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#harry potter
memorabiliaofwarpromo · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
                   could this be the beginning of the end?
it’s been four months since voldemort’s demise. life is, finally, getting back to normal. (or as normal as one would expect after such madness). what actually took him down? rumors spread around that he decided to back down, that he wanted to rethink his strategy. but how could that be? wasn’t he, only a mere few months before, mercilessly killing people who got in his way? but just as people were starting to get comfortable weird things start to happen. not just at hogwarts, but at diagon alley and the ministry of magic as well. memorabilia starts to show up. the wizarding world wants to believe it’s a few sick people trying to mess with everyone, to make people believe something bad is about to happen. but when another month passes and it suddenly stops, it makes people even more nervous. could this be the start of the end? or is it what people want to believe it is? a few sick people trying to scare the entire community?
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mesmerisedangel · 6 minutes ago
Fake It ,Till You Make It
Tumblr media
Pairing: Fred Weasley x Fem!Reader
Warning: Angst, fluff
Word Count: 2.1k
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Summary: Fred asks the reader to be his fake girlfriend. But when feelings get in the way, will they go back to how they were before?
a/n: I wrote this for @rcwenaclaw ‘s 1.5k writing challenge
Trope: Fake dating
Y/N skipped another day from going to the Great Hall to eat, asking her friends to bring back a piece of pie instead. They sent her sad smiles, before leaving her to wallow in her sadness alone.
It had been a month since she had revealed her feelings to a certain redhead, and she was thankful that she hadn’t seen the boy in question. She couldn’t bear another heartbreak. Why did she think that it was a good idea to tell Fred how she felt? He was clearly in love with someone else. Why else would he have asked her to fake date him? She let out a deep sigh, thinking back to the day he had asked her.
Tumblr media
“Y/N, there you are!”
“What is it Freddie?”, she sighed,  not happy that he disturbed her train of thought.
Y/N turned around to see Fred running towards her.
“Come on. Show some more enthusiasm love.”, he grinned. She gave him a bored look, and he sobered up, attaining a nervous pose. 
Y/N closed her book. She had never seen him this nervous.
“You okay Freddie ?”
“I um- I have a small favour to ask of you.”, he responded, massaging the back of his neck.
“Can you be my fake girlfriend?”, he said it all in one breath.
Y/N was shocked into silence. Taking her silence as an indication to go on, he tried to convince her.
“It's just, Angelina plays hard to get. And, well, if she sees that I’m dating, then she’ll figure out that she’s missing something.”
He had a very hopeful look, and Y/N couldn’t bring herself to say no, so she agreed. It was from there when everything started to go down.
Tumblr media
It worked. The news spread around the school like wildfire, and soon, most of the girls looked at Y/N either with amusement in their eyes, or jealousy. But none of them mattered. It was Angelina’s reaction to the news both Fred and Y/N were eager to see. But it did not go as planned. She congratulated them, with genuine happiness in her eyes. From then on, Fred tried his hardest to make her jealous. Whenever she was around, he used to cuddle with Y/N, and whisper sweet things into her ear. Though it was all for show, Y/N enjoyed it more than she should have.
Tumblr media
“Freddie!”. She shrieked, when he started tickling her.
Tumblr media
Y/N had accidently let it slip, that she was very ticklish, and before she could run away, Fred had striked. She finally got hold of his hands and stopped him. He had a grin stretching across his entire face, and there were tears of laughter falling from her eyes. He stopped laughing, and looked into her eyes.
Y/N couldn't sleep anymore, knowing that Fred was avoiding her. It was blatantly obvious. They went from best friends to literal strangers. From friends who used to tell each other everything under the sun, to people who tried to change their timetables to avoid being in the same classrooms. So she decided to go for a short walk around the castle, so that when she came back, she would be tired enough to go to sleep. Roaming around the castle, her mind went back to the fun times with Fred when they were fake dating.
The atmosphere in the room suddenly changed. She didn’t hear the chatter of people as they entered the room, too focused on Fred. Slowly he leaned down, and their lips connected.
It was their first kiss. They had kissed each other’s cheek, and foreheads, but never the lips. The feeling was magical, and she wrapped her arms around his neck deepening the kiss.
All too soon, they separated, and Y/N looked deep into Fred’s eyes. They quickly separated, and went to sit on the couch. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder, and pulled her against him, talking with George and Lee about another one of their pranks.
"You guys looked really cozy yesterday.", Angelina smirked, and Alicia wiggled her eyebrows.
Tumblr media
Y/N blushed thinking about it. After that small tickling session, and cuddling in the Common Room, Fred had kissed Y/N goodnight, before retreating to his dormitory. Her friends hadn't missed the wink he had given Y/N, and they found great joy in teasing Y/N. 
She knew from that moment, that if she did not distance herself from him, then she was in deep trouble.
She casually waved her hand, dismissing it, and acted like it had not affected her, though the crimson red blush on her cheeks said otherwise. The girls quickly got ready and went down to the Great Hall for breakfast. Sitting down next to Fred, he kissed the crown of her head, before going back to the conversation he was having with George and Lee. 
Y/N, Angelina and Alicia were laughing at something Katie had said, when Y/N noticed Fred turned their way. Glancing at him, she sent him a small smile, only to notice that his attention was on Angelina. Y/N then remembered the bitter truth that he was in love with her, and the both of them were only fake dating. 
Suddenly the atmosphere in the room changed. Y/N could feel herself suffocating. She felt the chatter was too loud, the room too small, and there wasn't enough oxygen to breathe. Eating a small piece of toast, she quickly bid goodbye to everyone, and left, unaware of the concerned eyes of Fred following her retreating figure.
Tumblr media
They were sitting under a tree near the Lake, George and Lee trying to figure out what was underneath the surface of water, Angelina, Katie and Alicia gossiping about something. Fred was running his hands through Y/N’s hair, a soothing notion. 
Tumblr media
"Do you ever think Angelina's jealous of us?", Fred questioned, absently playing with a strand of her hair.
Fred wasn't doing any better. Ever since Y/N had confessed her feelings for him, he had avoided her. It wasn't that he was ashamed of her liking him. It was just that he found it hard to be in the same room as Y/N. Her dazzling smile brought butterflies, and he felt angry whenever she spoke to another boy. He wanted to first figure out his feelings for the said girl, before starting up any conversations. He thought back to the fateful day, when everything went down.
Y/N sighed quietly not wanting to talk about this topic. But she succumbed, "She seems really happy for us Freddie. Maybe we should just stop."
Y/N looked up at Fred through her eyelashes. His gaze was already on her. She took in a deep breath.
"There might be a slight chance she isn't interested in you.", she winced. 
Surprisingly Fred didn't object. He just let out a grunt and shifted his gaze to the Lake. After a while, Y/N knew she had to tell him now.
"Freddie, there's something I need to tell you.", she forced herself to say.
He just hummed in response. Clenching her teeth, she told him in a quiet voice, "There might be a small chance that I've developed feelings for." 
Fred stopped playing with her hair. The room shifted from comfortable to tense. Y/N felt the birds stop singing, and the chatter of her friends shifted to a halt, as if everyone was waiting for Fred's answer. A whole minute later, one which felt like an eternity to Y/N, Fred made his move. He moved himself away from Y/N, and she tried hard to not let the pain coursing through her show. 
He cleared his throat and looked at her.
"I don't think-", he turned his gaze away from her, not being able to look at her. "I don't think I feel the same way." Oh how wrong he was.
Y/N knew it was coming. She had predicted it when she knew she had fallen for him, that he would not reciprocate. But it didn't hurt any less.
That was the last time he had seen Y/N. It was as if she had disappeared off the face of earth. Fred kept asking her friends how she was, but they all responded with a cold look, and a "ask her yourself, coward". But Fred couldn't. He was the one who had hurt her, and he was sure that if he spoke to her, then he would destroy her. 
Tumblr media
Y/N lost in thought, had somehow managed to wind up near the Astronomy Tower. Instead of turning and going back to her dormitory, she pushed open the doors and walked in, thinking that the stars could provide her the comfort she needed. Though she stopped short when she saw another person standing near the rails. 
Fred could have very well just taken her heart and smashed it to pieces and then proceeded to stab it with glass shards. Y/N suddenly felt suffocated. She quickly got and ignored the voices calling her, making her way to her dormitory.
Tumblr media
The opening of the door had caused the person to turn around. Y/N let out a gasp when she saw that it was none other than Fred Weasley, the boy who plagued her thoughts, day and night, one who had caused her so much heartbreak, she wondered if she would ever heal, the boy who was head over heels for her best friend and who would never look at Y/N any way other than a friend. 
Ever since then, Fred too had not been getting any sleep. So he had resorted to walking around the corridors too. His favourite spot was the Astronomy Tower. It was calm and peaceful. And the stars provided a sense of comfort. It had become a sort of safe haven for him. And that was where he was going now.
Y/N wasn't ready to talk to him yet. She was still healing , and she didn't think that she could be within 12 feet of him, without bursting into tears. So she made a move to go, but it seemed as if the redhead had other plans.
She tensed, and forced herself to not cry at the sound of his voice. It had been so long since she had heard him, since she had seen him, that she was afraid that at any given moment the dams would break, and the water would come rushing out, cascading down her skin. 
She felt him come close cautiously, as if he was going to scare her away, if he came any faster. When they were a reasonable distance from each other, he spoke, breaking the tense silence.
"Y/N, I need you to know how sorry I am.", he started off, confusing her. 
Apparently the look was very obvious as Fred continued to go on to say why he was, "I was so oblivious to your feelings, and I must have made you feel so bad. Imagine talking about the person you think you're in love with, and asking your best friend to fake date you.", he scoffed, "And in the process both of you fall for each other, and one of them is just so stupid to not notice, that he's been in love with the other since forever!" 
Y/N gasped, not knowing if she was hearing things. "Gosh Y/N, I'm so sorry. I feel so guilty now knowing how much pain you went through." She opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off by Fred. "And I think all this time, being away from you has made me realise my feelings for you too.", he sighed, "You have been a constant in my life, and I didn't realise that I loved you till you started avoiding me." 
"I wasn't the one avoiding you.", she scoffed.
Fred had a bewildered look on his face. Had she seriously not taken into account what he had just said? She completely ignored the part of his speech where he declared his love for her. 
Seeing the look she responded," I don't know if you truly like me like that Freddie. Honestly, I'm so scared. I can't lose you again."
"And you won't have to, because from this moment on, I'm yours, if you will take me?" 
"Of course I will Freddie.", she laughed, and Fred was sure that he had never heard a prettier sound.
Coming forward, he wrapped his arms around her, and she rested her head on his chest.
"Still, I'm so sorry love.", he kissed the crown of her head.
Y/N sighed, "I forgive you Freddie. But I swear to Merlin, if you ever are so oblivious again, I will leave you.", she threatened, not about to let him off the hook. 
"Don't worry love. It definitely won't happen again."
And with that, the two of them near the rails, and observed the sky, wishing for everything to remain the same, if not better, as a shooting star passed by. 
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Fred Weasley:
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hogwartshousefriends · 7 minutes ago
Hufflepuff: But what about Slytherin? They were my SOULMATE!
Ravenclaw: You said that about a ball of yarn once.
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thegameofnerds · 7 minutes ago
My 10 Favorite Movie Moms
We've decided on our top 10 favorite movie moms!
As someone who doesn’t have a mom of her own, but being a mom to my own children, I have mixed feelings about Mother’s Day. I have had to draw inspiration about how to be a mom from different sources. One obvious source I used was movies. I promise, I didn’t only use movies to learn but they made me think and dream. What would my mom be like if I had one? These ladies in this list are some of the…
Tumblr media
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randomshyperson · 7 minutes ago
The Scarlet Witch Prophecy - Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Summary: As the youngest daughter of Howard Stark, you have ordinary expectations for your years at Hogwarts. Little do you know what adventures await you when your destiny is intertwined with the legendary Scarlet Witch. 
Warnings: +16. Adaptation of the Harry Potter Saga, Magical Thematic, Prophecies, Mentions of Violence, Torture and dark magic, Language (swearing and minor/major offenses), manipulation of will, Underage kissing, insinuation of smut with minors, Smut (overage), descriptions of death, aggression, obscurity, angst, fluffy, soulmates analogies.
Chapters will have additional warning when necessary.
Tag list ( let me know if you want to be tagged or removed idk haha) @mionemymind / @abimess / @stephanieromanoff / @yourtaletotell / @tomy5girls / @justagaypanicking / @thegayw1tch / @idek-5 // @myperfectlovepoem // @helloalycia // @ENSORCELLME // @AIMEZVOUSBRAHMS @imapotatao / @aimezvousbrahms/ @ensorcellme/ @helloalycia​
Authors notes: Hello everyone! The idea for this fic came from a request from @justagaypanicking who asked me to write a Harry Potter Au and well, I think I'm almost two months overdue, but I finally got around to writing a series about it. Thank you for the support of my dear wives @stephanieromanoff  @abimess​ @yourtaletotell @thegayw1tch. By the way,  @abimess​ was the one who suggest i should drawn a coin to decide if i should upload this or not. I will updated the chapters as soon as possible, and please have in mind that english is not my first language and i do translate my work during work hours so mistakes can and will happen (hopefully they won’t affect the story too much).
Chapters List ||  Read on AO3
Part I -  The First Year
Part II - The Second Year 
Part III - The Third Year 
Part IV - The Fourth Year (Part One)
Part V - The Fourth Year (Part Two) 
Part VI - The Fifth Year
[...] Chapters being written, list under construction. [...]
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hiccupfound · 15 minutes ago
coming tomorrow— a tomione fic
She loses interest in how she got here a few weeks in.
It’s not that her curiosity ebbs— quite the opposite. The longer she spends in the past, the more she wants to know. Needs to. Lets the thirst for knowledge take over.
But two weeks in— long, arduous weeks, wherein Hermione thinks it might be easiest to just disappear completely— she notices it. Wants to investigate enough that she pulls away from her current project. Knows from experience that focusing on two things at once never ends well.
She lets go of her quest to understand how she’d ended up here. Finds a much more interesting puzzle.
Tom Riddle.
He’s not like what she learned about. Not how Harry described him from the Pensieve.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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emilythelegend · 16 minutes ago
Totally check it out
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beforedawnads · 17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
terror hanging heavy in the air like a smog so thick it chokes the life out of you, oppressive and unending and seeping into all facets of life. everyone has a story — a cousin, a neighbour, the in-laws, the friendly wix behind the counter — a story of someone who disappeared, who turned up dead, who was tortured, or who suddenly started acting off one day.
no one can escape it. not even muggles. pilling on, one thing after the other, one loss after the other and it gets to the point where you wonder, come your turn will there be anyone left to dig you a shallow grave?
is an appless and slight au marauders era rp. set both in hogwarts and hogsmeade with aged up characters, we aim to deal with the impact of voldermort’s reign of terror. set over a backdrop of political turmoil and the ever present dangers of the on going war; the result is a world where the only certain thing is that the sun will set each night and rise each morning without you knowing if you’ll live to see it all happen again.
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teacup-tai · 17 minutes ago
Dragons Don't Know Paradise Update
I've just finished watching HBO's It's A Sin. My god, my heart. I cannot breathe properly with all these feelings overwhelming me. Blessed be those who we lost and those who survived.
If you've been there waiting for the Wolfstar backstory of Dragons Don't Know Paradise, well... buckle up, I'm finally ready to start writing.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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we-danced-the-night-away · 19 minutes ago
Tumblr media
People who know how to do art
Art is so difficult how are you all so talented I'm trying and oof it's hard.
I had this idea for Sirius at Glastonbury/Reading and it seemed like a good idea but I don't know how to draw.
Like I did my flat colors, now what??
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railmeharrypotter · 21 minutes ago
Is Harry thicker than a dump-truck?
yes, yes he is.
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sassycatlady99 · 22 minutes ago
Regulus Black x Reader
Background knowledge: Y/n is Regulus’s tutor in transfigurations because he needs help. After some time, Regulus has feelings for Y/n so he tells them and they say that they like him back.
“Hmph!” Regulus sulked as he covered himself with his blanket. Why do I have to get tutoring for transfigurations? He poked his head out of the blanket. 'I wonder who my tutor is…' he thought.
“Hi, I’m y/n,” Someone with h/l h/c hair said, approaching me.
“I assume you’re my tutor.”
“Yeah’ She replied in a monotone voice.
“I’m Regulus Black.”
“I know.” She sat down across from me and laid down books in front of me.
“Ok, so. You need to be tutored in transfigurations, correct?” she asks.
“Yes,” I say, hesitantly.
“Ok. So, here are the books I suggest reading. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.” she informs me.
“Ok,” I responded as I started reading the suggested books.
Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I would have tutoring with Y/N.
Over time, we formed some kind of bond.
I started visiting her earlier and hung out with her during breaks and whenever I could.
We got to know each other the more time we spent together.
When I saw her with other guys, I would get kinda jealous. I soon realized what this meant...
“Hey, Y/n? Can I talk to you for a second?” I ask.
“Yeah sure.” she responds.
We walk into an empty classroom.
“Y/n, I really like you. I have for a while now. If you don’t feel the same, then I understand.” I blurt out.
“I like you too.” she whispers.
“Really?” I asked, shocked at what I just heard from her mouth.
Just then, she grabbed my collar and kissed me. It wasn’t long but it also wasn’t short. She pulled back with her eyes closed still.
“I’ll see you at tutoring,” she whispers.
She leaves me in the silght room. “Wow.” I whisper to myself.
“Y/n? Will you be my girlfriend?” I ask nervously.
“Yes, yes, YES!!!” she says as she throws her arms around my neck as I wrap my arms around her waist
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weasleysxxxheadcanon · 22 minutes ago
A moment of silence to the people who want to read hinny, romione, runa, linny or ronarry and have to go through countless hermione x anyoneexcepttheperaonyouarelookingfor 🥰
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darkestdawnpromos · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
All witches and wizards residing in the United Kingdom have been assigned a code. The success of this code system is of the upmost importance in order to maintain peace and strength in our community as well as preserve our future. Your code is a reflection of your values and commitment to all witches and wizards. Good behaviour is necessary to be awarded access to the benefits of a lower code. It is our commitment to you to continue to keep our community safe. There are some out there who do not value the truth and therefore would rather create fear and war amongst us. Where others have failed you previously, our new leadership under Orion Black is committed to you.
Darkest Dawn is a new literate, character and plot driven roleplay set in the era of the marauders. We are an AU set in 1981, three years following the marauders' graduation from Hogwarts. We are centered around the end of the first Wizarding war where Voldemort and his followers have won and Orion Black has just been appointed Minister of Magic. The Order of the Phoenix is currently scattered and without leadership. Please check out our full plot as well as our character masterlist to see who is open!
Click the source link for our main
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sassycatlady99 · 23 minutes ago
Viktor Krum x Reader
Warning: Cursing
Background knowledge: Cedric and Y/n have been dating for two years. Cedric asks Cho to the Yule Ball instead of Y/n. After Hermione left him, Viktor Krum asked Y/N to dance with him.
~~~~Y/n’s P.O.V~~~~
I casually talked to my friend, Mai. I wonder why Cedric hasn't asked me to the ball yet but I didn't wanna push it.
I continue to wait for him to ask me to the ball. He was a bit distant. It’s getting closer and I start to get worried.
“Hey, Mai? Do you think that Cedric will ask me to the ball?” I ask.
“I mean, he IS your boyfriend, right? So I’m pretty sure that he’ll ask you. Maybe he’s trying to find the best way to ask,” she responds.
“I hope you're right about this,” I state. “Anyways, want to help me find a dress for the ball?” I questioned.
“Yeah. Sure,” she responds before getting her things ready.
~~~~time skip to the ball~~~
I started to panic. “No one has asked me to that ball yet! I don’t know what to do!” I exclaimed.
“Come on, Y/N. It’s going to be ok. Cedric might just ask you when you're in the Great Hall,” she tries to cheer me up.
I sigh but get up and get ready for the ball. I wear a f/c suit/dress with f/c shoes.
As I walk down the stairs, I see Cedric link arms with Cho Chang. I stood there devastated. I tried my best not to cry but the tears came streaming down.
I run out of the hall taking my heels off as I run. As I find some stairs to sit on, I collapse, crying even more.
As some time passed, a certain someone came walking towards me. “Y/N. I was looking all over for you,” he states.
“Yeah right. Why did you ask Cho to the ball instead of asking your girlfriend!” I shout with hatred in my voice. Even more, tears dripped down my face.
“Let me explain, Y/N,” he tells me. “Ok. Then explain, Cedric. Why did you ask her instead of me?” I glare at him.
He opened his mouth but quickly closed his mouth.”That's right you motherf*ck*r!”My voice trembled as I spat in his face and ran off.
As I was running I found another staircase and quickly sat on it, burying my face in my lap. “Hello. What is a pretty person like yourself sitting here crying?” a thick accent asked.
I look up to the eyes of the one and only Viktor Krum. “O-oh. M-my boyfriend so-sort of ch-cheated o-on m-me,” I managed to cry out.
“Well, would you like to dance with me? My date ran off somewhere and now I can’t find her,” he says. “Sure,” I responded before walking with him to the ballroom.
He wiped the tears out of my eyes as we walked.
We got to the dance floor and started dancing to the music. I saw Cedric in the distance trying to avoid Cho.
I looked down to avoid eye contact with him. If I saw Cedric, I might break down again.
“You should focus on me, not him,” Krum said, looking at me. I looked back at him, not looking away once. “Ok,” I responded.
So much happened this year that I couldn’t believe that it was all in one year. Maybe next year will be better for me.
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elleest · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Irma Crabbe, with his beloved husband Pollux Black and their kids. Walburga Black, Alphard Black and Cygnus Black.
I am satisfied with every result, I cannot choose a favorite!
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