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blvnk-art · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Concerned friends.
(More from Sirius here)
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moony06 · 2 days ago
People seem so worried that I'm going to forget about my own life and responsibilities because the only thing I care about is a group of gay wizards
Well guess what
I already did :D
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jamespotterinskirts · a day ago
Lily: If you found out you had only one day left to live, what would you do?
James: Say goodbye.
Sirius: Something illegal.
Peter: Cry.
Remus: Message ten people that if they don’t forward the message to ten people, I’ll die tomorrow
Lily: Remus-
Sirius: That’s fucking awesome, can I change my answer?
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whataloadofqueers · a day ago
harry : i think i'm gonna dress up as bambi for halloween
ron : oh yeah because your dad was deer ?
harry : no, because my mom got killed ??
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remuslupininskirts · a day ago
james: ... How do I begin to explain remus?
sirius: remus is flawless.
marlene: I hear their jumpers insured for $10,000.
regulus: I hear he sells cigarettes... that he stole
fabian: One time they punched me in the face... it was awesome.
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factoryhens · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Some Jily for you <3
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constancezin · 17 hours ago
Ohhhh James....
Tumblr media
One of the many uses of the cloak
And not the least one in James' opinion
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scriibble-fics · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Title: Bought
Rating: M
Word count: 80,978 ; 6/? chapters [WIP]
Summary: "I've given this this a lot of thought," he says, "And I want to buy you." [First Wizarding World AU featuring Slytherin!Marauders and Death Eater!James]
Tumblr media
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arianatwycross · a day ago
Tumblr media
Teenage Kicks
Chapter 4
“Marlene’s asking for more photos.”
“Well, Lils, they’re good! I don’t blame her, I bet it's great publicity for the band. The fans have never been able to get a glimpse of them like this before!”
Lily hums.
“I mean it's fun, the London shows have been great so far. We’re heading up to Manchester now.”
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sunshine-marauders · a day ago
Just Pretend Ch 2 - sep jilychallenge
Tumblr media
read on AO3
Jily Challenge | September 2021 | Theme: Celebrities
prompt: “we’re hiding in an alleyway from the paps and crap they’re coming quick kiss me to hide our faces”
paired with the lovely @be11atrixthestrange!
Ask a random group of American teenage girls who their favorite celebs are and you’re sure to hear some of these names: Mary Macdonald, or M Mac, who is known for her popular YouTube channel; Marlene McKinnon, openly lesbian singer and the only daughter of 80s popstar Paul McKinnon; and Lily Evans, a talented actress who rose to fame out of nowhere three years ago.
And, of course, a list of popular internet personalities wouldn’t be complete without the most famous of them all: The Marauders, a catch-all boy group that functions as a clique, amateur boyband, YouTube sensation, and inspirations to the younger generation all at the same time. The Marauders include Remus Lupin, loved by fans for his relatable bookish personality and known for being somewhat of a nerd; Peter Pettigrew, who stars in the majority of their YouTube uploads and whose tutorials are looked forward to by the fanbase; Sirius Black, a supermodel, ex-heir to the Black family, as well the most followed social media personality under twenty years old; and James Potter, the only child of the incredibly famous couple Fleamont and Euphemia Potter and the public’s darling since his birth.
Now, if you’d asked us a year ago if we’d expected these two groups to spend time together, we would have laughed in your face. First of all, although Macdonald and Evans have been fast friends since the latter’s introduction to the sphere of elite, McKinnon is a recent addition to their group, normally spotted with her non-celebrity girlfriend of three years, Alyssa Martino, up until six months ago. The Marauders have been friends for years, and their bond was solidified after Black disappeared from his family and reemerged into the public eye as a member of the Potter family.
The only thing these young influencers share is their celebrity statuses. Beyond that, they’ve notoriously clashed on many occasions, including Macdonald and Black’s fleeting romance two summers ago, Pettigrew and McKinnon’s parents’ decades-old feud known to all who are well-versed in Hollywood drama, and, perhaps most scandalously, James Potter and Lily Evans’ infamous rivalry, starting at the premier of Ophelia two years ago and sparking many a headline along the way, including a particularly amusing instance involving a drink thrown upon the young Potter.
For a full recap on Evans and Potter’s feud, check out this article. For a deep dive on Macdonald, McKinnon, and Evans’ friendship, be sure to read this exposé.
Now, none of us are sure what went on in this celeb retreat on an exotic resort, but what we do know is that the seven young adults recorded a video together for M Mac’s YouTube channel. Here’s what happened, down to every juicy detail. Get ready for some serious drama, because Hollywood’s hottest did not disappoint...
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Lily: *in labor*
James: *in shock at what’s happening*
Sirius: *pulling him aside* are you alright mate?
James: I guess it’s finally sinking in. I mean I always knew I was going to have a baby but I guess I never realized that the baby will be having me..
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chdarling-tle · a day ago
Tumblr media
“I know how disappointed you must be,” Professor McGonagall had said after James had been dismissed and it was just the two of them in the office alone.
It had taken nearly everything in Lily not to scoff outright. How could Professor McGonagall possibly know how disappointed Lily was? How could she understand just how deeply this wound cut? How everyone at every turn kept disappointing her again and again and again? Lily had never taken herself for a misanthropist, nor did she wish to be, but God, how many blows was she supposed to weather on her own? How many battles would she fight with no one by her side?
Disappointed. That was the understatement of the century.
“These laws are not finite, nor are they written in stone,” Professor McGonagall had gone on, heedless to her student’s internal spiral. “There are still many who plan to fight them, the Headmaster included. I understand why you are upset and why you feel the need to act out, but you still have a bright future, Miss Evans. I’d hate to see you jeopardize that for the sake of mere anger.”
And Lily had had to bite her tongue yet again. McGonagall really didn’t get it. Lily liked her Head of House, she respected her, but she did not think the woman understood the reality of this moment. That was the problem with adults. They always seemed to be living in the world a few decades behind.
And Professor McGonagall certainly did not understand Lily if she thought there was anything mere about her anger.
Read on AO3.
ok ok ok I was supposed to wait until Tuesday to post this chapter but then I thought “why?” and I couldn’t come up with a compelling counterargument so here we are. 🙃
next chapter may not be posted on Tuesday but will definitely arrive this week ;)
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remuslupininskirts · 15 hours ago
sirius: so past crushes, james you go first.
james: so there is lily, obviously
sirius: obviously
james: then remus
sirius: remus?!
james: and regulus
sirius: REGULUS?!
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mppmaraudergirl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The Reckless Now
She ignores every instinct that tells her to run in the other direction. “I was hoping you could show me where the loo is. I’m new to town and have never been here, you see.”
 Hot Bar Guy takes a sip of his drink before standing. “I’d be delighted to.”
 She lets him lead her through the pub, staying close behind him as he weaves through the crowd. He turns left suddenly and she follows him down a cramped corridor that he nearly fills at the shoulders.
 “Right here, Red. Trust you can find your way back to my table after?”
 The presumption. The arrogance.
 She does not think as he spins around to face her, simply takes a step forward into his space, looking up at him with as much of an invitation as she can muster. His lips curl into that infuriating smirk before he threads his pointer finger through the belt loop on her hip and tugs her closer.
 “Why, Red, are you propositioning me?”
Moodboard by the talented @raissassampaio
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marauders3ra · 2 days ago
James: not us getting pregnant in the middle of a war lol
James: not us being silly🤪 not us being goofy🤪
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sweeethinny · 10 hours ago
Chapter 2 - Promises
September @jilychallenge fic!
@sweeethinny .vs. @adenei <3
Celebrity AU | Prompt: Oh, my God, I'm puking my guts out at the Oscars, and what if I'm in the wrong bathroom? And oh, please, tell me my celebrity crush hasn't just walked in on me wiht my head in this toilet bown
Tumblr media
Lily had only seen men go pale once. She saw her dad nearly pass out when Petunia broke her arm and her bone was exposed, or when Lily made a plate of cake levitate across the kitchen. There was a time when her grandfather got that same white hue and wide eyes too, but that's when he knew that Lily was moving to the capital alone.
But that didn't change the fact that seeing James like that, with his brown eyes looking like they were about to pop out of his face, his fork lying on his plate and his mouth open, made her almost desperate.
"Say something," Lily asked, feeling a little uneasy at the silence. There weren't many people on the second floor of the bar, so the noise was only from people downstairs and in the street, which made her even more nervous.
"I…" James blinked, a confused smile creeping across his face. ‘’How long have you known?”
"Since Wednesday night."
He nodded, looking at her stomach for a few seconds.
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