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#harry potter
quotemadness · 9 hours ago
Working hard is important. But there is something that matters even more: believing in yourself.
Harry Potter
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dr4cking · 20 hours ago
3k celebration dialogues.
Draco Malfoy
surprising stepbro!draco on his birthday with your lingerie
seducing draco
prof!draco punishing you because you didn’t do homework
stepbro!draco corrupting innocent!reader
ceo!draco fucking you because he needs an heir
stepbro!draco teasing reader after he took your virginity
draco has baby fever and wants to breed you
stepbro!!draco taking you from the back + breeding kink
draco making love to you in a tub with petals and candles
draco getting steamy with nanny!reader in a pool
draco getting steamy with nanny!reader in a pool part 2
getting fucked roughly and degraded by mean dom!draco
stepbro!draco spending lazy afternoon with you
sex with mafia!draco and one of his members caught you
jealous!draco punishing you with a vibrator and edging
draco granting your filthy kinky wishes
stepdad!draco gets hard by the sight of you changing clothes
draco fucking you in front of his friends
tying and edging sub!draco
stalker!draco putting a camera in your room to watch you masturbate
draco giving you erotic massage
saying safewords to draco during rough sex
draco being possesive and claiming you
wax dripping punishment by dom!draco
draco fucking you in the prefect’s bath tub
stuck in elevator with enemy!draco
sex with draco in a broom closet and get caught by snape
having kids talk with draco (smutty part)
pegging husband!draco
jealous sex with enemy!draco
sister!reader picking girls for brother!draco
boyfriend!draco watching you play with babies
draco secretly dating his best friend’s sister
draco feels bad after using you
having kids talk with husband!draco
comparing draco’s hand size with you
Tumblr media
Theodore Nott
theo getting hard watching you sleep
first time with fratboy!theo
dom!theo punishing you after a fight
dirty dancing with fratboy!theo
the tension after big argument with boyfriend!theo
Tumblr media
Blaise Zabini
blaise taking you right before your wedding day
Tumblr media
Tom Riddle
dom!tom obsessed with you and wants to breed you
Tumblr media
Pansy Parkinson
dom!pansy fingering you for your first time
Tumblr media
The Weasleys
stepdad!ron obsessed with your tits
perv!fred masturbating to the sight of you
giving perv!fred your perfect ass for his view
rough sex and knife kink with dom!fred
perv!george buying you revealing clothes
Tumblr media
Adrian Pucey
boyfriend!adrian being clingy with you
Tumblr media
Luna Lovegood
luna helping you feel better after you ruined her present
Tumblr media
Sirius Black
using safeword because you couldn’t take it anymore
sirius making his friends punishing you after you flirted with them
using safeword during sex with sirius
sirius getting you back from subspace
Tumblr media
James Potter
soft dom!james praising you after getting good grades
husband!james making love to you after the wedding night
dom!james exploring what you liked during sex
james dressing up as a cop to frisk you
feeling unwanted and used by james
telling your husband!james and baby harry that you’re expecting another child
james spoiling and buying you clothes
Tumblr media
Remus Lupin
rough fuck with dom!remus but you’re afraid to use safewords
Poly Relationship
poly!marauders takes turn to give you orgasms for your birthday present
getting fucked and humiliated by poly!marauders in public
poly!dron helping you get out from your subspace
draco and theo fucking their best friend
poly!draco, theo, blaise fucking reader after being subby
sub!draco being tied and edged by dom!reader and switch!pansy
showing sub!pansy how to make dom!theo cum
unexpected threesome with dom!theo and dom!pansy
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vlntcge · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
‘ No one had ever spoken to his mother that way , and Draco seen the look on Narcissa ‘ s face only a few times in his life ; when she spoke about her older sister , Andromeda . For a moment , Draco realized his mother had briefly gotten a glimpse at her sister while speaking to the annoying Hermione Granger . A smirk formed on his lips . ‘
Dramione Ballet AU because this AU is currently living in my head.
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chuckalart · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
De-Stress December ❄️ Day 1 ❄️ Holiday Decorating
Good Enough
The boys attempt to decorate the flat for Christmas. Draco falls asleep. Their cat falls asleep. Harry decorates their cat and Draco, and watches the moon rise.
Ao3 @hpdestress
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged · 16 hours ago
Andromeda: *holding baby Regulus for the first time and giggling at him*
2 year old Sirius: 🚿PLEASE🚿 don’t be in love with someone else
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ledouhua69 · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Saw snake ear cuffs on shopee, and thought of Draco wearing one
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Imagine Lucius wanting Severus to share you with him (smut)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Lucius betraying the dark lord for some puthy??? more likely than you’d think 👀💦Also this is just as long as it took me to write it 😩😭Also im a bit rusty when it comes to threesomes. I kept the original idea but also tried my best to not make it as if it’s total blackmail, i did my best ok. Hope you can all appreciate it :3 Gif not mine/credit to the original owners.)
Warning: 18+ minors SHOO THIS IS NOT FOR YOU-, threesome mfm, Dubcon-ish, reader gets clear choice of consent eventually, DP 👀, some ass play going in here of course-, oral (m and f receiving),
Lucius hadn’t expected for you to be so bold as to slap him right across the face after the moment of silent between you both from his question for you. A simple “no” would’ve done the job but it seemed your confusion had taken over you in that instant.
Luckily, you were both away from any prying eyes and he was able to handle such humiliation. To his disbelief, he was incredibly aroused by your action, your face frowning at him and ready to tell him off even more. His affection for you only growing from this interaction, after having spent months watching and trying to get to know you for the longest time ever since you joined the Death Eaters.
“What would make you think that’s an acceptable proposition, Mr. Malfoy?! I am a married woman not some young whore you can just suggest such a thing.”, you spat out before storming away, your steps being heard echoing the further you got.
That little outburst of yours wasn’t going to be forgotten so soon, he’s seen the way you’ve looked at him at times, he knows you’re just playing hard to get. Fixing his hair back, he then soothed his cheek and was already thinking of the next bouquet of flowers to send your way as an apology and get back on your good side.
He had been in that mood lately, purposely stirring your relationship with countless of gifts sent to you and love letters expressing his desires to have you. He was enamored by you from the instant he laid eyes on you, falling even deeper as he heard you speak so fervently, especially when it was directed to him.
His visions were filled with you, imagining you as his in every way and more importantly having your love and attention in return. There was no denying how incredibly jealous he was of your husband, Severus, constantly wondering as to how he ended with you.
It didn’t sit right with him for such a lowly wizard and professor having you all to himself, when he a pureblood is right there and clearly the better choice.
Walking down the hall, you caught sight of Severus and went right to him, linking your arm to his and already tugging on him to leave.
“Y/N? Is everything alright?”, he instantly voiced, your annoyed expression apparent to him that something must’ve went wrong. You sighed, stopping to look back at him exasperated, “Sev, let’s just go home, honey. I’m tired…”
Knowing you too well and surely you must have your reasons, your husband agreed and followed along, “Of course.”
Once at home, you both prepared for dinner rather quietly. Severus took notice of your firm and tense behaviour along the way as you cooked, keeping his composure so to let you have your space until he felt you were ready to speak to him.
Sitting down face to face finally and having dinner together, the silence between you both grew too much for Severus, “You’ve been quiet…Is there something on your mind, dear?”
Chewing your food slowly, you then swallowed and shrugged, telling him bluntly what was looming over you, “I slapped Lucius Malfoy.”
“Why?”, he asked dropping instantly his fork and his jaw ajar. He was heating up, his stomach turning at the thought of what could follow from such revelation.
To his surprise, you seemed rather nonchalant, reaching to hold his hand to assure him, “He couldn’t stop talking about how we didn’t match together, how I should be with him instead, I couldn’t stand it so I just slapped him.”
Your husband’s heart was beating out of his chest, the blood in his body rushing in worry, sweat starting to form slightly as he swallowed hard, only for you to keep going and going.
“That was the only appropriate action at the moment.”, you muttered quietly, as if shyly admitting to him your wrongdoings as to not get scolded.
Instantly, he stopped you, nearly hushing you as he spoke lowly as to not let anyone else here if that were even possible, “This could turn back against us, he is a powerful man-“
“I don’t care about that Sev!”, you raised your tone back, standing your ground, “I love you, there’s no way I’d let him run his mouth that way!”.
Your passion didn’t go unnoticed in your tone, touching and even calming Sev a bit before his thoughts could go back to what could possibly happen, “I’m thankful for you. But it’s still concerning-“
“I know.”, you sighed, your hand brushing against his before grabbing to hold it and kiss it, once more reassuring him. “I will try to apologize to him some other time…”
Severus’ gaze instantly softened along with yours, only for it to turn into curiosity as you’d frown all of a sudden. Groaning, you sighed exasperatedly, “But now i’m just not in the mood. He’s so frustrating! Quite handsome I admit…But oh god so annoying!”
For once, he couldn’t help but let out a chuckle at your confession and spent the rest of the evening talking it out. It didn’t take long for the subject to be long forgotten and the two of you finding peace within each other embraces until you were to face your problems all over again.
Days and days passed, and nothing ever came of it, Lucius didn’t bother to retaliate directly neither at you or your husband but instead continued his observations or rather his fixation with you. Every time you’d be present, he wouldn’t miss a single beat to take a good look at you, admiring your beauty as much as he could before you’d be taken away from him by Severus Snape of all people.
It annoyed him to think he was the one taking you home, the only one allowed to share your bed and take advantage of that sweet body of yours. It would’ve been an even bigger lie to even think for a second Lucius wasn’t even more annoyed or truly simply jealous of the doe eyes you have for your husband, the kisses you both stole from one another and the sweet silly banter you both always shared away from everyone else.
It should be him instead of Severus, that’s what he always thought and still now looking at you from across the table, he believed that. A shame you were still with your husband, as clear evidence as you held his hand and subtly or not so, showing off your matching wedding bands.
His piercing gaze didn’t go unnoticed by Severus, the two men exchanging rather cold glances at one another, Lucius clearly irritated. He wanted you all to himself but you were taken and worse you were happy about it, how was that even possible when you hadn’t even given him the chance yet.
You were only rejecting him because you didn’t knew him in that intimate light, he constantly thought to himself. The two of you only knew each other through these Death Eater meetings. So how could you possibly be so certain of your choice, you needed to give him try first but finding a new way to approach the subject was growing difficult until…
Eventually, the constant staring and following your every move began to pay off. As attentive and astute towards your expressions and the way you’d speak to your husband, it didn’t take long for him to realize the plot behind both of your motivations within the Death Eaters.
Although initially shocked, Lucius’ lust and passion for you seemed much stronger and more important than his desires to fulfill the Dark Lord’s wishes as he quickly reasoned himself. With that vital piece of information in his grasp, he was going to have you right where he wanted you and he couldn’t be any happier about it. Regardless of Severus, he was determined to have you and if you needed your husband along the way then so be it, he thought.
Once the next meeting came to an end, Lucius finally put his plan to action, waiting for you both to leave before catching up to your husband. As you parted ways for a second and met up with another member, you gave him the opportunity to corner your husband, stalking right behind him and catching his attention as he cleared his throat, “I have wanted to discuss-“
Severus’ guts instantly twisted at his words, fearing the worst for you but nonetheless readying to defend your action, as he calmly turned and interjected, “Y/N has been reflecting on her actions towards you that day, she’ll apologize to you properly for that mistake soon enough.”
Lucius scoffed at his words, knowing from a simple look at him he was scared and putting on a brave face, smirking devilishly, “I don’t mind that little “incident” if anything, it was quite thrilling.”
Severus was confused, frowning at the other man as he continued, “Actually I’ve been thinking more of asking you rather than her. I understand that she’s your wife…That the two of you have loved one another ever since she’s graduated and was an apprentice of yours.”
Your husband could only nod slowly, not denying a single detail nor interrupting Lucius, who was growing annoyed, “I clearly can’t seem to take her away from you completely, despite my efforts as you might have noticed. I’ve now accepted that fact. So I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind simply…”
He held in his breath, hoping to hear the end of it and praying the incident will simply be forgotten, only for Lucius to pause. Inching closer, he whispered knowing the taboo nature of his request, “Sharing such a precious little thing with me.”
“I beg your pardon.”, Severus gritted, in disbelief that such a question could even be asked.
“Your wife…I want her as well.”, the other man simply reasoned. “Oh don’t make that face Severus. Surely, you didn’t think that such a talented young beautiful woman as her would be a perfect match for a half-blood like you?”
Clearly that went right to Sev’s ego, hurting him even as he stayed silent, his own self doubt starting to form all over again. The tension between them was rising, Lucius twisting the knife further with his smug air and Severus at his mercy as he couldn’t find anything to counter.
Nervously, his gaze lowered, only to see Lucius’ cane come into view as the other man kept invading his space. Once more his tone lowered, as he inched right to your husband’s ear, telling him exactly what he knew, “Not to mention…That I know about your little plans for our Lord…How long was it in the making hm? Whose side are you truly on?”
That was enough to knock the air out of Severus’ lungs, his heart thrumming increasingly as sweat began to form. How was it possible for Lucius to figure it out? He had been so careful and meticulous in his work, how could such a slip up happen. So many questions were unanswered and his fear was only growing by the seconds while the colors in his face had been completely drained by his words.
Swallowing hard, he looked into the other man’s eyes backing away in defeat, nothing he could say or do right now was going to prove him and you innocent.
Knowing full well how right he was, Lucius chuckled, and continued in his hush tone, “No worries, your secret is safe with me…Under one condition of course…”
Instantly, your husband understood, all of this was to get to you and deep down he knew if he needed for this ploy to keep going, he had to comply. “Y-You want Y/N…”, he muttered as if filling in the blanks and voicing out loud to understand this was not a nightmare but in fact it was quite real.
Nodding in approval, Lucius’ excitement began to take over, as he chided your husband, looking at him from head to toe almost in disdain, “Mhm…Consider yourself lucky i’m not cruel enough to tear you both apart from one another…”
Trembling, Severus curled his fist in defeat, knowing he couldn’t do much but to agree to such conditions. He knew yet as well hoped somewhere you’d understand that neither of you could compromise the end goal of your mission, especially not for something as trivial as Lucius’ proposition, right?
With that, Lucius continued to explain what was going to happen next and by the time you had come back to Severus’ side, you were both heading to your private residence together, the other man nowhere in sight.
The whole way back, it was his turn to be strangely quiet and clingy, his hand gripping yours as you held him. Guilt was already gnawing at him, looking at you as if to ask for your forgiveness but the words just wouldn’t come out no matter what.
Once home, he didn’t left your side for a second, knowing well Lucius was on his way over soon, it was only a matter of time. With each minutes passing, Severus grew antsier and nervous, your curiosity growing and eventually stopping to ask him about it.
Nothing was all he could say, he wouldn’t open up or rather preferred not to. Instead, he avoided your questions and would choose to retreat to your shared bedroom and stayed there for the longest while.
Once done with the cleaning of your kitchen, you began to head towards your room as well for the night, stopping in your tracks as you heard a knock on the door.
Naturally, you peered down the stairs to look and make sure you heard it right, and there it was once again. Walking down to open it, Severus finally made his own way out, following your steps achingly slow, nervous as to what was going to happen.
Looking through to see who it was, your heart raced and you gasped to see none other than Lucius Malfoy standing at your door, staring right at you so smugly. Backing out, you looked at your husband confused and whispering to him, only for the other man to knock once more and even announce to you, “Y/N, darling open…I know you’re there!”
Finally you opened, fast and annoyed at his words, your frown instantly turning to genuine amazement to get a good look at him. There was no denying how handsome he was and here before you, his hair neatly done and his choice of suit clearly put together to impress anyone that would look at him.
For a moment, you were taken a back, forgetting your words as you looked up and down at him before shaking those thoughts away and remind yourself as to who he was.
Looking right at him, you faced him head on, “Mr. Malfoy? Bold of you to show up at my house after what happened…”
He practically scoffed, inching closer and his presence making you back into your home, inviting himself in, “Darling, you have no idea how bold I can be.”
Easily he took more and more steps, his own hand closing the door behind, his smile only widening as he stared at you. You looked like a poor little lamb desperately trying to act brave despite having nowhere to go.
Your husband was quick enough to help him, his hand reaching the small of your back to comfort you as he closed in from behind you, surprising you as you bumped a bit into him.
“I’m guessing you didn’t tell her anything yet?”, the blonde man asked playfully, ignoring you completely and acknowledging the other man. Curiously, you looked up to him, frowning at him only for him to avoid your gaze and look right at floor.
Backing out from the both of them, you stared at your husband and grabbed his arm to make him look at you, “Tell me what? Sev? Honey, what is it?”
Still he didn’t dare to look, knowing full well how guilty he is to get caught in such a mess and dragging you into this. You tried to press him on but Lucius was right there to interrupt you, “He’s so quiet all of a sudden…Do you want me to tell her, Severus?”
“Your husband here isn’t quite as sneaky as he thinks he is. And neither are you, darling…”, Lucius smugly pointed at the both of you, captivating both of your attentions. Instantly, you had an idea where this was going, your heart thumping to have been caught and there it was when he whispered, “Our Lord might soon learn what might come to him from the both of you…”
Instinctively, you were preparing to defend yourself, deny and deny until the very end. However, before you could even open your mouth, Severus finally spoke glaring at Lucius, “No he won’t, we’ve already agreed to it…”
Turning back to you, he reached to hold both your hands, kissing them softly, “Y/N, My love. Do you trust me?”, he asked calmly.
“Of course I do…”, you nodded before getting pulled along with him, following him right up into your bedroom, Lucius trailing rather excitedly as you turned to catch a glimpse of him.
Knowing and putting your trust into your husband, you calmed yourself a bit, rationalizing that it was going to be alright, after all he wouldn’t do anything to ever put you in harms way.
Once in your room, Lucius closed the door behind once again as if he was in his own house, eyeing you rather hungrily. It was quite the sight to see you in your nightgown, relishing in catching a glimpse of your bare form over how light the material was and even more to know how comfortable you could get at home.
He could get used to that he figured, easy access to you, all he had to do was reach in the right spots of your dress and he could play and tease you all night long if he wanted to from the looks of it. Severus was quite the lucky man, he thought seeing you so carefree this way, only for his lips to turn once more into a grin as he realized that if he were to play his cards right he’ll have you just as much.
“Alright, what’s going on?”, you asked Severus and looking back at Lucius as well in hopes to get an answer from either of them.
“Lucius wants you…He would want me to share you with him…”, your husband revealed to you sheepishly, almost shying away from your gaze and touch. The instant you turned to look at Lucius, he was quick to soften his gaze, admitting, “Give me a chance, Y/N…Just for tonight…”
For a second, he sounded so hurt and needy, his entire face in a pout as his desires for you couldn’t be hidden. He wanted to be just as close to you as your husband was right now, his eyes longing to feel your touch, you were even beginning to pity him.
“What’s the catch?”, you asked sternly not wanting to show yourself faltering, turning your complete attention on him, reminding him and yourself that you were to stay serious about this. Your arms went from comforting Severus to crossing sternly and unwelcoming Lucius completely.
Nonetheless, he simply gave a try to close to distance between you and him, looking right at you, whispering to you, “Let me spend one night with you and I promise I’ll keep my mouth shut…”
It was your turn to scoff at him, in disbelief over his sudden change of mind, “Only one night? The other day, you begged me to leave my husband for you. You really expect me to believe you only want one night?”
Boldly, he took a step to your side, carefully pacing around to get a good look at you completely, “Oh, darling…By one night I mean…I only need one night to make you want me…”
His hands carefully made their way up your shoulders from the small of your back, his husky voice cockily telling you, “Believe me you’ll be begging me to fuck you every night…”
“And if I don’t want you after?”, you asked instantly, not wanting to let him see you slowly letting your resolve crumble. His gaze, his voice, his demeanour, the choice of words for you were all beginning of to be much for you.
Lucius was quite the attractive man you had thought to yourself a few times, you had even boldly eyed him at meetings yet never you had figured you could ever cross lines between admiration to desires so suddenly, even when he dared to ask you to leave your husband. Yet here he was once more before you, proudly telling you you’ll be wanting him and your curiosity was beginning to be more and more peaked.
There was no possible way that was going to happen, you thought over and over, Severus was more than capable to keep you satisfied and satiated whenever you had your urges, but with the opportunity presenting itself it didn’t hurt to indulge a bit it seemed.
Lucius seemed to grow annoyed at your words, blunt as ever he spoke his mind, the gentleness he has for you slowly coming back, “That won’t ever happen. But either way I won’t tell…I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you…”
“Really? That’s all it takes? How do I know if you’ll keep your words if I refuse this?”, you asked curious as to why that was even a possibility he was going to offer you both. From the way your husband was glaring at him, it seemed there was only said option but somewhere you had a feeling there could be another alternative.
As matter a factly as possible, he shook his head, his voice softening further, as he admitted, “What good is there if you’re not around anymore? Is that enough for you?”, surprising both you and your husband.
Together you looked at each incredulously, the nerves suddenly somewhat settling down from the thought of your plans being revealed yet intrigued as to where Lucius was going with all of this suddenly.
Looking back at him, he chucked and scoffed, “What? You really thought i’d have you both killed for that? Y/N I want you too much to let anything like that happen to you…As for you Severus…You’re the reason as to why she’s even amongst us…If you left she’d go with you, am I right?”
“So why threaten me then?”, Severus asked, annoyed and angry that he was toyed with for a while, his fists curling at the thought of being mocked as such.
At that Lucius only laughed once again, pointing the obvious to him, “What other way could I possibly make my intentions known and taken seriously after that slap…”
Looking right at you, he grinned remembering vividly that touch of yours and began closing the distance between you and him further, “So what will it be Y/N? Am I leaving or not?”
Once by your side, he leaned right by your ear, promising you, “Believe me, if you accept my proposal now…I’ll end up making you love me, Y/N. Mark my words.”
You shuddered in delight to hear his voice so close, his cologne filling your senses and making your mind grow a bit hazy from how his bigger frame was before you. You were beginning to fall for his charms more and more, your own thoughts about him ever since that incident playing right through your mind and wondering if your curiosity would be satisfied if you took up on his offer.
As you looked to your side to see your husband, that’s when you remembered about your engagement to him of course, and made it a point to Lucius that regardless your decision, he was going to be apart of it.
“We’ll see about that…What about Severus? What is he supposed to do…”, you scoffed, trying so hard to act in control over the situation despite deep down your heart was racing at the anticipation.
“He can leave, watch…Or join…I don’t mind so as long as I get to make you come first and have you as many times as you can handle it…”, he proudly told you, making the heat and warmth rush all over, knowing full well this was turning you on.
“Honey? What do you say?”, you had to ask Severus to try and calm yourself from getting so hot and bothered by Lucius’ advances. To your dismay, Severus’ dark and possessive gaze over you wasn’t helping, if anything it had you wanting more.
“I’m not letting him have you all to himself that’s certain…”, his voice was firm and clear, making you swallow hard and impressing Lucius for once. Looking back and forth at them, your mind was made up, you were going to go through with this whether or not the plot against the Dark Lord was truly compromised.
Severus was the first to close the distance between you and himself, kissing you feverishly as if to prove a point to the other man. Naturally, you returned the favor and nearly forgot about Lucius as you wrapped your arms around your husband.
Jealous of your attention on him, the blonde man dared yanking you back by your hair and kissed you as well, savouring every seconds passing as he tasted you for the first time. You let him, surprisingly intoxicated by the way his lips felt against yours and the scent of his cologne filling up your senses completely.
Your husband couldn’t let Lucius have all the fun to himself and went right to surprise you as much as ease you, kissing your neck softly and making sure to leave marks and remind the other man and yourself that you’re still his.
Being sandwiched between them was making you hot and grow out of breath to feel their weight each pressing into you. Clutching onto Severus for support, you backed out of your kiss with Lucius to catch your breath for a second.
You were in a daze from it already, your eyes blown out with lust and your lips completely swollen from Lucius’ passion, his fingers right by your chin to lift your gaze and make you look at him. “So pretty…”, he muttered in disbelief that he had just made out with you.
His hands traveled around your waist, lifting up the skirt of your dress and touching your warm skin, shuddering from how real you were and what was happening before him. Not wasting his time, he made sure to mark your neck as well and catch up with your husband determined to let everyone know you’re his as well. Your scent was just as delicious to him, melting right into you as he pressed closer to you.
With the both of them assaulting your neck and collarbones, their lips sucking on your skin so tantalizingly, you were growing overwhelmed, moaning breathlessly their names. The instant, Lucius heard his name fall from your lips so lovingly, his eyes lit up and went right to look at your stunned expression.
Smirking at you, he wasn’t going to let you off the hook, going right in to kiss you again, only for you to be pulled away by your husband, your lips locking with his instead.
Fuming to have your lips taken away so suddenly, Lucius decided to matters into his own hands, reaching right to cup your breasts and squeezing them and catching you by surprise. While you were busy still with your husband, he made sure to catch your attention back, tweaking your nipples and pinching them until you backed up for air.
Seeing you leaning for more, Lucius went right to grind against you, letting you feel how hard he had gotten from kissing you, grinning to see you gasp from how big he was it seemed.
“Touch me.”, Lucius ordered wanting to feel your touch as well, glaring at you and back down on your hands clutching your husband still. As you hesitated, Severus helped, peeling a hand of yours off of him to touch the other man.
Naturally, you reached back and finally gave his hard cock a squeeze, pulling a soft groan from him, clearly yearning for more. Bravely, you pressed on, working your own magic on him while your husband kept teasing you, marking your chest as he pulled your gown apart a bit.
Wanting to taste you just as much, Lucius took the initiative to pull away and push you towards your bed, your husband following along as he helped before climbing onto you to continue his assault on you.
“Don’t be selfish Severus, leave some for me!”, Lucius instantly remarked chuckling darkly before joining him, yanking your gown further down and exposing your chest to both men.
Severus acted like he hadn’t heard it despite his annoyed scowl, pressing on to pleasure you and show you how much he treasures you with the way he kissed your soft skin over and over. Lucius relished in the delighted sounds you made and couldn’t wait any longer, joining in on the other side of your chest, teasing and sucking on your sensitive nipple.
It was overwhelming to say the least, having two men stimulate you this fervently, you could barely contain yourself, your hands egging them both as you braced against them.
“Show me how you pleasure her, Severus. I want to see if I can do better!”, Lucius then taunted once pulling away from you, before looking right at you, leaving your husband to groan.
“Severus pleasures me perfectly fine! I doubt you could even match up…”, you challenged him instantly not leaving your husband defenceless, propping yourself up to him. “We’ll see about that…”, the blonde man trailed, his hand snaking down your body before trailing lazily up and down your thigh.
He couldn’t believe he was allowed to touch and grip you like this, relishing in your breaths quickening as your husband joined in on the teasing against you.
Severus’ hand was pressed right against your mound, his two fingers sliding across your slit over and over, feeling how damp you were, taking in your disheveled state just as much as Lucius was, his eyes never tearing away from you.
“Take a good look…”, Severus finally taunted as he rid you of your panties, tossing right at Lucius, to which he caught. Keeping it like a treasure he clutched it, inhaling your arousal and making his own cock throb even more.
Your husband made a move to lower himself to you, kissing your hips before hiking your leg over his shoulder and parting the other wide enough to expose your soaking cunt for the other man to see. Together you both shuddered at the exposure, you feeling his hungry gaze digging in you and him swallowing hard to see you so vulnerable beneath them both.
Carefully, Severus made his way to kiss your lips so softly, testing the waters first and reading you, looking at you deeply before licking up your cunt. The more he delved the more you’d brace onto him, your hand instantly clutching into his locks and forcing him to stay right where he belonged.
He was completely selfish, putting his knowledge to the test and savouring every inch of you. He didn’t bother to be quiet either letting you and Lucius know how good you tasted, his lips sucking right onto your sensitive bud to make your hips buck for more.
Your own body was betraying you, your heart deep down wanting to give Lucius a show as you moaned louder for him to hear, your eyes boring into him just as much as he was and your own hand teasing yourself still for his enjoyment.
As expected, Lucius couldn’t just sit and wait, his own hand undoing most of his clothes before jerking himself off, the other still clutching your panties and bringing them to his nose to feel as close to you as he could for the moment. The more your hips bucked the more he fastened his own grip on himself, his deep voice ringing in your ear as he loved to taunt you, “Is he really that good? Hm? Or are you just faking it to get a rise out of me?”
Between your moans, you did your best to retort back, your husband’s assault on you relentless, his fingers teasing you as well, the more he was pushed by the other man’s words. He had your eyes fluttering shut, breathless, “He’s the best I’ve ever had…You couldn’t possibly ever compare.”
“We’ll see about that…”, he grinned, approaching you and stood above you, his hard throbbing cock in hand right in front of you. He was bold, unabashedly proud of his taunts and going right to make your mouth water and shut it of course.
Naturally, you welcomed him, opening wide for him to slide his length in your warm mouth. Your lush lips surrounded him perfectly, his own moans escaping himself as you bobbed your head for him, your hand finally letting go of yourself to clutch his thigh. Severus wanted to fume at the sight of Lucius taking advantage of you but instead was incredibly enamored by you.
You looked so cocky, so determined to have it your way, he found you irresistible and delved deeper to pleasure you.
“Since when did this became about me? I though you were trying to compete with my Sev…”, you taunted once more removing yourself all of a sudden when Lucius was so damn close.
Your hand crept up to his hard length, jerking it slowly as he tried to come up with an answer, only to be completely under your spell for a while. Snapping out of it, he pulled himself away completely and made his way to kneel for you, but of course stopping first to take your lips once more and purposely annoying your husband before glancing down at him.
“Move. Let me take care of her.”, he taunted before boldly pushing your husband aside, to which made him hiss. Instantly you took pity on your lover and made grabby hands at him to pull him closer to which he quickly followed. Your lips were on his finally, comforting him as he couldn’t help but stop and press his forehead against yours to calm his nerves.
Of course, it didn’t take long for Lucius to get jealous, grumbling before roughly grabbing your thighs and pulling you to him resting your legs over his shoulders. It made you yelp and took Severus just as much by surprise.
“Sorry. Had to get your attention somehow.”, he grinned before breathing deep at the sight of your soaked cunt. Carefully, he parted your lips with his fingers, relishing in your arousal and the way your hips would buck at each touch of his.
Your hand gripped Severus and the other reached for Lucius naturally, needing to brace yourself from his teasing. “You have it now. Go ahead show me in what way you’re anywhere as good as Sev…”, you tried your best to stay put and taunt him but it earned nothing but a chuckle from the blonde man.
Strangely, your husband’s hand went from stroking your thigh carefully to slowly picking it up and opening you more for the other man. Lucius didn’t let it go unnoticed, smirking and finally leaning to taste you.
Once his warm tongue touched your lips, it was over for him. As if a man crazed, your taste was utterly delectable and he couldn’t contain it, his composure disappeared and made place for a more feral side of him. “No wonder your husband spends hours between your legs…”, he moaned, finally understand as to why Severus always seemed to be going down on you whenever he’d take a close listen as to what you’re both up to.
His hands tightened their grip on you, his tongue lapping at you hungrily and his moans vibrating against yours. His lips put the perfect amount of pressure against you, your hips bucking against him for more.
Greedily, he delved his tongue as deep as he could before swirling it around your swollen bud, your chest heaving as you caught up to him. You yourself couldn’t hold it, writhing from how selfishly he was devouring you and loving every second of it.
Your hand found its place in his hair instead, gripping it as you would your husband’s and begging him to stay there and keep you on the edge the way he was. You were almost embarrassed of all the lewd noises coming out of you, looking up at your husband desperately, trying to apologize but nothing but moans coming out of you along with your tears.
Knowing you too well, Severus kissed you once more, comforting you before his hand let go of your thigh to reach up to your breast, teasing you once more and purposely helping out Lucius. You were damn close and he knew it too well and there wasn’t a chance he wouldn’t let you come when you needed to.
“She’s close…Stop toying with her and make her come.”, your husband gritted at the other man, once he pulled away from you to let you catch your breath.
“No. I want her more. I want to see how much she can take it.”, Lucius taunted before suddenly slowing down completely. Just to make you ache for more, he tentatively circled his tongue around your clit, playing with you and making you whine.
Seeing you so vulnerable, Severus joined his, his hand suddenly loosening his grip on you and his fingers slowing down from toying with your sensitive nipple. The sudden pushes from both of them had you shuddering and frustrated, you were trapped between them and couldn’t do anything about it but lay there and try to chase for as much as you could.
“Not so tough anymore?”, Lucius remarked before continuing with his gentle assaulted. “No not so much…”, your husband acknowledged with a smirk looking down at you almost condescendingly.
“Please…” you muttered, looking at them both for their mercy. All of a sudden they both cane to a complete stand still, focusing their gazes on you and practically taking in your pathetic state.
You couldn’t take it, your hips writhing for more and nothing but pleas escaping your mouth, before you began rambling, “P-Please…I’ll do anything. Anything I promise. You can both fuck me in any way you want I-I just need this…”
Sharing one glance, both men worked together to take you right back to where you needed. Lucius delving his tongue against your soaked pussy, his fingers pushing in and out of you the way he easily figured out you loved so while Severus made sure to swallow each and every moan of yours with his hungry kisses, his hand pinching at that sensitive bud of yours.
The closer you were the more they both encouraged you to let go for them, and when you finally did, you came shaking in your husband’s arms against Lucius’ tongue. The blonde man tightened his grip around your thighs, making sure to not let a single drop of you go to waste.
Your eyes closed shut tight, your breath completely taken away and your body shuddering against your own will to fill your deepest desire.
As if you couldn’t get any sweeter, Lucius couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed and done to you. In utter awe, he kept going and going, overstimulating you and relishing in the sight and feel of making you come completely undone for him right before his eyes.
It wasn’t going to be forgotten and it drove him almost hysterical, laughing against you. You melted into your husband’s hold against you, catching your breath, while he comforted you and Lucius took his time kissing your soft thighs to soothe you before waiting for you to look down at him just so he could lick his fingers clean of you.
“I told you I was going to get your first orgasm of the night…”, he proudly boasted making you roll your eyes at him.
“Severus was generous enough to let you take it…”, you muttered as you cuddle closer to him, your husband chuckling as his arms held you tight.
“Sure we’ll see when you’ll be crying for me to make you come with my cock…” he taunted not a bit threatened by your words. “Well see about that…”, you dared retort, still catching your breath.
“I doubt you can make it happen a second time without my help…”, your husband interjected smugly stroking your hair before reaching down between your legs and skillfully circling your swollen bud once more. It made your hips buck and grip onto him more, to which he couldn’t help but take in your pathetic state.
Although there was no denying how much the other man was enjoying seeing you once more overstimulated, he couldn’t help but grow jealous again, and needed to prove himself to you and him. “You just watch me. Next time she’s going to only want me.”, he gritted annoyed at your husband’s tone. Possessively, he pulled you out of your husband’s arms and finally rid you of your nightgown, taking control of the situation further annoying the other man.
Severus scoffed, seeing Lucius’ insecurity shining through for once and realizing that perhaps he was interested in seeing how hard he was going to fail.
Instantly Lucius’ lips latched onto your skin once more, marking you as his before backing up and ridding himself completely of his own clothes. Your eyes instantly betrayed you, taking in his fit form and how hard he had gotten from it all.
Quickly, you tried to correct yourself, reaching up to prompt your husband to do the same to which he followed before you got once more distracted by Lucius’ hunger for you. “Look at me, i’m the one that’s going to fuck you first.”, he remarked as cupped your cheeks to make you look at him while he set himself between your spread legs.
“Beg for it.”, he sneered waiting on for you before looking at your husband for him to join in on this. To his pleasure, he caught on and understood, “Go on now…This is what you wanted, remember?”
Your husband looked at you in the same light Lucius did, cocky and relishing in your needy state, for once not helping you in any other way but rather selfishly took your hand to make you touch himself.
You kept your lips sealed, playing hard to get after his constant boasting and wanting to see for yourself what the blonde man would do about it. Annoyed at your lack of response, he backed up and parted your soaked lips with his fingers before suddenly spitting against you. Lazily his fingers traced along your entrance over and over, mixing your wetness to his spit while other hand tended to himself.
You shuddered at his action, your body wanting more and arching right to show him exactly what you needed. Your hand stroking your husband stuttering and stopping at times from how overwhelming it made your cunt ache with need to feel him tease you so much.
He smirked, knowing he had you right where he wanted and gently with his cock in hand, he began pushing against your folds catching a taste of you before pulling away at you frustration. He did so once more and again, testing your patience, waiting for you to finally break and beg, and once you did, he couldn’t be any happier.
“See it isn’t that hard? Let me treat you the way you should be treated.”, he pointed out to you before glaring at your husband, finally sheathing his throbbing length completely inside of you.
As you gasped at the sudden stretch, he too stuttered, his own breathing ragged from the disbelief of feelings your warm walls tightening around him. “Your cunt is so tight. It’s perfect. Y-You’re too unfair to keep yourself to your husband, Y/N…”, he rambled almost in a drunken daze from you.
He wanted to touch and explore every inch of you, his eyes roaming over you sweaty form and taking you in as you were so full of him completely, smiling to have you this way. Hiking your legs closer to him, letting them rest against his elbows, his hands made way to grip your breasts possessively not letting an inch of you untouched.
You whined to feel him pressing against you, leaning to be so close before backing just enough to start thrusting, taking your words away once more as you couldn’t even put up a fight. You barely clung to your husband, and it was growing apparent he was jealous and needed you just as much.
While your eyes focused on Lucius, taking in his every praises as he thrusted so sloppily, Severus took matters into his own hands and decided to make you look at him instead turning your face to the side. “Severus…”, you muttered weakly while the other man kept drilling into you chasing his own pleasure.
“Open your mouth, my love…This isn’t just for him, remember?”, he reminded you, his throbbing cock in hand guiding it closer to your mouth. He gave you a few gentle taps to get you used to the feel, prompting a chuckle from the man fucking you, “She’s such a good whore. Go on. Take your husband’s cock. Don’t make him wait too long.”
You did as instructed, opening and sucking onto your husband’s leaking tip as best as you could. Focusing on him helped you forget a bit about your impending climax, your tongue lapping up as much as you could of his precum, moaning against him.
Severus’ eyes closed shut to feel you working on him, relishing in the warmth and wetness of your mouth, letting you take your time as clearly you were also busy getting pleasured. “She’s that good isn’t she…”, Lucius remarked, his pace purposely slowing down to drag his time with you.
“I know.”, Severus could only answer, not really paying attention to him but rather on how much you were slobbering against him, from how much you were getting fucked.
“I can’t believe you get to have her this way every night. To fuck her. To lick her. To let her suck your cock. Unbelievable! And now i get to have her too!”, he gritted between thrust looking at your pathetic state before chuckling and reaching to grip your hair and actually help you take more of your husband.
That earned a loud whine from him, and for you to gag a bit on his length before pulling away completely. Lucius didn’t stop at all, loving the sight and sound of your bodies together, “Do you hear how lewd you are, my darling?”, he teased before pumping even harder to make you moan for more.
The sight of you completely fucked out, to hear you encourage the other man for more as your hand reached to grip himself and jerk him off instead, had switch something in your husband. He needed more and wasn’t going to let the blonde man relish in you all alone.
All of a sudden, he backed away, reaching for something in the drawer before turning back to the two of you. Together you stared at him, the bottle of lube in his hand, hinting you exactly what he wanted yet leaving Lucius a bit stunned.
“Off of her. Now.”, he gritted staring at the other man in contempt before opening the bottle in hand. Lucius’ eyes went mad and wild, shaking his head as he picked up the pace and making you wrap your legs around him to brace yourself.
“No! I’m not finished yet!”, the blonde man exclaimed at your actions, too enthralled to understand what your husband was inferring. You yourself were greedy enough to shake your head at him, pleading at him to let you have this, trying to reassure he could do whatever later on.
“Sev, my dear please I just need this.”, you groaned almost choking back on tears at your own frustration.
He sighed and rolled his eyes, pouring the lube in his hand and stroking it along his length, pointing out to the both of you as if you were both daft, “I’ll let you finish but I need her as well…So get off and i’ll tell you how you can have her.”
Once Lucius caught on, he quickly backed away, leaving you empty and whining at him, his heart racing in anticipation to feel you completely full of them both. “Never thought you’d think of that, Severus.”
“There’s no way i’m letting you have her all to yourself…”, he pointed it out flatly scooting over to you and helping up a bit. Knowing your husband very well, you gladly let him set himself behind you, parting your leg enough for him to prep you. You couldn’t believe what you were going to go through with, your own lust and eagerness driving you to give in so easily.
With the bottle of lube, he poured a good amount right onto his fingers and went right to your tighter hole, teasing and stimulating you, “Remember to relax, my dear…Wouldn’t want to hurt you…”, he muttered to you.
You nodded along before doing as you had practiced a few handfuls of times before, letting him work you open and relish in the lewd sounds you were making along with the praises coming from him. Lucius couldn’t believe his eyes once more, his hand instinctively reaching to jerk himself off to the sight of you completely debauched.
He was growing antsy, needing to feel your heat once again yet focused himself on looking at you knowing you needed a bit of time to accommodate to this new feeling. Soon enough, Severus had a finger deep inside you, the other hand making way to tease your clit to make sure the pain wasn’t too unbearable if there were any. “That’s it. You’re so perfect, Y/N…You’re going to take the both of us…”, he whispered to you.
Seeing his hand working you, Lucius took the opportunity to replace him, encouraging you himself, purposely rubbing your swollen bud achingly slow to drag your pleasure. Severus held onto you then, finally pushing another finger within you and groaning at how tighter you were.
In and out he worked you, making sure you were completely prepared all while Lucius tended to your cunt, him fingering you as well as he couldn’t get enough of you. You were nearly out of your mind just from their hot touches, chest heaving and panting against them, begging them to make you come to finally use you but still they stayed put.
Not rushing a bit, they needed you to truly be prepared to handle them both. Once feeling as though you were ready, Severus pulled out first, his hand reaching for the lube once more and smearing it onto his hard length, making it easier for you to take, kissing your temple to soothe you.
Soon enough, he guided his cock and gently lifted you up, eventually you raised your hips enough on your own to help. You whined feeling his leaking tip against your rear and eventually you couldn’t handle the anticipation, Lucius in a complete trance to see you take in each and every inch of your husband.
Carefully, he stretched you out once more and much more considerably, leaving you breathless before finally he was completely in, his arms coming right to hold you so close to him. He couldn’t help but whisper sweet nothings to you, as if you were both alone, kissing your cheek and down your neck before pulling you to lay on him as he backed down.
Cleverly, he parted your legs with his own, thrusting slow and deep to keep you apart and letting you accustom to the intrusion. Once he noticed you slurring for more, he picked up a bit of the pace, giving Lucius quite a show before he woke up from his daydream.
“Don’t you want to fuck her? Go on now.”, Severus pointed out bluntly, all of a sudden so confident as he took the lead. Lucius made way between your legs, stopping to jerk himself off to finally bury himself in your tight cunt, pushing as slowly as possible while he clung to your hips.
You couldn’t believe how full you felt, your eyes widening at the sight of them both completely inside of you. Holding your own legs up to help Lucius fuck you, you couldn’t stop yourself from moaning, enjoying how eager he was to rail you.
Together, they worked to set a perfect pace, leaving you aching for more just as much as satisfied while at it, Lucius fucking rough and fast, too enthralled in how much tighter you’ve become while Severus still as gentle as ever went slower, dragging in and out to not overwhelm you.
You felt the coils in your body tightening from each of their thrusts, their moans, the way they’d press up against you. Lucius looking at you with such a lustful gaze, his hands possessively touching and teasing your body once more, praising you as much as he was degrading you. “You’re such a pretty little whore, Y/N. So perfect for us to use. You love it don’t you, two cocks filling you?!”
You nodded eagerly, gladly letting yourself talk down for once, even repeating back to him that you were indeed their little plaything to be fucked.
Severus on the other hand, made you feel completely loved and cared for, his grip on you gentle yet firm, making you feel safe despite the compromising position you were in while stuck between them. “Such a good little girl. You’re doing so well. Look at you taking the both of us.”, he muttered to you, as if wanting you to be the only one to hear.
Eventually, his own other hand went right to help you keep your leg stretched and open for him and Lucius to keep fucking you so deep, his voice ringing by your ear as he whispered his own praises for you.
It was hard to control yourself with them so hungry to see you come apart for them, your eyes rolling to the back of your head before you closed them shut as they’d pick up their pace chasing their own climax in it all.
Throwing his head back from your wet and tight cunt, Lucius clearly was beginning to leave marks all over you from the way he gripped you, afraid of letting go of you as if you’d disappear and were nothing but a dream.
You were receptive enough to reach for his hand within the mix, encouraging him on your own, earning pleased groans from the both of them. “Keep touching me Lucius…Just like that…yes!”, you praised him over and over.
Severus couldn’t believe how tight you were as well, feeling Lucius’ thrust against you sure helped with that and a part of him was quite pleased and grateful that he got to explore this part of your body in this way.
The sounds within your room were probably the lewdest you’ve ever heard as much as Lucius and Severus as well, wet skin slapping against one another, moans and pants between all three of you and desperate pleas filling the air completely.
It was beginning to be much for each and every one of you, both men at their limits and knowing they need to come soon while you yourself felt so damn close it was making you crave more everything, they were giving you.
Severus indulged in kissing your neck and cheek, quieting himself that way while Lucius made sure to pay good attention to your throbbing clit with his skilled fingers as he pounded into you. Soon enough he felt it, his body wanting to empty his seed, quickly breathlessly asking you, “Where do you want me to finish? Inside of you? Mm? I know that’s what you want.”
“Pull out!”, was the first thing he heard but not from you but rather your husband, shooting daggers with his glare practically. He couldn’t believe the other man would even dare to ask, when it seemed too obvious there was no way that was going to happen.
You whined at them, shaking your head, wanton and determined to be filled by the both of them, “Mm! No…I want you to fill me…You too Sev.”
“No!”, he gritted cutting off Lucius before he could even voice his thanks to you. He was beginning to slow down, making sure not to finish too soon, yet his cock throbbing and aching for his release.
“Please Severus…Please!”, you begged your husband, before turning to face him and steal a kiss, reassuring him. It was enough to convince him it seemed as his hand reaches for your clit, teasing you until you finally let go for them both.
He had you shaking and shuddering between them, your hips bucking as you chased your climax, tightening right for them both and driving Lucius wild. He couldn’t believe he was allowed this pleasure and he sure wasn’t going to let it go to waste. Finally, he bucked and rutted, your cunt milking him for every drop he had to give, following you as his own hips stuttered, his head thrown back as nothing your name came to him.
Pulling out, he didn’t even have time to look back down at you full of his load that your husband was already at his own limits, having picked right up where he had left off. You didn’t even have time to calm down from your high you were already on another ride, clinging for your dear life as Severus pounded into your tight hole relentlessly.
It was his turn to claim you to remind you that you were his, his hips eventually going to bruise yours the next day, but you didn’t care you loved it. Once too much, he moaned, letting himself go and come, his warm seed painting your insides until you were dripping with him.
You moaned at the stickiness between your legs, feeling both of their releases leaking out of you, despite Severus’ cock still buried deep inside of you.
Lucius was still in disbelief, his gaze devouring your entire body debauched and utterly filled from the both of them, his fingers lazily tracing your sensitive pussy just to push his cum back inside of you. You whined at his actions and before you knew it, he pushed his fingers to your lips instead, making you taste your releases together, your husband finding comfort in kissing your neck to keep himself calm.
Eventually Severus slowly pulled out of you, pulling back to see you in the same view as Lucius while you laid bare and spread for the both of them. The blonde man couldn’t help but smirk looking at you before back at your husband, “So how about we take a little nap before we go for round 2?”
A sudden silence reigned within the room, before your husband quirked and eyebrow, Lucius, pointing out, “This time I take her ass and you, her cunt? Wouldn’t you want that, my dear Y/N?”
“Yes please…”, was your immediate response, not wanting the night to end so soon and knowing you needed more the moment you woke up. For another moment, Severus was still silent before chuckling himself, at you and Lucius, “Good.”
You were relieved that in the end Severus was enjoying this as well and to your luck both of them seemed rather eager to help you clean up before your little nap.
Lucius knew he had you both locked in and certainly he was going to claim your heart just as your husband had, perhaps even having you all to himself one day but that would have to come with time, he was going to have to take it step by step for now.
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Sirius: …and that’s the plan! So remus, what do you think about this?
Remus: your all idiots…
Remus: this is how we should do it instead!
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