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Sirius & Remus: *cooking*

Remus: *cuts himself*

Sirius: oh my god you are bleeding

Remus: yes. That’s what happens when one cuts themselves Padfoot. You should be concerned if no blood came out

Sirius: i see blood loss doesn’t affect your talent for sarcasm

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Harry: *getting in trouble*

Remus: I’m going to have to step my foot down.

Sirius: It’s down. Now what?

Remus: I actually never got this far. Usually this is a scare tactic.

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i have a headcanon that james potter would be a huge swiftie… i feel like he’s the type of guy to appreciate well thought out lyrics and loves to hear stories because his parents read to him a lot as a kid (and all of taylor’s songs have a story behind it.)

he would keep it a secret during his first five years because his friends are all rock and roll and punk or whatever but then sirius catches him listening to some great taylor love song and sirius asks what song it was because he wants to dedicate it to remus and james just lights up because his best friend likes taylor now too.

remus and sirius would definitely be on his case about it at first but then they’ll end up giving it a try for james because well… james is the best person they know, it’s the least they could do. eventually, remus and sirius grow fond of taylor and most nights you’ll find remus blushing and telling sirius to “be quiet, pads” while sirius sings the most over the top rendition of you belong with me to remus in the middle of the common room.

lily would find out about james’ love for taylor swift after peter lets it slip one day and she’d spend the entire duration of their prefect rounds teasing him about it. but james wouldn’t mind because hey, at least she’s talking to me.

before they go their separate ways for the night, james laughs and says, “i know you think it’s silly but if you ever wanted to listen to one of her songs, and i mean really listen, listen to enchanted. i think of you whenever it plays.”

james walks away with a smile and lily’s curiosity gets the best of her and she listens to enchanted for the first time that night. then she listens to it again. and again. and again. and again. until the sun is up and she realizes she’s spent the entire night thinking about james potter and his love for taylor swift and now she thinks she’s falling in love with him too.

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If JKR didn’t want Sirius and Remus to be interpreted as gay, maybe she shouldn’t have associated them with the moon and the stars, or left them as the only two remaining friends from a tight-knit group. Or like, maybe they shouldn’t have given Harry a joint Christmas present like a pair of gay uncles would do for their beloved godson. One was a rich punk, the other a poor nerd — perfect for an “opposites attract” storyline. 

Literally, everything about them is extremely gay, and yet she takes issues with them being interpreted that way. Bitch, the only way you could have made them gayer is by explicitly stating that they were a couple.

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Sirius: Oh c'mon I didn’t drink that much last night!

James: You were flirting with Remus.

Sirius: So what? He’s my boyfriend.

James: You asked if he was single…

Remus: And then you cried when I said I wasn’t.

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Desk Art

author: iamthececimonster on ao3

the humor, the banter, the everything - this is just so, so amazing

I’ve been getting really into non-magical college AUs, and this is one of my favorites, hands down.

the fluff is just so annoying incredibly adorable, and i live for all the references

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Lily: Is it okay if I swear?

Remus: Yes! It’s about fucking time you start swearing

Lily: Fu-

Remus: Go on then

Lily: I’m nervous…

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Just some pure fluff because I don’t have it in my heart to hurt anyone right now. 

- Sirius always refuses sweaters and jackets because ‘shut up, I have a reputation to uphold’ and so every single trip to hogsmeade ends up with the gang on their way back, Remus for once has a cocky smirk on his face, wearing only a long sleeved shirt, and Sirius is next to him fully drowning in Remus’ sweater. Remus definitely purposefully chooses his largest, or ugliest sweaters for hogsmeade because he thinks it’s funny

- So we all know James and Sirius had the mirrors, but you can not convince me that the other boys didn’t have way of communicating. Remus and Sirius had bound-notebooks where what you wrote in one appeared in the other. It was how Sirius apologized after the ‘prank’ because Remus refused to speak to him, so he wrote pages and pages until Remus was able to forgive him. Remus didn’t book the book away again until Sirius was deemed a traitor, which was unfortunate, because the moment he got out, he risked his location to find the damn thing, only to write an explanation with out any response. (I’m doing bad at this fluff only thing damn it) 

- Remus made a list of muggle movies that they had to watch, and as they watched each movie, Sirius began making a list of all the romantic things from the movies that he wanted to do. He began springing them on Remus as randomly as possible until the boy caught on. From kissing in a boat and in the rain, to little things like running through an art gallery they began to cross things off the list. As a joke the bottom of Sirius’ list had ‘Romeo and Juliet: Pointlessly die for each other’ which, unfortunately seemed to come true. 

- Remus’ wrote letters through out the summer to Sirius, but since he couldn’t send them, he’d keep them in a shoe box under his bed, by the time the school year came along he was never able to send them. So in the long summer, when he was alone again for his transformations, any time he felt particularly inhumane, he’d tear one open and read the words full of love, and friendship and care and remind himself that maybe he wasn’t as much of a monster as he sometimes believed. 

- Sirius has a scar on the side of his abdomen, and since werewolf scars never fade away, it was the only thing keeping him remotely sane in azkaban, being able to trace the scar, the only reminder that he was loved, that it wasn’t a dream, because Remus loved him. And as he sat there the dementors couldn’t pull away the memory, because there was proof it was real. The memory of Remus muttering angrily at himself at the sight of it, tracing it over and over again, apologizing. The way he used to see it in the mirror, because he’d purposefully wear his sweat pants low, just because he adored the scar with his entire heart. And the dementors couldn’t fully take him, because he’d always have the scar. (DOING REALLY BAD AT THE FLUFF ONLY THING) 

so i failed at the fluffy head canons things BUT.

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*Harry bumps into a chair*

Harry: You Bitch

Remus: I wonder where Harry got that from..

*Sirius bumps into a table*

Sirius: You fucking bitch! Come at me!

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I’m glad! And your tags are already making me intrigued. :)

The Killing Moon by mooninthewoods

Wolfstar fanfiction from fifth to seventh year (and a little bit more)
Lowkey slow burn

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hey i sent in an ask an hour or two ago about a line i remembered from a first war fic and i just found it !!! it was from fluorescentgrey’s seven simple machines :)

I’m glad you found it, anon! In case anyone else wants to read it: 

Seven Simple Machines by fluorescentgrey

From Azkaban, seven machines for remembering the who, the why, and the what now.

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Ahh thank you anon! It does seem like it might be what they were looking for, I’ll add that to the original ask.

Reunion by Blandings13

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