during the break. Y/N tells James she's going shopping. He trusts her. He loves her. Surprisingly, she loves him too. She does not love Sirius. It's only physical. She didn't care for what he had to say. She wanted his body. It's not immoral, after all, that was what he wanted too. He never explicitly said that but kept it going even though he knew she was dating James. There was an unspoken agreement to don't tell anyone about their relationship.
Anyways, winter break was over and they had to go back to reality. They would sneak out to an abandoned classroom during lunch time, and she would laugh a little harder every time at his jokes. He would stare at her eyes, not her body, for longer. They would play with each other's hands while they talked, tangling their fingers.
"I wish we could do this anywhere," Sirius once mumbled. Y/N giggled in response, as her cheeks heated a bit.
Sirius turned out more talkative, trying to get along with some of her friends. He flirted with all of them, of course, but his eyes weren't shining the way they did when he looked at L/N. He started getting riskier. Touching her shoulder to ask for a pen in class, James on her side. Keeping the pen so she would have to meet with him. Using extra perfume so the scent would stick with her. Potter was simply oblivious to not notice it.
On his birthday, James rented a club and invited uncountable people to a massive party. Free entry, free drinks, free everything. Y/N was the perfect accessory for the night, full face makeup in a sparkly tight dress. He bought it himself. She thought using purity to decline it was too hypocritical of her, considering she was getting railed every Sunday. Three hours into the party, he barely talked to her. He was drinking with his friends and didn't want to dance with her.
"I need to go to the loo," She whispered on his ear, leaving before he could respond.
She squeezes herself across the crowd, casually stepping on some girls toes. She grabs her phone and writes a text.
'where are you? i'm bored.'
'just got to the parking lot, doll', Sirius answers.
'don't come in, i'll meet you there.'
Y/N takes a while to recognise his actual car, not his van, in the ocean of vehicles. She gets on the passengers seat, sighting.
"It's that bad?" He asks.
"Ugh, shut up." She takes his mouth quickly, throwing her legs to the drivers seat and getting on top of him.
They do it once, twice, three times before both are too tired to keep on.
"Okay, that's it. What's going on?" It was the ending of April, the spring’s warmth blocked by the windows in James's bedroom. He sits beside Y/N on the bed, while she raises an eyebrow.
"What do you mean?"
"You know what I mean. You've been acting all weird lately. You never want to come close to me or touch me anymore. Hell, you barely even look at me." The answer is clear in her mind. Anything she wants to do she does it with Sirius. But the hurt present in his voice makes her say something else. She still loved him.
"I don't know, I just- I guess I've been anxious about college and stuff. I'm sorry, truly." He nods in understanding.
“I also thought you might’ve been bugged by Lily, you know, since she’s been all over me lately.” He says in a lower tone, making Y/N furrow her eyebrows. She hadn’t even noticed that. Her best friend actually did that? “I made it clear to her that wasn’t interested, just so you know. No need to be insecure over that, hm?”
“Yeah, actually it really made me uncomfortable.” Exactly what he wanted to hear, for sure. “I was trying to ignore it but… it freaks me out. Knowing there’s so much option for you out there. A bunch of beautiful girls juts waiting to grab a piece of you.” She continued, suggestively glancing at him.
He pouts, actual tears forming in his eyes. He sights and hugs tightly his girlfriend.
“Princess, there’s no need to worry. I love you and you only. The others? They don’t matter to me. I want you.”
Wow. Y/N screwed up big time. How could’ve she cheat on the most caring and adorable boy ever? And with a stray dog? A junkie. That wasn’t her. She was the golden girl. The pride of her family. Pure, innocent and, well, perfect. Sirius had done that to her. Sirius Black made her sin. He corrupted her. Like the snake in Eden. Now Eve is fated to wilderness, in forever suffering. No. She bit the forbidden fruit but there’s still time to undo it. She will redeem herself. Love and worship James, be devoted to him.
When he softly kisses her, she can feel the salty tears wet her cheek. She quickly makes the kiss more sensual, freeing casual sighs that might come. Potter is skeptical at first and lets her lead him. He trusts her. L/N gets on top of him, separating to take his shirt off. When she tries to go back, he stops her.
“Are you sure you want to?” James asks, and his worry is genuine. He knows how much purity was important to her. How much it was supposed to be. She nods.
“Yes. I want you, forever. I’m ready.” He smiles and kisses her again. In a moment, he’s on top of her while she lays on the soft bed. And when she thinks he’s about to take his trousers off, he heads south.
The sex is good. James is not quite as experienced as Sirius, she can’t help but compare, but he certainly is experienced. Differently from Black, he praised her. Wanted her to have a good time too. He enjoyed preliminaries, teasing and going slow. She found out she enjoyed it too. She didn’t feel filthy or used. It felt right.
James, of course, thinks he just won the lottery. He’d gotten himself a virgin that fucked like a porn star. Poor boy. When they finish, he doesn’t fall asleep. He tells her to go clean up, asks if she’s hurt in any way, if she wants something. She asks for water and goes to take a bath. Nice and clean, they sleep together. She lays on his chest as he caresses her back with his thumb. She’s back in heaven. There’s no snake, no apple. Only Adam and Eve.
The morning after, she feels bad about how she has treated James. She wants to change. But it seams that the more she tried to block it, the more the sin came back to her mind. She was mad at herself for giving in so easily. For not have fought for her purity. She can’t talk to her friends, they would judge her and tell everyone. Her parents also wouldn’t understand. She has no one.
“How long has it been since you last confessed?” The priest’s voice sounds in the cabin.
“Five months, Father.” She whispers, shamed.
“Confess your sins, child.” It took four words to make her throat close. Her hands are shaking as she shifts her knees on the wood, gasping for air.
“I was corrupted by lust and greed. I gave away my purity, my virginity, to a boy I don’t love, who’s not the one I’m promised to. I did it multiple times and I have not yet told my boyfriend. But I love him, I want to be his wife, to be devoted to him. I want to make up for my sins, Father. I don’t want to be a sinner.”
There is a pause. Not even a breathing is heard. Y/N sniffles to hold back a tear. Then a tsk sound is made.
“Child, we are all sinners. What differ us from those who’ll end in hell is our will to change. To be better. To make better choices. Nothing is lost. God loves all of his creations, so he gave us the freedom to do as we want. You’ve wanted to sin. Now you want to redeem yourself. God is merciful.”
His words build up the strength she needed to move the mountains in her way.
“Thank you, Father.”
“As your penance, you shall say five Hail Mary’s. And I welcome you to say an act of contrition as well.”
She takes a big breath, recomposing herself, and does so. She leaves the confessional, feeling light as a feather.
Sirius approaches her at school, with a smirk on his face.
“Good morning, cupcake. Gotta tell you something.” He says, leaning against her neighbour locker and holding her chin with his right hand. She slams her own, after getting her needed books for the day.
“What are you doing?” She takes his hand off her. “We’re in public.”
“There’s barely anyone in the hallway, pup.”
“Barely isn’t enough. And don’t call me that.” She stars walking away from him.
“You sure did wake up a little bitter today, huh?” He follows her. She groans. They’re passing by a brooms closet. She pushes him inside it and closes the door.
“Um… Okay. Freaky.” He puts a hand on her waist, leaning in.
“Shut up! We need to talk.” She takes his hand off her, again.
“Yeah, right! Remember how I told you about the band I was in? We’re about to put on a huge gig and I wanted you to-“
“I’m ending this.” Y/N cuts him.
“What?” His expression is still the same smile he had on while talking.
“This.” She gestures the space between them. “Us. Whatever this is. It can’t keep on going.” His smile slowly fades away, being replaced by a concerned facade.
“Because I’m in love with James, and this was a mistake, Sirius.”
“You’ve been banging another guy for what, four months, and now you decide you’re in love with you boyfriend? What the hell is that?”
“It shouldn’t concern you, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just move on and forget it happened.”
“Well but it fucking does!” He spits, his figure growing in front of her, the angle of her neck feeling larger than usual. “It matters to me, okay? Hell, I- fuck it, I fell in love with you! And now you tell me you wanna be with that bonkers? Fuck this!”
The girl was stunned. Frightened. She didn’t expect that reaction.
“Don’t say that about him.” She whispers.
“Oh that’s the part that got your attention? You wanna know what? James Tiny-Weeny Potter is a fucking waker, that’s what he is.”
“What is wrong with you?” A hard slap explodes on the side of his cheek. Her next words come as a scream. “It’s not him, it’s you! You are the problem, Sirius Black! You’re just such a blighter you can’t be good for me, or for anyone!”
His face is contorted in such upset expression it makes her wonder if she’s gotten too far. No one speaks for a minute. The boy bites the inside part of his lower lip and looks away.
“Fine.” His tone is hurt, clearly. “Have a good happily ever after.”
He storms out of the small room, raven locks leaving behind his scent. That would be the last time Y/N would feel it. She blinked a couple times, got her hair ready, reared up and left the room with a big —fake— smile.
The following weeks were great. She was getting back to her reality, spending more time with her friends. James was so drunkenly in love he would gift her multiple times in a week, with high fashion items — mostly bags and shoes, because he knew how much she loved a good Chanel. They took their usual spot in the cafeteria, but a couple of things changed. Since her ‘first time’, he’d gotten more touchy. She sat on his lap and he forgot about everything else. He made his life purpose to look her deeply in the eyes and repeatedly tell her how much he loved her. Over and over, until their friends got diabetes from how sweet it was.
No one noticed Sirius Black watching it from afar, as his days got more and more blue — or red, if you may. Most of the days he wouldn’t even go to school, because it was impossible to wake up at 7am when you spent your night doing drugs and the closest human being. Fortunately, as one has said before, artists are those who turn suffering into art, and some time later he focused on his band and songwriting. But, still, it was hard to watch the only girl that ever mattered to him slowly drift away.
The weeks went by and prom was getting dangerously close. And, of course, Y/N already had her outfit ready. She grew anxious with so many tasks from the student council. All the things she’d have to say. Make a great speak, they said, you’ll be the voice of this year’s class. Good thing the party itself wasn’t her responsibility. So many applications she had to send, too. All late, due to the time she wasted on Black. That goddamn name kept coming back to her head, like a ghost trying to haunt her. And his face, his lips, his hair, his body. It was all too much. To top all of that, there were rumours of James wanting to propose. No, those weren’t reliable. Lily said to Y/N that Marlene told her that Alice heard Peter tell Dorcas that told… Probably false. Right? She believed so, because any other thing for her to worry about would make her explode.
Prom finally comes and Y/N wants to kiss whoever planned it. It’s wonderful. Red Carpet themed, all students must be taken pictures by the paparazzi — school’s newspaper photographers — before entering the wide hall. A stage is in one wall, currently with a DJ running the music. There are disco globes hanging on the ceiling that reflect the lights forming tiny rainbows across the room. It truly makes her feel like a celebrity. She poses several times with James, in a green dress which’s tone matches perfectly her skin tone. Golden jewellery make her shine in the crowd. She dances all night long, until there’s a change in the stage.
They took the DJ’s table away and put up some instruments. The night is almost over so everyone is excited to discover what’s going on. A blond boy enters the stage, sitting by the drums. Y/N recognises him as Remus Lupin, they used to have classes together in sophomore year. She barely knows anything about him, but his hair is messy and he has some smudged eyeliner on him. He wears ripped jeans and a black t-shirt. Then, a ginger boy comes in, black jeans and a leather jacket. Must be a Weasley, she thinks. He stands close to the bass and ends up grabbing it. The crowd is growing, so James and Y/N hold their hands so they don’t loose themselves. Sirius Black steps into the stage and she gets out of breath. Black vinil pants. Shirtless. Carrying a red guitar. The snake tattoo she adored on his half-exposed crotch. He stands to the microphone. Turns it on and a loud pinch goes around the room.
“One, two” He tests it. When it works, he smiles. That damn smirk. “Hello everyone, we are Sex Bob-Omb and we hope you’re having a great fucking night!” The crowd screams. “Our first song goes to a very nice pal, whose name is… well, you’ll know it soon.”
Lupin’s drumsticks tap three times and the bass starts the music.
James doesn’t know that Y/N and me
Do it in my van every Sunday
James looks at his girlfriend, so does everyone in the room, mouth agape. She stares at the singer, unbelieved.
She tells him she's in church but she doesn't go
Still she's on her knees and James doesn't know
The instrumental goes on and Potter tries to escape the scene.
“Jamie, wait!” She screams after him, but the music is too loud. The crowd is going crazy. Half dancing, half laughing. The brunet leaves her eyesight and she turns to the stage, middle finger up. “FUCK YOU!” She screams, leaving to find her boyfriend somewhere.
pt. 2 - healed
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
sleepy squeeze
pairing ; poly!wolfstar x reader
prompt ; A coming back late to see B and C cuddled up together on the sofa and carefully joining them.
wc ; 0.3 k
Remus hadn’t meant to come home so late.
It was genuinely out of his control that he was showing up at the common room four hours later than usual
But it had happened before, so they had talked about all of this before. as much as y/n suggested staying up and waiting until they were all there before they went to bed, Sirius shut it down pretty quickly, saying that that idea could spiral out of control into y/n staying up until two in the morning waiting for one of them when they were both upstairs in her dorm waiting for her. (it had happened before, they didn’t want it to happen again)
When Remus walked into the common room, he was glad to hear no signs of life, no lights on, even the fire was slowly dying out. But as he walked in further, he caught sight of his two lovers laid out across the sofa, asleep.
They hadn’t stayed up for him but they had tried to.
He set his bag down on the floor, carefully as to not wake either of them and he approached their sleeping forms with a soft smile on his lips.
He decided to try and not wake either of you, so he shrugged his robes off, put his shoes down by his bag and sat at the small vacant end of the couch where their were.
Sirius had put his legs over the end of arm of the sofa so he wasn’t taking up the whole thing, and y/n had her head rested against his chest with her legs curled up under the slight bend of sirius’.
To say remus wished he had a camera was an understatement.
he sat down on the sofa and lifted his hand to brush back some stray hair from both of their faces, just the sight of them looking so peaceful was calming him to a point of sleep.
Resting his head back against the sofa, he rested his hand on top of sirius’ which was around your shoulders and let himself drift off.
Not before getting a soft squeeze from his boyfriend.
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𖧷𝐒𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐩𝐢'𝐬 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭𖧷
۞ : angst
☼︎ : open ending
᯽ : smut
✵ : hurt/comfort
❄︎ : fluff
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Tumblr media
𝑹𝒆𝒎𝒖𝒔 𝑱. 𝑳𝒖𝒑𝒊𝒏
Borrowed time ( Dad!Remus x F!Reader ) ۞
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Heavily inspired by As The World Caves In by Matt Maltese
Kind of a redraw of an old one
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Prompt - ‘Moving on from him is impossible when I still see it all in my head in burning red.’
Notes - Smut
Loving Sirius Black was intense for lack of a better word. From the get go everything seemed to move fast but you were so caught up, so intoxicated by it that you couldn’t do anything more than hold his hand as the whirlwind romance began. Loving Sirius Black was passionate, it was needy and it was over just as quickly as it had begun.
You had liked Sirius for months now, it was easy to like him. He was charming, charismatic, one flash of that smile had you weak in the knees - you and every other girl at Hogwarts. Sirius wasn’t an idiot, he knew the effect he had on the girls and nobody was surprised when he had a new girl on his arm every week.
You had never been one of those girls and even though you knew it was terrible to want to be, you couldn't deny that given the chance you would be his girl of the week. This week it was a girl in your year, you didn’t particularly like her but seeing her on Sirius’ lap made you roll your eyes as you passed them, neither of them noticing you as they made out on the bench they were on.
“Party at Gryffindor tower tonight, you in?” Your friend asked you as you rounded the corner.
The thought of saying no crossed your mind, not wanting to spend the night obsessing over Sirius but something within you was nagging you to go.
“Sure.” You agreed, watching as your friend grinned at you and began talking about outfits.
You tuned her out all the way to potions and spent the rest of the lesson trying to push Sirius out of your mind.
By the time the party rolled around you were ready to cancel but somehow your friends ended up pushing you into going. As you entered the common room you couldn’t help but relax as the music and laughter washed over you.
“Let’s get a drink.” Someone from your group said and it wasn’t long before one drink turned into four and you were feeling the full effect of the alcohol coursing through your veins.
You found yourself in the middle of the common room which was being used as a dance floor, letting the music guide your movements. You weren’t sure just how much time had passed before you felt an arm slip around your waist and a warm body pressing up against your back.
“Having fun?” You recognised Sirius’ voice straight away, his tone deep and low as he pulled you further against him, dancing rhythmically against you. You felt goosebumps rise on your skin as his lips pressed against your neck in a gentle kiss.
You couldn’t help but turn your head upwards, giving him better access. You could feel him smirk against you before he obliged and began pressing kisses into your skin, you bit your lip before gasping as you felt him suck on the delicate skin. He kept sucking and let his arms that were still wrapped around your waist explore your body, one trailed upwards, brushing over your breast and the other went downwards, resting on the top of your thigh.
The feeling of him sucking on your neck was more intense than you would have ever thought, that mixed with his hands on your body had you letting out an involuntary whimper. You were more than aware that you were still in the middle of the common room but you couldn’t bring yourself to care, not when Sirius Black was pressed up behind you, finally noticing you.
You let out another whimper as Sirius let his teeth graze against the spot he’d been sucking before pulling away, not going far, and whispered in your ear.
“How about we head upstairs?” You couldn’t have said no even if you wanted to, something about him was addicting and now that you’d had a taste you didn’t think you’d ever be able to let him go.
At your nod he pressed another kiss to your neck before pulling away and guiding you up the stairs. You had no idea how the stairs let you into the boys dorm but the thought left your mind as soon as it had entered.
Once you were in the boys dorm and the door was shut, Sirius pinned you against it, wasting no time in crashing his lips against yours, the kiss was raw, it was desperate and needy. Your hands were finally tangled in his long hair as his hands gripped your face and you couldn’t help but moan into the kiss.
Sirius pulled away from you, a trail of spit keeping the two of you attached to each other before his lips connected with your neck again. Your head hit the wooden door behind you as you threw it back, moaning in pleasure as he wasted no time sucking at different spots on your neck.
Your cheeks were flushed as Sirius finished up on your neck, trailing open mouthed kisses down your neck, along your collarbone before stopping at the top of your shirt. His fingers found the hem and he was quick to pull it over your head, leaving you standing in your bra.
You watched him lick his lips before he helped you take the bra off, his mouth going straight for your breast. He took one in his mouth, as his hand came up to knead the other. You moaned at the stimulation, your hands coming up to grip his hair as he showed no signs of slowing down, though you did feel him smirk against you.
When Sirius pulled away you had no time to recover as his lips found yours again. As he kissed you hard, hard enough to bruise, he pulled you away from the door and, without pulling away, blindly led you over to his bed.
It wasn’t long before you were underneath him, Sirius in between your legs as he continued to kiss you. It was rushed and animalistic and you couldn’t get enough. You pushed your hips up, letting yourself brush against his dick causing you both to moan into the kiss.
Sirius took the hint and pulled away, his hands trailing down your stomach and stopping at the top of your jeans. He made quick work of unbuttoning them and helped pull them down before throwing them off to the side of the room.
With the adrenaline and alcohol pumping through your system you had no time to feel self conscious, though you did pull his shirt off of him as you saw he was still fully clothed and you were laying there in your panties that were already beginning to get wet.
Sirius was quick to strip out of his own clothes before turning his attention back to you, pressing his lips against yours again. He let his hands trail down, brushing against your panties and smirking as he felt the wetness through them.
“Feel good, baby?” He asked, nipping at your jawline. You couldn’t reply, just let out a loud, needy moan as his fingers gently stroked you through your underwear.
Sirius wasted no time in lowering himself so his face was between your legs. He pressed a kiss against your thigh before hooking his fingers around your panties, pulling them off and tossing them out into the room.
You were a moaning mess as Sirius attached his lips to your clit, his fingers still brushing against you as he sucked and licked you. His fingers kept teasing your entrance, pushing in gently before he withdrew them causing you to let out loud groans of both pleasure and annoyance.
Without warning two fingers pushed into you causing you to arch against the bed, you felt Sirius chuckle around you causing you to moan louder as the chuckle vibrated against your clit. You were panting as he pumped his fingers inside you, his pace quickening each time. One of your hands was in his hair, fingers clutching the dark curls, holding him in place whilst the other gripped the bedsheet tightly.
“Sirius, Sirius please,” You cried out, the feeling of both his fingers and his mouth becoming too much.
Sirius pulled away and leaned up to connect his lips to yours, both of you moaning into it. The kiss was filthy, you could taste yourself on his tongue as you both messily kissed each other.
Before you could even register it Sirius was lining himself up against you and sliding in causing you to whimper in pleasure, your eyes screwing shut as Sirius sucked on your neck. Your arms were wrapped around his shoulders, fingernails digging into his back.
Once he was in and made sure you were ok, Sirius wasted no time. His rhythm was unrelentingly hard and fast, a fine line between pain and pleasure had you a moaning mess, Sirius’ name falling out of your mouth like a prayer as you pleaded for more.
Sirius was moaning against your neck, face buried against it as he thrusted into you. You were incoherent at this point, the only name on your lips was Sirius’ and it wasn’t long before you were pleading with him, begging him to let you come.
“That’s it baby,” He murmured against your neck, letting his teeth graze across the sensitive skin, “you feel so good, come for me, baby.” He continued, praising you as he fucked you fast and hard.
It wasn’t long before you were clenching around Sirius causing him to let out a low moan. You cried out as you orgasmed and Sirius wasn’t found behind as he came inside you with a moan of his own.
The two of you lay there for a moment, the air hot and heavy as the two of you panted for breath. Sirius was the first to move, pulling out of you carefully and picking his wand up from the nightstand. He made quick work of cleaning the two of you up and then collapsed down beside you in the bed, pulling you into his arms so your head lay on his chest.
“You okay baby?” He whispered as he pressed a kiss to your hair.
You were still slightly out of it, everything about tonight felt wild and passionate and overwhelming so you just nodded against him and let your arm rest against his stomach.
Sirius smiled down at you, letting his fingers trace your skin.
“Go to sleep, Y/N.” He murmured, smile growing as you nodded sleepily against his chest.
It wasn’t long before you fell asleep in Sirius’ arms.
You were the first to wake, the curtains around the bed had been drawn and you assumed the other boys were back in the room. You didn’t want to get up yet, didn’t want to leave Sirius’ embrace, the feeling of his arms around your waist, holding you close…it was easy to pretend this was real.
You let your fingers gently trace his chest, touching him like this made you realise that this was what you wanted. You wanted Sirius Black and you didn’t know how you were going to give him up after one night with him. This one night with him was perfect, it felt like the colours in autumn, so bright, so beautiful, but you could see the end too, when the autumn leaves died and fell, that was what was destined to happen here - one incredibly great night and then whatever was between you and Sirius was supposed to shrivel up and die.
Except that’s not what happened…
That morning Sirius woke up, his arms still holding you close. He brought you in for a soft kiss and the two of you spent the morning in his bed, lazily kissing and giggling as he told you stories of pranks and mischief and you told him stories about yourself.
From there the two of you headed down to the Great Hall, Sirius’ arm thrown around your shoulders and holding you close. During the meal he kept up the conversation, not bothering with anyone else around you.
You figured that it was finally your chance to be the girl of the week, not just a one night stand but someone for Sirius to keep around before he got bored. And you shouldn’t have been ok with that, you knew you deserved more than that, but spending time with Sirius was worth it.
So when week two came and Sirius slid into the seat next to you for breakfast, wrapping his arm around you and kissing your lips, you could only look at him in confusion.
“What?” He grinned as he plucked a piece of fruit from your plate.
“What’re you doing here?” You asked him, eyebrows knitting together in your confusion.
“Ouch and here I was thinking you liked me.” He said, dramatically holding a hand to his chest causing your friends to laugh.
You didn’t respond, you didn’t know how to respond. Sirius Black had never been with the same girl for longer than a week, it was common knowledge.
So why was he back?
“What’re you doing this weekend?” He asked you as you packed up your things to head to class. His hand slipped into yours as you both headed towards the stairs.
“Nothing?” You told him, though it sounded more like a question.
“Let me take you out, we can go to Hogsmeade.” He said, smiling over at you with that charming Sirius Black smile.
How could you say no to that?
At the four month mark you were still confused about why Sirius was with you, down right nearly died of shock when he asked to make things official one night as he snuck the two of you to the astronomy tower, talking about the different stars and constellations.
Four months in and you had fallen hard. It wasn’t difficult considering how much you had liked him before getting together but being around him everyday, getting to kiss him whenever you wanted, knowing that he was yours…it wasn’t hard to fall in love.
You had him memorized, you knew him as well as you knew the words to your old favourite song. When you touched him, you knew he was what you wanted and somehow he wanted you too.
You hadn’t realised just how hard you had fallen for him until your first fight. It was about something ridiculous and ended with the two of you storming away from each other. It was after hours and Sirius had headed up to the dorm whereas you had snuck out and found yourself sitting at the edge of the astronomy tower, legs dangling over as you looked up at the starry night.
Sirius came to find you that night, apologising. You had brushed it off, made it seem like it was no big deal just so things could be ok again between you but deep down you knew that that wasn’t right. The fight was intense but everything about your relationship with Sirius was intense so why shouldn’t that be too.
You shouldn’t have been surprised.
You knew he had a reputation, knew what he was like before you had gotten together. You knew he had a different girl every week. How could you think you could change that about him?
Watching him as he pressed some Ravenclaw against the wall, kissing her like he needed it to survive…
You hated the scene in front of you but you couldn’t look away. It was only when the Ravenclaw opened her eyes, seeing you stood there, that Sirius acknowledged you. The Ravenclaw pushed him off her, a look of embarrassment taking over her face as she quickly readjusted herself and picked her bag up before hurrying past you with an apology.
You didn’t hang around to hear what Sirius had to say. You turned on your heel and followed the other girl out, ignoring the pleas from Sirius as he begged you to hear him out.
You ended up in a dusty, old classroom. It looked like it hadn’t been used in a good few years…or decades. You didn’t care though, the state of the room was the last thing on your mind as you let the door fall shut and your back slid down it until you were sat on the floor with tears falling down your face.
You knew, deep down you knew that it was for the best, knew that you and Sirius could never have worked out but that didn’t make it hurt any less. The relationship was too much, loving him was too much. It was all too much, too fast. Every moment spent together was too intense.
You didn’t know how you were supposed to move on from him though because despite how intense things were between you, you really did love him and moving on from him seemed impossible when all you could see in your head was him.
As you sat on the dusty floor with tears falling down your face, flashbacks and echoes of him invading your mind, you couldn’t help but feel all alone. You knew you’d be ok eventually but right now everything felt blue, it felt lonely and sad and you felt like a complete idiot for thinking that he could change, for thinking that you were worth enough to him to change when really all you were to him was some pretty little plaything and he had finally gotten bored of you.
You had been so focused on the good moments between you this entire relationship, the affection, the infatuation, the warmth, that you ignored the other side of the relationship - the anger, the jealousy, the miscommunication, those horrible aspects you’d blocked out hit you full force.
Merlin, you were such an idiot.
Loving Sirius Black was intense for lack of a better word. From the get go everything seemed to move fast but you were so caught up, so intoxicated by it that you couldn’t do anything more than hold his hand as the whirlwind romance began. Loving Sirius Black was passionate, it was needy and it was over just as quickly as it had begun but in time you knew you’d be ok.
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