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giyyu · 2 days ago
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fushiguro megumi ✧.*
“It`s not a matter of can… I will!”
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ayabreasworld · 2 days ago
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peeseepoo · a month ago
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more dad fan art w toji and megumi 🤍
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tameshrimp · 2 months ago
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✧˚ · .☾Fushiguro Megumi☽* ˚ ✦
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kimboltart · 4 months ago
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stupid comic based off a tiktok video I saw from @/blakemakesokvideos
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kuro-ayameart · a month ago
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He could have won that plushie ...
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kkumri · 5 months ago
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🍂🍂🍂 have my two faves
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your-nerd-is-showing · 3 months ago
Okay it's safe to say I am back baby! Here's a juicy drabble 😏🤤🥵
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Credit to artist!
JJK boys eating pussy
Satoru: He is relentless, Satoru will start out slow dragging his tongue along your swollen clit as you grip the bed sheets your head rolls back and you moan out. He chuckles as you become a drooling mess at his touch as he flicks his tongue ever so slightly continuing to tease you, he wants you to beg for him. He gently pulls apart your folds dipping his tongue in your hole savoring your sweet taste he starts to groan as he gets lost in your pussy the loud sound of Satoru slurping up your juices mixed with you wailing out is music to his ears the louder he can get you the better. He wants everyone to know that his tongue is a weapon of mass pleasure, he wants everyone to know what he does to you and make them all jealous.
Kento: Even when pleasuring you he is a sadist that just loves to tease you and edge you on forever. He will lightly flick the tip of his tongue on your clit making you moan, wanting more but he won’t give in that easily. You lay there handcuffed to his bed because he wants to drive you insane with the lightest touch to your most sensitive parts as you moan out begging for more he just laughs ignoring your pleas for relief. He continues to tease you licking your clit ever so slightly. He teases you for a long time until you are crying, begging him to relieve you. Finally he gives in and relentlessly finger fucks your dripping pussy.
Yuji: He gets so into eating your pussy it’s his favorite meal and he has become a champion at doing it. He will start out nibbling on your clit as he swirls his tongue around it making you moan out. He loves the lewd noises he makes come out of you the wonderful sounds of your moans mixing with him sucking and slurping your pussy juices he could listen to it for hours as he eats you out. He soon adds his fingers plunging them deep into your soaking core making you instantly orgasm and squirt into his mouth. He gets up his pants soaked from pre-cum and wining from the discomfort in his pants he takes them off and takes you.
Megumi: He makes eating pussy an art. Megumi pays the closest attention to every little reaction that you make. He loves to take his time giving you the ultimate pleasure. He starts out slowly parting your folds he dips his tongue licking your clit as his hands gently grope your breasts making you moan and wiggle at his gentle touch. He continues to lick your swollen clit as he plunges his fingers inside you going in perfect sync. He lightly hums against your clit making it vibrate as he gently holds you down driving you crazy making you gush into his mouth, making him moan into your pussy as he starts to lose himself. Soon your walls suck his fingers in as you cum all over them.
@ekaterinatepes @marimagines @floweryimagine @eva-gates @sassyeahhhh @divine-delight
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merrisaur · 8 months ago
My Nanami Kento fanart. I feel for this guy, he just wanted to have a good life, but it sucks.
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yoongilishious · 5 months ago
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JJK → Favorite Minor Character         ↳ Ryoumen Sukuna.            Requested by; anonymous
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cocochoon · 8 months ago
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nanami’s got his hands full with the lil babies!!
☆ do not repost w/o permission!
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giyyu · 7 days ago
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˗ˏˋ Nanami Kento´ˎ˗
“work is shit”
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ayabreasworld · 2 days ago
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peeseepoo · a month ago
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also more dad nanami !!!!! dad nanami!!!!!!!
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tameshrimp · 4 months ago
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✧˚ · .GOJO SATORU* ˚ ✦
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enzenadya · 7 months ago
‼️JJK MANGA SPOILERS (148-150)‼️
I had to get this out of my mind
Tumblr media Tumblr media
also there was a fight between Nobara, Yuta and Mai cuz they all wanted to hold the poster (guess who won haha)
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anaufan · 9 months ago
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I- 🖤
credit: velvet_kt on instagram
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blesseii · 8 months ago
Nae-nae-min Kento 👔
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hopiiiie · 8 months ago
gojo’s service to an artist
warnings: male masturbation, edging, exhibitionism (??), dom!reader, artist!reader, sub!gojo, model!gojo
word count: 3.1k
summary: college student gojo satoru is notorious for having a fuck list, thanks to the dares of his friends. when your name was dropped on the list, gojo offered to be your model for your art piece. however, his plan backfired when he found himself desperately fucking your hand.
note: this is heavily inspired by a manga i read called Nude Model by Yamaguchi Tsubasa. go give it a read! don’t got time to proofread this because it’s too long : ( anyway, smut with a plot, ey? also, i think i’m too mean to gojo ♡
෴♡෴ ෴♡෴
Just from hearing his name, two reactions are possible: women scowling in disgust or men patting his back as congratulations. With all of his alluring looks and sultry smiles, Gojo Satoru was famous in your academy for having a list of people he fucked, all thanks to his friends. What does he gain aside from pleasure? Reputation. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. What mattered to him was that people knew him whenever he walked down the hallways and volunteered to submit the papers of your class to the professors. He made sure that his name would constantly escape everyone’s lips. To you, Gojo Satoru was, simply, an attention whore.
This is why you weren’t even surprised when you heard a sudden bang behind you. Without turning, you knew it was him opening the door and entering shamelessly. He comes in almost every day, making sure to leave reminders, may it be insulting your artworks or subtle touching your shoulders. He does this even though you reciprocate his advances with a blank look on your face, clearly showing your disinterestedness. You knew why he was always there. Gojo and his friends made a bet, and it involved you.
“I’m sorry I’m late. Did you miss me?” Gojo asked as he walked to your side. You paid him no attention as you picked up a particular pencil for the shade you want to make. “Not a landscape today? Are you finally gonna make something that actually looks good?” You kept your mouth shut.
Gojo pouted and began roaming the room, looking for god-knows-what. 
“I don’t understand how this is supposed to be art. It looked like you just splashed random colors.” You frowned in annoyance when you heard things cluttering behind you. 
“Oh my, y/n. I didn’t know you’re a fan of adult magazines.” You gritted your teeth, feeling your bar for annoyance filling up. Gojo continued, “Do you get off with this when you’re bored?” 
You stilled your hand and turned towards him. The last thing you wanted was rumors going around with you owning a porn magazine and masturbating on it in a spare room. 
“I don’t have a model, so I’m using them as a reference.” Without missing a beat, Gojo gasped dramatically. You realized you gave him an opportunity, making you curse in your head. 
“I can model for you! For free unless you want to pay for my services, of course.” He grinned, wiggling his eyebrows.
“I don’t need—” You sighed, but Gojo was already taking off his shirt. You averted your eyes. “You don’t have to take off your clothes.”
You heard him snicker. “Too late!”
You groaned inwardly, cursing at yourself for taking his bait. I shouldn’t have answered him, you thought. Rumors might be better than this. Rumors will eventually die down, but this... this will be forever burned in your mind. The beautiful dickhead, Gojo, naked and posing for you. 
“Done! What pose should I do?” Looking up from your canvas, you saw Gojo sitting down on a table, wholly and utterly butt naked. 
“Whatever you find comfortable.”
You’re used to seeing naked people in paintings and statues. You visit a lot of museums to gain inspiration for your works. However, nothing beats the nudity that Gojo displayed. His arms and thighs were toned, imitating the muscles you often saw on Greek sculptures. Firm pecs and abdomen presented themselves for you. You took note of some softness on his hips. You were sure that the texture would be similar to how sculptors make clothes look smooth if you gripped them. Hard but smooth. Firm but soft. And when you glanced at his face, you’re rewarded by a sly grin and pink cheeks. He’s confident but also embarrassed. You concluded then that Gojo Satoru is full of contradictions.
You didn’t comment, though. Gojo is beautiful, sure, but you weren’t going to give him the satisfaction of your admiration. Instead, you picked your pencils and charcoal and started to trace his figure. He was leaning back on his arm with his legs folded on his chest. You didn’t know where he had the idea, but it was enough. It took you several minutes to entirely create his body. The session included your constant glances at him then turning back to your canvas. Sometimes, you would hear him release a shaky breath which made you want to offer him a break, but the reflections in his eyes were clear, so you bit your tongue and continued. Minutes later, you saw his legs shaking while you were adding shades and tiny details. Still, you were reminded of his look earlier, so you didn’t comment.
Eventually, Gojo let out a small whine almost lost in the wind if not for your keen ear. You lifted your eyes to see him panting with his eyes closed. The area of his chest and neck, which paralleled the color of his hair, had turned reddish. Flushed cheeks were puffing as he huffed. You were done with your piece, but you didn’t voice it out. Feeling a sudden rush of heat, you tilted your head. The view you’re seeing was very, very different from earlier. His confident grin was gone, replaced with an opened mouth. 
An idea occurred to you. Biting your lips, you stood up from the stool and grabbed Gojo’s clothes without him noticing. You crouched near his ear and whispered. 
“Tired already?”
Surprised, Gojo yelped, eyes opening wide as he tried to sit up correctly, but you circled your arm on his shoulder, stilling his movement. The angle made him lean on your chest with his head beside yours. Slowly, you brushed your lips to his ear, evoking a shaky breath from him. 
“You’re so rude, Gojo. You offered your help, but why do I feel like I’m being taken advantage of?” 
Before he could say anything, you stood up and threw his clothes to his lap. You made sure not to look between his thighs as you finally smiled at him. He stood shakily, using his clothes to cover his crotch, but you were already aware of his situation.
“Thanks for your service, pretty boy. You can leave now.”
Gojo didn’t get what he came for, so you were sure that he would come back. Days later, he did. And like the usual, you didn’t acknowledge his presence, daring him to speak first.
“I hope you didn’t use my body as masturbation material.” 
You hid a smile, knowing that the reason why it took him days to come back was because he’s wondering how to approach you again. And what he came up with was his usual lines, insulting and perverted. You answered him, giving in to his words.
“I’d rather use my magazines.”
He scoffed. “We both know that’s a lie.” He walked towards you, looking at your canvas with his hands on his hips.
“You’re doing abstract?” You shook your head. “Then I’ll model again. You’re so lucky; you should feel privileged.” His visit, this time, you noticed, was filled with a sense of desperation. His friends must have had teased him, you thought. They were probably telling him to hurry up. 
“Though this time, I want you to pay attention to me, y/n.” You raised an eyebrow at this, surprised at his order.
“Should I?” You challenged.
“Look at me while I undress,” he purred, lifting his shirt off his head. He took his time taking off his belt, black trousers, and boxers. Within a minute or two, Gojo was standing in front of you, naked. This time, you didn’t avert your eyes. You stared at his body, taking note of the curves and edges. Your eyes trailed down and stayed. Your gaze felt heavy on his frame that he couldn’t help the chill that crawled down his spine. 
Suddenly, Gojo cursed, curling his body. “Wait. T-this is. It shouldn’t...” he trailed off.
You didn’t let the opportunity slip by. Gojo was showing his vulnerability, and you grabbed it, not letting go. You leaned towards him. 
“Stand up straight and look at me. I thought you said to pay attention to you.” You demanded while Gojo stuttered.
“Wait. Just...w-wait for a minute.”
“If you can’t do this, leave.” You were bluffing, of course. No way in hell were you going to let him leave now, not after you waited for a few days for him to return, not after you longed to see him blushing with a raging boner.
You expected him to leave but were surprised when he pulled your arm and pulled you to the floor with him sitting on your stomach. Your back hit the wooden floor, and you grimaced at its coldness. Shivers touched your skin by the expression he wore as he looked at you. His pale eyelashes shadowed his eyes, making him look drunk on...on whatever it was that he wanted. His mouth opened a bit when he panted, hands holding your shoulders down.
“You’re so mean, y/n,” he whined.
“You don’t seem to mind.”
“C-can’t you help me out?”
You tilted your head to the side. 
When his friends suggested your name, Gojo Satoru thought that this was going to be easy. You were the kind of girl that everybody thought was quiet, prim, and proper. You were always appropriately dressed in your uniforms, without a hint of crease and stains. Always too good in art courses than the others. When his friends bet your name on that list, Gojo found himself wondering how to seduce someone who preferred to be coated in paints than to make talk to other people. However, this was far from what he imagined.
“Of course, I could. You even helped me out from pure kindness, right? So I should repay that but honestly, Gojo...” Letting out a small smile, you said, “First, I wanna see a good show.”
He immediately understood what you were insinuating. He sighed shakily, biting his lips, contemplating. He could easily persuade you, no, seduce you, but for some reason, he found himself wanting to be at your mercy. So he did what he does best. He leaned back, hands on your thighs, bashfully displaying himself. 
“Isn’t this worthy of a show?” He glanced down his stomach and looked up to see you staring at his face.
“That’s not the show I wanna see.”
Gojo huffed. “Fine, but after this, you gotta let me...”
You raised an eyebrow. “Let you what?”
“F-fuck your p-pu—” Whatever he was planning to say died in his mouth, replaced with cheeks burning in embarrassment. You felt the urge to smile but held it down. Cute. “I-I’ll start now.”
“No need to tell me.” For good measure, you snickered, causing his cheeks to become even redder.
With shaking hands, he gripped his dick. You can’t really say if it’s big due to your inexperience in this field, but you could say that it was thick; girthy is the right word for it. The head was leaking with precum, and of course, you decided to tease him about it.
“Aw look at that. Your dick is weeping. Are you that desperate to fuck me? I bet you’ll look the same later.”
Gojo whined.
“Go faster.” And he did, his hands stroking fast, never missing an inch. As much as you’d like to focus on his hands as he jerked himself on top of you, you know what really mattered was his reactions. Gojo wasn’t even trying to hide his moans. His mouth seemed permanently open, groans and moans slipping freely. His eyebrows scrunched up in concentration to make himself cum. When he started moving his hips towards his hands, you knew he was close to cumming.
“Stop.” He jerked from your voice and frowned but didn’t stop. “If you’re not going to listen, then leave.”
“N-no. I’m s-so close!” Gojo let out a broken sob. You patted his quivering thighs, and he stilled his hands. Panting, he groaned.
“Tell me, Gojo. Did modeling for me turned you on?” 
Slowly, Gojo’s breathing became even as he registered your words. Nodding, he said, “I-I liked having your attention.” 
“Really? Do you always get off to people watching you touch yourself?”
“Does that matter n-now? I gave you your show, so what now?”
“Oh, Gojo. But I said a good show.” You smiled. “Do it again.”
Gojo Satoru, ever the attention whore, jerked himself off again. And again. And again. He didn’t even realize that you were edging him without even touching him. His pale face became sweaty and red. His luscious hair stuck on his forehead from sweat. His lips were red from constantly biting them. But what changed the most after repeatedly telling him to stop and go again was his eyes. Moans became breathy and desperate. Groans turned to sobs. His usual clear and sultry eyes became dilated, unfocused, and brimming with hot tears. 
“Are you gonna cum?”
He shook his head no while continuously fucking his hands. By his uneven breathing, you knew he was lying, so you told him to stop. What were you doing? But of course, seeing how long it takes to break Gojo Satoru. And because you’re counting, this was the sixth one, if he would follow your instruction. 
Gojo, such an attention whore, always looking for validation, seeking appreciation, let go of his red dick. When he did, he cried out, annoyed and desperate. 
“I-I can’t. It h-hurts. Please.” Sobbing, he stared at you, eyes begging, longing. He was deprived of his long-awaited orgasm that it started to get to his head. It didn’t matter anymore if he looked disgusting with his tears and drool mixing; he wanted to cum; he needed to cum. He’s getting desperate to please you just so he can have your permission. 
You studied his face. 
“Get up.” His face lighted up in excitement. Finally, finally, you were allowing him to fuck you. With shaky legs, he stood up, followed by you. Dusting off your clothes, you sat down on the stool before your canvas. 
“Now, Gojo. Why don’t you pose for me?” 
He hated it. He hated this. They made a mistake for picking you. You weren’t quiet or proper; you were cruel and mean. You enjoyed seeing his face crumble when you denied him again. His chin trembled. When he sat down on top of the table, he was already crying, snot falling from his nose. Broken sobs escaped his lips, and you compared his face to the state of his neglected dick.
Minutes later, you were humming as you drew him. His posture, this time, showed his throbbing dick, and you outlined it on your canvas with all of your heart. Next was the details of his face. Poor, poor Gojo. His face was all scrunched up, rewarding you with a mess of blushing wet cheeks and red crying eyes. Several minutes later, you saw his dick leaking so much precum while he calls out for you, begging for your undivided attention. You paid him no mind as you finished the last touches of your artwork. Standing up, ignoring the sudden cry of happiness in front of you, you stared at your work. The usual cocky, seductive, and alluring Gojo Satoru was drawn into a disgusting, desperate mess, begging for your attention, begging for you.
“Gojo, you did so, so well.” You walked towards him, and he opened his arms to beckon you closer. When you were in arms reach, he pulled you in and kissed you. There was nothing beautiful about it. His kiss was hot, dirty, and chaotic, fueled by his desperation. Shamelessly, he started rutting against your hips. You moaned against his lips, tangling your hand against the hair on the back of his head. 
“Does this mean I can finally fuck you?”
You tutted, shaking your head. “Baby, do you honestly think I’ll let you add me on your great fuck list? Of course not.” You smiled innocently. “But because you did so well for me, you get to fuck my hand. Aren’t I so kind?”
Gojo buried his head on your neck as you felt his tears fell on your skin. “And you know what, Satoru? You’re gonna thank me for it.” With that, you brushed your hand down his chest and stroked his dick, pleased when you heard him hiss. 
Your pace was slow, making Gojo’s mind numb. He needed more, and because he knew you weren’t going to give him that, he started thrusting in your hand. Surprised by his actions, you laughed right on his flushed ears. You decided to help him on his desperate attempt by licking the inside of his ear while your other hand tweaked his stiff nipples. Gojo made a noise between a moan and a whine. 
“Does it feel good?” But Gojo was already lost to the feeling between his thighs, moans slipping past his lips. You bit his neck, eliciting a cry from him. His hips continuously met your hand, repeatedly fucking himself on your hand.
 “Answer me.”
“Y-yes! So good, so good. I can’t. P-please.” His mouth opened, grunting. Drool laid on your shoulder. 
“Want me to stop?”
Gojo gripped your shoulders, shaking. “No! Please, please, no!”
“Then what do you say?”
“Thank you, thank you, thankyouthankyou.” Gojo’s whole body trembled while whispering the words thank you. “C-close. ‘M gonna cum, y’n.” 
You placed a kiss on his shoulder, “Cum for me, Satoru.”
When he did, his body shook with intensity while he cried out, moaning. His grip on your shoulder hurt, but it was nothing compared to the expression he was giving you. You felt him spill all over your hand while he slowed his thrusts. Moments later, Gojo was left panting, slumped over your body. 
“Good boy,” you whispered, caressing his hair with your other hand. 
When he whimpered, Gojo understood his position with you now. He failed to add you to the list. His friends will probably shame him for that, but that was far from what he was thinking at the moment. Thinking back, maybe it was you who was seducing him. Faking your indifference whenever he visits and when he proposed to be your model, you were already planning this. 
Astonished, Gojo pulled back from you.
A mean grin split your face. The innocence was gone in your face, replaced by a wicked glint in your eyes. Grabbing the back of Gojo’s neck, you pulled him into a sloppy kiss, drawing out a moan from Gojo’s mouth.
“I still need one more reference for my work. I expect you to come by again tomorrow?”
With a nod, Gojo fell for your trap, always pursuing your attention. Gojo was finally your attention whore, and it seemed like Gojo finally understood art because he found himself seeking you every single day.
෴♡෴ ෴♡෴
©2021 hopiiiie. all rights reserved. no reposts and other modifications allowed.
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spectra-bear · 10 months ago
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Literally what happened in Episode 23
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