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Originally posted by pajamasecrets

Summary: Din Djarin and Ara Obagh were one soul split in two. They just didn’t know it. Not until they have a Foundling in their care, one of them removes their helmet, and one of them nearly dies. 

Pairing: The Mandalorian (Din Djarin) x Fem!OC (Ara Obagh)

A/N: This is the end! Guys, I got literal tears in my eyes. My heart was seriously pounding while writing/posting this. I’ve never written smut before so please be kind. But don’t fret, I’ve got drabble requests backed up out the wazoo. So this isn’t the last you’ve seen of Din and Ara!

Word Count: 24,290

Warnings: canon typical violence, ANGST (y’all seen ep 8 you know what I’m talking about), descriptions of blood/injury, but also FLUFF, the yearning in this one lads is off the charts, NSFW, unprotected sex (wrap it up my dudes), oral (f receiving), overstimulation cause I’m a sucker for it, slight breeding kink if you squint

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OC Profile

Prefer AO3?


Ara shoved the comlink back into her belt and shook her head at Din. Kuiil wasn’t answering. They were trapped. The baby’s safety was in question. None of this was going according to plan. 

“Is there another way out?” Cara asked, looking back out to the sea of Storm Troopers just outside the common house they were taking cover in. 

“No. That’s it.” Karga gestured with one of his blasters to the door they had entered through. 

Ara found that hard to believe. A shady cantina with no backdoor? But from the quick observation she had made of the room when they first walked in, when everything was so calm and she felt she had some semblance of control, Karga was correct. There were no other doors leading to the outside, not even a door up onto the roof. Only the door to the right of the window, and the door they had entered from to the left. 

“What about the sewers?” Ara asked. 


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Wait I knew Pedro died in an episode of SVU but I didn’t know it was THAT episode


Originally posted by ithinkwehitametaphor

Dude I’ve seen every episode of SVU and this is one of the most memorable ones

Spoiler alert: it ends with a shootout where a teen girls shoots the man who raped her mom, the man who killed her mom, and the agent (Pedro Pascal) who gave the gun to the killer.

She also kills Sister Peg, who was one of my favorite characters on SVU. RIP Sister Peg

This is a dramatic ass season finale with so many plot twists and it has a message about the control of handguns.

I was not prepared for Pedro to be in THIS episode

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Playlist: Javier Peña (songs that remind you of him or that you think he'd like, just whatever strikes you)

ooooh this is a good one, anon! let’s see…

since I’ve been loving you

- led zeppelin

a little death - the neighbourhood (not meant to be a pun i swear LMAO)

under my thumb - the rolling stones

take me to church

- hozier

orgasmo para dos - mon laferte 😏

break on through (to the other side)

- the doors

nunca es suficiente

- los angeles azules ft natalia lafourcade

el chico del apartamento 512 - selena

black magic woman

- santana

magic man - heart

heart-shaped box - nirvana

blood in the cut - k.flay

travelling riverside blues

- led zeppelin

never going back - fleetwood mac


Originally posted by ithinkwehitametaphor

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pairing: Mando (Din Djarin) x Reader

summary: he knows a lie when he hears one, but he takes the job, anyway. at the very least she’s interesting, at the very most she’s worth something.

w.c.: 5.3k

warnings: implied past abuse, implied past drug use, hint of possible future smut (if you blink you miss it), i think that’s it??

a/n: this is my first Mando fic ever and i’m super excited! i first started writing for star wars over a decade ago, but fell off it for a bit, so this is my first time getting back into it in a long time. some of the terms i use may be slightly outdated, but it’s what we’re going with because it’s what i’m most comfortable with. let me know what you think!

big thank you to my love @justreadingfics​ for being beta even though she’s never watched The Mandalorian. and another big big thank you to @mandadoration@whenimaunicorn​ and @cptnbvcks​ for supporting my dreams despite never having interacted with me before. y’all are literally the best. artwork is from slightlymadart 


His presence has the steadiness of someone who has stared calmly into the eyes of Death and walked away the victor. His voice has the sound of someone who has been Death, and never waivered.

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***This follows the Quaratine AU….again I have no regrets….



As fast and efficient as Y/N was, it had only taken her a few days to work through her projects. The things that she had been itching to do and never had the time with the busy schedule they kept.

Pedro’s eyes were wide as he watched her plow through his closet, sort and tossing things that were too small or too worn to really be called clothing any more. After a brief argument about stretching out the necklines of his t-shirts, she had managed to get him on board with her process. Although her comment about him looking homeless a few times had stung his modest vanity.

He had pouted for a minute on that one. He didn’t look homeless, damnit. It’s called being comfortable. And then the comment about that one shirt, it was just rude and uncalled for. But Y/N had laughed it off and told him that she expected him to tell her if her ass looked flat in a pair of jeans. Pfft. Like he was going to do that. He knew better. He liked his balls right where they were, attached to his body.

He flipped on the tv and tried to drown out the sounds of her moving around the apartment. So he settled down to watch a movie since he had managed to convince her to let him off the hook for the actual organizing his closet. His version of organizing was making sure the clothes weren’t on the floor.

He was engrossed in the movie and didn’t realize she had moved on to the kitchen until the wonderful aroma of garlic and onion sautéing started drifting into the living room. He immediately abandoned his movie, pausing it quickly to join Y/N in the kitchen. When she cooks there was always things to pilfer, and her mock outage made it even more fun.

The kitchen was a war zone. Since being cooped up. She was making elaborate meals, boxing up the leftovers and dropping the majority of the vast quantities she made off to the doors of a few older people that lived alone around him. It was something he had just been in quiet awe of. The way she made sure to handle everything carefully, wearing gloves and packaging it to prevent the possible spread of Covid-19.

“Whatcha making?” He asks, coming by to snag a berry from the bowl she was snacking on.

“Hey! Wash the hands, pal! I don’t know where they’ve been.” Y/N waved her knife at him, vaguely threatening as he grins at her.

“Wouldn’t you want to know?” He teases as he turns to the sink and washes his hands before turned back and reaching around her to snag another blackberry.

“Not really.” Y/N grinned as he frowned at her. She turned and added the beef to the mixture to brown, seasoning it as she stirs it.

“Seriously, need a hand?” He asks as he nudges her hips with his.

“You think you can help put lasagna together without messing it up?” She asks, not convinced.

“I put together great ham and cheese sandwiches. How hard can it be?” He scoffs.

She ignored him as she drained the meat and added it to the sauce she had previously made, filling the apartment with a delicious scent.

While it simmered, she mixed the ricotta for the lasagna. He watched, leaning against the counter as she moved gracefully. She had organized his kitchen for her own ease of use. Not that he minded. His cooking skills were lack luster, but since he had made her his assistant, he had eaten really well. Less take out and more home cooked meals.

Watching her put together the lasagna made him smile slightly. He wondered what it would be like if he had permission to come up behind her and kiss her while she worked. Imagined her squeaking in surprise as he rubbing his scruffy cheek on her neck, biting playfully on her pulse point. Her moaning his name in his ear as her hands gripped his hair. Pressing her into the counter as he let his hands roam across her body.

Pedro closed his eyes as he tried to banish the thoughts that were rolling around in his mind dangerously. It was getting more and more difficult to remind himself she was his assistant and not his girlfriend. Being in this apartment with her for the past few days had made him even more aware of how perfect she fit him.

She popped the lasagna into the oven to bake and straightened, turning back to him with a smile.

“Wanna finish that movie you were watching while it finishes baking?” She asked.

He gave a small grin as he grabbed the bowl of berries and held them over his head, out of her reach. He laughed as she swatted at him. “Sure, let’s go.”

Her colorful curses and threats made him laugh even harder as they walked out of the kitchen, leaving the lasagna to finish baking while they lounged on the couch and argued over whose turn it was to do the dishes. Although Pedro knew he was going to loose, he always did.

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i forgot i did a baby yoda one

fuck, i would burn the world for this cute little baby 🥺

i watched the whole show with tears in my eyes because everytime baby yoda was on screen i wanted to cry because he’s too cute. and it’s not even a joke, i was crying and my brother would ask me if i was okay and then laugh at me. but he actually understands.

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