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telefany · 2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Entre Conversas A Meia-Noite e Flores Que Tu me Da
caso se inspire, credite a @busan-jimin
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thelovelydeer · 2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Because I have positive reaction to it. 
Also I am open to have ocs be part of this fic. If you want your oc be a side character let me know! Maybe my mutuals ocs can be part of the main story too if given permission
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snoepzakje · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Written for @merlinladiesweek day 2: Fairytale
Rating: Teen
Words: 1198
Summary: Morgana’s lost in the forest one day. The fairy she meets should surely be trustworthy, right?
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yuta-senpai · 3 minutes ago
Studio Time | Hongjoong & Mingi
Tumblr media
- Pairing: Boyfriend Hongjoong x Female Reader x Mingi
- Genre: Smut
- Warnings: Voyeurism, thigh riding, and “baby girl”
- Word Count: 1.9k
Tumblr media
You sat on Hongjoong’s lap as he worked on his music, his fingers working across the various beat pads and back to the keyboard.  He was working on the music for their new album, and as always it sounded amazing.  His finger lightly tapped on the desk as he listened to the song, you could faintly hear the music coming from his headphones, but your attention was on his fingers.
Watching his fingers work so smoothly got your mind wandering, and you knew you shouldn’t bother him just because you were being needy.  The music stopped and he groaned throwing his head back and covering his eyes, making you pout “What’s wrong Hongie?”
He peaked out from under his arm, “I just can’t get this to sound right.” You smiled softly, “I’m sorry sweetie.  Maybe you should take a short break, and relax.”  You emphasized the last word.
He raised his eyebrow at you, “Oh, got something in mind to help me relax?”
You bit your lip and nodded.  He smirked and placed his hands on your hips and looked at you up and down. 
His eyes dark, “I have an idea.  I really need to finish this part, why don’t you sit on my thigh.” Your eyes widened, “Your thigh?  You want me to ride your thigh?” He nodded, his mouth slightly opening, then he ran his tongue across his lips wetting them.
“But Hongie, I wanted to help you relax.” He smiled, “I wanna watch you get yourself off on my thigh, that will help me relax.” You giggled, “Uh-huh, I’m sure it will.” You moved to straddle his thigh, your feet on the ground on each side of his thigh.  You wrapped your arms around his neck, facing the door. 
He tensed his thigh under you sending a shiver through your body.  You slowly rolled yourself forward the friction of your jeans against his felt nice, a soft moan escaping your lips.  He wrapped his left hand around your waist then moved his right hand back to the mouse, music starting in his headphones again. 
You had stopped moving, “Don’t stop until you cum.” Your eyes widened, Hongjoong was never this dominant and controlling.
He bounced his thigh under you, and you started rolling your hips again.  Your grip around his neck getting tighter, he knew that when you rode his thigh you got off easily because it was an intense amount of external stimulation.
He alternated between bouncing and tensing his thigh, and you quickened your movements.  Moans ringing out through his studio, he paused his music, chuckled, and shushed you “Shh the others might hear you.  Although this room is pretty soundproof.” You bit your lip and closed your eyes trying to focus on the pleasure and not being loud.  He tensed his thigh and bounced it at the same time making a loud moan leave your lips.
Music started back in his headphones.  You heard a noise and looked up to see Mingi staring at you wide-eyed.  
You raised your finger to your mouth telling him to be quiet.  He bit his lip as if weighing the options.  He stepped fully into the studio and quietly closed the door behind him, you were honestly a bit shocked as to what prompted him to actually join. 
He sat down on the couch being as quiet as possible and he watched you closely.  His hand moved to rub himself through his grey sweats and you loudly moaned at the actions.  You had always thought Mingi was an attractive guy, I mean they all were but never expected anything like this. 
Hongjoong had no clue Mingi was there or what was happening, just blissfully working on his music as you used his thigh for your pleasure. 
You closely watched Mingi as he continued to rub himself through his sweats then pulled them down exposing himself to you.
He gripped the base and stroked all the way up to the head a bead of precum escaping the slit.  This all felt so dirty to you, but you liked it way more than you probably should.  You had always had voyeuristic fantasies but you never thought you would be living them.
Mingi bit his lip as he watched your face closely, and listened to your soft moans.  He couldn’t see what was going on behind the back of the chair though.
He stroked his dick fast, focusing on the head.  You moved against Hongjoong’s thigh at a quicker pace, feeling your orgasm grow.  Hongjoong gripped your waist helping you move, “Cum for me baby.” You made eye contact with Mingi and he nodded as if agreeing.  This sent you over the edge, your legs trembled around Hongjoong’s thigh.  He rubbed your back, “That was hot, so beautiful as always.” You looked up to see Mingi’s hand and shirt covered with his cum and him looking around trying to figure out what to do, which made you giggle.
“I think you were loud enough all of them know what happened.” Mingi went to move from the couch and it creaked.  He lightly cursed under his breath, which made Hongjoong turn the chair around.  He caught Mingi with his dick still half out of his sweats and covered in cum.
“I thought I heard the door open.  Enjoy the show Mingi?” You moved around in Hongjoong’s lap to face Mingi.
Mingi blushed, “Umm yeah.  Sorry I should have just left.” Hongjoong shrugged “Oh well, my baby seemed to enjoy it.  I have an idea, sit back down Mingi.” Mingi hesitantly sat back down on the couch.
“Baby, I think he needs to be cleaned up don’t you?” You nodded and smiled, “I think so Hongie.” Hongjoong kissed your cheek, then patted your butt encouraging you to get up.  You got up then got on your hands and knees crawling over to Mingi.  He bit his lip and groaned.  As soon as you got in front of him you pushed him back against the couch and licked his shirt clean of his cum as best as you could.  Then your mouth hovered over his dick, which was not fully hard anymore, but you stopped.  You crawled up his body and straddled his lap.  You took his right hand and held his fingers up to your mouth.  Licking and sucking each of his fingers clean of his cum.
His mouth hung slightly open as he watched you, you lingered on his pointer finger making sure to emphasize the sucking.
You looked down and he was now fully hard again.  “Already hard again?  Just from that?” Hongjoong chuckled, “You tend to have that effect baby and you don’t even know.” You gripped Mingi’s dick in your hand and he moaned loudly, still sightly sensitive.  You stroked him a few times but stopped because you didn’t want to overstep any boundaries.
Mingi seemed to be cautious too.  Hongjoong and you hadn’t discussed this situation so you didn’t know how he felt about it, and you didn’t know how far everybody felt comfortable going.
Mingi looked from your hand on his dick to Hongjoong, you looked back at Hongjoong as if to see what he was thinking. 
“My baby likes riding thighs, so why don’t you ride Mingi’s thigh just like you did mine, and I’ll watch.”
You blushed, “Ah but, that’s embarrassing.” Hongjoong raised his eyebrow, “You didn’t seem to mind when Mingi was watching you just moments ago.” You really don’t know where this dominant behavior came from usually neither one of you really took control but you liked this side of him. 
Mingi placed his hands on your hips, “I don’t mind baby girl.” Your eyes widened at the nickname he had given you.  
From behind you, you heard Hongjoong say, “Baby why don’t you take off those jeans.” You got off of Mingi, stood up, and went to unbutton your jeans but he reached forward and did it for you.  He roughly pulled them down to your knees, making you squeak.  He eyed your panties, a wet spot present.
He smiled, “So wet you are leaking through your panties baby girl.”
You fully removed your jeans, and he grabbed your waist pulling you down onto his right thigh.  
You braced yourself on his chest and stared at him as you slowly rolled against him.  He guided your right hand down to his dick encouraging you to stroke him.
He guided your hips forward then back, taking control of your movements.
You took this opportunity to fully grip him and stroke him, making him moan.
He tensed his thigh underneath you and he moved your hips back and forth faster.  You looked down and noticed there was a wet spot on Mingi’s sweats which made you blush.   
 “Ahh, can we take your sweats off Mingi?” He chuckled, “Embarrassed by the mess you have already made of my sweats?” You looked away embarrassed, and he turned your head back and kissed you. 
“I like the mess, baby girl.” Hongjoong chuckled breathlessly and deep, “She is such a messy girl.”
You looked back to see Hongjoong stroking himself while watching you two. 
“Enjoying the view sweetie?” He smirked, and scoffed but didn’t reply.
Mingi bounced his thigh, pulling your attention back to him, a moan leaving your lips.
You whimpered, “I wanna be fucked so bad.” Mingi looked to Hongjoong filled with hope that he would get to fuck you.
“Not today baby girl, maybe another day Mingi can fuck you.  Just use his thigh.”
Another day, you wanted to question it but honestly, you just wanted to orgasm and so did Mingi.  You nodded and started rolling your hips, chasing your orgasm.  Mingi still helped your movements.  Your hand on his dick stroking at a quicker pace.
“Gonna cum with me baby girl?” You nodded, and you leaned forward, your forehead falling against his.
Both of your breaths ragged.  His forehead was damp with sweat.
Mingi’s low moans and grunts were more evident this close together.
You connected your lips with his and wrapped your left hand up in his hair.
The movements of your hand on his dick becoming more sloppy.  He put his hand over yours using your hand to help stroke himself. 
He pulled away from the kiss and buried his head in your neck. 
“I’m so close baby girl.” “Me too Mingi.” His right hand gripped your hips tighter pushing you down against him harder.
Your legs started shaking, your vision blurred, and you came on Mingi’s thigh.  Your thighs tightening around Mingi’s thigh.  You heard a low groan in your neck and a loud moan from behind you.
Mingi came on your hand, his hips thrusting up into your closed fist.
You looked to see your hand covered in his cum, and a little on his own hand.
He watched as you licked your hand clean then licked his hand clean.
He chuckled, “Be careful you will start round three if you continue like that.” You felt a hand on your shoulder, so you turned your head to see Hongjoong holding his cum coated hand to your mouth.
You licked and sucked his fingers clean and he smiled.  “Such a good girl.” Mingi still held onto your hips and you were still straddling his thigh.
You looked down and his sweats had a very large wet spot, they both noticed and chuckled.  You got embarrassed again, and Mingi massaged your hip.  “You can make a mess of my sweats anytime you want baby girl.”
Hongjoong chuckled again.  “You think you will get to do this again Mingi.” Mingi shrugged, “You are the one who said next time.”
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trickster-grrrrl · 4 minutes ago
Ya know..... I have this bad habit of being too critical of my own work.
And that's why I never post anything I write because I think it's not good enough. That it's trash and definitely not up to the standards I know it could be, so it never sees the light of day.
Well.... No fucking more.
Because I am done with fucking Marvel and Disney ruining everything I love about Loki and this fucking fandom.
From now on, even if it's utter trash garbage, I am going to be spam uploading Loki fics.
If nothing else than jut as a big ol' FUCK YOU to Marvel and Disney and the show.
Many of it will be self insert (mostly as a means for me to vent out all of my FRUSTRATION at Loki's abuse), all of it will be critical of the show and what they've done to our fucking King.
And I encourage anyone and everyone who hates what Marvel and Disney are doing to do the same.
Even if you've never written anything before, even if you're terrified that no one will read your fic, I will.
If they're not going to preserve the Loki we know and love, we're gonna have to do it ourselves.
Flood the fucking internet with our dissatisfaction. Drown out the OOC bullshit the studios are trying to push onto us.
Long Live Loki's Army
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fancyfade · 4 minutes ago
Drake was even more ineffective in combat than Damian had expected him to be. So of course he was injured. Of course he was ignoring all of the dumb civilian rules around it – stay out of the field until you heal, be a coward, et cetera –
and it bit him in the ass, too. Damian had to fall back to him. To that defensive position Drake loved so much.
And despite the injury, Brown ordered Damian to look for evidence in the base, as if she could order him to do anything. He already knows what he'll see –
And he sees it. Nothing.
That's the rule. People leave footprints, and you're not a person – you're a shadow. The last man in the base has destroyed his notes, disconnected the comms, and fled. When he returns in failure, he will almost certainly be killed – but he will return. It's what they all do. They can't leave, even if the alternative is death, because leaving is also death – but meaningless death. Shadow assassins die for Ra's Al Ghul, not for themselves.
keep reading
Okay so oof. Very long chapter (also now we have surpassed 200k words!) I rewrote parts of this chapter literally 3 times and edited parts of it (not batfam/main character stuff, just how I was handling the League of Shadows assassins, so if you read it before seeing it on tumblr no need to re-read) after posting because i kept being conflicted on stuff. But it’s on its final form now (unless you see a CW: suicide on the first line, cuz the need for that content warning was edited out. if you see it, you’re not seeing the updated version)
decisions under cut, as usual (tw mentions of suicide, fictional. just in the under cut though not in the chapter)
okay first of all on my phone its showing the updated version of the chapter, on the computer its showing the first version. so if the chapter starts with Cw: suicide/suicidal ideation, its the wrong version. the right version shouldn’t have that CW Cuz i took that stuff out
anyway explanation
Initially, the League of Shadows assassins were really... suicide happy? IDK how to describe it. The internal logic was that they have been shown to do so gladly in the text  before (Bane of demon they jump off building to save uh... helicopter space? and in BTAS they erase their minds to avoid being captured by Batman. I also know they do have some type of cyanide pill in Son of the Demon plotline they try to use when Qayin is interrogating one).
But anyway having them all do that with no question felt kind of dehumanizing and definitely unnecessarily angsty and just trying to get them out of the way, and while they are obviously very dehumanized by Ra’s Al Ghul, they should still be not dehumanized in the text. So I made it so they were a bit more neutral, viewing themselves as being capable of resisting revealing info to the Gotham police and viewing themselves as professionals in a bad situation.
A pretty big theme among lots of the League members, even Damian, is dehumanization though, as seen by Teen Titans Rebirth (first 6 issues) and The Shadow/ Batman.
I tried to make it clear in the text that Tim wasn’t just trying to be mean to Damian because he’s mean – he didn’t even know that Dick and Alfred lied to Damian. But also that “you’re just jealous about Bruce picking someone instead of you” is definitely canon IIRC it was in Gates of Gotham (him hypothesizing why Damian doesn’t like Cass).
I also hope the buildup to the little doubts Damian had were clear enough that it doesn’t look weird he believed Tim
you can tell here I decided to go with the Alfred doesn’t apologize thing I was asking about earlier, because while Alfred expresses regret I don’t recall him ever apologizing for doing something to another person in canon (just like. being an inconvenience normally or like sorry if he didn’t know someone was a bad guy, not ‘I treated you wrong’). So pretty much like my mom LMAO. We’ll see how it affects his relationship with Damian.
Also max i stole your league of shadows assassins play snake on their phones headcanon :P or at least Damian programmed snake
WRT Damian’s dream scene: They always seemed super trippy in the comics, so I keep that here too (and Talia tells him no one has good dreams because when we saw her dream in Batman Chronicles #8 it was very similar in theme to Damian’s - a lot of demon imagery and angst)
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storytimewithbee · 6 minutes ago
Return to Hogwarts 1.2
He thinks things might get better when he starts skipping a class here and there and using his new “free” periods to drink. The buzz takes the edge off of being around people after a summer of near total isolation, and it takes the edge off of the heavy feelings he finds it harder to hide from - self-hatred, anxiety, depression, loneliness, fear. At least, it takes the edge off until it doesn’t, which happens entirely too quickly for his liking.
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to-the-standers · 7 minutes ago
“Then perhaps being a good person isn’t the absence of bad things, but choosing to do good things, over and over and over again.”
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guigz1-coldwar · 11 minutes ago
'A helping hand' : new chapter of "Redemption of a Spirit in a Cold War' is out !
Tumblr media
'A helping hand'
Chapter Summary :
After finding Park again, Bell awake in the safehouse she didn't step for 3 years.....
To read it on AO3, click here !
Words : +2800
My left hand was hurting so bad, like if it was burned by something very hot as I slowly opened my eyes laid down on a bed in a bedroom looking like a Perseus safehouse in the middle of nowhere. My vision were troubled and my right eye were covered by an bandage. I tried to blink a lot of times but that vision would never succeed to get better at all. I wasn't able to find out exactly what happened to me but it was clearly something bad, according at my current state.
I decided to slowly redress myself on the bed, avoiding to hurt my left hand and myself by doing that. It was at this moment, my vision was slowly getting better for my left eye but since my right eye was under an bandage, I was only able to look at my left. I moved my fingers of my right hand, checking if it was okay and that went pretty good but my left was looking paralysed....and in a bandage.
I started to scratch the back of my head with my only available hand wanting to know if I ha d nothing else at my back when I was surprised by an feminine voice in the room.
"Yirina." The voice was coming from my right and I moved my head, obliged, to look at who was it "By god, finally, you're awake !" I could see Freya, getting next to me.
"Fre-...Freya." I said, my voice was sounding so low and cracked
"It's okay, we're safe." She put her hand on top of my right one, sitting next to me with her chair
"Where are we ?" I asked with the same voice as before
"Out of the city." She replied, looking around the room "Back at the safehouse and like I told you, safe."
"What....what happened ?" I put my eyes on my left hand that I raise to show her
"The explosion knocked you out when you try to approach the rigged car." She exclaimed with an serious tone before looking at my left hand "Your left hand was severely burned but the doc said that he was able to save it."  The little grin she had on her face disappeared as she looked at me "However, its seems that you will have to keep a mark on it : he said that you can begin to have some troubles sometimes with your hand but it will be minimal."
"And my right eye ?" I said, worried.
"The doc said that you were blinded by the explosion. It will take days for that eye's vision to get back to normal." She then smile "You got lucky to have your left eye closed at the time of the explosion."
"Luck never had something for me." I muttered in a low voice
"Well, there's a beginning for everything." She laughed and I was feeling obliged to do it but I couldn't do it anymore as my fake smile go away and she saw it "What's wrong ?"
"Did.....did the person make it out ?" I asked
"No, why he would be ?" She replied, concerned by it. "Why are you getting worried about that guy by the sudden ?" She added.
"Because he was innocent, Freya !" I almost yelled but my voice preferred to keep it low. "He was an good man."
"That's why you decided to stop him to enter that car ?" She asked, shooking her head while talking. I nodded,
"I tried to save him but then......" Suddenly, the door of the room open brutally, revealing an man, holding an green hood in his right hand. He wasn't looking so happy,
"Hope that you got an explanation, lady." The man said, slamming the door behind him "Ain't gonna like it anyway." He added, sniffing while looking at me.
"Stone, what a surprise !" I tried to joke but I shouldn't try to do that right now.....don't be stupid, Yiri.
"You almost got yourself killed." Stone shouted, getting his hands on the bed "The explosives....."
"I told you to abort the mission but you decided to do it anyway." I almost yelled again, looking at him furiously with my only eye. "You're the one who almost killed me."
"Perseus was clear : that man was supposed to die, end of the story." He reinforced his fists on the bed, looking enraged in the inside.
"And my orders were to stop that operation !" I redressed myself on the bed well, watching to not getting hurt myself. "He was only a good innocent man, damnit."
"Yirina, you should calm yourself down." Freya leaned, putting my hand on my right shoulder.
"I can't." I looked at Freya, clenching my only available fist "I failed to protect someone that didn't deserved to die because of someone so blinded by his ideas."
"Watch your mouth closely, minger !" Stone almost yelled before Freya start to look at him.
"Stone." She looked at him with deadly eyes "Better for you to get out of that room before I start to beat you up." She then pointed the door to him "Don't make me do that because your little SAS training will not help you at all."
He looked at us both for a few seconds before taking a breath. Then, he started to slowly walk in anger towards the door "A fucking 'innocent', my ass." He scoffed before opening the door and walking out and slamming the door loudly, leaving me and Freya alone.
"You shouldn't blame yourself for that, you know ?" She looked back at me, with some pleading eyes.
"I don't know." I started to reply "I can't forgive myself and I can't forget that date now, Freya." I added before she put her both hands around my right one, trying to recomfort myself.
"It's gonna be okay, Yiri." She smiled at me as she decided to get her hand on my left cheek, giving me a small grin on my face,
"I will stay by your side 'i noen anledninger'"
It was my first memory I had back since I returned at Park's side and it was looking so troubling....focused on a operation that didn't end well for me by looking at myself. Having my left hand wrapped in a bandage and losing temporary my right eye's vision wasn't the sign of a operation that went very good. Been days that I didn't have any memories back with Freya inside, I never actually have a simple memory back during my travel inside Poland and it was strange to see her again in my dreams after all these days.
This night, I felt that I had a good sleep and I think that Park's presence helped this night to be perfect for me. When I woke up, I realized that I was under some blankets and I was feeling undressed from some of my clothes. That was weird because I didn't remove a thing from me and....Park wasn't there in the bed with me. I thought that I was going to panick until I found a note on the nightstand explaining to me that it was her who put me well in the bed and get me more comfortable by removing my clothes.
She then finished the note by saying that she was at her desk, working and that she decided to give me some clothes of her for me, guessing that I never had the chances to change clothes in days before letting a little 'love you' at the end of the note. Thanks for it, I could feel more relieved as I thought that I was alone again. I checked the watch still around my left wrist and it was almost soon. At this moment, I could see the burn mark on my left hand on both sides of it. It was minimal like Freya said but still visible after all these years.
I was remembering now why I was hiding my hands with gloves everytime even back in my memories. Once I cleared my mind, I decided to get up from the bed, ready to go join Park at work. I put on the clothes she gave me, giving me a good feeling after spending all my previous days with russian-style clothes on me. At the moment I was finished dressing up, I looked myself in the mirror, I wasn't believing that I was wearing Park's clothes at all but it was so nice....and those clothes, damn.....they have her perfect smell.
I smiled at lot about that and then, I was on my way to leave the dorm of the safehouse, walking to get to the main room of it, taking in my way my backpack. When I step inside of the main room, I breathed by looking around me. Yesterday, I wasn't very focused on the room but more on Park herself and now I was stunned to see that nothing big has changed inside the safehouse except the dashboard.....more filled with intels than before even if the old intels back in the day were removed.
"Yirina." I hear Park from her desk calling me out as I was looking at the dashboard, I smiled when I saw her.
"Hey, Park." I first said before starting to walk at her desk "It's good to see you."
"I know that you will say that." She grinned before pointing to me a chair "Take a seat, I'll give you a coffee and something to eat."
"Park.." I started, taking a seat at the chair she pointed to me "I know where the fridge AND the coffee machine are." I scoffed before she get up from her chair as well, rolling her eyes at me.
"Let me do it." She told me as she started to walk away to get to the fridge to have something for me before she walked to prepare a coffee.
"Thanks....for the clothes." I added to her, loudly
"I thought that you never had the chances to change clothes, it was better for you !" She guessed right....damn it, she see in my head. After at least 30 seconds, she came back at me, giving me an coffee and sort of a cake that I took in hands before she got back to her seat. "So, how was your night ?" She asked, fully seated
"Pretty well." I replied, taking a sip from the coffee "With you at my side, I know that I can sleep well." I added with an big smile
"I can say that it was one of the night I can remember well in three years." She looked at me  with lovely eyes "I missed you so much."
"I'm sorry." I excused myself,getting in a second bad for myself before taking a bit on the cake. "I'm....well, it's not my fault if Adler shot me in the head and left me in a coma but even....I'm sorry." I looked away for just a second when I could feel her hand getting on top of mine
"I'm the one to be sorry, Yirina." She started, biting her lips "I should have never followed Adler into brainwashing you and you need to know that I will do my best to help you....and stay with you."  She grinned a little at me.
"It's okay, I....I thank you for your love for me, I....."
"Yes but I feel that I need more than just giving you love, I want to help you more than that." She cut me straight, still feeling sorry
"You want to help me find out who I am ?" I asked, she nodded
"I'm going to stay by your side at every moment." She repeated again, taking a breath before looking at my backpack I had at my feets "You said that you were writing the memories on a book, right ?" She asked, looking at it
"Oh, yeah." I exclaimed, getting the book out of the bag "Can you give me a pen ? I need to write down something because I had some memories back this night."  She gave me a pen at her side as I started writing down the two memories I had : my.....first kiss with Park and that memory with Freya and that Stone from the SAS. Once I was done, I decided it was better to let her give it a look.
"Thanks." She said as I handed her the book and then, she start to read the multiples memories and I was worried about how she will see me "Zasha Smirnov, you talked of them very good, I see." She gave me a good look before continuing "Freya Helvig.....hmm, I heard of her, NIS agent, right ?"
"Yes, she was my 'sister'" I mimicked with my fingers, meaning that Freya wasn't an real one "Both raised by Perseus himself during our lives." At this, her eyes went wide "He's not my father, I parents at four years old." I preferred to reassure her as I didn't write down that on the book before I took my records file off the backpack and put it on the desk "Found this at Belikov's place."
"Your file." She put the book down, still open as she take a look at my file "Been 3 years that I didn't see it." She saw my face, thinking that I thought that she always knew of my real name "I never had the chances to come back to Moscow to retrieve this and unfortunately, I forgot this and your name too."
"It's okay." I smiled, drinking my coffee as she focused back on the book, leaving the file back on the desk. For the following moments, I could see a smile on her face, reading the memory of my old life.....until she arrived at the last page I wrote in. "Something's wrong ?" I asked, worried
"No, it's just....seeing that name....Stone." She replied, closing the book slowly, shocked on her face
"You know him ? He was SAS apparently." I added as it was something I didn't mentioned on the book
"No, I heard of him from some of my friends inside the SAS but I don't know him personally." She reassured me as she was looking troubled from it but I prefer to not ask more about it. "That was the last memory you got ?"
"Yes, I could also understand how I got this." I showed the burn mark I had on my left hand "An Perseus operation that has gone bad for me, leaving me with that.....can't remember the date."
"At least, it's a good beginning for you and I hope that I can help further with that." She added, looking at my hand.
"I'm grateful for your help, Park." I smiled at her, giving my sincere thoughts "And since I'm here I will help you too....with Perseus." I looked at the dashboard "It was always my fight : I never believed in Perseus ideas....before and after everything that happened to me."
"Do you think you are ready to get back on working on him ?" She asked me, not sure of her own words, I nodded to her before I could see her looking at a desk next to old desk. "After Solovetsky, I do my best to save your belongings from getting destroyed by the CIA." I do the same as her, looking at my old desk,
"I guess the MI6 had them, right ?" I wondered, she nodded
"Adler and Hudson wanted everything from you to get destroyed but I persuaded them to allow me to keep part of it, everything is now back at the office I had in Century House." She responded before putting her eyes back on me "About Adler, what you will do ?"
"I don't know. Revenge ? Letting him alive ? I'm mixed." It was something preoccupying me since I step inside that safehouse yesterday : What I will going to do with Adler ? "He took me 3 years of my life. I'm 31 years old and still feeling 28."
"He will come back tonight with everyone.....Sims, Woods and maybe Mason." She turned around to look at the garage door "I'm sure you want to confront him like me, I see it in your eyes."
"I need to do this but I will need your help." I breathed, this time, putting my hand on top of hers "Will you help me ?" She nodded,
"Like I said, I will help you to the end, Yirina."  She affirmed before closing her eyes. "Are you sure about fighting Perseus again ?" I nodded, sure of it before she stand up from her chair and then face me, handing her hand over me
"Let's get back to work !"
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