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lloomy · 6 minutes ago
James: Hey where did Sirius go? He left Luke half an hour ago
Lily: Oh I saw him cuddling with Remus
James: But he said he was going to get a snack-
James: Oh.
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dreamyzworldlove · 22 minutes ago
A padfoot and a Remus
Tumblr media
So I’m still pretty new to procreate and these boys have been at the front of my mind since December so why not draw them?
Tumblr media
If you like my work, please reblog it!!<3
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ravenclawknowitall101 · 39 minutes ago
Yay I'm on time for the first time in my life.
Day 15 of share your pride.
Favourite LGBTQIA+ ship.
I have so many but Wolfstar and Malec are definitely my favorites simply because of the magic in their relationships. I read them and I hurt.
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lovsflushed · 51 minutes ago
Hard To Find by @accioromulus
word count: 12,820
Oh boy did I love this fic <3 There's a road-trip, heat, alcohol, awkward moments, a Remus and it's all too much for poor Sirius to handle. Just two oblivious awkward boys in love.
(Seriously so cute read it. Read it. Read it !!!)
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mystical-marauder · an hour ago
Lily: how's the most beautiful boy doing today?
James: i don't know lemme ask
James: how are you Harry?
Harry: *baby coos*
James: i believe he's doing great
Lily: *melts away*
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So when r yall gonna stop making sad marauders edits because every time I think I'm over the deaths of the marauders and every time I think I'm over wolfstar another pops up on my fy page and I begin sobbing and enter the depressive grieving state all over again. Fukin hate how much I love you bunch of ass rats. Ughhh. Merlin's beard being part of this fandom will surely be the death of me. K byee Imma go read atyd again because I hate being happy apparently. Wish me luck. Or don't. I don't give a shit.
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invalid-prongs · an hour ago
“I think we should have a wedding.”
Dorcas smiles softly, removing one hand from their book to reach up and grasp onto Marlene’s arms, which are wound around their partner’s neck. “I don’t think we can, my love.”
Marlene sighs softly, resting her head on top of Dorcas’. “Yeah, I know,” she agrees lightly. “But that didn’t stop Remus and Sirius, did it?”
At that, Dorcas laughs. Bright and musical – it brings a gentle smile to their girlfriend’s face. “Are you suggesting we be like Remus and Sirius?”
“Well, not totally, they’re crazy,” she grins, removing her arms and circling around. She knees at Dorcas’ feet and pries the book out of their hands, resting it on the coffee table. “But yeah, we could be.”
“I’m not following.”
“It doesn’t have to be a big ceremony, it can just be us, and our friends,” she explains slowly, taking Dorcas’ hands and kissing them. “We could ask Minnie to officiate, and we could wear whatever we want. Merlin, we could wear skinny jeans and leather jackets if we wanted.”
“Now, that’s too much like Remus and Sirius,” the younger giggles, pulling her hands away to cup Marlene’s face. “Are you sure you want to marry me?”
“With everything I am.”
They lean forward and press a gentle kiss to her lips, both of them smiling. “We don’t have rings.”
“We can find one for me,” Marlene digs into the back pocket of her jeans. “But I have one for you.”
Dorcas’ jaw drops slightly as Marlene pulls out a band from her pocket. It’s simple – gold with silver diamonds around it – yet it’s elegant, breath-taking.
“Dorcas Meadowes, would you like to say a big ‘fuck you’ to the world with me?”
They giggle again, feeling tears burn behind their eyes. “From here until the end of forever, Marlene McKinnon.”
“If you don’t chill, I’m going to throw my slushie on you.”
Dorcas glares viciously at Sirius’ reflection in the mirror. He smirks, raising the plastic cup, before pulling it up to his lips.
“If your lips are blue, I’m going to kill you,” they shrug, adjusting their waistcoat. He furrows his eyebrows, but before he can retaliate, the doors open a crack and Remus slips in.
“Sorry, I’m here,” he grins apologetically, shaking his own drink, which is red. “Did you know they have a slushie machine here? Because I sure as hell didn’t.”
Dorcas rolls their eyes and adjusts their jacket, brushing down their suit nervously. They do a quick once-over of themself in the mirror and then turns away before they can second-guess themself.
“How do I look?”
Sirius turns his attention away from his drink and looks up at his friend. His face instantly melts into a warm smile, as does Remus’, who leans against the wall and sips his drink.
“Beautiful,” the werewolf nods. Sirius’ eyes go up and down their suit before humming in agreement.
“Gorgeous,” he agrees, standing up and twirling around the room. “Where’s Marls, my love?”
“Down the hall.” Remus opens the doors, staring after his husband for a moment before shaking his head and turning back to Dorcas. “How do you feel?”
“Nervous, like a train wreck,” they sigh softly. “Is it normal to feel sick?”
“Completely,” he nods, setting down his drink. “You’re about to marry a loveable idiot. I was the same way with mine.”
They both laugh softly, the nerves in Dorcas’ stomach dying away a little. Remus glances at the clock before offering his arm. “Alright, we need to get going.”
Dorcas nods, taking a deep breath, before taking their friend’s arm. They move over to the doors, pausing for a second, before opening them slowly and walking down into the hall.
When they enter, everybody turns to watch in awe. They don’t hurry, they just stroll down elegantly, whispering between themselves until they reach the alter. Remus squeezes Dorcas’ shoulder before standing behind them as the best man.
And then the music starts.
The doors at the end of the hall open and everybody watches as James strides through, baby Harry toddling beside him.
The audience coos as the toddler tosses mixed rose petals around, giggling to himself.
When they reach the end, he’s scooped into his father’s arm, who takes a seat beside his smiling wife in the front row of Dorcas’ side. He offers up a thumbs up in encouragement, and the doors open again.
This time, everybody stands, and Dorcas knows this is it. They're about to be married to the love of their life. And they don't want to wait another moment.
After a second, Marlene walks in, long deep red dress, arm in arm with Sirius, and Dorcas forgets how to breathe.
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marauderseveryday · an hour ago
1st year
Sirius: Moony talk to me!!!
Remus: no *talks to him*
3rd year
Sirius: Moony hug me!!!!!!
Remus: no *hugs him*
6th year
Sirius: Moony kiss me!!!!!!!!!!
Remus: no *kisses him*
After Hogwarts
Sirius: Moony marry me?
Remus: Yes!!
Sirius: :/
Sirius: you messed up the joke so now I don’t want to…
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eclrr · an hour ago
sorry I’m on a little hiatus for the next week-ish bc of my senior project so if I’m not active/posting that’s why :)))
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earlgreydream · an hour ago
| wolfstar |
Tumblr media
One shots:
weak. 🎀 sirius and remus take care of you when you have the flu
unconditionally. 🎀 anon requested. child!reader comes out to dads!wolfstar as non binary.
sober. ✨ ☀️ 🌻 after a party, you need Sirius and Remus to help you unwind
cozy. 🎀 sleepy evenings with Remus and Sirius
loyalty. ☁️ anon requested. you’re the daughter of Remus and Sirius, always second to Harry, and you make hard choices when looking for belonging (2)
misbehaving. ✨ 🎀 ☀️ 🌻 Remus gets Sirius to discipline you
loyalty (2). ☁️ 🎀 anon requested. in the aftermath of you joining the death eaters, you’re faced with questions of loyalty
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jetblckriley · an hour ago
“..What he had yet to realize was that the hollowness was caused by that, because if you keep running away from everything you eventually end up lost and lonely, and that leads to the excruciating feeling of always being void, of not belonging and of missing something.” - Chapter 1 of A place in this world on ao3.
A friend of mine posted the first chapter of her new wolfstar fanfiction. I’m really excited for this new project and I think y’all should give it a shot!
click here !!!!!
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Sirius: Speaking of beautiful boys…
Remus: Are we going to talk about you?
Sirius: Yes
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beeesworld · an hour ago
Remus: What's wrong with me?
Sirius: Nothing. You are a sweet, delicious man with great morals and great values.
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casstsak · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I fixed the first book cover bc it wasn't completely in sync w the rest 
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all-about-marauders · 2 hours ago
Headcanon #6: mention of Wolfstar nsfw
I saw plenty of headcanons about Sirius’ neck covered in hickeys and I don’t agree with them so here’s mine!
It was Sirius who covered Remus’ neck in hickeys and Moony was a bit embarrassed about that but when he heard whispering he just kept reading and act unbothered. (He was just happy that Sirius came out so he was fine with it)
Remus was more shy and loved keeping things private so he would never do something that evident to Sirius. He preferred leaving marks and bruises on Sirius’ collarbone, low abdominal and v-line.
And I just think that the first time Sirius’ was in the changing rooms of quidditch and took off his shirt James the oblivious ally Potter wasn’t ready to see the hickeys and he just ignored them and then acted weird with Sirius and Remus for a few days. When the two Marauders couldn’t handle it anymore they just went to talk to James and they had an embarrassing conversation about s€x and Moony gave him a lesson about birth control (because “Yes James if one day you’ll ‘bang’ Lily she can get pregnant and no Sirius you can’t!”).
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eleonorapoe · 2 hours ago
Guess the ship:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Made by this amazing picrew
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