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1) We Had Found the Stars — Scorpius Malfoy/Albus Potter; Rating: M, mutichapter, and almost done! Slow burn, friends-to-lovers, mutual pining, CC-compliant, what’s-the-plot garbage. I’ve had the ending and epilogue and other chapters written since 2018(!) but I’ve been slow to update.

2) The Sunday Brunch Club — Scorpius Malfoy/Albus Potter, Ginny Weasley & Astoria Malfoy; Rating: G; one chapter. This is not CC-compliant. I’ve had this about a year! The boys meet just before Sixth Year through their mothers, who’ve become fast friends after the Malfoys returned to England and the two women meet by chance. Ginny invites Astoria to her weekly brunches in London with Fleur and Luna. One Sunday, Ginny drags Albus along knowing Astoria is going to bring Scorpius. Albus is a lonely student at Hogwarts, obsessed with Muggle magic tricks and very shy. Scorpius, who has felt similar loneliness at Beauxbatons, is immediately smitten. Ginny notices that her son feels the same.

3) Albus Potter’s Day Off — Scorpius Malfoy/Albus Potter; Rating: T (maybe M, but only for language); multichapter. If you’ve seen the American classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, you can guess the overall happenings. Rose is in this story as well, as a Sloan-type character, but obviously not together with Albus. Scorpius is based off of Cameron.

4) Born to Fly — Astoria Greengrass/Draco Malfoy; Rating: G or T; one chapter(?). This is mostly an Astoria story, set when she is in her early twenties. Draco is her love interest, but not yet. This is just barely outlined.

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Just a small angsty drabble i made in my notes


Originally posted by sith-archives

Warning: angsty, mentions of blood, death

A/n: i dont really like this but here take the angst. This is my first time writing for Mando so please be nice please :)

Running. You’re running. Why are you running?

The sound of leaves rustling and twigs breaking along with the shouting of men was all you heard.

You didn’t even dare to look back to see how far behind the men were.

Mando told you to do only one thing, to run. And ran you did. You weren’t going to stop, not until he told you it was safe.


Earlier that day, you and Mando were on a mission for a high profit bounty. One that many had their eyes on.

When you were close to catching the bounty, some bandits had come to pick a fight. You tried to tell Mando to ignore them but before you could finish one of them shot they’re blaster. Which led to Mando telling you to run as he fought them off. But some had run off to chase you.

You can only pray for someone or something to come save you.


You’re tired. Exhausted. Thirsty. You felt a burning sensation in your throat every time you breathed. You don’t know if they were still chasing you but you stopped at a nearby stream. 

You dropped to your knees to gather some water. As you drank it, you heard something go off.

A blaster.

You tried to stand to run but you couldn’t. You couldn’t feel your back.  You wanted to scream as you felt the blood seep from the wound.

You couldn’t. You couldn’t do anything. 

You fell forward. Face in the water and with a blaster wound in your back you stayed in the stream. You couldn’t move.  You were helpless. 


The Mandalorian ran as fast as he could to find you. Into the forest where you ran when he told you to. He finished fighting off the thugs who had stayed behind and now all he needed was to find those who were chasing you. 

But he couldn’t find you. Where could you be? How long were you running? Could they possibly have caught you? 

It would be impossible to find you. With all the fallen leaves on the floor and not a single patch of dirt to show a footprint, he had no idea which direction you should have gone. So he kept going straight. 

 Mando was looking everywhere he could for you. He kept running and running to find you. He didn’t want to call your name in case the thieves were still out here and found him or you.

Then the sound of a blaster going off was heard.

He froze. What if you were shot.

He followed the sound of where the noise came from. Then the sound of water flowing. And then you.

Laying in the stream. Someone had shot you in the back. Blood seeping out everywhere and the water carried it away.

Your eyes were open. Tears fell from your cheeks as you cried.

Mando called your name. It sounded like a desperate plea.

You looked up to see him running towards you. Your vision blurry. 

He carefully pulled you up into his lap. Away from the stream.

“Are you okay? How much does it hurt? If I’m fast enough we can make it back to the village to get help. You just need to hold on.” Mando spoke fast. Panic in his voice, he didn’t even try to hide it.

“Mando.. It’s no use.” You told him.

More tears fell from your eyes as you looked into his visor.

Your hand came up to touch the helmet where his cheek is.

“I love you..” You told him, a sad smile on your lips.

Even though you couldn’t see his face, you knew he was crying.

“Din. My name is Din. And you’re going to make it, Y/n. I promise.. We need to get going. Come-”

“Din. I’m not going to make it. And that’s okay.” You told him.

“No,no you are. You are. This isn’t, this isn’t where you die.” He said, his voice cracking.

You continued to look up at him as you laid in his arms. His lap was probably stained with your blood.

“Can you take your mask off for me? I’ll close my eyes.” You said to him

He stayed quiet. Until he nodded his head.

You closed your eyes as you felt his hands leave you. Then the clang of the helmet hitting the rocks.

“You can open your eyes.” He said.

A small smile appeared on your lips. 

Your hands coming up to his face to feel his cheeks. You raised yourself up a small bit as you brought his face down. 

And your lips met his. The salty taste of tears made it bittersweet.

And you opened your eyes.

You were met with a man with tan skin and messy brown fluffy hair. Tears stained his cheeks. He had the most beautiful brown eyes that shined in the sun. 

“You’re beautiful.” You told him, letting out a small giggle.

He placed his forehead against yours. And he continued sobbing.

“Don’t go.. Please don’t go..” He cried and pleaded. “Let me take you back please we can make it.." 

"Oh, Mando… it’s okay.We’ll meet again some day. Can you do that? Wait for me?” You asked him with the remaining strength you had in you.

He nodded. “Yes…yes I can." 

You smiled at him. Tears leaving your eyes as you heard him cry for you. 

His arms were around you and yours around him.

And you held each other close until your last breath.

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Anon asked:  Omg a blog that writes for Nier Automata Thank You😭 Any 9s angst headcanons with his s/o

Hey! Words cannot describe how much I love Nier Automata! I thought it was just going to be one of my many hyperfixiations, but my love for it still hasn’t passed! This idea is super cute (and I can already feel my heart hurting!) Thank you for requesting it!

Warnings: May include minor spoilers for route C. I’ll mark spoilers with ⚠ so you can easily avoid them!

Angsty 9s with his s/o headcanons:


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Tew’s mouth fell open. Wad stared at Kongpob as if he’d grown another head. Oak promptly fell off his chair. Aim knocked his drink onto his lap.

“What the fucking fuck?” said Wad incredulously.

Rating: T

Warnings: swearing

Pairings: Arthit/Kongpob

Prompt: ‘my new romance-obsessed friend asked me who my last date was with and i was too embarrassed to say i’ve never been on a date so i blurted your name and it turns out they know you’ au - by @ mraculous

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read it on the AO3 at

by Anonymous

Rose has some trouble falling asleep.

Words: 924, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
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So oneshot ideas that I currently have are

Kix x reader

Tech x reader

Echo x reader

Only problem is I kinda only have some vague ides for them and need some help fleshingthem out. (An all I can seem to write is the big sad lol)

I was thinking Tech could be a fluff oneshot maybe with some hints of the big sad.

Kix was probably gonna be some major big sad again. Where his SO almost dies (or they do who knows)

For Echo I was probably gonna have a mix of fluff and the big sad, half of it being before the citidel and then the other half when Echo gets rescued.

So these are just some ideas that I have for some upcoming oneshots. Ideas/comments/requests are always more than welcome!

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Chapter 4 of my angsty lockdown fanfic finally answers the question “how many party rings can Simon Snow fit in his mouth?” 

When Bunce opened the door and saw the look on my face, she just grabbed me and pulled me into a bone-crunching hug. I stiffened in her arms but then gave in and pulled her closer to me and laughed when she said “Happy birthday, Basilton, but also ow.”

Agatha was there, rolling her eyes at everything but smiling behind it, too. Shepard was there, helping Penny pour drinks and dole out cake and exchanging these soft little looks with her whenever the opportunity arose.

And Simon was there, doing his absolute best. He’d put a nice shirt on. Someone - probably Bunce - had trimmed his hair. Someone - definitely Bunce - had told him to smile and put his arm around me and take a stab at the role of boyfriend for the night. And he did it. He put down his drink as soon as he saw me come in and made a beeline for me, kissing me on the very corner of my mouth and then reaching up to put a party hat on me.

“Why did you let Bunce buy hats?” I said, my nose wrinkling.

“Have you ever tried to stop Penny when she’s on a mission?” he said, scrunching his own nose right back at me as he adjusted my hat so that it stuck out at a jaunty angle. “There. You look like a gnome.”

“Gnomes don’t wear hats,” I said distractedly, reaching out to slide a hand up the back of his neck, his curls brushing against my fingertips. “Their heads are the wrong shape for them. Too bumpy.”

“I meant Normal gnomes. Garden gnomes,” Simon said, but he was also distracted, half-closing his eyes as I flexed my fingers in his hair. I wanted to kiss him properly, but I’d noticed these little tremors in him lately every time I did, like some part of him was flinching away from me. 

So instead I just smiled at him and accepted a drink from Bunce and we all stood around talking, and eating crisps out of bowls that Shepard kept refilling, and placing bets on how many party rings Simon could fit in his mouth (eight, although he almost choked and we all had to watch him hack up soggy bits of biscuit for about five minutes afterwards).

Read the rest here. 

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read it on the AO3 at

by Anonymous

For the DC Kinkmeme prompt:

It’s Jason’s first heat and the alphas of the pack know that his milk is on its way soon. All it needs is a little encouragement. A few knots and some nipple play should do it. His milk tastes perfect as it starts to flow.

Words: 7473, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
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I’m posting the first three episodes together so you get a proper feel for the story and characters and also since they work well together. Also working on a master list which will be in my bio if you want to read it. These will be tagged #aidream and #fanfic to separate them from my rewrite tags

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Hey! I actually don’t have an account there anymore, the fanfics I do write I write here. But I haven’t gotten any requests to do so in a longgg time.

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2 years. He hasn’t been here for two whole years but it still looked the same to which Sherlock was grateful. He took off his coat still not ready to reveal himself to his friends and frankly he was worried about seeing John, he left the poor man believing his best friend was not only dead but a fraud. Sherlock blinked the wetness that formed around the corners of his eyes away and suddenly he was back at the cemetery looking at John tenderly trace his fingers across his name engraved in the grey cold stone.

Get it together Sherlock.

He sat down, letting the scene fade away and he sat in his usual chair trying not to shake. Sherlock wiped a finger against the arm of the chair, leaving a lighter trail in its wake. The thick layer of dust that had resigned on his index finger gave him an idea for a fun little game.

He had spent around an hour walking round the flat deducing what John did before moving out and noticed John’s chair was significantly less dusty and he had left a good amount of his stuff there which puzzled Sherlock. On the table beside his bed was a ring on the wood as if a mug was repeatedly placed there and he frowned to himself she still brought my morning tea. He made a mental note to hug Mrs Hudson when he saw her and ask her for that tea a familiar voice filled his brain not your housekeeper he missed that. He went to his violin case that collected a considerable amount of dust to which he was grateful no one touched it. Sherlock took his Stradivarius out of the case and ran his fingers down the strings realising he forgot how he felt holding it. He walked around the flat having fun making his little deductions when his eyes caught sight of a certain drawer. He walked up noticing how the wood was scratched where the wood would rub against itself. He opened the drawer carefully and he felt sick and a lump formed in his throat when he saw what was kept inside this is where John put his gun when it wasn’t needed and still does apparently. The drawer was repeatedly opened in the two years and quite violently in fact given there were a lot of scratches where it would open. The gun itself looked very different to the rest of the flat, it wasn’t dusty and still looked new- Sherlock had to stop his mind from going too far and he slammed the drawer shut. Suddenly the game wasn’t fun anymore.

                       He had to see John

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For future fic posts I’m going to be adding a tag list so that no one who wants to read my fics misses an update! Feel free to let me know if you’d like to be added.

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