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#tw blood
ilballodellavitaa · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Kinda liked it🫀
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vemuabhi · 2 days ago
Stalker Alert
Requested by @ye-rin164​ Im so sorry Yui chan for being late. But thankyou for sticking around.
A request where Y/N is being stalked and is saved by Haikyuu boys.
Charecters : Kuroo, Sugawara, Oikawa, Tsukishima (Aged up)
(Up coming Charecters : Noya, Asahi, Atsumu, Kita) - Follow to not miss it!
WARNINGS : Angst, Scary stalkers, mentions of Blood in Kuroo’s story, Home invasion in Oikawa’s story. (If I missed any please tell me)
A/N : If anyone is suffering because of any stalkers or abusers, please tell someone before its too late.
I got some help from this source. I got to know the different types of stalkers.
copyright © vemuabhi
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Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsuro – 500 words
“Sorry baby, I cant come today. I know we planned this but I’m really sorry”, Kuroo apologized as you sighed. “Okay fine. I’ll go home now. But you have to make up for this afterwards. Maybe go on a date this weekend”, you pouted as Tetsuro agreed for everything that you wished. Your boss and you were secretly dating and sometimes you both planned for dates, most of them resulted in being cancelled. But you were not angry at him, you could understand the situation and he loved that understanding nature of yours so much.
As you walked towards the parking lot you heard someone. As it was really late and most of the employees left and those who remained were with Kuroo, you felt a bit strange. Taking the phone in your hand you messaged Tetsuro.
‘I’m in the parking lot. Will leave now. Is there anyone who left just now? I heard some noise’. Waiting for his reply, You opened the door of your car and suddenly someone pushed you inside your car forcefully.
That person covered your mouth with one hand and with the other they placed a knife on your throat. By instinct, you bit their hand which made them to wince with pain, giving you a chance of escaping their tough grip. You noticed that it was none other than one of your colleague. She always was very sweet to you but looking at her now, she seemed like a devil. “Why does it have to be you?!”, she glared at you with so much hate in her eyes.
You were shocked to see her trying to attack you. Head was with so many thoughts of why was she doing that to you. But she took this opportunity and swung her knife at you. Which you couldn’t dodge properly, resulting in a deep cut on your hand. Your blood was dripping fast. As she was about to hit you again, another strong hand stopped her. You looked up as you tried to stop the wound from bleeding.
It was none other than your boyfriend. He snatched the knife away from her. He looked at your bleeding hand and pushed her away. Oh boy, he was so freaking pissed at this. A security guard came and took her away.
Kuroo gently pulled you up and took you to the hospital. After getting you all patched up, he hugged you tight and cried. He couldn’t even imagine something like this happening because he fell in love with you. He was so grateful that you messaged him while you were in the parking lot.
The next day he officially announced to everyone that you were his girlfriend. Damn if over protectiveness was a person that would be Kuroo. Making sure to always take care of you and even going to some lengths of trying to arrange body guards to you which you refused. But this big cat was so in love with you that he can’t help but be super protective of you. So forgive his behavior for now please.
Tumblr media
Sugawara Koushi – 530 words
“So, Im leaving now. I’ll be home by 11:45 i believe”, you informed Sugawara on the phone. Even though you were talking on the phone you could clearly imagine his happy face on the other side. “Yes! Finally your work is done. Damn I know I saw you in the morning but I already miss you~”
You chuckled and ended the conversation with him. Sugawara started to clean up the house a bit to make sure you don’t have more work than usual. You walked out of your office as you placed your phone inside your pocket and headed home. This time, it was a bit more late than usual. The roads were almost empty. You usually like quiet atmosphere but this was... eerie. It wasn’t of your liking. For some reason your felt a sense of danger. This made your senses to become a bit more cautious.
As you kept walking, you heard soft footsteps. You gulped and walked a bit faster than usual. The soft footsteps which you could hear earlier felt like they were catching up to you. You trying to keep calm reached for your phone and called Sugawara. He was in the recent call list so it was easy for you to find his number. As soon as he picked up, you said, “Koushi, I... I feel like I’m being followed. You said as you held back your tears.
“WHAT?!”, he exclaimed with worry and just as you feared, the footsteps which you could hear, were clearly running. By instinct you started to run ahead.
“Koushi I’m scared, They are running towards me”, at this point you were on the verge of tears. “Y/N! Search for any store or any pharmacy which is open”, his words made you to look around.
“I... I can see a open store on the end of the street”, you said in between gasps. “Go there! I’m coming now”, he said but the person behind you was almost on the verge of catching you.
“He’s here! Koushi help me”, you said as the tears rolled down your cheeks. “Hit him with your bag!” he said and you practically threw your bag at him with force, which made him to fall down. “Keep the phone on. I’m coming there. Don’t be scared!”
You rushed into the small store and looked back. Only to see that person still coming towards the store. “Koushi... I-”, you didn’t even complete your sentence then you saw a bike, clearly over speed limit rushing towards the store. The bike stopped right before the store door and the stalker started to run away but the person who got down the bike noticed it and threw a bat at the running stalker.
It made the stalker to faint. The man rushed into the store as you ran towards him and threw your hands around his shoulder. His hold on you tightened as you cried out. “Koushi I was so scared”, he gulped as he said, “Dont be. I’m here now. I’m sorry I was late”
“No you weren’t!”, you said between sobs as the stalker was caught by the authorities. Just lets say that you always had your boyfriend to pick you up, especially at nights. You were always accompanied by Sugawara. Well you had no complaints.
Tumblr media
Oikawa Tooru – 560 words
“I just got home now. Don’t worry baby”, you said as you closed the door of your apartment. You lived alone so your boyfriend always had a habit of talking to you till you safely made into your house. He walked you to your apartment and waited outside till you went in. You knew it was making him late but you couldn’t help but to fall in love with this behavior of his. He started this way before you both even got together. It made you friends to best friends to now lovers.
Previously you failed to convince him that you were really fine on your own. But he wasn’t happy with the area you were living in so he always made sure to drop you at home every time he could. It was genuine care of his, even you yourself were grateful for this because you were scared to walk through the quiet dark lane alone. Even the apartment had very few residence. You had no choice because you had to save money.
“Okay then bye tooru, You also need to eat dinner and sleep. You said you had some work”, you ended the conversation with him and walked towards your room. You took a shower and walked towards the Kitchen and noticed that your door was slightly open. This basically made you really anxious. You walked towards it and observed. Many things were running in your head. Did you lock the door? Did you at least close it properly? Did you forget? Did someone else... did this?
Gathering courage you walked towards your bedroom and noticed that there was no one. You walked into the kitchen and no one was there. Maybe it was all your imagination all long. But you couldn’t get relief of it. You weren’t sure why you felt like that.
Trying to not go too deep into the matter you grabbed your phone prom your pocket and messaged Tooru, just in case if he knows. He instantly called to say he was coming and told you to get out of that place asap. Just then you heard a noise from the bedroom. Your eyes widened because when you looked earlier no one was there in your bedroom. Was it because you didn’t check the closet or under the bed?
“Run!! Dont stay there!”, Oikawa said bringing you back from your shock. You ran out of your room. Soon enough you noticed a man running after you. Your tears streamed down your face while you ran down the stairs. But this made you to slip and fall down hard. The man loomed over you, trapping your form under him. Your tears were still flowing out from your eyes. But then you heard a loud bang and the person above you lost his grip on you.
You turned around and saw the familiar brunette. Tooru’s hands reached to you. Tooru pulled you up and ran out of the building leaving the unconscious man there. His priority was to get you to safety before he did anything else. He called the police and while they arrived you cried holding him tight. He rubbed your back soothingly. Mentally cursing himself for not getting you out of that place sooner. The police took the stalker away from the place and you stayed at Tooru’s place. The next day he made sure to get all your stuff from the apartment.
Tumblr media
Tsukishima Kei – 375 words
“Maybe 15 minutes”, Kei sighed as he reached for his keys. “Why are you asking? Perhaps you are planning to pick me up like the previous time”, you raised your eye brow and adjusted your airpod as you placed your laptop in your bag.
“Wha! No I’m not”, he denied which made you to chuckle. “Okay okay, fine. I’m leaving now”, you ended the call and left the work place. The cold air made you to shiver. You usually sometimes look at your phone and check your socials but you didn’t feel like that now. You really just wanted to go home quickly.
But just as you were walking, you clearly heard a person walking behind you. Gulping you slowly turned back and tried to see if someone was coming. Sure there was a guy who was walking. Just when he noticed that you saw him, his pace increased and he started to run towards you, which made you to also run away from him. Your phone wasn’t in your pocket which made you even more nervous. ‘How should i call for help’, your tears slipped out of your eyes and you were sure that the person chasing you was almost about to catch you. ‘Kei help me’, was your thought and at the exact moment a person punched the person behind you. He apparently ran from the opposite side of the road when he saw that you were being chased.
You looked back and saw the very familiar blond haired person. Your legs came to a halt after seeing Kei, your limbs went limb after running for so long with fear. Kei’s eyes turned dark as he hit the stalker one last time, making him unconscious.
Tsukki looked at you and engulfed you in the tightest hug ever. “I am so glad you came”, you sobbed into his shoulder as he held you tighter. “I’m here. Dont cry”, he said as he held you close to him. From then on even if you had to go to the mall which was one block away, Tsukki made sure to give you a ride. He even bought a bike for himself so that you could use his car whenever he couldn’t drop you.
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prettyinaccurate · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A homework assignment for my art class :]
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typo-art · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Ectober Day 16 - Bloody Mary
Sometimes girls night is accidentally summoning murderous ghosts into your bedroom at 3am.
Tumblr media
“You know it would be really great if you could stop summoning hostile ghosts at 3 in the god damn morning. Some of us need sleep.”
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wuyus · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
제1항, 참가자는 임의로 게임을 중단할 수 없다.
Clause 1: A player is not allowed to stop playing.
제2항, 게임을 거부하는 참가자는 탈락으로 처리한다.
Clause 2: A player who refuses to play will be eliminated.
제3항, 참가자의 과반수가 동의할 경우 게임을 중단할 수 있다.
Clause 3: Games may be terminated if the majority agrees.
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yanderemommabean · 2 days ago
Who out of the obey me brothers would eat out their darling on their period?
I feel like the top candidates are
They’re demons so it isn’t really seen as bad or gross to them. It’s just a pleasurable act that also feeds into that small monstrous urge to taste your blood.
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rozugold · 2 days ago
In the last frame of the protege comic I keep seeing dreams tail as a power cord, Tommy just unplugged him and he died
Tumblr media
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