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#tw blood

Okay so I had this really weird dream over the weekend that my boss’s boss was trying to seduce me. In the dream he called me to his office and asked me to talk to him about how I was getting on in my job. But at the same time he needed me to lie down on the floor because I was also there to give blood. So I was lying there talking to him as he injected me, and I said, “I’m sorry but I might faint, I’m not good with blood,” and he shushed me gently and started stroking his hand down my arm. And he looked at me and said, “You have beautiful blood, you know,” and I was like “thanks,” feeling really flustered but then I woke up. And the whole thing was so weird and intimate that when I had a Zoom call with him the next day I could barely look at him dfghghh. No clue what’s going on in my brain these days but I have a feeling that reading Armie Hammer’s weird cannibal sexts has something to do with it.

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“those savages are a scourge on the name of all good cats.”

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another colour palette challenge featuring Wolf Link :)

(version with blood under the cut)

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So, there was this thing called Ruby Eyes, it was a original story that I thought some time ago

To give a quick summary: 8 girls who were killers and decide to kill themselves become something called a Ruby Eye, wich is just basically them with their human form, but now with powers and most important, red eyes, simbolising the blood that they saw in their life. Since now they were bored in their after life, they decide to make a hunting and killing game between them

I wanted to write about it, but I finally decided that, since it was 8 characters, I wasn’t prepared totally to write this since I still had to think about their personalities become some of them had the same personality, and also ngl I always thought this was more like a ‘game idea’ than a 'story idea’, if you know what I mean

But hey, maybe in the future I decide to write it, but for now, I came with some descriptions of how they look, mainly skin and hair colour and their outfits. If anyone wants to make some art about them, do it, but don’t forget to credit me pls

Also sorry if my English is a little bit messy, it’s not my native language

So yeah, if you like OCs, enjoy!

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My room

We were all drowning

Sitting in that pool

Blood red water

Hitting the tiles

And making us sick

One of us was screaming

He could never sleep

Eat his own flesh

Reminds you of certain

Russian experiment

The other wagged its tail

Please love me

I don’t deserve you

He’s undeserving

That craves it like a drug

The final was silent

There was many more

So unlike you, vicious

But you were him

Broken shards follow

Another spoke ol’ cowboy

One loved punk rock

Yet they all together

Bleeding into the pool

And drowning

And we thought we lost you

In the crowds inside you

You kept drowning

In blood and chlorine

Built as a tub

Never of been a swimming pool.

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Alpha Campbell x Omega Tommy commissioned by @wanderingquill ♡♡ let’s hope this doesn’t get flagged lol

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Reuploading time! I’m gonna slowly reupload the ones i feel comfortable with ^-^
This one is surely not my best, but i still feel sort of proud of it!

The character is Rodrik from Game of Thrones: Telltale
If i remember correctly, the flowers are purple irises, symbolizing royalty and wisdom?

(I’m gonna start saying when i made these)

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Different version of my previous post. First digital drawing in a year, with a brand new tablet!

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🍎 The Innocent & The Revenant ⚰️ 

Meet Benji Alder, the carnival’s runaway and collective little brother.


Reblogs appreciated! Thank you! <3

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“Let’s beat some sense to this freak!”

“Haha! So who’s filthy now?”

“Feel like apologizing yet?”

A group of about three teenagers ganged up against the white-haired boy at an alleyway this morning. They all look like they came from the same school, considering the matching uniforms they’re wearing. One of the bullies was grabbing him by the collar and swinging punches to his bruised and bloodied face, while the other two taunted and laughed. The victim didn’t fight back, due to his passive nature. Instead, he replied in a raspy voice with a weak timbre; the kind that anchors your soul a single moment.

“I have nothing to apologize for.”


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