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Hey y’all! Quick reminder that today is the first day of @silversickles high school/college minifest! You can find the prompts here, and you should totally do it if you have the time!

My fic for today’s prompt, back to school, will be posted around 9:30am EST, so keep an eye out! 😊

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HP Dark Art Day 27: Dobby

Fun fact: Sirius Black actually gets along with magical creatures, but sometimes Remus has to worry.

The actual story was probably something innocent as Sirius accidentally walking into Dobby finishing with his own bath. But who’s to say? 🤷

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I just realized that in Heroes of Olympus, Percy and Annabeth are the old couple. Like yeah they have life get in the way, but they are the ones who have been around the longest. They are the Silena and Beckendorf of Camp now. The Tony and Pepper of Camp Half-Blood. These two who took 5 years to figure out their best friend liked them back are who younger campers go to for advice and who they look up to. When I have headcannons for universes meeting, especially that one couple every fandom clings to, I wanted to imagine Will and Nico meeting Remus and Sirius somehow, and Will and Remus bonding over their boyfriends chaotic energy. But it works better for Annabeth and Remus. Because both couples have been through hell and back. Huh

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The Potters
by CertifiedInsomniac, JustSleepy

Lily should have known. Marry one Marauder, you marry all the Marauders.
In a world where Lily and James live, Lily gets fed up with Sirius and Remus acting like they married her as well and jokingly suggests they just take the Potter name. Two weeks and some legal papers later and Lily is now the proud “wife” of Sirius, Remus, and James Potter.

No Lily does not have sex with Sirius and Remus. I’m not writing that shit.

Words: 488, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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watching an among us stream as i finish this among us fic 😌might post it tonight, most post it tomorrow, idk yet but i’m really enjoying it and it came easy to me so i hope y’all enjoy it if you decide to read

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Admissions Advice Corner
#announcements | Server upkeep + general information!

sapphic charms ✧・゚: * [mit ‘23] (Today at 6:03 PM)
@everyone the results of our annual meme contest are in and…drumroll please…the winner is the hilarious, the astonishing, the way too active @starman but like, COOLER! sirius dazzled the mods of AAC with his surrealist college admissions meme, and we’re proud to crown him as the meme king of this year’s halloween meme contest.

(as a side note, seriously, sirius, get more sleep.)

to claim your prize, please dm one of the mods! once again, congratulations to sirius, and thank you to everyone who participated!

padfoot (Today at 6:05 PM)
told you i was the meme king

moony (Today at 6:07 PM)
i guess you really are
congrats on the win lol

Sirius’s winning meme definitely fits the description of surrealist—it’s a deep-fried screencap of a Reddit post on r/collegeadmissions titled “Does college admissions make anyone else hate themselves?” Sirius has photoshopped in a skeleton wearing skull-shaped orange sunglasses and a speech bubble stating, “Joke’s on you, college admissions, I already hated myself!”

padfoot (Today at 6:07 PM)
thank you thank you
emmy being a judge probably helped
we basically have the same sense of humor

moony (Today at 6:08 PM)
what’s that?

padfoot (Today at 6:08 PM)
incredibly depressing

moony (Today at 6:08 PM)

padfoot (Today at 6:08 PM)
anyway on an unrelated note i finally submitted my yale application ten minutes ago
now all there’s left to do is wait and hope i don’t get in

moony (Today at 6:09 PM)
you know
you’re probably the only applicant who doesn’t want to get in

padfoot (Today at 6:10 PM)
if i don’t get in that frees up a space for someone else that actually wants to go

moony (Today at 6:10 PM)
i guess
congrats on submitting your first app though

padfoot (Today at 6:11 PM)

“Remus? Are you ready yet?” His mother’s voice, slightly muffled by the closed door, comes from the hallway, and Remus sighs. Honestly, he’d rather be hit by a semi-tractor-trailer truck and spend the rest of the week in the hospital than go to this Halloween party with Peter, but it’s not like he can back out now, less than twenty minutes before he’s supposed to leave the house.

read more on ao3!

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Thank you for this fun question! I’m doing Majors/Careers:


  • (This is a fun, non-backstabbing interpretation of Peter.)
  • A chef but he wouldn’t go to culinary school. He was forced by his parents to get a job to learn the value of a dollar after maxing out their credit cards on something stupid. He ended up getting hired as a busboy at a local diner, then made friends with all the cooks who then taught him to cook. He’d work his way up the restaurant scene and end up as the head chef at a fancy hotel.
  • If he did go to college, he’d study to become a veterinarian.
  • He’d probably invent one really cool thing and then be set for life.
  • He’s the kind of person who should be an accountant but is just too much of a free spirit lmao.
  • I just can’t picture him in an office.


  • A History, Classics, or Art History major but would 100% not utilize his degree in any capacity and immediately go work for his dad’s multi-million dollar company after graduating. 
  • Or he’d be that English major that seemed like a dumb frat bro but then would open his mouth and be the smartest person in the room. In this scenario, he’d become the cool high school teacher everybody loved.
  • Or he’d get scouted to play for the NFL.
  • The kind of guy who’s just good at everything. Probably double majored.


  • Bio-Chem, FOR SURE.
  • Or she’d become a doctor.


  • This one is hard for me for some reason lol. Maybe because it’s fun to write him as different things? (Might add on to this later.)
  • A Law Student who would major in English in undergrad.
  • He could literally major and excel in any field: Architecture, Philosophy, Marketing.
  • He’d be an unnecessarily HOT computer programmer.
  • Or he’d be the HOT mechanic of all our dreams.


  • To me, it just makes sense that Remus would be a Humanities major.
  • He’s obviously a great teacher so he’d major in English and then go on to be the English teacher that everyone loved.
  • He’d major in Journalism and be a freelance writer who’d get published in places like Vox. Would end up writing a best-selling fiction novel.
  • Or perhaps he’d be more of a traditional journalist who worked for somewhere like CNN.
  • Or he’d just enjoy life as Sirius’ trophy husband.
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This is the purest thing! So this has been bouncing in my head since I got this ask so here’s my take on it. I saw @onlydreamofmysoul had a similar / same prompt and I loved that one too!

Disclaimer: I wrote this on my phone and I suck at texting do I apologise for any typos lol.

Remus was staying the night yet again at Sirius’. In fact, he hadn’t been home to his apartment in almost a week and was running out of clothes. No, he ran out of clothes. And they hadn’t had time to do laundry yet this week. What Remus was left with to wear to bed was a pair of jeans and… Nope, that’s the only clean clothing he had besides the track jacket he wore o we a t-shirt today. A t-shirt that had seen an unfortunate incident with being splashed with gatorade.

“Baby, I’m out of clothes. Can you throw in a load of laundry?”

“Or you could wear these?” Sirius said, smirking and holding up a pair of his own black and red plaid pajama pants.

Remus rolled his eyes, but walked over and took the pants from his boyfriend and slipped them on.

“These are definitely too big.” Remus commented, tying the string in the waist to keep them in place. “Can I maybe have a shirt too? Your house is always freezing.”

“Hey, i like it cold. And it gives me an excuse to see you in this…”

Sirius handed his boyfriend a sweater he yanked out of the closet at random. Just as Remus reached for it, however, he yanked it back.

“Wait, not that one. How about… Ah, this one.” Sirius yanked out another hoodie. A black Nike hoodie. It was a bit worn, it was Sirius’ favorite. His lucky one, the team said, though Sirius wouldn’t admit it. He always wore it before big games, weather on purpose or not.

Remus slipped it over his head. It was almost big enough for two of him. He was a bit more slender, with slightly less broad shoulders than his hockey boyfriend. The sleeves fell past his hands by a good few inches. He just looked up at his boyfriend and shrugged with a shy smile, moving forward to wrap Sirius in a hug around his middle.

“Thanks baby. Now let’s go to bed. We have early practice tomorrow.”


The next morning, Remus realised they hadn’t put laundry in before bed. So, he resigned to changing out Sirius pajamas for his only clean jeans and just rolling up the sleeves of the too-big hoodie. He thought it wasn’t a half bad outfit, surely no one would take note.

Wrong. The moment they walked into the locker room later that morning, James immediately noticed.

“Jeans, huh Loops? That’s new.” James chirped.

“It’s all that was clean.” Remus shrugged.

“And the Sirius’ lucky hoodie? Are you trying to keep out Cap distracted all day? He’s clearly loving it. You two just need to move in already. You already spent all your time there, just…”

“Hey, leave them be, Pots.” Talker jumped in. “He looks adorable and comfy, let him eat Cap’s clothes.”

“Hey! Only I get to call him adorable!” Sirius wrapped Remus in a hug.

After a quick kiss, they went those separate ways to prep for practice. James may have chirped a bit more before leaving the locker room, but everyone else kept thier amused mouths shut about it. Talker and Dumo even threatened to slam him to the boards kindly if he didn’t let the subject drop and Remus moving in. And if Remus showed up the next day in Sirius’ t-shirt and sweats (tied on and a bit baggy, of course), paired with at least his own track jacket, well… That was just to spite James and his loud mouth.

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Sirius: Today’s just been the worst day and I hate it.

Remus: Has it been a bad day or did you let your thoughts run wild for about 10 minutes which made you anxious and panicky which led to a bad vibe? And then you let that bad vibe run the rest of your day?


Remus: Yeah that’s what I thought. You run this shit and you decide what’s going to happen today. You’re more than your anxiety. Next time, use breathing exercises and talk to James or I

Sirius (smiling): Careful Moony, I might start to think you care about me

Remus: No fuck you. But I’m always here if you need me

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Happy to help friend! Your fic is a very sweet one, and the link is below. Enjoy the reread!

All True Affection -orphaned account

Professional cuddling? How was that a thing? Well Remus Lupin is about to find out first-hand when his best mate, Peter, gives him three hours credit at Stag an Doe Cuddling Institute. After perusing the list of cuddlers, he queries Sirius Black. Not sure what to expect, Remus steps into a world far outside his comfort zone.

If you like this fic check out this list too!

Wolfstar Hurt/Comfort & Cuddling

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I know a lot of people have pretty much established in this fandom that Remus is the one who rolls his eyes and shakes his head and facepalms at Sirius and his extra™ energy and I LOVE this trope, but please consider this:

  • Remus distancing himself from everyone during the first year even though he is friendly by nature and he yearns for human contact
  • He knows he has to be careful because if he lets people too close to him they might discover his secret blah blah blah we all know the story
  • He obviously makes friends anyway and we all know they accept him but liSTEN-
  • Dorky silly Remus finally feeling comfortable enough when he is around James, Sirius and Peter
  • He feels the most confident around Sirius
  • Dorky silly Remus dancing and singing to a broomstick that he uses as a microphone
  • He does the parody of Elvis Presley and his famous legs movement and everything
  • Sirius is in awe the first time he sees this
  • He stares at Remus’s huge cheeky girn and his messy hair and when Remus points at Sirius and sings “don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true, why should we be apart? I really love you baby, cross my heart” Sirius feels his cheeks turning red
  • Remus also gets bored sometimes, and he loves to prank Sirius more than James because when Remus pranks James, James laughs and hugs him and tells him it was a good and creative prank; but when he pranks Sirius, Sirius gets all competitive and sometimes he pretends to wrestle with Remus and he pins him to the floor/wall and they don’t know YET why it DOES THINGS TO THEM and they never discuss this
  • Remus and his sarcastic yet flirty wit??? Sirius getting flustered? Remus WINKING AT SIRIUS???? HELLO
  • Remus having a good day after a few days have passed since the full moon and seeing him all glowing and having his strength back is somehow so fascinating to Sirius
  • Remus sticking his tongue out when they argue and delivering some sarcastic and funny line, and Sirius going “shut up Moony” and Remus really having the nerve to say “make me”
  • Sirius having a really bad day because he has had a really tough argument with Regulus and Remus trying to cheer him up; Remus single-handedly ends toxic masculinity in the 70s by dressing up as Faye Dunaway and doing a spot on impersonation, with make up and everything, fakes her accent and movements because he knows that Sirius fancies her and Sirius’s mouth won’t close for the next 5 hours; it really DOES CHEER SIRIUS UP YA KNOW, seeing how pretty Remus looks, he forgets who Faye Dunaway is, more like Faye Dunnoher
  • Remus humming to himself and annoying Sirius and when Sirius tries to kill him Remus blinks all flirty and pouts and goes “don’t you love your Moony?” and oh BOY LITTLE DID HE KNOW
  • Them being equally flirty but painfully oblivious, leaving Lily and James all disappointed like HOW CAN YOU THINK THAT REMUS DOESN’T WANT YOU PADFOOT and REMUS I’M BEGGING YOU OPEN YOUR EYES
  • Remus and Sirius having karaoke nights singing Bee Gees
  • Dorks dorks dorky dorks in love
  • CHEEKY REMUS. CHEEKY. REMUS. He’s not always cheeky, not as often as Sirius and James, but OH SHIT Remus really DOES KNOW when to use his power and surprise everyone with it in a good way and Sirius just can’t breathe
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