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one-time-i-dreamt · 2 hours ago
The My Immortal Harry Potter fanfiction was to be turned into a Broadway comedy play.  BBC did an interview with JK Rowling on how she felt about it and her statement was, "Fuck. Doesn't matter what I think.  They were going to make it anyway."
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h-ikusaa · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
collab with popcornstorm’s “and then, all at once”!
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Summary: Draco fucks you after he overhears a conversation of yours (lmaoo)
Warning(s) : Smut. Fingering, clit play. Pet names. Dilf/Boss!Draco. Babysitter!Reader.
a/n— been while since ive written for draco, sorry for that. not that proud of it but yk. thanks to @noceurwhore and @angel4you my secret draco whore
Tumblr media
She sits alone, he thinks. Well perhaps not entirely, his own blood— a part of his heart if you may was with her. But she's alone for the most part. Solitary.
It's quite late, the clock around 9. Scorpius surely would have gone to bed by now. You'd probably be somewhere around the manor. Library, kitchen, living room. There's multiple answers to that.
By request— or perhaps by order, you'd still be waiting for him.
His eyes are searching around the corners, searching for your silhouette. And he's about to call out, when suddenly he hears your voice.
"I'm at my bosses. He had to stay out late today"
"Yes that hot dad"
Fuck. Turn back around, it's wrong. Yet he waits, he hears.
"I don't know. I don't think he has much interest in me"
"It's just attraction. Besides I'm not going to let go of such a great place for one good fuck"
Then, there's silence, it's painful. He waits for a moment, thinks whether to speak of it or not.
He doesn't want to let you go. And he certainly wants to have that one— maybe more, good fucks with you.
So he steps inside.
"Hello there." He grins, a hand stuffed in his pocket. Hair a mess of soft platinum curls. White button up, black slacks.
"Hello!" You chirp, caught by surprise.
He chuckles, then strides forward, "Thanks for staying over late, you're a lamb"
"No worries, I better head out then"
Draco smirks, and you almost allow yourself to fix the puzzle, but then you shrug it off and turn. When suddenly the puzzles’ fixed.
"Having an interesting conversation weren't you?" He presses up behind you, his cock perfectly fits on the curve of your arse. He grins, biting his tongue to avoid the moan that might slip from him.
"Y– you, you heard that?" You quiver, oh you were absolutely fucking fucked.
"I did infact my darling." His tongue clicks, arm resting on your waist as he deems you closer. "You should've told me. Wasn't very nice of y’say all that without me knowing"
"I'm sorry, I didn't me—"
Draco rubs his erection onto you harder; pulls you closer to his chest.
"You're such a naughty little slut, Y/N. Just dying to be fucked, isn't that so?"
Your cheeks are almost burning, heart pounding heavily in your ribs, you gulp, inhaling sharply before you answer.
"I– i suppose"
His breath is hot on your neck, and suddenly he's gripping it tightly in his hands, pushing your head back to meet his gaze.
"Do you want me to fuck you?"
He growls, the silver in his eyes long gone, now only shades of black and strom clouds rest in them. "Please" you whimper.
And then his lips are smashing on yours. It was rough, filthy, possesive. He sighs into your mouth, fingers pulling at your strands. He had a taste of mint and a small faint taste of green apples.
The way his tongue flicked up and explored every part of your mouth had you moaning, wetness already seeping into your baby blue panties.
The way his hands moved and traced along every curve, the way he moaned into your mouth as he moved it against was avid; carnal— and everything that lay in between desire.
He turns your around quickly, pushing you up on the table as he groans inside of your mouth. His cock hardens in his pants with every beautiful sound that comes from you.
"You're so pretty, m’love. Just wanna ruin you" Draco mumbles as he pulls away, nipping at your skin. His cold hands slip under your skirt, rubbing you through your knickers.
Your hand reaches down into his pants, palming him through his pants as he hardens with your ministrations.
There's no delicacy in his touch. It's not pure, it's filthy— sinful.
Your panties as pushed aside, his fingers dragging through your wet puffy folds as he grunts "Oh fuck, you're dripping"
You whine softly, bucking your hips into his hands as two of his digits slip inside you. "Fuck, draco"
"Keep that mouth shut, dove. Don't want my son to wake up because of your pathetic sounds"
His other hand shoves into your mouth, pressing against the back of your throat, muffling any voice that may try to escape.
His other digits pump harder, thrusting and curling up inside of you, and reaching those spots that had you shaking, as his thumb draws circles, a coil forming in your stomach.
"Look at this pretty little pussy" He seethed, sucking at your neck, "Can't wait to feel it squeeze around my cock"
"Please, please, shit, I'm so close" You beg, grinding your hips on his palm over and over. He wants to give you that orgasm, but then that sadistic part of him allows you not to.
"No! Wanna cum" You babble as his fingers retract from your heat, tears glisteing in your eyes at the lost of sensation. He chuckles as he licks his fingers clean of your arousal.
"Such a sweet cunt hmm?" He says, rubbing your clit in circles again.
"Dray" You whimper, thighs slick as he pulls his lenght out. It stood tall, red veiny and so fucking gorgeous.
Draco stands still, taking in every little detail of you. The sweat, the mess of your hair, cunt dripping for him. He was certain that was had to be the most goddamn stunning sight he had ever seen.
He spits onto his shaft, pumping his length hard to spread it all up. Although there was little to need for that, it made everything better.
His tip waits at your entrance, teasing and dragging and dragging your need. "Just do it, please" You beg for the thousandth time, and this time he gives in.
A low hiss leaves him. He pushes inside slow, deeply rolling into you as you moan. You're filled up in every fucking way. And it's everything.
"God" he groaned as he moved, "Best fucking cunt I've ever fucked"
He marks you, licking at every glimpse of skin he catches. Your nails are dragged across his sculptured skin. His shirt thrown away.
The man grabs both your legs, stretching them up as he then rests them on his arms. Leaving you bare and open for him.
Draco thrust inside of you, his rhythms find their pace with every snap of his hips. The buttons of your blouse are ripped away, leaving a clear array of canvas for him.
"That's it, taking my cock like a good girl"
It's fucking beautiful— the way you whimper and fall apart as he fucks you. The sweat that glistens, the sounds that you make. His eyes never leave you. Not once.
He thinks it's a blessing to have you like this. He thanks every star.
He pounds into you harder; as though he wasn't already demolishing you to shreds. You're shaking, breaths short and shallow from pleasure.
Your breasts shake up and down from the force of his thrusts, much for his display and pleasure. He lets out a grunt as your tits bounce faster.
A hand slips between you two, rubbing fast circles onto the bud, expertly— in a knowing manner.
"Cream around my cock doll. Want that sweet cunt to milk me dry"
A pinch. That's what it takes for you to come undone, legs uncontrollably shaking as you come all over his length.
Draco grunts, pounding into you as he fights to get to his release. It was sure to have you bruised. Your walls clench hard, squeezing him hard. And then he cums.
Profanities of all sorts leaving him as he spills every last inside of you. Making sure to make you filled up with him cum.
You're delighted to let him do so.
He presses a kiss up to your forehead, inspecting his work. He pulls out slowly, lowly groaning as his cum leaks out from you and onto his tip. Quickly, two of his fingers collect the white sin and shove into your mouth. You suck them clean, giggling as he watches you with covet. Sound, sight, taste— perfect.
Pornographic. Erotic.
A sweet kind of exhaustion passes by. But then he holds you up, supports your entire weight by himself.
"We're far from done, love. Don't even think about getting home tonight yeah?"
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thequirkyotter · 2 days ago
when you finish reading that slow burn mutual pining 300k words 40 chapter fic that had you deeply emotionally invested in it for what feels like forever and you don’t know what to do with yourself anymore so you just sit there like:
Tumblr media
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m-rachlan · 2 days ago
When I'm not thinking about slow burn shit between characters that should be together, I'm thinking about the slow burn between my ideal version of myself and a character that deserved better
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myobsessionofthemonth · 2 days ago
Robot.. Romance?
Tumblr media
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Warnings: Fluff, Swearing
Word Count: 5.9k
Summary: When the BAU girls hatch a plan one drunken night to investigate whether Dr. Spencer Reid is a robot, it leads to awkward moments, flirting and a bit of match making.
A/N: hi! this is my first official fic on my account. I’d love to see what you think but requests are open for whoever and whatever since this is a multi-muse! hope you enjoy it <3
═══*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═══
“Impossible” You couldn’t even believe you were having this conversation. With the chief of BAU nonetheless. “It doesn’t even make sense”
Emily’s eyes were wide “Doesn’t it? He has terrible fashion sense-“ you actually liked his vests and ties, come on, they were cute “-his awkward dance moves-” not everyone was a born dancer “-and lastly. When have we ever seen him.. in water?” .. you had no response to that one.
JJ piped in, who had been silent for most of the conversation, “But him being a robot? That’s a little far-fetched even for me.”
Finally someone with some common sense!
“And she believes that John F. Kennedy’s death had something to do with an umbrella,” Tara sighed.
You rushed to disapprove, leaning forward, your drink sloshing onto the table by the sudden movement you made, fuelled by the conviction you felt, “That’s because it did! There’s evidence!”
She rubbed her eyes, not being able to recall how many times they’ve had this same variant of conversation “Of what? From who? Conspiracists?”
“The internet!” JJ huffed.
“Oh sure, because that’s a reliable source” This always happened. This time they’ve decided to go on a well-deserved girls night out, their schedules were as clear as they could be, and it felt great to finally let loose. You liked to put up a front, but the case you had just been previously assigned that the team solved the other night, hit you hard.
They always did. So it was amazing to relax, relaxing ended up being six rounds of cocktails and throwing bar peanuts into each other’s mouths, but it was therapeutic.
You slammed your drink down (luckily now empty so no more unfortunate spillage) “Penelope hack the government! The people need to know the truth!”
JJ and Garcia cheered in support.
Tara placed her hand on yours, giving it a comforting pat, “Y/N, we are the government.”
“Wait, we’re the government? — w oah you have such soft hands.”
Emily clapped her hands “Enough nonsense, let’s get back onto the serious topic at hand. That Dr Spencer Reid is a robot.”
“Don’t ‘Em’ me. I know the law and that includes the freedom of speech.”
JJ groaned, “Okay. I’m way too tipsy to recite the laws-“
“- I’m not! You have the right to remain silent. You do not have to answer-“ You rambled.
“-Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should be lovely.”
“Oh right”
“Anywayyy” Emily whined, “If you guys don’t believe me, we’re just going to have to prove it.”
“How is she the Head of the BAU again?” Tara smiled.
Penelope giggled, “It’s because she’s the most competent out of all the incompetent idiots she’s the chief of.”
“So how will we prove our Spencer is a robot?” You chimed in.
JJ smirked, “Our Spencer, or your Spencer?”
Your cheeks suddenly became warm. You blamed it on the alcohol. “Of course not.”
“Don’t you worry your pretty little heads about how to prove it.” Garcia grinned. In books, you had always critiqued whenever they said a glint appeared in someone’s eye, but you take back every criticism. The shine you saw in her eyes was terrifying. And it was directed completely at you. “I have just the plan.”
“Have I ever told you that you have no understanding of privacy?” You sighed, throwing an arm over your eyes. You were currently lying on top of your own bed while Emily rooted through your own closet.
She laughed, “Yes. Multiple times”
“And yet.”
“Yet, you let me anyway.”
“And yet I let you anyway” You repeated sadly.
You removed your arm and pushed yourself up to watch her scramble through your racks of clothes. You had some dimes in there, but most are comfortable clothes for travelling with the team or smart clothes for when handling cases.
“Aha!” Emily pulled out a hanger, adorning the worst sweater you had ever bought “This is perfect.”
You scrunched up your nose “That is ugly. Like, Ugly ugly.”
“That’s why it’s perfect.”
“Why are we doing this again?” You had a killer hangover from last night and the pounding in your head wasn’t getting any easier with Tornado Prentiss around.
“We’re picking out two outfits: one as attractive as me, aka. Woah, she’s so hot I just want to tear off that outfit right here and now.” She lifts one of your favourite tops, it’s a lilac purple flowy blouse, with a serious cleavage cut.
The colour did compliment your skin tone wonderfully if I did say so yourself.
“And the second outfit is attractive as a buck naked grandma that does not know what the hell a razor is.” It was a sweater you bought years ago for an ugly sweater day while you were still making your way up the ranks of the FBI. The sleeves were longer than they should have been, from you pulling at the material relentlessly.
In your defence, it had been your first official gathering with a group of people from the FBI outside the building, if you were sweating like a pig, and nervous to meet the infamous BAU team for the first time, no one could say a thing.
“Seriously?! Ew Emily, ew”
Emily placed the hangers on the bed and smoothed out any creases. “Step one in the ISRAR plan, complete. Step two, in action”
You’re almost scared to ask “ISRAR?”
“Is Spencer Reid A Robot Plan. Keep up Y/N”
You get up off the bed, if you can’t beat them (Emily), join Em. (Literally Em). “Sure, whatever”
Garcia had already sent you plans on a very intricate mind map which should not look as professional and as well thought out as it did. Especially when she had complained about being bed-bound with a hangover.
Click and Click
You took pictures of them both and prepared to send them to Spencer. “This is so stupid. How does this prove he’s a robot in any way?”
“One, it’s not stupid, your smile proves that. Two, robots have no sense of style. Everyone knows that”
The thing you hated most was that it kinda made sense “I regret everything about this, this is what I get for splitting two for one cocktail with you.”
Emily rolled her eyes “Fine, let me type it up then”
You held your phone to your chest “No way, I’m never letting you near my phone again”
“The Hotch thing was one time. Let it go”
You ignored her and instead focused on your text.
Dr Spencer Who
hi! um. this probably seems a little weird but you’re my last option aha, the girls are probably still blacked out from last night!
i was just wondering if you’d offer me some advice on something. nw if not!
delivered 2 mins ago. read now. 2:59 pm
Hey Y/N. It’s no problem really. I’d be happy to lend you any advice. But if it’s to do with girls Morgan would probably be better to ask. - Spencer
delivered now. read now. 3:01pm
trust me I’d prefer to ask you this than him lol! thank you for the help. much appreciated x
[attached two images]
was just wondering what top you think would suit me better! I’m useless at this stuff hah
delivered now. read now. 3:02pm
Oh. Isn’t there anyone else to ask? This seems important to you and I don’t want to mess it up for you. Style? Not my best strong suit - Spencer
delivered now. read now. 3:06pm
in the sweetest way possible, ur my last option, please spence. I’ll be happy with whatever you choose. promise you :)
delivered now. read now. 3:08pm
Okay. No pressure? Haha
Is this for a potential meeting?
Of two people
That’s romantic?
Because that would be cool ha
But If you wanna keep that private! That’s okay too!
Not saying there was a right to share it with me anyway.
So, yeah - Spencer
delivered now. read now. 3:11pm
Dr. Reid are you asking me if I’m going on a date?
delivered now. read now. 3:14pm
I think so.
I mean yeah - Spencer
delivered now. read now. 3:15pm
it’s not for a date reid
delivered now. read now. 3:15pm
Not good as in. Good, good. Like, good for me.
Not good for me in that way. Like easier for me.
To pick an outfit for.
Less pressure for me. - Spencer
delivered now. read now. 3:17pm
i understand don’t worry haha!
so um, an answer yet..?
delivered now. read now. 3:17pm
The jumper is the best choice.
It’s supposed to be cold this week. - Spencer
delivered now. read now. 3:19pm
okay! thank you so much !! much appreciated! x
delivered now. read now. 3:25pm
No problem. Anytime. x
Emily brought the phone closer to her face in disbelief “I was mostly joking, but he could seriously be a robot. How could anyone think that sweater looked cute? How?”
You shrug “I just know to never ask him for fashion advice again”
“Can’t believe you got a kiss, though.” She smirked, winking at you. “Pretty special, hey.”
You flopped back down on the bed, groaning “Shut uppppp. He’s just being friendly”
Despite that. It made you smile fondly at it later on in bed.
“Are you sure about this?”
“Y/N, for the thousandth upon thousandth times, yes” Penelope laughed, tucking a piece of fallen hair out of your face.
“I can’t even stare at him too long without.. doesn’t matter. How am I meant to do this?” Your hand was fidgeting with the bottom of your shirt, a terrible habit. Your mum had told you plenty of times you needed to stop otherwise you’d ruin everything you owned.
Garcia gave you a reassuring smile “It’s easy. Plus he never takes his eyes off you anyway so it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for him” she said.
“Enough joking. I think the computer radiation is getting to your head” You playfully nudge her shoulder. You were currently in her Batcave, as she liked to call it, and discussing phase two in her plan.
“Why is it me again?”
“Tara refuses to join in on this, even if she’s loving every minute and JJ is currently off, she’s taken a few days off with the boys. Apparently, a school virus has gone around and they asked for her to stay.”
You placed your hand on your hips “Emily?”
“She’s too competitive, and she’d cheat to win”
Couldn’t argue with that logic.
“I’d end up letting Spence win, I couldn’t dare to make my puppy boy sad!”
“Therefore it falls onto me. Fine, I get it. Just.. next time can it be someone else?”
“Yeah, yeah, now go win this!”
You leave the cave. Okay subconscious, that sounded really cool. Y/N, superhero, guardian of the Cave.
— Also an FBI agent who is currently testing if her co-worker is a robot. Maybe you should stop reading so much science-fiction, it’s getting to your head.
You find Spencer at his desk, fiddling with some toy while reading a case file. You couldn’t exactly see his face since it was so buried into the folder, but the curls you could recognise anywhere.
“Pretty boy!” You called with a grin.
Spencer popped his head up and blinked. Morgan mostly called him that when he wanted to rile him up or embarrass him so it was strange to hear it coming out of your mouth.
He furrowed his eyebrows “Y/N?”
You stopped in front of his desk, placing a hand on either side and leaning down “You, Me, let’s go right now.”
Spencer’s lips parted, he looked more confused than anything. You talked to him plenty, and even offered to play a chess game with him once or twice but you’d never broached a subject like this before.
“Y-You? With me? Y/N, I’m afraid I don’t understand.”
You could see why Penelope didn’t want to do this now. He looked utterly puppy-like when he was clueless.
“Let’s have a staring contest”
The dip in his brow only deepened, and his lip turned upwards “A staring contest? Now?”
You squared your shoulders “Yes, now. Unless you’re afraid to lose?” You couldn’t help but think you sounded completely foolish, I mean.. FBI Agents here, like, hello. Yet you were still smiling brightly anyhow.
The next step in our plan.. you can’t believe you referred to it as our, was to see if he would win at a staring contest. Technically, If he wasn’t human, he didn’t need to blink. Not exactly sound logic, but the best Garcia had at the moment.
Here’s to hoping you aren’t shitty at staring contests.
“Do you have a fever?” He sounded so genuine you laughed. Spencer looked torn between touching your forehead for a temperature or keeping germs at bay.
“I’m tip-top health, don’t you worry Doctor” You found his concern sweet. “Now, are we going to duel or are you going to back down? Warning, I don’t think your ego would ever recover”
Spencer pushes himself up off the chair and leans forward so you were eye level. Goddamn did he have the prettiest eyes you’ve ever seen. If you could capture the colour and surround yourself with it whenever you went forever you would.
Spencer can’t contain a smile “My ego is going to be just fine, don’t you fret Y/N. I have eyes of steel” You snort, “I’ll have you know, I have a streak that has not been broken since middle school. That’s all I have to say.”
You click your knuckles “All I have to say is that I’m happy to be the one to break it.”
“Ready?” Reid narrows his eyes
You nod “Ready. Three, two, one… go.”
His eyes zone completely onto yours. You know it’s just part of the challenge but you can’t help but feel flushed. His gaze is so intense you feel like you’re the only thing that matters in the room to him.
Obviously, that’s not the case, but in this excuse to simply stare at him shamelessly, you let yourself believe, even for a minute, that he looking for more than just a win.
Your eyes begin to burn but you resist the urge to blink. Emily is not the only one who has a competitive streak.
“Hey guys,” You recognise Luke’s voice but you don’t look away “Uh. Hello?” He walks to join you guys at the desk. He raises his hand to wave in front of your face but before he gets the chance Spencer’s arm snaps forward and stops Luke’s hand.
Okay. That was a little hot.
A lot hot.
“Dude what the hell?!” Luke pulls his hand back to his chest, torn between looking confused and impressed.
“Staring contest. Gotta win. Got a reputation to uphold.” Spencer mumbles, his gaze never once leaving yours. If you feel the hairs on the back of your neck prickle, no you don’t.
Luke just nods, “Uh-huh. Why am I not surprised?”
“What do you need Lukey?” You ask, hoping to distract yourself from the burning need to blink.
Spencer’s eyes narrow, “Lukey?”
“It’s a stupid little nickname she won’t drop even though I’ve begged her to stop. It doesn’t exactly strike fear into the hearts that hear it, y’know?”
You click your tongue, “You love it really,” —
A pot of pens tumbles to the ground, creating a clattering noise loud enough to startle you into blinking.
At first, you felt immense relief, and then a wave of displeasure at actually losing (even though that was the whole point) and then confusion.
You glance at the stationary scatted on the floor, then to a sheepish looking Spencer. “Sorry about that”
Your mouth slowly gapes open, “you cheated!”
“Wha— no I didn’t!” he immediately goes on the defensive. “It was an accident!”
“Accident my arse,” you grumble, “now I know how you won that championship, with dirty tricks and cheap lies. I’ll remember this.”
“I—“ Luke throws a pointed thumb over his shoulder, “should I come back later?”
“No!” You both huff.
“I should get going anyway, Garcia needs me in the cave — her computer room. See you later Lukey” you say, still feeling a little flustered deep down from a certain doctors gaze.
You turn to Spencer and jab him lightly in the chest, “We’ll have a rematch one day. And I’ll win.”
Spencer just stands speechless for a moment before his lip curls into a little smile, “Can’t wait”
You nod and begin to strut away.
You make it a couple of metres before sighing and turn back around, Luke’s and Reid’s conversation slowly drifts off as you approach again.
“Pretend I’m not even here,” You mutter, crouching down and picking up the discarded stationery and putting it back into the pot, it would have bugged you if you left it. Even if it made you lose by default.
You stand back up, place the pot back on the desk before stalking back off, leaving the boys looking amused.
Garcia ponders, “What else do robots do?”
Tara hums, “.. Can robots do the robot?”
Y/N snickers, “Now we’re asking the right questions”
JJ offers, “They know things impossibly fast?”
Emily groans, “Isn’t that Reid’s whole personality?”
“Doesn’t that just further prove the point that Reid is a robot?” Tara shrugs, fiddling with a pen she found on the lunchroom table. It seems like this operation has garnered weekly meetings.
Garcia pouts, “I guess so but that doesn’t really help.” She’s currently picking apart her croissant, the last case had hit too close to him for her so they were all trying to indulge her in an attempt to distract her.
“That’s with information though, right? He can’t possibly know every equation heart by heart?”
She brightens, “that’s true.”
“So, all we have to do is find an equation that isn’t too possible but isn’t too easy.” Emily strokes her chin in thought, again you would like to add that sometimes even you’re confused about how she’s top boss.
“Eight times eight?” You throw out
They all turn and look at you. You smile awkwardly, “What too easy?”
JJ laughs, patting your hand, “Close but I was thinking more along the lines of one hundred and eighty-four times seven.”
Tara rolls her eyes, she knew Reid was a genius but even that has limits “Come on, no one can figure that out quickly.”
“Spence can” You fully believe he’s a human super computer. Perhaps that’s why thinking he’s a robot isn’t that difficult. A very very cute robot.
Tara scoffs.
Emily clears her throat and shouts over to Spencer who’s at his desk, “Reid! What’s one hundred and eight-four times seven?” She calls out.
“One thousand, two hundred and eighty-eight.” He doesn’t even look up from his file.
Tara purses his lips, “Fair enough”
You half-absently hum along to the chatter in the background, the plan was fun but it was starting to get a little ridiculous. Currently, the only thing that was on your mind was what swimwear you were going to choose.
You were in Emily’s apartment, true to her, they all had their own glasses of wine scattered about and Sergio was planted right on the window-sill, hissing below at anyone wearing a funky hat.
Tip to yourself; never wear a hat around him. It was scary.
There was a one-piece in your right hand, it was light pastel pink, with little strawberries scattered about. It was cute, and appropriate, but also a little worn. You had gotten it a couple of years ago on your first holiday and you were a fan of it ever since.
But— on the other hand, you had a light two-piece. It was classic black, with straps that wrapped nicely around your waist, that tied into a little bow. It accentuates your figure and frankly, it does make you feel confident but it seems a little much for a pool party at Rossi’s.
It’s just sad you never seem to have another occasion to wear it. It's a reminder that you really need to go out more — and potentially book a holiday while you’re at it.
Again it’s just sad that most of your friends are people you work with. Who also don’t go out much.
As much as you’re humming and harring about what You were going to wear, You knew you were just going to play it safe anyway.
“What do you think Y/N?” JJ asks, lightly placing a hand on your arm to bring you back into the conversation.
You blink, how long had you been zoned out. Emily’s glass was now empty but that didn’t give her a great time scale, “I think..” you winced as you said it “yeah?”
The risk of agreeing to whatever crazy plan they had concocted up was worth it if it meant you didn’t have to hear it all over again. You already thought about Reid far more than what was considered professional and this was not helping.
You just couldn’t get his baby brown eyes out of your head.
Tara raised a brow in disbelief, “Really?”
Meanwhile, Garcia clapped her hands in delight.
“Sure, why not?” The question wasn’t as rhetorical as you wanted. Could someone please answer why they shouldn’t do whatever they wanna do? Then potentially fill her in on the rest of it while they were at it.
Seeing the expression on each of their faces gave you an inkling that maybe you should have listened.
Yep. Yeah. You should have 100% listened. You’re never going to forgive them — forgive yourself more likely. You couldn’t do this.
You breathe heavily, “Am I going to throw up? I think I’m going to throw up”
JJ shushes you as she ties your bikini up again, “You’re not going to throw up. You look jaw-dropping and you should own it. In fact.. if I wasn’t a married woman—“ she trails off and winks up at you in the bathroom mirror.
( Or one of them, really how does many bathroom’s does one man need. Though you shouldn’t and don’t expect anything less from the almighty Rossi. )
They managed to get you changed into option two, into the ( impossible one with straps.) black one. Apparently seeing a pretty lady, as they phrased it, in something sexy would cause Spencer to short circuit. It didn’t make sense but the girls never saw sense.
You really wanted to be at home right now — or in the cute pink swimwear you were used to
You laugh and feel your nerves ease a little, “Do I have to do this?” Your knuckles were turning white from how tightly you were gripping the sink.
“I mean of course not,” JJ says rubbing you back, clearly sensing how on edge you were — it didn’t take a genius or a BAU member to figure that out, “You don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.”
You sigh, “But?”
“But, the girls will never let you live it down.”
You know she’d never judge you if you didn’t do it, and neither would the girls really — even if they’d tease a little, but you had to do it. You wanted to do it.
“Okay.” You nod, steeling yourself. You might be being a tad dramatic. Once a drama major, always a drama major.
She pats you on the back, “I’m going you give you some peace and check on the boys, but I brought a backup bikini in my bag that I’m going to leave right here if you need it..”
“Thank you, Jay” You smile at her through the reflection. She pushes up onto her tippy toes and kisses your cheek before winking again and leaving the room.
You turn on the tap and splash some cold water on your face. The water wakes you up a little and you straighten your shoulders. “I can do this” You mutter.
Your eyes wander to JJ’s bag, “or maybe I can’t.”
“I can do this” You repeat, the flip-flopping from your shoes on the marble stairs matching the beat of your heart. You make a left — you finally learnt the ways of the house, even though it took months — and brought yourself to the kitchen.
You hum softly as a whiff of food hits you, you immediately spot Rossi cooking away with his infamous pasta, “This smell’s delicious.”
Rossi jumps to attention at your voice and his eyes soften once they reach you, “Buttercup! How nice of you to finally join us,” he motions for you to join him at the cooker.
You awkwardly tuck a strand of hair behind your ear, and force a little chuckle, “Yeah, sorry about shooting off straight to the bathroom. Just needed a moment.” You do as he says and shuffle over, there’s pasta softening in the pots and a sauce bubbling away. If you knew anything about Rossi it’s that all this would be homemade and his own recipe.
“I’m only teasing darling. You look Bellissima,” He appraises, and all the nerves in you just melt away. There’s always been something about him that made you relax, whether it’s now or when you’re driving yourself nuts trying to piece together a clue.
“Thank you,” you say softly, before nodding to food, “is there anything I can help you with?”
“No, no this is my kingdom. Nothing better than cooking a homemade lunch for my family, especially with some beautiful weather and a bit of Tom Jones playing in the background.” He stirs the pot before pointing the spoon, “Now, stop fussing about in here and join the party outside. Try and get around at the ping pong table before Morgan and Pren break it.”
“You Sir” You laugh, before saluting him off, behind your back he rolls his eyes fondly.
As you step into the garden you forget what you had ever been nervous about. Suddenly Tara appears at your side, “Ready babe?”
Something flutters in your stomach but it’s excitement more than anything. “Always,” You grin, before spotting some very mopped curls and shooting off. Morgan was currently speaking to Spencer who had his back to you.
Morgan spots you first and produces his best wolf whistle yet, he places a hand on his heart and looks like a proud brother. You don’t know if you should find it sweet, or a little icky but you laugh anyway and flip him off.
Intrigued, Reid turns around just as you reach him. Whatever he was going to say died immediately as he took you in. His ears burn red and all you can do is giggle at his expression.
“I— you,” he stutters, suddenly forgetting how his tongue worked, or how his brain works or his mouth or anything, “pretty..” is what ends up tumbling out.
You feel your cheeks start to heat and somehow that was one of the cutest things he’s ever said to you, you look down to collect yourself, before your flick your eyes back up and smile sweetly, “Thank you, Spence.”
He was in yellow shorts with a white button-up, some would question it but you just smile wider, “You don’t look bad yourself”
Spencer only turned redder, “I- thanks. Um, you look more than pretty but uh, forgive me my brains kinda gone on holiday.”
“Christ Kid, this is like watching a bad car crash” Morgan cringes, looking between you two.
You chuckle while Spence shrinks further into himself. “Be nice,” You chastise.
Morgan puts his hand up in surrender. “Anyway I just came over to ask if either of you wanna drink, I’m gonna go fix myself a drink myself, so I thought I’d ask,” You huff.
“Yeah sure,” Morgan smirks, “That’s all you came over for isn’t it-“ You glare at him and put your hands on your hips. “- okay, or not, whatever” he laughs.
“I- drinks sound good.” Spencer finally pipes up.
You bite your lip, trying not to laugh — he looked so clueless. God he had no idea how to act around the opposite sex, “Okay.”
“I’ll get us the drinks, one minute I’ll just-“ He moves over to the left, his eyes trying not to stay on one part of you for too long, “I’ll just be over heRE- he trips over his own feet and stumbles into the pool.
You squeal away from the splash and stare wide-eyed at the pool. Everyone has suddenly gone quiet and you slap a hand over your mouth but everyone could hear your relentless giggles.
Emily pumps a fist into the air, “He isn’t a robot! He can go in the water!”
All the girls cheer while you cover your face in embarrassment.
You carry a fresh fluffy towel over to where Spencer has plopped himself down. He looks like a sad puppy all alone on the day bed. The now soaking button-up is stuck uncomfortably to his skin.
“I brought gifts,” You whooped, lifting the towels in a sign of peace. You had also found the cover-up you had brought along, it was basically a glorified long shirt.
Spencer looks up at you through his eyelash and you can’t help but admire how beautiful he looks, sopping curls or no sopping curls. “Thank you Y/N”
“No problem, I was uh,” You hated how this felt like a schoolyard crush all over again, “I was at fault a little, least’ I could do.”
He offered a small smile, “It wasn’t I was just a little.. distracted. My fault.”
“No,” You paused to run a hand through your hair, the feel of tendrils between your fingers calmed you, “I mean, everything. I’ve been a little weird recently. I’m sorry about that.. it was just.. something dumb with the girls.”
Spencer resists the urge to smile and shakes his head, “truly it’s fine.” — it only makes you feel all that worse, you’ve probably been making a show of yourself and him.
“I can’t believe I thought you were a robot.”
His nose scrunches up, “Wha?— how? why”
You suddenly feel embarrassed, you can’t believe the girls had managed to keep this gag going on for so long, and get away scot-free. Leave it to them to make you do all the dirty work.
“Well, um. Robot’s don’t have the best sense of fashion.” You start tugging on the bottom of your shirt, old habits die hard.
Spencer frown’s a little, “But I thought my vests were-“
“No no! I love your vests! And your ties! They’re cute.” You rush. You weren’t lying, he always looks so soft and comfortable and you’ve always imagined lounging about on the sofa in one of his cardigans snuggled down reading a book. It seemed perfect.
His spirits brighten, “You think they’re cute?”
“Um, yeah I do. I like your purple ties.” You mumble sheepishly. The number of times you wanted to fiddle with them during a case was unbelievable.
“They’re my favourite!”
“No way!” The sight of him smiling in the sun only swelled the longing you already felt. He looked so blissful, and completely himself. Spencer laughed and you followed soon after.
“Also the staring contest was part of it. But, the results were inconclusive because someone cheated,” You point a finger in his direction.
Reid dared to look insulted, “I didn’t cheat! You’re just a sore loser.”
You gasp, “You did not just say that.”
“Says the one who just told me you guys based an entire experiment on me!” His smile slowly slipped as he noticed the expression on your face. Trust him to screw this up.
“Spence.. -“ It started as a fun topic but you didn't want him to think you think that’s all he is; an object to pass the time. He was a real person, not some science experiment. Your feelings for him were also real. As much as you wished they weren't.
Reid wanted to reach out, comfort you. All he wanted to do was smooth the lines between your brows and make you smile at him in the way you only do for him. He wasn't aware of it until Hotch pointed it out one day, and ever since then his life goal was to get you to do it every day for the rest of his life.
“No, no.. Y/N I was only teasing. Don’t feel bad, please. God, I’m such an idiot.” It was all well and good saying how he felt in his head but he could never seem to form comprehensible sentences around you. He ended up always sounding like an idiot.
You chewed on your lip, “It’s not that it’s just..”
The words refused to leave your tongue.
Spencer motioned for you to sit beside him. You settled yourself down and released a breath, “I’m sorry.”
He scanned your face for a moment, it felt like the staring contest all over again but this time you were sat with only inches between you. He says the next words with such resolve it made your heart skip a beat, “I’m not.”
He was finally doing it, he was finally offering you into his mind. It was scary and brilliant.
You gulp, “You’re not?”
“No. I’m not. Whatever was going on — lead to you spending more time with me so I don’t think it’s something to be apologising about.” His eyes are heartfelt. But his tone — it’s soft and almost a whisper. As if he spoke any louder he’d spook you off. Gentle like a promise, something he doesn’t wanna break.
You accidentally brush your shoulder with his, the touch was light as a feather, but within seconds goosebumps had erupted and scattered all over your skin.
You were almost too scared to ask, “why?”
Your throat was dry, but your palms felt sweaty and your cheeks were hot but you felt cold to the touch all over. You couldn't give yourself hope.
Spencer inhales and closes his eyes, just for a moment. He wanted to see you when he finally admitted what had been clawing at his heart.
He opens his eyes to gaze into your own and you've never felt so vulnerable, he was looking at you like he could see every emotion you were feeling on your face. He probably could.
Spencer leans into you, “I like spending time with you." I, I like you.”
Finally, it was out there.
A beaming smile broke out from your lips, “I like you too Spencer. I do,” You nod frantically like you had to prove it, “I have done for a very long time.”
A laugh of disbelief trickled out of him.
There's that smile.. he thought.
You slowly lean forward and pressed your lips to his. In that kiss was the sweetness of passion, a million loving thoughts condensed into a moment. His hand raised to press against your cheek and bring you impossibly closer.
It probably wasn’t the greatest kiss you had ever given, you couldn’t stop smiling. Your noses kept knocking into each other’s and giggles kept tumbling out. But you felt impossibly happy.
Suddenly shouts exploded around them, clapping, whistles- you name it. You pulled away and felt love in every inch of your heart. You turn to Spencer and smile, `'Definitely not a robot."
═══*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═══
Emily watches them from afar, a proud look set on her face. She was warm inside and out; wine, music, and being surrounded by her loved ones? it was truly the perfect evening. Spencer and Y/N couldn't keep their hands off each other.
Aaron approaches her from behind, instinctively wrapping his hands around her waist and pulling her into him. Emily hum's happily and leans her head against his chest.
Aaron smiles into her hair, "Emily Prentiss, I'll never doubt your matchmaking skills again."
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sncinder · a day ago
Tumblr media
‘He felt her lower herself to the ground before him, her head level with his own, before tender hands had grasped either side of his face, raising it to meet hers.“You aren’t going to lose me, Azriel.”
Elriel from Chapter 13 of @rhysanoodle ‘s wonderful fic The Night We Met
Enjoy! <3
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calmchapsart · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A short comic of my favourite scene from the lovely @calcium-cat from their fic One Small Dream plus bonus ducky Dream
Still trying to figure out how to comic. But it’s such a fun fic
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ao3commentoftheday · 12 hours ago
video description: the screen shows the AO3 new work posting form, zoomed in on the title. The cursor pauses with no text in the box. Audio begins to play. "Don't you feel silly?" As the voice speaks, the title box is filled with question marks.
The view changes to the body of the work. We see the word The with the cursor flashing after it. The voice says, "Don't you feel stupid?"
The view changes a third time and we see the cursor in the Additional Tags field. The author slowly types "help". The voice, with music behind it, says "Don't you feel a little ashamed?"
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that-squishy-robot · 2 days ago
Another idea of a no one has seen Din’s face AU. Din just lies to everyone about his age.
Luke: Does anyone actually know how old Din is?
Boba: He told me he was fifty three.
Cara: What? He told me he was forty two.
Fennec: Forty two? He told me he was twenty three.
Han: You’re all waaaaay off. Grogu’s fifty, and Din told Leia and me that he’s three hundred and sixty.
Luke…. Do you…. Do you think Din is Grogu’s biological father?
Han: Why else would he tote that little Monster around? This whole time Leia and I have been trying to figure out why you have a crush on a six foot tall green alien with big ears. Leia thinks it’s some messed up form of Daddy issues because of Yoda.
Luke: I…. I need to go lay down.
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birdybomb · a day ago
Tumblr media
Twitter Sk8 Bang collaboration~ I’m excited I finally get to post this! I worked with CrzAngel96 on Twitter for this piece.
Check out the fic that goes with this art on AO3! It’s very funny and sweet, they were a fun partner to work with. Once Upon a Dream by CrzA (SFW//Renga) (link in notes)
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thebluewritingbench · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I'll Be Your West Coast, Honey
Read chapter one on ao3
“So let me get this straight,” Sam says, grinning and leaning back against Lena’s desk. “You’re going on a destination-less road trip with Kara, and only Kara, for two weeks?”
“That is the plan, yes,” Lena says, half distracted by the endless stream of emails in her inbox.
“So, you’re telling me you’re spending two weeks confined to a car with Kara Danvers and no one else as a buffer. Just you and Kara, alone together for two weeks. And this is why you need me to temporarily take over as CEO.”
“Yes, Sam.”
Sam bursts out laughing. She holds up a hand, trying to suppress it, but then something in Lena’s expression sets her off again and she’s wheezing. Lena watches in bewilderment as she wipes the corners of her eyes. “Oh honey. You are absolutely fucked.”
With L-Corp in chaos and Lena on the verge of a mental breakdown, Kara proposes an escape: a road trip up the West Coast. The only problem? It's just the two of them and a car on the road for two weeks, and it's getting increasingly difficult for Lena to deny the fact that she's maybe, slightly, desperately in love with her best friend.
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Summary: Well. well. October's here (not yet). And with that obviously kinktober comes. So here's the masterlist of the things that you might see this month. Most of this is porn without plot.
Warning(s): The fics are going to be dark and they're pure smut, to avoid them block #nsfw•belly #dark•belly #belly's kinktober index. Any warnings other than the ones mentioned below will be specified in each work.
Taglist: I'm only going to do taglist for this month. Fill out this form to be added to the list. You can also send an ask or message me privately.
Note: None of the writings have any definite date or order. They can be posted on any day in any sequence.
i. Sculptured || D.M || Blood Kink/Knifeplay
ii. My Little Pet || S.B || Dubcon
iii. Libido || D.M || Stepcest/Ddlg
iv. Delighted || D.M || Cockwarming
v. Possession || J.P R.L S.B || Voyeurism/Ddlg
vi. Adore You || J.P || Squirting
vii. Pumpkin || D.M || Dacryphilia/Dumbification
viii. Damn Pride || D.M || Bdsm
ix. Deadly Isn't It || T.N || Spanking/Mirror Sex
x. Fuckdoll || J.P R.L S.B || Multiple Penetration
xi. Beautiful || D.M || Size Kink/Creampie
xii. Mine || D.M || Ownership
tagging moots i simp for to boost this— 🏷️
@ameliasbitvh @angel4you @just-a-smol-spoon @wolfstar-lb @noceurwhore @dr4cking @dracossweetprincess @mauvea @littlemissnoname13 @pansyspet @youreso-golden @malfoygal @saintlike78 @o-rion-sta-r @selenesheart @eunoniaa @peppers-analytics @sapphxire @fawneii @dlmmdl @b-aobao
please know that this is in no particular order. i added the people who i thought would be comfortable with reblogging this. let me know if you want to be removed.
(the index is inspired by behind locked doors series by @acosmis-t)
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Watch me
Summary: You try to tease the Mandalorian after taking a skinny dip in the lake. He's not having it.
Pairing: Din Djarin x fem. Reader
Wordcount: 1.8k
Rating: explicit (18+ only)
Warnings: teasing, some dirty talk, masturbation (F), a hint of breeding kink
A/N: The biggest thanks to @the-scandalorian for betaing this hot mess 💜
follow @toomanystoriessolittletime-fics to get notified when I post new fics
Tumblr media
It was so kriffing hot.
This was supposed to be a quick journey. The bounty was already frozen in carbonite, and you were on your way back. That was until Mando had to do an emergency landing on this god forsaken planet because the Crest had some issue—something complicated sounding that you didn’t really listen to. You weren’t a mechanic, so you weren’t a big help anyways.
He set the ship down close to a little lake but the heat… You weren’t meant to live in temperatures like that. You could only take so many clothes off to cool down.
Mando had been gone for almost two hours—well, not gone. You could hear him outside working on the ship.
“Mando?” you stepped out of the ship, only wearing a shirt, your underwear beneath.
He came into view, still somehow in his full armor despite the oppressive heat. He stopped as he saw you. “Yes?”
“Is there anything in there that can kill me?” you asked as you nodded to the little lake.
He continued to look at you for a moment before he walked over, standing at the edge of the still water.
“98% sure that you won’t get eaten,” he said after a while.
“98%?” you asked, an eyebrow raised.
“I’ll keep an eye out for you,” he said as he turned around to walk back to the ship.
Rolling your eyes, you sighed at his deadpan humor. Mando and you had… an agreement. You could travel with him to help him take down bounties, take care of the child who was with Karga on Nevarro at the moment, and he got to… take out his frustrations on you—to work through them in a way that was mutually beneficial.
It was you who had the idea in the first place, mostly because you were really interested to find out what was underneath all that metal. What had started as a way to combat the loneliness of the universe grew to something more complex in a short time.
But you both refused to acknowledge that.
Instead of talking, you teased each other relentlessly... until Mando snapped. Then, he wouldn’t take his hands off of you until you were crying his name deep into the darkness of his cot.
You shook your head in exasperation before you pulled off your shirt.
Due to the lack of a bathing suit you wanted to stay in your underwear but maybe, just maybe it was too hot for even this little clothing. If this could get a reaction out of the Mandalorian it was purely accidental and totally not intended.
Risking a glance over your shoulder you saw Mando with his back turned to you as you took off your underwear, some tool in his hand as he worked on the outside of the ship. Letting your underwear fall to the ground you slowly tiptoed toward the water, releasing a sigh when you felt the cool water.
When you were in the water up to your knees you heard a noise behind you.
You turned your head to look over your shoulder at Mando, who was standing next to the Crest. His visor was fixed on you as you, the tool that had been in his hands on the ground. You winked at him with a smirk before you got fully into the water.
It was heavenly. The three suns of the planet heated the air while you were floating in the cool water of the lake. You hoped Mando would repair whatever broke on the ship quickly so you could get back into the cool of hyperspace. Or space. It didn’t matter as long as it cooled down again.
You didn’t know how long you were in the water when you heard footsteps behind you.
“I finished the repairs. I’m gonna head into the ship and clean some weapons until you’re ready,” Mando said.
You looked up at him, swimming towards him. “Or you could join me in here?” you proposed. You were submerged in the water from the swell of your breasts down, and you could practically feel his eyes on you behind the glass of his visor.
He sighed. “I’ll wait for you inside,” and with that, he turned around.
Tumblr media
A half hour later, you emerged from the water, not bothering to get your underwear on, just pulling the shirt over your head. You walked up to the ship, finding Mando sitting at the little table where you took your meals, at least four of his weapons laid out and disassembled in front of him. He looked up when you entered.
He had taken off all his beskar save for his helmet, his feet bare, his pants rolled up. He was wearing a shirt instead of the flight suit he usually wore, and you were overwhelmed with the amount of skin on display.
You swallowed. “I’m finished, we’re good to go,” you said quietly.
He gave you a nod. “I’m going to finish cleaning these and then we can take off.”
“I’m going for a quick shower then.”
“More water?” he asked, and you smiled.
“Gotta wash off the lake,” you winked before you turned around.
When you got out of the fresher, he was still sitting there, cleaning his weapons. He looked up when he heard your footsteps.
“Stealing one of my shirts again I see?” he said.
“They’re perfect to lazy around in,” you shrugged as you climbed into this cot with your holopad. From there, you had a perfect view of him sitting at the table. You searched for the story you had been reading.  When you located it, you leaned against the wall and began to read.
It was comfortable silence—and only interrupted by Mando setting parts of his weapons down to pick up a new one to clean. Soon the story you were reading got boring. Watching Mando’s gloveless hands work dexterously on his intricate weapons was way more interesting.
His fingers were thick and long as they cleaned every little piece of his weapons. Rubbing and polishing, until every part looked as good as new. You hadn’t seen his hands often before—twice, to be exact. Once when he got his signet ring from the armorer that he was now wearing on his pinky finger. And once when he hadn’t bothered to turn the lights off when he had to have you in the cockpit after a long hunt. You could feel yourself clench remembering just how many times he had made you cum on his fingers before he finally had given in and fucked you senseless.
He was a force only you were able to handle.
The holopad on the cot next to you was forgotten, your hands rested on your thighs, rubbing up and down slowly—much like he would on nights when he wanted to savor you. In the dark, the beskar of his ring would make you shiver before his hand would wander between your legs. His other hand would push up your shirt and then he would kiss up your stomach, before his tongue would find your nipple, teasing until he pushed you to the verge of your first climax. Now, your own hand pushed under your shirt, his shirt, that smelled so much like him, your fingers teasing your nipple before you rolled it between your fingers.
You were looking at the Mandalorian the whole time. He was still sitting there, concentrating on his weapons. You breathed quietly, your pussy slick with arousal. He was right there. Pushing your shirt off, you parted your legs, your eyes still on him. Would you be able to make yourself cum without him noticing?
Your fingers found your core as you watched him pick up another part, starting to clean it carefully. His fingers were greasy and strong, so strong. It was the first time you noticed a tattoo on his hand. You couldn’t see what it was, but it would be one of your next missions to find out.
Slowly you circled your clit, featherlight touches to tease yourself. He put the weapon together after having it cleaned, laying it to the side before he started on the next. Fuck, you wanted to feel his fingers on your skin: two of his fingers pushing inside of you, while his thumb worked on your clit. You rubbed faster, your other hand releasing the hold on your breast to push two fingers inside of your slick pussy. You bit your lip to keep quiet. You were so close, feeling your legs already shaking. You just needed some…
“What are you doing?” you didn’t even notice that you had closed your eyes, opening them to find the Mandalorian looking, his helmet now pointed straight at you.
Your fingers were still inside of you, but you felt frozen at the spot. “Mando…” you whimpered.
“Think you can make yourself cum? Are your fingers enough for you, little girl?” he asked, and you moaned.
“Please, please, Mando, I need….”
“Make yourself cum, and I’ll make you cum again. And then I’m going to fuck you until the only word you can think off is my name.”
“Fuck…” you gasped, circling your clit faster. He was still cleaning his weapons as you looked at him, but you could see he was tense, grabbing each part tighter, his knuckles white.
“And after I make you cum on my cock, I’m gonna cum deep inside of your tight little pussy. I know how much you like that. My cum inside of you… Fuck, one day I might even fuck you to breed you, make you round with my child.”
You cried out his name as you came, harder than you had ever made yourself cum before. Still, it was nothing compared to how Mando could make you see stars. You breathed harshly, trying to catch your breath.
Interesting. Breeding was a kink you hadn’t seen coming... but holy hell.
Mando was still sitting at the table, now putting together the last part of his blaster pistol before he laid it down. The air around you seemed to buzz as you two looked at each other.
“Get on your hands and knees and don’t turn your head. I’m gonna make you cum on my tongue first,” he said, finally getting up, and you could see the outline of his hard cock inside his pants. You shivered as you turned around and did as you were told.
“Yes, sir.”
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jawabear · 2 days ago
Hey idk if this is were request go but some angsty Shang-chi where reader is hurt during the battle but still puts up a good fight and when he gets off the dragon he’s looking for her, she stumbles to him, he’s panicking about her being hurt but she’s like shut up shang-chi i’m in love with you
Aftermath (Shang-Chi x Reader)
Tumblr media
Not my GIF
A/N: I’m still a little rusty with writing which is why this fell flat at the end. But I hope you enjoy and I hope it’s what you had in mind (although I think I wrote something completely different...) :) Sorry for any mistakes. Stay safe
Genre: angst, fluff
Warnings: fem!reader, mentioned character death, violence, happy ending
Summary: Battle is never a cheerful sight but the aftermath is even worse
Tumblr media
All the talk and preparation for war was nothing compare to the reality. It was round about now that she greatly regretted getting on that plane with Shaun and Katy. Everything up until now she had been able to deal with. All the combat training, all the revealed secrets, all the near death experiences. It wasn’t nice but it was what she had been used to in her past life.
But this. Fighting monsters that she believed could only appear in story book and myths. Nothing could prepare her for what she was seeing.
At some point she had become separated from Shaun and Katy. Although his name was Shang-Chi. She had to remember that. But she hadn’t time to worry about that yet. There were soul-sucking monsters flying around.
But even when fighting these mythical monster, the fear of loosing Shang-Chi in the battle before getting to tell him how she really felt about him was all too much for her. It was hard to focus on the battle at hand when panic was beginning to set in about where he was and if he was okay. If he was still alive even. She wanted to go look for him to aid him in his fight if she could but she could see no clear path out of the battlefield she was in. It was all a mess of fighting and she wouldn’t even know when to start looking.
By chance she happened to glance over to the back of the village over the expanse of the water that stood between them and the spawn hole of these monsters. It was at that moment she saw a body be flung across the water.
She felt her heart in her throat as she watched. She knew it was Shang-Chi. Even from the distance she could tell.
(Y/N) let out a painful scream when she watched him sink into the depth of the water. A strong sense of anger drove her through the battle field destroying anything in her way. She effortlessly now took out as many of the monsters that crossed her path. But it wasn’t enough to see her through.
Just as she was nearing the water edge preparing to dive in after him, one of the soul sucking devils grabbed her by the arm and carried her off into the air pulling her further and further from the water, further from him.
She cried out again as she desperately struggled to be free of its painful grasp. She spun the staff around in her hand and stuck it into the neck of the monster watching it disintegrate. Her momentary relief was cut short. She hadn’t realised how high it had taken her. And now she was falling from that great height and there was nothing to soften her landing.
She reached out her hand in desperation, hoping Shang-Chi would be there to take it and save her like he had so many times before. But no one was coming to her rescue this time. She was alone in her ending.
She met the ground harshly and felt a horrendous pain shoot through her entire body. Her breathing was shallow and almost painful. Her head was spinning but her vision was still clear. What she could see was...
The only way she could describe it was alike a dream. There was no sound around her as she laid on the grass staring up at the clouded grey sky. What she saw then only cemented her belief of it being a dream.
A dragon.
A white and red dragon weaving beautifully through the air. It was absolute magic.
She noticed someone riding the dragon. She smiled.
“Shang-Chi...” her voice was weak and quiet but she somehow hoped he heard it. She couldn’t utter another word. She couldn’t follow the dragon as it left he line of vision. She felt a pounding in her head and her body went limp. The tail of the dragon was the last thing she saw.
Shang-Chi felt a shiver down his spine as she flew through the air on the back of The Great Protector. He looked to the battle field to see the chaos and wondered what it was that was calling to him in his mind. Something had happened, he was sure of it. But he didn’t have time to turn back to find out what it was. He had to keep going forwards but he couldn’t stop thinking about it. He was scared.
The aftermath of the battle was not a pretty sight but Shang-Chi had seen similar when he was a lot younger. He watched his own mother die. But that feeling if fear was still in him from before. Something had happened. He wanted to know what it was.
Xialing, Katy and his Auntie were there and seemed to make it out safely. But there was someone missing and Shang-Chi began to panic.
“Where’s (Y/N)?” He asked. They could hear the panic in his voice and looked around to see she was in fact missing.
“We got separated” Xialing told him. “But I thought she would’ve come to you which I why I didn’t ask”
“I haven’t seen her” Katy said.
“Well...” he began to take in deep unsteady breaths as his head whipped from side to side scanning the chaos for her. “Find her!” He ordered. The others were scared into submission to follow his order. The all scattered across the battle field looking for her. They assisted in helping out the wounded where they could but Shang-Chi was far more interested in finding her.
As luck would have it, or bad luck he would say, the next corner he turned revealed her body to him. Laying lifeless in the grass as the wind gently blew around her.
“(Y/N)!” He cried out as he sprinted towards her body and lifted her onto his lap. He brushed the hair away from her dirtied face “(Y/N)! Hey, wake up! You’ve gotta wake up!” He pleaded. He ran his thumb over the cut across her cheek and felt a strange pain swell in his chest.
“Please (Y/N)” He said quietly. “You can’t leave me too. I need you. I...I love you. I love you so much. You have to stay. You have to stay with me so we can be together forever. Please...please (Y/N)” his voice for quieter and quieter and it became more desperate. Tears began streaming from his eyes and fell onto her face. “I love you (Y/N)” he dropped his head onto her chest and held her close to him.
“It takes for me to die for you to tell me you love me?”
He lifted his head immediately after hearing this and looked at her with tearful eyes. “You’re alive?!” He breathed.
“I am..” she smiled softly.
His arms tightened around her as he held her close “don’t ever do that to me again! You idiot! I thought I’d lost you forever!”
“You won’t ever loose me” she assured him as she wrapped her weak arms around his trembling form “I’m sorry. But I’m here. And I love you too Shang-Chi. I’ve loved you since we first met. You’re everything to me”
He held her impossibly closer to him, too scared to let her go even for a moment. He was worried this was all a dream and that when he let go of her she would fade away. “I’m sorry...” he apologised “I’m sorry you got dragged into this. You and Katy. I never wanted you to get hurt. I promised myself I would protect you and...and I...”
“And you have” She told him softly. He loosened his grip on her and pulled back slightly so he could look at her. She lifted a hand to gently cup his cheek “I’m still alive right?”
“Yeah but-“
“Yeah but nothing. I’m okay Shang-Chi. I’m just so happy you’re alive. We lost a lot of people but I’m glad you weren’t one of them” she gave him a soft smile that would usually lift his spirits. But this time it hadn’t. He remembered one of the people who they lost. “What is it?” She asked noticing the way his face dropped.
“ dad...he...” he couldn’t finish his sentence, but he didn’t have to. She understood what he was getting at.
“Oh god...” she whispered as she wrapped her arms around him again, her fingers threading through his hair “I’m so sorry”
“ can’t leave me” he sobbed “without you I have nothing else”
“That’s not true Shang-Chi” she told him “you have You’re people here, you have your sister and you have Katy. You have more than what you think”
“But I want you. I only want you”
“You have me” she smiled “I promise that you have me. I’m all yours. I always will be yours”
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spencersmagic · a day ago
Remember me.
Tumblr media
masterlist // join my taglist
request: "hey bestiee, i have a request . where spencer loses her memory after something happened in field and reader tries to make him remember her. it won’t be easy for them but i think a happy ending would be nice🦋 i think it could be either a blurb or fiction but however you feel better✨✨ thankss"
couple: spencer reid x fem reader
category: a lot of angst, fluff. happy ending :)
warnings: mentions of injury, amnesia (it shows i have no freaking idea about how that works :)), brief mentions of blood. let me know if there's anything else.
this was really hard to write but i like it :) i hope you do, too.
also, this request is 3+ months old. i'm shameful shfjksdhfks
It all came to her in bits: the sirens, the empty words coming from her walkie-talkie, trying to keep her calm, the cold breeze that suddenly became too hot when she heard the gunshot, the three pairs of footsteps walking up to the love of her life, unconscious, lying on a pool of blood.
Oh god. There was so much blood.
Ironically enough, she couldn’t remember what had led to this moment. She couldn’t really figure out who the culprit of her heartbreak was. Or maybe she did.
It’s all so blurry.
Because nothing feels real - nothing feels like it changed but, at the same time, everything has shifted.
As if her glasses had suddenly changed color, now tinted in a green-grey color that only captured pain and so much confusion. As if the entire world had been pulled from under her feet, leaving her floating, searching for some gravitational force that would stabilize her, allow her to stand up.
“Dr Reid has suffered blunt force trauma to the head, as well as a bullet that lodged onto his thigh. Two centimeters to the left, and it would’ve hit the main femoral artery. You’re lucky he’s stable, Mrs. Reid” the Doctor explained to her with the most sympathetic look. She was staring at the doctor in front of her, unable to move, unable to comprehend.
How did this happen?
Who did this?
She could barely move, her mind still processing what she was feeling. Numb enough, though a whirlwind of emotions coursing through her veins..
“C-can I see him?” Y/N mumbled.
“Right this way”.
He looked so pale.
Practically unconscious, he lied on the bed, heavy lids and shaking, bruised body. A cut grazed his cheekbone, lining the slowly-appearing facial hair that decorated his soft skin.
He kept mumbling the same sentence over and over again.
This was the first time her heart felt like it had just been shattered.
“My name is Spencer Reid. I’m 27 years old. I’m an FBI agent. I work for the BAU. That stands for “Behavioural Analysis Unit”. My mother is Diana. She has Alzheimer’s but she’s safe. I got shot in the field. My name is…”
“Dr. Reid. Mrs. Reid is here to see you”.
He looked up at the doctor, wide eyes and stammering. “I-I didn’t know I had a sister. What's your name?” he sits up, flinching in the process, but eager to meet her.
“What do you mean “Amnesia”? Does this look like a cheap telenovela to you?” Y/N raised her voice at the doctor, unable to contain her rage. How did this happen? Why was he the one in the hospital gown?
The doctor reached for her pager, slowly, tentatively. “Calm down or we will have to remove you, Mrs. Reid”.
But she could only think about the love of her life, lying on the white bed sheets that definitely scratched his skin in the worst ways. She stormed back into the room.
“Hi! You’re my sister, right?” said Spencer at the sight of her.
“I’m not-“
“You know, genetically speaking, seeing that mom’s eyes are blue and dads are green, your eyes should look a little darker. Don’t take that as an insult, though. You look great.
You see, the Mendelian concept that plots genetic trends into dominant and regressive traits indicates that darker colors tend to proliferate in comparison to lighter ones. This means that, even though neither mom or dad have brown eyes, due to the fact that it’s a dominant trait, we are both likely to inherit it” Spencer rambled. “Wait, why are you crying?” he looked so confused.
“No-nothing, baby. Just… I’m not your sister”. she tried to hold back her sobs, eyes shutting harshly.
Spencer bit his nails. “Then who are you?”
“I’m your wife”.
“Oh… I’m sorry…” Spencer looked down at his hands. “You seem like a very sweet person, but I’m afraid I don’t remember you.” he hesitantly moved his hand forward to dry her cheeks. “I wish I did”.
She straightened up, shifting further into his touch. They stared into each other’s eyes, and she could feel herself falling in love all over again. And that when it hit her.
If Spencer had fallen in love with her before, he could do so again.
“Don’t worry, my love. If you allow me, I will show you the whole world. I’ll get you to remember”.
After repeatedly asking his team whether or not she was actually his wife, he eventually felt comfortable enough to go home to her. “I’m sure being close to you will help me remember little by little… I would like to get my old life back”.
The thought that she’s seen by him as “his old life”, when he’s her everything, broke her a little bit further. But Y/N was persistent.
“If he’s loved me once, he can love me again” she explained to their worried teammates.
It took Spencer surprisingly little time to get used to their apartment. As he walked around the apartment, his feet stood firm over the wood, though his arms were pressed tightly against his body - a position he often undertook when feeling insecure. He walked in, taking in the smell of parchment and his favorite blueberry muffins, baked by Y/N.
In that moment, he knew she would make life, with all its hardships, a little bit easier. Well, perhaps not easier, but definitely lighter.
“This is where you asked me out for the first time” she explained, smoothing over her lavender floral dress - his favorite, and the one she had worn that day. She had reached slowly to grasp his hand, but they were sitting comfortably against each other, as if they belonged within one another.
“It was a sunny day. You’ve never liked the way rain makes the clothes cling onto your body, so you made sure to pick a sunny day. We walked out here, to the lake, you turned me by the arm, ever the gentleman” she lightened the mood after seeing a frown graze his face, “and you told me you wanted to give me everything, if I accepted…” she explained. “Which I did, of course. I had been crushing on you for three months, so I was obviously thrilled”.
She turned to look at him. A frown grazed his features as he took everything in. Concentrating, he tried to recreate the scene with his imagination but he came up empty.
“What was I wearing?” he asked.
“Oh! You were wearing the most beautiful white linen shirt and brown pants. You had an orange and a green sock - you’ve always loved mixing and matching your fun socks' ' she tried to give as much information as possible. “Though what stuck out the most was the lilies you bought for me. They were gorgeous, Spencer. You’ve always had a good eye with flowers”.
“I-I don’t remember-” he stammered frustrated, shutting his eyes. She interrupted him, placing a hand on his cheek.
“It’s okay. I don’t need you to remember, Spencer. You just have to learn”.
The music in the bar blared. Though more confident, comfortable perhaps, he still didn’t like the loud music. After all, he never did.
“What is this?” Spencer questioned. He stood behind Y/N, hugging himself with one arm, the other holding her hand tightly.
She chuckled.
“Don’t worry, Spence. We aren’t going in” she sat down, making him follow suit. The grass usually made his skin feel uncomfortable, but her soothing touch made him forget about texture, and the smell of cheap beer, and the health-code violations that the bar definitely committed.
“This is where we usually go out. As a team...” she clarified. “...we usually sit in the booth at the far end, where we aren’t typically disturbed. However, whenever we’ve had an especially difficult case, we tend to move closer to the drinks and dance floor. We like to let our hair down but…” she trailed off.
“What? What happened?” asked Spencer, not unlike a little kid hearing an exciting story for the first time.
“You first kissed me there” Y/N let out softly, knowing how bad Spencer feels about it. “You were… tipsy, and I was dancing with Penelope and Derek. You got up, walked up to me and kissed me” she whispered. He looked bewildered at her, so she tried to soften her words. “We had already been dating for a few we-”
“What?! Just like that?!” he sputtered out. “I didn’t even ask, or-or take you to a more… hygienic place?”.
She chuckled, nostalgically. “No… But you did apologize a thousand times after that” she elbowed him, teasingly, allowing him to let out a chuckle. “I think you are completely forgiven by now”.
His laughter died with hers. “I guess you’re right…” he sat, pondering.
She took a moment to analyse his look. The beard was long gone now, and the former cut he had across his cheekbone was now but a small line. His hair had grown longer before the accident, but he had gotten a haircut from JJ which had left him as handsome as ever.
“So… Was I a good husband?” he looked down at her, wide eyed, and, for the nth time, she felt her heart break all over again. She sighed.
“Spencer, you’ve always been good at everything. Marriage hasn’t been any different - in fact, I was the one who wasn’t good enough for you, not the other way around. You loved me with a love that could never be replaced… With such care and passion that I always feel seen and comfortable whenever I am around you” she explained softly.
He smiled sadly. “You sound like you really loved me”.
Caressing the scar on his cheekbone, she whispered, “I really do”.
“Where are we?”
“This is Rossi’s place. He’s letting us walk around and see if you can remember anything” she reasoned.
“Okay” he replied as he walked her into the unfamiliar home. “What did we do here?” he asked, eyeing the chandelier hanging from the ceiling.
She exhaled shakily. “This is where you proposed to me”. Chuckling, she continued, “you always said meaning is only found where you place it. Proposing in a fancy restaurant, though perhaps prettier, wouldn’t ever compare to the countless memories we have made in David’s house”.
Her sneakers squeaked against the floor as she moved across the lounge. “Here, you got on one knee and told me about all the things that had made you fall in love with me… you explained that I was the only one for you, that nobody had ever made you feel like I have a-and…” she was cut off with her own sob, as she remembered all the things she could never get back.
Everything she had lived, all the memories she had shared with her partner, were long gone. Almost nothing but a mere figment of her own memory. How real were they, really, if the shared memories had now turned into ideas? Was her memory at play when she remembered all the ways she had fallen in love with the genius in front of her? Perhaps, it was her imagination.
Perhaps, none of it was any more real than it was to him. Stories told by a girl trying to reminisce over two forgotten people.
“I-I can’t, Spencer. You walk around. I’m d-done”, she hurried out, getting a cab.
Spencer had felt awful after what had happened. So awful, in fact, that he had gotten her favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Cookies & Cream (something she had mentioned once, and yet, something he couldn’t seem to forget).
He shuffled to her door, duffle bag on one hand, and two tubs of melting ice cream on the other. Knocking with the elbow, which he appreciated due to the sheer amount of germs that normally reside in our hands, he waited in front of the wooden door, chewing the inside of his cheek.
The door opened to reveal a messy-haired Y/N wearing a purple pair of surprisingly familiar oversized pyjama pants and a black tank top. She looked up at her. “What are you doing here?” she asked softly.
“I’m here to make it up to you” he said, walking into the apartment.
“You don’t have to-”
“Yeah, I do. Because I know that what happened wasn’t my fault, but I should’ve been more careful with handling your emotions. So…” he lifted the tubs, “ cream”.
“Okay… Grab the spoons and sit down with the tubs. I’ll make your pop corn” she said, shuffling towards the kitchen. “In the meantime, you can start any episode of Doctor Who. I will be there in 5’” she said.
As Y/N walked back into the living room, she was greeted by a small Spencer, head between his hands, a blanket hugging him.
“Spencer… Are you okay?” she hesitated. He looked up at her, face tear-streaked. He stood up suddenly.
“I-” he choked up, sobbing. “I remember”. He walked up to her quickly, removing the popcorn bowl from her hands, setting it on the counter.
“Y-you remember?” she smiled, looking up to him, hands hugging his cheeks. He nodded, “I do! I remember the first day you walked into the precinct. I-I remember seeing your face light up with joy at the prospect of working at the BAU. The only thing I could think about was that you are light. Because you are. You are the person I had been waiting for all those years.
I remember seeing you dancing with the team on one of our nights off. The way you swayed to the rhythm of the beat. I’ve never been good at dancing, or parties, or girls but at that time, I had to throw caution out of the wind, and have you.
I remember that I quoted Jane Austen when I proposed to you! She said “I have no notion of loving in halves”, a-and it never made sense until I saw you”.
He sighed, pulling her close to his chest.
“I know these last months have been incredibly hurtful to you: to see the person you love not even remember you. But I need you to know that you have always been so much more than enough for me” he grasped her face with his soft hands, and leaned in.
“Can I kiss you, darling?” he asked, chuckling through tears. She laughed between sobs.
“Every day for the rest of your life, my love”.
did you like it?? was it good?? was it everything you hoped for?? never mind, don't tell me. i don't wanna know.
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pasiveagressive · 19 hours ago
Y/N and Harry Tell the Truth// h.s
Tumblr media
“Y/N, Harry, we have brought you here today to take a lie detector test.” you both nod your heads “One of you will be hooked up to the machine while the other asks questions, and then you’ll switch. Who wants to be in the hot seat first?” you look at each other,
“Him.” you say in unison and then laugh “Rock paper scissors?” you ask 
“Only if you say it correctly.” you roll your eyes at him 
“Paper scissors rock.” you say at the same time, you throw scissors and he throws rock.
“Damn it. Okay I guess I am first.” Harry gets up from the table and goes to sit across from you.  The polygraph reader comes and starts hooking you up. “Whew, did it just get hot in here?” you go to fan yourself nervous.
“Please refrain from moving too much.” the guy whose name you learn is John says
“Oh sorry.” you grimace and try to sit still. 
“ ‘kay John are you ready?” Harry asks, John just nods his head. “We need to establish a baseline so, is your name Y/N Y/L/N?” you nod your head but then remember it is supposed to be a verbal answer.
“Right, sorry, yes that is my name.”
“Is your boyfriend in this room?” 
“Yes he is.” 
“Were you born in England?”
“Were you raised in North Carolina?”
“Yes.” Harry turns to John at this point. 
“Was that true?” He asks the man who solemnly nods his head yes. “Alright let's start. These questions are only going to be slightly invasive.” he teases you. “So as we already discussed you were raised in North Carolina, is that something you are proud of?”
“Absolutely.” you say 
“Then why,” Harry asks smugly, “Are you applying for dual citizenship to the UK?” you stare at him annoyed
“Hmmm, I don’t know, maybe because my longtime boyfriend is a citizen?” John stares at you 
“The machine doesn’t do well with sarcasm.” he says monotone.
“Sorry,” you make a face “Let me try again, because my boyfriend is a citizen and also to feel closer to my mum’s side of the family.” Harry looks at John who once again just nods his head.
“Over the quarantine your cooking videos became quite popular, would you say that you are a better cook than me?”
“Oh yeah, one hundred percent.” he huffs
“Am I a bad cook?”
“No I don’t think so, I just think I am better.” you smile at him.
“She’s telling the truth.” John announces
“Next question. On Reddit there is an entire page praising you, do you check it?” you furrow your eyebrows 
“No, I don’t think that I even knew about that.” John gives Harry a look
“Is she lying?” he asks the man 
“It’s uncertain.” Harry then gives you a look, you shrug your shoulders
“I swear, maybe my heart picked up because I was a little shocked, I mean a whole page praising me that’s a lot.”
“That was the truth.” John says
“Suspicious.” Harry says
“The kids are saying sus these days babe.” you inform him. He strokes a non-existent beard
“Sus.” you giggle, but then a look from John causes you to recenter yourself “Anyway next question. Do likes and followers matter to you?” 
“Sometimes, I would like to say no but then I post something that is important to me and I hope that it is well received.” Harry nods his head
“What is your favorite song of mine?” 
“Lights Up.” you say with confidence
“Lie.” John says
“What?! That is my favorite, well… actually, just you or can it be One Direction.”
“Just me.” 
“Then Lights Up.” 
“What is your all time favorite that I have ever sang then?”
“If I Could Fly.” 
“That is a good one.” Harry admits he then looks at the question and bites his lip. “You have been rumored to have dated these four men,” He places pictures of Tom Holland, Brad Simpson, Timothee Chalamet, and himself in front of you and you can feel your cheeks get hot. 
“Yes.” you say
“Do you notice anything about them. Any similarities?” Harry asks the smugness back in his voice.
“Yes.” Harry is now full on laughing at you “Everybody has a type, it is nothing to be ashamed of.” you huff
“That leads into this next question very nicely.” He places a few more pictures out “Would you date any of these striking men?” You stare at the faces of Shawn Mendes, Kit Harrington and Nick Jonas. 
“Well they all three are in committed relationships, as am I so my answer is going to be no. The only guy that I am interested in is this hunk.” You pull up Harry’s picture and see him flush a bit. 
“That’s the truth.” John declares
“You have admitted that you don’t necessarily like being famous. Is that correct?
“It is.”
“Then why do you stay in the spotlight?”
“Because I love what I do and I know that you love what you do and I love you so, that trumps any anxiety or hatred I have of my life being more public than I would like.”
“We do stay pretty private for ‘famous’ people though. Especially you.” Harry says
“We do, or we try to.”
“Last question. Did you lie at any point and we didn’t catch you?”
“No.”  John nods his head at that.
“Okay time to switch.” you are told and John comes to unhook you. 
Once Harry is hooked up you start asking baseline questions,
“Is your full name Harry Edward Styles?”
“It is.” 
“Are you a singer-songwriter?”
“I am.”
“Have you ever been polygraph tested before?”
“I have not.” you look at john who gives you a thumbs up
“Wonderful, let’s get into it. Do you ever miss the One Direction days?” 
“No, I miss the boys sometimes but I don’t miss the way things were.”
“Well there are going to be some very upset directioners out there. Would you ever consider a reunion?” 
“I would, but I think that we have all grown up and changed since One Direction so I think it would be different.” 
“Would Zayn be a part of that reunion?” 
“I don’t know, that would have to be a group discussion and I also don’t know that he would want to.”
“True again.” John tells you.
“Fair enough, moving on. Would you ever feature me on one of your albums?” 
“In a heartbeat.” Harry answers “Just not as a singer.” he laughs
“Would you say I am a bad singer?”
“Yes, but you say it yourself all the time so I think that it's fair.” you nod your head at his answer.
“Okay this is an important one so be honest. Do you think I am a better blonde than brunette?”
“So what you're saying is you like me with dark hair better?”
“Yes.” you look over at John.
“That is questionable.” you turn and stare at Harry 
“Are you lying to me now?” 
“That’s such a hard question, love. I love you no matter what color your hair is, but yes I would say that I maybe like it blonde better I suppose.” 
“So are you telling me that you don’t love me right now as much as you would if I was blonde.” 
“I just said the exact opposite of that.” Harry protests
“He’s telling the truth.” John informs you 
“Yeah whatever. Next, when we first started dating you told me that you had seen all of my movies since 2015. Was that true?”
“I believe so, yes.” 
“So you didn’t go home that night and binge watch me?” 
“What is your favorite movie of mine?” you ask next
“Movie? 5 Feet Apart. But my favorite role that you have played is Alina in Shadow and Bone.”
“That’s one of my favorites too.” you smile at him “When your manager told you that i was going to be in your music video, were you nervous?”
“A bit yeah.” 
“Because I had a crush on you.”
“John?” you ask
“That’s true.”
“Course it is.” Harry protests
“Okay you did a controversial shot for Vogue, is that correct?” 
“Yes but I didn’t do it to be controversial.” John nods his head telling you that its the truth
“Do you regret what you wore?” You knew he didn’t.
“Not one bit.” 
“Very nice.” you say as you get the thumbs up from John telling you what you already knew. “Next question Mr. Styles, and I would like you to remember that I didn’t write the questions I am just asking them. Have you thought about marrying me?” Harry stares into your eyes for a full minute before answering
“Course I have.”
“Have you looked at any rings yet?” 
“Did you buy a ring?”
“Yes.” you both just sit there for another minute, you absorbing what he said and him composing himself after admitting that.
“Well then, I only have one question left for you, did you lie at any point during this interview and we didn’t catch you?”
“I love you bub.” you lean across the table and kiss him.
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fruitcoops · a day ago
Hi Eve! How are you? 💞 I have a question if you don’t mind, because I really wouldn’t want to ask for a promt that makes you uncomfortable.
I know you don’t write anything explicit for the cubs but would you be willing to ever write intimacy like showering/baths together without it being sexual? or maybe aftercare or something like that?
Oh I love casual intimacy! Cubs credit goes to @lumosinlove <3
TW for sharing a bathtub, nudity
The bathroom door opened; before Leo could even crack an eye open, warm water splashed up onto his chest and callused hands pushed his legs up to his chest. “Scoot,” Finn said.
“A little late for that,” Leo grunted as he made room for a whole other person in their tiny tub. “What the hell?”
“Aw, Peanut, I love you too.”
“Why are you in my bathtub?” Leo laughed as more water sloshed over the edge and Finn nestled into him.
“Our bathtub.” A kiss pressed against the damp skin of his jaw. “And because I wanted to. Lo, you coming?”
Leo raised his eyebrows as Logan appeared in the doorway half a second later, nude except for the single sock he was struggling to get off. “Desolee, un moment.”
“You’re not fitting in here,” Leo warned.
“Have a little faith, my love.”
Logan at least had the decency to kiss his forehead before crushing himself into the millimeter of space between Finn’s knees and the wall; one freckled leg hung over the rim, and Leo grimaced as his shoulder was crammed into the joint of the cold tiles. “Well,” he said drily once they were mostly settled. Tacky soap suds were already itching his arm. “This is…comfortable.”
Finn hummed happily and leaned more of his weight into Leo’s chest. “Isn’t it?”
“I was being sarcastic.”
“Why?” Logan shifted and Finn winced. “I think this tub is the perfect fit for us.”
Leo craned his neck to look around the back of Finn’s head and gave a stray chocolate curl a light tug. “We need more space.”
“We need a house.” Silence fell again as they both turned to look at Finn, who shrugged. “More space, right? It’s not like we can’t afford it.”
Logan met his eyes for a half second, and Leo saw his own shock reflected back at him. “Are we really having this conversation in the bathtub?” he asked incredulously. “For fuck’s sake, Finn, my leg is asleep and you’re talking about a house!”
Finn laid his head back against Leo’s collarbone, brows furrowed. “Is that a no?”
“I—” Leo broke off as he searched for the words. “It’s not a no, it’s just—shouldn’t we do this in a more formal environment?”
“Because it’s a formal topic?”
Logan looked between them, still bracing himself on either side of the tub with his hips only half in the water. “Finn, you want a house?”
Finn was quiet for a few seconds; something sweet and shy crossed his face. “I think about it sometimes, yeah. The apartment can get a little small with all three of us in it. I’d like a bigger shower.”
Leo narrowed his eyes playfully. “How many houses have you bookmarked on Zillow?”
A startled laugh escaped Logan’s mouth; another half-gallon of soapy water hit the floor. “Mon dieu, are you being serious?”
“No, I’m being Finn,” he said with a grin, earning himself two groans. “But I’m not kidding.”
Leo’s pulse skipped a beat at the thought of having a house. They could host real team parties if they wanted, and he could plant herbs in a back garden instead of pots on the windowsill. They could have a bed that actually fit three people; Finn could wallpaper a room with bookshelves. All their families would have a place to stay when they visited, and all of Logan’s sisters could have their own rooms. “I’m in,” he said softly, nuzzling his nose into a soap bubble on the back of Finn’s neck. It was tangy on his lips.
Logan wound their fingers together; Leo saw him squeeze Finn’s hand with a bright smile. “Moi, aussi.”
“Okay.” Even without seeing his face, Leo could hear the excitement in Finn’s voice. “Okay, let’s do it. Come on, I’ve gotta show you my—”
“Wait, honey, don’t—”
Leo’s warning was cut short as Finn stood, upended Logan into his lap, skidded on the tile, and stumbled back in the tub with a splash, sending half the water onto their bathroom floor.
“First request for the house,” he wheezed as Logan struggled to sit up again. “Really big bathtub.”
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