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*Moomy and Dadfoot AU*
Sirius: I think it’s just hard for Harry to be around such masculine energy all of the time.
Remus: oh yes. Because there’s so much masculine energy here
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faetheforestfairy · 2 days ago
Picnic Date
Pairing : James Potter x Fem!Reader
Summary : Picnic date with the greatest James Potter
Warnings : Fluff , mention of boobs. James being clingy
A/N : GIF not mine
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The couple was cuddling in James's king size bed , her head on his bare chest , his hand rubbing her back when she suddenly broke the silence.
"Yes darling?"
She look up at him with a smile on her lips. "Can we have a picnic date tomorrow?". James look up at the ceiling of his bedroom , acting like he is considerating her idea. But , he already have his answer. Of course he gonna say yes. How could he say no to her?
"Please Jamesie"
"Alright then. Anything to make my darling happy"
Now here they are , running down the hill full of wild flowers , basket full of sandwiches , beverages and other foods in her hand. Laugh and giggle filling the air.
James look behind him. The way her white sundress flowing behind her when she's running toward him almost made James didn't believe that she is his. She is truly an angel in his eyes.
Standing in front of her smiling boyfriend she ask "What?"
"Nothing , you're just really beautiful" he said while putting the strands of hair behind her ear. Taking her hand in his , he gently tug her down the hill.
Stopping under the big oak tree , James spread out the picnic mat on the grass. He help Y/N getting the foods and beverages out of the basket.
"Is that a beer? Really James?" She ask , eyebrow raising with hands on her hips. She look like his mum when she find out that her son was smoking with Sirius in his bedroom.
"What? It's not like i'm underage" he chuckled while taking a sip from the can.
Shaking her head , she take a big bite from the sandwich in her hand.
"Look like someone is starving"
"shut up. I didn't eat breakfast today" she defense herself. "Yeah sure , the blueberry pancake that you ate this morning definitely not a breakfast". She look at him with the eyes that say 'shut up and let me eat' while chewing her food making James let out a big laugh.
"alright , alright sorry love". She give him a victorious smile and continue eating. James shake his head before taking another sip of the beer in his hand.
After an hour of them eating , laughing and feeding each other , James decided to take a nap while Y/N read her book that James just bought for her before they went home.
James open one of his eye and look at his girlfriend , nose burried deep in her book , her back against the tree trunk. He laid his head on the girl's lap , trying to get her attention.
But Y/N was still busy with her book (even tho she feel his head on her lap). Not giving up , he raised his hand and fumble with the butterlfy pendant. Trailing his hand down , he gently squeeze her left boob.
"James!" She gasp and look at James who have a pleased smile on his face. "I want your attention" was all he said. Y/N put the book aside (not before marking the page with bookmark). "You have my attention now"
"Good". He grab her hand and put it on his hair. Knowing what he mean , she run her hand through his untidy black hair. James close his eyes with a sigh.
While her left hand is busy , she decide to pick the flowers near them and put it on James's hair. When he doesn't feel her hand stroking his hair James look up at her only to be met with her giggling face.
"You're pretty now"
"What do you- ohh you put flowers on my hair". James laugh at her cuteness. Getting up from his laying position he put one hand on the mat while the other stroke her cheeks lovingly.
"My darling angel". James gently kiss her lips like she is the most fragile thing. She cup his face and return the kiss. Pulling away he rest his forehead on her.
"I love you"
"I love you too Jamesie"
Tumblr media
Reblog , likes and comments would be much appreciated
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mommies--girl · 2 days ago
Requested: Yes / No
Word Count: 91
A//N: I just needed a bit of Wolfstar x reader
Warnings: Smut, fluff, daddy kink, anal
⋅ʚ ┈┈┈┈ ˗ ˏ ˋ ୨ • ☆ • ୧ ˎˊ ˗ ┈┈┈┈ ɞ⋅
“Take it easy, Pads. She’s fragile remember?” Remus rolled his eyes to Sirius who was pounding you from behind, the tall male gazed up unamused,
“She’ll be fine, Moony.”
He was chasing his release which caused his thrusts to increase in pace;
“Sirius.” The lycanthrope warned.
He agreed, slowing his thrusts down— you let out a soft whimper when you felt Sirius’s pace slow down,
“Thank you daddies.” You muttered, Remus smiled while he stroked your hair down, away from your forehead, whilst Sirius smiled softly at your bleary mindset.
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padmoonyfoot · 2 days ago
remus: i wanna be like my grandpa when i grow up
sirius: oh, what’s he like?
remus: dead
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nymphadorathebubba · 2 days ago
James: Dandelions symbolize everything I want to be in life
Remus: Fluffy and dead with a gust of wind?
James: Unapologetic. Hard to kill. Feral, filled with sunlight, bright, beautiful in a way that the conventional and controlling hate but cannot ever fully destroy. Stubborn. Happy. Bastardous. Friends with bees. Highly disapproving of lawns. Full of wishes that will be carried far after I die.
Sirius: ...edible
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theresthesnitch · 2 days ago
Sirius faltered back a few steps, shock coursing through his body like a live current from where he had touched Remus's hand. "I thought—I thought you forgave me for that."
"I did." The words came out at a near shout, and Sirius wasn't sure if Remus had ever yelled at him. Remus wiped at the tear that was now running down his cheek. "I did forgive my friend Sirius for what he did, but I can't—" He pressed his eyes closed as the words choked off in his throat, shaking his head.
Sirius swallowed past the knot that collected in his throat, taking two or three tries before he could speak again. "You can't what? Tell me, Remus."
Remus continued a a volume so quiet that in the ringing silence of the room, Sirius almost missed the words. "I can't love the man who used me as a weapon."
There it was. Finally. The heart of it. Sirius knew this as a truth, somewhere down in the core of him. He was unlovable. The one person who had ever loved him for everything he was had found the line that was too far.
The words Remus said played over in his head. I can't love the man who used me as a weapon. I can't love the man. I can't.
Sirius took a step toward Remus, who still had his head bowed, eyes pressed shut. Sirius cupped his face in his palms, letting his thumb swipe away the tears that broke Sirius's heart.
"You said can't."
Remus raised his head and opened his eyes slowly, now looking directly at Sirius as though all the answers lay in his face. "What?"
"You said can't. Not don't. You didn't say that you don't love me. You said you can't love me."
Remus sniffed, and shook his head free of Sirius's hands. "That's a distinction without a difference."
"No, it's not. It's a difference that matters more than anything in the world."
Remus turned away, crossing his arms over his chest. "Stop trying to tell me how to feel."
Sirius put up his hands in front of him, a placating gesture, but he couldn't hide the smile that teased the corners of his mouth. "I'm not. You told me how you feel, and now I know. I know, and that's fine."
Remus nodded, but a shadow crossed over his eyes just before his steely resolve returned, and that shadow held everything Sirius needed to know.
"I will spend every second of the rest of my life regretting what I did that night. I will always, always do anything I can to make that up to you. For the rest of my life."
This time, Sirius took a step towards the door instead of towards Remus, knowing that he was going to need space to process what Sirius was about to say.
"But Remus?" Remus turned to face him, and Sirius took another step to the door. His hand now rested on the knob. "You don't have to punish yourself for loving me. You deserve to be loved, too."
Sirius walked out the door, but he glanced back just before it clicked closed. Remus stood there, in the middle of the dormitory, with a look of utter surprise on his face.
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mx2bn-art · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Very quick wolfstar sketch to get back in the mood, tried a thing where I couldn’t use any of my normal brushes or textures, it was interesting.
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toujoursincorrect · 2 days ago
Lily: Lovers’ quarrel, huh?
Sirius: We are not fighting.
Remus: More importantly, we are not lovers.
Everyone at the Gryffindor table: You’re not?!
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Remus: I guess it’s true what they say... The one we love the most, hurt us the most
Sirius: Remus, for the last fucking time, I didn’t know it was the last piece of chocolate
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*dormitory 3am plotting pranks*
Sirius: I had a thought
Remus: *mumbles* Oh no
Sirius: I swear it's a good one this time
@fuck-the-patriachy @nymphadorathebubba @acciorxses
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katjarts · a day ago
if my hands remembered how to paint I'd do actual portraits for them
Tumblr media
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remuslupininskirts · 2 days ago
Remus: I have the sharpest memory here - name one time I forgot something!
Sirius: You left me and james in a park at 2am a day ago.
Remus: I did that on purpose, try again.
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remuslupingf · 2 days ago
my best friend, after seeing the prisoner of azkaban;
Tumblr media
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