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#tw blood

Hahaha now there’s blood all over my hand and someone is panicking at the sight of it. It’s really weird it looks a little too bright you know? Also before anyone starts worrying it’s cus I have a pimple on my lip that keeps breaking and bleeding. It bleeds quite a lot so I wipe the blood on my hand. It almost looks like badly done SFX make up. I won’t show a picture of course but still it’s kinda funny.

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So Ik it’s like basically tomorrow (I’m a little late, but inspiration struck last minute), but happy 1 year anniversary to Hazbin Hotel!!


Also I tried going back and adding angel’s second set of arms, since after I finished it I realized I forgot them, but since this it’s already fully rendered I can’t add them with out the final looking really off. So, sorry about that.

It’s really late rn, so I may or may not come back and add Al’s pinstripes if possible.

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send “Talk to me” to make my muse vent about their bad mood


“I have had it up to here with you and the rest of your lot making me out to be some sort of naïve fool who doesn’t know the first thing about how to defend myself in a difficult situation!”

For a rare occasion, Neri’s soft, well-mannered voice had reached a thunderous bellow. It was hardly Alastor’s fault, but after having the same argument with several people prior, trying to explain that a pacifist didn’t mean she was some sort of violence virgin, the final straw had been listening to his smug, matter-a-fact tones, speaking down to her like anything less than equal - like a stupid child. 

“Do you see these?!” 

 Hiking her shirt up, the medic showed off the bullet holes that refused to heal over scattered along her abdomen, already beginning to weep red at her exertions, her display of anger. “I didn’t arrive in Hell from going for a jaunty stroll down the street - I was on a battlefield! I know violence, and I know death! So don’t you ever come in here, treating me like I don’t know blood - because I’ve seen more than my fair share of it, and I know how to spill it if I have to!”

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so anyways they’re names are Egg (big boi) Sunny (hat) and Benedict (pet)

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