emerald-entrails-hunter · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
"I don't know who I even am... Belos— he wanted me to be a replacement for you, for the Golden Guards. I'm not even supposed to exist!"
Hunter had read extensively about Grimwalkers, the artificial lifeform made from the emperor's most coveted materials. All so that he would have a version of the man before him that wouldn't ever betray him.
Caleb reaches his hand to console Hunter, but Hunter slaps it away.
"I don't need your sympa—"
Without hesitation, Caleb closes the gap between them, enveloping Hunter into a tight hug. This poor child, he had seen it through his memories, through his words—the unbelievable betrayal, confusion, and loneliness that wreaked havoc in his heart.
Who was Hunter? Where did he belong? What was right and wrong? Despite that, he seemed to intuitively know the right path. He was warm and loving. Desperately craving friend, family—love.
Hunter is frozen in his grip. Caleb wonders if this is the closest thing to holding the child he never got to meet before he had passed. Hunter in a way was his very own.
In the short moments he had found himself in this child's mindspace, he already felt tethered to him. Flapjack had also shared the same fondness.
It wasn't because he was a grimwalker or clone or whatever Hunter wanted to say to justify his appearance or mannerisms.
"Grimwalker, Golden Guard, Half-a-Witch, or even me— Those aren't you. Just be Hunter. Whoever Hunter wants to be. That's enough."
To Caleb, Hunter is family.
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redahlia-writes · 2 days ago
sundress fics are all fun and games until i remember i wear shorts underneath at all times
like sorry my man, can't have a quickie the idea of my thighs brushing together when i walk makes me want to crawl out of my skin. i appreciate the sentiment though
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thetaleoflevi · 2 days ago
Restless Envy
Tumblr media
Pairing: Levi x Fem!Reader
Content: NSFW, angst?, Modern AU
Content Warnings: 18+ smut, explicit language, jealousy, friends with benefits, breast play, hickeys everywhereeee, more 18+ stuff
Word Count: unknown (I wrote it on tumblr and didn’t want to copy and paste it all onto another page to check the word count, sorry :( )
Description: Reader is a jealous jellyfish. As Levi’s partner for the friends with benefits act, it does some damage to her ego when she watches the way women throw themselves at Levi right in front of her. Levi shows her in one of the best ways that she has no competition for his attention.
A/N: I think that is one of the best descriptions i’ve written in a while, and even then it’s still horrible. Anyways, enjoy the jealous jellyfish that reader is :)
⭐️taglist: @urfilgoth @ackermandick
You showed up at his doorstep, ten o’clock sharp, like always. Your knuckles hovered over the door, ready to knock like you usually do.
‘What if he’s tired of this and won’t let me know?’ You think to yourself.
The porch light turns on, and you hear the turning of the lock. His hair is disheveled, his shirt unbuttoned. “I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show. Hope you don’t mind, I got a head start.”
Your mouth went dry, and you refused to look at him. Looking at him would be admitting that you want him again.
“What are you doing standing out there? Come in. We have so much to do,” he prompts.
Greeting you with an unbuttoned shirt was a habit he developed after your little rendezvous became a regular thing. You drop your hand to your side, not moving even with Levi watching you.
“What?” He asks, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
“Nothing,” you reply. The smell of lavender scented detergent is inhaled upon entering his house. It was a comforting smell and it made you feel warm despite his house being cool.
“Liquid courage? You seem kind of shy tonight, and I have wine.” He locks the door behind him.
“I’m fine. Let’s just get this done.”
He shrugged it off, but only because he knew he was going to break you down as soon as you got to his bedroom. You follow him a few feet behind, your feet feeling heavier as you got closer to the dark oak door.
“Make yourself comfortable. We’ll be at it for a bit,” he advises as he watches you sit on the edge of his bed. He closes the door, walking towards you.
Your hands reach up to begin unzipping your jacket, only to be put to a halt by Levi’s hand.
“There’s something you’re not telling me. You’re not yourself.”
You look up at his concerned expression. You normally look forward to these nights with him where you wrestle for dominance in his bed. Maybe it’s your frustration beginning to overflow. You’ve grown accustomed to having him on your designated nights, knowing you both don’t belong to anyone, and have all the time in the world for each other.
“It doesn’t matter. Come on.” You reach for the collar of his shirt, pulling it back to reveal his shoulder.
“It does. We’re not doing this until you talk.” He brushes your hand off of him.
You sigh, impatiently, shooting him a glare that expresses your frustration.
“Don’t look at me like that, sweetheart. You know this relationship can only work with proper communication.”
“Relationship? What relationship?” Your eyes go wide with incredulity.
He attempted to collect his thoughts. The question came as a surprise to him.
“We aren’t in a relationship, Levi. Let’s be honest, we just have a fuck schedule.”
His eyes gleam when he realizes that that’s what is bothering you.
“Is that why you’re so irritable, right now? It finally bothers you that we do this outside of a committed relationship?”
“It was always on my mind. I just didn’t want to be the one who brought this…thing, to an end.” You fold your hands together tightly, forcing them to stop shaking. “I want you to clear something up for me tonight, Levi.” Your voice lacks confidence, and he can see how scared you are by the way you can’t look him in the eyes.
“What?” His deep voice brings your thoughts back down to earth.
“Are you interested in anything other than what my body can offer?” Your voice shakes. “If you aren’t, i’m sorry, but I can’t be around you anymore.”
“We work together, you’ll still have to be around me,” he jokes cruelly.
“I’ll train myself to ignore you. Also, I could always ask to be transferred to another department.”
He didn’t like the sound of that.
“Hold on, why is this on your mind tonight?”
You turn away from him when your eyes begin to tear up. It’s only when he hears you sniff and sees your hand go up to catch a tear, that he starts to feel anxious. Your voice doesn’t feel steady so you stay silent.
“Can you look at me, please.”
You don’t move and stay facing away from him.
“Look at me. Talk to me. Anything, please.”
“I hate the way all those women look at you,” Your voice is weak, and you look upset beyond consolation. A tear slides down your face, disappearing onto your jacket. “They swarm around you like you’re the most interesting man in the world, and I just have to sit there and try to ignore the nasty feeling in my stomach when they physically touch you.”
Levi has no room to respond. He doesn’t know how to respond, but there’s a small wrinkle at the beginning of his brow that let’s you see some of his sympathetic side.
“I hate that you seem like the most interesting man in the world, but I really don’t know you as well as I think I do.” You sniff, wiping away the tear that landed on your lip. “Most of all, I hate that there’s a possibility that i’m not the only one you spend your nights with. There is very little doubt in my mind, and it makes me sick.” You sigh, attempting to compose yourself. Your eyes feel heavy, the tiredness that comes with nighttime weighing on them.
The silence eats away at your sanity. You feel uncomfortable knowing that you broke down in front of Levi. You feel totally vulnerable and it’s not amazing like it looks in the movies.
“What do you want me to do? Tell me exactly what you want me to say.” His hand lands on your knee, a minimal attempt at comfort.
“Tell me i’m wrong. Tell me you don’t fuck Clara from the marketing department. Tell me you don’t feel shit for Jen from HR.”
“I don’t feel shit for either of them. Happy?”
You laugh, no true happiness behind the reaction. “You look at me like you look at them, you know that?”
“What are you saying?”
“I’m saying I feel like one of those women, Levi. You don’t act different around me than you do around them. I’m nothing special.”
He didn’t want to continue this conversation. It was pointless when he knew what he felt for you was stronger than any of the emotions you let out in front of him. Words wouldn’t help the situation, the storm in your head had made you stubborn. He would have to take action.
“I want you to know something,” his thumb wipes away small tears that didn’t slide down your face. “I won’t invalidate the things you said just now, but only because it’s what you know. There are so many holes in your knowledge of me and these women.”
Your eyes glimmer beneath the light in his room. You don’t have the emotional or physical strength to push him away. Part of you also wanted to hear his side of the story.
“I don’t care for any of them. Most of them are married and i’m not into infidelity. It’s against my morals,” his eyes don’t stray from yours like yours do from his. “I have nothing to gain from their attention, and they’re wasting their time trying to get my attention. I have my eyes on someone else.”
You blush at the egotistical thought that he may be talking about you.
His hands land on your shoulders, gently pushing you down onto the bed. He straddles your hips, looking down into your sad, red, puffy eyes. His hair tickles your face as he gets closer.
“Nobody else gets this from me.” His lips catch yours—warm, soft, yet imperfect. The closeness gives you a whiff of his cologne, and the scent brings goosebumps to your skin. “Nobody has, but you,” his kisses trail down to your cheeks where your tears stained your face. “And that’s perfectly fine with me, because I only want you.”
Your resistance was long gone. The second he pushed you onto the bed, you were weak for him again. He can dominate you, and you won’t fight him because all you want is to feel him close to you. You like the feeling of his weight on your body, holding you down so you have no choice but to accept the love he gives you. You’ll entrust yourself to him, allowing him to show you how much he cares.
“Give me so many more of your nights. I want nothing more than to steal your breath away,” his lips reach your neck, gently sucking on the skin. “Give me the time to show you what else nobody gets.”
“Levi,” you murmur. “How can you want me right now? I look terrible.” You giggle at the feeling of his lips kissing the column of your throat. It’s gentler than he’s been with you in a while.
“I don’t care. I want you all the time.” He unzips your jacket, revealing just a bra. He starts kissing all over your chest, the feeling makes butterflies form in your stomach. Your fingers tangle in his hair, tugging gently on the soft locks. You can’t ignore the quiet groans he lets out every time you tug a little harder.
“Masochist,” you say under your breath.
“Excuse you,” he says, his attention now on your face again. The way his voice got deeper made you nervous in a good way. You smile politely, like you’ve said nothing wrong.
“Nothing,” you say quickly.
“Brat.” He bites the top of your breast, just enough to make you gasp. “Don’t make me flip this whole thing around. I’m being good to you. Be grateful.” His eye contact is intense enough to make your heart beat faster, but the way it doesn’t waver makes you squirm beneath him.
“I am. I just like riling you up. It’s funny.” You sit up a little, pulling his face close to yours.
“Funny, huh? Like your jealousy.” He grips your waist tightly, his fingers digging into the skin a little. “Stay down. You lost your control privileges when you laid down for me.” He lays you down on the mattress again.
“Dominant as always,” you mutter.
“Speak up, honey. I know you’re not scared based on how quick you are to talk back.”
“There you go getting all riled up again,” you say clearly.
“Mm,” he simply hums, seemingly letting you win. He goes down your body once again, this time freeing you of the garments that constrict you. Your jacket is removed, your bra lifted off of your breasts. Your pants are quickly peeled off your legs leaving you in just your panties.
Your nipples pebble when the cold air hits them, and Levi has no problem making them stiffer. You breathe shakily when his tongue laps at your left nipple. It’s humiliating how aroused you are from just this. You know you aren’t in control, but you feel even more out of control when the pleasurable feeling doesn’t stop.
He repeats the same process on your right nipple, releasing it only when it’s a beautiful shade of red. You press your thighs together to alleviate some of the ache between them as he proceeds to pinch and roll your oversensitive peaks between his fingers. He watches with amusement as you struggle to withstand his torture. You blush furiously as all of his attention is on your face, watching the expressions you make for something that feels so good and won’t end.
“You look flustered, baby. Should I keep going?” His fingers don’t stop their movement regardless of your answer.
“I-I need more than this, Levi. Please touch more of me.” Your eyes water, the relentlessness of his fingers still working your nipples is beginning to test your sanity.
“Yeah? Is that what you want from me?” His tone is teasing. He knows he’s going to break you.
You nod your head rapidly, desperate for him to relieve the ache in your cunt.
“It’s still pretty early in the night, and I want to take my time with you. Just relax for me. You’ll get what you want eventually.”
You let out a cry of frustration when he teased your cunt over your slick covered panties, a quick swipe of his index and middle finger between your clothed folds. It wasn’t even close to being enough. It just made you even more impatient than you already were.
“I could’ve made you cum right there, huh?” It was pure amusement to him, the way you chewed on your lip and fisted the sheets. Your lash line brimmed with tears of humiliation. A blink would make them all slide down your face at once.
Levi was feral on the inside. All he wanted in the moment was to make you scream for him. All your writhing beneath him was making it hard for him to hold back, especially the way your hips kept jolting up against his hardness to get the friction his hands wouldn’t give you.
“Let’s get these off,” he whispers, almost inaudible to you. He slides your panties off your legs, watching with an attentiveness that makes you blush even harder. You sit up to help him take the soaked garment off. In the process you catch a glimpse of the tent in his boxer briefs. It brought you an immense amount of relief to see that he was just as turned on in this situation as you.
He removes his clothes afterwards, and you just sit there, captivated by every inch of him. The tip of his cock leaked precum down his length. He stroked himself, coating the entirety of his length in the precum. You hear quiet grunts and gasps coming from him, and it’s the sexiest thing you think you’ve ever heard, but it’s the look on his face that makes your hands turn to fists in the sheets again.
“I need you so badly. Can I fuck you already?” He asks, his voice breathy. He pressed his nose to your stomach, going up higher and higher, inhaling your scent. He lifted his gaze once he reached your neck, looking at you with a wildly needy expression.
“Please, Levi.”
He leans down to kiss you, pulling away only to align his tip to your entrance.
“I’ll start slow for you,” he says on your lips. His cock slides into your tight walls, pushing until his hips are against yours. There was a short stinging sensation once he filled you to the brim, nothing his lips couldn’t distract you with.
“A-Ah…fuck—” you moan, cut off by Levi’s lips shortly after. He swallowed the whimpers you let out, his own moans going down your throat. You could hear him panting in your ears every time you pushed the back of your head into your pillow. He tries to kiss you, but you have to make it so difficult by turning your head.
His hips rocked against you slowly, pushing and pulling his cock in and out of you satisfyingly. Your walls already hugged his length tight enough, but every time you clenched around him, he could’ve sworn you were trying to end him.
“Come on. Come on, sweetheart,” he utters, his tone sultry. His hands go to both sides of your head, caging you so that you have no choice but to stay close and look at him as he fucks you. Your neck becomes a victim to his aggressive, lust-filled affection. His lips suck on the tender skin, and some spots are attacked harder than others. It’s a blend of pain and pleasure that serves as a reminder of how passionate of a lover Levi is.
“Fuck—Levi! Oh, Levi!” You cry out, tangling your fingers in his hair as he proceeds to form red marks on your jawline.
“Yes, gorgeous. I know. Talk to me. Tell me everything you want.” The tip of his cock nudges your sensitive area, and your stomach quivers. Your toes curl when his cock hits at just the right angle repeatedly. It nearly knocks the air out of your lungs.
“God, you feel so fucking good,” he whimpers. Your hands reach for his chest, brushing his nipples that quickly become sensitive. “F-Fuck, you can’t touch me like that. I need you to focus.” He pins your hands above your head, using the grip he has on your wrists as leverage to thrust harder, deeper, and faster. Your whole body shakes with every thrust of his hips.
“What do you want, huh? Tell me what you want from me,” he leans down to scatter kisses all over your face before kissing the side of your neck.
“I—hah—want you. Just you, Levi. Fuck me like i’m invincible.”
Your legs wrap around his waist, crossing at the ankles. You want him to stay close, closer than he already is. His lips drag up your neck until he reaches your earlobe.
His cock throbs at the way you sacrifice yourself for pleasure. You don’t care if you’re broken by the end of your fuck, you just want your orgasm to be earth shattering.
“God, I want you all to myself, sweetheart. I think about you all the time. It’s maddening how much I need you sometimes,” he mumbles into your ear.
“Ah! You’re insane, Levi…”
Your nails dig into your palms, and your pussy clenches at the filthiness that comes out of his mouth. Tears begin to well in your eyes as Levi continues to drill into you mercilessly.
“The struggle to control myself at work…it’s exhausting. I can’t count how many times a day I think about fucking you in my office. What would those annoying women think if they heard moaning coming from the room i’m in?”
Your stomach tenses as your orgasm nears. Levi can feel you clenching harder and pulls away from your ear to watch you. The look on your face when you come is one of the few things he likes to look at. You look so free and overtaken by tranquility, despite your heart beating so fast you think it might explode.
“L-Levi…” you whimper, tears sliding down your cheeks.
“I know, love. I’m taking care of you.” He lets one of your wrists go, his hand going down to play with your clit.
“Fuck! Fucking—oh—holy fuck!” Your voice has a high pitch to it. You breathe rapidly, your chest rising and falling at a quick and steady pace. Your mouth gapes, and your eyes shut tightly as the pleasure that had built up inside you overflows.
Levi’s eyes stay on your face the entire time, watching the way you let yourself go. You’re amazing, and for the first time throughout the whole night, he can’t believe you’re there beneath him.
“I-I’m gonna come. Let me out,” he says holding onto your thighs. You release his waist, and he pulls out seconds before he comes. The spurts of his thick cum land all over your legs. He leans his head back, gasping as he squeezes out every drop of his cum. He whimpers as he rubs his sensitive, swollen tip. You watch through hooded eyes the way his eyebrows pinch, and the trembling of his abs as he slows the pumping on his cock. “Fuck,” he finally says in a strained voice.
His eyes wander up to your palms for a second, and he sees the deep marks you made with your nails. He’ll help you with that later.
“Sorry. I’ll clean that up for you.” He looks at the dripping white liquid on your thighs and lower stomach.
“Do you realize how many times you apologize for coming on me?” A lazy smile rests on your face.
“I think it’s only right for me to do so. It’s kind of gross.” His nose wrinkles in disgust.
“I disagree, but I won’t open that can of worms right now.” You groan as you sit up looking around the room for your clothes.
“Let me see your hands.”
“Why?” You ask, confused.
He holds the backs of your hands in his palms, examining the damage.
“Tch, was it really that good?”
You blush at the question. You didn’t even realize you were digging that hard into your palms until then.
“I guess this is your proof. Was it not good for you?” You regret asking the question. It’s now your own fault if his response hurts your feelings. You pathetically hope he lies to you.
“Of course it was. I wouldn’t keep calling you over here if it wasn’t.” He puts your hands down on your lap. He freezes when he replays what he had just said in his head. That didn’t sound right, and it made the blood coursing through his veins run cold.
“T-That was a joke. It was good, and that’s all that matters. Sex with you is incomparable.”
“You have such a way with words, but ditto on what you said before about me coming back only if it’s good.” You can bite back just as hard as he does, even if it’s unintended.
“I mean it. You’re amazing.” His gaze centers itself in your eyes. “If I were better with words, you wouldn’t doubt yourself as much as you do.”
His hands ride up and down your sides subconsciously, but you’re quick to stop it before he starts something up again.
“Don’t do that,” you say, holding his hands still.
“Why not?” He asks, his fingertips gently pressing into your sides where you hold them.
“I don’t have time. I have to go home.” You gasp when his strength overpowers yours. He lifts you onto his lap.
“We would have so much time if you decided to stay.” He starts working on weakening your resolve, kissing your neck and collarbone with the gentleness of a feather.
“I-I shouldn’t,” you stutter. “Levi,” you say breathily when you feel the sting of another mark on your neck.
“But, you can. And i’m encouraging it strongly,” he mutters into your neck. “Stay with me.”
“Are you sure?” You’re not comfortable with overstaying your welcome, and you won’t stay if he’s offering out of pity.
“Definitely. I need more time with you.”
You didn’t regret staying one bit. By the end of the night your neck was littered with marks, you also couldn’t feel your legs and your body didn’t stop trembling for the longest time. Levi watched you while you slept and saw the way your legs still trembled in your sleep. It brought a small smile onto his face, and it served as a reminder of why you’re the only one he will ever be involved with. At least on a personal level.
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beloved-moony · 2 days ago
Can I request a fic with James Potter and slytherin female reader?
Where James and reader are soulmates they have a mark, but when James finds out who his soulmate is he's dissapointed, because he wanted to be Lily and not reader, because she's not her and besides she's slytherin (you know that stuff a slytherin and a gryffindor dating).
Then reader knows James don't want to be with her, so she decides to go on a date with Regulus to Hogsmade. James sees them together and he gets jealous, it makes him think over his actions so he decides to apology and talks with the reader.
A fluffy ending please.
I hope this is ok. Have a good day or night!
A/N: Of course you can!! Tysm for the request! Here’s part 1! <3
Unusual Soulmates
Tumblr media
(James Potter x fem! Slytherin! reader)
Warning(s): Swearing & angst.
Words: 1k!
These days at Hogwarts, soulmates were connected by distinct markings. They could be anything from a simple line on the wrist, to a circle on the thumb. That way, people could easily identify their soulmates. Markings could appear at anytime, although most witches and wizards got them by by 5th year. It didn’t stop anyone from pursuing a non match, though.
In your last year at Hogwarts, you had finally been given your mark. It wasn’t anything special. It was a simple “X” on your left wrist. Sirius had boasted about getting his for weeks.
“C’mon y/n, show me yours!” Black pleaded soon after showing you his own.
“It’s nothing special Sirius,” you sighed
“Just an x on my wrist.” You showed him anyway, rolling the sleeve of your Slytherin jumper down. He examined it for a minute before pausing in an almost shocked manner.
“L/N,” Sirius spoke, sounding a bit surprised. “James has the same marking.”
You had completely froze. How could that be? James Potter was madly in love with Lily, not you. If anything, they both should easily be soulmates. He hardly paid you the time of day, as he quickly became obsessed with winning over Evans.
Why on earth would he give her up for you? You were a Slytherin for Merlin’s sake! It would never work out.
“That’s - it’s not possible.” You half whispered. You wanted so desperately to cry, scream even. Yet you just stood there as Sirius let go of your wrist.
“I swear y/n. I’d never lie to you.” He calmly stated, still holding your gaze. The dam had broken, and tears welled up in your eyes. You couldn’t hide your emotions any longer. Without saying a word, you grabbed your books and rushed out of the empty classroom. Sirius had called after you, but you refused to turn around and go back. You felt like you were going to vomit.
You kept your head down as you hurried back to your dorm. You glanced at the clock tower on your route back. 2:30pm. You cursed yourself under your breath. You and Remus had planned to study potions this evening in your dorm room. How on earth were you gonna explain this to him? You knew he would understand, yet another wave of embarrassment washed over you. Dread started to creep up as you made your way up the staircase. As you opened the door, Remus sat there on the sofa, potion book in hand.
“Sorry I’m late,” you spoke, trying your best to bottle up your emotions from the boy.
“That’s fine y/n,” Lupin smiled, placing the book down. “James has been keeping me company.”
Your breath hitched in your throat. You hadn’t noticed him sitting across from Remus, silently going over his own notes. In that moment, you wished to just disappear. James had yet to acknowledge your presence, still skimming over the papers.
“You alright, y/n?” Remus asked, making his way up towards you. It was then James noticed you, glancing up in your direction. You shook your head, the tears threatening to fall again.
“I - he just -“ you couldn’t speak a full sentence. You tripped over your own words, trying desperately to find the right ones.
“I’d like to speak to James alone please” You stated as Remus still looked at you worryingly. You could hear James let out a sigh of what seemed like annoyance. Remus nodded, giving you an understanding look before walking out.It was just you and James now. You sat down were Remus had just been sitting.
“Look y/n, I know we lost yesterdays quidditch game,” James laughed. “You can lecture me about it la-“
“That’s not what I’m here to talk about.” You interrupted, a hint of anger in your voice. He looked a bit surprised, but smiled nonetheless.
“No?” Potter questioned, now leaning towards the edge of the dorm room chair.
“What is it then?”
“I’ve finally gotten my soulmate marking.” You admitted, daring not to look at the boy sitting across from you. You didn’t want to be here in this situation, not one bit. The sooner it was over, the better you’d feel. It needed to be said, whether you liked it or not.
“Really?” He asked, clearly surprised by your announcement. “At this point I’d thought you’d been forgotten!” You couldn’t hold back a genuine smile as he joked.
Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad?
“It’s you,” you blurted out suddenly, not caring to think your words over. “James, you -“
“I’m sorry?” Potter asked, confused as ever. “What about me?”
You’re throat felt dry, and now you could hardly get a word out of your mouth. Turning your head away from him, you yanked down your house jumper, revealing the marking. James didn’t say a word, and that’s when you started to cry.
“I’m sorry,” you whimpered, wiping the tears off your face. “Really, I -“
“You’re playing me, aren’t you?” James suddenly spoke, a bit too calm for your liking. “You and the other marauders put you up to this? S’ that right?”
“It’s not a joke!” You yelled, clenching your fists at the claim. You were standing now, and he did the same.
“It’s not funny, y/n. I’m in love with Lily!” He started to shout now, and that only made you cry harder.
“You think I don’t know that?” You asked. His next sentence alone would made your heart break into a thousand pieces.
“Really?” Potter questioned, becoming more angry by the minute. “Well I don’t think you do! You think ruining someone else’s relationship is funny? We’ve been together for years! We love each other! Why on earth would my soulmate be a Slytherin? I mean seriously, y/n! Why the fuck would I love someone like you? For Merlin’s sake, you’re not even comparable to her.”
At that moment, you completely lost it. Those words cut deeper than anything else. He hurt you, and he knew it. Almost immediately, your hand met his face. You slapped him, hard. James didn’t react, nor try to stop you. You wanted desperately to hit him again, punch him even. Grabbing your potions book, you stormed out of the dorm room, not bothering to look back.
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storiesforallfandoms · a day ago
causing trouble up in hotel rooms ~ harry styles
word count: 1930
request?: no
description: in which their love can only happen behind the doors of hotel rooms
pairing: harry styles x female!reader
warnings: swearing, lil bit of angst kind of?
based on this song
masterlist (one, two)
*in honor of harry’s house being released today
Tumblr media
You pushed through the crowd of screaming fans with your head down and your hood up to cover your face. Not that anyone would recognize you if they had saw your face, but you didn’t want to risk becoming a reoccurring face and have the fans start asking questions.
You eyed the bodyguards that were stood in the lobby. Neither one of them were paying attention to you, not like it would be an issue if they were, but you could never get over how intimidating they were.
You walked up to the front desk where the receptionist, a lady that had to be in her mid to late 40s, was stood on the phone. You were bouncing anxiously on the balls of your feet as you waited for her to get off the phone and address you.
“Sorry for the wait,” she said once she put the phone down. “What can I do for you?”
“Um, there should be a message here for...for Pretty Perfect,” you said, lowering your voice a little to say the fake name.
Harry always got to choose which name to give the receptionists. Half of the time it was something kind of sweet, the other half it was kind of embarrassing to have to say.
You weren’t sure if this name was the former or the latter.
The receptionist gave you a knowing smile and reached behind the desk. She placed a bright yellow sticky note on the desk in front of you and winked. You awkwardly smiled and nodded before taking the note and making your way to the nearby elevator.
This had become routine for you and Harry. The two of you had met at a bar after one of Harry’s shows a few months ago. You didn’t really know him at the time - you hadn’t been into One Direction and you didn’t even know he had started making solo music - so he felt like he could truly be himself around you. You both hit it off and before you knew it, you were in a relationship with a beloved pop singer.
Unfortunately, this came with some big downsides, meaning his fan base. As much as they loved Harry, they often scrutinized any women he was romantically linked to. It had led to the end of most of his relationships, and he didn’t want that to happen with you.
That’s how this arrangement came to be.
With Harry still on tour, there was very little time for the two of you to be alone. The only time you had was when he was in his hotel room before and after the show. So, he came up with a system for the two of you: he’d travel from place to place in his tour bus while you travelled on your own. He’d check into the hotel room, leave a message with the receptionist to give his room number to someone with a fake name of his choosing, and you’d come in some time later to use the fake name and get his room number.
It wasn’t exactly the relationship you had in mind, but you did enjoy the thrill of the secrecy.
When the elevator doors dinged, you felt your heart race. You always felt this way whenever you got close to his room. All you wanted was to be in his arms again, even if it was for a short period of time.
You had barley gotten to knock when the door swung open, and there he stood. Your tall, curly haired, handsome as fuck boyfriend. He already had a smile on his face as he opened the door, and you couldn’t help but mirror it at the sight of him.
He immediately took your face in his hands and pressed his lips against yours. Everything felt right in this moment. This kiss was the most important thing to you at that moment.
He suddenly broke away and looked both ways down the hallway. You giggled at his reaction. “I don’t think anyone is catching us up here.”
“You never know,” he said before reaching for your arms and literally dragging you into his room.
Both of you flopped down onto the giant hotel room bed. You melted into the soft mattress. You’d never be able to go back to your own bed after being in all of these hotels. You’d have to figure out a way to steal one of these beds when you finally had to go home.
The thought of home brought down your mood a little. You had been following Harry for a few months now. You knew it wasn’t going to last much longer, but you didn’t want to leave him just yet. You wanted to take him home with you, to have a normal, domestic life with him. To not have to worry about fans or paparazzi catching the two of you.
“What’s the frown for, love?” he asked, running his fingers along your cheek.
You looked over at him and put on a smile. “Nothing. Just thinking.”
“What are you thinking about?”
“Nothing important,” you responded. “How was the bus ride here?”
Harry screwed up his face, which made you laugh.
“It was so bumpy,” he said. “I couldn’t get to sleep. Every time I closed my eyes we’d go over more bumps. I swear I almost fell out of the bunk at one point.”
“It could not have been that bad.”
“Did you not drive the same road I did? It was horrid!”
You giggled. “Well yeah, I did. I just did it in the day time, where I could avoid all the bumps and holes, and I wasn’t woken up because I slept in a motel.”
Harry rolled away from you. “In a motel?! Oh, you can’t stay here then. You probably have bed bugs or something.”
“Motels are not that dirty!” you protested, sitting up and lunging towards him. “Even if they were, it’s too late now. I’ve been in your bed, and now I’m not letting go of you. You’re infected with bed bugs now!”
Harry playfully pretended to pull away from you, then dramatically sighed and fell back on the bed. He wrapped one arm around you and pulled you close to him. “I guess I’ve been infected. Can’t go anywhere now. I must quarantine in this hotel room with just you until it’s all gone.”
Your smile faltered a little. You didn’t want to be a downer during the short time that you and Harry had together, but you couldn’t help but think about how much you wished that could be a reality: just the two of you in this hotel room for a long time.
Harry noticed your look and tapped your nose. “There’s the sad face again.”
You sighed. “Sorry. It’s nothing, really.”
“Doesn’t seem like it’s nothing.” He gave you a small squeeze and kissed your forehead. “You know you can tell me anything, right?”
“I know. I just don’t want to put a damper on our time together.”
“I don’t want you to be upset during our time together either.”
You sighed. You laid in silence for a moment, trying to think of the words to say. How do you tell your insanely famous boyfriend that you wished he wasn’t famous without it sounding bad?
“I just...wish things were different for us,” you finally said. “I wish we didn’t have to sneak around. I like the thrill of the secrecy and all, but...I sometimes wish that I could confidently feel like it will end eventually. But I don’t feel that way, and it sucks because I would love to be able to show you off or to go out on real dates together. I love our alone time, but sometimes being stuck in a hotel room feels...suffocating.”
Harry was silent. He idly ran his hands through your hair. You felt your heart pounding as you waited for his response. Would he be upset that you said that? Would he want to end the relationship because you didn’t want to do the secrecy thing anymore? No, he wouldn’t. Would he?
“I know how you feel,” he finally said. You let out a breath you didn’t know you had been holding. “It’s hard to be famous and to try to date. Either your privacy is constantly breached by paparazzi, or fans are down your neck trying to find the tiniest flaw with the person you’re dating. I want to show you off, too, but I don’t want you to be attacked and harassed because of me.”
“I think I can handle it,” you told him, although you weren’t too sure you could. The breach of privacy was one thing, but to be constantly harassed by people you don’t even know seemed like something much harder to deal with.
“I don’t want you to have to handle it,” he said. “I also wish we could just be a normal couple and do normal couple things.”
You tilted your head back so you could kiss Harry’s cheek. “As much as we both wish for that, I wouldn’t change what we have for the world. I’m glad I have you in my life, Harry.”
“I’m glad I have you in mine, too, (Y/N).”
He kissed your gently. It was so easy to get lost in his kisses. You could spend your whole day - whole life even - just kissing Harry.
You spent the next few hours just cuddling and talking. He showed you some pictures on his phone that had been taken backstage at his last show. Harry was so effortlessly photogenic. Almost every picture, even the candid ones, he looked like a model. You secretly saved a bunch of them from his Instagram whenever he wasn’t around, and had one of them set as your phone background. That was the closest you had to being public about your relationship.
When a knock came at the door, you could almost feel Harry deflate beneath you.
“Time to head to the arena, Mr. Styles,” came the voice of one of his bodyguards.
Harry sighed and responded, “Yeah, be out in a minute.”
He looked at you. You were sure your face mirrored his own disappointment. Harry always gave you the option of coming to his shows, and you took him up on that every once in a while, but a loud concert with screaming fans wasn’t really your thing. Plus, you didn’t want to risk being seen there every night and having anyone connect the dots.
“I’ll see you in a few hours?” he asked.
You both knew that by the time he got back, you’d likely be asleep. Then, your time together the next morning would be fleeting as well as Harry would have to get ready to head to the next location.
But, despite that, you still smiled at him and said, “Yeah, see you in a few hours.”
He kissed you one last time before reluctantly getting up from the bed. You watched him grab his things and head for the door. He hesitated with his hand on the doorknob, looking over his shoulder at you one last time. You waved at him and blew him a kiss. He smiled a small smile before opening the door and heading out.
The minute the door closed behind him, you felt your heart sink. You took a deep breath to try and fight back the sadness, but it felt like no use.
You loved him so much, and sometimes that was the hardest part of everything.
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marwritesgood · 2 days ago
Leaving Like a Father | S. Harrington
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve x Hopper!Reader*
Timeframe: Seasons 2-3
Summary: [Based on Cardigan - Taylor Swift] Y/n’s resentment towards her father reaches an all-time high just before the battle against the Mind Flayer.
tw: daddy issues
masterlist - PART ONE
*note: this follows the same timeline as ‘CARDIGAN’ but is focused on the reader’s father-daughter relationship with Hopper.
November, 1983
Y/n was half-asleep on the worn-out couch when the sound of heavy footsteps on the front porch made her jolt. She inhaled deeply and sat up straight, before listening closely to the person outside her front door. When she heard keys fumbling and a quiet groan, she quickly realised it was the very person she had staying up for.
After letting out a sight, Y/n push herself up and off the sofa and rubbed her eyes as she approached the front door. She unlocked it and pulled it open before exhaling heavily when she saw her Chief Hopper lying down on top of the doormat, just about passed out.
"Dad," she groaned, kicking his legs just firmly enough to wake him up again. Before he could make a failed attempt at standing up on his own, Y/n bent down and swung one of his arms over her shoulder to help him.
"It's ok... 'm ok, bug," Hopper mumbled as he stepped inside. He pulled his arm away from Y/n and stumbled his way into their home. Even as a drunken mess, he was still as stubborn as he was sober.
"You were supposed to pick me up from work," Y/n reminded him, crossing her arms and frowning. She knew she shouldn't have taken his word for it, but considering what day it was, she allowed herself to do so once more.
It ended the same way it always did, her being disappointed and alone.
"I'm sorry, bug," Hopper huffed, placing his hand on the couch to stabilise his feet enough to turn around and face his daughter. "There was um... there was a holdup at the uh... at the station."
Y/n watched him closely. He didn't really think she would buy that? Even from across the room, she could smell the alcohol and tobacco remnants. She sighed and uncrossed her arms, too tired to react. Instead, she turned to the dining table and the empty plate she set specifically for him.
"There's some food leftover if you're hungry. I made enough for both of us... like I said I would," Y/n explained deflatedly, unable to hide the trace of disappointment in her tone.
He promised her this time would be different. That they would have dinner together like they did when there was four of them in that house. Y/n quickly regretted ever believing him.
"Not tonight, bug," Hopper sighed, not even stopping to acknowledge his sorrowful daughter and the table she had meticulously set hours ago.
Y/n took a few steps towards him as he approached his bedroom, but before she could even mutter a plea, her father slammed his door shut and twisted the lock immediately after.
Any other night, she would have burst into quiet tears, but not that night. She had no more tears left in her, much less any hope that things would be different. Instead, she turned back to the food she had laid out and began putting it away, with it, the plates and cutlery and any faith she once had of a conversation with her dad that didn't end in disappointment.
Once the table was clear and the kitchen was somewhat tidy, Y/n pulled out the box of cupcakes she kept in the refrigerator as well as the candle she left on the bench. She sat alone at the table and put the candle on one of the cupcakes before igniting it with one of the many lighters her dad left lying around the house.
After inhaling once, Y/n closed her eyes and spent her one birthday wish praying, by some miracle, her dad would still be home by the time she woke up and not passed out in front of a bar with an empty pill container and beer bottle in the cup holder of his battered truck.
Even after years of disappointment and having to figure out things for herself, Y/n could not yet bring herself to hate the shell of a man her father had become. Although it was clear to her that he was never going to be the caring and reliable father she desperately needed him to be for so long, in the midst of it all, Y/n was still his daughter.
"Happy birthday, bug," she whispered to herself, hoping it would give her a fraction of the comfort it would if he at least said it before slamming his door in her face, but to no avail. After putting the cupcakes back and dragging herself to bed, hoping to get at least a few hours of rest before school.
September, 1984
Y/n stifled a yawn as she waved goodbye to Steve before turning back to her door and letting herself in. Her closing shifts at the video store always left her feeling eager to collapse into her beloved bed. As she turned the doorknob and pushed, she was startled to see their kitchen a mess and living room sofa occupied by her dad and El, sound asleep.
She carefully stepped inside and gently closed the door behind her. There was an empty packet of chips on the coffee table and the remote seemed to have fallen out of Hopper hands and onto the carpeted floor assumably when he fell asleep.
It had become a sort of tradition for him and El to watch tv together on Friday nights in the months following her living with them. It was a tradition that left Y/n feeling agitated and conflicted.
She approached their messy dining table and tried her best not to read too much into it. Tried her best not to pay attention to the way her Dad managed to sober up and take on less hours at the station just to keep El company. Tried her best not to feel to envious and bitter every time she glanced back at the two of them; at the quiet smiles on both their faces despite their state of slumber.
Y/n tried not to wonder what that must have felt like, knowing that trail of thought would only leave her in tears.
After clearing the table, she packed away the food left on the bench back into the refrigerator and pantry, she heard her dad groan. Y/n turned to the couch and saw him stretch his arms out, letting loose a yawn before noticing the now clean dining table and his eldest standing in the kitchen.
"Oh hey, you're home," he chuckled softly, rising from the couch but not without ensuring his movement did not disturb El.
It was still unsettling for Y/n to see him act with such consideration. He had somewhat sobered up in just over a matter of months and transformed into a half-decent example of a father. He had become exactly what Y/n hoped he would be, but it wasn’t for her sake. It was for El’s.
"How was work?"
Hopper approached the his eldest in the kitchen, thought his eyes remained glued on his youngest right until his calloused hands felt the cool surface of the kitchen bench top.
"Fine," Y/n answered shortly, before dusting her hands off and reaching gratefully for the cardboard box left on the edge of the counter. She never had enough time to pick up dinner after a closing shift and hoped Hopper finally remembered. "You and El had pizza?"
As she began opening the box she looked up at her dad, only to witness him avert his eyes and attention once more. Even in her sleep, Y/n thought. She promptly shrugged it off as her growling stomach demanded her attention.
"Yeah, we did,” her father chuckled. “She came up with funniest name for pepperonis-"
Hopper’s words were cut short when he turned back to Y/n and watched her stare at the empty pizza box with stifled disappointment. He sighed, suddenly remembering the promise he made to save enough food for her to have for dinner when she got home.
"I'm sorry we completely forgot-"
"It's fine,” Y/n snapped, before inhaling sharply and deciding to once again bite her tongue. She softened her expression and met Hopper’s guilty eyes. “I was gonna go to bed anyways."
He knew she was lying but didn’t see the point in call her out on it. It’d likely end in another argument and it’d been a while since their last. Hopper didn’t want to go back there.
"Oh ok,” he nodded, watching her closely as she left the kitchen and headed for her bedroom. He contemplated not saying anything further but, just as she reached for the doorknob, he threw caution to the wind. “Goodnight, bug.”
Hopper couldn’t remember the last time he’d said that to her. Y/n couldn’t either. Perhaps that was why she froze for a moment and, against her better judgement, glanced over her shoulder.
“Night dad,” she replied quietly.
Before turning to the empty bed she’d spent the last five hours yearning for, Y/n pushed her bedroom door behind her, making sure to leave a small gap. It was a silly rule that she never previously cared enough for to follow diligently, but on nights like these she didn’t care enough to wilfully defy it.
As she shifted things around her room whilst getting ready to sleep, Y/n peeked a quick glance into the living room, curious as to whether or not her father was still there. She felt herself freeze again, but this time the feeling in her stomach was far from pleasant.
Y/n watched with an involuntary frown as Hopper placed a blanket over El while she continued to sleep soundly on the living room couch. He was so attentive and thoughtful with her. So loving and affectionate even when she was not awake to appreciate it.
Had he always been capable of being that way or did El bring out a fatherly side in him he never felt obliged to show when it was just her? Y/n’s stomach turned. She was unsure whether she wanted to scream or burst into tears.
Before she could make a conscious, her hand flew and slammed the door shut completely.
June, 1985
Y/n slammed the front door shut and sped across to the kitchen, too determined to get to the refrigerator to let the sting of her tears and her blurred vision hinder her. Thankfully, she had dipped into her hidden stash of ice cream enough times to do it by muscle memory alone.
Get the ice cream, get the spoon, take the lid off and indulge. Just like always, only this time Y/n hugged the ice cream tub to her chest and raced to her bedroom. She wanted to sink into the comfort of her beloved bed and not get up until absolutely necessary.
After kicking her shoes off her feet and tossing her bag and jacket aside, she sat on her bed. However, just before she fully lie down and being her wallowing process, her bedroom door was pushed open and El cautiously stepped in.
“Y/n? Are you ok?”
She held he hands behind her back and didn’t take a step further, not until she was sure she was wanted. Y/n sighed as she contemplated putting on a brave face so El wouldn’t worry, before ultimately realising she now knew her well enough to see through such lies. Maybe that wasn’t a bad thing.
“… No,” Y/n admitted, sniffling as she scooped another spoonful of ice cream. “Not really, El.”
She was a pitiful mess. It was clear as day. Even so, admitting she was hurting bruised the fragile ego and pride Y/n had worked so hard to maintain. Somehow she preferred it happened in front of El as opposed to just about anyone else.
“Can I stay? Or do you want to be alone?”
El knew from observation that Y/n often liked to be alone in her room when she was upset or angry. It was a detail easy to deduce after watching Hopper get ignored or turned away anytime he tried to apologise for to her something, which happened rather frequently. El was so sure this time was no different, so she stood in the doorway ready to back away.
Much to her surprise, Y/n offered a small and gracious smile before patting empty spot on her bed beside her. El grinned before assuming her spot, revealing the spoon she held behind her back just in case she got the chance to eat Y/n’s special ice cream with her.
“Did something happen?”
El was not oblivious to Y/n’s puffy eyes and wet cheeks. She had never seen Y/n cry before. She felt a strange urge to find out who was responsible and find a way to telepathically torment them.
“Steve and I broke up,” Y/n explained, her voice shaky. She tried to think a child-friendly way of explaining the reason to El. “He… kissed another girl. And it turns out he’s been lying to me about it for a while.”
El’s nostrils flared. She hated lying. However, it became clear to her that she hated seeing her big sister upset even more. Now she hated Steve for being the reason for it. Why did boyfriends lie?
“Boys are dumb,” El grumbled.
“They really are,” Y/n groaned.
“Max says when boyfriends lie, you give him the medicine and dump his ass.”
Y/n furrowed her brows and looked up at El who held her head high with a small smirk. They stared at each other silently before bursting into fits of laughter simultaneously.
As they recovered and began scooping out more ice cream, Y/n pondered as to why Max would give El that advice. Maybe they both needed her secret tub of chocolate ice cream fro similar reasons.
“Did something happen with you and Mike?”
The young girl nodded her head as she scooped a spoonful of ice cream. She was beginning to understand why Y/n always kept a tub hidden in their freezer.
“There was no nana,” El explained, knowing Y/n would understand what she meant. After establishing their ‘sisters dont tell secrets’ pact, El confided in her sister about almost everything. “Mike lied to me.”
“So did you dump his ass?” Y/n smirked.
Her younger sister nodded her head and laughed as she recounted the moment it happened. She felt so exhilarated.
“Good,” Y/n smiled as she scraped the sides of the now half empty ice cream tub. “We deserve boyfriends who tell us the truth.”
Y/n hoped saying it would convince her and provide her some ounce of comfort. That maybe then she’d start to believe the downfall of her relationship with Steve started and ended with him. But there was a small part of her that felt discontent with that. A small part that questioned if there was something she did or didn’t do that landed her in the position she was now in.
Luckily, before she could trail further into that rabbit hole, El continued to talk to her about how dumb boys could be. Y/n never thought she’d be so grateful her plans for a quiet night alone got disrupted. El was good company.
By the time Hopper got home from the station, he was puzzled by quiet. Instinctively, he went to check El’s room first and was surprised to see all but an empty bed. However, when he walked past his eldest’s room, he stopped in his tracks when he saw the two of them sleeping.
He couldn’t help but smile.
The following morning, Y/n woke up extra early just so she could make a phone call out to the Wheeler residence. She knew she needed to give herself at left a good twenty minutes to explain everything that had happened to Nancy.
After their conversation, she raced to the bathroom and got ready as quickly as she could. Hopper wasn’t working until the afternoon, so she hoped it meant she could leave without having to respond to his interrogation.
Just in case, she donned a pair of sunglasses in an attempt to hide her eyes that were still puffy from all the crying she did the night before and in the shower that very morning.
As she exited her room and headed for the kitchen, she saw her dad standing by the phone. Before she could reach the kitche table, where El sat quietly with a bowl of cereal, Hopper held the phone out to his eldest.
“Y/n, Steve’s on the phone,” he explained.
Y/n wore a sarcastic smile that only El saw for its true nature. Hopper was none the wiser. The younger girl took a spoonful of cereal and paid close attention to her older sister, curious to see what she would do next.
“Oh he is?”
The older girl approached their telephone just as her dad backed away and retreated to his seat at the table and his plate of eggs and bacon. Y/n held the phone to her chest and turned to her little sister.
“El, block your ears,” she ordered. The younger girl did so without a hesitation nor any follow up questions. Y/n finally brought the phone to her ear and confronted her ex. “Go fuck yourself!”
She slammed the phone down so aggressively, Hopper was surprised nothing broke. He watched with concern as Y/n approached the refrigerator silently, as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened.
“Um… are you feeling ok, bug?”
Hopper studied his eldest daughter closely. He had a feeling her spontaneous decision to wear sunglasses was more calculated than it appeared. Y/n poured herself a glass of orange juice and bit into a piece of plain toast.
“I’m fine,” Y/n asserted as he chewed. She glanced at the clock and took a sip of her juice. “I just need to eat something fast. Nancy and Jonathan will be here soon.”
“Steve’s not picking you up?”
El widened her eyes in terror and tried her best to silently communicate to him that it was in his best interest he stop asking follow-up questions.
“Obviously not if Jonathan and Nancy are going to be here soon!” Y/n retorted, irritated by her dad’s questions just as El suspected. “Are you even listening to me?”
Hopper turned to El and narrowed his eyes as the young girl shook her head rapidly, clearly warning him to leave the older girl alone. Despite El’s best attempts, their father remained relentleess.
“You know, if there’s something going on, I’m here if you wanna-“
“Oh my god, dad, I’m fine!” Y/n yelled, putting her dishes in the sink just roughly enough to make a sound that punctuated her annoyance.
If it had been anyone else interrogating her about why she was acting differently, perhaps Y/n wouldn’t respond with such aggression. But this was her father. The man who once went weeks without speaking a word to her. The man who had the nerve to voice his disapproval of her dating Steve as if his judgement of character meant anything to her.
She wasn’t ready to let him know how she was feeling, nor was she ready to admit that Steve wasn’t the stand up guy she insisted he was.
“I’m perfectly fine,” Y/n repeated, her voice all the more irritated. “Do I not seem fine to you? El, do I not seem fine?”
“She’s fine,” El agreed immediately, not missing a beat.
“See, I’m fine!”
Hopper gulped, completely taken aback. There was clearly something his daughter knew that he didn't but before he could make another failed attempt at getting a straight answer out of Y/n, Nancy and Jonathan arrived to pick her up and take her to her morning shift.
He waited until she closed the door behind her before turning to his youngest. Hopper hoped El's distaste for liars would mean she would finally give him the truth. The young girl continued to eat her cereal, oblivious to Hopper's attentive eye.
“El," he began, narrowing his eyes. "Did something happen between Steve and Y/n?”
El chewed slowly before looking up at Hopper, who studied her closely. He was so sure she was about to cave and tell him everything. But instead, she shrugged.
“Sisters don’t tell secrets.”
July, 1985
Y/n sat at an empty table of the Starcourt mall's food court and sipped the water bottle Steve had gotten her. He was saying something about how there was no telling if the truth serum had completely worn off yet, until he realised Y/n's attention was elsewhere.
She watched from a distance as Hopper put a bandaid on the small cut long El's temple. She continued to study the two of them as he seemingly said something comforting to her before pulling her in for a hug. She hoped that after a year of sitting on sideline and watching her dad look after El it wouldn't affect her as much as it used to. But it still stung just harshly. It still hurt just as bad.
"Hey," Steve whispered, placing his hand on Y/n's wrist. Finally she looked away. "You ok?"
It was his attempt at testing to see if the truth serum had worn off yet. Before Y/n could lie through her teeth and cast her feelings aside, she involuntarily spoke as she rose from her seat.
“Obviously not," she muttered quietly before heading towards the portion of the foodcourt everyone else was gathered at. Steve followed her closely, concerned about what the truth serum would do to her.
As they listened in on what the goal was and the different groups everyone was splitting off into, Steve's attention remained with Y/n. There was something about her demeanour that made him anxious.
Even as she approached El and hugged her tightly, Steve's worries persisted. He was the only person Y/n confided in about her conflicted feelings towards her dad and towards El. For this reason, he was the only one who noticed the way she suppressed her resentment.
As Y/n pulled away from her little sister, she started to brace herself for the mission ahead. However, her train of though was quickly interrupted as Hopper approached her with knitted brows.
“You’re not staying with El?” He asked in disbelief, a hint of anger in his tone that took Y/n by surprise. He had a real knack for making her feel she was constantly doing something wrong.
“No, I’m gonna go with Steve."
Y/n hadn't realised she needed to justify her decision to Hopper. When he responded with a loud and incredulous scoff, she felt her blood begin to boil.
“Bug, c'mon... you can't be serious.”
“What are you trying to say?” Y/n questioned.
“You’d rather go into the woods with the guy who broke your heart than stay here and look out for your sister? Don’t you think she could use your support?”
Of course Y/n wanted to support El in every way she could, but she didn't have the stomach to watch El battle the mind flayer. She already had her fair share of traumatic experiences and witnessing her loved ones get hurt. Not to mention, Y/n knew nothing about defeating an inter-dimensional beast. However, she did know a thing or two about speeding through Hawkins with only half a tank of gas.
"She'll be ok, dad," Y/n stated sincerely, trying to level with him. He was not the only one worried about El, but he too knew he could be more helpful is he went instead of staying.
"She's 14," Hopper retorted.
"She has supernatural powers," she rebutted, growing annoyed with his insinuation that she was abandoning El. He, of all people, should know what actual abandonment looks like. "And Nancy and Jonathan will be with them."
"Y/n," Hopper warned as she turned around and attempted to leave.
She whipped back around and huffed. Perhaps it was the truth serum or finally being fed up, but she had no urge to stifle her feelings any longer. Steve and El watched with concern.
"What exactly do you expect me to do, dad?" She asked angrily. "Jump in front of the fucking mind Flayer for her?"
Y/n watched as her dad struggled to muster a straight answer. It was unsurprising but still all the more hurtful and enraging. El stepped forward, unable to stand idle and watch the two of the most important people in her life argue over her. Only it wasn't just about El. It was about so much more.
"Hopper I'll be ok,” the young girl assured. “It's ok.”
"It's not ok," Hopper shook his head, his angry and disapproving eyes never leaving Y/n. While he didn't want to fight with his eldest daughter, he couldn't just let it go. "C'mon bug, I thought I raised you to-"
"Raised me?" Y/n repeated, her eyes widened and fist clenched. There was not more tiptoeing around the elephant in the room. No more thinking carefully about her words. All she saw was red, as all her pent up resentment bubbled to the surface. "I'm sorry, since when did coming home drunk every night and disappearing in the morning qualify as raising someone?"
"Are you really gonna drudge up the past when we're in the middle of a crisis?"
Y/n scoffed. Of course he would dismiss what he did and he feelings about it. Of course he would try and convince her to put a cork in it so he could go on living in oblivion. Of course it was easy for him to forget how cruel he was. He wasn't the one who had to stay sober through it all.
“Look, I get that you care more about El than you do about me-“
"That's not true!" Hopper denied immediately.
"Oh, it’s not?” Y/n hissed, convinced he was either in denial or lying to save face in front of El and Joyce. “She gets a fatherly pep talk and a hug, and all I get is you yelling at me for not volunteering to become her human body shield.”
Hopper furrowed his brows, feeling blindsided by his daughter's outburst. He thought they were fine. He thought he was finally making progress with her.
“Where is this coming from?”
“Where is this coming from?" Y/n roared. "It's coming from you leaving me to fend for myself for years... a-and you adopting El and being a better dad to her in a year than you were to me. Ever.”
She thought of the way he justified taking El in to her. How he described her as being just a kid who was on her own. The frustration she felt leaving that conversation was soul crushing. If not for Steve talking her down afterwards and cheering her up with ice cream, she would likely torn her room to shreds.
"I didn't get eggos, o-or encouraging words or meals together. And I never ev-” Y/n's breath hitched as she felt tears begin to pool in her eyes. All while thinking of the one thing she wanted from him, after everything that happened. “I never even got an apology... Or a thank you for putting up with all your shit."
She was lucky to get even a conversation with him. Most days he passed through their house like a silent zombie, and not someone who had a responsibility to look after her.
"And now what?" Y/n cried. "You want me to get killed trying to save El? Is that it? Would that make it easier for you to continue on being father of the century?”
“You know that’s not true,” Hopper winced. She had to know that wasn't true. Losing another one of his daughters was the last thing he could ever want. Y/n shook her head and lowered her voice.
“What I know is that it’s really ironic when you make digs at Steve for hurting me, because that’s exactly what you’ve been doing for most of my life.”
She watched his expression as it twisted and morphed into something she hadn't seen in a long long time. Not since the day they got the phone call from the hospital.
Steve studied Y/n closely, dumbfounded by how quickly her argument with Hopper escalated. He wondered how much of it was due to the truth serum still evident in her system. He, along with everyone else standing in the foodcourt, hoped that it was finally over. That she wouldn't take thing any farther.
She considered ending the conversation and leaving. But there was one last thing weighing heavily on her chest. The one thought she spent years suppressing. Without another moment's deliberation, Y/n threw caution to the wind.
"You know I used to wish I had died with them," she confessed quietly. "-with mom and Sara."
Hopper's face went pale. That was the one topic they never discussed. The one line they both silently agreed to never cross. Y/n was sick of his stupid rules. In that moment, she didn't care how her words would affect him. She just knew how she felt and had no will left to bite her tongue and fake a smile.
"Now, I wish it had just been you instead."
The room fell silent as Y/n turned her back to her dad and sped towards the parking lot. She didn't care for any rebuttal he might have had. She didn't care for the horrified look on his and everyone else's face. She was certain it needed to be said.
"Steve," Hopper called out, prompting the young man to stop and face him, terrified and concerned about what he would say next. The older man sighed defeatedly. "Keep her safe... Please."
It was the only thing he could do and perhaps the only right thing left to say. He always struggled when it came to words, and clearly his actions were quite questionable as well. Maybe the best thing he could do for his eldest daughter was hope she would survive the night safely and pray that, come morning, he'll be able to start rectifying everything he did wrong.
However long it would take.
When Steve caught up to his ex girlfriend, he knew better than to ask her how she was coping. The determined look in her eyes and her stoic demeanour on the drive to the hills was enough for him to know it was in his best interest not to pry. He couldn't help but wonder if she had truly meant to say all that she did, or if she felt some semblance of remorse now she was looking back at it. But Y/n had no regret in that moment. Not one ounce. However, the regret would come later that night, when everyone returned to Starcourt.
Everyone but Hopper.
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soapygummybear · 2 days ago
Genshin Impact Men as Body Guard Boyfriends
Fandom: •Genshin Impact•
Chracter(s): >Zhongli, Xiao, Venti, Childe, and Kamisato Ayato (all separate)!<
Genre: Crack Headcannons
⚠️Warnings⚠️: Blood, violence, threats, poisoning.
Prompt: What would the Genshin men do if they saw someone hitting on you while during a gala they’re at to protect you? 
Request?: Nope, but requests are welcome!
Readers Gender: Gender Neutral! (Please know all my headcannons will have a gender neutral reader unless said otherwise. As this way, the headcannons are more inclusive to male, female, non-binary, and other readers! :D)
Notes: This is just pure crack. I haven’t posted in a bit and I don’t have time right now to write a full on oneshot because finals are coming up. So, please take this as a little intermission before I start writing oneshots again!
Tumblr media
-Zhongli let’s you have your space. There’s no need for him to stick to you like glue. You’re a pretty strong person and you have no issue sticking up for yourself. Besides, he’s only there in case you need him.
-He stays by a wall, keeping his golden eyes on you. He makes sure you’re not too far away, but not too close. Just enough space for him to get by your side in less than 30 seconds.
-Everything seems fine. You’re having a great time talking with people who you haven’t seen for a bit.
-That is, until someone comes up to you. They place their hands in your hips, trying to sway your body.
-You separate yourself from them, politely asking they don’t do that.
-“Oh c’mon. Dance with me, I’ll make you sway.” The person says.
-A very uncomfortable look appears on your face. The person wouldn’t leave you alone and wouldn’t give you space.
-This doesn’t go unnoticed by Zhongli. He sees everything that’s happening.
-Carefully opening up his suit, he yawns as he pulls out a stone.
-The stone is a smooth pebble. Small enough to fit in a pocket. 
-He nonchalantly flicks the rock at the person. Purposely making sure enough force was used to shoot the pebble straight at the person to knock them unconscious. 
-It smacks the back of their head, causing them to collapse to the floor, blood spilling onto the ground.  
-Screams erupt everywhere. Including from you.
-You look straight at Zhongli, “SERIOUSLY?! EVERY TIME?!” You stare at him in disbelief.
-He smiles innocently before putting on some sunglasses and grabbing you, leading you out of the building.
-Least to say, you were safe. And that’s all that mattered to him.
(More under the cut!)
Tumblr media
-Xiao keeps very close to you. There is no way in hell he’s going to let you get hurt.
-Though, he does try to respect your space. He keeps maybe, 5-8 feet away from you.
-What can he say? He just doesn’t want you to get hurt. He can’t lose you like he lost the other Yaksha. It would really feel like he was dying if he lost you. 
-So when someone comes up to you, saying very explicit things and lightly touching your body, Xiao immediately runs towards you.
-He straight up laments this person’s ass while calling them a demon.
-“How dare you touch (Y/N) so inappropriately, demon!”
-“Xiao stop! You’re going to kill them!” You try to grab him.
-Takes about 17 people to get Xiao off the poor beaten up person.
-You sigh as you grab his hand and leave the party. “Xiao what the hell. Why would you beat up someone?”
-“Why not? They were touching you inappropriately. They don’t deserve to not be beaten.” He argues.
-Rolling your eyes, a cheeky smile makes its way to your face, “Whatever, Xiao. Just don’t do it again.”
-“Not promising anything.” He replies.
Tumblr media
-Venti trusts you. He’ll stick around you while you talk to people. Sometimes he’ll leave your side for a drink or two, but he tries his best not to get carried away.
-After all, he needs to remain conscious to protect you in case you need it.
-But one more drink wouldn’t hurt him, would it?
-He politely excuses himself and goes to get a drink. Picking it up, he takes a few sips.
-Before his eyes narrow onto someone.
-He stares as he watches a person come up to you. They try offering you a drink.
-“No thank you, I’m good.” You politely say. This person gave you the creeps. There was no way in all of Teyvet you would EVER take a drink from this person. You’d rather drink from a menstrual cup.
-A slightly angered face appears on Venti as the person wouldn’t leave you alone. He finally has enough and makes his way to you.
-Using the wind, Venti lifts himself up to the person’s ear, “If you don’t hippity hoppity on out of here and away from them, I’m gonna bippity boppity your ass out of Teyvet.”
-The person turns around, horrified to see an innocent looking child(?) saying such a threat.
-Venti smiles happily, “Better get going!” He uses some wind and throws them out the window.
-You look at him, smiling, “Thanks, Venti.”
-“No problem, love! I’ve always got your back.” He winks.
Tumblr media
-Childe gives you space. He trusts you a lot. And he knows you can hold up your end in a fight. Although you were never able to beat him personally, he has seen you beat other things up with no problem.
-Don’t get him wrong, he keeps his eyes on you. But at the same time, he too, enjoys the party.
-But that all changes when someone approaches you.
-They were CLEARLY drunk. And for some reason, you reminded them of their ex-spouse Sam somehow.
-They start yelling at you. Calling you awful names like bitch, slut, cheater, etc etc.
-You can’t deal with being yelled at very much. Your eyes start to water as you panic, not knowing how to handle the situation.
-The cup Childe is holding shatters as his grip had tightened around it.
-An irk mark pops up on his face as he makes his way towards you.
-Once he reaches you, he straight up just punches the person unconscious.
-“Hmm, they were weaker than I thought.” He stares at them.
-His eyes travel to you as you have little tears falling from your face.
-He gives you a smile, “It’s okay, (Y/N), I took care of them! Let’s go, shall we? It’s pretty boring here.”
-He picks you up and leaves the party. After a bit, your tears stop as Childe does his best to calm you down.
-“There we go! There’s my strong partner!”
Tumblr media
Kamisato Ayato
-The fact that you even got this man to attend a party is already crazy.
-Although, it didn’t take much to get him here. His main goal was protecting you. That’s all that mattered.
-Ayato let’s you walk around on your own free will. He doesn’t keep near you and he doesn’t even show himself.
-He’s just chillin in the shadows, doing his best to remain unnoticed and low-profiled.
-Don’t underestimate him. He keeps an eagles eye on you.
-As soon as he spots someone suspicious going near you, he strikes.
-Before this person can even get to you, they’re already gone.
-Something must be going on at that party because for some reason, you keep attracting dangerous people.
-Ayato’s eyes narrow as he watches someone walking around you.
-To the untrained eye, this person just looked like they were trying to find their friend.
-But Ayato knows better.
-Finally revealing himself, he walks up to this mysterious person, offering them a drink.
-A beautiful smile sits on his face as he watches the person take a sip from the cup.
-Immediately, the person starts gasping for air.
-Everyone’s attention turns to Ayato and the person.
-“Oh dear, you’re allergic to mint? I hadn’t known.” He acts surprised.
-Ayato turns his head to you, looking as you had a worried and fearful expression on your face.
-“Pardon me, but it seems I need to leave.” He walks away from the gasping person to you.
-He leads you out of the building, a happy smile on his face.
-“What did you do?” You stare at him.
-“Don’t worry about it,” he smiles, “Let’s go home.”
-Ayato secretly knew that person was allergic to mint. But he would never admit it.
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anonymousumiko · a day ago
sunscreen | fushiguro t.
Tumblr media
ღpairing: fushiguro toji x reader
ღwarning: 18+ content (minors DNI), non-con, pseudo-incest, stepfather toji, reader is tanning outside, reader is a bitch kinda (but so is toji), massages, wandering hands, groping, bumping and grinding, fingering, mating press thing, sunscreen, cheating, dirty talk, name-calling
word count: 2.1k
you're just asking for toji to have you. why else would you let him put sunscreen on your back?
♡ ♡ ♡
When Toji remarried he didn't expect to gain such a loving stepdaughter. One that grimaced whenever he was around and argued with every word he spoke.
Before he ever met you Toji seemed to know everything about you. From how you were doing in school to how you felt about your parents getting a divorce.
And when he first saw you, in real-time and not a photo on your mother's Facebook, he became enamored.
You were just like your mother in more ways than one.
You had her eyes that he looked into whenever they fucked, her lips that had pressed against every ounce of skin on his body.
However, you were different.
You were a firecracker compared to your mother. A reminder of his youth and what life looked like through rose-colored glasses. What life was like when his only worry was passing an exam.
You were a breath of fresh air that ignited something within him that your mother could not.
And Toji didn't know when the title of stepdaughter proceeded to disappear from his mind. For he began to watch you a little more and listen to your mother a little less.
Started to wonder if you and your mother made the same face whenever his cock was inside. Started to jerk off in the bathroom to the idea of his cock around those pretty lips.
Desire filled his belly when he wondered what you were hiding under those sweatpants and sweaters.
Wondered if he'd ever get to take a look.
"Alright, I'll be back soon!" Toji smiled at the older version of you, large hands coated in soap suds as he continued to scrub the dirtied plate.
"Do you want me to pick up anything before I come home?"
Such a thoughtful woman.
"No, we have everything we need for now." The black-haired male responded, pushing himself uncomfortably so into the counter.
"Okay," A kiss was placed on his cheek, "I love you Toji."
Like clockwork, the words fell from his lips and your mother went on her way, much to your stepfather's relief.
For he didn't know how much longer he could hide the bulge in his jeans.
His attention went from the dishes in his hand to the window in front of him that led to the backyard.
And there you were.
Clad in nothing but a bikini that seemed way too small on you. Putting every intimate part of you on display for anyone to see. How shameless you were.
Green eyes watched you intensely. Mentally taking note of the way your skin soaked up every ray from the sun, the way your hands lathered sunscreen onto your freshly shaven legs.
Toji couldn't help himself. His wet soapy hand massaged his achingly hard cock through his jeans. What a little minx you were. Practically begging for anyone to take a look at you.
Through hazy eyes, Toji watched you lie on your stomach. Your arm reaches behind you to untie your bikini strap. "Fuck," He muttered between gritted teeth as the sides of your breast were exposed to him.
Your plump ass facing the sky oiled up and begging to be in his hands.
And Toji wasn't thinking when he took a paper towel and dried his hands, briskly taking off his shirt before heading out to the backyard.
The sound of the backdoor opening alerted you as you moved your gaze towards him, your brows furrowing in such a familiar way.
"Do you care if I join you?" He didn't care what you thought, and you knew that.
"I do care but you won't listen to a word I say anyway." You huffed before turning your head to face the other way.
"Good girl."
Your stepfather sat in the chair beside yours, his body facing you. You could feel warm puddles of green pierce your back, making you feel utterly uncomfortable.
"A nice day isn't it?" You ignored him, placing your earbuds back in your ear. The older Fushiguro let out a deep chuckle that made your stomach twist as you looked at him with annoyance.
Your stepfather mentally took note of the way you eyed each muscle that graced his tanning body. A part of you felt a little embarrassed with how shameless you were being.
"Does your mother know that you own such a scandalous piece of clothing?"
"It's a swimsuit, it's not scandalous."
"I'd beg to differ. If someone were to see you like this, they might take it as an invitation."
"Invitation for what?"
You felt your body grow hot as you saw a smirk play on his teeth, understanding exactly what he meant.
"Did you come out here just to bother me?!" And he laughed at you. Laughed at the rising irritation on your face while all you could do was pout.
"Why don't you actually do something useful?" You huffed, throwing the large bottle of sunblock which he ultimately caught. "I missed a spot." You motioned towards your back.
You were so easy.
"Alright." Toji stood up to his full height, towering over your lewd body. A squeak of surprise left your lips as you felt a slight weight on your thighs.
"Are you on top of me?!" You yelled, "Get off you're too big!!"
"Shut up, I'm barely putting any weight on you." Toji felt like he was on top of the world as he squeezed the cold gel in the palm of his hands before connecting them to your back.
His hands trailed up and down your spine, lightly massaging the substance into your skin. His long, slender digits seemed to leave no part of you untouched and you swear you could've moaned at the feeling.
Your stepfather smiled when he noticed you physically relaxed, a deep sigh coming out of your throat.
You didn't seem to notice when he went lower than he should have, his hands rubbing your tailbone. "Feels good doesn't it?" You hummed in response, a tiny smile on your face.
"You wouldn't mind if..." His hands went lower, fingertips grazing your ass. "I went lower?"
You felt a chill roll down your spine as you felt the cold gel fall onto your butt before it was kneaded into you. Large hands no longer massaging you, but groping you instead.
"You... you don't need to do that," Toji wasn't listening, only continuing his assault on your body. His shaft swelled through his jeans. "Get off of me!"
The older male seemingly came back to life from his mindless daze when you began to thrash under him, bitching and moaning for him to leave you alone.
All of the air in your body seemed to leave as he laid his chest on your back, crushing you. "Shhh, it's okay." He whispered so sickenly sweet in your ear. Grinding his hips into you. A smile graced his lips when you let out a whimper.
"M'stop it!" You whined, hands gripping the chair as his cock rubbed between your ass cheeks. "You're disgusting. What is wrong with you?!" Your words were slicked with venom, but they didn't affect him.
"You're what's wrong with me," He uttered, his lips connecting to your neck, leaving marks on your hot skin. "I've been waiting for this for so fucking long princess."
The sword of fear struck your heart as you felt your bottoms come undone, the cool summer breeze grazing your exposed skin, kissing your freshly shaven pussy.
"Stop it! This is too far!" Yet your words fell on deaf ears as a finger slid up and down your slit.
"But you're so wet." The male grinned, his breath tickling you. "I don't really think you want me to stop."
And your tears finally boiled over once he inserted a finger inside of you, probing your insides so teasingly slow. You tried your best not to moan at the feeling, grinding your teeth together whilst pleasure pulled in your stomach.
"You know your mother doesn't even grip me like this." You wanted to die. "I wonder what you'll feel like around my cock."
His words only made you cry harder as he curved his finger. His long slender bone rubbing against your pleasure point. "This same finger was inside your mommy not too long ago. How does that make you feel baby girl?"
"You're disgusting." He only laughed at you, sliding his finger out before putting it inside of his mouth. Sucking on it as if it were a lollipop. The taste of you on his tongue only egging him on.
"Just wait till I tell mom about this!" You whimpered as he flipped you around like a ragdoll, meeting you face to face. Your eyes were red and full of tears, cheeks swollen and flush.
Your stepfather looked as if he was going to eat you alive. His eyes were dreary and hazy, cheeks red and his lip slightly hung open. He looked hungry.
"What are you gonna tell her anyway?" He asked. Unzipping his jeans and taking out his cock from the confinement of his boxers. Your heart dropped into your stomach at the sight of it.
It was mean and red. Long and thick. A drop of precum coming from the tip. You watched in awe as he spat into his hand before slowly jerking his shaft. Deep groans fell from his lips as he never lost eye contact with you.
"You gonna tell her about how you seduced me," He asked, "Or about how you enjoyed having your stepdaddy's hands on you." The head of his dick poked your entrance. "How you whimpered and moaned when I put my finger inside of you."
"Please! Please don't do this to me!" You cried out.
Yet he wasn't listening.
He forcefully pushed the tip inside of you, a brutal moan filling the air. You were so tight. Your walls encircling firmly around him, sucking him in.
"Fuck!" He slowly pushed the rest of himself inside of you. You had never felt so full before. Tears flowed down your cheeks as you were split open. "You want this, you're leering me in."
Toji didn't wait for you to adjust. His body leaning over you, arm muscles flexing as he clenched the chair for balance.
His strokes were slow but potent. His hips banging into yours with every thrust. And you sobbed at the feeling, moaned and cried because what else could you do?
Your legs involuntary wrapped around his hips while he took your skin between his teeth. Biting into your raw, needy flesh. "You're so much tighter, shit, so much better than your momma."
"Please what?" You felt him smile against you. "Want me to go faster? Daddy will do whatever his slutty girl wants."
"Please stop!-"
His movements were harder, faster, rougher. His thumb rubbed fast circles against your clit while he rammed himself inside of you. Bruising your cunt in the name of his pleasure.
"I always... always wondered what you'd look like under me." He groaned, slowing down suddenly. "Always wondered what you'd sound like."
His eyes bore into your own. Eyes full of lust, wanting and desire. "I've fantasized about this for so long." He muttered, face leaning towards your own. "Fantasized about having my cock inside my stepdaughter's pussy."
Your eyes widened when his lips pressed against your own, gasping at the action. He took the opportunity to force his tongue inside of you.
Suffocating you with every swirl of the muscle.
His pace picked back up. The head of his cock beating down your cervix with every jab, every kiss, every naughty confession. His motions on your clit continued. A familiar feeling building up inside of you.
"M'gonna cum!" You whined, mouth hung open and allowing every lewd sound to fill your daddy's ear.
"Yeah, yeah you're gonna cum for daddy?" He unwrapped your legs from around his hips and pressed them together, raising you up and falling deeper inside of you. "Daddy's gonna cum inside you and fill up your tight little hole. Does that sound okay?"
"Come on, don't say no." He grinned, "Don't say no baby. You fucking want it, I know you do."
"No no no no no!"
"Daddy doesn't care. Daddy is gonna do it anyway." His thrust became sporadic, his motions losing rhythm as he felt ready to finally reach his high.
It was as if the water in a boiling pot had finally gone over as the two of you came undone. Hot ropes of cum filling you up as your cunt pulsated around him.
You were in a daze when he pulled out of you, his cum leaking out and dirtying the chair.
He'd have to clean that up later.
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vi-sinner · a day ago
Betting on Losing Dogs |Jake Lockley x Reader
Tumblr media
Jake Lockley is in and out of your life- leaving when he pleases and coming back when it’s convenient. But when he comes back in a critical condition you can’t help but let him back in. Again. 
Warnings| Language, blood & descriptions of flesh wounds, Angst with little comfort, kissing, they clearly love each other jake just has major problems, petnames bc jake would def use them, GN!Reader, 
Main MasterList  | Moon Knight MasterList 
Word Count| 2.2K 
A/N| Nothing much, just really love jake. even though we barley saw him this season :( 
Likes, comments, and reblogs are much appreciated!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He comes and goes as he pleases- never to tell you when he'll come back or even why. He disappears for months at a time, and he always beats around the bush to where he was. He is the type of man your mother warned you to stay far away from 
Yet, every time you hear that rough knock on your door, you'll open it anyway
In the sensible part of your mind, you know you should cut him out- he's basically a stranger. 
You only know his name and that he prefers calling you by a pet name than your actual one. He says he is from New York- but how true could that be? You don't know his interests or his dislikes. Does he even have hobbies? You don't know his coffee order, or where he went to high school 
You don't know him at all
On the other side of your brain- the part that doesn't think but feel, makes you take care of him. Almost against your will.  Your reason is that, if you don't do it, who will? 
He's a stranger you let in your house, one that knows your number and workplace, what's stored in your fridge, he knows who the people are in the photos that litter your house, and he always knows when and where to find you
The worst part? You both know no matter how much you fight yourself; you will always be there to let him back in. It's like a force pulls you towards Jake- so strong that you just can't let go of him, even if you never had him in the first place 
The weatherman's reporting’s were always wrong- they swore up and down that it would be all perfect sunny weather today- the downpour of rain that pelted against your window told a different story 
This melancholy weather fits with your entire existence. Your life was a repeat of waking up, going to work, then sleeping, then the next day you would do it all over again. You could go out…if you had friends. 
It doesn't help when the only “consistent” person in your life has been missing for 3 months and a week. But who's counting? 
When you hear a sudden knock on your door didn't surprise nor startle you- you know exactly who was on the other side. Who else would show up this late at night? You were filled with dread- you wanted to shrink away from ever seeing him again. You loathed this control he had over you- whether he knew it or not.  
You hate how you can miss him but want mountains of distance.
 You forced yourself off of the uncomfortable dining chair- this time would be different- you unconvincingly told yourself. Whatever he needed you would give it to him, only if he promised to never come back. This would be the best for both of your sakes
What you didn't expect was the normally overconfident, forever smirking Jake would look so…pale and drained of all life. His face was covered in dirt and blood- you couldn’t tell if it was his or someone else's.  And his hand was clutching the side of his stomach- where red stained his white shirt 
This isn't the first time he has come to you in not the finest of shapes - those were the telltale signs that he didn't have a normal 9-5. However, this is the first time where he looked to be on death door if he didn't get proper help
You hastily grabbed his hand and not so gently pushed him on the couch- forgetting all about your verbal beating you wanted to give him
“Stay” you scolded him like a dog. He was so exhausted that he listened without a comeback 
Unfortunately, this wasn't a hospital so all you had to work with was a basic first aid kit and a steady hand. You assisted him with taking off the jacket and shirt that covered his top half, revealing a gash on the right side of his stomach- you could tell it wasn't deep, but it was enough that, if not properly treated, could turn to something much worse 
You were livid. Furious. Absolutely pissed off 
You didn't even know why you were so mad, or who it was towards. It could be him, he person who did this, or yourself, maybe all it combined 
The huffing and mumbling of his recklessness didn't go unnoticed by the man staining your couch. He would even bet that you were being rougher on purpose 
“Urgh! That fucking hurts.” He whined as you wiped disinfectant on the wound- with no prior warning 
“Good” You concentrated your eyes on the torn flesh- you knew he was watching you but you refuse to even take a glance at him 
You directed your focus at the task in hand, until you couldn't take the burning of his gaze any more “Stop it.” you grumbled 
“I didn’t even do anything.” He faced scrunched up as the first pass of the needle went through 
“I feel you looking at me. So stop it.” 
“It's hard not to, I mean a pretty lady taking care-  Ah! would it kill you to be a tad bit nicer?” You made sure to pass the needle harder as soon as he started to jest
“It already is.” The absolute nerve he had. To come into your home in the dead of night, ruining your furniture, make you worry and actually care for him, then leave you hanging just to appear back in this state? Honestly, you could do worse things to him “Care to tell me how this even happened.” 
He sharply inhaled- knowing you would ask and he would give you the same answer he always did  “Hermosa” he sighed “It's none of your concern.” 
You snapped your head up to him- flames burning in your irises “Not my concern?” If this was a cartoon you would have steam flowing out of your ears “You come here, all but begging for my help-”
“Yeah, I don’t beg Cariño”
“Shut up, I'm not finished.” His face fell flat at the roughness of your tone “You know you never even bother to ask how I am? You're gone by morning and I'm left worrying my ass off wondering if you're dead. Fuck Jake…Do you even know how all of this makes me feel?” The anger slowly wore off into sadness. You were hurt- even if he was the one with the stab wound 
“No…I didn't” He was guilty of being the cause of your stress and worry. He really never meant to, but his world was a bunch of tangled strings. No matter how much he wanted to pour his heart out to you, he just couldn't. You would probably run away, frighted and disgusted with him. That's what he feared the most 
He couldn't lose you
“Of course you didn't, because you don't care.” Your head shook as you continued to close his wound “After I'm finished, you don't come back here, ever.” 
He lost you
The dryness of your tone made him finch, because you meant it. He took advantage and you got fed up. He fucked up. 
Oh, and he knows you deserve so much better, but at the same time Jake is a complicated and selfish man. He dreams of being so much more with you- even with the two other messed up idiots living inside of him and a God who basically owns him at this point. He could never give his all to you, no matter how much he wants to. He knowingly hurts the both of you, yet he can’t and won’t stop. The painful gash mattered not now
Jake Lockley doesn't beg for anyone- but if he could physically get on his knees, he would beg harder than anything, for you 
“Please, you don't mean that.” He chuckled out of nervousness “I can be better. I'll do anything. Just don't push me out.” 
“Push you out? Are you fucking kidding me? Take a look in the goddamn mirror. I'm not the one doing anything to you. It's you, you shut me out. You keep me in the dark. This is your fa-.”
He couldn't help but slam his lips into yours- even if the position was awkward. He had to show you he cared- doing so in his own fashion. You still were so beautiful even when your face was hot red in anger and your forehead scrunched enough to premature wrinkles.  It was aggressive and fast- because even if you threw him to the curb after this- he would know what the feel of your lips would be like.  
You were frozen, unsure what to do. When his teeth bite your bottom lip, you finally move and attempt  to catch up to his fast paced movements. Your face was cushioned in between his hands- where yours laid on top.  His lips traveled to your jaw, peppering soft kisses until he reached your neck where he stilled, breathing you in before he connected your lips once, two, three more times until he pulled away for breath
Your eyes fluttered open; he was still so close. “There's so much I want to tell you, I really do.” There was a war bubbling up in his throat, but he needed you to understand as much as possible “I promise in time I will tell you everything, but you got to trust me Cariño.” 
“I…um.” You really didn't know what to say, still facing the aftershocks of his bruising kiss “Your wound…I still have to finish closing it.” He let you pull away for him not waiting to push his luck, he would give you all the time and space you needed. 
But by the Gods he would never forget that moment
His wound was sewn and patched with your gentle touch this time. You grasped his dirty hands- careful to avoid the bruised knuckles- and pulled him to get up. “Come on.” You answered when he looked at you in question. “You're not walking around here covered in filth.” He let you lead him to your bathroom in silence. 
You left him with more that he could possibly need- he was content with just running water and soap. He had clean clothes, body soaps of your scent, and the fluffiest of towels- he was spoiled. 
Even with the warm water hitting his body he could still feel the feeling of your lips. There was no specific taste, and your lips had a slight chap- meaning you forgo the lip balm. It was heartbreaking as it was relieving.  
When he walked back into your room he looked like a brand new man- hence some bruises littered his face. Shamelessly your eyes lingered on his figure. Maybe in another life this would be routine- getting ready for bed together, waking up tangled in each other limbs, then cooking up a large breakfast, only to spend the rest of the day back in bed
“So I'll just crash on the couch ok?” You broke out of your domestic trace, only to shake your head at his words “No? Oh I can leave if that's-”
“No” He stood like a hopeless child as you crawled underneath the cotton sheets “You can sleep in here tonight.” You said without much thought “It's ok, I won’t mind. It will be more comfortable anyway” You shrugged. With your permission he sled next to you, creating as much space as possible 
It was…awkward. Neither of you know quite what to say. He laid facing the ceiling, your back was to him. Obviously neither of you were asleep, how could you? There was so much to talk about but nothing to say. 
Did it mean as much to him as it did to you? 
Jake took a leap of faith and slowly- to not startle you- moved to be closer. A heavy arm sat on top of your waist. His chest was now pressed on your back. You shivered when his breath brushed past your ears
You should push him away 
Yet you didn't
When you stilled, he believed he went too far. You latched your fingers to intertwine with his- holding him in his place. The contrast of soft vs rough. Your grip was tight- you would always be here no matter how far he would go
 “Promise me” you pleaded “Promise me you'll stay.” 
 “I promise” He murmured in your soft locks 
Oh, If only that were true…
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fruitcoops · 3 days ago
Hi, I love all your fics!! I would love to read (if you want obviously) about maybe Jules being upset and Sirius comforting him and more of their relationship?
Jules and his bonus brother fluff! Woo! SW credit goes to @lumosinlove <3
Snow crunched under Sirius’ feet, still thin and light but enough to make the grass slick. He kept his hands in his pockets to fight the chill; a twenty-foot walk wasn’t much, though he had the sneaking suspicion he would be out there for a while as he watched Jules scuff his foot against the snowbank beneath the bench.
“I don’t wanna talk, Re,” came a mumble from the depths of a crocheted scarf.
Sirius stopped at the far corner. The snowflakes were coming down heavier, but Jules showed no sign of budging from his seat. His breath formed a small white cloud when he sighed. “Can I sit?”
Jules startled, uncurling a little to peek out at him from under a thick Lions beanie. “Oh. Uh, I mean—yeah, sure, go ahead.”
“We don’t have to talk,” Sirius added as he settled on the worn wood, holding back a wince at the cold he could feel through both layers of his pants.
“ ’kay.”
A small jay hopped across the snow-coated fence; it trilled twice, then vanished back into the trees with a rustle of bright wings. Behind them, he could hear the faint sound of people bustling around the kitchen. Sirius pulled his hands from his pockets and blew into them, flexing his cold-stiffened knuckles.
The wind ruffled Jules’ hair when he leaned forward. “You didn’t bring gloves?”
“It’s ten degrees.”
“Negative twelve, actually.”
Jules’ eyes flared wide in shock, then narrowed. “Ten degrees Fahrenheit.”
“Nobody uses Fahrenheit anymore,” Sirius scoffed, tucking his hands back into the safety of his coat. “Haven’t you heard?”
“That’s so not true. Remus and my parents use it.”
“Maybe Wisconsin is the exception, eh?” He nudged Jules with his elbow and got a shove back from a bony shoulder, drawing a quiet laugh from them both. Sirius watched the jay return with a twig in its beak—it hopped around the base of the fence for a moment before flitting off again without a sound. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Jules’ amusement dim into something…not sullen, like Adele got on bad days, but upset. His red cheeks disappeared into the safety of his scarf like a retreating turtle. Sirius’ heart pinched. “Do I get to be the exception for someone to talk to?” he ventured, keeping his voice quiet.
 “Mom and dad sent you to come get me?”
“Then why are you here?”
“You seemed upset.”
Jules glanced over and quirked a brow in an expression so quintessentially Remus it caught him off-guard for a moment, as if someone had laid two pictures over each other and blurred the hard lines. “So?”
“So, I wanted to make sure you were okay.” Jules looked away at that, his boot scraping a dent in the snow. Kids were resilient, but they were still kids. And when shit went down in their world, it almost always felt like the apocalypse. Sirius had learned enough from the Dumais to know an ‘I’m trying to be a grown-up and the universe sucks’ moment when he saw it. Jules needed gentleness without being smothered. It was probably for the best that Remus hadn’t come out to help, when he thought about it.
A small furrow appeared on Jules’ forehead. “Why do you even care?” he muttered, and though it was more confusion than accusation, Sirius still felt his stomach drop to his knees.
“Hey,” he said softly. Jules didn’t budge. “Jules, you know I care about you.”
“You care about Remus.”
“I care about you,” Sirius repeated. “You’re fun and smart and interesting. Remus is a bonus.”
Jules raised an eyebrow at him. “You married that bonus.”
“I did,” Sirius laughed. The idea still sent a tingling thrill through every nerve, even months later. He hummed, looking back to the fence. “D’accord, maybe Remus is a little more than a bonus. That doesn’t mean I don’t like hanging out with you, though.”
“In ten-degree weather?”
“In negative twelve-degree weather, yes.”
Jules wasn’t quick enough to hide his smile in his coat and scarf before Sirius saw it, and some of the worry in his chest loosened. They sat in relative quiet for another minute before Jules shook his head. “Remus would be, like, begging me to talk to him right about now.”
“Which is why your mother is making him clean his room.”
“Ugh, he’s stress-cleaning?”
Sirius mimicked Jules’ nose wrinkle and cast a significant look back toward the house. “I know.”
“It’s a really stupid thing to be upset about, just so you know.” Jules swiped his sleeve under his nose and kicked the snowbank again, clearly oblivious to the way Sirius’ pulse kicked with anticipation. Patience was a virtue Sirius had worked hard to cultivate, but fuck was it hard to keep ahold of when his baby siblings were hurting.
He nodded, letting the wind nip his cheeks. It almost felt like home. “It’s not stupid—”
“—if it makes me upset,” Jules finished for him with a roll of his eyes. “Got it. Thanks, Dad.”
“You’re welcome, child.”
The nose wrinkle returned. “Ew.”
Sirius stretched a leg out and bumped Jules’ boot with his own. The snow flurries had gone from fat, wet flakes to pinpricks of ice; the sun had already disappeared behind the trees ahead. His knuckles were starting to ache again. “I’m not going to force you to talk, but the temperature is going down and it’s not good to stay out here too long.”
Jules chewed on his lower lip for a few seconds. “You won’t laugh?”
“Not a chance,” Sirius promised, tracing an ‘x’ over his heart.
But Jules didn’t speak right away. His tentative smile faded and he tucked his chin down, button nose turning red in the late afternoon chill. He looked tiny in his winter gear, yet older than his twelve years at the same time. “You didn’t…” Sirius didn’t flinch when he faltered; waiting, however agonizing it could be, was essential to coaxing emotions out of stubborn children. Jules’ nose twitched before he straightened. “You didn’t actually pay for Remus to get into the NHL, did you?”
Oh, thank fuck. “No,” he answered honestly. “I had nothing to do with it. Coach didn’t tell me they were even considering it until the organization had already cleared him.”
“Okay.” Jules nodded, scooting an inch closer to him on the bench. “Okay, cool, good.”
“I’m glad you asked, though.”
That made Jules pause, every muscle frozen for a beat before he thawed and glanced over. It hurt a little to see the insecurity on his windburned face—Sirius shifted until their shoulders bumped, and almost immediately felt Jules lean into him. “I thought you’d be mad,” he confessed, just a degree above a whisper. “Or, like, offended.”
“Why would I be offended? It’s a fair question.”
“It’s not a good thing to assume.”
Sirius bit back a smile. If only he knew. “You are far from the first person to think that, Jules. You won’t be the last. At least you had the guts to ask me.”
“A lot of people at school think you made them do it,” Jules continued as if he hadn’t spoken, though his voice was stronger, more sure. “I think they’re assholes, but it’s…it started making a little bit of sense, you know?”
“I know,” Sirius agreed. Good Christ, did he know. He had read every explanation under the sun for something he didn’t even do in the first place, and even he had to admit some of them were pretty convincing.
“You wouldn’t do that.” Conviction made Jules’ voice sharp around the edges as he watched a gray squirrel scamper along the fenceline. “Plus, Remus would end you if he thought you were babying him like that.”
“Ouais, I’d be six feet under,” Sirius snorted, pulling a crooked grin from the depths of Jules’ uncertainty.
“I hated thinking about it. That you’d do something like that, but also that Remus was in on it.” Green grass scattered with brown emerged beneath Jules’ boot as he scraped off the last of the frost and snow. Something wistful shone on his face; Sirius had seen that look before on Regulus, and Finn, and even Logan from time to time. Pride and loving envy wrapped up in the same package. “He’s a really great player, Sirius.”
“He is.”
“We used to skate in the Dairy Queen parking lot if the pond wasn’t frozen or the rink was closed. Even when he had to stop playing, he used to sneak out his bedroom window with his rollerblades.” Amber eyes pinned him in place for a moment. “Don’t tell my parents that part.”
Sirius mustered his most solemn expression. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”
That earned him half a smile before Jules looked away again. “It would have totally sucked if he got that spot and nobody knew how good he is.”
Sirius sighed, and watched his breath freeze in the air ahead of them. Jules was right in more ways than one—he was pretty sure he knew it, too. Remus was just good. The ice was optional. Nobody knew that better than them, but it was nice that he finally got a chance to show everyone else. “You’re going to be an awesome player when you grow up,” Sirius said at last.
The nostalgic haze vanished in an instant, and cocky mischief took its place on Jules’ elfin features. “I’m already an awesome player.”
“Can’t argue with you there,” Sirius laughed, ruffling his hair up. “D’accord, inside, awesome players need all their fingers and toes.”
“I have gloves!” Jules protested, though he didn’t fight when Sirius ushered him to his feet and back toward the house.
“Yes, but I don’t.”
Jules looked as if he was about to continue, then shrugged. “Yeah, fair. You should know better. Aren’t you from Canada?”
“Inside, awesome player, before your brother starts stress-cleaning your room, too.”
That was all it took. Jules hurried toward the house at a run, tripping over his heavy boots with every other step. “Remus!” he shouted. “Don’t touch my stuff!”
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bl6siv · 2 days ago
car ride.
Tumblr media
warnings ; fingering , smut.
fem reader x fezco
"you don't do shit like that y/n." he cursed at the girl, they had just came back from a drug meet and she had the audacity to speak up after fez had specifically told her to keep quiet.
she kept a mean mug and continued to look out the window.
"you could've got shot or even worse mama that's why I'm angry─"
"I'm not just yelling at you for the fun of it" the ginger placed his hand on the girls thigh. The warmth of his hand made her flinch
he looked deep into her eyes licking his lips just full lust.
she felt him trying to move her panties to the side which caught her off guard but she helped and pushed her lace thong to the side for better access.
"there you go" the softness in fez's voice made her head over heels at that moment.
Applying his fingers to her clit and slowing rubbing─ her legs twitched at the movements but small whines escaped , he payed full attention to the girl.
"play with your titties while I make you feel good mama" following his every command, sliding the bra strap off and massaging your breast
"why do you always give me a hard time girl? huh? If you wanted me to give you attention you could've just asked baby"
"tell me baby─ why do you give me such a hard time hm?"
you couldn't speak even if you wanted to , the pleasure plus his voice was too much for you to handle. The only thing that could come out your mouth was soft moans and whimpers
"speak up."
"tell me c'mon"
"yk you can do it mama"
fez continued to whisper sweet nothings in the girls ears and soon enough she felt herself coming to a end, clinching on his fingers making the ginger laugh.
'"fez- im-ima cum"
"then cum mama"
Those words were your que , releasing yourself into him. it felt like heaven and so did the orgasm
he pulled his fingers out covered in your juices.
"taste yourself c'mon" he kept a grip on your throat and placed the fingers into your mouth , he watched you suck them clean with a sly grin.
- end
a/n ; this is my first ever time writing on here and it's so weird lol
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of-house-atreides · 2 days ago
He Said, She Said | Part 5
Summary: spicy things happen? a bit? idk
Pairing: Steven x reader x Marc | Jake x reader
Words: 2977
A/N: I've worked a total of 57 hours this week, over 48h in a row without any breaks (I'm actually still at work lol 🤪) so I apologize for whatever this is but I hope you like it! Please, remember that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there!
Warnings: mentions of murder, suicide, blood, smut, oral, piv without protection (do not do this IRL, your life isn't written by a sucky fanfic writer who doesn't want to get you pregnant cause a baby would not be good storytelling rn), suit kink? idk
18+ minors dni!
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
Tumblr media
They didn’t like each other. They didn’t like each other at all.
Now that the cat was out of the bag, Khonshu had appeared again to Steven and Marc and had returned their suit to them, like a temptation.
Harrow was dead, Jake had killed him, Marc’s emancipation from the moon God had been of no consequence. Well, at least he didn’t pull the trigger himself. Sort of.
Jake avoided them by all means. Neither Steven nor Marc could reach him in their mind. He only talked to you, only fronted for you, well, you and Khonshu.
Days were for Steven, evenings were for Marc, nights were for Jake.
And you loved every second of every day.
It wasn’t easy, you knew that, but it didn’t scare you away. Finding out Jake had killed Harrow had almost destroyed Marc and it had been a very long weekend for all of them to find an arrangement they could live with. Not be happy with, but could live with. Because although Marc refused to kill anymore, Jake loved to be Khonshu’s fist of vengeance.
He had seemed ready to kill Jake by any means, even if it meant killing himself. But then there was Steven. He didn’t want to hurt Steven. And he didn’t want to hurt you. He didn’t want to leave you.
You could see the agony on his face as you cleaned his bloody hand after he had punched the mirror in the bathroom while in an argument with Jake.
“I’m sorry,” he said.
That was all he could say. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He whispered it over and over again. Like it was his fault.
“You’re not responsible for Jake’s actions, Marc.”
“How can you be okay with this?” he asked. It wasn’t an accusation. He wanted to know, because he wanted the pain to go away. Because you loved him so much you were ready to forgive and forget Jake’s nightly activities, his former activities, and he wanted to accept himself as you accepted him.
“Remember when you killed… him?”
He scoffed. Of course he remembered.
“Maybe it makes me a bad person, but I’m glad you killed him. And you weren’t sad about it either, if I remember correctly.”
“He hurt you. He deserved it.”
“Exactly. Khonshu only goes after bad people, you know that.”
“I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t kill Harrow. Even though… even though that left the entire world at risk…”
“Killing isn’t easy when you’re a good person, Marc,” you said as you wrapped a bandage around his wounded knuckles. “In that moment you wanted to do good. You thought you were doing the right thing, and you were. Life is complicated Marc. Harrow might have died in that hospital, or someone might have found him and freed Ammit and more people would have died. You wanted what Khonshu and Jake wanted, to punish them for their deeds, and to stop more people from dying. You’re not so different. Nothing is forcing you to wear that suit, Marc. And if you want to, you could wear it, but it doesn’t mean you need to kill. You can protect people. Use it for good. Make amends. Until your hands feel clean. Until you feel like you’re doing some good.”
He gave you a small smile as you cupped his cheek with your hand that he covered with his.
“I don’t deserve you. You’re too good for me.”
“No, I’m not. I’m very lucky to have you. All of you.”
“Even Jake?” he questioned with a raised eyebrow.
“All of you,” you repeated as you stepped closer. “You should get to know him better. He’s a funny guy.”
“He’s a murderer.”
“We all have our flaws,” you shrugged and he chuckled.
You tiptoed to reach his face and pressed your lips against his. He helped you, wrapping an arm around you and lifting you off your feet. A laugh escaped you, making him smile against your mouth.
“I love you,” he said, brushing your hair away from your face.
“I love you too.”
He brought you to the couch where he gently laid you down and pulled your pants and panties down your legs, making you giggle.
He pressed his lips against your ankle then kissed his way up your leg and thigh. You gasped as he reached the place between your legs and his mouth found your clit, making you moan. You bit your lips at the still new sensation that it was. You’d only become intimate with them recently and Steven knew about as much as you did. But Marc, he knew what he was doing, and he aimed to please you. You quickly came undone under his skilled tongue, your orgasm having you make sounds only he could get from you.
“Oh, love, sorry about that,” Steven said as he emerged, sitting back on his knee, between your legs, as he came to replace Marc.
“Steven, baby,” you whispered as you reached for him and he leaned over to you instantly.
“I know Marc’s better at this,” he chuckled awkwardly, his hot breath reaching your face as he was inches from you. “I’ll try and get him back, just wait a second.”
“Steven, don’t you dare go anywhere,” you said as you wrapped your naked legs around his back, pulling him to you.
You fumbled with his pants for a moment before he helped you pull them down, exposing his erected length.
“Are you sure? Cause…”
“Steven,” you cut him off, “I’ll always want you.”
You slid your hands in his curls and pulled him into a hungry kiss, your mouth almost devouring his. You rolled your hips against his, hoping he’d get the message, and you could feel his hesitation. He had learnt from Marc they were quite big and he needed to get you ready for him, but there was no time for that, not for you, and you made sure to make him understand how much you wanted it, now.
A loud, long moan escaped you as he entered you. He bit his lips, trying to keep his own groan from escaping his throat. It resulted in a grunt that could have made you come again on its own.
“God…” he said as he called your name and stopped moving, making you whine.
“We forgot…”
“What?” you urged him to finish as you squeezed your legs around him, begging him to move again.
“We forgot the condom.”
“Don’t worry about it, I want to feel you, Steven.”
“Please, Steven, please, move.”
Steven could never refuse you, especially when you were begging him like that. You moved together, your slow pace picking up gradually as you kissed each other, on the lips, the face, the neck, the shoulder… your moans echoing inside his flat with his grunts as you grew closer to your climax.
“Me too, don’t stop.”
“Are you sure? I could pull out, just say the word, love.”
“Don’t you dare, Steven Grant! Please, come, please come inside me!”
Fuck. How could he refuse you?
His face fell into your neck, a groan escaping him as he spilled himself into you, your orgasm shattering every part of you as you buried your face into his shoulder.
“I love you,” he said between two heavy breaths.
“I love you too, Steven,” you replied before you kissed his cheek. “I’ll always love you.”
Marc was done with the vigilante life. He left it all to Jake. Steven wouldn’t say no to protect some innocents and save some people but Marc wouldn’t allow it. Too dangerous. And it was a slippery slope. Anything could happen during a fight. Killing someone was too easy, especially with the suit’s powers.
“I could be an Avenger,” Steven said one night as you were lying in bed together.
You smiled. “Yeah. Mr. Knight sounds like a great name for an Avenger.”
“I know right!” he beamed at you, making you chuckle.
“What does Khonshu think?” you asked and he grimaced.
“I don’t want to ask him. I’d be very happy never to see that old pigeon again.”
“Can’t he… can’t he hear you?” you whispered, Steven insulting the God making you worry.
“Nah, he’s not here. He only comes for Jake now.”
“Well, good,” you sighed. You weren’t too sure how to feel about living around a God. “Steven,” you called in a murmur, biting your lower lip.
“Can you um… could you… you know… show me the suit again?”
He sat up suddenly, your request taking him by surprise. You could see his excitement on his face. Steven heard Marc chuckle inside his head.
“You wanna see the suit again?” he asked, remembering well what had happened the first time you saw it.
“Yeah,” he nodded as he moved to kneel before you.
Almost instantly the shiny white suit came to replace his dark blue sleepwear and you reached for him with a frown on your face.
“Wait, you went too fast!”
“What do you mean?” he gave you a confused look.
“Do it again, take it off.”
He chuckled, confused, thinking you were joking. But he could see from the look on your face you weren’t joking at all.
”O-okay,” he shrugged.
You watched intensely as the suit unwrapped itself from him to reveal his blue sweater. It was fascinating, the way the fabric came from nowhere and returned to nowhere. You wondered how it worked. You tried to catch a glimpse of the magic as he summoned the suit again. It was the most mind boggling thing you had ever seen. And there was just something about Steven kneeling before you in that fancy suit.
“Fuck, Steven,” you breathed out as you rose on your knees.
“Fuck?” he echoed, surprised to hear you say that word for the first time, watching with wide eyes as you quickly seized his face and crashed your lips onto his.
He placed his hands on your waist as you moved to straddle his lap, your hands sliding in his curls, your tongue invading his mouth. He moaned against your lips as they kissed his with demanding passion.
“Here we go again,” Marc chuckled. “I wonder how she’ll react to my suit.”
“You refused to show it to her, amigo.”
“Who’s asking you? Get out of here.”
“It’s nothing I haven’t seen before. She really liked my suit.”
“What?!” Steven blurted out suddenly, startling you, making you yelp and jump and fall off the bed. “Oh, God. I’m so sorry.”
He quickly came to you and helped you up, calling your name as he apologized.
“What the hell Steven?”
“Sorry, it’s just… Jake said something…”
“You’re talking to Jake while we’re making out?” you complained, pushing him off you.
“I wasn’t doing the talking!”
“Well, what did he say?” you asked with a sigh as you rubbed your shoulder and sat with him on the bed.
“He said… he said you really liked his suit.”
Steven pouted, and although you could see he was a bit angry, you could also see he looked ashamed.
“Are you… are you sleeping with Jake too?”
You frowned. “I thought you knew.”
“Oh,” he nodded, taking your answer for a yes.
“I’m not sleeping with Jake, baby,” you clarified as you cupped his cheek with your hand. “You should know I wouldn’t keep it a secret.”
“But, he said…”
“Well, he did… something… you know… but um… I thought you knew, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed.”
“What did he do? Did he hurt you?”
“No! Steven, no. Jake wouldn’t hurt me, you know that!”
“I don’t know! I don’t know him!”
“Baby, stop worrying,” you told him as you pulled him towards you, placing a kiss on his forehead.
“Is he better?” he mumbled, so low you almost made him repeat it.
“He’s better, right? At this?” he said, gesturing to the bed.
“I wouldn’t know. I told you, I haven’t slept with him.”
You frowned. Now he was starting to piss you off.
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“I mean… Jake is better, they’re both better than me. At everything. They’re more experienced, at this, at life! I feel so… inadequate…”
“Oh, Steven. I told you. You’re perfect.”
He scoffed, looking down at his hands resting on his lap. You frowned. There was something so wrong about the sad look on his face. So wrong. Especially with the suit on.
“Come here,” you said as you made him sit back against the pillows.
You straddled his lap and loosened his white tie before sliding your hands down his silken shirt to his pants. You felt his bulge under you and you rolled your hips against him, earning a whimper from him.
“I don’t like it when you doubt my love for you, Steven.”
“I’m sorry…”
You leaned forward, brushed your nose against his before grazing your lips against his cheek, down into his neck, where you started to kiss his skin.
“She’s gonna make you pay for all that, amigo,” Jake laughed. Steven tried to ignore it.
“You look so good, baby,” you whispered in his ear as your hand slid under the fabric of his pants and reached for his length. He groaned under your touch. “Take off my panties, Steven, I know you’re strong enough.”
He did as you asked, ripping apart the soaked fabric, the only thing you were wearing under Marc’s large shirt. He felt you smile against his skin.
He called your name and you bit his earlobe, making him whine, biting his own lip. You leaned back, settling to align yourself with him, bringing the tip of his erection to your entrance.
“How many times do I have to tell you that you’re enough, just on your own?” you asked him as you rubbed him against you, stroking his length a few times, but never allowing him inside you.
“I’m sorry,” he whined.
“Do you know how much I love you?”
“Not as much as I love you.”
You smiled at him as you grabbed the collar of his jacket as you sank down on him. A shudder rolled through him as his large length penetrated your tight walls and you made an irresistible sound of pleasure as he slowly entered you.
“Move then, Steven,” you told him as you took his gloved hands and brought them to your naked sides. You loved the feeling of them on your skin. “You’re in charge, just move.”
He did as you asked, his first movement having him reach deeper into you, getting a gasp out of you. You placed one hand on his shoulder, your fingers gripping at his suit, the other covering one of his. You liked it like this, you could see him in all his superhero glory, and you could see his face, in complete awe of you, more perhaps as you were of him, and you could see his eyes, devouring you, all of you, even the sounds he got from you.
You rolled your hips together, moving together, working together, perhaps with the same harmony he and Marc had had when they fought for their afterlife and then proceeded to save the world. It was different with Marc. Marc was in charge of your making love, for several reasons. One, he was more experienced than you, and you trusted him with every touch. Two, because he liked being in charge. And three, because you liked him being in charge. But with Steven, it was different. Steven needed reassurance, just like you did, but you were more than happy to give it to him. You would do anything for Steven, to keep him from being sad or hurt. You would be strong for him, like Marc was strong for him, and you. Like Jake was strong for both of them, even if they couldn’t see that yet.
And maybe the day will come when you’ll be able to share such a moment with all three of them. Maybe one day they’ll love each other as they loved you. But until then you were more than happy to love them separately, to keep that boundary for them, and with them. Brothers, or friends, you didn’t care how they would come to define their love for one another, as long as they got along, as long as they were happy, together, even without you. Because if there was one thing they agreed on, it was you. It was the only thing they agreed on. The only thing they had in common. And that broke your heart.
Steven called your name as he felt you twitch around him and you nodded, silently letting him know you were as close as he was. You brought your hand to his shirt and tore it open, the buttons falling onto his stomach as you moved your palm on his bare hard chest, feeling his heartbeat through his skin.
“God, Steven,” you panted as you admired him. You couldn’t wait for him to fill you up again, you had been craving it ever since that day on the couch. “Baby,” you begged and whined and it was as if he had completely forgotten about his own pleasure as he focused on you, on your face, on that desperate look in your eyes and he pushed into you again and again until you cried out and shattered above him completely. Your climax, or rather your reaction to it, the way you looked and the way you sounded, triggered his own. You sobbed as he spilled himself into you, and you leaned forward, dropping onto his chest, leaving you shaking in his arms.
“Bien hecho, amigo!”
“Oh, bugger off, you!”
“Damn… she really really likes that suit… I should reconsider showing her mine…”
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starsofmilos · 2 days ago
Silent (Adrian Chase x reader)
Tumblr media
Request: i would like to request some smut where adrian and the reader are hooking during mission and trying - and failing spectatularly - to be quiet
Dude this sounds spectacular! Also reminder you may also send in smut request! make sure to read rules before you send in request!
Warnings: biting kink, choking, p in v, oral (fem receiving), fingering, cursing, mentions of violence, and posessive Adrian
“We need to get out of here!” You yelled out as Adrian dragged you along scanning everywhere he turned. 
It was supposed to be a simple assassination. Your latest target was a mafia boss who had been invaded by a butterfly. He had a certain type so the plan was for you to seduce him and then Adrian and Chris would kill him from a distance.
That didn’t happen.
“Son of a bitch!” You groaned as Adrian dragged you through the hallways. You had abandoned the heels you wore to accompany the short dress you had to wear. “We have to hide!” Adrian yelled out shooting behind you both. He moved you behind him as he guarded you from oncoming people. 
You grabbed one of his guns shooting someone coming to his right. “Let’s go!” Adrian grabbed your hand running with you once more. What had happened? Why did the mission go so awry?
“Our latest target’s name is Antonio Lewinski. He’s known for his parties and charming good looks, but he is also one of the most feared notorious mafia leaders and he has been taken by a butterfly.”
“Holy shit..” Leota mumbled. You stared in shock. This guy was huge. “So you’re telling me big scary mafia boss who has a lot of power already by himself has now been taken over by a butterfly?” Emilia nodded as you laughed a bit.
“Great..That’s just great..” Emilia nodded. “That is exactly why we have to stop him. So I’ve been going over his latest flings and....victims.” She took a small pause knowing these next pictures would trigger Adrian. 
“He has a certain type, so I figured this person would be the bait to lead him away.” Adrian’s eyes widened seeing pictures of the girls. They kinda looked like you...
“No.” He immediately interjected. Chris tilted his head before gasping, “Holy shit they look like Y/N.” John sighed as Adrian waved his arms. “No! He kills these girls when he’s done with them!!” 
“Obviously he wouldn’t get the chance to do that. Y/N would lead him away privately and then we’d get the jump on him alone.” You snorted a bit. 
“Sorry I just kinda find this funny is all.” Adrian snapped his head to you. “Dude!”
“I’m sorry it just is haha..I don’t know how I would seduce him.” Adrian looked at you in shock. You were fucking amazing to him.
“I’m honestly surprised I pulled Adrian at times. I don’t know how you guys expect me to pull in some big mafia boss.” Leota and Chris laughed.
“That’s what you’re gonna use.” “What?” You asked in confusion as Adrian grew worried. 
You were so fucking cute. This guy would take one look and want to destroy you. 
“Fuck!” He cursed as Emilia smiled. “We’re gonna be watching you at all times Y/N.” You nodded. “Okay well if this is the only way.” You sent a sheepish smile to Adrian. “I’ll be okay. I promise besides you have my back right?”
Adrian grumbled a bit upset. He was not happy about any of this. 
That led to now. You were quite surprise how easy it was for the mafia boss to immediately take you away. He said you were pure and it would be fun to be with you.
You shivered in disgust as he leaned in, he didn’t know it was in disgust. “Aww poor baby..” You grimaced smelling the alcohol on him. 
“Now can we do something?!” Adrian yelled out exasperated having to hear all of this. “Soon.” Emilia called out. You smiled pushing him away. “Let me freshen up in the restroom.” He smiled nodding as you closed the bathroom door. 
“Okay get me the hell out of here!” You bit out hearing Chris laugh. “Told you he’d be attracted to you Y/N.” You groaned a bit. “Don’t worry everything is gonna be okay-” She was cut off by a gunshot.
“SHIT!” You grew worried. “Vigilante go get Y/N!”
“I’m on it!” You heard Adrian yell. “Guys?..” 
“Hold on Y/N! I’m gonna go get you!!” Adrian yelled out. You walked out of the restroom seeing the target loading his gun. 
“I gotta take care of this baby. There were some intruders. One of them shot a flare gun. The idiots.” You shook your head.
Who the fuck shot the glare gun?
“Okay..” You smiled as he walked to you. Once he was in your vicinity, you jumped hearing a gunshot. Adrian grinned behind his mask. “Dude you look so hot in that dress.”
You snorted grabbing his hand. “Let’s go!” Adrian nodded leading you out. You slipped your shoes off to run faster along side him. 
“At least we got the mission done!” Adrian nodded as he pulled you into a nearby room closing the door and locking it. It was a supply closet. You panted against Adrian before tensing with him hearing the people who were chasing you both run by.
“Vigilante did you get her?” Emilia called out as she asked. “Yeah I have her right here. We’re in hiding.” 
“Okay you’re gonna have to wait till we can get to you alright?” Adrian nodded. “Roger that.” Emilia rolled her eyes as she began spewing orders out to everyone else. 
Adrian leaned against you as you panted trying to catch your breath. “Well that was something..” You chuckled a bit as Adrian snorted.
“Who shot the flare gun?” You pulled back smirking a bit. You had a small feeling it was him. “I have no idea.” “Mmhmm.”
“I’m serious. I have no idea!” You gave Adrian a small pointed look. “Okay maybe it was me, but it was a complete accident. I swear.” 
“Okay hypothetically speaking if I did would you be upset?” You nodded. “Unless you had a good reason.” 
“I didn’t like hearing you with him.” 
“I’m sorry! It was Peacemaker’s idea!” 
“What?!” You whispered yelled gripping your hair.
“Neither of us liked hearing you sound like a dumb naive girl. It’s not you and he sounded like he wanted to make you a dumb whore! You’re so smart and hot. That’s how I like to hear you.” Adrian pushed you against the door.
“You both are in so much trouble.” 
“I’ll take the consequences.” 
“You know nothing was actually gonna happen between me and the mafia boss right?” He nodded. “You’re mine though. I don’t like to share even if it is fake.” You sighed leaning into him. 
“Well nothing to do now but wait.” He nodded. “Is it bad for me to be turned on?” 
You looked up at him in shock. “Now of all times?” Adrian nodded. “Your dress is so hot. It’s short too so it wouldn’t be hard for me to just pull it over your hips and fuck you.” 
A small shiver went down your spine at his words. “I mean if you’re gonna be anyone’s dumb whore you’d be mine.” You gasped as he pulled his mask off smiling at you. “Adrian..not now.” 
“Why not? We’ve been together long enough I can tell when you’re turned on. I can make you feel so good right now Y/N. Way better than that asshole thought he could.” You whimpered as he kissed your jaw. 
“No! We’re gonna get caught!” You turned around trying to avoid his advances. That was a mistake. Adrian wrapped his arms around you pressing his crotch into your ass. He was hard.
You whined as he kissed your neck and shoulders. “If you really don’t want too, we don’t have too. I’m just saying I can tell the idea of me fucking you in the cramp closet is making you hot. We don’t know when the team is gonna come for us.” You melted against him as he bent down rubbing his hands up and down your thighs. 
“Do you want me to make you feel good?” You whined nodding. “Fine make it quick please Adrian..” He kissed your thighs standing up. “No promises.” You gasped softly as he began pulling your dress over your hips. “A thong?” He asked a bit questioningly as he squeezed your ass. 
“I had too. It was that or no underwear. If I wore my usual ones, it left underwear lines. This dress is stupidly skin tight.” You groaned annoyed by it. 
“I mean you look hot in this. I kinda prefer your other underwear better. They’re so cute with cartoon designs, but this is..well this is good too easier access.” You grunted as he ran his gloved finger through your slit.
“You gotta be quiet Y/N we can’t get caught in here.” You nodded as he removed his gloves wanting his hands on you. “Don’t need you drenching my gloves.” You mumbled an apology as Adrian kissed the sides of your face.
“Don’t apologize. You know you never have to apologize for being soaked.” You moaned covering your mouth as Adrian pushed one of his fingers in. Adrian began a leisurely pace fucking his finger into you.
He leaned over your shoulder smiling as he saw your hand covering your mouth. “Such a good girl taking my fingers so well...You’re my little slut aren’t you?” You nodded wanting to please Adrian.
You thrusted against his hand yelping a bit as he pushed another finger in. “That’s it Y/N fuck yourself against my fingers..” Adrian took a shaky breath as he moved your thong to the side watching his fingers sink into you over and over. 
“Please I need more Adrian..” He smirked a bit hearing you whisper. “Okay..” He kissed the side of your face bending down. You were a bit relieved. This would silence Adrian at least.
You gasped biting your hand as he began to kitten lick your clit while still fucking his fingers in you. “Taste so fucking sweet.” You slammed your hand a bit against the door tensing as you heard people walking by. 
“Shh..if you’re not quiet I’m gonna have to stop.” Adrian warned you. You nodded, “I’m sorry..It feels really good..” Adrian smiled kissing your thighs. “I know it does.”
He removed his fingers pushing his tongue into you. “Adrian..” You muffled yourself against your hand as he ate you out eagerly. It was like he hadn’t eaten anything in days. 
“Fuck so good..” He moaned against you turning you around to throw one of your legs over his shoulder. You gasped again as he sucked your clit into his mouth pulling back to spit on you. He gripped your thigh tightly. Sure enough to leave bruises. 
The small knot you had felt started to grown. You babbled a bit trying to warn Adrian but no coherent words wanted to come out.
You reached down gripping his hair as you came on his tongue. Your head hit the door as you panted thinking Adrian would stop. 
He didn’t.
You silently screamed as you looked down seeing him staring at you as he let his saliva and your juices spill onto the floor. “Adrian..please..” You mumbled against your hand. 
“Did you hear that?” Your eyes widened hearing some men down the hall way. Adrian pulled away standing up. He unbuckled his pants as he roughly turned you around pushing you against the shelves in the closet away from the door. 
“Don’t worry Y/N..I got you..I’ll protect you.” You whimpered as he tapped his cock against your clit before sliding in. Gasping for air, your hands clenched into fist as he began to move.
Adrian grunted as he fucked you. The shelves shook a bit as you grabbed them trying to steady yourself.
Your eyes widened as you heard Adrian cock his gun. “Relax it’s incase they come in here, but they won’t as long as we-we stay quiet.” He stuttered his last couple words moving his head to your neck. 
He groaned biting down on you. “Fuck you’re so tight..and warm..Fuck pussy so..so good..” Adrian whimpered as you tightened around him. “Did you just get more excited from me biting you?” He chuckled a bit in your ear as he used one hand to grip your hip. The other still with his gun ready to shoot if need be. 
“Please...” “Please what?” “Mark me Adrian..Show everyone I-I’m yours..” You grew overwhelmed as he grew faster. “Okay..You’re mine.” You nodded. “I’m yours...please..” Adrian nodded beginning to bite and suck your neck. 
You had relaxed a bit hearing the men walk away after saying that they didn’t hear anything. Adrian put his gun away using both of his hands to grip your hips. You moaned a bit louder than you wanted as he reached around grasping your throat.
He squeezed choking you a bit smiling as he heard you wail a bit. “Fuck Y/N you’re making it so hard to stay quiet. I just wanna- wanna hear all those pretty little moans..I wanna hear you cry so bad..Your pussy feels so good..Your sweet little fucking cunt is..is.” Adrian bit down harshly on your shoulder as he felt his climax approaching. 
You tried to pull away a bit overwhelmed by all the sensations. The thrill of getting caught made you more wet than usual. Adrian grabbed the straps of your dress yanking it down to your waist groping your chest.
“No bra...fucking dirty girl. You wanted me to fuck you huh?” You nodded feeling another orgasm already approaching.
“I’m gonna cum..” He cried out a bit sweat dripping from his hairline as he sped up. You nodded, “Me too Adrian..You feel so fucking good! I fucking love you..” You cried a bit as he peppered your cheeks in kisses. “I love you too Y/N..I fucking love you too..All of you is fucking mine. This pussy is mine. These tits are mine. All of you is mine. You’re my slut. My dumb little whore..” 
Adrian covered your mouth with his hand moaning as he felt you scream into it as you came on his dick. You panted against his hand feeling tears brim your eyes as he wrapped his arm fully around your waist still fucking you.
“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” Adrian groaned into your shoulder releasing his cum inside of you. You panted as he held you closely. You whined a bit as he pulled out. Adrian grinned seeing his cum leak out onto your thighs.
“Want another round?” You shook your head feeling your legs numb. “I won’t be able to walk if we do another round.” 
Adrian chuckled kissing you as he pulled your dress back down.You slid it back on your shoulders afterwards kissing Adrian’s hands as you put his gloves back on for him. 
Adrian buckled his pants as you adjusted your thong. “You did such a good job..” You smiled leaning on him. 
“Thank you..give me a minute okay..” You mumbled out. Adrian nodded sitting you both on the floor. “I’ll protect you don’t worry..” 
An hour passed by when the door opened again. It was Chris. “You guys are super lucky John can mute you guys.” Your eyes widened. You never removed or muted your ear pieces. Adrian smirked.
“Dude you would not believe the fun we had-” You hit Adrian’s arm feeling embarrassed. “Stop!” Adrian chuckled wrapping you in a small hug. “Don’t get shy on me now Y/N.”
 “I mean we would’ve found out anyways. You really did a number on her neck.” You ran your hand over your throat wincing a bit. Adrian helped you up with a wide shit eating grin across his face.
“I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.” You grumbled hearing Adrian as he and Chris gave each other a high five. “Nice going thimble.”
You glared at them both as Chris opened the van. Emilia and Leota grimaced seeing your neck. Adrian wrapped his arm around you not wiping the smile off his face once. “Dude please just mute yourselves next time.” John grumbled.
“And next time please don’t do this during a mission. Which reminds me Chase and Smith you’re both in so much trouble when we get back! I heard what you said you shot the flare gun!” 
You smiled now seeing Adrian and Chris getting lectured. Leota tapped your shoulder secretly giving you a fist bump. You returned it back before leaning on Adrian’s shoulder for some much needed rest.
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slasherlouvre · 2 days ago
bestie i was reading some of your lester rambles and....i NEED to request overstimulated bottom lester x top reader (who normally doesn't top but sometimes gets super overwhelmed with wanting to make him feel good & cry etc??) 🙈
I've been frothing at the mouth to find an excuse to write smth like this, so ty for your service, anon 🤝
Darlin' Boy
(bottom/sub! Lester Sinclair x top/dom! gn! Reader) 18+
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Shh", you urge, as you continue to kiss the expanse of his neck, "-just want to make you feel good right now"
You have him pinned beneath you on the bed; one of your knees situated between his thighs to keep them apart, and both of your hands greedily running against his skin- enjoying the way his overworked body occasionally jumps at your arousing touch.
You pay special attention to the pretty moles adorning him; softly capturing them between your teeth to hear your lovely Lester moan before soothing them over with your tongue, and yet another kiss.
In all honesty, you prefer letting Lester take the lead; he's a switch at heart, but you've never been very dominant in a sexual setting anyway, and Lester always manages to make you feel so special and loved even when feverishly imprinting the shape of his cock into your overwhelmed walls.
So on the occasional instances you get a sudden and fervent need to top him and remind him of just how much you adore him, he's more than thrilled; entirely powerless to resist you- not that he'd actually want to resist you, of course.
- ♡ -
In all honesty, your mind hadn't been on sex- at first. Lester had arrived home from work; his usual bright grin of delight, your cheeks cupped between familiar grimy hands, and excited kisses to your lips to greet you just like every day.
His laughter is loud and sweet. Lester knows the 'rules', he just likes to get as many welcome home kisses out of you as he can before you're dramatically pushing him towards the bathroom to shower.
It's not until you idly pass by your shared room after his shower, that you're suddenly rendered spellbound. The door is open, and your eyes end up crossing the distance to his dripping figure standing near the bed without really meaning to. Lester's back is to you as he towel dries his hair- naked apart from his white briefs, but even they don't hide him from you; soaked through, and clear as day.
Even if he won't admit to it, you can tell he's tired by his body language alone; tense shoulders that could use a massage, and overall posture appearing more defeated than relaxed when he thinks no one's around, and lets his guard down. Always working so hard day in and day out to remain a source of strength for his brothers, for you. There are years' worth of scars on his body, and plenty of callouses on his palms and fingers to prove it. You wish he'd understand that his existence alone already means everything to you.
He remains unaware of your presence, and you take the opportunity to quietly pad across the floor; languidly wrapping your arms around his waist from behind. Lester's breath hitches when he feels your warm hands against his cool skin unexpectedly, immediately relaxing as you nuzzle your cheek against his clean back.
"Missed me so much, ya jus' can't keep yer hands off me, huh?", he chuckles, continuing to dry his hair.
Normally you'd laugh along with him, but today you stay quiet, pressing into him further and squeezing him just a little tighter.
"I love you"
Lester stills at that; letting the towel drop around his neck in favor of gently shifting to face you, while remaining in your embrace. You tell him often of course, but there's something about the way you say it today that sounds especially heartfelt. Like you're desperately missing him even though he's right in front of you.
"Hey, ya alright?", he whispers while tenderly lifting your chin with his thumb and forefinger.
You hum in confirmation; closing your eyes, further leaning into his touch as you do, "Just want to make sure you're really here- not a dream"
"M'here", he assures shyly.
His ears and cheeks have already began to dust over pink- a telltale sign of how easily you're able to fluster him with affectionate words alone. He wraps his arms around you in turn, a bit hesitant on account of his body still being damp from his shower, but wanting you close nonetheless. You, of course, don't mind at all. There could never be a moment in which Lester's touch is unwelcome to you.
"Always so good to me", you quietly praise as your hands begin to wander down, "-always working so hard, and never asking for anything in return.."
Your eyes are peering up at him from beneath your lashes in the most alluring way, and Lester swears he audibly swallows.
"Let me take care of you for a change?", you kiss against his collarbone.
How could he ever say no?
- ♡ -
"So pretty", you admire while sitting back on your heels, "You're so handsome it drives me crazy"
There's no denying you like what you see, and the flustered expression on his face serves to evince he believes you when you say it.
Lester's fully sporting that cute blush of his now, and a few areas of his neck have already began to darken from your adoration that's been undeviating up until now. His breathing has notably increased in intensity, but you know you won't be satisfied until you have him full on panting and choking up from how good you're going to make him feel.
You lean down to give him a kiss on the lips, one he hungrily accepts, but you're already moving out of his hands far too soon for his liking. He wants to hold you in place, keep kissing your soft lips in thanks- but you've already decided tonight is entirely about him.
He inhales sharply when he feels you shift down the bed to hook your index fingers under the waistband of his underwear; the subtle touch more than enough to remind him of his straining erection beneath.
You gently look to him for consent, and he breathlessly nods, reaching down to feel along your shoulders and neck in a doting manner. You kiss him once, twice, over the taut white fabric- an action that has him sensitively jolting at the hips, as he tries to cut off the needy groan escaping his lips. You smile and decide to tease him just a bit more; reminding him how much you love hearing him be blatantly vocal. Titillating his confined length with a feather-light trace of your fingertip, before giving his balls a sudden squeeze, that startles him into freely releasing one of his lovely moans loud and clear.
"Darlin', m'not sure if I can handle much m-more teasin'", he gasps while gripping the sheets beneath him.
He's doing his very best to remain still for you, wanting to let you stay in control, but it's clear he's anxious for you to touch him proper.
"You're right, you've been good for me long enough", you smile.
You rub your thumbs over his hips as you kiss the beginning of his happy trail; working your way back down to his underwear before you're mercifully peeling it off of him altogether. Lester sighs and helps by raising his hips; shifting his legs in order for you to completely slide them off, and you gladly discard them somewhere behind you without a second thought.
Your clothes are soon to follow; also haphazardly tossed somewhere on the floor you don't bother to pay attention to. Lester has your full regard right now; his pupils blown wide, surrounded by the deep honey color of his eyes.
Most people would consider his eyes to be 'plain brown', especially when compared to the striking blue of his brother's, but they don't get to experience them the way you do. Like when they blink open in the morning; sunlight filtering through the thin bedroom curtains, and your faces mere inches apart. Or when you catch him staring at you, completely lost in lovesick admiration even when you think you look a complete mess. But most of all, when he smiles and laughs- for you, for his brothers, and for Jonesy; his eyes won't shine that way for anyone else, and it's in those moments that their hue is truly revealed.
You swirl your fingertip atop his aching cock head already leaking precum before leaning down to lick a stripe up his familiar shaft that has him tensing against the feeling.
"Don't hold back, sweetheart", you coax while gently pumping his cock in your hand a few times in preparation, "-plan on milking you dry, the way you deserve.."
Lester boasts more length than girth, and you honestly wouldn't have it any other way. He's always able to effortlessly reach that deep point within you that has you lolling your tongue out and fucked completely dumb in no time at all.
He watches in a daze as your lips wrap around him, unintentionally gasping when you give him an experimental suck at his tip. He keens upward and you take more of him in your soft mouth, building him up as your tongue works around him.
Lester lets his head fall back on the pillows, his fingers now tensely intertwined with your hair as he huffs in pleasure. You massage his balls gently with one hand, encouraging him to release in your mouth, while your other hand delicately massages circles on his outer thigh. His breaking point is when you take him as far as he'll go; one of your long, deep moans reverberating against his sensitive dick that has him rushing your throat with cum almost instantly.
You swallow what you can, and languidly drag your lips off of him with a wet pop, making sure to leave him slick enough for your hand that's already unabatedly moving around him once more.
"S-Sweat-pea, ahn-"
His words are cut short as soon as they leave his mouth, squeezing his eyes shut at the sensitive feeling.
You continue to work your hand around him, building him up again without giving him a chance to come down from his initial orgasm. You plan to make him cum as much as possible before sinking down on his tender dick to ride him into overstimulation.
Lester grips at your shoulders and waist, pulling you close enough to kiss you deeply while you continue to stroke him. You have no doubt he'll leave your lips swollen with the way he's frenziedly pressing against them; devouring everything your mouth has to offer with his eager tongue. He's certainly never been one to shy away from intimate liplock after you've pleasured him orally- if anything, tasting himself between your lips serves to solidify that you are his, and exhilarates him further.
However, as much as you enjoy his heated kisses, you want Lester to be the one completely overwhelmed right now- trembling, and at your delightful mercy as quickly as possible.
You break the kiss in favor of abruptly biting the junction between his neck and shoulder- not enough to hurt him, but definitely enough to surprise and excite him as his hold on you consequently falters.
Lester hopelessly humps in your hold, aching for any sort of relief as the surge of overwhelming pleasure overtakes him once more, and you tighten your grip around him to bring him over the edge.
"Oh, my darling", you coo, kissing his heated cheeks, just as he cums in your hand.
Some of his warm seed escapes your fingers, splashing in between your joined bodies, and making you shiver in delight.
"Please, (y/n), haah-!", he jolts, "I need ya- I need ya so bad"
"I'm right here, love", you purr torturously while biting the shell of his ear and fervently returning to kiss his neck.
You know that's not what he means, and Lester lets out a frustrated whine at your response, one you happily swallow by sloppily slipping your tongue in his mouth to kiss him.
"Darlin', please", he begs.
"I won't know how to take care of you unless you tell me properly, sweetheart"
You know he's getting close again, and you take the liberty of playfully taking one of his nipples in between your teeth- an action that has him keening under you.
"Mngh- need t'fuck you, please!"
In an instant, both of your hands are cupping the sides of his face to cover his endearing features in kisses. His breath hitches when he feels you begin to finally grind against him; bringing his ardent erection to a fever pitch with your groin.
"You will, baby", you murmur softly; continuing to kiss him as your thumbs gently run over his stubble, "Just cum for me one more time, okay? Just once more?"
You're almost unable to remain in control when Lester fiercely wraps his arms around you; shaking and straining his hips to release as close to you as possible, desperately wishing he was already sheathed within you. However, he inevitably shudders and relaxes just enough for you to reach down and align him with your entrance, and you waste no time in pushing your hips down to take him in one urgent motion altogether.
Lester moans aloud, his knuckles turning white with how desperately he's gripping your thighs now. You're rapidly rolling your hips against him as soon as he's bottomed out within you; shamelessly chasing your own high now.
He cums sooner than expected- the feeling of your tight walls proving far too much after waiting to be inside you for so long. Your hips stutter when you feel him spurt once more, this time deep within you. His lap is soaked with your arousal and the cum now leaking out of you, and you find yourself unconsciously clenching around him to memorize the feeling.
Lester's face, ears, and neck are all completely flushed, as he heatedly pants for you now. You lean down to suck on his tongue, languidly lifting yourself off of his length, until you unexpectedly slam your hips down on him, to take him as deep as physically possible.
"Fuck!", he cries.
You vehemently bounce on his swollen cock with renewed vigor, groping at his chest and waist to balance yourself as he jolts and writhes beneath you. There's a layer of sweat on his skin, and you can't help the enamored smile spreading across your lips when you notice his now teary, blissed out expression. He's trembling from the overstimulation, and you're hoping to make him cum one last time before you're incapacitated with pleasure yourself.
The intensity at which you ram yourself on him fills the room with explicit sounds both from your shared moans, and the mess of cum between your linked bodies becoming messier still.
You're absolutely relentless, and Lester takes no shame in letting those beautiful choked up tears of pleasure fall. His legs tremble as he achingly attempts to keep them aligned against the mattress, and you shamelessly enjoy witnessing his internal struggle as his hands flex to push away at your hips because it's too much, and grip them closer all at once because it's not enough.
"Les, I'm close!", you gasp.
You continue your intense rhythm; your own face impossibly heated as Lester begins meeting your hips in tandem now. Your love for Lester, and your shared sexual gratification quickly reaching their climax in an electrifying, breathless rush all at once.
The way you simultaneously quiver and clench around him as you ride out your orgasm has him burying himself inside you as deep as he'll go; painting your walls white one last time.
You pant and shudder, keeping Lester deliciously bottomed out within you as you lay against his racing heart; lazily shifting after a few moments to press open mouthed kisses to his jawline before kissing away the tears left in the corners of his eyes.
"I love you", you declare again softly, your gaze unfaltering to convey your sincerity, "You deserve more than you know, Les"
"Don't need no more than you", he smiles contently, "-an' I'll love ya always"
- ♡ -
"Promised m'brothers we'd go over to Ambrose fer the evenin'!", Lester calls from the kitchen.
"What?!?", you gape from your seated position in bed, "Today??!?"
"Somethin' wrong?", he asks now appearing in the doorway with two cups of morning coffee.
Heaven above, he looks cute. His short hair in disheveled tufts from how much he moves in his sleep, and clad in nothing more than one of his sleeveless undershirts and a pair of loose fitting boxers before he completely gets ready for the day. However, It's still not enough to distract from the numerous hickeys, made more prominent by his light-colored skin, that you left along his neck and chest.
"Les, you look like I mauled you last night", you say covering your burning face with your hands, "-how am I supposed to look at your brothers in the eye??"
You can hear the way quiet chuckles bubble up from his chest until he's carefully setting the cups down on the night stand to full on howl with laughter. You groan, burying your face in one of his pillows.
"I rather like the way ya mark me up, sweet-pea", he teases, now sitting on the bed to comfortingly run a hand over your back and get you to face him, "Means I get t'show off I'm taken", he winks.
"Damn right you are", you proudly reply as you lift your head to meet his crooked grin in a sweet kiss, "I'm never going to hear the end of it from Bo, though", you whine.
"Reckon we'll jus' have t'match then", he leans down to whisper in your ear.
You can't deny you certainly like the sound of that.
Tumblr media
OKAY, COME GET YOUR JUICE!!: @cognitty @xhorror-nerdx @darklylucid @ang3l1te @cookerthecrafter
(Also tagging: @vincent-sinclair-deserved-better , @moon-of-desire , @frenziedslashers , & @slutforguts bc I know you're all Lester connoisseurs intellectuals 🤌🏻)
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ronaldrx · a day ago
yr posts NEVER MISS they are sooo good!! would you be comfortable writing something about chubby riddler or abner? primo subjects for tummy lovin (can be nsfw if youre comfy THANK YOUU 😳😳)
Feeling Good | Edward Nashton/The Riddler x GenderNeutral!Reader | N/SFW (18+)
Hey there! AH, thank you SO much!!! <3 <3 <3 Thanks for the request, I love it! I really hope you like what I've done with it. :') I've only done Riddler now, but I kept the request in my Google Doc, so I might eventually write it for Abner as well. No promises, though! ^^" <3
summary; An exploration of Ed growing bigger and you loving his tummy (and making him come).
notes; Gender Neutral!Reader; Chubby!Edward Nashton; Body Positivity; Mentions of Past (Food-Related) Trauma & Abuse; Light Body Worship; Oral Sex; Short Fic.
Ever since he’s gotten out of the orphanage, Edward didn’t care about what or how much he ate. All his life, he barely got anything to eat and what they got was barely passable as food. So, now that he had the money and ability to buy and cook his own food, he was in heaven. 
Of course, that also came with the consequence of gaining weight. At first he was just filling out what was ‘normal’, considering that he had been pretty severely underweight before he left the orphanage.
But then it became more and more and he started to put on weight a little beyond what might have been considered normal. His stomach grew soft and distended. He didn’t care, though. Why should he? He was still healthy and he felt good. He liked looking in the mirror and seeing himself like this.
Ed never grew past being slightly chubby, though, no matter what. He didn’t mind it, it was probably better this way if he was being honest. 
All that mattered was that he kept feeling good about himself. 
Although, he had to admit that when he started seeing you, he was becoming a bit self-conscious. Would you like his stomach or would you judge him for it like people were so prone to doing? 
It worried him because he liked you so much and he didn’t want to lose you over something as trivial as weight and fat. Did it really matter so much? 
But as time went on and you saw each other more often, he noticed the way you would often poke his stomach with this lovely smile on your lips and glint in your eyes. He wasn’t ticklish at all, so it never bothered him that you did it. And when he saw how happy you seemed when you poked him, he welcomed it even more. It made him happy in return. 
The first time you two had sex, you went down on him. You kissed a path down to his stomach, where you stayed for quite a while, simply roaming your hands over it, such as your lips and tongue. 
It only made him feel more aroused. His cock twitched and spurted a bit of pre-cum. He had had no idea how much he liked it when you paid so much attention to his bigger stomach.
You grinned up at him and bit into his flesh, sucking on his skin and leaving a bruise once you were done. He was so close to coming from that alone. It was all too much and yet not enough.
At last, you took his hard, leaking member into your mouth and sucked on his cock head to the point that your cheeks hollowed out. Moaning, he arched his back and reflexively put his hands on your head to hold on.
Then, you bobbed your head, taking him deeper and deeper. One of your hands held onto the base of his cock. The other one found his tummy again, squeezing and playing with it. Ed groaned softly. You were driving him crazy with what you were doing.
All too soon, he was coming, writhing underneath you, as he moaned and groaned wildly. He couldn't remember ever having come this hard or quick. He felt a little embarrassed about it at first, but by the way you smiled at him that feeling went away soon.
“I love your tummy,” you whispered against his lips before kissing Edward. He could taste himself on your lips. He also felt his face grow hot as he blushed furiously. “I love you.”
“I love you, too,” he sighed, pecking your lips. He truly considered himself to be the luckiest man alive.
Since then, you always played with his tummy. At any given time, you would grab a handful of his flesh and squeeze it lovingly, or simply poke it, and when it got heated, you sucked bruises into his skin there until he couldn’t take it anymore. And he absolutely loved it.
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fantastiqueali · a day ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Your mother is getting married but the man she was about to get wedded to is your former sugar daddy.
Paring: Former Sugar daddy and Stepdad!Bucky Barnes x stepdaughter!Reader
Part 1, (Part 2 in progress)
Warning: 18+, Minors dni!, D.S. Dynamic, P in V, Stepcest, Fingering, Oral (female receiving) Dominant!Bucky, Daddy kink, Degradation, Spit kink, Spanking, Overstimulation, Bulge kink, Little to no aftercare, Age-gap (Reader is of age), Creampie, Hair pulling, Choking, Slight Dub-Con, Unprotected sex, Cheating, and Pet names.
Word count: 3.9k
Tumblr media
Anticipating the tears of your mother who you are seated in front of, standing still like a queen about to serve her purpose with his king beside him.
You wouldn’t think of it like that. Not even one bit. Your facade of being happy and excited about your mother’s engagement party pushes aside the feeling of outrage clinging inside of you.
Never had you been so apathetic toward your mother’s happiness until now. Watched as the crowd petitioned for them to kiss. You wished you were never there in the first place but as the role of a daughter, you need to.
You watch as his hand snakes around her waist, securing it like she’s the only one for him and there was never you in the picture. James Buchanan Barnes or much better known as Bucky Barnes. You and he went way back in time. Signed up to be his personal sugar baby, and got everything you want, when things fell apart you signed out of the contract.
He never agreed for you to sign out that quickly. It was months before he had finally agreed. But of course, everything comes with a price with him and you just yet to know that this. You never wanted your mother associated with this. But he just had to, didn't he? He had to drag your mother into this obscured hole and make her suffer in the end. 
You tried to talk to your mother about how vile he is but she didn’t believe you and told you that you need to accept the fact that she and he would be together now. Yet how can you accept when the day that your mother had introduced you to him he had been bugging you whenever she wasn’t looking.
Forcefully pulling you near him when it’s just you two because he misses you. The way that he looks at your mother lovingly whilst his hand is on your thigh makes you sick. His twisted words being whispered to your ear makes you want to vomit as you watch him “love” your mother. You had to endure the thought that your mother will hate you in the end if she finds out. 
“I would like to call my daughter who planned this party along with me and Bucky.” You were pulled out of your thoughts as you see your mother and Bucky staring right at you smiling. You passed eye contact with the both of them before you stand up, a smile conveying that you were just not thinking of how this marriage would be a fucking disaster.
Stepping up on the stage beside your mother and ignoring the little smirk Bucky had given you, the host handed you a microphone. “Thank you, Y/N,” your mother started. “For making this dream come true.” Your eyes twitched, still smiling with a thought in your head I’m sorry.
“Thank you, for supporting me and Bucky.”
You wanted to scream. You wanted to tell her and everyone in this room that you don’t. That she should ditch this bastard and fucking kick him in the balls. You only wished to yell and scream that she shouldn’t be with this man at all.
“I know we had problems at first but with communicating we went through it.”
Your head was spinning around with thoughts. Screaming that you should be on your fucking knees begging for forgiveness after telling her the truth. Apologising a million times as she slaps you across the face and yells at you for how much of a traitor you are. That she’s disgusted that you’re her daughter. She has every right to do so. You thought.
Awes and applauds were heard throughout the room. You were shoved out of your cloud once again by the feeling of your mother’s embrace. A tear almost spilt out as you returned her embrace. Pushing your head onto your mother’s neck like you used to do when you were younger. 
She pulled away, holding your shoulder, a resting smile plastered on her face. “Thank you,” she whispered, leaning on your forehead. Tears finally tumbled through your eyes as you held her hands that caressed your face. “I love you.” You wanted to say sorry so bad. But there’s a pull stopping you. Regret? Sympathy? Fear? Or a mix of those?
“Look at the mother and daughter duo! Such a lovely sight to see.” You and your mother pulled away, hearing the host’s voice thumping through the speaker. You wiped your tears as your mother chuckled. Glancing to your right, was Bucky standing there unfazed by the moment until the host picked his attention.
“Mr Barnes you must adore this mother and daughter relationship so far.” Turning to the man, he gave a small smile and then pushed your mother closer to him by the waist, gazing at her adoringly. Then he looks up at you. You wanted to punch that invisible smirk that lays on his face. “Of course, I’ve wanted a family, long ago. Yet I was never given a chance.”
Your hands flinched at his words. You wanted to leave. You wanted to run into the restroom and vomit. This is making you want to cut your head off. Not listen to everything his mouth has to say. “But now, I could take the chance to be a part of this lovely family.”
That was your last strike, you went ahead and made a run for the restroom. Not minding the worried call of your mother or her friends. She was about to go and see if you were alright but got stopped by a woman calling out for her name. “Miss L/N sorry to interrupt but the boss calls for you and says it's important.” 
Before she can utter a decline, Bucky stops her. “Honey, you should go. I’ll check on her.” She hesitated. But the thing is, she trusts Bucky enough to let him handle the situation. And that is something that she should cut away.
She nodded, pulling Bucky in for a hug as her gratitude. He wanted to roll his eyes for the least of not pushing her away, but someone is watching them. The girl in front of them is awed in adoration for the “love” that they both are showing. Bucky then pulls away, holding her by her shoulder. “Go, it must be something important.” He kisses her forehead with an artificial smile. She muttered another thank you before fully getting pulled by her Secretary.
Throwing the facade away, he turns to go and looks for someone that he has to make an effort. Everything. All of this is for her. Call it an obsession and infatuation but he needs her in his life. Everything was supposed to be perfect about him and you. On that day that you broke the contract between you, he was supposed to be on his knees, with an F/N ring box opened and a diamond ring sitting perfectly inside it as he asked you to be his girlfriend.
But no, you just have to ruin the surprise, don’t you? He begged you, he told you not to do what you just did yet here you are standing on your own feet telling him that it is for the better. It was never for the better on his side. 
So yes, he has to go through all of this just for you. He doesn’t care if he hurts someone along the way, that being someone dear to you. However, he just doesn’t care. He wants you and what he wants always gets wrapped up around his fingers.
You were crying in the bathroom, the door locked as you feared someone would barge in. He will barge in. You were a mess. Tears scribbling down your face along with the mascara that you bought for this party, sobs that make you breathless, trying to calm your face down with some water,  ruining your makeup more. But at this point, you don’t care. You want to go home. You want to lay in your bed and be in misery of how you let your mother be engaged to that man. How you shove it in your mind that it’s your fault to be even associated with that man.
It was only your cries and the water running can be heard. Until you hear the knocking door. You paced yourself into taking deep breaths in, trying to make yourself sound like you never cried before saying “Who is it?” No one answered. So you let them be, hoping that they just went away. As your legs are giving up on you already, you let them take over and drop to the floor. Then the door suddenly flew open. 
You aborted and stood up instantly. Therefore the opened door shows someone who you would not want to see right now, not ever. “How in the hell-” your broken voice got cut off. “I have access to keys everywhere. You know that.” 
Groans fell from your lips. You should have known that. You knew that you could have just left the party already. As you are about to step out and leave, he shuts the door and locks it, not even getting a chance to say anything before he lifts you by the waist and sets you on the counter. He held your mouth close, covered by his big and veiny hands. 
“Listen,” he says. “You can stop all of this.” You were being held against moving or talking on your own. “You can leave with me. Be with me in another country. Leave this goddamn bullshit of life and be with me. Let everyone forget us. Choose this and all of this will stop. If you don't, well we have to go the long way now do we? So it’s in your hands to either make everything easier for all of us.”
You stopped squirming for a while from the tiredness and the fact that you can’t get out of his grip. He uncovered your mouth to let you speak but locked you in with his body so that you can’t go anywhere. You stared at him for a moment to see how mad he can be. Well, it was answered instantly. So mad.
Regardless of how you wanted your mother not to suffer, even though for sure if you left with him she will. You pledged to yourself to never walk in life with this man by your side. You spilt the words “No” sternly, pushing him away. As you were about to come down from the counter, he pushed you again, holding a tight clasp of your shoulders. “I should’ve known,” he smirks, that devilish smirk that is always his default. “You always wanted it the hard way.”
He pulls on your hair, causing a mewl to come out of you. He stared down at your throat like it was his meal and he has been starving for weeks. He watches carefully as he pulls your hair down more, your cleavage being pushed upon him. With his other hand, he pulls you more in him. Placing himself in between your legs as he likes it to be. 
Lowering his head down, he attacks your sweet soft skin, leaving traces everywhere his lips go. Your hands battled to push him away but it was no use as he latched them behind you with one hand. He continues to starve for your chin, to your neck then to your collarbone where you flawlessly sat there ready for him as always. 
The one holding your hair down pulled away as it grappled with one of your breasts and a soft groan was taken out of you. He trailed down to your cleavage, the hold on your wrists getting tighter and tighter as you tried to unrestraint them. He pulls away, staring at the masterpiece that he made by sucking on your cold skin. “S’perfect,” he groans, tearing your dress away from your body.
You gasped from the sudden coldness. He grabs your breasts again. He grumbled, frustrated at how there’s still something covering your precious breasts. His hand ripped your bra away from you and threw it somewhere in the room. You yelled at him, but it didn’t last long as you got interrupted by your very own moans from the way that Bucky gives your already hardened nipples a kitten lick as he watches the way that your face contorts. 
His eyes glare right inside your soul as he does his magic with his tongue. The way that he fully takes in your nipples in his mouth, sucking on them for dear life. Watching you tremble in lack of want but need. Knowing that you finally calmed down he lets your hands go free. Not far enough, his other hand roamed around your body as it settled down on your thigh. His hand going up and down, daring your dress to move upwards to show more of your inner thigh. 
Your breath hitched when he harshly cupped your clothed cunt, hardly gasping for air as he rubs your folds with his index finger. “Tell me to stop and I’ll fucking stop,” he murmurs into your ear, shivering from his cold breath that hits your neck. With your panties still guarding your mound with his finger, he pushes his finger in, a small moan leaving your lips as the harsh cloth of the fabric comes in contact with your walls. 
You want to tell him to stop. That this is wrong. But god do you miss this. The overwhelming feeling of both his finger and his kisses on your naked shoulder. He’s getting married to your mom but that doesn’t seem to help the situation you are in.
“Yah Don't want to, right? Y’want me, admit it. M’not the only one suffering all these months.” You whimpered as he pulled away, a smirk being evident on his face. He ripped your panties and threw them to god knows where along with the remains of your dress. The worry of having to go home naked was pushed aside and he slowly kneels in front of you. 
You shouldn’t want this. But help everyone, you need this. He pushes your legs away from each other more as he comes face to face with your cunt. Bucky moves his arms below your thighs and pushes them closer to him. “Such perfect little pussy. Tight and all wet for its daddy.” You inhaled deeply when he went in for your sloppy cunt. His tongue overlapped in every corner that he could take. Slushy noises echoed throughout the restroom as you covered your mouth with your eyes rolling back in your head.
His finger went in contact with your folds once again, spreading your juices out to make you seem messier. Bucky smirked devilishly when he saw you throwing your head back by just putting one of his fingers in. His tongue moves to your bud, licking the red and sensitive nub over time as his finger mercilessly thrust in you.
Countlessly plunging into your slopping cunt, he added another finger. It makes you jolt over back to the mirror behind you. Coming into contact with the mirror only pleases you more down there accidentally. “Miss this,” he groans. “I miss this pussy s’much. I miss your juices, baby. Daddy misses them so much.” A choked scream cuts him off when he adds a third finger to you, slamming them in and out of you without giving you time to breathe.
“Think you can give daddy what he wants, hmm?” His hum went straight into your cunt, a tight knot you felt being tangled. “Give daddy a taste of his favourite?” He continues to shove his fingers in you as you arched your back over the counter.
A high pitched moan surrounds the room as you feel yourself gush over his fingers. A sensational feeling takes over your body as he goes on to penetrate you with his fingers, cleaning you out by sucking your white sticky juices with his tongue. His groans as he sucks you dry didn’t help the dominating ecstasy coursing throughout your body.
Bucky did not stop until he knew he got the last drop and you were shaking from being sensitive. When he pulled away, his hair was already all over the place, a little cum dripping from the side of his chin. He swipes it with his thumb and sucks on it whilst he is staring back at your eyes.
He drops down to your barely shaking body and kisses your forehead. “S’good right?” He growls when a minute later you don't answer. You were ignoring him. He fisted your hair and yanked it harshly, watching as you hisses in pain. “You never learn, do you? Ungrateful brat,” he spat, grabbing your chin and opening your mouth. 
He degrades you in a way of spitting straight into your mouth. Your legs quivered as you started to cream again down there, his demeaning move startling your body.  “Gave you a chance to be treated like a fucking princess.” He slams his hand down on your thigh which causes a pitched noise reverberating around the golden lighted restroom. 
“Want to act like a bitch, then you get treated like a bitch.” 
“So if you act like an asshole I’ll treat you like an asshole.” 
His eyebrows irk at your response. You glared at him, knowing fully that he hates it when you talk back. He pulls you by the back of your neck, pulling you off the counter and turning you around to face the mirror. You’re a mess. His fucking mess.
“Getting brave now, are we? Such a mouth for a slut huh?” You heard him unbuckling his belt and pants as his other hand still pulls on your hair. “I’m the slut? Who’s the one begging me to stay with him? Who’s the one asking for sex with the daughter of his fiancé?” 
A loud gasp cuts you off from continuing the mockery. His hand left a red-hued mark on your ass. “S’not like your fault?” He pushes your head down on the cold counter where you sat earlier. Kneading your ass as he spanks you one more time before he grabs his cock in his hand and spreads the precum leaving his tip. “Going out in dresses like these. Running around the house with shorts as if you were teasing me.” A wild moan left your lips when he thrusts into you hard and in one go. 
He didn’t let you get used to his size as he thinks that you don’t deserve it and has been a bitch ever since. He crashes his hips into you, not giving a fuck if anyone was standing right outside the door and listening. He holds a grip on your waist, using it to slam your body down on him. 
You were a crying mess. You never knew that he could grow much bigger than in the last months. His girth drags heavily into your walls and the tip of his cock reaches that sweet spot that he memorises making you moan louder than you want it to be.
He pulls you up to his body by the arm, his right arm embracing your waist as the other finds its way up to your throat, choking you along the way. “Look at yourself,” he says, staring at the reflection of the both of you.
“Made perfectly to take my cock so well.” Your eyes drifted in front of you to see an erotic scene getting made by the two of you. You wanted to think how your mother would react if she saw this. But you were pushed so hard into oblivion that you don’t care as of now. Heavy gasps left your lips when you felt him push on your lower stomach where his bulge keeps showing.
“You like that don’t you? You like it when I push down here.” He pushes on it once again, throwing your head back to rest it on his shoulder. “Like it when I touch my cock from inside of you.” He thrusts his length so hard that it pushes more on your stomach, exhibiting a huge bulge laying there. 
Tears started to spill from your eyes from the irresistible pleasure that his cock brings and from the betrayal that you gave your mother. Of how your mother must be crying over the happiness that she will get married whilst you’re in a public restroom, getting manhandled by his soon to be husband.
“Such a perfect whore for daddy’s cock- fuck. A perfect masterpiece for me to use whenever I want to. And no one- oh shit. Get to have you like this.” 
Bucky fully pulls out before slamming back into you, causing you to scream out in pleasure. “You’re squeezing me, darling.”
“Please, please, please, please!”
He laughs at your pathetic pleads for the upcoming orgasm. He knows he should be punishing you right now but can’t help but miss the way that your walls tightened around him, signalling him that you’re close.
“Go on, do it. Let go f’me you cumdump of a slut. Show me how much you missed me.”
An erotic scream flew by your lips as he continues to slam his cock further into you. The jailed up spasm in your stomach is finally set free and bursts on his still moving dick. He moans, dropping his head on your shoulder, trying to chase your orgasm.
Your body shakes at the feeling of sensitivity but as Bucky states, he doesn’t care. He’ll do as he pleases and that’s to have himself cum in you.
“I’m going to fill you up so bad.”
As he says that, a groan was heard from him and another moan left you as he cascaded his streams of seeds into you. The warm feeling of his cum flooded your walls as he stayed still for a few moments. When he finally decided to pull out, you whimpered at the loss of his touch but whined at the trickling mix of cum leaving your cunt.
Bucky turned you around, sitting you down once again on the counter. Both are relentless for breath, he leans his forehead with yours as his breath hits your nose. He tucks the hair that was falling on your face behind your ear. He holds your face dearly with both of his hands and kisses your head lovingly.
“Don’t think that this will be the last.”
He lets you lean forward to him, stroking your head dearly as tears finally burst out of your eyes. You regretted this. You feel sorry for your mom. You want to just kill the man in front of you and then kill yourself. You feel remorseful for doing this. For letting him do this.
Bucky wasn’t. He only cared about you. Whether it’s a family or not, he doesn’t care. He wants you and he gets what he wants. No matter what road he has to take.
“It’ll all be easier if you just accept. Yet you want it the other way around.” He jerks away and faces you to see him. Eyes red from crying and face blank from not feeling anything but guilt. 
“Sorry honey, two can play at this game.”
Tumblr media
Requests are open! Ask me or request me to do anything and I mean anything. 🥰🥀💙
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cravingsfromatwistedone · 11 hours ago
i always send in the random thirsts i get, but i never ask you of yours :(
tell me your secrets Hana, what thoughts have u been having lately?
xo, napping anon
"Nngh...I can feel it...I can feel how full you are from my cum... Fuck, you're such a good bunny for me...carrying all of my pups like the good girl you are..." - Jack
"Ah, ah...Don't be like that, herbivore...Don't you love it when my fingers are in this deep? Or maybe you like it better if I spread my fingers more? Hmm? What's that? You want me to stop? As if I'd listen to a what a herbivore have to say..." - Leona
"Mmh!....You taste 'sho good, princess....Aah...You're my favourite.....Sweeter than sugar..." - Ruggie
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weirdshadeofgray · 2 days ago
Such a tease
pairings: Marc Spector x f!reader (mentions of Jake Lockley & Steven Grant x f!reader)
summary: After being forced to stay in the background for a little too long for Marc's liking, his first destination is your apartment. Jake bought you a wireless bullet vibrator as a present, and now Marc wants to play with you in public too.
warning: 18+ and nsfw—it's smut. fingering, sex toy, unprotected p in v sex.
note: english isn't my first language and i was too lazy to edit it so sorry in advance. my first time writing smut. what do you think?
Tumblr media
It didn't bother Marc that Jake had an excellent idea he himself had never thought of. What bothered him was the pact they made that he and Steven would never use it with you. Now that was annoying to say the least.
The thing is, the idea of you using a wirelessly controllable sex toy in public was arousing, making him feel all warm and fuzzy. Just the thought of the two of you going on a date and him messing with the settings while you were surrounded by a bunch of people made him hard.
Jake had been his usual selfish self in the past week, giving him and Steven almost no time to front. They were both forced to stay in the background, being painfully aware of every heated moment between you two, all the times you begged him to fuck you harder or come inside you.
So by the time Marc could get control of the body, he was terribly frustrated. It was a primal need that controlled his mind, making it hard to think straight, this is why the moment you opened your front door, he launched forward and kissed you hungrily.
You seemed taken aback by his unusual behavior at first, but returned the kiss nonetheless, quickly kicking the door shut behind you as he pushed you towards the bedroom. You went with the flow, not even asking who was fronting at the time, and Marc was too preoccupied with you to care to explain the situation.
He cautiously lowered you onto the bed, finally giving you the chance to breathe while he took off your shorts and panties then pushed your legs apart to kneel between them. You sat up to kiss him, but Marc instantly pushed you back into the mattress, shaking his head with a wicked smile as he reached under your shirt and cupped your breast with his hand.
You squirmed under him, moving your hips up as he pinched your nipple and teased your clit with the heel of his hand. He had barely arrived but you were already so wet for him. "You want more?" he asked as he leaned down to kiss your cheek.
"Yes," you breathed, your eyes closed and your head thrown back.
Marc didn't need you to say it twice. With a playful smile he kissed you again, while simultaneously pushing two fingers into you, curling them with a precise move to hit all those spots that made you see stars. You moaned against his lips, struggling to stay still as he fucked you slowly. He had to move his hand from your breast down to your stomach to keep you in place.
When he could feel you being close to the edge, he started to fuck you faster, knowing perfectly well it would make you come in a matter of seconds. He had been there before himself, and he also had the misfortune of seeing Jake pull several orgasms out of you like that. By now your mind was numb and it would be a miracle to draw a coherent sentence out of you.
But he didn't need you to speak. There was no need for you to tell him what you wanted because he knew that already. A little push was all you needed and he was more then willing to play along. His hand came to a halt—the move earning a desperate, needy whine from you—then he went on as of nothing happened the same time he kissed the hollow of your throat, his teeth gently brushing your skin as he moved over to your collarbone.
This was more than enough for you. It drove you over the edge, your muscles clenching around his fingers as he stopped again, enjoying how his hand was now covered in your juices.
You were breathing heavily, looking at him under your eyelashes as you watched him lick his fingers clean. There was a satisfied smile on your beautiful, lush lips and he couldn't resist the urge to kiss you, giving you a taste of yourself.
"I wanna go out tonight. Somewhere public," he told you as he swept a stand of hair behind your ear.
Your smile was replaced by a disappointed look the moment you heard him. Of course, you were probably expecting him to go on, to fuck you senseless as he had done several times before after being away from you for so long. But tonight wasn't one of those nights. Hell, he was willing to give up his own pleasure for seeing you suffer in the middle of a cafe or restaurant.
"Take a shower, get dressed," he began as he placed kisses along your jawline, "and let's not forget about your Lush," he finished, whispering these words into your ear.
"But that's Jake's toy," you said without thinking, sounding hesitant.
Letting out a thoughtful hum, Marc placed his big palm on your cheek and gently stroked your skin. "Well, he's not here now."
He could see that you wanted to protest, so he gave you a hard look and you instantly shut your mouth. This wasn't the time to discuss such things, you were expected to do as he said. And you—being the good girl you always were for him—nodded and got out of bed, heading to the bathroom to get ready.
While he wanted to resist the urge, Marc couldn't help himself and used the time you spent in the shower to jerk off to the thought of your naked body. It was killing him that he had to stop, that he couldn't eat you out and fuck you as he usually did, but it was late and he needed an audience for you.
Once you were ready to go, he quickly connected the device to his phone and tested it with a short impulse. You bit on your lower lip as a result and it made Marc smirk as he watched you. It was just a taste of what you were about to face the whole night, with long and intense impulses that would drive you crazy.
You went to a crowded bar not far from your apartment and Marc made sure to choose a table that could be seen from almost every corner of the place. You looked nervous, as if you had never played this game with Jake before. He usually teased you with the toy, driving you to the brink of an orgasm before stopping and dragging you to the restroom to fuck you until you came for him.
It was painful to see it from the background. Painful because he couldn't be a part of it. He wanted to see you fall apart, he wanted to be the reason why your body felt like collapsing in that dirty stall after a mind-numbing climax.
Tonight was his chance to experience this and he didn't want to let it slip away.
After you ordered your drinks, he picked up his phone, as if he was just checking his messages, but in reality he opened the app he needed and glanced over at you above the device. You looked nervous, but your eyes were filled with anticipation. He opened the page where he could freely play with the settings, starting with a slow, gentle rhythm at first.
You drew in a sharp breath, your fingers stretched on the table as you fought back a whine. Marc reached out to take your hand, squeezing it gently with a smile on his lips. "It's okay, baby. Just hold on for me," he said gently before switching to a more intense pattern.
With your eyes closed, you bit on your lower lip and gripped his hand tightly. He had barely started but you were already struggling. You inhaled and exhaled slowly, desperately trying to keep calm despite the pleasure that clouded your mind. Marc moved over to the chair next to you then leaned in to kiss you, deliberately messing with your controlled breathing pattern.
"Can you handle more?" he asked with his lips brushing against your ear. You nodded with a quiet moan. "Good girl."
With that he set the device to the strongest pattern, watching you close your eyes and bite your lower lip so hard it almost shed blood. He couldn't help but laugh, his hand still not letting go of yours. Jake was right, this was fun.
From the three of them Marc was always the controlling one, telling you what to wear, what to eat or drink, how to behave in and out of bed—that was all him. Steven was usually doing his best to please you in every way possible, putting your pleasure before his own. Meanwhile Jake was toying with you, enjoying the sight of you losing your mind in his presence, but with him, communication was the key.
It never bothered Marc that he was the dominant one. He never acted cold towards you, in fact he always made sure you were okay, that he didn't go too far with whatever he was doing. And tonight wasn't any different. He was watching your every move, carefully analyzing each of them to see if you could still handle it.
When he could see you squirming in your seat, desperately clutching his hand, he knew it was time to slow down. So he changed the settings once again, this time choosing your favorite song as the base of the rhythm of impulses before pulling you up and towards the restrooms.
"You'll have to stay quiet, baby," he warned you and you nodded in response. "What do you think, can you stretch enough for me to keep that thing in while I fuck you?"
You gulped as he reached under your dress and circled his fingertips over your clit, hoping it would drive you closer to say yes. But you hesitated, a little too lost in the pleasure to answer his question do he asked you again, this time grabbing your chin to make you look at him.
"Jake always takes it out," you managed to tell him.
"Tsk, tsk, tsk, do I really need to remind you that I'm not him?" he growled against your lips. "So tell me, should we give it a try?"
Once you obediently nodded, he kissed you hungrily and began to unbuckle his belt to push down his jeans and boxer, then told you to jump into his arms and wrap your legs around him. The moment he felt your slick cover his cock as he teased your entrance, he smiled into your messy kiss. This was heaven, right here and right now. You were resting your head against the wall of the stall, eagerly waiting for him to finally make his move.
When he finally slid his cock into you, moving your body slowly to let you stretch enough, you couldn't help but let out a loud moan which he silenced with another kiss. Of course, having his cock and the working toy inside your pussy must have been a lot to handle at first, and he was willing to take it slow until you got used to it.
But then he picked up his pace, knowing that with his fast and deep thrusts he could soon make you come. Your breathing became heavy and your grip on his shoulder tightened as you got close to the edge. "Come on, baby, come for me," he whispered to you.
As if on demand, your pussy clenched around his cock and you had to clasp your hand over your mouth to keep yourself from making a sound. He didn't slow down despite feeling your juices flowing out of you, he wanted to come inside you, he wanted to fill you up and watch it drip out of you to the floor.
Then he decided to challenge himself—could he draw another orgasm out of you before he came? He was close, sure, but your body told him you were ready for another one too. He kissed you again, his teeth tugging on your lower lip as he kept fucking you, his cock buried deep inside you.
He could feel your toy vibrating against his cock and he had to admit it felt good along with your warm flesh around him. Then he felt it. He felt as your body began to shake from another climax and it was enough to throw him over the edge as well.
He came to a halt and let himself slip out of you before putting you on the ground, making sure to help you stand as you seemed a little too weak to do it on your own. You were resting your back against the wall, trying to catch your breath while you watched him.
"You okay?" he asked after he pulled up his boxers and jeans, ready to step out of the stall any second.
You nodded. "Can I turn the Lush off, please?" you asked weakly.
Marc smiled at you then placed a kiss on your forehead. "Sure, go ahead."
Without hesitation you reached under your dress and pressed the power button to turn off the device. As he watched you, he couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful you were like this, your skin shining from sweat, your hair all messy and damp, and the corners of your lips curled into a small, satisfied smile as you looked down at the ground.
He knew Jake would probably give him crap for breaking the rule, but right now he couldn't care less about how alter. He just wanted more of you, but not here, in this dirty restroom. No, he wanted to hear you moan and whine for him, calling out his name as he fucked you again.
"Let's go home," was all he said before taking your hand and navigating you out of the bar.
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Tumblr media
Lifeline (37951 words) by astolat Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Fast & Furious (Movies) Rating: Explicit Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Brian O'Conner/Dominic Toretto, Letty Ortiz/Dominic Toretto Characters: Brian O'Conner, Dominic Toretto, Luke Hobbs, Mia Toretto, Letty Ortiz, Vince (Fast and the Furious), Jesse (Fast and the Furious), Leon (Fast and the Furious) Additional Tags: Vampires, Werewolves, Alternate Universe, Found Family, vampire/werewolf Series: Part 14 of Fast & Furious works Summary:
"Vampires dominate by biting, alpha wolves dominate by fucking. What the hell’s going on between the two of you, I don’t even have a clue."
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idyllic-ghost · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
our future; the8 x fem!reader
request: i rly just want minghao x reader where they go visit his parents, and like the scenario could specifically be with his mom and y/n is like helping her make dinner or something and then she asks her what she would like her wedding to be like, and minghao is in the corner like uhhhhh... but y/n is so calm and just like yeah, i think that would be nice :) thanks
synopsis: you and minghao have dinner with his mom, and she's very set on asking you about the next steps in your relationship
a/n: i changed it just a little bit, i hope that's okay!-
cw: insinuating sex
genre: fluff, established relationship
.⋆。⋆☂˚。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆. .⋆。⋆☂˚。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆. .⋆。⋆☂˚。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆. .⋆。⋆☂˚。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆.
this was one of the most important days of minghao's life, the two women he loved most in the world were about to meet. minghao cared deeply for his mom, much like he did for you - and although you both played a very different role in his life, he still valued you both so much. so of course he would be scared when you, his amazing girlfriend of almost three years, would meet his beloved mother. it wasn't the first time you had met, but it would be the first time you would spend so much time together.
you were in the bathroom getting ready, trying to figure out what to wear, and what would go with it, in your head as you did some skincare after a nice shower. "will you be ready to leave in forty-five minutes?", minghao asked as he walked into the bathroom. you were still in nothing but a towel, your hair soaking wet. if it had been any other time, minghao would've been all over you, but now he was only getting deeply panicked. "you're not dressed.", he commented. "yeah, i'm sorry hao!", you sighed, "the shower took longer than i thought and now i've been procrastinating because i don't know what to wear!" "... let me help you pick something out.", he said and walked out of the bathroom.
when he came back he was holding a pair of brown slacks and a silky off-white shirt. he handed them to you, but you didn't recognize the clothing as yours. "minghao, isn't this shirt yours?", you asked. "yeah...", his ears turned red, "but i think you look pretty in it, so it doesn't matter." "won't it be awkward if your mom recognizes it as yours?" "she won't, don't worry.", he said, and left you to get ready. you felt the fabric of the shirt again and smiled to yourself. if you had to name one thing about minghao that you absolutely loved, it would be that he always had sneaky ways of putting you in his clothes.
when you reached the restaurant you could see minghao's mom waiting outside. minghao was quick to engulf his mom in a hug, and you stood beside him with a big smile. "hello, mrs. xu. it's nice to see you again", you greeted her. "ah, y/n, it's so lovely to see you again.", she said, "i don't know why my son doesn't bring you around more often!" minghao muttered out a barely audible excuse beside her, but you only kept smiling at her as she complimented your shirt. you looked over at minghao, who's ears had turned red as soon as he met your gaze. "mom, why don't we get inside?", he asked. "oh, right!"
after you had sat down and ordered, minghao's mom turned to you again. "has my son been treating you well?", she asks, "he's always so busy.. he makes sure to make time for you, right?" "minghao's very caring.", you nodded, "we try to spend every morning together." "really? oh, how nice!", she turns to her son, "so you make her breakfast in bed?" minghao, who doesn't make you breakfast in bed, opened his mouth to say something but couldn't form any words. of course, you hadn't been very nice to him by saying that, as you usually spent your mornings in each other's embrace or showering together. "well, we like to make breakfast together.", you jumped in to save his skin, "we don't have much time in the mornings." "ah, i understand - you must both be so busy. how's your job going?"
the dinner continued in the same manner. you and minghao's mom held a nice conversation, and minghao would comment on things. he enjoyed this dynamic, seeing the two of you talk with each other made him feel warm. however, the topic suddenly changed to something that made him very nervous. "so what would you like your wedding to be like?", his mom asked you, "do you like traditional styles?" you looked over at minghao absentmindedly, and then back to the woman sitting beside you. minghao was freaking out, trying to come up with something to say that could possibly change the conversation. "i'm not sure.", you admitted, "i know that it's traditionally women who do most of the planning for weddings, but i really value minghao's input. i think it would have to be something that we figure out together." you put your hand on top of minghao's, gently rubbing your thumb over the back of his hand. he smiled at you, almost letting out a sigh of relief at your response. he couldn't understand how you stay so calm. "but you won't show him the dress before the wedding, right?", she asked. "oh, of course not!", you smiled and took your hand away from minghao to put them in your lap, "i was hoping that you could help me with that." "oh, i would love to!", his mom exclaimed. "i would really look forward to it, you have such good taste.", you complimented. "stop it, you!", she said endearingly, "you flatter me too much." "maybe we should actually get engaged before planning a wedding?", minghao interrupted, without a second thought. both you and his mom turned to him with expectant looks. that's when he realized what he had said and quickly tried to explain himself. "you need to get on with it then.", his mom said with a smile, "oh, to call you my daughter-in-law! i would love to do so!" "i would be honored to be your daughter-in-law.", you smiled at her as you clasped her hands together with yours. "honey, do you hear her?", she turned back to her son, "have you been looking for a ring?" "well, i can't tell her that... then it wouldn't be a surprise.", minghao said, "i have a feeling that any element of surprise has been ruined by this conversation already." "maybe we should change the subject, then.", you said, giving minghao a wave of relief.
when dinner was finished, and you were getting ready to get into the car with minghao, his mom took him aside and spoke to him in a low tone. you couldn't hear a word, nor see minghao's facial expressions to assess the situation, but you did see his ears turn red. after that interaction you all said goodbye and left. "so when are you going to propose to me?", you teased as he started driving. "if you say that again i might just get into a car crash.", he answered. "i'm only joking, hao.", you chuckled, "your mom was so nice, i hope you let me visit her soon again." he didn't answer, but he did have a playful smile on his lips which alluded to something that you didn't know of yet.
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