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blvnk-art · 2 days ago
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a new little grumpy Potter
Harry: Sleeping is so much fun! Can I have my glasses back? Fair enough. If I’m going to sleep too why would I need it, right? Goodnight, son.
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junk-ren · 2 days ago
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I always wondered how Draco had felt, knowing Harry used his wand to defeat Voldemort...
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tae-rhr · 21 hours ago
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the golden trio.
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quotemadness · 6 hours ago
Working hard is important, but there is something that matters even more: Believing in yourself.
Harry Potter
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itsyasmeme · 23 hours ago
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I really want to see this guy in something that ISN’T a flashback
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hi @phd-mama, thanks for being amazing! here's some drarry being sweet 💗
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maidenwychelm · 2 days ago
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Lord Voldemort as The Emperor tarot card for @metalomagnetic's fanfiction, Either Must Die!
Thank you, Alexael, for being so wonderful to work with!!
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skaelds · 2 days ago
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sayssnape · 2 days ago
*snape getting on the same bus as draco, pansy and blaise*
blaise: bloody hell!
pansy: what do we do?!
draco: relax, guys. it’s the weekend. he has no authority over us at the weekend. he has no right to question us, and if he tries to, i’ll tell him as much!
snape: good morning.
draco, pansy and blaise: morning, professor snape.
snape: what takes you to london?
pansy and blaise: [looking at draco]
draco, mumbling: i’m not really sure that’s-
snape: speak up.
draco: i’m not really sure that that’s any of your b-business.
snape: i’m going to assume that was an i’ll-judged attempt at humour, mr malfoy.
draco, whispering: yes.
snape: now, answer the question.
draco: we’re going to the museum.
snape: which museum?
pansy: the british museum.
snape: what for?
blaise: a project. a history project.
snape: what about?
draco: britain?
snape: hmm.
pansy: will you be sitting with us, professor snape?
snape: of course, you’re just such wonderful company, kids, what with your stimulating conversations and razor sharp wit.
draco, perking up: really!
snape: no.
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eternalriot · 2 days ago
“corrupt.” remus lupin.
summary : remus likes to corrupt his innocent little puppy
warnings : smut !! (16+) gn!reader x remus, kinda short and more of a dialogue :)
you can feel him tease your entrance, making you buck your hips into the air slightly. your arousal was practically pooling, feeling some of it wet your thighs. 
he chuckled almost manically. oh how he has barely even touched you, but to your foggy little mind, it was the best feeling in the world.
“my pretty baby,” he whispered, his breath warm against your skin. “has anyone ever touched you like this before ?” you shook your head no, something that he already knew. he was the first person to touch you, feel you, corrupt you. 
he rubbed his tip right against your clit, making you cry out from the stimulation. you were already so sensitive from the new feeling he was showing you. 
his hand gripped your jaw, pulling your face even closer to his. “hm ? gotta hear you, puppy. nobody made these parts feeling good ?” but you were already beyond words. muttering something he couldn’t quite understand, he pushed the tip of his cock inside of you. 
your eyes widened as he slowly filled you, and it felt incredible. you gripped onto his shoulders, bracing yourself as an immense wave of pleasure took over you. 
“no one’s ever made you feel like this, yeah ? never made you feel so full ?” you nodded mindlessly, your back arching into him as he pushed in all the way. “so big,” you muttered, breathless as you adjusted to his size. 
he started to thrust into you, his hips moving at a sharp pace making you see stars. “oh i know, baby,” he chuckled, “but you’ll take it all like a good puppy, yeah ?” 
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asthxte · a day ago
Sirius: I think I like Remus
James and Peter: and...
Sirius: I thought you'd be a bit more surprised
James and Peter: oh sorry
James and Peter: AND?!?
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short666bread · a day ago
Tumblr media
Long Day
(dw they’ll go on break soon)
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tae-rhr · 22 hours ago
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Harry and Ron as Aurors;✨
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bluebutter-art · 12 hours ago
(Sound on!) // cw for a bit of nudity!
Was just having a bit of fun with the imovie app, and created this from my Suds Fest piece. ❤️
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rowanwitch · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Today’s folktale is based in Elsdon, in Northumberland (England) and will be familiar to Harry Potter fans. It’s the tale of the Hobthrush, also known as a house sprite, a household fairy, in Scotland a brownie (brùnaidh), and a whole host of other names. They’re said to exist all over the British Isles and beyond.
This particular Hobthrush lived in Elsdon in a farm near Elsdon Castle (which was built by Robert de Umfraville in 1076 and is the site for many folktales). In the farm lived an elderly farmer and his wife who were, it being spring, extraordinarily busy with their duties. One day the farmer’s wife woke up feeling overwhelmed at the tasks ahead, and was thrilled to discover all the household jobs were done. The floor was swept clean, the windows were gleaming, the fire was lit, and the dishes were done. She knew at once it was the Hobthrush, and she and her husband were very grateful. They also knew that like all the “little folk” the Hobthrush would not want to be seen, so they were sure not to try and spy on him, so they simply left him some milk and an oatcake as thanks.
One night, however, the farmer’s wife returned home late and she did catch a glimpse of the Hobthrush busily working hard. She noticed his clothes were torn and raggy, so, as thanks, she made him a new outfit with the best fabrics she could find. The next night she laid the new clothes out, but the next morning she woke up to find all the tasks still weren’t done. Then she saw the Hobthrush in his new outfit was singing as he ran from the farm, 
New cap, new shirt,
This brownie will clean no more dirt!
He ran out of the house never to be seen again, and once again the farmer’s wife was left with all the cleaning.
[Sources: Alice B. Woodward, Northumberland Folk Tales by Malcolm Green]
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that-bi-multifandom-mess · 2 days ago
Am I the only one who thought the prank never made sense? Like not just in the fanon the fans Made of the Marauders,but the actual canon of J.K Rowling.The way she wrote Remus and Sirius,especially Sirius just doesn’t fit with the way the prank supposedly happened.Sirius’s entire character is based upon the foundation that he’s loyal,his animagus is a a dog of all things,an animal known for its loyalty,the vision Voldemort used to torment Harry and trick him is literally Sirius refusing to give in to Voldemort and Betray the order.His whole backstory was that he was thought to be a traitor for 12 years when he wasn’t,and he felt so bad that he stayed in Azkaban(it’s canon that he could have escaped at any time but he stayed because he believed he deserved it.)and he was the one who turned out to be loyal all along.I honestly believe that J.K Rowling just put the prank there to earn extra sympathy points from the fans for snape,like that’s the only was I can see it.
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runningquill-art · a day ago
Tumblr media
I have become an absolute fiend for Draco with tattoos  👁️👄👁️
[IG @runningquill_art]
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sublimecatgalaxy · 2 days ago
hufflepuff reader with draco 🥲
i feel like he would go sooo soft for them 😭
Yes. I wrote this in second pov for once lmao.
Tumblr media
His familiar scowl drops the minute he enters the room, his eyes flicking over to you as he lets out a much needed sigh of relief. Your eyes track him as he strips himself of his coat and scarf, his fingers dragging along the yellow dress laid out at the edge of the bed.
There's a look of agitation behind his sunken eyes, his shoulders drooping from the busy day of classes that he truly adored, but not with the weight he had on his shoulders. He had no interest in playing the part that his father, that the Dark Lord, wanted him to play. He wanted to be normal, mundane, in love and happy with you, no longer being imprisoned by his family and the nepotistic mindset that they held over him.
"What's this for?" He asks quietly, eyes trained on the soft fabric as he rolls up his sleeves before resting his hands on his lips.
"There's a meeting tonight for book club. Wanted to look nice." You smile, sitting up and setting your book down beside you as you beckon him over to you with a crooked finger.
"Definitely your color." He chuckles, sitting down beside you with a sigh as he falls into you, a loving laugh leaving your lips as you allow him to curl into you. "How long will you be gone?" He quizzes, his eyes fluttering shut as he tucks his nose towards the crook of your neck, his voice barely above a whisper as he listens to the sound of your heart drum against your ribs.
"Not long. Wouldn't want to be away from you too long anyways." You hum, soothing his racing mind as he chuckles, lifting his chin to press a kiss to your lips, lingering a bit as he speaks.
"You spoil me."
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lupiningwolves · a day ago
hi hi >.< i haven’t seen your blog in a while and i’m hoping you still take requests but if not that’s okay!!!
anyway, here it is: reader (of age,, bc otherwise is gross) is home alone for the weekend and her dads best friend was sent to care for her (can be any marauder, favorite is remus though <33) and one night reader comes home drunk from a party and dads bsf is really mad but she is all over him (jumping on his lap, grinding on him, etc, and she’s regularly innocent to him and shy so this is new) and he gives her some water and is kind but is also really mad, maybe f*cks it out of her or just puts her to bed :) key phrases he uses: darling, babygirl, basicallt just a whole lot of babying and pity (good girl if smut)
i’m so so sorry if this is too specific and you don’t have to write it at all if you don’t like it <3 I love your writing sm !! goodnight and goodbye 🌷🌷
a real man | remus lupin x fem!reader
summary: you find out your boyfriend cheated, but he wasn’t what you needed anyway
warnings: smut, unprotected sex, daddy kink, praise kink, grinding, fingering, cumming inside, consume of alcohol
a/n: i hope it turned out okay, this is my first time publishing smut. it’s not proofread btw
„he did what?!“, your best friend screamed over the loud music of the club you were in.
you drowned your already second shot. you were sure you needed those to tell her what happened and to get over with what happened yourself. „wanted to surprise him. well, i was the one surprised when i saw him deep inside that girl, screaming his name. i still wonder how he did that, he wasn’t that good in bed.“
your friend chuckled heartlessly. „man, i‘m gonna kill him for doing that.“
„i don’t think you’ll have to. wait until dad finds out. he‘ll go there with sirius, regulus and remus. jake‘s gonna fall dead to the floor just from seeing them.“ you took a sip from your cocktail, the mix between it and the shots already starting to cloud your senses.
„oh, i know your dad. it’s gonna be fun. do you think he’ll take me with them?“ you laughed at her question and ordered new shots.
„i don’t know. but what i know is that i‘m gonna drown the last year of fucking some prick in alcohol.“
„where the hell have you been?!“, remus screamed as he opened the door of his best friend’s house to you. you knew he’d be there, your dad saying you can’t be left alone in this state, but he also couldn’t cancel his trip over the weekend with your mom. you weren’t mad at all, you loved that they left, especially when they were leaving you with remus.
you strolled through the door, having to hold onto his arm to not fall to the floor. remus, who had no idea why you got drunk, was already annoyed by your behaviour, lifted you up in hs arms and sat down with you on the couch in the living room. your legs were hanging off his right and he was steadying you with one arm around your back while he was taking your heels off.
„i was worried sick, do you know that?“ he seated you that your legs were now straddling one thigh, looking at him and your core was pressed right against his trousers. „james told me to come and take care of you. and what do i find when i come? nothing. absolutely nothing. you didn’t tell me you were gone, didn’t respond my messages, didn’t answer your fucking phone. look at me.“ your gaze had wandered from his eyes over his veiny hands to his thigh, but it stay there long, because he roughly gripped your jaw and made you look at him. „don’t you have anything to say?“
„i‘m sorry“, you mumbled. remus could hear that you really were, even through the smell of alcohol and your slurred words caused by it. you had no intentions on making him angry, you never had. out of all your mom and dad‘s friends, he was your favourite. sirius always joked with you, regulus taught you how to play the piano, and the girls were just something else. but remus, you always liked to please him. refilling his glass the second it was empty. cooking for him when he came over randomly. doing everything to make him laugh. but you never tried to make him mad at you, not to mention disappointed. all you wanted was his approval and praise.
„that doesn’t excuse it, though.“
you nodded and let your exhausted body fall forward against his chest, burying your face in his neck. the scent of his bitter perfume and chocolate flooded through your clouded senses. „was jus‘ so sad n‘ angry, remmy.“ he stroke your hair out of your face as he listened to you.
„he couldn’t satisfy me. my needs. was sad ‘bout that. but liked him, a lot. n‘ then i saw him in her.“
remus flexed hus hands into fists, trying to to punch the pillow besides him. he hated that boy all along, he didn’t deserve you, nor your love and passion. you tried to give him everything, but he returned nothing. remus tried to talk with james about it, but he just claimed you knew best what was good. „i‘m gonna fucking kill him.“
you let out a chuckle. „knew you will.“ remus sat up to talk to you better, but his actions only caused your clothed cunt to rub against the rough fabric of his trousers. a small moan escaped your lips, directly into his ear. he‘d be lying if he said it didn’t turn him on. „oh, remmy“, you sighed and moved against him again. „need to be fucked good. want you to fuck me good“, you whispered in his ear and ground against.
as much as he liked to hear that, he halted your movements with a strong grip on your waist. „y/n, stop this. you’re drunk, you don’t know what you’re doing. c‘mon, i‘ll bring you to bed. and we’re gonna talk tomorrow.“
he brought you upstairs to your room and made you drink a bottle of water before he helped you out of your clothes and into an oversized tee, right before you were passed out on your bed. remus, as sweet as he was, pulled the blanket over you and left after he kissed your forehead.
although the pain in your head was killing you, you forced yourself up to brush your teeth and hair. you followed the smell of coffee downstairs to find remus leaning against the kitchen counter, a bottle of water, a cup of coffee and a pill already laid out for you. you swallowed it and drowned it with the coffee.
„morning“, you whispered, ashamed of what you did the night before.
„morning, love. how are you feeling?“, he asked.
„good“, you answered.
„really? i know i wouldn’t if i found out he was cheating on me.“ you shrugged and took another sip of the coffee, trying to ignore how he came closer to you. „but what was that you said last night? he couldn’t satisfy your needs? couldn’t fuck you good?“
„w-what?“ you misheard that, right? he didn’t just say that, did he? and not in a tone that suggested he was gonna do anything, right?
„c‘mon, angel, don’t act all innocent now. tell me what you need.“ you stepped back when he came closer until you were pressed against the wall and he steadied himself with a hand over your head. his other hand came to rest at your hip, but he let it glide over your side up and down. his face came closer and you could feel his breath against your lips. „tell me“, he ordered.
„i need you to fuck me, remus“, you blurted out.
„need a real man to fuck you? hm? that boy couldn’t satisfy you?“, he asked against your lips, whereupon you shook your head. „oh, poor baby“, he mocked. just now you noticed how the only thing you wore was the t-shit and the panties from last night.
„please, remus.“ you tried to buck your hips against his, but he pulled away from you.
„please what? i haven’t fucked you dumb yet, use your words.“
„need you, need you to fuck me, to show me what i deserve.“
it was the only thing he needed before smashing his lips against yours. his hands slid up to your neck and pressed you further into the wall, his body pressed against yours so that you could feel his growing election against you. it didn’t take you long enough to take off his shirt and have your hands buried in his hair. on the other hand, remus lift you up quickly and carried you upstairs to your room, his lips never leaving yours though.
he threw you on your bed, but followed you quickly to take your t-shirt off. you whimpered when the cool air hit your nipples, remus was fast to keep them warmed with his mouth and fingers though. he sucked on them, flicked them between his fingers and gave both the same amount of boundless affection. „hid them from me for too long, baby“, he said and travelled his kissed up to your neck. he left marks, you knew that even without looking. „never gonna do that again, will you?“
„no, daddy“, you moaned his hand grasped you tit again. when you realised what you just said, you looked at him with pure shock and fear written all over your face. you didn’t know you were into this, but the way he treated you just made you melt.
„fuck, angel, never gonna get enough of you“, he mumbled and kissed you deeply again.
you fiddled with his belt, your hands shaky from the will to feel him against you. you just tasted his naked skin against your, but a taste wasn’t enough. you needed more, and you needed it now.
he helped you and pushed his trousers down, leaving him in boxers with his cock stained against it. „need you, daddy“, you mumbled and palmed him through his underwear. you gave him your best puppy eyes, but not even that helped to get what you wanted so badly.
„not yet, baby, need to get you warmed up first.“ he slowly pulled down your panties, your glistening cunt on full display for him now. „my, my…“ his fingers gave you feather touches, from the slit up to your clit, but not enough to satisfy your needs.
„please, daddy, please make me feel good“, you pleaded. and he finally gave in, shoving two of his long fingers in your cunt. „oh, fuck“, you moaned.
they went in and out o you in a steady, rather quick pace, leaving you a moaning, withering mess under remus, who watched you throw your head back with a smirk. „that feel good, sweetheart?“, he asked rhetorically and circled your clit with his other hand.
„good“, you answered.
„there you go, already getting drunk.“
it didn’t take you long to reach your orgasm, the sensation from his fingers were new, something nobody had ever made you feel. „can i cum, daddy? please?“
„go ahead, baby. be a good girl and make a mess for me.“ you let go and moaned his name when you came. you thought you passed out for a second, because the next thing you saw was remus on top of you, holding your hands above your head. „at any point you want to stop, say it and i will, okay?“
„okay“, you answered.
nothing more was needed for him to enter you. he was stretching you out and you let out a shaky breath when he was fully inside of you. after some time, you gave him a nod, receiving a reassuring kiss in return before he slowly moved. his thrusts were slow, but deep, hitting the right angles inside of you.
„fuck, you‘re so tight“, he breathed in your ear.
„s‘good, daddy“, you answered and held onto his biceps when he picked up on speed.
„yeah? is daddy making you feel good? finally getting what you wanted to badly?“ your hum turned into a moan when he drew eights on your clit, adding to the pleasure you were already feeling.
„god, da- mhm, good“, you babbled, not knowing how to form a correct sentence with your mushed brain.
„already cockdrunk, angel?“, he mocked and you nodded, closing your legs around his waist. „fuck, such a good girl. my good girl.“
you second orgasm didn’t wait. remus‘ cock inside of you, hitting every spot, with his fingers on your clit and those words whispered in your ear were everything you every wanted and needed from him. „daddy“, you moaned.
„can’t give you what you want when i don’t know what it is, baby.“
„cum“, you shouted. „needa cum. now, please, daddy. wanna cum with you.“
„hold on just a little more.“ he was thrusting in you with a restless pace, which had you moaning and turning under him. not much later, when you were clenching around him, his rhythm started to end. „cum now. cum with me.“
„fuck, remus-“, you shouted as you reached your high and felt his cum spurting inside of you. you both rode out your highs before he slowly pulled out of you.
his mood changed quickly. remus stroke your hair our of your sweat covered face and gave you a soft kiss. „stay here, i‘m gonna get you a bottle of water and let the bath fill up.“
you nodded, but held his hand when he was already standing. „i-i like you. for a longer time no, actually. i was just too scared to notice it myself“, you admitted.
„oh, y/n.“ he bent down and kissed your forehead. „i know, it’s okay. i like you, too. now get some rest, i‘ll be right back with you.“
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sayssnape · 2 days ago
snape: *trying to wake up fred* don’t make me get the water bucket.
fred: you wouldn't.
george: *walking past dripping wet* yes, he would.
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