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~Time Skip~


Sukuna’s Domain

I stirred in my sleep. My mind was pitch black for a moment before I entered a familiar environment. I looked up to see Sukuna sitting on top of a pile of bones like it was a throne. He looked at me with a bored expression, his head resting in his hand.

“Did I ever say you could come into my Domain?” Sukuna asked in his deep voice. I rolled my eyes and he smirked.

“It’s not like I wanted to be here” I snapped back. Sukuna chuckled and jumped off the makeshift throne, landing in front of me.

“It seems you only become more and more feisty the older you get,” Sukuna said, twirling a lock of my h/c hair. I slapped his hand away and refused to look at him.

“Yeah well, it seems like you become more of a dick the longer we’re together” I mumbled. Sukuna let out a snort as he placed his hands in his loose white kimono. I kicked my foot against the red liquid on the ground.

“You know why I’m here Sukuna” I said. Sukuna looked at me and smirked then grabbed my chin, forcing me to look into his eyes. At first, I thought I was looking at Yuji, they both look so similar it’s scary.

“Of course I know what you want, little curse,” Sukuna said in a husky voice. I felt blood rush to my s/t cheeks and I threw a high kick at Sukuna. He let go of my chin and blocked my kick with his arm.

“Shut it before I start calling you Suku again” I hissed at the pink-haired cursed spirit. I saw him clench his jaw slightly.

“Fine but it’s still so easy to tease you. Man humans really are interesting creatures” Sukuna said as he leaned against the bottom of his bone-like throne. I crossed my arms and cleared my thoughts.

“Why when Yuji switched with you, i could hear both of your thoughts and felt your blood lust even though you didn’t switch with me,” I asked after a few moments of silence.

“Honestly, I didn’t know two people could carry my powers in them, nor actually be able to control me” Sukuna started, “My guess is that since you’re both a host for me, you’re more connected in many ways. An example could be if I pulled Yuji’s heart out, you would feel the same exact pain but you wouldn’t be affected in any other way”

I took in the information, my thoughts once again going 100 miles an hour. I rubbed my temples to stop a headache that was beginning to form.

“You know, any chance I get to take over your bratty brother, I’m going straight to killing the people around you,” Sukuna said with a smirk. I gave him one of the death glares I have learned from watching him give them to me over the years.

“If you even think that’s going to happen, then you’re mistaken. I’ll stick a shoe so far up your ass, you’ll taste leather if you attempt something like that” I growled. Sukuna gave me one of his creepy smiles that show all his teeth.

“Sure little curse,” Sukuna said,“ As much as I love our chats, it seems you’re needed back into the world of the living”

I walked quickly to Sukuna and grabbed hold of his black scarf, pulling his face towards mine.

“Don’t try any funny shit, Suku or I’m coming for your ass” I hissed. Sukuna was taken aback but then smirked, closing the distance between us he kissed my lips softly. I pulled away, a blush forming on my cheeks again. As he made his way back up to the top of the bones he looked down at me.

“Know your place, little curse, or next time I won’t be so gentle” He said, giving me a sharp glance.

Then everything went black.


Gojo POV:

Random Room

Y/n should be waking up soon’ I thought as I looked down at the teenage girl who had her hands tied behind her back and her head dangling down. We were in the isolated room we put certain curses at.

I looked between Y/n and Yuji, both of them unconscious due to the curse I sent into their heads. Running my fingers through my white hair, I let out an annoyed sigh.

Hopefully, they both wake up as themselves and not Sukuna’ I thought to myself. I then felt a body stir between my legs. Glancing down, I see Y/n starting to wake up.

And so the show begins again’ I thought.


Y/n POV:

Random Room

I opened my e/c eyes slightly, my vision blurry.

“Look who decided to finally wake up,” A familiar voice said. I opened my eyes fully and saw a restrained unconscious Yuji in front of me. Panic started to rise in my chest as i looked around my surroundings.

“Y/n, it’s fine we’re just in a confined space for safety reasons,” The voice said again. I finally looked up and saw a white-haired bastard smiling own at me. I then relived i was between his legs, sitting on the ground. I blushed and shook the dirty thoughts from my mind.

Thirsty ass kid if you ask me’ Sukuna said in my head but i ignored him, focusing back on the main situation.

“Megumi….” I croaked out. My mouth was dry and it felt like cotton was stuffed into my head. The result of Gojo using his curse energy again.

“He’s fine, just banged up” Gojo replied, putting a hand on my head. His touch calmed my nerves. Just as i was about to say something I heard a groan escape Yuji’s mouth. I looked at Yuji and saw him blink a few times.

“Ohayou,” Gojo said as Yuji blinked his eyes into focus. He then looked at Gojo with a confused look.

“Aren’t you…” Yuji started, still in a daze.

“Gojo Satoru,” Gojo said, moving his hand while introducing himself. Yuji started to say something else but something clicked and he jolted in his seat.

“Megumi-!” Yuji then realized he was restrained by ropes and saw his big sister in the same restraint as him but on the ground. I gave him smile that said everything was going to fine, but we knew i was lying.

“You should be worrying about yourself first,” Gojo said, then proceeded to recap what had happened before Yuji and I both were knocked unconscious. I swear I saw the events being projected in a thought bubble above Gojo.

It was quiet for a moment after Gojo finished talking. Yuji of course broke the silence.

“The recap and current events don’t line up, though,” Yuji said. I let out a laugh at Yuji’s comment, knowing he was right.

“Hey I did my best,” Gojo said in a carefree tone. He gave a shrug then proceeded to talk.

“Anyway, the higher-ups want you executed, both of you actually,” Gojo said to the both of us. I already knew this but now Yuji was apart of this.

“The executions still on, but i got your sentence suspended,” Gojo said to Yuji then looked at me, “Yours is still suspended”

“Suspended? So you’re not killing me right away” Yuji said and I felt my stomach churn as the sight of Yuji’s body popped into my head.

“The snotty higher-ups would kill us in an instant if not for Gojo explaining to them what they could accomplish if they kept us alive,” I said in a dark tone. Gojo let out a snort as he takes a cursed finger out of his pocket.

“This is the same as the cursed object both of you ate. There are twenty in total and we possess 6 of them” Gojo said.

“Both of us have eaten at one finger each, so theirs 18 left for the both of us to consume” I chime in. Gojo then throws the cursed finger at the wall using cursed energy. The finger makes a hole in the wall but doesn’t go through. He then walks over, grabbing the finger from the wall.

“As you can see, we can’t destroy them, the curse is just that powerful. The curse grows stronger by the day and the seals of modern-day jujutsu sorcerers can’t keep up.” Gojo says, twirling the purple finger around. I shift on the floor.

Damn this floor is making my ass hurt’ I think to myself.

Not like you have one, anyway’ Sukuna chimes in. I rolled my eyes at his comment.

“That’s where both of you come in. When you die the curse inside of you will die as well. Our elders are cowardly, you” Gojo stated and I let out a snort.

“Complete pussy’s,” I said, earning a laugh from Yuji and a smile from Gojo.

“They’re demanding we kill you guys right away, but that would be a waste,wouldn’t it? There’s no guarantee that another vessel, 2 even, capable of handling Sukuna will ever be born again. So this is what I proposed: If were going to kill you both anyway, why not kill you after you’ve absorbed all of Sukuna?” Gojo said with a smirk but I saw a hint of worry in his eyes.

“The higher-up’s agreed, so now Yuji,” Gojo said turning to Yuji, only speaking to him now.

“Y/n has already chosen to consume Sukuna, but you’re now part of this too. So you have two options before you, You can die right now, or you can find all the parts of Sukuna and die after you’ve absorbed the” Gojo said and I finally cut in.

“Yu I will do everything in my power to not have you killed, I don’t care what the higher-ups say. They can kill me but not you” I said.

“Y/n he’s apart of this now, you can’t-” I cut Gojo off with one of Sukuna’s death glares.

“He’s still my little brother Gojo, I at least want to try. He should be able to decide how he dies” I said quietly.

The atmosphere around us grew thick.

Gojo let out a sigh before speaking.

“We should get going,” Gojo said. Both Me and Yuji nodded.

Yuji’s really quiet, I hope he isn’t worrying’ I think to myself.


Y/n POV:

Sugisawa Hospital

I leaned against the wall outside Yuji’s classmate’s hospital room. We had made our way back to our home town to settle a few things. I heard Yuji and his classmate talking in hushed voices.

I wish things could have gone differently’ I thought, letting out a sigh.

Things could be better, like your brother dying’ Sukuna said in my head. I was wishing I could mentally slap him when I felt someone’s hand on my head.

“I could hear your sighs all the way down the hall,” Gojo said, rubbing my h/c hair down.

“Mm..” I hummed at his response, staring to the side of him. He smirked and grabbed my chin, forcing me to look up at him. My breath caught in my throat at his sudden aggressiveness.

“I know a million things are going through your head, but know I’m here every step of the way in this hell” He whispered in my ear. His hot breath sent shivers down my spine as a blush formed on my cheeks.

“Gojo….” I said in a hushed tone. He gave me another smirk, rubbing his thumb against my bottom lip.

“I love seeing you all riled up,” Gojo said in my ear. Before I could respond Yuji walked out and Gojo was already greeting him.

“Y/n, you ok? You look super red” Yuji said when he saw me. I let out a cough and grabbed his hand, sending a glare at a certain white-haired asshole.

“It’s nothing, lets go outside and get some fresh air,” I said gently and Yuji nodded.


Y/n POV:

Sugisawa Hospital

I, Yuji, and Gojo shared a bench outside the Hospital. A soft breeze passed by us, moving all our different colored hairs.

“Who passed away?” Gojo finally asked in a gentle voice. I was ready to give him a death glare but his tone caught me off guard.

It’s not pity…what is it?’ I thought.

It’s sympathy, dumbass’ Sukuna said in a bored tone. And I realized he was correct, unfortunately.

“Our grandpa, although he was like a father to us,” Yuji said looking down and I nodded in agreement.

“I see, sorry it happened at a time like this” Gojo said, “ So have you decided what you want to do?”

I gave Gojo a hard kick, but I knew no time was wasted when sorcerers were dealing with curses. But he should let Yuji breathe before dumping this on him!

“Are causalities like these from curses pretty common?” Yuji asked, looking at both me and Gojo. I opened my mouth but no words came out.

“This one was a rather exceptional case, but in terms of the damage, it happens all the time. It’s a good night when someone dies a normal death after encountering a curse” Gojo said with his legs crossed. Yuji looked at Gojo with wide eyes but continued to listen.

“Finding a body that’s all torn apart is on the better end of the outcomes,” Gojo said. I decided to steal a glance at Yuji and saw a terrified look on his face. I grabbed his hand and gave him a reassuring squeeze, he then gave me a squeeze back.

“If you plan to hunt down Sukuna with Y/n, you’re going to witness some gruesome scenes, and I can’t guarantee either of you won’t end up like that way yourself” Gojo continued. I gave Yuji a determined look.

I will soon die than see you die before me’ I thought and Yuji seemed to hear what I was saying because I heard a soft thought that wasn’t Sukuna’s.

I’ll protect you with my life, Y/n. You’re all I have left’ Yuji’s thought said in my head. I shook my head but before I could respond, a certain 4 eyed asshole chimed in.

Don’t expect any help from me, Itadori brats’ Sukuna spat out.

“So choose your hell,” Gojo said as he lifted a finger to put under his nose. I looked at Yuji then stood up, smiling gently.

“Well before we get our tickets to hell, we should go say goodbye to the old man,” I said softly. Yuji nodded and stood up, then grabbing my hand. We both knew we were going to need each other for what was going to happen next.


Y/n POV:

Sugisawa Hospital

It was quiet as me and Yuji stood over our grandfathers cremated remains in the itai hoteru (A/n- The room where a small alter is made and people close to the deceased person gather to say one last goodbye by picking up the remains and putting them in a covered jar)we had reserved.

Gojo was off to the side with his arms crossed, studying me and Yuji as we stared at the tray of remains. I was the first to open the urn (A/n - The jar in which the remains are put in) and pick up two large chopsticks that were on the tray. Handing one set to Yuji, I started to silently put the remains in the urn. Yuji started to work soon after I began. We picked up a big bone together, our chopsticks sharing the weight of the bone. This would be the only time we would pass something between us with chopsticks.

“If all the parts of Sukuna were gone, would there be fewer people who get harmed by curses,” Yuji says in a serious tone as we kept working.

“Of course,” Gojo said. We finished putting the remains in the jar and Yuji put the top on gently after we placed our chopsticks down on the tray.

I looked over to Yuji and could sense the determination coming off of him. Knowing what his decision was before he said anything, I smiled gently and faced Gojo.

“Do you still have that finger?” I asked before Yuji could. Gojo smirked and handed me the finger, which I took gently and looked at Yuji.

“Know this Yuji, were going in deep shit. I can’t protect you from what’s gonna happen next but I will have your back” I said. Yuji looked at me, stunned but then nodded.

“Looking at it again, It’s pretty disgusting,” Yuji said and I nodded in agreement. The sight of the finger has always made me sick to my stomach.

“Were both at one finger so who should consume this one?” I asked, but Yuji already answered by snatching the finger out of my hand and swallowing it in an instant. I gaped at him as Gojo pulled me back to him.

Gojo POV:

Well, that’s the third finger. More than 1/10 of the whole. What’s going to happen’ I thought to myself as I put my arms around Y/n’s body.

Y/n POV:

Lines had appeared on both my and Yuji’s skin, our second pair of eyes opening. My heart gave a hard beat and I clutched my chest, just as Yuji was doing. Gojo held onto my waist, making sure I didn’t fall.

I hope it isn’t like this when either of us consumes a finger’ I thought as my breathing seemed to settle. I looked over to Yuji and saw him holding his throat, making choking sounds while looking at the ground.

“Yuji-!” I yelled out trying to aid him but Gojo’s grip on me was tight. Gojo raises his hand as Yuji moves closer to us, leaning his head on the wall and he laughs slightly. Then all at once he sits back up with his tongue sticking out and tears at the corner of his eyes.

“Gross! It’s so gross it’s funny” Yuji said still holding his throat. I looked at him dumbfounded by what had happened. Gojo let go of my waist and laughed but I took the opportunity to punch Yuji in the face. He fell down and held his cheek.

“You dumbass, don’t do that again” I hissed, tears burning my eyes. Yuji looked away, rubbing his cheek but I tackled him with a hug.

“You’re so lucky I love your dumbass, Yu,” I said softly. He returned my hug the pushed me away so he could exam my face.

“Hey don’t cry, Sis,” Yuji said softly as he wiped the tears that I didn’t realize had fallen. I laughed and Gojo smiled.

Gojo POV:

That settles it, It’s not just a physical tolerance. Both of you control yourself against Sukuna without issue. We haven’t seen someone with talent like that in a thousand years’ I thought to myself, studying Yuji and Y/n.

“Something wrong?” Yuji said, noticing me.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I take it this means you’ve steeled your resolve?” I said with a smirk. I walk forwards while pointing my finger up in a matter fact way. Yuji had his hand on his waist while Y/n crossed her arms over her chest.

Man, I love it when she looks so serious’ I thought.

Y/n POV:

“No not at all, I’m still wondering why either of us has to be executed,” Yuji said, pointing his finger at the both of us.

“I’ll eat-” Yuji started again but I cut him off.

We’ll eat every part of Sukuna” I corrected Yuji with a smile. He looked back at me and rested his arm on my head.

“We’ll eat every part of Sukuna, from there we don’t care what happens. We already decided how we’re going to die” Yuji said and I nodded in agreement. I saw Gojo smile and I knew Yuji had said the right thing.

“Nice! I like people like you two. Sounds like a fun hell awaits for us. Make sure you’re packed by the end of the day, Yuji” Gojo said, passing by the both of us and pressing the button that opens the door.

“We going somewhere?” Yuji asked. I opened my mouth to reply but when the door opened a bandaged up Megumi appeared with the answer.

“Tokyo” Megumi said in a flat tone. I ran to him and gave him a tight hug. I heard him let out a pained groan but he returned my hug.

“Fushiguro! You’re looking good!” Yuji said with a smile and a thumbs up. I laughed as i let go of Megumi, who pointed at himself with an unamused face.

“You think so after seeing this? Anyway, you’re going to transfer to the same school for jujutsu sorcerers I and Y/n attend” Megumi said.

“Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical High school,” I say grabbing the jar, preparing to leave.

“You’ll be the third first-year,” Gojo said and Yuji gaped.

“Only three!?!?” Yuji said.


Y/n POV:


I placed the jar on the grave as Yuji lights a candle. We close our eyes and put our hands together in a small prayer.

Thank you for loving both me and Yuji, I hope women are all around you taking care of your needs you old man’ I pray and I swear I heard him laugh. I and Yuji stood up dusting our clothes off.

“Okay, We’re heading out grandpa,” Yuji said, then grabbing my hand, leading us back to where Gojo was waiting.

Our lives have changed yet again’ I thought.


Y/n POV: The next day

Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School

“This is really deep in the mountains! Is this really Tokyo?” Yuji asked in an excited voice. I grumbled and ran a hand down my face.

“Yuji we may have lived in the countryside, but you should know that places like Tokyo have outskirts,” I said but Yuji wasn’t listening just looking around as we headed up a hill to the school.

“Come on Y/n~chan stop being mean to our little Yuji,” Gojo said, wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me in. I blushed and pushed him away, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Where’s Fushiguro?” Yuji said, looking back at Me and Gojo.

“He’s been treated by a sorcerer, and now he’s fast asleep,” Gojo said and I snorted. We made our way to the main campus grounds when Gojo started to talk again.

“It’s one of the only two jujutsu educational facilities. On the surface, it’s known as a private religious school” Gojo said. I let out a small laugh.

“This place is far from religious Yu,” I said with a smile. Gojo flicked my forehead hard and I held my head in my hands.

“As I was saying, Many jujutsu sorcerers continue to use it as a base after graduation, so it’s a pillar of the jujutsu community, not just in education but for support and meditation in missions. But enough about the boring stuff, Yuji, you have an interview with the principal” Gojo said and I looked at him.

“You didn’t tell me he had one right away,” I said to Gojo, giving him a glare. He put his hands up in defeat and wore a smirk.

“Sorry I guess it slipped my mind when I was looking at your beautiful face,” Gojo said in a flirty tone. My face burned and kicked him while he laughed.

Yuji laughed as I tried to hit Gojo again but grabbed me by the hood of my f/c sweatshirt.

“Principle?” Yuji said in a confused tone and Gojo nodded.

“Screw it up and he could reject your admission, so go all out,” Gojo said.

“And what then? Immediate execution?” Yuji asked in a stunned tone. Sukuna took this moment to shine and chimed in from forming his eye and mouth on Yuji’s cheek.

“What? So you’re not the boss? Any hierarchy, other than strength is worthless” Sukuna said. Yuji then slapped his cheek making Sukuna go away.

“Sorry Sensai. He pops out sometimes” Yuji said and I smiled ruffling Yuji’s hair.

“It’s ok he does the same to me sometimes,” I say. Gojo drapes both his arms around me and Yuji pulling us into a huddle.

“What an amusing body you both have now,” Gojo said and I kicked him again, in which he let out a laugh.

“Also don’t call this white-haired bastard Sensai,” I said to Yuji in a joking tone. Gojo flicked my forehead again and tears burned in the corner of my e/c eyes. Before I could say anything, Sukuna appeared on my hand with a mouth and eye.

“I owe you a favor, you know. Once I make both these brats’ bodys my own, you’ll be the first one I kill” Sukuna says to Gojo. I smack my hand and Sukuna goes away.

“It’s an honor to be targeted by Sukuna,” Gojo said with a smile on his face. We stood in front of the building where the principal was located.

“This guy really that famous?” Yuji asked and I nodded.

“Ryounon Sukuna is a fierce imaginary god with four arms and two faces. But he’s actually a human that had existed before, although that was thousands of years ago” I say. Yuji grew serious and Gojo nodded.

“He’s also a big perv,” I say. Yuji and Gojo let out a laugh, making me smile.

I heard that you finger eating cunt’ Sukuna growled in my head but I ignored him. Making Yuji smile every day will be a goal I’ll keep till I die.

“Anyway I should get going,” I say to both Yuji and Gojo. They nodded and I grabbed Yuji’s book bag from him.

“I’ll take this to your dorm, and Yuji” I say turning back. He looked back at me, giving me his full attention.

“Don’t include your Jennifer Lawrence fetish in your introduction to the principle” I say and Yuji blushes lightly.

“Shut up, Sis” Yuji yelled as I walked away.


Y/n POV:

Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School - Dorms

I went back to the dorms, looking for all my second-year friends but all I found was a note on my door that was next to Maki’s room.

I, Panda, and Toge were sent out on a mission when you left but we’ll be back soon, and in one piece’ Maki’s familiar handwriting said.

I’ll bring everyone back in top shape Y/n!’ Pandas handwriting said.

Salmon, We love you’ Toge’s neat handwriting said underneath.

Even when writing, Toge uses his safe words. I smile and tuck the note in my pocket, then opened my door into my cozy room. I set Yuji’s bag down then face planting my face into my bed, bone tired.

My body was screaming for rest, but my head was running at 100 miles an hour. I turned my head to the side, looking at my alarm clock on my bedside table.

It’s only 14:00 (2 pm) and would be a good hour till Yuji and Gojo got back’ I thought to myself. It was too quiet for my liking so I stood up and made my way to the first-year dorms, taking Yuji’s bag with me.

I stopped in front of Megumi’s door, biting my lip nervously.

I do this all the time, he won’t mind’ I said to myself in my head.

You know for someone cute and powerful, you think too much’ Sukuna said in a boring tone, in my head. I mentally gave him the middle finger and I knocked on the door gently.

There was no answer so I tried the door and found it was unlocked. I let myself in, taking my shoes off before I step fully into his room. Setting Yuji’s bag down, I silently walked over to Megumi’s bed and slid under the covers.

Megumi stirred in his sleep, one eye-opening he looked at the extra body in his bed. I smiled back at him.

“Why are you in my bed like a child, Y/n” Megumi’s sleepy voice asked. I moved closer to him and rested my head on his chest. His heartbeat calmed my nerves.

“I just needed a place where my thoughts weren’t strangling me, and you’re the only person I knew wouldn’t mind..” I said softly and I felt Megumi cave in as he pulled me in closer, wrapping me in his warmth.

“You’re lucky I love you,” Megumi said and I laughed lightly. My thoughts slowed and my brain was finally catching up to everything that happened. I gripped onto Megumi as a sob I’ve been holding back came out.

“I f-f-fucked everything up Megumi” I cried. Megumi rubbed my back gently.

“No you didn’t, don’t say that,” Megumi said but I continued to cry into Megumi’s chest. Even though I was older than him, he sometimes took the role of being a big brother.

My sobs soon subsided into hiccups. I was a mess, with puffy e/c eyes, scratchy voice, and messy h/c hair. But I felt lighter than I had been in a while.

“Megumi..?” I said, my breathing slowing and closing my eyes. He hummed in response, still rubbing my back.

“Thank you,” I say softy before the darkness finally pulled me under.

Megumi’s POV:

I heard Y/n’s breathing slow down after she said thank you, and I realized she had fallen asleep. I let out a sigh of relief seeing the strong girl finally rest.

I’ve never seen her cry like that before‘ I thought to myself as I moved greasy strands of her h/c hair out her face. She stirred in her sleep but didn’t wake up.

I then heard a familiar voice next door.

“This place is huge!” I heard Yuji say on the other side of the wall. I sighed in annoyance.

Why did he have to be right next door’ I thought, then I heard another voice.

“All the second and third years are out at the moment, well besides Y/n. But you’ll meet them soon enough. There aren’t many of them, but there’s really no reason for you to fight to, is there?” Gojo said on the other side as well.

He has to be joking or fucking testing Yuji because there’s no way that’s gonna happen’ I thought as I carefully stood up from the bed, making sure not to disturb Y/n.

“Fushiguro, Y/n, and I could retrieve Sukuna’s fingers. You could just wait here” Gojo said. I waited for Yuji to answer.

“It’s fine, I said I’d do it, and I’m doing it. I can’t just lay back while Y/n is risking her life” Yuji said. I could hear his voice becoming thick with emotion.

“She’s the only family I have left, and we promised we’ll go through this hell together. Though lazing around while Fushiguro came in beat up to bring me a finger would be a funny sight” Yuji said. Gojo laughed and I clenched my jaw but I was glad Yuji was back to his carefree attitude.

“That’s true, well I know there’s no way in hell you’re not going to fight,” Gojo said and I could hear Yuji gasp.

“Hey! You were testing me?” Yuji said but Gojo ignored him.

“If they were that easy to find we would’ve found them all already. Some have a presence that’s overwhelming, some keep very quiet. Some already have been absorbed by a cursed spirit. There’s nothing more troublesome when it comes to searching for them. But now we have you and Y/n. The Sukuna within Y/n is strong but not as strong as Yours, as far as I can tell, but that’s not bad. The Sukuna within both of you will tell us where the fingers are to try to regain his power. You guys are both a vessel and a locator, our very own radar. So we won’t get anywhere without either of you in the field” Gojo said and he was right.

“You think he’s gonna be that nice?” Yuji asked Gojo as they both shuffled out of the dorm.

“I know he has a soft spot for Y/n, but we could come up with an agreement there,” Gojo said as I opened my dorm door.

“You’re next door?” I asked, rubbing the back of my head.

“Oh, Fushiguro! You look like you’re doing well now” Yuji said in a happy tone.

I swear he and Y/n are similar in ways’ I thought to myself.

“There were plenty of other empty rooms, weren’t there?” I asked Gojo and he smiled.

“But isn’t livelier, better? I thought it would be good for-” I cut Gojo off.

“Classes and missions are enough. This was an unwelcome favor” I grumbled as Yuji looked inside my dorm.

Shit! I forgot Y/n was in there! They’re going to get the wrong idea.’ I thought.

“Wow it’s so organized- wait is that my bag?” Yuji asked looking at his bag, then picking it up.

“Y/n had this- wait” Yuji barged into my room and saw a sleeping Y/n under my covers. In my bed.

“I just said you’re unwelcome” I hissed but Gojo and Yuji were already giving me a look.

“Why is she in here and in your bed?” Yuji asked in a protective voice. I put my hand’s ups.

“It’s not what you’re thinking, she just needed someone close by while you guys were busy. It’s been rough for her, you know” I said softly, looking away.

Shit! Gojo is going to kill me-’ My thoughts were cut short by both Yuji and Gojo smacking me on the back.

“Good job Megumi,” Yuji said with a sincere smile and I rolled my eyes, but giving back a small smile as I pushed them out the room.

Gojo wrapped me and Yuji with an arm and smiled. He leaned into my ear so only I could hear his next words.

“Thank you for taking care of Y/n for me, you know how much I…” He trailed off but I knew what he meant so I nodded.

“Well, it’s all good. More importantly, we’re heading out tomorrow, we’re gonna go pick up the third first-year” Gojo said.


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As soon as I saw that panel edit, this is what I was only able to think of. LOL, so I drew Gojo in that pose saying this 🤪 

I PAUSED A NANAMI FANART to draw this 😭😭😭 I just had to get it out of my system 

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“I don’t know how I’ll feel when I’m dead, But I don’t want to regret the way I lived.”

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Made some JJK ocs as dragons out of boredom. Ocs belong to @itsmikatheghost, @kaptainkoalaoshiz, @fifteenskies15, @kuratsukiun, and @bingsu-chan. Hope you like them.

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