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Thank you!! 💗

🦋 - HP characters

You I see as George!

@darthwheezely would be Fred

@cruciostyles as Harry

@teawiththeweasleys would definitely be Molly

I see @lupinsclassroom as Luna

@whizboingies I feel like would be Cedric

@perfectlysane24 as Seamus?! Not really sure why but that’s what I see.

@thehufflepuffwife would be Ron

@pineapplesandpinas I see as Ginny

& @justmesadgirl I see as hermione

✏️ - “raindrops are falling while the sun’s out”

First, that’s such a pretty title!! Second, the first thing I think when reading it is an angsty/comfort fic with a fluffy ending.

I’m thinking the reader just got broken up with or got bullied or maybe is even just having a really bad day and all they can do is cry over it. Except it’s an unusually beautiful day outside; so they’re mood is contradictory to the rest of their friends & the schools’.

I think it would probably be either a Fred or George fic where they’re best friends with the reader. They would come to get the reader to play some quidditch or even just sit outside and enjoy the nice day when they find them crying alone in their room. Having a soft spot for the reader Fred/George obviously can’t leave the reader by themself so he takes it upon himself to cheer them up.

The boys would make comments about how there shouldn’t be “raindrops falling while the sun’s out” and would just do everything they could to make the reader smile and feel better. Then at the end I think it would be really cute to have the reader and Fred/George sit outside and watch the sunset but I’d have to figure out the timing of it because that seems like a really big time jump in my mind at the moment 😅

800 followers game night!!

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Headcanon that Ron and Harry went grocery shopping together with holding hands.

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Please Help…

I have a National Entrance Exam in 2 weeks. When I signed up for this exam I was at my peak, gobbling up information after information. That was 3 months ago.

Since October I have not been able to concentrate and that made me feel anxious. I am unable to recall shit. I feel incompetent and every time I look at my pile of books I run away from my study space.

To stop feeling bad about that, I turned to fanfiction, and ever since October, all I’ve been doing is read Drarry, Drarry, and more Drarry. From Healer! Au to case fics to dead dove. It’s all I’ve been doing and I can’t stop. I want to and I can’t. I literally can’t do anything else but read read and read.

I can’t exercise, go through my once relaxing morning routine. I can’t STUDY.

Please, please, please help me stop please…..

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Ginny :*likes harry first*

Fandom: she is a fangirl ,only like him because of his popularity, maybe she’s into his money, such a s#*t.

Hermione:*likes Ron first *

Fandom: Ron doesn’t care about Hermione, he doesn’t even consider Hermione, he’s rude and ignorant.


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Hard working and loyal to me tends to read as willing to put up with other people’s bullshit even when they probably shouldn’t. Like they know their friends are acting like jackasses but will still back them even after they got their heads stuck in a chair for the fourth time that week after managing to convince themselves that the chair is really a boggart.

So why in the blue billy hell are Hufflepuffs often portrayed as morons who confuse oranges for doorknobs?

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You know, something that I don’t think people really get about characters like Snape and Dumbledore is that… they saved the world. Multiple times. It’s hard to overstate what an incredible act of goodness this is. It’s so good, that it overshadows all their flaws. Bullying children, being manipulative, I agree that these are all flaws these characters have. But they pale, absolutely pale, in the face of such incredible acts.

By saving the world, Dumbledore and Snape elevated themselves to a plane of goodness and morality that in Harry Potter only the golden trio ever really reach as well.

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Yup. I think she heard they were doing auditions for a big movie series and wanted to be a star. I believe she even had them put a big gold star with her name on it on her door. I think at the end of movie 2, she realized that she didn’t like the process. Being a star meant she had to work. I also think she made it pretty clear at the beginning she didn’t like her character, either, and seemed surprised by how “bossy” Hermione was. Someone who read the books would already know who Hermione is and it’s just a shame they didn’t hire someone who actually loved the role. I always got the sense she thought HP was dorky.

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Okay my dear mutual and followers, send me prompts from any of the ships in my bio and I’ll write it for you guys! :)

I don’t really have a set word count, so if you have a preference for how long you’d like it to be, let me know.

Be as specific as you like !

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Here’s a few pictures from Severus Snape’s day.

It’s a little about the teaching style, his relationships with colleagues.
And my personal question: why do proffesors ask so much homework, if they check it for half a night?

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Ok so you know how for the yule ball dance practice McGonagall had to teach the Gryffindors?

That means that Flitwick would have to teach the Ravenclaws.

That means that Sprout would have to teach the Hufflepuffs.

And that also means that Snape would have to teach the Slytherins.

Just imagine Snape saying “Put your hand on my waist.”

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Chapter Twelve: Repetita iuvant

First chapter on @dionysus-lover-ao3

Chapter rating: Explicit

⚠️❤️Smut +18: Severus Snape × Original Female Character


About the fic:

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Explicit Smut, Graphic Descriptions of Violence

Relationships: F/M, M/M, mention of F/F

Severus Snape × Original Female Character,

Cedric Diggory × Original Male Character

Summary: Andrea seems to be just another Slytherin pureblood, young woman, ready to face her senior year at Hogwarts. She would have never expected the Goblet of Fire to choose her, among all the others. What Andrea will need during this amazing year will be her closest friends, new and unexpected antagonists and the help of a mysterious, dark and fascinating professor.


Keep reading

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I met Harry’s folks. They’re really proud of him and happy us Weasleys helped him. Lily said she’s happy he’s with Ginny and has Ron and Hermione for friends. They’re also happy mom and dad stepped up amd took Harry into the family. I know you’re upset that you no longer have your partner in crime physically with you, but I’ll always be here with you no matter what. Being apart from you is torture, but I can only imagine what it’ like for you without me. I’m with you everyday and you don’t even realize it. You know that creak in the floor boards you would so often hear? That’s me walking in to see how you’re doing. You see the light shine a bit brighter through the Windows? That’s me making sure the darkness never takes you. You feel the şiddet chills consume your body? That’s me giving you a hug to remind you you’re not alone. I see you every night curled up on the couch crying and muttering about how it should’ve been you. If it was you, I would be in the same position like you are now, only more distraught. You’re so much stronger than I ever have been and ever will be, and it pains for me to see you like this. George, you’re not alone. The whole family is upset, hell even Percy cries at night, but they don’t just cry because they miss having me around…they miss you too. Ever since that night, you have been closed off and won’t let anyone in. I was watching ever her last night and she was. Sitting en her bed clutching my old beater bat, wearing my Quidditch jersey, and crying. She kept saying how she needs her big brothers back. The family didn’t lose just one half of the dynamic duo they lost you too. You gotta get back to the joke shop- please, for me. Come on Georgie, I’m trying my best here but you just lest your spark. Remember in 6th year when we crashed the examinations? That was probably our best prank yet. I want you to pull more elaborete pranks on everyone. Please, for me. You need to get back to pranking! You need to get mom to stop sobbing every time someone tries to crack a joke. You need to get Charlie back to Romaria instead of andering the Burrow, to get Percy to stop crying about how the house never has joy to get dad to talk about muggle stuff again. To get Ron out of his trance and back with Hermione. To get Ginny back to being our annaying little sister. Our family doesn’t have any light left in it because of us who would’ve thought the Weasley twins would be he ones to suck the life out of everything? The war has changed everyone George, but as your other hal telling you this fom the bottom of my heart get off your butt and make this family alive again. I could’ve told anyone in the family to bring back joy around there, but I’m telling you because I know that when you’re happy they will be too. We always did everything together, and we still will. I’ll be rigt beside you very second of the day. I’m never leaing yeur side and I’ll help you get through this. I’m going to stop writing now because I’m crying too much. with all the love you could ever imagine, and then some, Fred. (The better looking halt of the Weasley twins)

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Hufflepuff: I really like this guy but idk how to tell him.

Slytherin: Just ask him to the movies this weekend.

Hufflepuff: Do you want to go to the movies this weekend?

Slytherin: No I meant ask him.

Hufflepuff: I just did.

Slytherin: What did he say?

Hufflepuff: Idk. You tell me.

Slytherin: What do you mean?

Hufflepuff: *thinking* What the f u c k.

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