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#my art

So earlier today I had the random urge to draw Kassandra and Alexios for some reason. Started off drawing it. Took a shower just now. I can’t remember what I was drawing anymore lmao. They are pretty pissed and seem to be protective over whoever the heck that was gonna be in the middle.

Maaaan I don’t even think I ever 100% completed that game either lawl

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Doodles first sketched while listening to a song, then later colored. Part 2/2


_Songs listened to_

Nightmare: Black Apple/Malevolence

Dream: Benevolence

Underpire frisk/the player: The Chucky megamix

Underpire Wingdings: Time Forgotten One


part 1 of the drawings


Nightmare and Dream: @jokublog

Underpire Frisk and Underpire Wingdings: Me (Corrupted Nightshade)

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From left to right:

[To Klaus] No one need your shit Klaus.

[To Klaus] You seriously need help.

[To Sparrow!Ben] Dude, tHe Hair!

The Sparrow Ben was in a fanfiction I read about how 2 boys meet others. I just wanna see Ben being sarcastic bout Sparrow Ben hair 🤣

[“Dude, the hair,” he said, crouching down to look at him. “I haven’t combed my hair in years and it’s still better than this. We have a pretty good face, get a better hairstyle.” He pointed to his own hair. “Hawkins hair gel? I don’t know what they put in this stuff but it’s kept my hair looking like this for seventeen years. Or just let your hair be curly, we can rock that too. Just not this…weird MCR hairstyle you have going on here.”]

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