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coconutmall-ed · 2 days ago
i think after megumi found out yuuji was alive, he probably pulled gojo aside later. gojo lowered infinity, and let megumi punch his chest and spit out his grief, and just stood there and let him be angry, and then burn out into frustrated tears, fists gripping his shirt.
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nunuwrites · 14 hours ago
Jealous Jjk boys
Tumblr media
Characters: Gojo, Itadori & Toji
word count: 568
warnings: suggestive, swearing
Tumblr media
Let’s face it, Gojo gets jealous easily and there’s no doubt he will confront the person he’s jealous of.
He’s more of a popcorn person and you’re an ice cream person.
He would get his popcorn and when he’s making his way to you there’s a guy couple of feet away from you drooling over you
This man child would put an arm around this stranger that was checking his girl out
“Aah she’s pretty isn’t she” is something Gojo would say referring to the short mini dress that was stunning on you.
“Yeah man, I would take her to a hotel room, that’s for sure.”
That was the last straw for gojo “hey babe, I thought I should let you know that this piece of shit right here is having fantasies about you”
The man would be embarrassed I mean who would not? He just admitted fucking a girl next to her boyfriend.
You would look at the guy and give him a dirty look and go back to pick the flavors.
Gojo would grip this asshole’s nock so hard that he fell on the floor screaming for help and calling Gojo a maniac
“I mean I am a maniac indeed and she loves it”
Yuuji isn’t the type of guy to get jealous
but when he does he goes full professional protective boyfriend mode
The two of you finally had the time to hang out after a long time of studying for your exams and all
Yuuji had promised to take you on a date
And homeboy keeps his words
You two were having a nice dinner date and everything went as planned
When you walked out of the restaurant it was already raining, it wasn’t really bad so you two just walked in the rain, making your way back to his place.
The next block you two had to go through was crowded
And when I say crowed I mean a bunch of horny-ass boys.
To get ready for the moment, Yuuji took off his jacket and gave it to you, helping you put it on
“You know there are asshats”
He would pull you close wrapping his arm tightly around your waist.
Toji is jealous almost all the time
You can’t convince me otherwise
This fine ass man would sacrifice the world for you
He HATES sharing
You’re wearing a silky backless thigh-length dress with a low cut on the front
You’re grinding against Toji in the club both with your back pressed against his chest, your much smaller figure in front of his tall and big body
Which let me tell you, it’s the hottest thing everrrrrr
Even if the disco light is on strobe mode and music is on its full volume it doesn’t make Toji any less observant when it comes to you
My man would catch this drunk man’s gaze staring at your tits
And how they move to the rhythm of your body.
Now Toji’s protective mode is on and he’ll grab your tits with his hand, cupping them, flexing his arm, muscles bulging in his short sleeve shirt
He would drag his tongue from your shoulder to the back of your ear and pressed a kiss there
And eyes still locked with the man
Toji turns you around, head resting on his shoulder, giving your ass a light slap, and smirks before flipping off the man
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bloggersltd · 2 days ago
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diznam · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
for tonight's i drop off some doodles of one of my fave ships i give yall a lil itafushi
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itafushiweek2022 · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
March 14th - 20th 
These prompts were selected from our interest check! We can’t wait to see what you create!
Brief guidelines:
This event is 18+ and exclusively itafushi / fushiita. 
Late submissions are accepted up to a week after the event. 
Use the tag #itfsweek2022 when sharing your work on Tumblr and ao3. 
If you have any questions, our ask box is open! Further details are in our card, which has an FAQ. 
☆ ☆ ☆
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gojosimpehe · 2 days ago
The Other Half
Ch13 (the moment you've been waiting for)
Links to previous chapters at the end :)
Summary: It is a Mikasa-Eren like situation. Y/n was taken in by the Itadori family and raised with Yuji. Once Yuji goes to Jujutsu Tech, y/n begs to come along. It turns out y/n is part of one of the most powerful ancient clans. yada yada
"But there was a lot of energy. An overwhelming amount coming from your opponent. Your eyes snapped open in time to see a red cloud speeding towards you. You felt the impact of the energy and then the lights went out."
Tumblr media
Never had you felt like this in your entire life.
Powerful. The second your eyes snapped open, you felt electric. You felt strong. You felt...dangerous.
Looking down at your hand you saw the hot familiar glow, brighter than it had ever been. The glow of strength. The glow of power. The glow of freedom. Your feet were no longer on the ground. You were just a pulsating orb of badass-
Your brain came back to reality and you remembered the events that led up to this. Yuji, the curse. Oh, dear. How could you be so selfish and forget? You searched desperately around you, but there was no sign of him. Nononono. Where is he? Why isn't he here? Your heart leaped into your throat. How could you let this happen? How could you be so useless? You had one job: keep Yuji safe and no he was gone. Wait. If his body is not here that means he's not dead, at least not yet.
"Yuji, hang in there," you whispered, concentrating. When you shot into the air through the building, however, you realized just how strong the curse must have been. Gosh, that hardly took anything. You shivered. If these powers got in the wrong hands? That would be a bad day.
Your eyes were tightly shut as you catapulted through the walls. The domain was gone now so it was just concrete (ouch, by the way). Wall after wall after wall after wall after-
Sunlight! You opened your eyes and nearly cried with gratitude. You were outside with the sun, the grass, the trees, the-
TREE! Before you could figure out how to stop, you slammed face-first into a solid oat tree.
"Owwwww," you muttered, hand raising to feel your now broken nose. But fixing it would just have to wait. You needed to find Yuji. You tried to stand up but fell onto your face. Your vision was doubling and blurry and it felt like a few bones in your legs were broken. Nonetheless, you had one mission: find Yuji. But it was Yuji who found you, or rather Sukuna
"You!" The curse spat, pointing a claw in your direction. "The most annoying creature on the face of this planet!" You gasped. That was outta pocket, man.
"You!" You accused, stumbling to your feet, pointing in the vague direction of his vicinity, vision swimming too much to clearly see him. "The 'almighty curse' who can't even control a teenage boy's body!"
"Ha! Not anymore. This body is mine now."
"Yes!" He cackled. "Obviously...wait can you not see this at all?" He asked waving an arm.
"See what?"
"Yuji-my body."
"What about it?"
"I- this is really no fun when you do this," he sighed, coming closer. "Look. Here... No, I'm to your right... Other right. Dear, God can you not tell your right form left... yes good...Look now." You gave your eyes a second to focus on his figure. What were you even looking for? You had no clue. Wait. What was that blotch in the-
You gasped in shock. On the side of Yuji's chest, there was a gaping hole. No. Nononono. This isn't true. It can't be.
"Now you see it! I ripped out his heart. So if he switches out, he'll die!" You didn't know what to say or do. You just stood there. What was the point anymore anyway? What did it matter if Sukuna killed you? Your life only had one purpose anyway. And now it was gone. So...
"I might as well kill you," you sighed.
"What?! Oh, this is going to be good! I can just FEEL it!" Sukuna smiled evily, cracking his knuckles.
"No, Y/n. Stay out of this," Fushiguro's voice commanded. You turned in shock as he appeared around the corner. He had some cuts and a slight limp, but his heart was still in his body so not too bad. You a small wave of relief before remembering the situation you were in.
"Trust me, Fushiguro. I need to do this." You raised your arm, shooting a ball of cursed energy at the curse. He dodged, but you kept them going. Faster and faster, fueled by the curse from before. Your mind was blank. You were running on pure instinct, instinct you didn't know you had. You ducked, barely avoiding getting slashed by Sukuna. He was smiling, laughing, enjoying this whole thing. But your eyes were ringing too much to hear what he was saying. You didn't care anyway. But as the fight went on, you could feel yourself slowly running out of cursed energy, and you weren't producing your own fast enough to keep it up. You needed sukuna to hit you. But all of his hits were lethal right now, you couldn't fight if you were cut in two.
"Someone's getting tired!" He laughed, bending down to taunt you. You were stood, blood seeping from your mouth. All around you was destruction from the fight. You gasped for air, feeling like your lungs were underwater. From the corner of your eyes, you saw Fushiguro running to you. But with a single flick of his hand, Sukuna sent a rock flying at him. It crushed him against the prison wall and pinned him there. It was for the best. You didn't want him to get hurt. "Come on now! What are you going to do next? Huh?" Sukuna questioned, pacing around you casually. "I have to admit, you're stronger than I thought. But... alas...not strong enough. So what is it? How are you going to avenge him, hm? It's your fault he will die anyways. You weren't strong enough to protect him. Not then and not now. But it's for the best. The brat deserved to-" You felt your mind snap. You knew you had gone too far. Your mind was to the point of no return, just as Gojo-sensei had warned. But who cared anymore? Not you.
Your hand reached up, lightning-fast, and clasped Sukuna's throat. You had no idea if you could actually do this or not. Gojo had predicted that you could not only absorb and use energy indirectly, like from an attack, but also directly, right from their body.
~~~~~~A FEW DAYS BEFORE~~~~~
"Oh, so I can just take someone else's energy if I run out?" You asked.
"I mean sure. But it would kill them. Most likely." Gojo responded, nonchalantly. "As well as possibly kill you. Think of it as a balloon, right." He said, pulling one from his pockets.
"Don' ask. You are this balloon. The air is cursed energy."
"Right now," he said, blowing to fill the balloon a few times. "You're absorbing someone's energy directly. But all a sudden," he breathed a few more times, the balloon growing large. "It becomes too much. You explode. Or. You expell the energy and it kill everyone else."
"Ahhh. So I probably shouldn't use this technique."
"Yea. It's more of a last resort thing."
"Cool. Gotcha."
~~~~~PRESENT DAY~~~~~
You felt your hand glow hot. Then your arm. Then your whole body. You felt the power surging from him, you were absorbing it! Straight from him! Gojo was right! You watched the curse's body tense and struggle in your grip, but you didn't let go. You were going to take the life out of this curse.
"Y/N!" Fushiguro cried. "IT'S TOO MUCH! YOU'LL DIE!" A tear rolled down your cheek. I'm sorry, Megumi. But I need to do this. Please forgive me. You felt the power surging through your veins as Sukuna choked for air. You knew it was close. Soon you would pop, just like that balloon.
"This is how it feels," you hissed, dangerously. "This is how it feels to get your heart ripped out. Do you like the feeling? No? Good!" You shook his neck a bit in your grip. "That is how I feel! Because when you took Yuji's heart, you also took mine." You raised your eyes to look directly into his, one last time. They were cold and dark. Full of evil. So unfamiliar to you. Not at all like the eyes that were supposed to go with that body. You raised him into the air.
And then you let go.
"I can't... do this." You sobbed, collapsing to the ground. The eyes. Yuji. You just couldn't. Sukuna stumbled back, coughing and holding his throat.
"Y/n," Fushiguro was suddenly at your side. He placed a hand on your back and whispered into your ear. But you heard nothing. You just sat there, doubled over. Gasping silently.
"I...will... KILL YOU BRAT!" Sukuna raged, turning to you suddenly. He looked angrier than before, eyes gleaming with death. This wasn't a game for him anymore. He was serious. Fushiguro sprung to his feet and stood in front of you, prepared to fight as if he stood a chance. Sukuna shot through the air, straight towards you both. But just before Fushiguro, he stopped. You looked up and let out a sob. It was him.
"Yuji." You couldn't get your legs to work, so instead, you reached out to hold his hand. You looked up into his eyes. Soft, gentle, and kind. The eyes you had grown up with, the eyes that you loved.
"It's me, y/n. Don't worry. Take care of yourself, k? None of this... was because of you." You cursed your stupid brain for being so dull. You couldn't even form words. You couldn't even tell him how much you loved him or how grateful you were or how much he meant to you. How you were nothing without him. How he was your other half. How he was your only friend. Your only happiness. Your only hope. Your only life. You had so much to tell him. But nothing would come out. He looked down softly at you and placed his hand on your cheek. He stroked your tears away with his thumb and smiled. "Promise you'll forgive me?" You nodded, a few more sobs escaping your chest. "Live a long life, okay?" With those words, he fell forward onto the ground next to you.
"Yuji?" You crawled over to his body. "Yuji! Please." You shook him. "Wake up! Yuji. YUJI!" You started shaking him more frantically, tears flooding your face. "FUSHIGURO DO SOMETHING! Please! Fix him." But Fushiguro just stood there, looking down sadly at you.
"Y/n. He's dead."
Tumblr media
First Chapter
Previous Chapter
Tag List: (I LOVE YOU ALL <3)
@sunfloey @hannya-exists @imjustanuser @londonbrandcandy @artist-bby @thelovehashira143 @wicked-laugh
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A place to think
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yuujispinkhair · a day ago
So at the end of chapter 171, Megumi is in a weight-bearing contest with Reggie, right? You know who is only a short distance away? Yuuji, the guy with superhuman strength. And he can get into a domain. He already did it in the past. I can't decide what I want to happen! Do I want Yuuji to save Megumi's life and get another epic Itafushi moment? Or do I want Megumi to win this fight on his own, so he gets the reassurance of knowing he is strong enough now? But regardless of whether Megumi wins on his own or with Yuuji's help, I am so proud of him! He is so brilliant in all his fights!
OOOH I just realized one more thing! The words that Megumi used and which gave Yuuji a reason to live: "So start by saving me. I need your strength." Yuuji could literally do this now.
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I wasn't expecting this actually-
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smut (18+ only), oral (m! receiving), ball sucking, sub leaning yuuji I think(?), he's aged up don't even try it
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
yuujis balls are probably so heavy and they would be super sensitive. just by licking them once, he would be gripping at the sheets, trying his best not to buck his hips up.
god, and hes absolutely putty in your hands with the way you're slurping at his balls, sucking them, while your hands work his shaft, and tip. one hand pumping up and down while the other tightly circles his cockhead, pulling grunts from yuujis lips.
poor boy probably just wants to cum so badly too, but everytime he's close, you pull away from his balls and give a squeeze to his base that has him practically whimpering.
by the end his cockhead would be an angry purple and leaking, and those grunts would have turned into pathetic pleas, asking you to let him cum
but you is not like you would succumb to them, not even with how pretty he looks.
Tumblr media
on some days I want to choke on yuujis balls....like today...pls
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
-Jujutsu kaisen icons
-like or reblog if you save-
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onebarofsoap · 5 months ago
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tastefully ignoring shibuya arc by drawing happy and healthy jjk 👍
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joker-ace · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
had a collection of drawings of these 3 snuggling and had to make a comic out of it
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Jujutsu Kaisen + YouTube comments
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Tumblr media
Yuji's on bag duty again while Nobara drags Fushiguro around the stores
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shop trip max chaos
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you get a yuuji and you get a yuuji and you get a yuuji an-
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Tumblr media
formation A: if it sucks, hit da bricks!!
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Vivid Vice
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