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He’s Got Me, I Can’t Break It
Tumblr media
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Toji Fushiguro x f!Reader | Megumi Fushiguro x f!Reader
Genre: Smut & Angst with horror/thriller elements Notes: Toji is a total weirdo in this series but I relate to the reader bc she is like 🥰 but that's daddy I love him 🥰 Warnings: 18+, dubcon, age gap, alcohol consumption, fingering, pussy job, unprotected sex, manipulation, gaslighting, orgasm denial, blowjob, implied cunnilingus, smoking. Words: 4.9k
Synopsis: You meet a handsome older man while partying in Paris with your best friend. Going home with a man you've just met isn't usually your style, but looking at him is more than enough to dispel any doubts. But maybe you should have listened to your intuition.
Tumblr media
The man in your bed didn’t stop you as you tugged the blanket away from him and wrapped it around your body. It didn’t bother him that you retreated to the balcony attached to your room to finish your cigarette in solitude.
You had laughed, sure, but there was nothing funny about this. The whole incident had scared you sober. In fact, it was humiliating. It was mortifying to think you had gone against your better judgement and brought a stranger home to fuck from the club. And it was even worse as you felt your lover’s sperm trickle down your inner thighs as you sat comfortably outside, allowing the chilled Parisian air to consume you.
You feel tears well in your lash lines and your eyes become damp and glossy the more you think about it. It feels like a betrayal that you let him talk you into bed. Or speak you into bed more like, since you hadn’t understood a word of French the entire time. The foreign language and the seductive tonality practically spread your legs for you. You tuck a hair behind your ear and wipe the singular droplet that spills from your eye speedily, refusing to allow yourself to be a damsel in a hopeless situation. You take a drag of your cigarette and begin to feel anger over upset.
He spoke English the entire fucking time.
“Do you want me to go?” he wonders.
You almost jump into space as the shock of his presence rattles through you. The way he knocked casually on the glass window and stood confidently waiting to force your attention to him. He snickered when he saw terror take over your body in multiple forms once he had startled you. It wasn’t his intention, but it was amusing, nonetheless.
“It’s up to you,” you begin, “you paid to stay the night.” you finish, taking a drag of your cigarette and looking out to the twinkling night sky above you.
A smile adorns his handsome features as he huffs a sigh of amusement. He hadn’t bothered to cover or clothe himself, clearly confident in his appearance and nude status. He sits on the seat opposite to you, unfazed by the cold furniture as it bites at his skin. The man slams the pack of cigarettes on the table between you as well as the lighter. He feels better knowing they’re there, it won’t be long until he finishes the one he has already and he’s sure he’ll be desperate for another.
“Are you pissed at me?” he queried. Your eyebrows scrunched as you scoffed at the pathetically woeful sentence.
“Oh, do you want a fucking well done sticker?” you questioned rhetorically. Before he could answer, he allowed you to stub out your cigarette and use your trembling fingers to light another. They’re usually helpful for when you’re stressed; but while he’s nearby you doubt you’ll ever know the feeling of calm again. “Do you know how violated I feel? I feel sick, too, because I bet this isn’t the first time you’ve pulled this shit.”
“No, don’t be like that.” he commands. You look at him with disdain, unable to comprehend how he can possibly think he’s in any position to be giving orders right now. “I don’t give a shit if you believe me princess, but I don’t do one-night stands. ‘m more of the settling down type.” he tells you, following your lead and lighting a new cigarette for himself.
“I don’t care. Don’t want your life fucking story you bastard.” you berate as you puff out a plume of smoke, tapping the ash over the balcony.
He doesn’t speak anymore, the two of you instead sit in silence indulging in your cigarettes. The sound of traffic and thousands of blurred conversations traverse into the atmosphere and into your hearing. It’s hard to lose yourself when there’s so much going on. You’d like to focus on one thing, one simple thing to forget that he’s still here with you. But you can’t. Everything sounds like nothing. But your eyes flit around hoping a sight will distract you rather than a sound. It was beyond your control when your vision landed on him. He’s right there, legs spread wide like he owns the fucking world. If you were sitting bare like he is you’re sure he’d take great pleasure in telling you what a slut you are.
Even soft his cock was a sight to behold. It was so very lewd, too, since neither of you had cleansed your body of the deceitful union you’d shared moments ago. The light from inside your hotel room reflected on his sticky, sinful member and you couldn’t help the way your cunt fluttered as you recalled the way he bullied his cock inside of your walls.
Your eyes shot up to his as he snapped his fingers at you.
“My eyes are up here darlin’. I know it’s pretty but it’s rude t’stare.” he teases.
You snarl and stand to your feet, you’ve had enough, taking yourself indoors to finish your cigarette off alone. And then you’ll sleep soundly, you hope, knowing that when you wake up he’ll likely be gone. This entire ordeal will begin to feel like nothing but a distant memory. A disapproving growl erupts from the depths of your lungs when you see him stub his cigarette out against the glass window and throw the butt over the balcony railing, hurrying indoors to follow you.
“I feel like we got off on the wrong foot.” he tells you, casually, leaning against the door as you burrow underneath the bedsheets. The words go in one ear and out of the other as you find the sentence too idiotic to even process. It’s the understatement of the century, you think. Unable to understand how one man can be so so foolish.
“Just be quiet, I want to sleep.”
“Tell me to go and I will.”
“Fine, go. Go away, please. I’m tired and I’ve had enough and I’m sick of looking at you.”
He stands stoically for a moment as he rationalises what you’ve just told him in his still drunken mind. Instead of heading towards the exit and retrieving his clothes, he gets closer to you. Closer… and closer… and closer.
And then he’s forcing your body into the centre of the bed while he hovers above, caging you beneath him. You try to push him away, but you both know it’s futile. He’s probably the biggest man you’ve ever seen in real life – in more ways than one. Pretty green eyes vibrate as he stares fixedly into yours. They dart to your throat as he can’t help but admire the spit glob slowly slithering down your windpipe. You’re unsure of him, terrified of him. It’s hard to figure out whether he wants you to be scared of him or not.
“I don’t want to go.” he admits. The way your chest rises and falls beneath him doesn’t go unnoticed. He runs the back of his knuckles over your forehead, your cheek and then down to your clavicle. And you wince at that, eyes scrunching tightly as you hope he won’t force himself upon you. “I won’t hurt you.”
“Then get off me.” you phrase the demand as a suggestion, hoping he’ll obey.
“I just want you to listen to me sweetheart, understand me.” he speaks so softly it’s almost a whisper. It was pissing you off, honestly, that everything he said seemed like it had a greater purpose when you knew it was far from the truth. “Tell me that wasn’t the best sex of your life.”
“Excuse me?”
“It was, wasn’t it? The way we fucked, it was the best you’ve ever had.” he speaks assumedly, acting as if he knows exactly what thoughts are swirling around your overwhelmed brain. Your mouth falls open and closes a few times, unable to find a suitable response.
“It was the best fuck of my life,” he confesses. You feel like he’s talking so fast your head is spinning. “And you know why it was so good, right? Because it was exciting. The anonymity. It was a rush, you get that. Don’t you?”
“No!” you lie, you understand completely. Because the first thought you had after you finished fucking and laid comfortably in bed by each other’s side was sheer amazement that despite a language barrier you managed to get him into bed. Regardless of the fact you couldn’t understand each other you have never felt so perfectly taken care of and filled.
“I don’t believe you; you know exactly what I’m talking about.” he responds, hissing as he rolls away from you. Freeing your body out from under him and granting you permission to do whatever you want. “Lie to yourself all you want but you’re playing yourself out of a good thing.” he finishes, heading over to his clothes to pick up the discarded material at the entrance. Is he finally readying himself to leave?
“W-Wait.” you mumble. He turns to you, unable to believe that you’re not hastily rushing him out of your room. “You… paid to be here. I suppose you can stay the night.”
You don’t need to tell him twice. His clothes are thrown down onto the ground once again as he ambles towards you. He doesn’t need to rush to your side. Not now, not now that he knows he’s got you. The duvet is pulled up, the sudden gust of wind forces goosebumps to ripple throughout your body. The chill soon subsides when the black-haired stranger gets in beside you, he pulls your body against his once more. You manage to reach over to turn out the light on your beside table, plunging the room into darkness.
The chilling situation you’ve found yourself in doesn’t seem to register in your messed up mind. Although you feel sober you’re still under the influence. Under his influence, too. It’s not even given a second thought as you begin to drift off in his arms after everything he’s done. You should feel foolish, angry, terrified. And yet, you’re allowing yourself to shift into unconsciousness.
That is, until you feel him practically growl in your ear. You’re too hazy minded to be appalled, but the sensation of his naked hips rolling against the fat of your ass isn’t lost on you. The arm that had been wrapped around your torso travels upwards to your breasts, forcing your body even closer to his and giving you no chance of wriggling away.
He manoeuvres his cock so that it can be sandwiched between your folds. You’re too tired to object, but little huffs escape your exhausted lips and he knows what you’re trying to say.
“Just let me,” he moans, “you’ll feel good too.”
He doesn’t insert himself inside of you, he just fucks himself between your slick and sperm covered lips. It can’t be denied that his cock head nudging against your clit doesn’t feel heavenly. And you know as soon as you cum you’ll slide into a comfortable sleep. So, you let him. His free hand slithers to your front, added stimulation to your throbbing clit. He basks in the sounds of your breathy pants as he brings you closer to your peak. He’s moaning, loudly, just as he had a little while ago while he was brought closer and closer to his own pleasure. You spasm on him, the alert that you’ve orgasmed is enough to topple him over the edge of his own. He kisses into the crook of your neck as his cum spurts out of him in heavy, thick bursts.
You feel warm, and disgusting.
And so very tired.
Tumblr media
You wake up a measly four hours later. Your head is pounding and you can barely bring yourself to move. The room is spinning and you already know it’s going to be a long, difficult day. You found yourself waking up whilst lying on your back, the man next to you is sleeping on his stomach with one arm over you. His hand settled comfortably on the fat of your breast.
A boisterous, singular snore pulls from the man’s throat before he wakes to the sight of you smiling at him. He smiles before raising an eyebrow inquisitively.
“Were you watching me sleep?” he asks.
“I just woke up too, I swear.” you grin, knowing he was teasing by the soft yet gruff tone he spoke with. You gasp as he pinches and pulls the nipple on the breast his hand had been resting on. He rolls onto his back, rubbing the terrible nights sleep out of his eyes.
“Suppose I should get out of your hair soon, huh?” he questions.
You sigh, knowing he’s right. You’ve had your fun sure, but it’s a one-time thing. Hooking up with strangers in Paris everyday definitely isn’t the plan, and you’re sure Nobara would have something to say about it if it was. You knew you’d miss how incredible the man’s cock made you feel, but you valued your friendship with Nobara more. He leans over to pull another cigarette from his carton and realises it’s surprisingly light.
There’s only two left.
“Want one?”
You debate it, ultimately shaking your head. He’s surprised to see how eager you are to jump out of bed as you grab something from your side table as well as taking the box from him. When he asks what you’re doing, it takes a while for you to respond, but eventually you alert him that you’ve tucked his final cigarette into his jeans for him.
He thinks you look a vision, right now. His beautiful eyes comb over your body as he admires every inch of you. A necessary cough clears his airways as he tries to mask the way his cock jumped at the sight of your thighs. More specifically, the way he could see his kids on your inner thighs with each step you took back towards him.
You couldn’t deny that you were still ravenous. It doesn’t feel like you can possibly have enough of him. One more time, just once more and you’re sure you’ll be able to kick this newly found addiction to the curb.
He settles his cigarette between his lips as you get comfortable on the bed, lowering yourself to be eye level with his semi-hard cock. You feel it spring to life more as you begin sinking your mouth onto him. Your throat becomes his plaything as a heady grunt leaves him, cigarette smoke pouring from his nostrils like a cartoon bull.
Don’t look at him, his eyes warn you. Your ruined eye makeup and glistening eyes looking at him like that is enough to make him erupt. So you mustn’t look at him. But he doesn’t want you to stop. How could he when you look like this? He doesn’t know what he wants. He doesn’t know what he needs. Just you, that’s all he knows. All he wants, needs and desires is you. God, how dare you be like this for him. How fucking dare you be such a good little cock whore for him after what he did. His hips roll gently into your mouth, each thrust closes off access to your airways. You feel him twitch in your mouth, he’s close. His balls are tightening, and his eyes are scrunched so tight. He wants to cum. He needs to cum. But not like this.
“Sit on it, fucking sit on it now.” He orders, yanking you up by your hair and helping you position yourself above his shaft. “Put your pussy on me – fuck – just like that, that’s a good fucking girl f’me.”
He praises you as you sink onto his length. What a pretty girl you are, biting your lip like that for him. Because of him. His thumbs rub soft circles into your thighs. They’re shaking. You’re tired, still, so very very tired. Is it because of him? Has he put you through too much in such a short space of time? Or is it all of the dancing you did last night? Maybe the alcohol didn’t help either. Honestly, it’s all three. He considers it all, and he considers you. Should he stop this? You initiated it, he rationalises, so why would he put a stop to this? You must want him real bad. Just like he wants you.
You start off slow, rising and falling as best you can in your weary state. He appreciates it, but he wants better. He expects better. But not today. He’ll do the work for now, just for you. To remember him by. He gets comfortable, angling his body beneath you so he can fuck up into you properly. He pistons his hips, reaching depths within you that you never knew existed. Your eyes are practically white from the angle he has. And are you really drooling for him? How cute, you are! Even your tongue lolls out as he carries on battering your insides.
“P-Please, fuck, fuck! I’m, ‘m gonna, ‘m so close! Gonna—!”
“Cum, fucking cum on my cock. Gonna stuff your cunt full again, squeeze me baby. Fucking cum.”
He keeps slamming up into you and your heart is beating so heavily you worry it’s going to thud right out of your chest. Your lover is almost hypnotised by the way your breasts bounce while he drills himself into you repeatedly, every inch of you is sheer perfection to him. The telling way you grit your teeth tells him you’re almost there. A couple more thrusts and he’s sure you’ll be crying out for him to fill you to the brim. And he will. He fucking will. He’s gonna… he’s gonna… he’s gonna.
“Are you awake yet, bitch?” Nobara speaks, knocking on the door that connects your rooms together. Your building pleasure has been broken – for both of you. You try to climb off the man beneath you and hide yourself under the covers; but he doesn’t let you. His fingers grip firmly into your hips and you’re sure there will be bruises signing his name on your body once he lets go. He raises a finger to his lips, telling you to shush as he carries on fucking you.
“Y-Yes.” you stutter, doing your best to remain composed. He smirks devilishly beneath you, the excitement you had previously felt begins to rise back up through your body. His tongue sticks out evilly before bringing it back as he hisses through his pleasure.
“Get in here, now. I want to talk to you about last night.”
“Give me a-a minute, I’ll be right—”
He objects, not wanting to let you go. Don’t fucking tease him, he’ll lose his mind if you don’t let him cum right now. But you can’t keep her waiting. You can already hear how furious she sounds. Clambering off of him seems a gargantuan task when his grip can’t seem to bear to let you go.
“Hurry up or I’m coming in.” Nobara threatens.
“I’m naked—!”
“Seen it all before, get in here now.”
What more can you do?
You wriggle free from him, much to his dismay, and walk towards Nobara's room. He sighs and it almost scares you to hear the level of fury rising in his purposeful grunts.
The man you left high and dry hid against the wall as you prepared to open the door, as per your instruction. He grabbed your wrist before you could go and see your friend. A hand laced through your hair, bringing your face to his so your lips could settle against each other’s comfortably. He pulled away, a skinny spit string connecting you to him momentarily.
“What’s your name?” he wonders.
“What’s yours?” you flip back to him.
“Toji, tell me yours.” he demands. You’re both distracted by the sound of Nobara getting increasingly more annoyed in the room next door. You take the opportunity to land your lips against his once more and grab the door handle.
“I have to go, enjoy your cigarette.” you tell him. And with that, you leave him only to be greeted by less than impressed company.
He huffs, utterly defeated and irritated that he missed out on one final orgasm with you. Toji contemplates beating himself off to get rid of his erection, but decides against it. It’s just a little sad, isn’t it? And weird, too. Jacking off in your room while you aren’t here. Although pretending to be French to get you into bed wasn’t any less weird than masturbating in your personal space. It’s clear he has an unusual moral compass.
He decides on a quick shower, washing the whole experience off his body before leaving. Once dressed, he pulls his carton of cigarettes from his pocket. He realises what you were doing over here for so long when he asked about it earlier. Once he opened the top of his cigarettes, he sees girly handwriting on the inside.
It’s your name. And more importantly – your phone number.
Tumblr media
“I’m actually being pretty calm right now.” Nobara tells you. Your eyes bulge at that considering she almost tore your head off with her teeth.
“Coulda fooled me.”
“Don’t be a fucking bitch because I’m seriously pissed. You fucked me over so bad last night.” she bites back at your murmured comment.
You listen to her intently as she rakes through her luggage for a dressing gown for you to wear as she tears into you. About how stupid she felt and how uncomfortable you made her feel. How embarrassing it was for her to wait by herself in the club while you got dry fucked on the dance floor. How violating it was to have you both burst into her room while you had your tongues down each other’s throats. And how inconsiderate you were to not only her, but the entire floor of the hotel as you wailed whilst you got fucked stupid by Toji.
You broke down. You didn’t want her sympathy but you made sure to tell her you couldn’t be more apologetic if you tried. You were sorry, and you were just as embarrassed. You’ve made such a stupid fool of yourself and you’re so ashamed. Your life, your mind, it’s all in tatters. Thoughts and feelings are not things you can bring yourself to understand at the moment. And you debate whether you should tell Nobara about last night, about Toji. About what he did. She brought a roll of toilet paper from her bathroom to act as tissue paper and invited you to sit with her under the pearlescent morning sky on the balcony.
“He was lying,” you began whilst wiping your tears with the toilet paper. She raised an eyebrow, urging you to continue. “He was lying about being French. He started speaking English after we had sex.” you admitted. She audibly gasped, unable to believe what she was hearing. She got up, preparing to go and give him a piece of her mind. But you informed her that he’s already gone.
“Bastard. I’ll kill him if I see him again. How fucked up can you be?”
“It was the best sex of my life, Nobara.” you confess.
“I… Yeah. It was the best I’ve ever had, and he explained it to me… It was the rush of not understanding each other. It made it exciting.” you reiterated the points that Toji had made to you hours earlier in an attempt to explain your embarrassment away. But she wasn’t buying it, her mouth hung open in disapproval, awaiting her turn to speak.
“Do you hear yourself?”
“No I know, but it was really good sex.”
“There’s more to life than sex.”
“No, I don’t think there is for me,” you breathe. It’s like you’re finally accepting you are destined for nothing. You’re just floating. Coasting, even. And maybe now, that’s okay. “I think I… I like him.”
“I’m not doing this,” she tells you as she rises from her seat again. She heads back inside, unable to tolerate this conversation for a second longer. “Just so we’re clear, you understand that he’s manipulated the fuck out of you. Yeah? D’ya get that?”
“You’re making it sound worse than it is—”
“No, I’m not. It’s just that bad.” she carries on. “And if you like him so much. And you get married, and have some kids. Ignore the fact he’s twice your age, if your kids ask how you met you’re going to have to tell them that he gaslit you into bed. How fucking romantic.” she finishes, slamming the balcony door shut behind her and gathering her things. You see through the glass that she gets herself ready and leaves the hotel room.
Leaving you alone to dwell on her words.
Tumblr media
You end up going back to your own room eventually, showering and cleansing yourself of your dalliance with Toji. It’s not like you don’t get where Nobara was coming from, you just wish that she gave you more of a chance to speak. What Toji did was fucked, you aren’t entirely stupid. You just can’t ignore that the way he fucked you was otherworldly. But if it comes to him or your best friend, you’re going to choose her every single time. So once you’re clean, you make a vow to yourself to get ready and find her so that you can apologise and hopefully make up. It would be a shame to spend the remainder of your vacation on bad terms with one another.
Just as you pressed the down arrow on the elevator, the doors opened and Nobara was alone inside. She tried to barge passed you, but you grabbed the flesh of her upper arm and begged her to listen to you. She yanked her arm away from you, and carried on walking to her room.
“I’m really not in the mood to talk to you right now.” she told you, and you could understand. But couldn’t she at least hear what you had to say?
“Okay, fine, Nobara. You think I’m an idiot, who doesn’t?” you tell her. She stops her movements from that. Are you really going to keep using your insecurities as an excuse for your shitty behaviour? “I know I’m wrong, and you’re more important to me than anything. So, how about we go for a meal later and try and forget the whole thing? I’d hate to lose you over this, you come first.” you grovel. She swivels to face you and sizes you up. She can see you’re being genuine, but she’s still unsure. She can’t resist, however, when you don your signature smile at her. She nods, accepting your invite.
Another hurdle down.
There’s no hand holding this time as you walk through the lobby together. It’s awkward, actually, being with her after your argument. You’ve told her about a restaurant that you and your father always go to while you’re here. It’s the best food you’ve ever had, you assure her.
She isn’t disappointed, and you suspect it’s the reason for her sudden change in mood. It’s like nothing ever happened. You’re back to laughing and joking. Calling each other names, endearingly, not as actual insults. She does apologise to you too, telling you that maybe she was a little harsh. She just wants what is best for you, that’s all. You feel the same about her, and you promise you understand. If it’ll save your friendship, you have no use for Toji.
But if that’s true… why are you swiping your phone off the dinner table so quickly when a text comes through?
Why are your cheeks filling with blood as you read what the message says?
You don’t care about your friendship, clearly.
Otherwise you wouldn’t have invited Toji to come to your hotel room again later tonight.
Tumblr media
You kiss Nobara goodnight when you return to your hotel. She enters her room, full bellied and ready for a good nights rest. You’d feel the same if you hadn’t skimped on eating. You’re deplorable, really, because the minute he texted you there was no doubt in your mind that you were going to invite him over to see you again. You didn’t want to be bloated while he finished what he started with you earlier.
He heeds your warning, making sure to be quiet when he knocks on your door. You let him in, eagerly, not giving him the chance to say hello before you jump him. He slams the door behind himself; you chastise him for immediately forgetting that you told him to be quiet. He grins, biting your lower lip between his teeth and kissing you to shut that pretty little mouth of yours up.
You assume she didn’t hear, maybe she has those ridiculous headphones of hers on.
Toji settles you down onto the bed below, slowly undressing you as he kisses whatever skin on your body becomes exposed as he pulls your clothing off. You can’t help but mewl, you’ve missed him. You’ve missed those pretty, scarred lips that send your mind spiralling.
He gets on his knees, pulling your body to the edge of the bed and hooking your legs over his shoulders. He looks up at you with a dangerous glimmer in his jade green eyes, licking a stripe over your panty clad mound.
“Couldn’t keep me away, could ya?”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: stepdad!toji fushiguro x f!reader
content warnings: pwp, stepcest, age gap, dubcon, fingering, oral sex (f receiving), daddy kink, virginity loss, small mentions of blood, choking
summary: toji is the person you run to when anything goes awry
word count: 2.9k
notes: for @vlyntage’s 1k collab! thank you for letting me be part of this (and for letting me submit it late) and congrats on now 1.5k! // megumi is an asshole in this but it’s okay since toji makes it all better <3
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Tumblr media
“Does it feel good, princess?”
Toji’s body hovers over yours; one hand is planted next to your head on the mattress, and the other is cupping your cunt. Two of his fingers are lodged inside of you while his thumb works expertly around your clit. You watch flit as he looks across your face, watching for any signs of discomfort.
“Daddy,” you whine, “I n-need more.”
“Gotta be patient for me,” he huffs before lowering his face to fit in the crook of your neck. His mouth widens, letting his tongue roam across the delicate skin of your neck. The taste of salt is fresh on your skin from the thin layer of perspiration forming.
“But Megumi… He’ll be coming home soon.” There’s a sense of urgency in your voice, emphasized by the way you tug on his forearm. Toji ignores you, continuing to steadily push and pull his fingers in and out of you.
“You’re still thinking about him?” he grunts while finally taking his fingers out of you. The loss of contact makes you feel so empty, but the way he leaves a trail of kisses down your body fills your stomach with butterflies.
You don’t answer him. After all, if it weren’t for Megumi, you wouldn’t be in this position right now. He was apparently just having a bad day and decided to unleash all his anger on you, his poor, unsuspecting step sister. His words burned like salt on a fresh, open wound; he called you all sorts of names and said many things you hoped he would regret. The second that Toji came home from work, you were already running to cry in his arms. The last thing Megumi said before leaving really was the cherry to top it all off, “Pathetic. Always runnin’ to daddy when things don’t go your way.”
The bad thing about it all is that he isn’t wrong. Well, maybe this time he was wrong because you didn’t even do anything to upset him. But he is right about the fact that you always go to Toji to make you feel better; only this time, he’s being much more generous.
Toji repositions himself so that his face is level with your thighs. His strong hands find their places on your hip before he slides them down to your knees. “Just focus on me,” he murmurs against your plush thighs as he kisses his way up to your pussy. You can feel his breath fan over your skin as he presses a kiss to your clit; despite the warm feeling it brings, it causes a shiver to run down your spine.
He can feel his pants get impossibly tighter when he starts licking at your clit. To relieve some of the tension, he lowers one of his hands to his clothed dick and starts palming it. His precum is already beginning to leak out of his tip, creating a wet splotch on his boxers. He nearly loses himself in his own pleasure, but he’s quickly reminded that he’s here, in your room, to please you.
“You taste so good, baby,” he says in between licks. Hearing your breathing get more unsteady by the minute gets him even more aroused. Your thighs tremble around his head, nearly suffocating him in the process, but he wraps his arms around them and lifts them up so that they rest on his broad shoulders. Your eyes widen when he pulls away for a second, only to flutter shut when a glob of spit drops onto your slick folds, and he’s back to licking you up again. The sounds he’s making are so obscene; you should be embarrassed of how turned on you are, and he should be too.
He lets go of one of your thighs and brings that hand to your cunt, prodding at your hole as he continues circling his tongue around your puffy clit. You can feel the stretch of his two fingers entering you again at once, and just a moment later, he’s as deep as he can go.
“Daddy,” your breathing grows heavier, and your whines are more frequent. Toji can tell that you’re already approaching your orgasm, the first one of the night. “I’m gonna cum.”
“Oh yeah?” he asks with a slight smirk. The vibrations from his voice causes you to clench up; it’s something that doesn’t go unnoticed by him. “Go ahead. Make a mess for me.” He shifts his focus to your face and watches how you squeeze your eyes shut. Your jaw falls slack, but no noise creeps up and out from your throat. Toji continues to happily lap at your cunt, careful to not waste a single drop of your slick.
There’s a slight squelch when he removes his fingers from you, but he sticks them inside of your mouth so there’s no time to be embarrassed about it. He presses down on your tongue and just barely dips them deep enough to hit the back of your throat. The way you gag around his fingers has him wishing that you were doing that around his cock instead, but he saves that thought for another time. After all, it was pretty often that you and Megumi got into arguments. The next time you come to him to seek comfort, he’ll have something else in store for you.
“Think you’re ready to take me?” Toji asks with your lips still wrapped around his digits. You look up at him and gently nod your head against your pillows. “Alright then. You better take everything you’re given.”
He carefully retracts his hand from you and gets off the bed, only to leave your room. There’s a slight breeze that comes from the open door; it’s a sharp contrast to the fire that burns bright inside of you. Soon enough, you hear his footsteps on the wooden floor grow louder as he approaches your room. Walking over to your bed, he crosses his arms and grabs onto the hem of his shirt before pulling it off and tossing it to the floor. You suck in a breath upon seeing his physique in a different light; you’ve seen him shirtless before during family vacations to the beach and the occasional times he was walking out of the shower—but this time, it’s different. It’s more intimate now that it’s just the two of you.
Your thoughts are interrupted when he climbs on top of you again, bringing your hand to cup his crotch. “You feel that? It’s all for you,” he chuckles when you turn your head away, suddenly feeling shy. He has a foil packet in his other hand which he brings to your mouth, wordlessly telling you to bite down on it so he can tear it open. Once he takes it out of the packaging, you maintain eye contact with him, as if to ask if it was alright to push his boxers down past his hips.
“I’ll go easy on ya.” He backs himself up on the bed a bit to remove his boxers. Once the waistband slips past his hips, you catch a glimpse of his tip; it’s flushed a deep pink and it’s leaking a lot.
“You’re so big…” you trail off nervously when he’s finally fully exposed. He takes the condom and pinches the tip before carefully rolling it down his length.
“Yeah, I’ve heard that one before,” he says, causing you to pout. Who knows how many women he’s been with before meeting your mother? But why are you feeling jealousy swirl in the pit of your stomach? Many more questions circle through your mind, but you’re brought out of your trance with a pat to your cheek. “I’m gonna put it in now.”
“O-okay,” you whisper, but Toji hesitates. Reaching to put your arms around his shoulders, you pull him down so that his face is right in front of yours. “I’m ready.”
Toji takes his dick in one hand and guides it to your pussy, running it through your folds to gather some of your slick. His tip prods at your entrance and only then does he doubt he’ll actually be able to fit inside you. Did he prep you enough to take him?
Your breath hitches in your throat when you feel his tip enter you, and it already feels like entirely way too much. Your fingers dig into the skin of his back, desperately holding onto him as if he could disappear right in front of you. “Relax for me, princess,” he grunts as he tries to go deeper in you, “you gotta relax.”
“I c-can’t,” you whine, “it hurts.” Tears are starting to form on your lash line again, but you fight them back. His fat cock is stretching you out so much more than his fingers were just a moment ago, and you’re just not used to it.
“Tell me to stop, and I’ll stop,” he says sternly. He tunes his ears to the sound of your voice, waiting to hear you say the word, but it doesn’t come. It doesn’t come even when his cock is fully sheathed inside of you. Looking down at you, he sees that your brows are furrowed as you focus on not crying. “You okay?”
“Give me a second,” you plead, and Toji obeys. The air around you feels heavy, and you’re struggling to catch your breath as he gives you some time to adjust to his cock. One of your hands moves from its position on his back to sweep away some of his hair and reveal his jade irises. A moment passes before you try to move your hips; you notice that the majority of the pain has subsided, so you tell him that it’s alright to move.
He keeps his movements slow and steady, pulling his hips back until just his tip is inside of you before pushing forward once again. The drag of his cock along your walls feels like it lasts forever until his hips are flush against yours. “You’re taking me so well,” he praises as he lifts his head away from yours. Looking between your bodies, he sees a layer of blood coating his cock; he starts to think that maybe he should’ve put down a towel just in case it got on your sheets.
“Daddy.” your voice rings in his ears and causes him to snap his eyes to yours, worried that he might have made a sudden movement. “Don’t stop, please.”
That’s all it takes for him to set a steady pace, fucking into you gently as if he’s afraid to break you. “You feel so fucking good around me,” he moans, letting out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. “You’re so naughty, letting me fuck you like this.” You pout and turn your head to the side, feeling your face heat up at the realization.
“I’m not! I swear I’m good,” you whine as he hits a particularly deep thrust. Instinctively, you tighten around him, making him let out a groan. If you keep doing that to him, he might end up cumming way earlier than he would like to. To prevent himself from thinking about it happening, he grabs your jaw and kisses you for the second time that night; the first time being when he brought you to your room after Megumi left. He was about to go back downstairs, but you begged him to stay and one thing led to another.
Toji’s lips mold against yours in what feels like chaotic perfection. His lips are so soft against yours despite the scar he wears on the right corner of his mouth. When his tongue slips past your lips, your mind gets clouded with so much lust. You’re so full of him, it’s overwhelming. You barely register the feeling of hand climbing up the side of your body and massaging one of your tits.
“It’s about time you take this off, sweetheart,” he mumbles before detaching himself from you. He sits back on his feet and pulls your hips up his thighs before easily and quite literally tearing your shirt off of you.
“Hey!” you cry, “that was a gift.”
“Shut up. You know I’ll buy you a new one,” Toji retorts before taking his dick in his hand and bringing it to your cunt again. He teases you by tapping it against your clit a couple times, making you squirm in his lap. What a sight, seeing you yearn for him. After what he deems is enough teasing, he rises on his knees, bringing your lower half up with him. His cock pushes into you just as carefully as the first time, but the new angle sends him to deeper depths within you. The tip of his cock hits your g-spot with every thrust, and it was you wantonly moaning out for your daddy. He’s got one hand around your throat and the other gripping your headboard. The sight of your blood on his hand only slightly alarms you, and it doesn’t stop you from clasping your hands on top of his to make sure he’s not putting too much pressure on your neck.
Picking up the pace, you loosely wrap your legs around his waist, and the sound of his skin slapping against yours grows louder. “F-fuck, daddy, I’m close,” you whimper. “I wanna cum, please let me cum!”
Toji could have your pleading voice on repeat inside forever if he wanted to; he could never get sick of the way you sound so desperate for him. “Since you’re beggin’ real nice for me, I’ll let you.”
He removes his hand on your throat and moves it down to toy with your clit. His thumb presses into it a bit and he starts rhythmically rubbing it in time with his thrusts. Your moans spill from your mouth as you approach your orgasm even faster now. You shut your eyes after struggling to keep them open but Toji is quite the opposite. There’s a crazed look in his eyes, darkened from all the pleasure and from drinking in your appearance, savoring it in his mind.
“Daddy, daddy, daddy,” you chant as you find yourself on edge.
“Yeah, that’s right. I’m the one makin’ you feel so good,” he grunts, feeling your pussy clench around him. “Fucking— shit —cum for me, baby.”
Your fingers claw at his chest as you finally cum, feeling the coil in your lower abdomen finally snap. Your pussy spasms on his cock, and you swear you can feel it throb as he continues fucking into you at his fast pace. His balls tighten and he rushes to try and pull out, but your legs lock him in place.
“Fuck,” he groans, realizing he’s got no choice but to stay sheathed inside your cunt. You open your eyes just in time to see him come undone. With a few more sloppy thrusts, he goes as deep as he can before finally releasing his load. His chest heaves as he remains in his position above you, waiting until every last drop of his cum has been milked from his cock. Before he has a chance to get up, you pull his face closer and pepper kisses on his cheeks.
“Alright, that’s enough,” he sighs and moves away from you, leaving you feeling empty and cold without his warmth. He gets off your bed and removes the condom, ties it, and tosses it into your trash bin. “Come here.” he approaches your bed with open arms and scoops you up, carrying you to the bathroom across the hall. You expected him to do more than just get a rag and wet it for you, but your hopes were too high seeing as he just went back into your room to get his pants and boxers.
Toji doesn’t bother putting his shirt back on as he makes his way to the kitchen to prepare dinner—something he was supposed to do when he came home. He hears you coming downstairs a couple minutes later and combined with the sound of clattering pots and pans, he fails to hear the front door open.
Megumi strides in and sees you clinging onto the handrail at the bottom of the staircase, as if you can’t stand on your own, but he doesn’t pay you any mind. It isn’t until he gets to the kitchen when he puts two and two together. He really didn’t expect to see his dad shirtless with his torso covered in bright red marks, and he starts rethinking his entire life up to that moment. Toji feels his presence and starts to panic a little.
“Oh, Megumi,” he clears his throat, “didn’t think you’d be home so soon.”
He doesn’t say anything; instead, he closes his eyes for about three seconds, takes a deep breath, and walks back out the front door. You’re still in the same position, now paralyzed with fear. The slam of the door makes you wince, and Toji is rushing to where you are. He opens the door to try and call Megumi back, but he’s already nowhere to be found.
“Daddy,” you meekly call from behind him, “I don’t think he wants to be here.”
“Yeah. Yeah, I think you’re right, princess.”
“Is he gonna tell anyone?”
“No, he’s not like that,” he assures you, but he has a hard time assuring himself. “He won’t do that. Let’s, uh, just make dinner now.”
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hellavile · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
━━━━━━━━ toji fushiguro.
☁︎ warnings; trainer!toji, drabble/headcannon?, chubby!reader, exercising, sweaty sex, gym sex, size kink, insecure!reader (very minimal), cockwarming, squirting.
☁︎ taglist; @dejwrites @indiecursor @gabzlovesu @massivelynervousprincess @erentoes @tojisfangs @gumipawz
Tumblr media
trainer!toji who gently shakes your hand as he introduces himself to you, scanning you head to toe as you’re dressed in your cute black yoga pants and a white sports bra that showcases your piercings. he listens as you tell him key points of your body you wanted to target, already coming up with strategies for an easy first day. it’s the afternoon, meaning the gym was close to empty considering it was a sunday. more space to do what was needed. he started out with stretches first, and this is the part where your mind has a brain of its own. when he’s on his knees before you as you lay on the mat, bending you in lewd ways to stretch you out, you think inappropriately. he was just being professional. you shake your head, trying your best to keep your head out of the gutter as he pulls your legs to rest on your tits. he notices your reaction and slyly grins, cracking a joke about how you left your contacts home or something, focusing on him a little to hard. his laugh his handsomely devilish, and has you thinking things you shouldn’t.
trainer!toji who’s muscles tense as he shows you a new workout, your eyes shamelessly drifting to the thickly trimmed hairs peaking from his sweats that rested on the tint in his crotch, molding around his cock and making your face swelter with heat. he’s sweaty, strands of hair sticking to his forehead. droplets streaming down his godly sculpted abs and absorbing into his shirt and pants. he doesn’t kill you for the first day, but the numerous squats and slapping the extremely weighted ropes with both arms has you breaking a sweat. toji let’s you take a water break after a fifteen minute workout, giving you a high five after which somehow makes you stumble back a little from tiredness, toji quick with catching you with both hands on your hips. the action makes you die inside, saying sorry with a laugh that you both reciprocate before sitting down.
trainer!toji who says he just wants to make you feel good about yourself after you tell him a story about your recent ex that shamed your body after gaining weight and proceeds to delicately pinch at your pierced nipples after folding your sports bra over your taut chest where he crouched to his knees and swallows his mouth around the velvety skin. he tells you how good you taste, flicks his tongue rapidly over the hard buds until your fingers are dancing in his charcoal hair and you’re practically fucking the seat like you’re in heat. you haven’t been fucked properly by a man in a while. and you weren’t going to stop this one.
trainer!toji who grabs your hand like a gentleman but yanks your clothes off like you’re a whore. a very pretty one he’d love nothing more than to sheath his thick cock into and call you his for the night. have you moaning his name on repeat like a broken record. the scar on the side of his mouth twitches into a smirk when you squeal after he lifts you up, light as a feather to him. he can’t comprehend, and mostly never will, the negative thoughts you have about your body, ex aside. he thinks you’re the prettiest woman he’s ever seen. voluptuous curves. soft, silky skin. you’ve had this grip on him ever since those big eyes of yours came in signing up for private lessons, always admiring him with fascination, and to his unknown knowledge, a puddle in your panties.
trainer!toji who has his sweats hanging barely at his waist as he buries his cock inside you, carrying you while still standing, strong forearms locked under your kneecaps. his height scares you a bit, cuddling your arms around his neck and pressing your noses together as you whimper and sink on it, warming his cock for the next two minutes until he feels like you’re ready to take it—or he’s too needy to wait. he’s lifting you like nothing, slamming your small body down onto his dick that nearly has you fainting from the size; swollen fat head bruising your gummy walls. heavy, just the perfect amount of thickness to fucking ruin you. blabbering nothingness into his mouth as you claw at his back, toji grunting and balancing both your weights like the gym freak he was.
“fuckbabyfuckbaby—fuck,” your sweet soppy pussy squelches and drips down his balls, full with just enough cum to breed you like he wished he could. another time, he thinks. he doesn’t want to scare you away, although he highly doubts it by the way you’re screaming and taking every hard pound to your poor little cunt. he chuckles amusingly at your whines, mashing his lips on yours as he squeezes his eyes shut the same time he molds your ass in his wide hands.
trainer!toji who calls you good girl when you squirt messily over his torso, soaking his nike’s and the gym mat he stood on. telling you breathily in your ear that your pussy wraps around my cock too fucking well. damn. fuck. shit, you’re gonna make me cum like that, when you rock up and down with a content smile on your face. you feel so much more confident now. you’re watching him with fascination as he hisses and takes you off his dick, hovering you above it as the two of you stare in between to watch his cum shoot loads of amounts onto your cute chubby stomach, a broken and final fuck singing past his cherry lips. you gasp as he plunges you back onto his still pulsating and awake cock, smacking your ass and walking towards a bench he lays you down on and sets your legs on his shoulders, hugging your thighs with both biceps bulging and enjoying your pussy just a little while longer before he had to lock up.
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sandsorghum · a day ago
Ranked: Realistic Body Counts of the JJK Guys
This headcanon is going to based on actual research and statistics by Sagami, one of Japan's leading condom manufacturers. This article also sheds some light on Japanese attitudes towards sex that I've taken into account. Maybe it sounds unusually factual for a HC, but I still had a lot of fun coming up with these!
It's also going to be canon-consistent as far as possible, and I'll delve into the kind of dynamic they probably prefer/had available to them. From lowest to highest numbers, we have:
Tumblr media
Naoya, 2-3
Chauvinism aside (and that's a pretty huge 'aside'), Naoya has another reason to rank lowest on the list - which is a surprisingly conservative attitude about sex, due to the way his clan raised him
He certainly sees females as baby factories, and has been taught to think of sex as a means to an end, such as more heirs/descendants who can inherit cursed techniques
Obsessed as he is with status, he definitely has desires too, but is fairly cautious about indulging them (something about the sanctity of his seed probably hah)
I think he'd be very picky about even his casual partners too, wanting a woman who's truly submissive
It seems like his upbringing was fairly insular and he didn't interact much beyond sorcerer society or his clan, so I'm gonna guess his options were quite limited
Probably had an equivalent of a concubine or similar, maybe even a harem, exclusively for high ranking Zenin men
Tumblr media
Geto, 4-5
surprisingly low, I know, for someone so sexy and charismatic
I can already hear the indignation
But Listen, he's married to his job (of countrywide genocide)
Plus he's supposed to be passing as a holy man/monk or smth
so there can only be so many rumours about compromises to his celibacy swirling around
I've no doubt there were dozens of acolytes in his cult willing to be used by him, but Geto doesn't want any of them thinking they're special. It's about the mission, not the messenger
it might have happened a handful of times to take the edge off, always with a different person but he doesn't make a habit of it
More likely to have a casual on/off thing with curse users working under with him, someone whose abilities he actually respects, and he would stick with them for as long as he found it enjoyable
bonus if they met as mercenaries, maybe did ad hoc assassinations for him, but weren't part of his cult. He'd have fun seducing them into his ideology, and them trying to resist his way of seeing things
Tumblr media
Higuruma, 6-7
another man married to his work
probably would have had most of his flings as a (marginally less busy) paralegal or law student
being a criminal defense attorney doesn't leave much room for a social life, or opportunity to meet people
Or at least people whom he can sleep with, without a conflict of interest - and hiromi's definitely a principled guy
probably has a few FWBs from previous firms or private investigator agencies
I personally enjoy hc-ing he has a whole hate-sex thing going on with an old flame on the prosecutor's team though (may write smth for this at some point hurhur)
Tumblr media
Nanami, 12-15
He's one of the characters who's spent the most time in secular society, including (I assume) at university
that would have been his foray into intercourse, probably with a couple of girlfriends that didn't last when he started his career
you'd think he'd have similar stats to the previous two as another world-weary workaholic
But the distinction with Nanami is that he doesn't attach any strong moral convictions to his job (as a salaryman at least)
Meaning he's a lot less committed to formalities and procedures than appearances suggest (like what we've seen in him bending the rules as a jujutsu sorcerer, hiding Yuji from the higher-ups)
Furthermore as a foodie, there's essentially evidence Nanami doesn't mind indulging various appetites
Has had a few one night stands after chatting a stranger up or more likely getting chatted up, at a bar
even then he's kinda a traditionalist, no apps for him. Nanami doesn't care for dating either
Has a moderate sex drive, but it's accelerated by the stress of toiling under a capitalistic regime
Can't always be fussed about those civilities of feigning interest in anything beyond carnality that initiating a ONS typically entails
So that's when he might start expressing interest in a set up that affords him more routine satisfaction
Would he pay for company?
I don't think Nanami is fundamentally or philosophically opposed to the idea of an escort; there's a certain efficiency about the concept that could cater to his needs
But some part of him might want a fuller experience beyond sex
maybe something more than a transient, calculated connection, if he's being utterly honest with himself (he won't be)
Cue all the horny fics about office hook-ups
Seriously speaking Nanami would be fairly selective when it comes to choosing partners from this pool
He'd probably try to resist for as long as he could cause he would hate the gossip or office politics or anything messy
but chemistry can't be helped
They'd have to be very much on the same page as him about the limits of the relationship, that it isn't going anywhere long-term
I can imagine some deeper feelings on either end unintentionally developing along the way (c'mon it's Nanami) and he'd have to extricate himself from that
Nanami would do his best to end things amicably though, it's not impossible for the FWB dynamic to be rekindled when he moves to another job
this also applies when he goes back to being a shaman
it's exponentially more stressful, so he'd need someone who's even more discreet, or not particularly prying
and Nanami seems the type to crave a certain degree of familarity, perhaps even predictability (maybe it's nostalgia for normalcy)
with these as his criteria he'd likely opt for someone from his past
Tumblr media
Gojo, 30+
Whore <3
I was gonna leave it at that
Just joking, Gojo is in his prime
or at least as best as he can manage in between missions
actually it's convenient that he travels so much, honestly would not be surprised if he has (had) someone in every prefecture
has tried most of the apps, but much prefers to make whoever he sets his sights on flustered in person
especially enjoys the spontaneity of hooking up with strangers
whoever he wants, he gets
plus he's not picky
King of Flings, keeps his crown by not catching Feelings(TM)
He's not particularly sentimental (refuses to be) but sometimes he does like to slow it down, particularly with someone that takes some persuading
so he will go on dates, boardwalk strolls under the stars, split a parfait, kiss you atop a ferris wheel - when he has the time
dips in and out of people's lives, always has multiple options on speed dial
so don't expect anything beyond mere fun with him, you're likely setting yourself up for disappointment
Tumblr media
Toji, over 100
Canonically has a slew of sugarmommies
And is a homewrecker
Sex is like breathing, like bleeding to him
Gonna indulge in a little angst and venture he racked up a bunch in the wake of Megumama's passing though - cause what's therapy?
Never the same face at the start and end of the week
but never in his bed at home.
All these senses, sharply honed to pick out curses and for what? Her scent still fades.
He tears up the sheets, haunted anyway
Always a retreating silhouette, barely recognisable - that much is constant, something shared between strangers and his son
sorry this got sad at the end Whumph
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tojisun · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
(maybe toji stole your phone to reply to satoru’s tweet. who knows 👀)
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sapphicshav · 23 hours ago
❥︎ characters: nanami kento, gojo satoru, toji fushiguro.
❥︎ tw:// cursing!, its gets a lil spicy w/ toji
Tumblr media
★ gojo demonstrates his love for you with a tangible item. he’s super rich so you already know that he spoils you. even on the most ordinary of days, he’ll still make an effort to give you something special. he loves watching your face light up every time you recieve a present. he doesn’t expect many gifts from you, he’d rather spoil you instead because it makes him happy. whether it be a bouquet of red roses or a new car, the possibilites are endless with gojo satoru. (then he’ll leave to go buy things for his other hoes/j)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
★ nanami knows just what to say to you at the right moment. he tends to pay particular attention to and care about your life more than his own. got a new haircut? he’ll notice it straight away. feeling upset? he’s right there ready to assure you. “i’m so thankful that you are in my life, i don’t know what i’d do without you my love”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
★ toji will use any excuse to touch you. pulling you into a tight hug. completely closing the gap between you two. your arms around his strong build smelling the musk from his body when you two hug each other. or his large hands tracing around your back when he gives you a massage. his fingers lightly tapping every spot along your spine as you flinch at his touch. best believe he loves pda. putting his arm around your waist. holding his hand. just so that everyone knows that you are his.
Tumblr media
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tojisfavoritewhore · a day ago
TW: knife play, dumbification??
you shouldn’t have said that toji looks hot while using his knifes whenever he has a “job”. hands so big that you can’t even see the handle, thick and strong fingers doing fast moves... yeah, it’s really hot.
toji can’t help but chuckle, watching how your legs shake and he’s just touching your skin with his knife. you look so cute. what will happen if he touches your pretty little cunt with his knife, hmm? he wants to see if you get embarrassed or even get more turned on. toji moves his hand so his weapon is under your cute pantie, he goes higher and higher with it, but slowly. he sees that your head turned back to see him, whispering something about not wanting to get your pantie ripped off ruined.
“what do you mean, pup? you think i’m the one that will ruin your panties? i really have the dumbest slut huh. don’t you feel your panties already drenched by your juices hmm? you’re so mean to me, this cunt probably will get my knife all wet first ”
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deltas-writing-corner · a day ago
It would be really cool if we got to see a how Toji and y/n met. 🥺
Warnings: Alcohol consumption | mentions of death/killing | harassment (not against reader) | fem!reader
Tumblr media
Toji hates it when people are late. He hates it, yet he’s shown up two, maybe even three, hours late to one of these “business” meetings on several occasions.
Business, he laughs as he takes an earnest gulp of beer. As if killing people is something you proudly put on a resume.
He has half a mind to down the rest of his liquor and leave his tab for his tardy broker to cover. It’s not like he’s working looking for some honest work for a change. He’s a killer. A damn good one. Yet even someone so neck-deep into these bloody exchanges can appreciate a pretty bartender across the room while they wait.
You’ve been his distraction for the last hour or so. He watches as you muddle mint leaves and berries, and then pour long strings of liquor and juice into a metal shaker dripping with chilled condensation. You move with confidence and smooth expertise while maintaining eye contact and contributing to the slurred conversation of a tipsy patron. When you drop two perfectly cut ice cubes into the shaker and cover the top, you give a polite ‘excuse me’ before mixing the container with firm movements. The cocktail gets poured into a pretty little glass, topped with a bright red cherry on a metal pick before it’s slid over to her awaiting customer with a smile. A smile that is far too innocent for someone like him to be around for very long.
The panting voice of his longtime broker forces him to look away from the bar, much to his dismay. They forego awkward pleasantries and get right down to the nitty-gritty. It’s a typical job. Kill the target, who will be at such and such location, before the specified deadline. The employer wants it done discreetly, which is a manageable request. As long as he’s not asking him to make it look like an accident or anything.
“How much are they paying?” Toji asks.
“About that,” the guy fidgets in his seat. He adjusts his clip-on tie yet again. He’s been doing it over and over again since he sat down. Toji has a vicious urge to yank it off so he’d stop touching the damn ugly thing already. Out of all the colors in the world, why’d he have to choose that obnoxious shade of purple?
“Sorry to interrupt,” the bartender he had been observing for the last hour cuts in. “I have some drinks for you boys.”
His broker gets even more frazzled than he already is, over an orange cocktail with little leaves garnished over the top of a thin layer of white foam of all things. It smells fresh and tart. “We didn’t order anything.”
That wonderful smile of yours makes a return. You even give the guy a comforting pat on the back. That smile…It’s even more appealing up close. “It’s on the house.”
Toji’s empty glass is placed on the black serving tray and you retreat back to your station behind the sleek bar. Toji downs it in one go. It’s far too sweet than he likes, but it has a noticeable sting to it that he can’t be mad about. The froth smears on his upper lip and he licks it away. He spares a curious glance your way, hoping to give a nod of approval over your mixing skills. Unfortunately, you’re preoccupied with carving a small block of ice with a carving knife.
“He’s offering five million yen,” Yamato, his broker, says. He’s only sipped about half of your cocktail, savoring the flavor and effort instead.
Five million. Not bad, but not that worthwhile a price either. Toji lets his gaze wander as he takes in the calm atmosphere of the establishment. He tries to focus on the few waitresses and fellow patrons. His gaze ends up back on you once again. You’re caught up in a conversation with a couple, an escort with a bashful, but wealthy, client (he knows a good suit and expensive watch when he sees one). Your engagement with the two seems different from most others who sit at the bar. There’s some familiarity between the escort and yourself, which causes a bit of disruption in your workflow, but not so drastically to stop you from shaving down your ice cube into a glittering diamond.
“Get him to double the money,” Toji decides. “Then I’ll take the job.”
“That’s-!” Yamato tries to protest, but he concedes in no time. “Fine, but I’m taking a bigger cut this time around since you’re so damn demanding.”
Toji humors the guy, shaking his hand to seal the bloody deal. Yamato takes that as his cue to leave, rushing out the door without so much as a wish of good luck to Toji, not that he needs it. You barely get in a ‘thank you, come again!’ as his broker flees, but it doesn’t upset you. You merely go back to stirring a cloudy white concoction with a long spoon inside a tall glass.
“Thanks for the drink,” Toji mutters once he’s settled into the barstool right across from you. The escort and her client have gone off somewhere. Maybe there are rooms in the back?
You’re surprised at his arrival, but you kindly welcome him with a smile. "It's no problem. Can I get you anything?”
“Something strong,” he says.
You give a polite nod and pull off a bottle of quality spirit from the edge-lit shelves. He’s happy you don’t skimp your pour, or the way you refill his glass as soon as he downs it in one gulp without judgment. This quiet exchange goes on for a few more pours until he remembers that good alcohol comes with a steep price tag. He begrudgingly closes his tab. You serve him a sympathetic glass of chilled water. He swallows it all in one go as well.
Speaking of funds. “How much do you want?”
“What?” she looks up at him with confusion, hands that were wiping a newly scrubbed cup dry with a white hand towel.
“The cut,” he says it like it’s something obvious. “How much of a cut do you want?”
You’re utterly confused by his inquiry until he gestures to his glass with an obvious look. It finally dawns on you what he’s implying; the drink you served earlier. “Oh! No, no!” you shake your head profusely. “I don’t want anything. I was just, ya know,” you shrug, bashful, “doing something nice for someone. For no particular reason.”
“You expect me to believe you gave me a free drink out of the goodness of your heart?”
“Yes, because I did,” she says, which truly surprises him. because he can’t ever recall someone doing something nice for him of all people. Are you not intimidated by him? Surely, you heard what he was talking about with his broker?
He swallows the crushed bits of ice left in his glass and looks at you, scrutinizing. “That’s it?”
“That’s it,” you nod. The damp rag is folded into a thick square and you begin wiping the counters.
You let out an airy laugh. “Really.”
“Really really?” Toji chides.
“Are you going to order another drink or should I pour you some more water?” You threaten, though it’s half-serious. You haven’t stopped smiling, even when you were thrown off guard at his sudden accusations. Maybe it’s the alcohol talking, but he thinks he likes it when you smile at him.
“What’s your name?" Toji asks, compelled to put a name to that nice face of yours.
Your hands go fully still for the first time since he’s been watching you. “You want to know my name?”
“No, I want to know the name of the broad behind you.” He winces over how overly rude he unintentionally spoke. Funnily enough, you actually turn and look around, thinking there really was someone behind you that you failed to take notice of. You turn back to him with defeat, bottom lip jutting out in a lop-sided pout. Damn, that’s pretty cute.
“My name…” Your voice trails off, uncertain how to answer such a basic question. “You really want to know my name?”
“Don’t hurt yourself,” he says into his cup, sipping the melted water that gradually accumulates beneath the freezing ice. “It’s not like I’m asking for your number or anything.”
“Fushiguro,” you finally answer. “Fushiguro (Y/N).”
“Fushiguro, huh?” he ponders, testing the syllables under his breath. Toji leans back against the back and lets out a deep laugh. “Nice name ya got there.”
Tumblr media
Exaggeration isn’t something Toji is keen on. He tells it like it is, and in turn, people who wish to hire his services will grant him the same level of honesty. But sometimes a client comes along thinking they can pull a fast one on him if they flaunt a couple of bills in his face. He knows when a job sounds too good to be true. People in the market for a murder-for-hire don’t shell out fat stacks of cash out of the goodness of their hearts. No, taking the life of someone comes with risks. They always do.
“I’m tellin’ ya!” the beer-bellied guy slaps his chubby hand on the surface of the spotless table with frustration. “It’s an easy job! In and out, really!”
Sneaking in and out of the office of some hotshot CEO and offing him sounds simple enough. The big paycheck has Toji seeing stars and wanting to plant a fat smooch on the guy’s sweaty forehead for coming to him directly instead of asking his broker to mediate. No middle man means all the profits go directly into his pockets, which he could really use.
What stops him from wetting his lips with the employer’s salty perspiration is the quick glance he gives towards the bar. You’re politely laughing at a joke some drunk salaryman slurred out. There’s a brief moment when you look in his direction and lock eyes with him. It’s a subtle greeting of sorts, and easily missable to onlookers if they aren’t paying close attention.
“‘Nother one!” his client, Fujimoto is his name, angrily demands towards the bar.
“I got it!” you swiftly call out, disconnecting from Toji to grab your tools and get back to work. It’s enough to halt the somewhat servers from scurrying behind the bar counter amidst the height of happy hour. It seems the place is a bit short-staffed, but you don’t seem that bothered having the bar to yourself. Your welcome, mix, and serve cocktails with that mighty-fine smile of yours as always. Toji wonders how someone can be so easy-going, so optimistic, as you. He hasn’t seen you falter one bit since he’s made your acquaintance. Whatever it is, it’s working wonders for business. He’s sat at your side of the bar once a week since he’s learned your name. Sometimes he comes for business. Most of the time it’s for his own pleasure.
“Well, Toki?” Fujimoto comes back to their negotiation after downing another glass of gin and fizz. “We have a deal?”
“It’s Toji,” he annoyingly corrects. He hasn’t said his name correctly since he ordered his first drink. “And I think I’ll pass on this one.”
“Huh?!” Fujimoto groans far too loudly than needed. “You stupid or somethin’ boy? This gig is easy as shit!”
He’s tempted to tell the dumbass that that’s the problem, but he’s already wasted an hour of his time just watching the guy drink himself silly. Even if the job was as clean as he says, he wouldn’t take it for the sole fact that he’d have to associate with this asshole. Your laughter rings out across the room again, and that’s when he decides enough is enough and heads towards his self-proclaimed spot at the bar so he can lose himself in your presence.
Fujimoto calls him stupid once more before ordering another drink, but the waitresses finally decide to cut him off and politely ask him to leave. He curses at them and harshly grabs the girl on the back of one of the server’s legs, nails digging into her skin. She shrieks out in pain, alerting the burly bouncer at the entrance who grabs Fujimoto by the back of his neck and tosses him out like a sack of flour. No one says a word, feigning ignorance to the entire spectacle. Toji chuckles as you tut and polish a rigid glass with exasperation. The bouncer comes back in and tells the girl who was grabbed to head home for the night, which she gladly does.
“Can I get you anything to drink?” you ask, wiping down the bar as usual.
Toji nods. “Sure.”
“The usual?”
“Not this time,” he rejects his usual spirits on the rocks. “Why don’t you make me something?”
There’s a bit of surprise on your face at his subtle request. “Really?”
You’re probably not used to people asking you to make them anything of your choosing, but as you count out your remaining mint leaves and eyeball the bottle of bourbon with an undisturbed wax-dipped seal on the shelves, it’s clear you have something in mind. You look back at him with a nervous grin, silently asking him permission if you can truly do as you please. How can someone be this cute?
He leans back and folds his hands behind his neck. “Show me what you got, kid.”
You gingerly peel off the wax from the bottle’s neck. “You’re not that older than me!” you say as you muddle mint leaves and a yellow syrup into a copper cup.
The more you smash and twist, the stronger the aroma of refreshing sugar becomes. The smile that always adorns your face as your work vanishes for the first time. You grimace and gag in momentary disgust before falling back into rhythm. It could be that mint is one of your weaknesses, but then he recalls all the times you handled them with ease. You would even slap a couple of leaves on the back of your hand and sniff them with delight.
“You okay?” he asks, eyebrows knit together in concern.
You go still like you’ve been caught with your hand in the cookie jar. “What? Oh, I’m fine!” you stutter out, a bit too insistently to ignore. “Everything starts to smell weird after a couple of hours!” you reason, but he doesn’t believe you.
With metal tongs, you stack three cubes of ice and pour a small bit of distilled bourbon over it. You stir the concoction a few times, sprinkle some powdered sugar, and garnish with even more mint leaves before presenting the cocktail on a black square napkin. “Be careful,” you warn. “It’s strong.”
Strong it is, as it burns the back of his throat from just a mere sip. He’s still not that keen on the sweetness with his drink, but he can’t say he would turn his head away if you were to make this for him again.
Your hands nervously clench each other. “How is it?”
“Not half bad,” he says between sips.
You beam like the sun at his approval. He watches how you caress and smooth down the wrinkles of your shirt over your stomach. It’s a bit of a strange gesture, but he tries not to overthink it.
“Another?” He tilts the empty cup at you.
“Of course,” you say, with a smile.
Tumblr media
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orieriee · a day ago
Jujutsu Kaisen Incorrect Quotes pt. 2
Tumblr media
Author's note! This was inspired by things TXT said that seems like fake sub but aren't but I'm changing and adding a few more parts!
Multiple characters included! Reader is involved!
Warnings! curse words and t1ts mentioned
Tumblr media
*Megumi and Gojo walking to the infirmary to see Itadori, cue to Gojo suddenly teasing Megumi and being dramatic*
Gojo: Megumi, why are you following me?
Megumi: I'm not following you?
Gojo: Come on, do you really like me that much Megumi? Is that why you're following me like a chick following its mother? You cute porcupine-haired kid
Megumi: I'm outta here bye
Tumblr media
Toji: Hm? *looks down* Y/N, can you stop grabbing my t1ts?
Y/N: No. This almost feels like a water pillow or a stress ball. How do you keep them... Squishy??
Tumblr media
Y/N, the interviewer: In your opinion, who is the most good-looking in your group?
Kugisaki: Me-
Y/N: Other than you.
Kugisaki: Oh man. Uhhh... *looks over at Fushiguro and Itadori* they all look like fools tho.
Tumblr media
Y/N, the interviewer, again: what would you do if you make eye contact with a cockroach while you were passing by?
Gojo: I'll make it regret that it made eye contact with me.
Gojo: that would be the last mistake that the cockroach will make in his life
Tumblr media
Megumi, answering a question in his vlive: My divine dogs? They're doing well I guess.
Megumi: My dogs don't have mobile phones. I'll buy them one when they grow up.
Tumblr media
Sukuna: I had a great time. Even though I lost today, I learned a lot so I'll win next time.
Itadori: Which lesson did you learn?
Sukuna: I have to perfect my cheating skills.
Tumblr media
Getou: what are you doing?
Gojo, practicing his wingardium leviosa: no one can defeat Gojo the MAGICIAN.
Getou, look into the camera like Michael Scott: He's gone down the crooked path
Tumblr media
Gojo, doing random shit when guests are touring around jujutsu high: SHHHH be quiet... Did you hear that? It sounds like gakuganji having a breakdown at yaga's office AHAHAHAHAHA
Fushiguro: sorry, his therapy just started
Tumblr media
Y/N, the interviewer, again (2): so you're the one who brightens up the mood?
Itadori: well, yup! You can say that I guess, I'm the mood maker :D
Kugisaki: he makes the mood dark
Itadori: hey!!
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Cleaning them up, but they’re being stubborn. (unedited)
Atsumu M | Kirishima E | Toji F | Eren Y | Ran H
Tumblr media
“Oh my god— Miya Atsumu, how do you always get yourself messed up?” Roughly pressing an adhesive bandage to his cheek; sighing as you do so. He holds contact with your pouty expression, as he can’t help but pout as well. You eventually see his crumpled eyebrows as you wipe over his cuts. The peroxide making him slightly hiss, you hold his head up for a better grip.
“M’sorry Baby, it was an accident.” Heavy arms finding their way to your waist he presses your stomach forward.
Not even batting an eye, you can’t do anything but sigh. Your movements are a little bit rougher, as the more you clean away his bloody scuffs the more sympathetic you get. Wanting to cry at his bruised up frame, he prints your eyes with only a smile, Atsumu pulls you towards him and in between his legs. His neck leaning up to you, and his back hunched while his thighs spread, keeping you stuck in them.
“C’mon y’know you can’t ignore me forever. I mean you’re right in front of my face..so c’mon, don’t leave me hangin.” Chin is burying itself in your stomach, as he sighs. The vibrations of his voice making the butterflies in your stomach flutter.
“Miya, do you know how scared I get when you come home in a mess. And seriously I mean a mess, your hair has dirt in it. Literal dirt, I’m sorry for caring too much but I just—“
“Do you know how sad I get when you come home exhausted and on the path of crying?”, “Atsu-“, “Mm I don’t think you do, but I do. I really do and I just wish I could help when yer all down and tired. Wanna’ take care of ya like you do me.” Arms fully around your back, he leans his face in your stomach. Listening to your heart beat at different tempos. “Y’know?” Enjoying how it speeds up just from him. If only you could hear his heart, run around his chest just for you.
“Tsumu’” Your hand accidentally brushing against his patched up cheek, he lets out an aggressive groan. Quick to apologize, with a response. “Tsumu! Sorry Are you okay??” Your pointer finger now under his jaw as you guide him to look up at you, in which he does. His dramatic little pout painted across his face he nods. “Do you need anything?” Reasonably concerned he doesn’t reply, but nods his head.
“You can put your hands in my hair again, b-because..y’know cause’ m’head hurts, n the pain is just too much for me to bear.” His request forcing you to laugh at his words, he only pouts longer the more you stare at him with your perfect smile.
“So, no cuddles?”, “Yes Tsumu’ no cuddles, no more until you feel better.” Jumping right up at your vowels, there’s a silence after you both hear the pop in his legs. But it soon fades away as he abrupts it.
“Would you look at that! I’m feelin’ great already! Damn pretty, what type of spell did you cast on me, feelin’ kinda love struck.” Cracking a laugh, you put a hand to his chest, and a kiss to his cheek.
“Well since you feel better already, go change your clothes.”
Coming home at 11:25pm, he shuts the oak door as quietly as he can. Setting his keys in his pocket to suffocate the jingle as he moves. He doesn’t flick on any lights, thinking you’d see them. But being the clumsy man he is, he ends up running into a door frame, a coffee table and a refrigerator.
Turning on the stove light, he rummages through the drawers looking for a first aid kit. With no luck he finds medical wrapping inside. As his only choice he grabs it and sets it on the kitchen island table.
“Eijiro Kirishima.” Knowing he’s in big trouble, he drops the medical wrap back on the kitchen island table and turns around. His palm on the back of his head, he is only able to force a let a nervous laugh out of his throat.
“O-Oh hey, babe. Shouldn’t you be in bed?” Crossing your arms you walk around him, picking the bandage wrap up, you shift to face him.
“I was, until you were being so loud I heard you in my dreams.” Nodding as he puts his hand down, he opens his arms as you walk towards him.
“Was I that loud?”, eyes following your steps to get to him, as you respond— “You were. So loud I hear your whole conversation with yourself from the coffee table to the doorway.”
Clearing his throat, his face turns red, how embarrassed he is. “So what were you dreamin’ about?”
“If you’re implying that you wanted me to dream about you, then you’re right.” Accepting his hug, you can feel his heart thumping against your cheek. But ignoring it instead, you sigh as you move deeper into his chest. His words vibrating against your ear, with a smile you two stand that way for a while.
Wrapping his wrist in the bandage, he gazes at you. Never breaking the sight of your straight face. Completely unaware of his eyes remaining on your body. Reminding him of how much you're his. But as you catch his eyes, he’s shooting you a smile, to make your thighs clench. So wrapping the last of the wound you push his cocky face away.
“S-Stop you don’t get to do that.”, “Do what?” Head to the side like a puppy, he weighs both of his palms on each side of your body. “I’m not doin’ anything now am I?” Face against your vision, his breath on your lips, you place your hands on the sides of his cheeks and give him a kiss.
“Mmn..- I missed you, did ya miss me too?” His buffy arms already stamped to your body, he leans forward, aiming your body to lay on the island table as he hovers you. “I did.”, “Oh yeah? How much?” Exciting him with a small chuckle he catches your face finally lighting up, “So much, you don’t even know.”
“Yeah? Well let me show you how much I missed you.”
“Stop being so stubborn you asshole.” Trying to cut his blood stained shirt off, he jerks away as the cold metal of the scissors makes contact with his back.
“Shut the fuck up, the shits cold as hell.” Grumpy tone coming out the more the metal touches his back. And as the more he waits the more bored he gets.
“It’s because you keep moving, just stay still I’m nearly done.” Nodding just a bit, he groans at the metal once more before the shirt finally falls apart. Grabbing the edges along his shirt, you peel off the sleeves from his arms and neck, revealing his chest. His veins running along the hills of his skin, keeping his past scars from being hit by the air.
“You gonna keep staring? Or help my guts from seeping out?” Rolling your eyes, you tear the rest of his shirt.
“Please there’s nothing to look at, I’ve seen it all before.” Crumbling the shirt into a ball, and into the trash, he watches as you move along the room. “You’re starin’ like you wanna see it again.”
“You’re so annoying you know that?.” Forming a smile on both your faces, he doesn’t realize how worried you are for him. Even if you know he’s not going to die that easily, you don’t care. He’s still hurt, but he’ll probably realize.
Just the thought you’re wasting your time for him. It only makes him wonder how far you’ll really go, he knows he’s not in the position to test your buttons. Knowing he’s a shitting person, he still is grateful that it’s you with this shitting person. Examining your pastel shirt stained by mud, he watches you grab your gloves and get started on his damaged body.
“Are you done yet?” Closing his opened wound, with a red thread, he sighs. Hand behind his head, resting on the headboard, his eyes drift to the ceiling and close. “There.”
Finishing his wound as you close it up, you get up to grab a cloth and clean everything else away. Tearing your gloves off and in the trash you move to clean the room up before you consider changing. You notice his eyes are sealed, and while thinking he’s asleep, you can’t help but smile to yourself. His heavy body deep in the bed, as quietly as you can move to his edge of the bed and give him a small kiss; “Don’t die in your sleep.”
Just don’t think he was asleep when you said that.
“I don’t need your help.” Fighting the urge to sigh, Eren walks away from you as fast as he can without any more fluids spilling. So he holds his stomach, and trudges to your shared bathroom.
Following behind him with your arms crossed, and sewing kit in hand, “You sure? Because you forgot the kit.” “So?” “So…what are you gonna use for your wounds then Eren?” Raising your eyebrow, he manages to lean against the marble white sink with a mumble, and creased eyes.
“Toilet paper and water. Now leave me alone, I can do it myself.” Perspiration falling from his forehead, he frowns upon your figure getting closer to him. As his body heats up, he starts to get an uneasy breath. Not even wanting to fight, he begins to clean the visible leaking blood from his hip. Huffing and puffing, the more that comes out— as he can barely keep eye contact. You take control and help him instead.
“I sai-“, “No, I don’t even wanna hear it. You’re so stupid you know that right?” Eyes examining your bent over body, he keeps his eyes on your hands.
“You look pretty like that.” Hand now on your head, you don’t even raise up to give him an annoyed glance. You don’t even reply, and if he was in his right mind he would’ve realised that you’re mad, worried and on the brink of sobbing.
Leaning his head slowly back, he lets out a sigh. Eyes to the bathroom light as he closes them softly.
“Open your eyes Eren, don’t close them yet, okay?” Standing up to glide your hand on his roughed up cheek, he raises his as well, covering yours with his. “Okay.” Not opening them, he sets a smile on his face, a small one, or medium, whatever the case may be. It’s a noticeable smile, a noticeable change in his expression and you live for it. So as he looks at you, and as you look at him, you smile back automatically.
“See, they’re open, happy?” Humming to his words, you focus on his wounds. Wiping along the seams of wool, with hydrogen peroxide, and water, his breathing comes back, slowly, but it comes back.
“I love you so much..”, “I know you’ve told me before.” Frowning, he scoffs. “Yeah? Well I’m fucking telling you again, let me finish.” Nodding your head playfully, “Go on.”
“Just wanna say, how much I love you, and you are..” The pauses in his sentence are fading, his head is leaned against the mirror, and his eyes are shut tight. “E-Eren??” Hands now on his face, you panic, shoving him lightly to get a response.
“Let me sleep damnit-”, “Are you okay??”, “Just fine babe.”
“If you wanna see me shirtless jus’ say that.” Taking off his stained tank top, a smirk stays on his face all the way.
Not even replying, you continue on grabbing some gloves and tweezers. “So. Are you single?” With your co-worker sending you a smug smile, you shoot her a glance, more of a warning. And as she may not know that you’re dating this foolish man in front of you, she knows he’s hot. “No I’m not.”
“Who’s the lucky man?” Both Ran and your co-worker asking simultaneously, while you let out an exaggerated sigh.
“Well, for starters, he’s hot, stupid and on the verge of being kicked out.” Shaking his head as if he doesn’t know you’re clearly mad at him, he ignores the sharp tone, and focuses on your co-worker clearly whispering in his ear. ‘Don’t worry y/n’s not always like this.’
‘For real? How is y/n usually?’, ‘Always talking about this guy named Ran and how she wants to f-‘
“CW, really??”, “What?! I was only, having a conversation, you know, to distract the patient from pain.”, “Yeah well, I need a wet towel, go fetch me one please.”, “Yes your honor.”
Making her way out of the room with a smile, you don’t even say a word. Leaving Ran to smirk at you with his half lidded eyes.
“Who’s this Ran guy?”, “Why are you asking stupid questions?”
“Jeez calm down babe, it’s the anesthetics I swear” Holding his hands in the air, joke-fully, the corners of your mouth slightly and just barely lifting up with a laugh. “Ran- you aren’t on anesthetics.”
“In that case that must make me tougher than most men. Can I get your number?” Laughing, you let out a giggle as well, your co-worker coming in during it, her presence silences you. But with Ran still with a smile on his face, he doesn’t look at your co-worker. But at his beautiful baby, cleaning him up. Even if you’re mad, sad, or so desperately want to slap him. To him, it's all love and emotions.
“So can I?”
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know your place - a ryomen sukuna inspired playlist
you fool
Tumblr media
Venom - Eminem
And I know they're gonna hate
But I don't care, I barely can wait
To hit 'em with the snare and the bass
Square in the face, this fuckin' world better prepare to get laced
Because they're gonna taste my—
Venom, (I got that) adrenaline momentum
And I'm not knowin' when I'm
Ever gonna slow up and I'm
Ready to snap any moment I'm
Thinkin' it's time to go get 'em
They ain't gonna know what hit 'em
Mount Everest - Labrinth
You could touch the sky, but you ain't got shit on me
'Cause I'm on top of the world
I'm on top of the world, yeah
DAYWALKER! - Machine Gun Kelly (feat. CORPSE)
If a pussy wanna say shit, then I'll fuckin' stomp his face in
Nah, not getting better, can't change it, I left blood all on the pavement
I'm on borrowed time, can't shake it, uh, blackout when I'm ragin', uh
Me and all these pills be on a fuckin' first name basis, uh
There's an invisible voice that is talkin' to me, and it's always tellin' me to kill
I got a problem with separating what my head is creating from things that are real
I'm in a room, hyperventilating and debating to pop off the cap of these pills
If I get angry, I'm goin' to start up a riot like people on Capitol Hill
Fight, fight, fight
Heartless - The Weeknd
'Cause I'm heartless
And I'm back to my ways 'cause I'm heartless
Bossed Up - Quay Dash
I'm a pretty bitch, and I'm shining like I'm Pluto (Pluto)
Fuck you gonna do though? You ain't doing shit (nah)
But on your knees every night sucking dick (sucking that thing)
Go and fix your life, baby, go and get a job (get a job)
'Stead of looking like a mess, living life like a slob (slob)
Tia Tamera - (feat. Rico Nasty)
He just wanna eat me like some candy, but I'm not his buttercup
Dressed in all black, grim reaper (bitch)
Don't act like you can't see us (yeah)
VILLAIN - K/DA, Madison Beer, Kim Petras
In control
That's how I like it
And I'm never letting go, nah
Never had a soul
So you ain't taking anything from me
When you go, nah
I'll stay so deep inside your brain
And take you somewhere far away
Time to roll the dice
You know I'm the type
Type to risk my life
Not afraid to die
Type to make you cry
Type to put a price
All up on your head
Do just what I said
I'ma straight up villain
Straight up villain
Yeah no feeling
Yeah no feeling
Dark Horse - Katy Perry, Juicy J
I knew you were
You were gonna come to me
And here you are
But you better choose carefully
'Cause I, I'm capable of anything
Of anything and everything
Make me your Aphrodite
Make me your one and only
But don't make me your enemy
your enemy, your enemy
So you wanna play with magic?
Boy, you should know whatcha falling for
Baby, do you dare to do this?
'Cause I'm coming at you like a dark horse (hey)
Oxytocin - Billie Eilish
I can see it clear as day
You don't really need a break
Wanna see what you can take
You should really run away
Other people wouldn't stay
Other people don't obey
You and me are both the same
You should really run away
Bad things
To you
I wanna do bad things to you
I wanna make you yell
I wanna do bad things to you
Don't wanna treat you well
Ultraviolence - Lana Del Rey
He used to call me DN
That stood for deadly nightshade
'Cause I was filled with poison
But blessed with beauty and rage
Hold Me Down - Halsey
Selfish, taking what I want and call it mine
I'm helpless, clinging to a little bit of spine
They rush me, telling me I'm running out of time
They shush me, walking me across a fragile line
I sold my soul to a three-piece
And he told me I was holy
He's got me down on both knees
But it's the devil that's tryna
Hold me down, hold me down
Sneaking out the back door,
Make no sound
Knock me out, knock me out
Saying that I want more, this is what I live for
Hold me down, hold me down
Throw me in the deep end, watch me drown
Knock me out, knock me out
Saying that I want more, this is what I live for
Rhinestone Eyes - Gorillaz
I'm a scary gargoyle on a tower
That you made with plastic power
Your rhinestone eyes are like factories far away
Here we go again
That's electric
That's electric
She just look into my soul with them Shinigami eyes
Coke in my nose and a blade on her thigh
Man, I think this girl is really trying to plan my demise
Praise God - Kanye West
I channeled them bad bitches, all in abode
I challenge the trust, I challenge the turbulence
I came with the life
I gathered my sinners and asked if I'm right, let's get-
I just get right, bitch, huh
spotify link
Tumblr media
a/n: "i see your request are open and maybe can i request a ryomen sukuna playlist? Im feelin like an enemie to lover with a thicc sexual tension with a badass fighting scene vibe with someone that just as strong as him ya feel?? THANK YOUU!!"
So that was @missroro 's request! I hope you like this playlist as much as I do cause I had sooooo much fun making it! It's ironic how toxic this one feels lmao, i think it fits his character pretty well but you let me know!
check this if you wanna request a playlist too🌻
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sasudou · 2 days ago
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njisano · 13 hours ago
Ooh! How about baby fushiguro meeting Megumi for the first time?
Just read her meeting Gojo for the first, and it was adorable!!!
scarlet witch! baby fushiguro! reader meets megumi for the first time
jujutsu kaisen x reader
masterlist of the series
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
warning(s): major anime/manga spoilers for jjk
aaaa thank you so much for the feedback! i'm glad you found scarlet bb fushiguro's meeting gojo for the first time adorable :) happy reading anon, writing this was fun <3
(p.s. this is a short written work, sorry!)
Tumblr media
when gojo cared for you, he didn't introduced you to megumi right away. he was uncertain how megumi would react knowing that he has yet another half sibling and just like he had anticipated, megumi expressed disinterest at you when he first heard you from gojo.
but, that changed when gojo brought you to megumi for the very first time. megumi wasn't sure if it was because of your age gap to him, the fact that you were so young compared to him or the fact that you were a being of chaos with a betwitching charisma and aura.
"megumi-kun! meet your younger half-sister, [name]!"
"i told you i didn't want t—gojo immediately handed you to the older fushiguro kid he took custody with despite his protests of not wanting to hold you.
megumi let out a sigh, shaking his head before bringing you to his face to get a good look at you. "so, this is [name].."
"yeah, i have kikufuku under my wing so you don't have to worry about thing. all i ask is for you to be nice to her, your dad almost sold her off to the zenins just like you, you know?" gojo explained a bit too nonchalantly, prompting megumi to widened his eyes.
"but why? i don't sense any cursed energy from her." megumi furrowed his brows, peering at your big [color] eyes that was staring at him with curiosity and interest.
"probably to make kikufuku overe here just like your dad." gojo sighed, reaching a hand to ruffle your hair. "luckily, he asked me to look after [name] instead. she's just a baby. your dad is quite the jerk, yeah?"
"you better take good care of [name]."
gojo looked at megumi in surprise, watching him hold you more properly and firmly this time in his arms, which caused you to smile and start clinging onto him.
"what's with the change of heart? i thought you didn't like her?" gojo raised a brow, a smirk tugging on his lips.
"well, [name]'s my sibling, isn't she? and it's.. it's my personal feelings." megumi turned his head away from the white haired man.
"you know what? it's the same for me. i get it. not even i could resist your little sister when i first saw her." gojo found himself chuckling at the older fushiguro. "i'll take good care of [name]. i did promise your dad that."
"i have one more thing to ask." megumi interjected.
"geez, what is it?" gojo sighed in an exasperated manner.
"i want to see [name] from time to time too." megumi says, looking at you with a small smile.
"consider it done, i already planned on making that happen whether you were going to ask or not." gojo smiled at him and you. "i'll bring kikufuku over when you're not busy, okay?"
"okay.. and why do you call [name] your kikufuku?" megumi gives gojo a weird look.
"i suggest pinching her cheeks, you'll understand why she's a kikufuku." gojo states, clasping his hands together before bringing a hand to pinch your cheek, prompting you to giggle and coo.
"weird nickname but okay." megumi mumbled, shaking his head before looking at you once again.
"you want me to give you a nickname too?" gojo asked.
"what? no!" megumi scoffed.
instead of gojo, you were the one who gave him a nickname.
"gumi!" you say adorably, making grabby hands to your older half-brother.
"aww! look at you two. [name] has a nickname for you already." gojo claimed, "but actually, you should call him 'gumi-nii'. megumi-kun over here is your older brother, kikufuku." he tells you.
"gumi-nii!" you repeated after gojo.
both him and megumi had the biggest smiles after that.
ever since then, megumi warmed up to you. he was genuinely glad whenever gojo brought you to him at jujutsu high during his freetime amd it didn't take long for it to become a routine.
megumi contacts gojo whenever he hasn't heard about you or when you haven't visited him yet in a week (it worries him, but also mostly because he has grown attached to you and he wants to see you)
he was much closer to you compared to tsumiki and has the same urge as gojo to protect and look after you. he regretted not acknowledging and not wanting to see you sooner. because he was much closer to you, megumi lets his guard down and smiles more often around you, showing his softer side. he gets angry at gojo whenever he's being irresponsible at his parenting on you.
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bts5sosempire · a day ago
silent sky
Tumblr media
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: toji fushiguro x afab! reader
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐬: 931
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭: fluff
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: “enjoying each other under the sky, with no direction of dialogues.”
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: nothing much, just doing self-indulgent, lol. I don't proofread this since my brain was fried halfway towards the end of this.
Tumblr media
It was a chill night as soft breezes of winds caressed the field of tall grass and wildflowers gently. Under a pale moonlight, two figures were sitting under the glimmering stars that spread across the vast midnight sky like diamonds. The sound of cicadas softly crying into the night and dancing fireflies shimmering their jade beacon around them adds more to the quiet atmosphere.
“Toji,” you, who curls their legs up to their chest, rested your chin upon your knees. With a head tilt, you look at the man sitting beside you, connecting constellations with their eyes relaxed. You swipe the fallen hair strands behind your ears before whining at him for attention. “C'mon, you can't be that old to be deaf yet,” a pout adorned your face.
“It's always quiet out here,” was his non-comical response, and after that, he faced you with a lopsided languid grin as your eyes always lingered on his scarred lips first before returning to his emerald orbs. “What is it that you want Daughter of (Surname)?”
You wrinkle your nose in disgust at that nickname and snap back quickly, “Don't call me that, and I was gonna ask if you're okay today?” Your face suddenly turns concerned towards your friend, “You didn't talk on our way here; that's so unlike you.” Toji was always talkative around you when alone, you don't know when he opened up to you, but you thought he would never since he's stoic like a rock. But after a few meetings, tries, and pestering the young man, he finally let you in a bit, not before telling you to ‘buzz off’ (it's actually “fuck off,” but we don't talk about that).
“It's nothing,” Toji dismissed your question with a slight chuckle. That eases your mood a bit.
But a scoff came from you, and you slapped his biceps, “Nothing, my ass, now tell me,” scooting closer to him, you peer at his face that turns away instantly when your curious gaze lands. So you did it again, this time putting your chin on his broad shoulder and inch closer and closer until your nose is deep into his neck. Unfortunately, you didn't feel nor notice how Toji tensed up with the proximity. But you could smell his natural musk of cedar…and a hint of vanilla bean? “Why do you smell like a woman too?” You pull back suddenly, eyes inquiring him when he whips his head towards you.
“What woman?” Toji raises a brow at you, then looks at himself. He pulled his shirt up to his nose and took a whiff, and smelled the familiar scent, “The only woman I hang around is you.” An incredulous laugh left your lips when you heard the last like from your friend. “You don't believe me? The scent is your vanilla fabric softer you used when you stole my laundry basket a week ago.”
“Oh, really?” you give him a knowingly look, still not buying it. Going near him again, you pinch his shirt and stretch the material, much to Toji's dismay, when you retook a waft of vanilla.
“Yes, it is,” he deadpanned, taking your hand and pulling it away to loosen and help his poor shirt. “You recently switched the scent linen to vanilla since you hate how Hyori smells almost like you.”
Then you remembered the conversation a few weeks ago, “Oh, yeah!” With a ridiculous laugh, you throw your head back into the air and clap your hands once before bringing it to your face to cover your silly self for not remembering it. “That slipped away from my mind!” Toji calls you a ‘dummy’ before flicking your forehead with his finger, and you yelp in pain, then try to protest back in attempting to hit him.
As if beautiful bells were ringing in your ears, you see Toji, who laughed wholeheartedly for once when he hadn't in for weeks, had lines of happiness crinkle out the corner of his eyes when he used a hand to cover his waves of laughter loosely. Toji would give your smiles and wry ones from time to time, even his cocky ones but seeing him like this made you happier than before as you couldn't help but join in with him. Already forgot the whole ordeal of what he did.
But a certain warmth floods its way into the center of your heart as you unconsciously start viewing him in another light. 
“You look better like this, Toji.”
“Yes, you're shining right now, and I love it. Please keep being happy like this when you're with me no matter what.”
“Sure.” Toji didn't hesitate to answer right back, and he saw how you glow instantly again. Brighter than the fireflies in this field at that one word. Your vibrant smiles were contagious when you threw yourself against him for a hug with arms in the air. The both of you fell back into the lush grass as you happily squealed into his chest. He wasn't expecting this; Toji could feel your grips tighten and your face digging deep in his chest. You're probably the only person who would act like this with him.
He was happy. A feeling that was foreign to him, but with you, it is always happening. Toji let his arms crawl slowly to your petite back and hold you loosely, in contrast to you.
Tumblr media
Under the night sky, Toji's feelings for you blossom into more than friends as yours seem to be growing also. Under undivided forces, you and he are like yin and yang.
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wasurenagusaa · a day ago
Oh to go back home after a long day of work, wind is blowing, the night is cold. You hold yourself, your puffer jacket isn’t warm enough for this glacial night.
You walk home, tired, only thinking about your warm cover. Your feet and your mind both tired.
But you see him under the street light. He is waiting for you, not too far from your workplace. And you run to him, falling into his gigantic arms, him holding you close to his chest, kissing the top of your head, his warmth relieving you.
And suddenly in Toji’s arms, all your troubles are gone. Your long day is over and you are back in your favorite place : close to Toji’s heart. He is your strength and so are you. As long as he is here, everything is okay.
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tojisun · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
imagine naoya seeing you and going, “you don’t deserve toji-kun,” then toji just beats the living shit out of him for even breathing near you.
idk imagine naoya getting jealous (for what, you still cannot fathom) and you do not even need to defend yourself because toji does it for you.
Tumblr media
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mheerdraws · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Fushiguro Family
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suguruwrx · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: Toji Fushiguro x Mama Fushiguro
genre: fluff to angst. im sorry.
cw: character death, mentions of abuse, just toji’s problems tbh, zen’in shenanigans
wc: 791
a/n: i think this came out well. I didn’t want to create a name for mamaguro bc it’d be hard, so i hope i did things good. i tried to keep it canon and what not, but it makes me wanna cry =^= 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A symbol of rebirth, purity, self-regeneration. Even when the roots are in the dirtiest of waters, the Lotus produces the most beautiful flower. And with all the things that happened to Toji while in the Zen’in family, it didn’t seem to add up to becoming a Lotus flower.
That is, until he met her.
Toji was hated by the Zen’in for his lack of cursed energy. Deemed that he would never amount to anything because he couldn’t become a strong sorcerer. He had been subjected to all kinds of abuse growing up, to which he now wears a pretty scar that sits on the edge of his lips. He used to go from woman to woman, in hopes for money, while doing dangerous illegal jobs. But he was bad with money, as he would gamble and spend it all until it was all gone.
She changed his life. She showed unconditional love to him, in which he married her quickly, not wanting to mess up like he has in the past. 
He became Toji Fushiguro. A new man. Rebirth.
He calmed down quite a bit ever since becoming hers. Granted, he would still do some illegal jobs, but he stayed loyal to her. And it made her smile to see such a rugged man, becoming soft when around her, like she flipped a switch on him. It was only a matter of time before she mentioned the two words he’s heard once before, but for some reason, it meant more to him than the last. 
“I’m pregnant.” she would say, softly as a pink dusted her face, like she was scared he would overreact or even worse, leave. 
“Y-You..?” He whispered, eyes widening, before flickering between her innocent face and her stomach. His heart was beating so fast, unsure how he should really respond. He worried that he’d make the same mistake as before, or even worse, not be a good father for their child. After what seemed like an eternity for both, hearts beating so fast, Toji took a step closer to her, before pulling her into his arms, lightly squeezing. 
“I’ll do my best.” He would speak into her temple, placing his rough, scarred lips against it, reassuring that she had nothing to worry about. He loved her so much. And he vowed to protect her Purity to the world.
Months roll by, before it's finally time to meet their son. The son that Toji was a bit nervous to meet. As she laid in the bed, her contractions getting heavier and heavier, Toji couldn’t help but worry. 
“I’m fine love…” she’d whisper, reaching her hand out to his, before gripping it hard as another contraction hit. She looked up at her husband, mouth opening to speak another word, only for him to cut her off.
“Megumi.” His green eyes looked down at her glowing hazel ones, his smile faintly there. “It means ‘blessings’. He’d be a blessing in my life.”
It wasn’t long until doctors came to check in on her, quietly pushing him out of the way, only for him to slightly panic as he could hear them say small unnerving words. They had to wheel her to another room, in which Toji wasn’t allowed as it was an operating room. It felt like years for Toji, until a doctor came out to greet the now new father.
“Your son is as healthy as can be! But as for your wife…” the way the doctor trailed off made Toji’s heart stop. Was this doctor a jokester? Did he have a death wish?
“What about her??” Toji was becoming aggressive, hoping nothing was wrong with his beloved wife. 
“She didn’t make it…” was all the doctor said, before Toji’s eyes drifted off to look away, tears begging to form, only to hear the doctor speak up once more. “She told us to tell you something…”
Toji’s now wet and glossy eyes look back at the man, to hear what he had to say.
“She said, ‘Take care of Megumi, okay?’” His heart broke. Shattered. His wife died after birthing their son, and she tasked him to take care of him. He could barely take care of himself, he didn’t think he could do it. 
And it was true. He couldn’t. 
His past regenerated back into his mind, before meeting his now late wife. The way he would lose himself out in the real world. Soon forgetting the name of his son. 
The Zen’in were the dirty waters his roots were planted in, but after meeting his love, and her showing that he’s not as bad as he claims to be, she helped him create that beautiful flower that he never saw grow up. 
Megumi Fushiguro. Their Lotus.
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loviir · 8 hours ago
“that man’s a walking red flag“
me: grabs the red flag and cuts it into a heart because red is the colour of love <333
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unhonestlymirror · 2 days ago
So, biography of Toji Fushiguro in its chronological order:
2002 (probably) - gets married with Mamagumi and takes her surname. On December 22 Megumi borns. Mamagumi dies soon.
2003 - gambling, having affairs and COUCHSURFING as a copying mechanism
2004 (probably) - marries Tsumiki's mother and leaves the newly formed family after some time
2006 - dies because of some unkillable teenager
2009 - Tsumiki's mother leaves her and Megumi. Unkillable teenager adult takes care of them.
2017 - Tsumiki becames cursed and fells into coma
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