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Harry likes to watch Draco sleep. Harry is a big mood.

+ Bonus sketch 


(The moment Draco wakes up the magic disappears and he says stuff like “get me my bloody tea, Potter” and Harry just gets the bloody tea. We all would get the bloody tea tbh. I mean, look at him… being all ferret-y!)

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Hear me out: butch fine arts slytherin dating their musician trans girlfriend. Both are nerds and both are chaotic.

“No you cannot turn the bubble guppies into a musical.” Her voice trimmed with exasperation. This arguement was definitely one they had just started.

“Ok but you litterally cannot stop me and I’ve already written a song.” Her fingers started dancing across the keys. Her girlfriend in the doorway facepalmed.

“What’s the plot? Wheres the story? Is it an episode is it their origin story, I need development, that’s a theme song that’s not story.” She shouted over the loud notes.

“That’s what you’re for. I make the music you make the story.” She smiled, stopping her playing. “We’ll be the female version of Rodgers and Hammerstein.”

Running a hand thru her recently buzzed hair, the slytherin in the doorway sighed, throwing her hands up in defeat. “But it’s the Bubble Guppies!”

Straightening her flower crown, the girl the piano huffed. “My art is an acquired taste. If you don’t like it, acquire some taste!”

A moment of silence passed. Her broad shoulders sunk in defeat. “I dont know why I like you.”

“I do. It’s because I’m talented.”

“That you are. Does it have to be bubble guppies. Cant it be like, the backyardigans or somthing.”

“I’m open to suggestions.”

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Okay you know that scene in Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban where lupin teaches the student how to defend themselves against a boggart by turning their greatest fear into something ridiculous?

Yeah what scares me the most is that I have no idea how I could do that. I would just start shaking and crying.

But what also makes me happy is knowing that Lupin would do anything to help me overcoming that fear. Lupin really is the greatest man I know.

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The introduction music is so haunting. The castle in all its glory is haunted by dementors and fog. Snape is solitary. Everything is singular and empty on the grounds. The only color we see at Hogwarts during this time is during the final battle when McGonagall pushes Harry out of the way, and we see that flash of fire from her wand. That’s when you know stuff is about to kick off.

Griphook sounds so lost as to why Harry would bury Dobby. The divide between creatures and wizards, between goblins and wizards has gotten so great that neither side even thinks to assume that the other possesses even the smallest hint of kindness or humility. This is a fic all in itself.

What are the goblins stake in the sword? What is with the mention of the tiara in the books? I feel like Rowling had more to say about this topic, but for some reason she didn’t.

I hate that Fleur seems to be so meek in this movie. I want her to be this badass fighter chick, the kind of person who the Goblet of Fire would chose once again to play one of the most challenging games ever, the kind of person who would leave her country and family for an amazing opportunity and adventure, but her character wasn’t given much time or space to be free to show itself in that manner.

Wandlore is super fascinating. Is there a book about wandlore? Like a companion book like Quidditch Through the Ages? I feel like there should be.

It looks like that is a quilt patch behind Harry’s head. It would have been a gift from Mrs. Weasley.

It always bothered me that Luna was just like, “Yeah, I’m going back to school.” They just locked her butt up in the dungeons, and then she decides to go back to a school where the people who locked her up are currently in power and could torture her for information about the whereabouts of Harry Potter, the person she literally just escaped with. I think, that’s why this scene was cut from the final cut of the basic DVD versions.

Ron is so quick here to be like, “They suspect us. They suspect us.” But the silence doesn’t go on for that long. It feels like someone with such an iron gut gets antsy really quickly, and not antsy like sweating a bit, but antsy like he’s about to start crying. It just seems weird. One of the basic security measures to the bank might be that they have like a gas that leaks through that makes people feel paranoid or something like that. You want to get 200 galleons out, but what happens if you get robbed on the way out the door? Better to only get 100, thus keeping money in the bank under the goblins eyes. It would help keep out thieves as well, petty and otherwise.

None of the other goblins think that something is off with the behavior of this one goblin who seems to be in a positon of authority?

Goblins are keyed into the various vaults? Which means that they could seal them at any time as well, right? Is this in the books?

Hermione, baby, your Gryffindor is showing, and it is SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

Those goblins are like, “Assume the fire breathing position.”

You can see how deep down they are. And I know this isn’t real, but to think that that dragon would have only had that small opening of real light shining down on it all that time is truly depressing.

Litearlly, they all deserve to bite it after what that dragon was put through.

“And he’s homicidal.”

“We plan, we get there, all hell breaks loose.” I feel that.

I always assumed that Voldemort when to Gringotts and killed the goblins. But no, he summoned them to Malfoy Manor, and then killed them. Why would he do it like that?

That mirror is rectangular, but I always envisioned the mirrors as being circular.

Why does Aberforth tell them that the Order is finished? He knows that it isn’t. This whole speech of his is very demoralizing. But Harry dgaf…..

This, “I trusted the man I knew” attitude is why Harry named one of his children Albus Severus.

Hermione is the one who asks questions of Aberforth, and yet, he directly responds to Harry. I always thought that was odd.

And Aberforth has been helping them the whole time? Then why the speech?

Neville badass Longbottom.

Another nod to the books.

I wanted some more information about what was going on in Hogwarts while Harry, Ron, and Hermione were on the run. I wanted to hear more about what Dumbledore’s Army were getting up to while the others were hunting horcruxes. There were tasters of it in the book, but I would have loved to have had more of it tbh.

Fact: Neville’s plant from five is the mascot for the Hogwart’s resistance.

“She gots lost of those, hasn’t she?” This line from Seamus at the very beginning of this movie just made it so perfect. This movie is a gosh dang masterpiece.

Snape had such a hard job. I mean, I know people hate on Snape, and I can understand their reasoning, but I have a soft spot for the man. Maybe I read too much fanfiction because fanfic!Snape and canon!Snape are two very different individuals.

Harry’s name among these students is the stuff of legend. The way they all look around and start talking carries that spark of hope that good rumors sometimes have.

Harry, “Perfect timing group.”

People back up when Harry faces Snape. People move the hell out of dodge when McGonagall draws her wand.

Snape takes out the two Carrows behind him before he apparates out of the school.

Padma gets zero dances at the Yule Ball, and then Voldemort invades her mind. Great.

Pansy, my darling, there is a time to speak and there is a time to stay silent. Read the room.

Filch, ditto.

Why do all of the magical, “evil” Slytherins allow Filch, a squib, to lock them up?

Even the portraits are getting out of there.

All the kids in the background are completely flummoxed.


Say that five times fast. No, say it once without messing up and you get to be bff’s with Maggie Smith.

This spell is sick, this music is sick, McGonagall is a queen. When I saw this in theater, my skin got goose pimples. “Do your duty for our school!” It is just so amazing, and iconic. This whole scene makes me feel so empowered, and pumped like I’m about to head into battle, like I’m about to defend my home and my life.

My thoughts on the diadem and the other founders objects can be found in a post that I made. My thoughts are strong, and though they aren’t canon, they are still unspoken canon.

Voldemort is like, “I was about to monologue. Why you speaking to me?”

“You okay, Freddie?” Don’t come at me like that, writers.

We all died laughing in the theater when Ron said that. “Harry talks in his sleep.” Harry only speaking parseltongue when around snakes theory is still enforced when you think about the snake Pettigrew sneaking around the whole time.

Exactly why the fuck does Remus need Tonks more than her small child? I never understood this line, and I never liked them as a couple. Thought the book version was creepy, and the movie version unrealized.

Some movies really don’t need to be split into two for the ending *Divergent trilogy* but this one really benefitted from having two films. I wouldn’t want this huge battle scene and character plot and humor to be lost.

No one thinks to cast a spell to catch Neville??? This is like the first flying lesson all over again.

Go, Mr. Weasley, you are on fire.

Kingsley, whip their arses with that fancy shit. LET’S GO!!!!!!

Harry reached out to Ginny first. This movie is so lacking in any real chemistry between these two actors and characters that it is almost painful. This is one instance, that I never noticed before, that makes all of their other interactions less cringey to watch.

Neville almost died on that bridge. He might as well tell Luna how he feels. I love this and can fully ship canon book couples with canon movie couples at the same time. Thank you very much.

That kiss between them is so weird. I just can’t.

Hermione in this scene is proof that men rattle your brain with smooches. Lol

So, if you are using the room of requirement for something, and someone who already has been in that same room, and wants it for the same reason that you do, they can get in as well? But not if they want it for the same reason, which is why Umbridge couldn’t be get it in Order of the Phoenix.”

There are so many Easter eggs in this scene in the ROR. You can see a chess piece from 1, pixies from 2. It just enforces my headcanon that the house elves use the ROR as a sort of dumping ground for the random stuff that they find at the school.

Harry is so gosh dang blasé about seeing Draco again. He’s just like, “What’s up, dude?” He is not concerned in the slightest that he has three wands pointed at him right now. They are just causally chatting about whose wand each other has got.

The statue of the pig right behind Harry and Hermione. It would make sense Voldemort would try to totally remake Hogwarts, and I think that would go into removing those odd little things that make the castle a bit quirky. The castle looks bleak and unnaturally bland compared to the other movies. It would make sense that he would want statues of hogs also taken out.

You see the lanterns that Slughorn had at his Christmas party.

Why is the fire morphing into different animals? The phoenix attacks Draco, Blaise, and Goyle, the tiger chases Ron and Hermione, and then the snake goes after Harry. And then they all converge on the trio? Why make it animals? Is there any significance to this? I never noticed that they were actually animals before.

Finding the brooms perfect. Saving them perfect. Killing the horcrux then kicking it into the flames. Perfect.

The music while the trio are fighting to get to boat house is so haunting and lovely and it’s like it calls to every nostalgic atom in your body.

Really, death eater, you’ve got time to stop and cast the cruciatus on someone in the middle of this warzone?

I love that Hermione was the one to blast Fenrir away from Lavender. So touching.

Aberforth, Mr. IT IS ALL GOING TO END HORRIBLY WHY EVEN TRY, has enough hope and good memories to cast away that many dementors. Yeah, he’s fake.

Voldemort just doesn’t like that Snape is taller than him.

I just wanted a touch of the friendship that was expressed between Lily and Snape in the book. Harry understood it, and said it perfectly at the end of book seven. I wanted some of that to translate to screen. It wasn’t just because Snape had some weird crush on her it was because they were friends, best friends. Ron and Harry and Hermione friendship. The next time someone comes at me with that bull I’m just going to refer them back to the facts.

This is probably the first time that Snape had ever been allowed to really look at Harry as a person rather than someone who is supposed to hate him. It is the first time that he could be unguarded around him.

Snape hired more healers. Why else would they be there? He knew that with the group in charge that as in power, that they would be needed.

I can’t stand this barrage of lost souls. It is painful, and I get flashbacks from when I read the book for the first time, and the pages were covered in my tears.

It doesn’t look like Snape even has anything in this office. It looks barren. He knew he had no time to get comfortable in his position.

That tree is beautiful.

I love their friendship. I will always love their friendship.

Look at Snape and all those books. Lily and Snape, the studious, top of their year duo with the Marauders who eschew libraries but still manage to succeed. I don’t need to think hard to imagine the rivalry. In fact, I did imagine it, and wrote some down in the thing, message me if you would like part of the thing.

Hermione knew, or at least, strongly suspected that Harry was going to have to do what he sets off to accomplish, for sure.

I love that when Harry walked into the forest to face down death that he had these people, these guardians, these people who at one point or another swore to protect this boy with everything that they have get to be the ones that are with him at the end just like at the beginning. Things are different for them, and different from how they thought it would be when Harry was born into this world, but they still kept their promise.

“Does it hurt?” This is something that a child asks. We forget that Harry, here, is only supposed to be 17 years old, that’s a kid. Added to that, you have the very real

“We’re here, you see?” Perfect.

“Stay close to me?” “Always.”

My thoughts mean nothing in the perfection of this scene.

Hagrid is still looking out for Harry’s best interest. He is the only adult worth a flip in more than half of these films.

“The boy who lived come to die.”

I know Dumbledore is like, “The man” here, and the mentor or whatever, but I would have really have liked to have the person who met Harry at Kings Cross had been Snape especially after harry had just learned the truth. Way more dynamic.

Narcissa straight up lied to the most dangerous wizard ever. She deserved that pardon for her family. All she wanted was out, and to take care of her son, and I respect that. Don’t give a dang for the rest of the world when they would gladly let you burn. Take care of number one even when number one is a group instead of a single entity.

You hear that noise when Neville picks up the hat, and if you read the books, you know what he just found. He was out there preparing and scouting for another battle, and Hogwarts rewarded him.

Hagrid carrying in Harry’s body was so painful to watch. Visually, there little death parade plus the music just puts you in this anxious state. Pinpricks.

The acting by Bonnie Wright here is superb. The lack of chemistry is not equally weighted on her shoulders.

Luna looks at Draco like she is sick. Then like she is sad. I hate it. She was wishing for something else there for sure.

The way Dean Thomas looks at Voldemort in this scene is the way that I feel about that weird af hug.

Voldemort has to restrain himself from killing Neville on the spot for interrupting him.

Neville has never in the course of these movies failed to speak when needed. He stood up to the trio in 1, and he spoke up against Seamus and nearly everyone else in the common room in Ootp. Neville stands up for what is right.

All of those death eaters are like, “Fuck! This boy came back to life again? What are the Dark Lord’s AK’s broken? Nevermind, fuck this shit, I’m out.”

That music when Neville regains consciousness. YES!

See, if Voldemort didn’t play with his food, he might have won.

NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH!!!! When I say people cheered and screamed in the theater when Molly said and did this epic shit I ain’t kidding. IT WAS AND STILL IS ONE OF THE MOST ICONIC HP QUOTES OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONE OF THE BEST, MOST EMPOWERING QUOTES!!!!!!! We all want Molly Weasley to have our backs like this.

The whole ending of this movie is LEGENDARY!!!! I went to the midnight showing for the release of this movie with a bunch of other diehards, and seeing Neville cut the head off of the snake, and watching Harry finally beat Voldemort with the elder wand. I mean, we were literally just in such a state of excitement and yes and hallelujah, it was insane.

Neville and Luna. I see y’all.

Percy is talking to Arthur, reconciling.

That guy behind Cho is definitely about to shoot his shot with someone.

Filch, bless his heart.

Ron and Hermione. Harry knows. Harry blesses this union. Harry has been the number one ship captain this whole time, and now he is rewarded.

I like that Harry snapped the wand in the movie. See, if book Harry had snapped the wand, the Cursed Child would have never graced our consciousness with its heteronormative agenda. Scorbus is life. Fight me.

This series has had such a serious impact on me. I love it. I spend hours upon hours inside of this universe every day as beloved fanfiction writers play inside of it’s territory. It made me a reader. It helped me when I wasn’t sure what was next for me in life. It gave me entertainment and enjoyment, and still does. I love it, and I hope that I always will. We cling to the thought of magic because we hope that it is really, we hope that like in this world where there is magic that cannot be easily be explained exists. We hope that in our world, too, there is that same kind of magic that can wrap itself around us.

I think that kind of magic is real. I just think that we have to look for it, remember it, talk about, cherish it, and spread it around for others who have forgotten to look for it themselves. And great literature, like this series, helps us to do that.

That is why it will be remembered for generations to come. At least, if I have anything to say about it.

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We get this first look at the new regime. If something were ever done  like a fanfiction where Muggles did find out, you could copy this speech word for word, and it would have the same effect.

We see the Muggle family murdered, and then you see

Harry looked out that window countless times to see his “family” leaving on trips or outings without him, but this is one that he can’t take with him, no matter what.

To be fair, Voldemort would torture the Dursleys for fun merely because of what they are.

This just seemed out of character for Petunia. She hasn’t talked about Lily in anything but derogatory terms for years, and then suddenly she’s “my sister”. Please. Then again, the shock of being forced out of her home, with her family, but without Harry, the special one, like Lily was might have triggered some old memories. We never really learned what the whole relationship between these women were especially when they were older. I just don’t care for Petunia overly much. Dudley, on the other hand, exhibits some potential.

This is also a nod to the books, Mr. Weasley here isn’t merely tinkering with his workshop, but fashioning a way for his family to communicate with one another, and for others to communicate with the Order when things get bad. He is planning ahead.  

Hermione had to do something here that most people, one, wouldn’t have had the skill to do properly, and two, would have been incredibly hard on them. She vanished all thoughts of her from her parents minds. She took a very logical step and executed it for the safety of her parents. She did what was necessary, and her logical brain made that possible.

Snape just blows through the wards around the Dark Lords home because he is a bad ass. Then the look on his face when he sees Charity Burbage is just heart wrenching. You can think of any number of backstory for these two that you want. But she specifically refers to Severus as her friend. Not her co-worker.

The Malfoy’s are not amused. This is the stiff upper lip of the aristocracy, and also, the fact that they are both extremely uncomfortable and frightened.

The only thing Pius is thinking is, “Don’t let the snake eat me. Don’t let the snake eat me.”

A wizard or witches wand is one of the most important things to them. It is an extension of their body. They have it since they turn eleven. It is always beside them, and to use another person’s wand is both extremely intimate and vile when you consider taking this extension of someone away.

How Snape looks at her….. He shows his emotions on his face as much as Draco in this scene for me. He might have perfected that frightening teacher gambit because his emotions are so full and available on his face. He perfected that scary act because he couldn’t have people looking at him for too long or else they would see everything.

Harry packs up nothing from this room. He has Hedwig and his trunk, presumably.

He looks in his cupboard one more time. The place where he spent so many years. The toy soldiers are still there. The sword here in the toy’s hand looks like a wand.

Love Mad-Eye

I’m sorry, but you can’t even see the scarring on Bill’s face. That always pissed me off. He is shown for four minutes maybe in this movie, they could have made him look like he did in the books, truly ravaged.

Tonk’s pregnancy. Another nod to book readers.

Hermione is sneaking up on him while Mad-Eye talks to Harry. She is eyeing him as Harry is preparing to monologue.

Mr. Weasley is guarding the doorway just in case behind Fred and George.

Harry knows this is serious, but still can’t hide his fascination here.

Tonks is calming Remus in the background because he knows that they all are about to undertake something that could be very dangerous.

“I know Ginny was lying about that tattoo.” Another nod to the books. I love these. I live for them in this movie and in the next one.

Harry lets Hedwig out to fly one more time. He probably thought that she would go off without him, and meet him at the Burrow, but animals are so receptive that she stuck by her friend because she knew that something was off.

Sirius, in a very real way, brought Harry to Pivet Drive, rescuing him from people still loyal to the Dark Lord, and then Sirius’ bike takes him away, and rescues him from the Dark Lord.

Hagrid takes the bike to a Muggle road where they could in theory hide in plain sight, just like Harry did at the Dursleys.

That must have been one powerful stunner to knock Hagrid, the half giant out.

Do we ever really get this phenomenon explained fully? Why Harry’s wand acted of its own accord, and defended himself against Voldemort? Is that because of the twin cores? Because Voldemort was using someone else’s wand.

Mrs. Weasley is such a strong character. To have to stay home, and take up the position of watcher and waiter and potential triage if help is needed. It took almost more courage to stay behind then it took to go.

Why did Mundungus flip? What offer was made for him to be swayed to the other side. He is old enough to have lived during the first war he would have known what it was like back then.

Mr. Weasley must be having some serious flashbacks right now about losing someone. He was married to Molly who lost both of her brothers in the first war. They were twins, and now his twin son has just been injured. I wonder how close the four of them were? Odd purebloods who wanted to fight against the oncoming horde. Did they house them or the Marauders at one point in time? Did Arthur provide cover for them? This is why we need the thing, and so, I did THE THING if you would like me to send you some of the thing, message me.

Harry is presenting some very valid points here. They need to get going, but Ron is showing some rationality here that is uncommon for Gryffindors. He is saying, “Let’s take a second, and try to think this through.” A vast contrast from what happens later on.

The Burrow looks more modern and less cluttered in this movie compared to the second. Then again, this is after the fire in the sixth film, and thus, in theory, they have lost a lot of their possessions. Things would look differently.

Ginny is a minx, and I love it. “You ain’t gonna pay attention to me? You really think so?”

Harry is changing his tune about weddings after he sees Ginny in that dress.

George winks at them!!!! That always kills me. Before he gives Harry the “Older brother” look.

George two seconds later, “I’m going to get a commendation.”

The deluminator finally making another appearance.

As a bookworm, I can think of no better gift then someone who loves books giving me an annotated copy of their favorite book.

I like that the fact that the sword of Godric Gryffindor can come out of the sorting hat seems to be common knowledge.

They have guards outside of the tent.

Hagrid and Madam Maxime.

Is that Fleur and Bill’s cake behind Hermione? Or something else?

Nice close up of the symbol.

If that is the cake, I feel like it probably does something spectacular to make it more grand.

You can see Mrs. Weasley behind Aunt Muriel being the fantastic mother of the groom making her rounds.

Death Eaters AK first, as questions never.

The waitress is me at work…. Lol if only we could wear air pods and block everything else out.

Harry, you know your girl Hermione has got your back.

Harry is very practical here. I don’t think he cares one way or another about whether these death eaters live or die.

Hermione is the best at spells is the same as saying she is the best at everything.

You can see Hermione having a flashback to her parents here.

Who created these wizarding laws? It would have Voldemort if they could have kept the trace on Harry. How do they enact these laws? Enforce them? What magic is used in their creation?

This is the first time that Harry has been back in Grimmauld Place since Sirius died. He goes to Sirius’ room first. I wonder why Mrs. Black did rid everything of Sirius’ presence from her house after he defected. Did she have some sort of hope that he would come back?

The nameplates on their doors are so different. Sirius’ is plain and boldfaced. Regulus’ is curvy and fluid, full name present.

Look at Grimmauld Place in Ootp and then look at it now. Mundungus robed the house blind. I wonder how he managed to make out with so much when Kreacher was there. Unless Kreacher was under some sort of enchantment to not harm any wizard in the household unless directed otherwise. It seems like something that house elves would be forced to comply with.

He calls him little master Regulus,,,,,,, I will never forgive the filmmakers for not letting the creatures have their final stand at Hogwarts in the movies like they did in the books.

Neville is just fed up with this bullshit. He’s a pureblood. He knows that he is too valuable to the new regime to incapacitate. But this still takes some guts.

The statue in the atrium has been replaced with wizards crushing the muggles and creatures.

The way that a corrupt regime tries to take over is by not only changing the narrative in the media, but by also changing the culture. They change the art and the books, the burn whatever they don’t like. They make you think that something has always been there even when it has just been replaced. Think 1984 by Orwell.

Umbridge is just so pleased with herself. She needs another vacay with the centaurs.

The way that Ron looks Hermione makes me want to sob. It is so beautiful.

Okay, how long in advance did Jk Rowling plan this series? It is not a surprise to me at all that she went ahead and is now writing the Cormoran Strike detective novels. Her mind works in deep layers of plot and intricasies of detail that I can barely fathom. She must have been planning this for years. To have the resurrection stone open not at touch, but when Harry puts it to his mouth because that is how he caught his first snitch in the first novel. This woman is a bloody genius, which is why I reading The Cormoan Strike novels and taking notes son, I’m not sleeping on this woman anymore.

Mundungus is sneaky, but Hermione is smart as shit. None of them are fooled by his idiot act.

I love Dobby. And Kreacher. Without these characters, the story of Harry Potter wouldn’t have been as good as it is.

When I watched this movie, I was like, dang!!! Of course, it is Umbridge.

These high ranking ministry officials are the definition of getting too comfortable. You really about to let yourself get abducted in broad daylight.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione taking out the trash.

What happens if a Muggle wanders into this bathroom? Or a Muggleborn who hasn’t got their Hogwarts letter yet? Do they think they are just taking a wee, and then get spat out at the Ministry of Magic? That would be quite the story.

I love that Harry and Ron don’t even question if this method of getting to the ministry is going to work or not. They just automatically stand in the toilet.

Also, the statue makes it seem like the Muggles are fighting one another. That would be something that Voldemort’s regime would want. They would want it to seem like the Muggles are low, petty creatures who would rather save their own skin then another of their kind. It would inspire a sense of community even subconsciously among those that saw it.

Poor Ron. Didn’t they research these people? They got two high ranking people, and then poor Reg Cattermole.

Where Ron gets out of the elevator. These office doors? Look almost like entrances to banks or crypt vaults. Very secure looking.

I know this is another actor acting like Harry, but that was a pure Harry Potter face when they saw Umbridge.

That pamphlet reads: Mudbloods and the dangers they pose. Perfect Pureblood Society./ They are mass producing propaganda.

I wish some mention of this being a WWW product could have been put out there.

Umbridge would be OCD. She is the type that needs to be in control of everything, and that would translate into her surroundings.

These books in Umbridge’s drawer look old. They don’t look freshly printed. And why would such a neat freak have old books in her desk? These might have been from the first war with Grindlewald. When Muggles attack. Mudbloods: How to spot them. These could easily be reworked into new propaganda. Umbridge is a racist who relies on “research” to assert her ideals.

Umbridged marked out Mad-Eye’s, Sirius’, and  Dumbeldore’s faces in red ink like she was crossing something off of her grocery list.

Ron is this close to his dad, and yet, he can’t say anything to him. It might have led somewhat to him feeling like he does later on, and eventually heading out.

Ron and Arthur have the same sense of humor and I love it.

Arthur was ready to throw down with Runcore as Harry. Mr. Weasley gets a lot of flack for being soft, sweet Arthur, but he definitely has a side of steel when he thinks that he or someone in his family is being hurt.

The death eater trials seen back in Goblet of Fire were full of paperwork, trying truly to determine guilt or innocence. This trial, there are no witnesses, hardly any paper work, and no proper jury. Clearly a farce. Umbridge is judge and jury. She is absolutely horrid and I hate her.

Umbridge must get a serious tick anytime anyone says the word, “Lie”.

Ron is trying his best to get this lady understand that they are facing tough, unfair times. I hope that they took the advice and got the heck out of dodge.

Copies of Harry’s face hiding Harry’s face from view is amazing.

They land in such a calm looking place, but the reality is that everything has just got a heck of a lot harder. They have been forcibly evicted from Grimmauld Place, and now, one of their number seriously injured. Everything just went from bad to worse soon to be deplorable.

I like that Harry refers to Voldemort as Tom here. Saying, “You Know Who” makes it seem like he is far removed from the rest of humanity, but saying, “This belonged to Tom’s grandfather. This belonged to Tom himself.” That humanizes this monster like figure, both in that it makes it seem like he can be defeated, but also that, it makes it seem possible that he can be redeemed which seems to be what Harry at least attempts in the eighth film.

Harry just looks at Ron, like, “Yes, fucker, it does bother me.” It takes very little time for people to start turning.

Like, why didn’t they just tell Ron that they had a run in with snatchers. Shouldn’t he have been alerted to any new threats?

Are there really just miles of abandoned trailers somewhere like that?

Hermione is keeping the peace the best that she can, but she has a lot against her, the two fragile, male egos not the biggest concern.

I never liked this scene of them fighting each other in the woods. But it sort of turns that feeling of fighting for pretend or something to do to really trying to harm each other, and letting the resentment that the two men feel towards each other and towards other people come to the surface.

They cut the scene of Ron and Hermione skipping rocks out of the final version of the DVD, and I have always hated that because it is so cute.

When Ron leaves, Harry is truly terrified that he is going to hear two snaps of apparition, and that Hermione will leave him too.

She ties her scarf around the tree because she hopes that Ron will come back and see it. It reminds me of that, “Tie a yellow ribbon round an old oak tree…”

The contrast in the tent here between this tent in all its beige glory and the tent that was used in Goblet of Fire at the Quidditch World Cup is stark. One is clearly bright and fun, and this one, like their circumstances is just bleak.

I know that JK Rowling loves this scene, but I don’t. I always thought that it was out of place in this film. Hermione is just torn up because Ron, someone who she has deep, deep feelings for of friendship and something more has just left them, her, and Harry decides that now is a great time for a dance. And the way that Harry looks at her is just a little too personal for me. It feels like the end of the world. The only justificiation for that look that I can think of, is Harry is feeling so hurt by Ron that he intends to wreck what is left of their friendship before Ron can, and what faster way than ruining what Harry knows Ron feels for Hermione. That is a really dirty interpretation though, so, Idk. It’s better to think it is just an odd scene and odd acting on DR’s part.

I feel like Harry and Hermione had a renewed sense of determination to start getting stuff done since Ron left. They wanted to try and make progress, subconsciously thinking that somehow that might get them all back together. Work so you don’t think, maybe.

You can see the snow start to fall at the end of this scene, and then they apparate into a snow covered Godric’s Hollow.

I love Harry’s insistence that he is not going to polyjuice himself or anything like that because he wants this visit to Godric’s Hollow to be authentic.

The Peverell tombstone, a nod to the books that I don’t think gets fully explained in the films.

So, Nagini is a horcrux. Nagini was once a person. Nagini is a snake and Voldemort’s familiar. Now, we know that animals can be transformed into goblets and plates or whatever, but animals can be transfigured into a person? That’s what happened here with Bagshot, right?

Bathilda Bagshot straight up had a blue steel picture of young Grindlewald in her house. And I don’t blame her. This version of Grindlewald is far superior.

Skeeter’s book, another nod to the book.

She is speaking parseltongue , but Harry only hears English. This is where, us, the viewers, promptly start freaking out.

Harry gets thrown into a baby boy’s nursery then proceeds to fight against a piece of Voldemort’s soul. Irony.


Some people deal with tension using humor. Ron is one of those people. I am another.

Some people deal with tension with conflict. Harry is one of those people.

It looks like the piece of Voldemort’s soul in the locket literally tries to beat down on Harry, but it is rebuffed by the piece of soul that he already has inside of him.

Locket Hermione’s voice here is so different then her actual speaking voice.

This scene where locket Hermione and locket Harry are making out makes me want to vomit. It is so cringey that this was even included in the movie tbh.


Ron’s like, “Mate, when we walk up I need to hold the destroyed horcrux and the sword, you know, for maximum effect.”

I like that they said that Ron was at a pub instead of home with the Weasleys like he was in the books.

“Just my name.” The way Ron says this makes my heart melt. It says so much in so few words.

I like that there is magic in this universe, and then there is magic. There is that little ball of light that floated from Sirius’ lips when they were being attacked by dementors in Prisoner of Azkaban, there is the veil in the department of mysteries, and the ball of light that Ron talks about here. Explanations are provided for so much in this series, but there are still magical things that even the characters don’t know the whole of.

Hermione is like, “Heifer, please, you ain’t getting any of my time yet.”

I have a feeling that Hermione is right for the next ten years after the behavior you have exhibited Ronald Weasley.

Luna. My baby. My girl.

The fruit on the plants are floating. If I grew up in house like this, in a place like this, I would believe in a lot of things that other people may not. It seems like a place where imagination is really allowed to flourish.

The animation used for the “Tale of the Three Brothers” is absolutely stunning. It is why people have it tattooed on their skin. It’s breathtaking.

He says, “The most powerful wand ever made.” He doesn’t say created. There is the theory that it did come from death, but then that the brothers were merely fantastic inventors. I don’t know which the truth is, maybe some of both. It would make a wonderful fanfiction.

At the wedding at the beginning, both the Lovegood’s are wearing yellow and they’re bright and happy, and then you have this scene where everything is dark and gloomy. Some beautiful non-verbal storytelling.

You can see just how wrecked Xenophilius is. He is desperate to get Luna back he is wandering into an attack zone.

People who are desperate don’t have the reason available to think, “Oh, what if these people don’t actually care about my concerns.” They have a single track mind in getting what they want.

Grindlewald is still a cocky bastard even after decades in prison. This old man looks more the badass than Depp.

Fenrir Greyback is just standing there, second fiddle to this random, purple scarf wearing snatcher. What the heck?

This scene always baffles me. Lucius has seen Ronald Weasley and his family for years. Lucius taunts Arthus on a regular basis. Lucius has heard repeatedly that Hermione and Ron are Harrys friends from Draco for at least six years. They KNOW FOR A FACT that this is Ron and Hermione, who do they think the third person is going to be?????????? It should have been a high enough possibility based on their presence alone to call the Dark Lord, but none of them do it because they have to make sure????

Draco has stared at this face for SIX years. I mean, Draco is just prepping himself to lie this whole time if he can get away with it.

Bellatrix ain’t no fool though. She figures out about the stinging jinx. The only thing that saves them is her seeing the sword.

Snape is the best potions master around. All of them probably have heard of veriterserum, and none of them thought to have it on tap?

It pisses me off to no end that we didn’t get to see Pettigrew strangle himself.

Dobby is a king!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I saw this, I died.

Dobby is like, “Harry Potter, sir, duh.”

WE MISSED OUT ON A LUNA AND DOBBY BROMANCE AND I AM FUCKING FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like having Pettigrew just pass out or whatever was such a cop out, but I understand what it would have done to the tone that had already been established in this sequence.

Even then, Draco isn’t ready to fall into line with Bellatrix’s plans.

Dobby is a king, and I love him.


I love Dobby. I want to cry no matter how many times I watch this scene because he is so small and vulnerable and honest, and he just loves Harry so much. And he did so good. And he saved them, and Harry wants so badly to save him back, but he can’t.

Harry has just lost so many people. In the next film, when he is speaking to everyone in the house Harry seems almost militaristic in his approach and demeanor, but when you think about what has just happened, Dobby’s death, that harshness and straight to the point approach seems more realistic and warranted definitely.

This scene where Voldemort breaks into Dumbledore’s grave: I read something that commented on Voldemort like hovering over Dumbledore’s body to get to the wand. Then it was like, well, he could be straddling him. I have honestly never been the same since. I laughed so hard.

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A smash and grab for Ollivander. Not one person in this stunned group tries to shoot a stunner at these people or stop them in any way.

I am taking this way too seriously, but…. Muggleborns are the bridge between the Muggle and magical world, and the death eaters are attacking a bridge. Voldemort seems to want total separation between Muggles and Wizards, but he also wants to subjugate Muggles. Having these peaks of the Muggle world, and the destruction that wizards can cause is a great way to emphasize the delicate balance between the two worlds.

This obviously also takes place after 9/11. It would make sense that these people were more thinking towards terroism than anything supernatural. Anything could easily be blamed on that. Or faulty construction.

Hottie waitress is trying to get it from “Go”, and I don’t blame her. But, she is way too cute for his ass.

You would think that Harry would be more cautious, but then again, what easier way to fool a group of death eaters then to ride the London Underground for hours at a time.

Why would Slughorn make it look as if this house had been attacked? Why not just make it look like it had been burglared? It specifically looks as if it had been attacked. There are scratches and holes on the walls, everything is askew like hexes had been flying.

When I first saw this movie, I thought that it was a huge waste of time to see all of this magic, but now, I look at these big displays of magic and am just in awe. I love when we really get to see what magic is capable of that is more than just cursing someone else. The scene in Crimes of Grindlewald while he escapes at the beginning is one example of a huge display of magic that is both interesting and epic.

Voldemort knows what Slughorn has in his mind. They weren’t trying to recruit him, but to kill him.

Even in this picture of Lily, she looks way older than what she should be.

Dumbledore is a master manipulator. Throughout most of the series, Dumbledore refers to Harry as “Harry”, but in Slughorn’s presence he constantly refers to him as Mr. Potter to emphasize to Slughorn the prize that is before him.

Yes, Harry, you will not be messing up the fan’s OTPs today.

The Weasleys must have felt very comfortable with all of the moving staircases in Hogwarts based off of the look of the Burrow.

This is one movie where Harry and Ginny exhibit some chemistry toward one another.

Ron just casually going to touch Hermione’s face. They say that people will only let others who they are truly comfortable around to touch their face. The same goes for the attempters…. Lol

I love that Harry is barefoot in this scene. It shows that he is comfortable, and that he feels at home.

There is an old fashioned lamp on the desk which is lovely.

Mrs. Weasley was around for the first war. She didn’t participate in the Order the last time, but now, she knows, she has inside knowledge, that things are moving in the darkness. And she is rightfully terrified.

Snape’s village here is cookie cutter in the same way that Pivet Drive is. Though, Pivet Drive is clean and bright while Snape’s town is dingy and smoke ridden like there are factories or something similar nearby that is polluting the air.

Snape’s house would look like this. Floor to ceiling books. No personal photos. Dark. Two candlesticks that don’t count as bobbles because they are functional.

At this stage, Snape has fully returned to Voldemort. He also knows that Sirius isn’t the one who betrayed Lily, but that it was Wormtail. But, he can’t outright kill Wormtail because Wormtail went and performed a valuable service to the Dark Lord. So, Snape does the next best Slytherin thing and decides to torture Wormtail by making him serve him. Now, Snape has Wormtail as his personal servant and play thing until things finally break. It is no more than Peter deserves tbh.

Narcissa is the epitome of pureblood etiquette and style. She is politely making small talk with her host while Bellatrix is in the background snooping in Snape’s stuff.

Bellatrix was one of those rich girls who stole petty little objects whenever they can get their hands on something. Voldemort and her must have bonded over this.

Bellatrix lets out a snore when Snape talks about Dumbledore. She must have heard this reasoning for Snape’s supposed loyalty one too many times. She suspects heavily that Snape isn’t quite what he seems. She also resents him most likely for the closeness that he has with her master.

Snape allowed himself to be goaded into this. He invited it when he mentioned that he could help them in the first place.

The statue outside of the shop in Diagon Alley. So clever.

The twins are top level business men here. No more orange bell bottoms for these two.

Every thing is just orange and yellow and bright.

They already have on assistant. Good on you, boys.

“I will have order.” Someone really should make sure that Umbridge was sent one of these before her arse was packed off to Azkaban.

The twins are litearlly living their best lives here. Business is booming. Surrounded by people. Spreading mischief even after their school days are over.

Harry gets things for free because he financed this shop.

Harry is like, “Wait, what about DEaN??” Where was all this great acting and connection when it came time to film Seven and Eight?

Cormac ain’t a bad catch. He is very traditionally handsome.

Brown, I see your arse. You best sit down. This is not going to end well for you.

Fred and George’s shop probably has been warded to the nines from their good and yet to be introduced brother Bill.

You see one Fenrir Greyback poster in a dark alley. One: So, the film makers are sure that we know who he is. Two: This is the level with which the ministry has hunted for criminals compared to the nearly every square surface and newspaper add ins that Harry’s face get plastered on in Deathly Hallows.

Draco, even here seems to exhibit a lot of reluctance.

Draco is a smart guy. Like, I don’t think that can be denied. He wouldn’t have been able to do what he does in this movie if it wasn’t for some modicum of intelligence.

I like that movie Harry is really supportive of his friends.

Ginny and Luna BFF’s in the making.

Dean, I see your arse.

The one time ever that Harry James Potter was right about something.

Ron and Hermione should have known that Harry was up to something.

I have a feeling that more fuss from the others wasn’t made about the darkness powder probably because since they boarded the train that was about the fifth time they had seen some sort of Weasley product go off. And though, this is a compartment full of Slytherins, the odds are that at least some of them have their products in their bags as well.

Draco, however, is finally aware that stuff is really kicking off, and he is rightfully suspicious.

I don’t know if this was an intentional choice, but Draco’s appearance in this movie speaks volumes about his mental state. He looks thinner than he has in the other films, and then also, the lightness of his hair adds to the gauntness of his face.

He is sitting in chair 14.

Harry just had to get comfortable up there. Draco knows now that he can’t trust anyone at Hogwarts. He knows that he can’t trust Snape like he thought he could. He knows that Snape is really working for Voldemort, and he now knows for a fact that nearly everyone around them aren’t as they have pretended to be for so long. Draco is in a highly paranoid state because he truly feels like he has no one that he can turn to or trust.

You can see Hagrid and Fang waiting to take the first years up to the castle.

Draco looks very satisfied with himself after finally getting Harry.

I mean, that is a viscous thing to say to anyone, but Draco is now immersed in this wizard AK wizard world. It’s a wonder that he didn’t turn Harry over right then. Why not just grab Harry, apparate, and take him immediately to Voldemort? Draco had a golden opportunity here, but wasted it because in some part of his brain he still sees this as a school boy rivalry. Or would Voldemort really put killing Dumbledore over killing Harry at this point? Was he that scared of the man?

Luna is the real hero in this scene.

Movie!Harry makes me feel way happier than book!Harry sometimes. Merely because of the way that movie!Harry treats Luna and Neville. Yes, book Harry evolves in that way, but movie Harry seems to really value these friends the way that I think he should.

The way that Draco looks at the walking stick makes me sad. You know it was Lucius’, and though Lucius is a horrible prick, he is still Draco’s father, and he needs this object to feel some sort of connection to his father.

Neville is watching Hermione beat Ron, not even blinking an eye.

You do see here, and from the first that Dumbledore has aurors now watching the school. We don’t get any interaction with them, but they are a visual reminder about what’s going on security wise.

I can only hope to crush student’s dreams like McGonagall crushes Ron’s.

This movie has so many like unexpected funny moments that make it stand apart from the book in a way that the other films don’t.

So, we are saying in this film that Katie Bell is in the same year as Harry, Ron, and Hermione? I don’t know why the filmmakers settled on this. This is a Padma in Gryffindor situation again.

You really only noticed Hermoine’s bedraggled appearance here, but several of them are looking worse for wear.

I always got the feeling that Dumbledore was trying to make up for some lost time here. He largely ignored Harry in the last movie. And Harry has lost those people in his life who would event think to question him about his love life. Dumbledore is trying to make some connection with here. He misses the mark trying to connection with him in this manner especially about Hermione, but it is still very interesting.

Harry is just like, “Um, no.”

I think this interaction makes Harry feel better though. It makes him feel like he isn’t just being trained as a weapon, but that Dumbledore is actually interested in all aspects of his life. I can’t decide if this is underhanded of Dumbledore or not.

Okay, Wool’s Orphanage in the forties looks to be one of those horrible places. It looks like it is in the city, and away from anything green. The walls look like they are made of ceramic tile. Voldemort’s room literally looks out onto a brick wall. It rains all of the time in England. I mean, come on, this was the environment to raise a serial killer in. The room is bleak, only a bed, chair, and desk. Hardly any personal belongings.

I like Dumbledore’s look here. He is in the Muggle world, but that doesn’t mean that he needs to give up any flair.

Dumbledore read Tom Riddle’s mind. Is it legal to read the minds of young children because that’s what Dumbledore did here. How else would he have known that Riddle had those things in his wardrobe?

I don’t think Dumbledore would have done anything about it.

I don’t think that even if Dumbledore would have known what Voldemort would become I don’t think Dumbledore would have been capable of killing a child. I just don’t.

This sounds like Harry is about to be pimped out, which in a manner of speaking he is.

Most Quidditch scenes I could go without, but Ginny and Harry tag teaming tryouts. Ginny speaking up for slightly quieter Harry. Hermione in the stands. The people behind Ron fighting over the best brooms. It is just amazing.

You literally live in the same dorm as Hermione, Cormac, I mean, dang, and you have lived with her for years and years. Why couldn’t you have talked to her yourself?

Just like, what a situation to get yourself in. Hanging from the end of your broom.

Lavender is all fake concern and joy, over exerting her dang self, but Hermione is actually doing something to make sure that her man gets this position.

That couple behind the trios head are having an intense study-flirt session, and I approve.

Neville is dosing in that chair while he sits next to a dosy.

I always thought that the Gryffindor common room looked a lot like a fairytale. The walls are covered in tapestries, everything looks warm and inviting.

Ginny was raised with many, many older brothers. She knows how to get toys out of reluctant hands.

That’s Neville and Seamus going off to Hogsmeade in front of the trio?

Dean is laying it on thick!!! He is a slick git.

Ron is like, “That thought never crossed my…..oh… wait, yes, it has.”


Poor Hermione, her feelings are about to pop out all over the place.

I always thought this scene was super cool, no offense to Katie. This just shows what kind of dark arts are currently being practiced in the Malfoy household

It looks to be a distinctive sort of necklace. If wizards thought for one second like Muggles they would have had people tracing the origins of that necklace. Straight up, old fashioned detective or journalistic work would have solved that question.

I love that Snape’s wand is black and sort of ordinary looking. It looks harsh almost in its plainness, almost like the man himself.

Harry is right.

“She’s got nice skin.”

I would want professor Merrythought’s office too. It looks amazing.

Blaise is silently judging everyone this whole time, and I am living for it.

Ginny has shown up really late for this shindig. She only shows up in time for dessert. Most people would just be like, “Okay, I think I’ll pass.”

Harry, your heart eyes are showing.

Slughorn really wants to justify himself, and I don’t blame him. It’s hard to admit your mistakes. It’s even harder to admit your mistakes when said mistake produced a mass murderer.

Ron, please get your head out of your ass. I feel bad. Hermione, like most women, build up romantic encounters in our head long before they even come due. She has done the same thing here, thinking that Slughorn’s party will be the place that she and Ron grow closer together, maybe even kiss under some mistletoe. She thinks that it will be the perfect place to launch a new beginning. That’s why what happens right after this scene with Lavender makes her so sad, because she then has to say goodbye to all of those dreams and fantasies.

It looks like a lot of the Quidditch team are sitting together in a show of house solidarity.

Ron’s like, “Thanks, Luna.”

Ginny normally sits next to Hermione in these scenes, but being with Dean, enables her to share the seat next to Harry. It probably is good for strategy talks as well. That Ginny Weasley knows whats up.

Neville is astonished at this turn of events during the match. Pleased, but astonished.

Luna is right by them in the stands. Cheering on her friends.

Weasley is our king. Weasley is our king… right until he kisses Lavender Brown, and makes Hermione cry because Hermione is our QUEEN!

Hermione refuses to chant her own future last name.

I mean, Lavender did shoot her shot. But you can see the just devastated look on Hermione’s face and even the “oh shit” one on Ginny’s.

Hermione found comfort here in something that she can do well. Magic. She’s reminding herself what she is the most thankful for here as well.

Hermione knows everything.

Hermione who knows everything just can’t believe that Ron is this dense. She thinks, at least subconsciously, that Ron is doing some of this on purpose.

Are we thinking that Lavender is Ron’s first kiss? I mean, first kisses are heady things, and he wouldn’t want to give it up no matter what until those endorphins start to fade, and then he quickly gets over it.

This is a great filing system in the library. And another subtle but amazing display of magic.

Hermione, girl, its hard when you get our feelings involved. Boys make us all do stupid things.

Romilda Vane is beautiful. She doesn’t need a love potion.

We all love Luna’s dress.

Draco, lounging in the corner.

Drapple pt. 2

If I didn’t get into a teacher’s club then I for sure would not be catering their event.

“Slippery little minx. “

This is more of that unexpected humor.

Cormac is like, “Please God, help me.”

Ginny looking fine in this outfit.

Draco, again, has lost all faith in those around him. And where good old uncle Sev might have seemed like another softer alternative to his father, now, he is no better than the rest of them. I have a post about this on my blog, if you want to read more of my thoughts on their change of dynamic.

This is the most awkward thing I have ever witnessed.

Ron looks constipated. He is just like, “Please, let this be over. Please.” He looks pained.

Harry is so uncomfortable he can barely stand himself.

Hermione doesn’t even have the perspective at this point to know that Ron is now suffering under Lavender’s attentions. She is just so pissed she can’t see straight.

A penguin dancing on a cake!

The twins have been pulling those for a while, look at all the old ones on the table.

Is that Hedwig sitting on the edge of the couch?

Remus feels so guilty over everything that he and the others put Snape through in school that he feels less inclined than anyone to believe that Snape is up to something nefarious.

Mr. Weasley knows when he is not welcome. Ron does not.

Tonk’s hair here upsets me to the extreme. Why did they intend to make this badass look like a soccer mom?

Some people are really irritated by this scene where Ginny ties Harry’s shoe, but I don’t mind it. I thought that it was very intimate. Harry, more than anything craves someone who is going to take care of him. Harry is someone who feels as if the whole world is looking to me. He also feels like he has no one that he can really lean on for support. He feels that support in any way makes him weak. Ginny doing these little things for him is something that he can accept. It makes them closer. She understands what he needs, and gives it to him. Plain and simple.

You can actually see rage here in Remus’ face. Don’t y’all tell me Wolfstar ain’t a thing.

Ginny doesn’t even think before jumping into the flames. Harry and Ginny at this point are battle tested veterans, and they have each others backs no matter what.

Greyback thinks that he is going to get an easy meal with Ginny, but Ginny isn’t a light snack hun.

Harry holding Ginny’s hand and pulling her close.

This was perfectly done by the death eaters. Draw the people outside, and then strike to destroy one of the only strongholds that the Order has.

Yes, I think Draco looks different.

Pineapple, nod to the books.

Harry unknowingly echoed Voldemort when he stayed behind after the first party.

This seems to be a very weird way to go about getting Slughorn to talk. Throughout this film, Harry tries to mimic Voldemort in the things that he said and the things that he did, but the way to get Slughorn to talk, I think, wouldn’t be to remind Slughorn about his failings through Tom, but to be the opposite of Tom Riddle, which eventually he ends up doing.

“The map is never wrong.” Like Godfather like godson.

Harry really is the dim one. He figures out Ron’s little dilemma way too slowly.

Love makes Ron cuddly. I like it.

Slughorn is a quick liar. No wonder he was in Slytherin.

Why is Slughorn just standing there? Why isn’t he reacting? Why isn’t he calling for help? I never understood his reluctance here. It makes me think that something like this must have happened in the past, and he was having some major flashbacks.

Hermione is about to throw bones in front of all these teachers.

“You daft dimbo.” Classic.

All of the teachers are listening just as intently as anyone else in the room. They love gossip too.

Harry just casually stalking Draco.

Draco feels so along during this whole experience, and I hate it for him. He’s just a kid.

“He was quickly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy.”

Why on Earth is Lavender, a Gyrffindor, sitting at a different table? And Dean? Free sitting on the weekends?

The look on Draco’s face when he sees Katie. He is glad sure that she is still alive, but he feels scared. He knows that Harry must have some suspicions, and he is terrified of getting found out. He knows that Voldemort will not be kind.

Draco goes from crying to defensive. Emotions are running high for him, and he just can’t handle them all. He is not thinking rationally.

The book here, almost seems to act like more of a horcrux, nefarious source then actual horcruxes do. It turns Harry into someone that he isn’t.

Ginny you coy bitch. Love it.

I just imagine that the way Harry acts in this scene is Daniel Radcliffe’s personality at all times.

Hermione should one day write a paper about the effects of Liquid Luck on people.

The story about the flower and the fish that Slughorn tells about Lily is one of the best add ons that the movie included that wasn’t present in the books.

Using that chosen one status right.

Lily was one of Slughorn’s favorites. She was in that middle picture on the shelf. She was front and center beside him in the photo.

Dumbledore is like, “Not now, I need to think.”

Dumbledore says that the objects to make a horcrux can be anything, but I disagree. I think that the objects have to be somehow linked to the wizard, some personal connection.

“I’ll be okay, I’ll be with Dumbledore.”

This is a startaling setting. One of the best ones in the films. We don’t go far from Hogwarts generally, but when we do it’s hardly to wild, nature ruled places like this.

I wish that we would have seen that memory from the Gaunt house. It would have been interesting to see Tom’s grandparent and uncle, his dad. It would have seemed essential to me to show Merope in this film. To see where Voldemort came from. I wish we would have gotten that.

And while we are listing some things I wanted from this movie, but never got: A classroom scene with Snape finally teaching DADA. We never even saw a hint of this or an illusion of this after the initial telling.

Dumbledore is hugging his knees, he is bunched up, and vulnerable.

This is the only time that inferi are seen throughout the series. You would have thought that Voldemort would have had more use for them in the final battle.

The choir scene here is particularly interesting. We have in our consciousness scenes from the previous two films using lighthearted music etc., and now they are singing this ominous song.

Snape is standing, looking out over Hogwarts like he does in seven pt. 2. This place is Snape’s home, and has been for years, and now, he unwillingly has to say goodbye to it.

It says something that Bellatrix doesn’t wear a mask while the rest of them do. It makes sense that Greyback wouldn’t wear a mask because he is recognizable as a werewolf, and he likes the fear that it inspires, but Bellatrix refuses to wear a mask because she is proud of her status as a death eater. She is unashamed of her place in the world.

If Dumbledore knows everything, why does he never act?

That boy that Dumbledore is talking about isn’t Voldemort, but Snape.

Harry has been hearing this whole movie that he is wrong about Draco and wrong about Snape, and then comes time for him to trust or turn against Snape, and he trusts him.

The look on Snape’s face after he kills Dumbledore is so haunting.

Bellatrix just loves causing chaos and mayhem. There is a certain kind of sick satisfaction that some people have when they destroy things that they used to be associated with. Her destroying Hogwarts is one of those things. For Draco, it Is just adding to that sick feeling in his gut.

All the lights from the wands of all of these people lifting into the sky and eating away the dark mark is one of the best moments of this entire series.

When I read that the locket was fake I was infuriated. I don’t think I’m alone.

Harry and his hero complex. He thinks he has to do everything on his own, but this proves that he doesn’t have to. He goes off together, with his friends, and even the friends that he leaves behind helps to keep everything going while the world waits on Harry Potter to save them all.

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hello :) i absolutely adore your art 🥺 is it possible for you to draw married drarry with scorpius in draco’s or harry’s arms? thank you so much 🥰

Finally! A photo from the family album :)

They lost a lot of close people in the war, but they have each other now. I fucking love to see them happy and calm.

Requests are still open, though. You can ask anything about drarry~

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Wtf, I asked Ismelda to come with me and Charlie to the forbidden forest, and when she asked why MC thinks she hates them, I chose to ask if it was because of Jacob, and she responded by saying she didn’t even know MC had a brother??? Like how is that even possible, practically the whole school knows about Jacob, that’s literally the whole reason why MC gets given shit for the earlier years. Plus she hung out with Merula back then, so she must’ve told Ismelda about MC’s family :/

That’s definitely strange. Part of me thinks that maybe Ismelda was just messing with MC? Doesn’t really seem like her style though. 

I mean, there’s no getting around the fact that everyone has heard of MC and their infamous brother. Even Erika Rath references MC’s notoriety, and that’s in a subplot that’s been entirely disconnected from the main story so far. 

Maybe this was meant to hint that Ismelda’s friendship with Merula isn’t as close as she would have us believe. Maybe it was early foreshadowing to her struggles with her own sister. After all, she does agree to help MC during that meeting, so finding out about their brother could be what tips the scales? (If you choose that option.) 

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