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#jjk fluff
mari-the-bimbo · 2 days ago
Poor thing (college! AU Gojo x reader)
A/N: I woke up and BAM! I felt the need to write more toxic Gojo! 😩 Also guys idk if I should make a part 2 or not?
she/her pronouns
Tumblr media
Gojo had never been so perplexed.
Despite having the looks, the money and the most popularity throughout the entire college, he didn’t understand why he was struggling to acquire the one thing he wanted the most.
He didn’t understand. You both enjoyed each other’s company so much, you’d always laugh at Gojo’s jokes and blush at his teasing.
You’re just so smart, kind, and everything Gojo lacks. You were clearly his other half! You belonged to him.
Why couldn’t you understand that? Why did you insist on staying with your pathetic boyfriend?
“Just look at him” Gojo whispered in Geto’s ear as they both watched you enter the lecture hall with your boyfriend.
“What does y/n see in him” Geto laughed.
Gojo hated it. He hated the way you chose that ugly thing over him. But that’s okay, he’ll teach you a lesson.
Gojo Satoru always has a plan. A smile creeped up on the white haired boy’s face, making Geto look at him in concern.
“What are you going to do Gojo?” Geto asked.
“Don’t worry about it bro”
— —
“Hello Mei Mei” Gojo said with a smile too pretty to be genuine.
“Hello Gojo” Mei Mei replied seductively as she sat down on the table with the rest of the popular people, her mini dress riding up, exposing her thighs.
“Can you do me a favour?” he asked with no room for argument as he ever so gently placed a check in Mei Mei’s hands.
— —
“Right, you wanna work on the project same time same place tomorrow Gojo?” You asked the popular boy who sat in front of you, with his legs manspreading.
“Huh? Leaving so soon bubs?” Gojo asked as he watched you pack your bags, ready to leave the library.
“Uhh yeah, I kinda promised [boyfriends name] I’d meet up with him by the side entrance” you said bashfully, trying not to blush at Gojo’s affectionate term for you.
Gojo shrugged “sure, whatever, I’m going that way too, I’ll drop you off” he said, once again leaving no room for arguments, as he stood up to his full 6’3 height, towering over you.
You smiled in gratitude as you both started heading towards the side entrance.
Oh silly little girl.
“Hey I’m here I-“
Your words came to a hault as your breath hitched, taking in the horrid scene before you.
You stood froze as you watched your boyfriend make out with the popular girl Mei Mei, his hands roaming her body, gripping onto her in his ways he never touched you, completely oblivious to your presence until he pulled away.
How could he do this to you? Why? You always used to rant to him about how Mei Mei looks down at you, how she makes you feel insecure, how could he cheat on you with the very girl you could never be?
“Y-y/n? Y/n this isn’t what it looks like!! She just-” You heard your boyfriend say.
But all his excuses went unheard as you felt a pair of large pale hands covering your eyes and ears from the scene before you.
It’s a good thing your eyes were covered, and you couldn’t see the wide, cocky grin on Gojo’s face as his lips brushed your ears.
“Oh y/n, you poor thing” you heard Gojo coo at you pitifully from behind, as your salty tears wet his hand.
Gojo almost felt bad for employing Mei Mei, the girl who he knew made you feel insecure,
but it was worth it, as he watched you cry so pathetically into his hands, slowly sinking into his embrace as you babbled and begged him to get you out of here like the cute, dependent little thing you are.
Mission accomplished
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kyscaqe · a day ago
can i request some fluff with toji with reader as mamaguro? saw somewhere that toji is a lovestruck hoe for his wife 😣😣
you can write whatever you want as long as toji is a big simp for his wife and lil gumi lol
thank you! have a great day/evening and pls do take care of yourself!
note: oh and how he is,, you have a nice day too and take care as well.
PAIRING: husband!toji x milf!reader TAGS: fluff, sfw, domestic!au WC: 0.439k
Tumblr media
"let me goo," you whined annoyed as you tried to free yourself from your husband's tight grasp on your figure, who was quite literally caging you in his arms. "nah" toji said tightening his grip on you even more, his voice coming out muffled when he snuggled his head deeper into your chest.
"toji, i'm being serious. megumi has to be in kindergarten in like what... half an hour!" you squirmed in his arms, trying your best to escape. "it wouldn't hurt to stay five more minutes then, would it?" he murmured quietly. "that's what you said 10 minutes ago, asshole." you muttered the last part. your eyes traveled to the door, revealing a still sleepy megumi, poking his head through the entrance. "oh, good. megumi, you can already go ahead and put your clothes on, i'll join right after" you informed him, not noticing toji's grip slightly loosening.
"toji, please, i have to make breakfa-" you cut yourself off when you heard him snoring. this was your chance, now or never. you carefully slipped from the bed, eyes locked on him, praying to whatever god there was for him to not wake up. right now, your top priority was to deliver megumi safely to kindergarten. nothing can stop a mom on a mission. you immediately sprinted towards your son's room, only to see him throwing clothes onto the floor. "already figured that this would happen" you huffed as you picked megumi up and sat him onto his bed, as he silently watched you debate with yourself whether you should leave this mess to toji or quickly clean it up. "ugh, screw it. your lazy father is gonna do it. you waved it off, picking out the outfit for megumi to wear.
in your bedroom, toji could hear faint noises from the kitchen of utensils being moved around due you preparing his kid's lunchbox, followed by your quick footsteps that lead to megumi's room, checking up if he's already dressed or not. the second he gained consciousness again, you were standing in front of him with megumi in your arms. "we're going now, make sure to buy the ingredients i've listed down. they are- you know where they are" you hurriedly rattled off, as you bend down to give him a quick peck on the lips which he gladly returned, making megumi whine and squirm in your arms. toji felt like his heart could explode any second when he smelled his perfume on your clothes, smirking slightly when you made megumi wave his hands, plappering a little "bye" toji waved back, throwing himself into the sheets once he heard the front door close.
"where was the grocery list again?"
Tumblr media
© kyscaqe ⎯ all rights reserved
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rindough · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
feet paddling the floor, satoru glances into each classroom in search of a familiar face. his quickened pace comes into an abrupt stop when he bumps into someone. “woah! so sorry — aha!”
“oh no...” you cursed before walking past him, the grip of your books now pulled closer into your chest. his whines now softer due to the distance before your heart accelerates again, now realizing that he’s caught up behind you.
“can we go have ice cream?” you shook your head, “can i have my answer now?”
you paused in your tracks (now regretting as the male bumps into you again) and looked at him, hands now resting on your hips. “gojo, you just asked me this morning if i’m available for the road trip.”
“and?” he chimes, a grin growing across his lips. “well, i really want you to go!”
“but like i said, i’ll let you know tomorrow!”
“but it’s so long!” the tall male pouts. a sigh leaves your lips, trying to come up with an idea when you remembered something.
looking down on your watch, you felt relieved that there wouldn’t be any more classes to teach as of today.
“fine.” you murmured. he smiles down at you, awaiting for your response.
“if — and only if,” you raised a finger, “i buy us ice cream, and maybe with waffles to go with it, then you have to wait for my answer tomorrow. what do ya say?”
his smile falters as he goes deep into thought. it was indeed hot nowadays, and in exchange of an answer — god, he’s really anticipating it — it might actually be worth it.
if geto managed to ask the stoic salaryman out, then he, gojo satoru, can and will ask you out for their planned trip.
and if he behaves well enough, the chances of you responding with a ‘yeah’ would be higher; in his best friend’s face for challenging him.
“yes? no?” you questioned while stepping closer to him. he froze in place, immediately noting the familiar fragrance coming off of you. his cheeks burn, realizing that it was from the perfume he gave you on your birthday.
“come on! answer me now!” you groan, playfully shaking the tall man.
“okay, okay!” he smiles, now wider as you pulled him along. “lead the way, also i’ll pay the bills-”
“no, me.” you blurted out, still moving forward.
“no, me!” he retorts. the tension grew as if things haven’t been fully discussed, there was a moment of silence when —
“me!” you two blurted out, causing you to spin and face him. you were about to say something when he cuts you off.
“if you still insist to pay, then i’ll bother you again later until our shifts are over!”
the image of a cheeky, white-haired man lingering by your desk in the office pops up in your mind, and sooner or later he would start to bombard you with so many things.
not like you don’t enjoy it, simply because you have tons of work to do today while he, himself doesn’t have any. well, at the moment.
“fine,” your grip loosens around his wrist as you shrugged. “it better be.”
laughter bubbles out his lips, a hand now covering over yours. “good! now let’s go.”
he pulls you by the hand as you asked from behind, “y’know the way?”
“oh... hehe. nope.”
you sighed before holding his hand back tighter. “nevermind, we’ll go there together.”
Tumblr media
 ©  2021 rindough, do not repost or plagiarize.
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almond-arlet · 2 days ago
part one - it's you that i lie with | gojo x reader
Tumblr media
tags: domestic gojo, fluffy gojo, rich dilf gojo, idk what else?
synopsis: you happen to get involved with the flirtatious gojo satoru and now he's been wrapped around your finger for over a year.
part one word count: 1640
warning: angst. fluff in this part, sexual references but nothing spicy (sorry lads).
author’s note: for the full authors note, go to the main post here. to see my other works, you can check out my masterlist here.
Tumblr media
part one — oh girl it’s you that I lie with as the world caves in.
come on over x.
it took one text to have you jumping out of bed and getting dressed into a pair of sweats. you weren’t quite sure why it got you excited, it wasn’t the first time and you were pretty used to it by now. maybe it was the fact that you hadn’t spoken to the sender in over three weeks. maybe it was that you hadn’t seen him in person for longer than that. that wasn’t out of the blue, either, it was common for him to disappear for months on end for his work. you didn’t know what he did, but your relationship never delved deep enough to ask those questions. it was like this every time: he sent a message and you either went over to his or he came to yours.
well, you thought his place was his. that was until you saw the notification displayed a different address to the one that you usually visited, and now you were standing outside of a high rise apartment building. you double-checked the address and pressed the buzzer to his apartment when you confirmed that your eyes were not deceiving you. in a heartbeat, he let you in, and before you knew it you were checking your appearance in the mirror of the building’s elevator, only three floors away from your destination.
you never really put much effort into how you dressed whenever you met him because your clothes were going to be a mess on the floor by the end of the night, but walking down the long corridor in search of his apartment made you feel underdressed. you knew he was rich, but not this rich.
you didn’t get the chance to raise your fist to knock on the door before it swung open without warning, and the white-haired man you were so familiar with greeted you with his trademark smirk.
“Sato—" you didn’t get to finish his name before his hands cupped the side of your face and he pulled you in for a kiss. unusually, it was on the hungrier side today, barely giving either of you the chance to breathe whilst you got a taste of what you’d been missing over the past few weeks. he was usually composed, organised, and strategic whenever you met up, no matter how long it had been since you had last hooked up. to say you were (pleasantly) surprised would be an understatement.
he finally pulled away when he realised he didn’t even get a word out yet, his usually pale face a little pink. “I missed you,” he said before you could even think, a small chuckle leaving his lips when he saw the shocked look on your face. “That’s very out of character of me, right? What can I say, you’re a work of magic, you are. And I missed you.”
“…um… thanks?” you managed to say, still struggling to get your mind to work. “I missed you, too.”
“Come on in, I don’t want to get arrested for public nudity.” he nodded his head to the inside of his apartment, turning around on his feet and shoving his hands into the pockets of the black sweats he was wearing.
“But we’re both fully clothed.” you followed after him, shutting the door behind you and taking off your shoes, your eyes nearly falling out of your head when you got a full view of the space. it was everything you expected to see, and more. a large open lounge and kitchen area, both of which were kept clean and immaculate. “I didn’t know you lived in a place like this, Satoru.”
“Please, if I kissed you a little longer, I’d have taken you right there.” he teased with an evil laugh, stopping in his tracks to look around the apartment. “Well, I couldn’t bring you to my actual home the first few times, you might have robbed me.”
“Me? A thief?” you gasped, bringing a hand to your chest feign hurt. “I am many things, but I am not a thief.”
he remained silent for a second, an innocent smile gracing his face before he held out an arm. “Let’s go dirty my expensive sheets, then we can talk afterwards.”
there weren’t many times when satoru lied to you, and the times that he did, you know it was something to do with his work and that was off the table for discussion. he did, however, lie to you now about dirtying his sheets. he never even let you get to his bed before he had his way, and you managed to come into contact with the expensive satin sheets an hour and a half later as you crawled onto the bed to finally rest.
once you climbed onto the queen size bed, you let yourself fall back onto one of the many pillows neatly piled up, heaving a sigh of content. you had already cleaned yourself up and you were waiting for satoru to finish up in the bathroom, which was nothing out of the ordinary. you learned the first couple of times that taking a shower with him would mean you’d have to call in sick the next day at work due to your entire being aching.
he never once explained to you what he did for a living, and in all honesty, it wasn’t something that crossed your mind. you were busy yourself, and he was just someone you slept around with. however, now that you’re staring at the ceiling for his actual apartment, you can’t help but be curious. what could you possibly be doing to earn enough to live in a place like this? businessman? a ceo? a kingpin?
“what are you thinking about?” you were pulled out of your thoughts by the man himself, standing at the end of the bed and dressed in a grey t-shirt and a pair of shorts, a towel hanging off his right shoulder. “don’t tell me, you’re thinking about me, right?”
“how did you know?” you laughed, sitting up so you could look at him properly.
“Your eyes sparkle when you’re thinking about me.” he said, his tone a mixture of playfulness and admiration. it was rare for him to use that tone with you.
“Is that so?”
“I’ve been playing close attention, as always,” he walked around the bed to where you were and took your face in his hands the same way he did when he answered the door to you. only this time he didn’t kiss you. he just let his blue eyes bore right into you, and if it wasn’t for the warmth of his hands cupping your cheeks, you would have shivered from the way he was looking at you.
“Can you kneel down for a second?” you asked, satoru tilting his head to the side in confusion. “Just do it.” you whined, shuffling to the end of the bed until your legs were hanging over the edge. you could tell he was fighting back a laugh and a million questions but he did as you asked anyway, his long legs folding with ease as he dropped down your level, positioning himself between your legs.
you smile at him, amused by his genuinely clueless expression, and before he could ask you anything, you ran both of your hands through his hair as softly as you could. you then let your hands travel down to the sides of his face and gently tilted his head down. you lean forward, planting a kiss on his forehead, and instinctively, he shuts his eyes. perfect. you tilt his head back up and then plant a kiss on his left eye and then his right, moving to his nose before blessing his lips with a final kiss.
you lean back a little to get a clearer view of his face, the smile on your face growing. “You…” you start, the sound of your voice causing him to open his eyes slowly. “You are so beautiful. You know that, right? You’re absolutely gorgeous. Your hair, your eyes, your nose, your lips. And…” you lift your right hand from his face and then bring it to his chest, gently pressing it against him so that you could feel his heart beating through his shirt. “And here… you’re beautiful here, too. I just wanted you to know that.”
he didn’t say anything at first. perhaps he was processing your words. maybe it was a bad idea to say what you said. but you felt that he needed to know. there was a certain energy that he carried whenever he walked into a room that you couldn't quite put into words, exactly like the first time you met him; in the streets outside a bar, flirting with your best friend. and now he was here, staring at you with eyes that seemed to carry the universe, sat in between in your legs and his face in your hand that seemed a million times smaller than his.
“Stay with me tonight. please.” he finally spoke, his voice low, soft, gentle. all the things he tended to avoid when he was around you. “Stay the night with me. Can you do that?” you’ve never stayed the night and neither did he. not once in the two years you’d started your arrangement.
“Why?” you whispered, the air too fragile for you to be speaking any louder than that.
“So I can hold you a little longer.” he was whispering too, now.
and for the first time, you went to sleep in satoru gojo’s arms, and you stayed in them until the sun came up the next day; until the feel of his fingers brushing against your cupid’s bow woke you up. and even then, as he wished you a good morning, he didn’t let go of you just yet.
Tumblr media
>>> Part Two <<<
Tumblr media
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cuz-like-why-not · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Playing Hard to Get: Jujutsu Kaisen Boys
Pairings: Gojo+Nanami+Yuji+Fushiguro x gender neutral reader (seperately)
tw: none ig? A bit curse fighting is all…
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gojo Satoru:
This man is the absolute worst.
You will never know what he means and if he truly does mean everything he is doing.
It’s like a bubble of your own everytime you talk to him.
Will flirt to your hearts content.
But will not give the pleasure.
It’s like he’ll dangle the chain of hope infront of you and then snatch it like the snap of fingers.
It will have you exhausted, by the time things escalate between you two.
More so, it will exhaust the people around you.
Nanami can’t take the obliviousness from you and the man is already tired with Gojo, imagine when Gojo plays hard.
I mean, he is hard to want…and then he goes on to play hard to get.
It is slowly killing you inside.
The man is wanted, figuretively and metamorphically by everyone, and could have everyone he wanted.
What were the odds that you stood a chance?
Well fear not sweetheart for Gojo had begun catching the fallout of your interest in him, or the efforts that you put.
Enough to have him flirt even harder with you.
It wasn’t long that it took you to realise that he was only ever playing hard.
I mean, if he has audacity to flirt with Utahime in front of you, while watching you carefully, it kinda would explain things a whole lot.
And if not, Megumi would’ve had enough of you two, such that he would confess from Gojo’s side so he could stop his ever-so bothering sensei.
And that folks…is how you got with the strongest sorcerer.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nanami Kento:
Don’t get it wrong, this man has no time to ‘play hard’.
He feels what he feels and speaks as he does.
But, when you have the thoughts of a cinstant devil known as Gojo Satoru speaking in your left ear, the clueless angel known as Yuuji in the right (who happens to have both his ears filled with Sukuna’s thoughts), you can’t do much better.
And as it seemed, he began enjoying the process after a while.
To see your face twist in a frown when he said no to any of your suggestions, to watch you pout as he called you out on your carelessness, to watch you get nervous around him even.
It was all too good for him to want to stop.
He would watch you silently, going over you words before speaking to him and smile.
He loved the way you squirmed under his gaze but soon enough, thought for the better of you.
And after all, he did want you too.
It wasn’t until a late afternoon that he made his move, in the most nonchalant way of you’d please.
Imagine yourself working on some paperwork and moving over to hand him the papers, heart beating fast and mind a bit Too heavy.
And he takes over the papers and looks at you momentaril, gets up and says, “Say, y/n, would you be free this Friday?”
Cue in your confusion and exhaustion for working late on a Friday was not what you wanted.
“Uh…yes i guess?“
”well, how would you like going to the new book store that opened a couple weeks ago?” No, cuz Nanami and book store dates are canon, fite me.
Now cue In the heart attack you almost got. His eyes never left your face and watched it simply morph from that of confusion to giddy.
You squealed in a ‘yes’ as you both exited the room.
You didn’t catch it but Nanami had the biggest smile ever, one Gojo would pay to see.
And both of you were so happy with themselves that, *cut to both of you walking in opposite directions and then realising you went the wrong way only to walk past each other again*.
Yeah, that.
And it wasn’t until later that it hit you, there was no ‘new’ book store nearby, or anywhere in town.
If anything, an old library where you two had first set eyes on each other.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yuuji Itadori:
I...don’t know why this one ‘play hard’.
But say in any case, he does.
Would be bad at it.
I mean, can you imagine this amazing person trying hard?
Would give you all attention in the World as is.
Doesn’t care about pda as is, so it’s a win-win for you.
I think, if he wouldn’t tell you later on, say fove months in the relationship, that he was ’playing hard’ in the beginning, you wouldn’t even know.
Him being rude? That wouldn’t even happen, and id it would, you’d probably play it off as ‘sukuna being overly-obsessive’.
He didn’t know what to do.
And you didn’t either.
But you had someone who did.
Nobara Kugisaki, someone who had been over-analysing your relationship (if you’d call it that) since the very start.
If anything, she was the one getting more annoyed at the behav than you were.
It didn’t take her long to explain (threaten) Yuuji.
Pretty boy wasn’t that clueless afterwards.
Asked you out soon enough, totally pretending that the ‘hard to get’ attitude never happened.
You didn’t mind though, as long as you had the golden retriever.
(That five month thing totally happened and it was apparently Todo who’d been telling Yuuji to be that way).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fushiguro Megumi:
How do I put it…he will be playing hard to get at all times?
Or…better put, the way he is, that is what it seems like.
Believe me, he wants all your attention and give it to you too but he just can‘t get himself to be like that.
He probably has the same bitchy love vibes as Nanami but more panicky.
He doesn’t what he is doing either.
You dont either but this is far worse than Yuji for there was something there. In here, it’s like waiting for water in an empty well.
He can’t get it together and it cracks everybody sround you up.
Especially The white haired snowman.
He was the absolute worst for the teasing would never stop.
He would constantly set you two together for ‘unknown purposes’ and the ‘call of universe’.
Everytime Fushiguro would resolve to talk to you but it got worse with every mission.
To the point you considered him not even liking you.
That was when Sukuna entered the chat-
He was done with Yuji constantly goss about you two.
So on the fine occassion of one of your hardest missions, he decided to step in.
As you dodged another hit of the curse in front of you, your back in contact with that of Megumi.
And oh how the blushing started.
Even the curse got weirded out.
”Oh confess already brats!”
Safe to say that did not help.
But what did was your balance missing and almost falling.
That is until Megumi caught you and oof.
That scene with yor faces far too close and eyes boring into each others.
”I like you,” you squeaked out before your eyes widened and so did Megumi’s.
But he smiled next.
”Well, couldn’t deny the order of the King of Curses could you?”
Now let his face get closer, lips hovering on top of yours.
”Finally!” Yuji shouted, landing beside you two, the curse long taken care of.
Thank Yuji for ruining your first kiss with Megumi but oh well =)
Tumblr media
That would be it people, didn’t go for Yuuta and the rest cuz…I don’t really know them and am so not interested in them-
Though I could’ve written for my love Geto…
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belsumu · 2 days ago
Can we hear more about Yuuji
pairing: yuuji x reader
word count: 592 (i think)
warnings n notes: barely proofread lmao, cussing
Tumblr media
everyone and their mother knows yuuji’s only got eyes for you; he rambles about you all day, buying little trinkets and snacks for you when he comes back from missions. all he can think about during the day is how much he wants to hold your hand, or how lovely your smile is, or how much you’d like a specific candy he saw at the store. nobara, megumi, and gojo have told him off for daydreaming — although gojo’s lecture was more about telling yuuji to go ask you out than actually lecturing him about being distracted, and the so-called “life lesson” was cut short by nanami’s death glare towards the teacher.
from sunrise to sunset, his thoughts are dominated by you. at first, it was a hindrance; he was trying his best to keep his body his and not let sukuna take control constantly, and on top of that, trying to learn jujutsu and go on missions, all of which required focus that seemed to constantly be on you. eventually he welcomed the distraction with open arms — witnessing deaths left and right eventually takes its toll, and thinking about a crush is preferred over the blood and gore around him. yuuji’s thoughts are constantly drifting to you, and he’s accepted and welcomed it. 
and at night, every night, yuuji tosses and turns and eventually glances to the clock on his nightstand, grimacing both at the time and at the light it emits. 
today is slightly better, 3:06 am. he’s been trying to sleep for a good four hours now. he should be used to it at this point, but instead he groans and rubs his eyes with the heels of his palm. yuuji sits up completely and picks up his phone, thumb hovering over the call button. i can ask them, right? they’ll say yes. i think? they won’t be mad if i call them now. they’re probably awake anyway. 
he tries and tries and tries, the doubts spiral in his head until you pick up the phone. 
“hey, ‘dori—”
the moment you pick up the phone, he blurts out, “date me.”
“…it’s three in the morning.”
“you’re three rooms down, i can come over. date me?” he’s stopped thinking a while ago, but he’s clinging to the sound of your voice over the phone, cursing himself for not walking to your door and knocking.
“did you sleep at all?”
“no, you’re too good-looking and won’t get out of my head. i can’t stop thinking about you and i hope you liked the candy i bought you yesterday. also you didn’t answer my question.”
“you asked a question?” he hears the teasing lilt to your voice and groans in frustration.
“please date me. or kiss me. actually both is good, i’d like both.”
“get over here and i’ll give you the second thing.”
“…and the first one?” yuuji asks hopefully. 
“depends on how good a kisser you are.”
with that, a moment later, you hear quick knocking on your door. yuuji doesn’t wait a second after being welcomed into your room to stumble in and kiss you. it’s soft and gentle and everything he’s wanted to tell you for months now. small i love yous are muttered against your lips as yuuji shuts the door with his foot and wraps an arm around your waist. a scarred hand gently strokes your cheek and he pulls back, breathless.
“do i get my date now?” he whispers to you, gently resting his forehead against yours.
“only if i get more kisses.”
he grins and pecks your cheek. “deal.”  
Tumblr media
copyright © 2021 by @belsumu. do not steal, edit, repost, translate, or claim as yours.
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imperfectpanda23 · 20 hours ago
Jujutsu Kaisen characters once said
"I'd rather have the thieves than the neighbors — the thieves don't impose! The neighbors want your time. The thieves want your things. I'd rather give them things than time."
-Nanami Kento
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lavenderberrycookie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
CG! Sukuna Headcanons!
as soon as you told him you were an age regressor he did an incredible amount of research
asks you questions so he can be the best caregiver
wears the name daddy proudly
soft with you, he doesn’t want to harm you
an anxious daddy because he thinks he doesn’t deserve you, that he will hurt you
but he’s gotten into the habits of daily affirmations that he passed on to you
“i’m beautiful. i’m caring. i’m enough. i’m valid.”
accidentally made “i’m daddy’s baby.” one of your affirmations and now you both never fail to repeat it
when you guys are out in public is extra protective of you because if one person looks at you the wrong way it will not be pretty
he sees taking care of you as a way to start over from being evil
“little one, i’m so glad i met you. you’ve changed me for the better and i’m so grateful.”
this is one of the many soft whispers that he tells you when you are falling asleep sucking on his thumb
buys you presents when you least expect it just to show you that he cares
taught himself how to make your favorite foods
keeps a list of all your favorite things from foods to flowers
sees his role as your caregiver the biggest role ever he is your protector, he wants you to safe at all costs
always keeps you close, a hand on your waist, holding hands, etc.
he is beyond grateful that you picked him, that you trust him
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beige-babyyy · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
yuuji drabble #1
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thinking about cockwarming yuuji rn 😖😖😖
yuuji loves to be cockwarmed. he craves feeling your slick, tight walls wrapped around him. gently squeezing his cock while he feels your warm body against him.
Tumblr media
he'll get you to cockwarm him while he's doing homework. still craving your touch even when he has a mountain of work to do. you'd be on his lap, facing the opposite way from him as you sink yourself down on his hard cock. both of you letting a breathy gasps as he bottoms out completely.
you hum in content. smiling and resting your face in the crook of his neck, arms wrapped around his shoulders.
the relaxing feeling and sound of yuuji's breathing, the soft scratching of the pencil, and the warmth of being wrapped around him quickly lulls you to sleep.
Tumblr media
he loves being cockwarmed after you two finished having sex.
holding you against his body after you've both came, feeling how you still shake with the aftershocks of your orgasm. it's a nice ego boost to him, to be able to feel just how good he's fucked you. your pussy still spasming and clenching around him.
he's not better off. breathless and floaty after the hours of love making and countless highs.
he loves how warm you are. both your heated skin against him and your quivering cunt around his now limp cock.
he takes these serene moments to take you in. he admires how pretty you are, no matter how fucked out and tired you currently look. he uses these moments to gently whispers how much he loves you. how much he adores and cherishes you.
Tumblr media
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zhonglisimper-03 · a day ago
Sweet Things Are Made of This
At this point, I'm just chucking all my writing here lmao too lazy to make a whole separate blog just for a fandom I'll be in for a few months before leaving and coming back again after a lot more months
Maybe I should make a "fandoms I'm obsessed with right now" list and update it each time they change
Anyways, today is back to Jujutsu Kaisen hell. Never wrote a fic the first time I got into the fandom, but here I am now. With a Gojo fic.
Tumblr media
The strongest jujutsu sorcerer in the world was losing to video games.
“That’s cheating!” your boyfriend squawks as the words ‘K.O.’ fill his screen. Beside him, you snigger, waving your screen in his face to celebrate your fifth victory in a row.
“Ready to admit defeat yet? Too much winning can be rather tiring you know,” you sing, sending a smirk his way. He huffs in annoyance, pulling you in to give a peck on your cheek and wraps an arm around your waist.
“I’m just going easy on you princess,” of course he would say that. He has a precious ego to protect, and losing to you was a big blow to his pride.
“Sure you were,” you remove his arm and flop back onto your cushion. “How about a round where you don’t hold back.”
“Don't regret it,” he grins for a whole half a minute before realising how badly he’s losing.
“You’re definitely cheating!” he yelps, frantically clinging onto the last bit of health his character has. Ignoring the jab, you go straight for the kill, focused on only the victory that will demolish your boyfriend’s cocky attitude and let out a whoop when the words “you win” appear on your screen.
“How does it feel to have your ass handed to you six times in a row, strongest jujutsu sorcerer?” you emphasise the last three words, reveling in your moment of glory. You know you can never beat him in a real fight, so you settle for video games instead.
“I have to give my girl some face, don’t I,” he continues to deny his loss, folding his arms while turning to face away from you so you can’t see his embarrassment. While he does enjoy seeing you smile like that, he also doesn’t like the fact that his pride has been wounded for the very same reason you’re smiling.
“Keep denying it. Deep down, you know the truth. I’m way better at you than video games,” you slide off the cushion to keep the controllers, unplugging the console.
“Wait til Megumi learns you haven’t improved the slightest,” you laugh. Gojo’s first introduction to video games had been when you brought your console over to his house to play with Megumi. The kid had been bored out of his mind, and no one in your family was using the console, so you’d donated it to him.
From then on, Gojo had found yet another area to be competitive and a sore loser in. It was always hilarious to watch him struggle with combo moves, complaining that his fingers were too long for the controller as a younger Megumi dominated yet another match.
“I have better things to improve on,” he pouts, sinking deeper into the cushion.
“Like skiving on your responsibilities?” you raise an eyebrow at him. “I heard you took your time sightseeing in your last mission.”
“It was to buy mochis for you. I heard that they sell one of the best strawberry mochis,” he whines, hugging you from behind as you try to stand up, causing you to fall over and land on top of him.
“And who ended up eating the whole box?” you pry his arms off you and stand up, dusting yourself off.
“Not me?” he blinks up at you innocently with his mesmerising light blue eyes. You know what he’s trying to do, but it won’t work anymore. Not when this is the umpteenth time he’s tried to get away with looking cute.
“Nice try. I’m too tired to cook today so I’ll order dinner in. Is there anything in particular you want?” you grab your phone, throwing a look over your shoulder at the sulking big baby who hasn’t moved an inch from the floor.
“You,” he flashes you a flirtatious smile at which you roll your eyes, sighing.
“The usual then.”
Dinner arrives shortly after you order it over the phone and he digs in immediately, eagerly shoving as much food as he can into his mouth.
“This is so good,” he mumbles around the food stuffed in his mouth, pushing a slice of pizza towards you.
“Will you only learn not to speak with a full mouth when you inevitably choke on your food?” You shake your head. He visibly wilts under your disappointed gaze, turning to the remainder of his pizza to cheer him up.
“No more pizza for you,” he retorts, pulling the box closer to him. So you simply stand up and move over to stand behind him, successfully grabbing one last slice before Gojo stuffs the remaining pizza into his mouth.
“I’m the one who bought the pizza,” you groan. “At least let me have half.”
“Too late,” he chirps, making a break for it just before the pizza box you’re holding makes contact with his head.
“You’ve got to be faster if you want any chance of catching me,” he teases, dodging each attempt of yours to smack him on the head with the box. You scowl, relentlessly trying each and every angle in hopes of hitting a spot where he’d let his guard down and finally find one on his left side...
Only to be reminded of why GoJo Satoru is the strongest jujutsu sorcerer in the world.
Gojo throws up his infinity just before the box makes contact with his side, struggling to suppress his amusement at your agape mouth. Your box refuses to budge an inch closer, hindered by the infinity that stretches between it and his waist. He winks at you and you throw the box at him, his laughter echoing in the house as it hits the wall behind him.
“Why did you, of all people, have to inherit one of the most broken jujutsu techniques known to mankind!” you screech, lunging at him. If your box couldn’t do the job, you were going to take matters into your own hands, literally.
“I inherited two of them,” the smug bastard can’t even be bothered to act humble about it! He lets you tackle him onto the couch and doesn’t stop laughing as you struggle to land a punch.
After some time, you sit on him, exhausted. A glare tells your boyfriend that you’re not done finding ways to exact revenge for your stolen food but he remains unfazed, simply returning a lighthearted grin.
Don’t fall for it again. What can you do to catch him completely off guard? You think hard about it while he takes the opportunity to rest, his hand finding its way onto your thigh.
Oh. His weak spot has been completely exposed.
Feigning innocence, you lay on top of him, closing your eyes and wrapping your arms around him. You feel him relax, his breath a gentle breeze in your ear until he lets out a high pitched shriek that you’re sure he intended to be a laugh.
“No!” he yelps, squirming beneath you. “Not there!”
You know he can simply activate infinity to cut your tickling assault off but he doesn’t. Not when you’re enjoying yourself this much.
His armpits are his weakest tickling spot, quickly drawing tears of laughter from the sorcerer’s eyes. He squirms, making no real attempt to escape and lets you have your sweet revenge, knowing this ensures you won’t give him the cold shoulder for the whole of tomorrow.
Maybe it wasn’t so bad to lose a small bit of his pride in return for seeing the smile that lit his whole life up and hearing that melodious laughter.
When you’ve decided your tickling revenge is complete, he pulls you down for a proper kiss on the lips, following by a smattering of kisses to the top of your head and whispers of how much he loves you, all accompanied by a goofy, love-stricken look on his face that you’ll never see.
“I don’t hate you,” his cheekiness kicks in once again, ruining any sort of romantic atmosphere that was being created by his gestures.
“Great job ruining the mood,” you mumble sarcastically into his chest.
“I’m the best at what I do.”
Sometimes, you really wish your boyfriend had the ability to feel shame, but then he wouldn’t really be Gojo Satoru without the cockiness you’d fallen for over and over again would he?
“You’re lucky I love you.”
“Of course you do,” he really has no intention of stopping, does he? You let out a little growl of frustration and give him a poke, affecting nothing.
As per usual, he waits for you to fall asleep, fingers combing through your hair and twirling the ends before dozing off himself, knowing that you’re safe in his arms.
“I like - no love you.”
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yeageristics · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
in celebration of hitting 100 followers I've decided to host a fun little event to give thanks back to you guys for supporting me! in this event I'll be offering matchups with a character of your chosen fandom! I want to extend my thanks to you all for supporting me and my works 🥺 it means the world to me and I hope we can all continue making memories together 💕
Tumblr media
send me the following details in the form of an ask, preferably off anon:
*there is no need to answer them all if youre unable to, but completing the entire form puts you in the best position to be matched up with the right person! <3
— your zodiac sign (if you know: your sun, moon and rising)
— your mbti type
— the fandom of your choice
— qualities you look for in a partner (two or three)
— your ideal first date
— one of your favorite musicians/ songs
Tumblr media
you can choose from the following fandoms:
my hero academia
attack on titan
jojo: diamond is unbreakable
jujutsu kaisen
obey me
love is hard for otaku
I love yoo
Tumblr media
there will only be 20 slots total, first come first serve. here you can find all answered asks, a mini masterlist!
20/ 20 <3
Tumblr media
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mari-the-bimbo · a day ago
Gojo’s love languages
Pairings: Gojo x reader
A/N: I did this for rich bf! Shoto but now I wanna do it for all my fave characters 😭 Anyways enjoy! <3
Tumblr media
Physical touch:
Oh Gojo is definitely a touchy person. He has to keep his hands on you at all times. Your soft, plushy skin under his grasp keeps him sane.
Pale long fingers travelling up your thighs teasingly when he makes you sit on his lap.
Other times, he just likes to tower over you from behind and pull you into a surprise back hug, his arms suddenly snaking around your waist “y/n-chan!!!” He’ll say, smirking as he hears your little yelp.
Just imagine him immediately turning his infinity off whenever he sees you, because he’s getting ready to attack you with a surprise hug 😭
Gift giving:
Every time he travels for a mission, he brings back the most luxurious, authentic gifts for you.
Personally, I don’t see Gojo ever buying you small gifts, it’s always super luxurious gifts because he believes love should be shown through grand gestures. And he has the money to spoil you, so why not?
Acts of service:
He lovessss helping you bathe, mostly because he gets to touch your naked body hehe he’ll set up a bath with the most luxurious oils, and help you lay in the tub, as he watches you relax, with a hand on his chin and a smile on his face
Whenever you are set a mission that’s too long or overwhelming, Gojo secretly speaks to higher ups and uses his high standing status to convince them to give the mission to him instead.
Just imagine how confused you were the next day when you got a phone call telling you the mission has been cancelled, but when you look at your bank, you’ve still been paid for the mission.
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kerakaali · 6 hours ago
Soft!Sukuna x Reader
A/N: Hi everyone! It’s me again. I'm in love with soft!Sukuna x reader content so here is my own. Also, I don’t know shit about like old Japan so please forgive any mistakes.  
+ Not proof read
Summary: After runnning away from your abusive husband, you find your way at a shrine. That happens to be the King of the Curses shrine.  
1300ish words
❗Trigger warning❗: domestic violence, description of blood but not really graphic.
It was snowy night. The moon was glowing on the sky shining light to the snowy ground I was walking. The cold had made my cuts and bruises numb. I cradled my bleeding hand pressed against my chest. My tears had painted my face and my vision was blurring.  
But then I saw it, in the distance a shrine. The shrine looked like it was taken care of but I had never seen it before. Of course, I was new to this town. I had moved here only few weeks ago, when I got married.
I didn’t want it but my parents didn’t give me any change. I saw my husband at the wedding for the first time, and his kindness turned the second we were alone. Quickly I realized that I had become his own little play toy that he could hurt as much as he wants. Cuts, bruises scratches. After these times he would let me be alone for a moment, but this time I couldn’t be there, so I jumped from the window and started to walk to the forest.  
I stepped to the stairs of the shrine. I fell on my knees and I let the tears fell down, and my sobs became silent screams. “Whoever is the master of this shrine. Please, please help me, I cannot do this anymore,” my words were whispers and I collapsed to the stairs.  
I was dead. The cold air around me was gone. So that must mean I was dead. I had bled out on the stairs, right? So, why was I scared? I opened my eyes. I was on a huge bed, covers upon covers on top of me.  I pulled myself to sitting but I was blinded with a white painful light. I collapsed back on the bed and I looked at my hand, it was bandaged up with white cloth. I pulled the covers to the side and this time I used my other hand to pull myself up.  
Finally, I could take a good look at the room. It was big and mostly empty, except the bed, and a closet. I took a look at the door that was closed. I looked at myself seeing the shallow cuts and bruises on my body. But I wasn’t wearing the same kimono as before, I was wearing a thin robe that was loosely wrapped around me. I opened the robe, the cuts on my chest were covered with many layers of cloth.  
I heard steps getting closer to the door. I wrapped the robe back around me and right then the door opened. He had light pink hair tattoos on his face and two sets of arms. And four blood red eyes. The beast hummed like he was thinking what part he should start eating me.  
“You are awake..., good, for a moment I thought you were dead,” the beast said not paying attention on my horrified look. “What happened? What happened to me?” I whispered sounding almost desperate. The beast looked at me seeing my tense body. “You tell me, you were the one who showed up to my door steps bleeding and begging for help,” the beast said sounding mostly bored. I lowered my glace and started to play with my fingers trying to stop the tears falling my face. “I’m Sukuna Ryomen, and you are...?” the beast, the man..., Sukuna said.
“Y/N,” I said not even looking at him, too scared that the tears would fall down. Sukuna hummed. “And what happened to you, Y/N,” he continued, and started to walk closer to me until he sat down at the edge of the bed. I shook my head and the tears started to fall down. I pressed my lips together and closed my eyes trying to stop the tears. A warm big steady hand was pressed against my cheek. I opened my eyes and saw one of his hands pressed against my cheek.  
“Tell me what happened, little bird,” Sukuna asked again, but this time he sounded more threatening than caring. I can’t, he will just get worse if I tell someone,” I cried. For a second, I hear a chuckle. I looked up to him. “You need to get cleaned up,” And I was pulled from the bed, and I was on Sukunas four arms. I winced at pain.  
”Sorry,” He said and moved my position on his arms. “It’s fine,” but before I even answered he started to walk me on his arms. I pressed my head against his chest and closed my eyes for a second.  
I was woken up by a gentle movement around me. I opened my eyes and I was set in a chair, my robe open. Sukuna was standing in front of me his muscular back at me, only a towel covering him. And the clothes covering the biggest cuts were now gone. I was ready to pull the robe close but then Sukuna turned around. He was towering in front of me. And before I could do anything, he dropped the towel to the floor. I moved my eyes to anything else, and my breathing got unstable.  
Sukuna turned around and walked to a bathtub behind him. I looked at him while he sat down to the tub and turned to look at me. “Get in here,” He sounded angry. I got up of the chair and walked to the tub, my robe loosely hanging on me. I cleared my throat and pulled the robe off of me. Sukunas hand took my hand and pulled me to so close until I had no choice than step into the tub.  
He pulled me to his chest so my back was pressed against his muscular tattooed chest. His legs were around me and one pair of hands around my waist under the water. The other hand pair pulled a washcloth somewhere and started to clean of me. I kept my wounded hand above the water holding it on the edge of the tub.  
His hands moved in a nonexistent pattern against my skin, being careful when he reached any bruises or cuts on my skin. He could feel my body trembling on his arms and started to pay more attention on massaging my sides. I let go an almost whining moan, and I felt his chest moving. “I’m sorry,” I whispered, but he paid no mind. We fell to a comfortable silence
“So, little bird, ready tell me what happened to you,”
I was half asleep on his arms, but his words shook me awake. “I..., I..., he would kill you if he found out,” I couldn’t find a right words, but the ones I spoke were truth. Sukuna left out a terrifying laugh. I almost jumped up if his hands weren’t on me. “You truly don’t know who I am, do you?” Sukuna said laughing his laugh of, but making sure that I wasn’t tensing up.
I shook my head. “I’m new to the town, I just moved here, you know for my marriage,” I rambled. I felt Sukunas arms tightening up against my sides, and his arms wrapped around my torso. “So, it’s you husband who hurts you,” Sukunas words were thundering in the room. “He will kill you if you do anything,” I whispered, and tears formed in my eyes again. “You really think a man could win against the king of curses,” Sukuna said clearly ammused.  
“King of curses?”  
“Don’t worry about it, little bird. No one is going to hurt you as long as you are with me,”  
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earlesskitten · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩 𝙙𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜. | 𝙮𝙪𝙩𝙖 𝙤𝙠𝙠𝙤𝙩𝙨𝙪.
Tumblr media
yuta catches you drinking, but he decides to join with you before trying something else.
content: i just wanted to make a little angst and fluff based on the song hito yo sake of yasaku matsuda. not proofread, babbling without sense.
Tumblr media
the guilty is too bitter. to bitter to fall again.
i will wet my knees and not get drunk tonight. it is so impossible not to trying doing it and doing it again. it's just not enough with the liquor that remains on the bottle, full of your waste and guilt, it never is, is it because you get used to it? or is it just how your perspective changed everytime the thing burned your throat to the feel nothing but more of it? looking at the bottom, searching for a little bit of happiness, knowing you would cry again for breaking the promise you did to yourself.
the wreck of a former self.
your crying in the bar was not easy to hide since the place was empty. little talkative dancer. your body language says the contrary of it — your head rest in your arm, with tears falling from your eyes, still moving that little glass in circles as if it was easier to that happiness to be found.
everything is so wrong, it was not supposed to end this way. drowning yourself in body and mind in cheap liquor stores or the bar you are being welcomed to let out your pities as long as you had the money to stay and pay for it. little fingers still playing with the border of the glass, still waiting for something else. but you can just feel nothing, your biology doesn't react to it, reason why you still meditating if it's worth it to being like this; meditating what led you to this point again, which is useless since you always get to the same conclusion.
you barely realize that he's in front of you. you are sure you can feel the sadness and pity in his eyes when he's looking at your hopeless figure. he actually doesn't, he just want to understand what's happening, why his little talkative dancer rathers to be like this. unable to get drunk properly. it is so contradictory.
you can notice he has something in his hands. it is a flower. a red little flower of love, who put out of his chest. he doesn't say a word when he sits next to you. it is going to confess something while he's scolding you or making you feel guilty with word of love? it makes you feel confused. if it ends that way, you would ask him to leave or maybe kept the ephemeral promise to not get drunk again, still knowing it is not going to happen.
he just rises his hand to ask for another drink. he's just whimsical as you. it is the first time he decides to join your search for happiness in between. there are no words from part of him. he just gets closer his hands to your chest, pressing with closed eyes the little flower in it, finally ready to tell him everything that whimsical night.
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almond-arlet · 2 days ago
you're absolutely beautiful | gojo x reader
“You are so beautiful. You know that, right? You’re absolutely gorgeous.”
tags: domestic gojo, rich dilf gojo, idk what else?
synopsis: you happen to get involved with the flirtatious gojo satoru and now he's been wrapped around your finger for over a year.
word count: girl idk, I don't count anymore
warning: angst. fluff at the start, angst at the end. character death (even though this is a spoiler), sexual references but nothing spicy (sorry lads).
author’s note: for some reason, I cannot write unless I am writing something that brings pain, so here you are. I apologise in advance. This is spoiler-free! I respect my bad bs that haven't read the manga yet. (I am also incapable of holding information correctly in my mind and fear incorrectly portraying plots lmao).
Part One - oh girl it's you that I lie with
Part Two - and I'm here, home, home, with you, with me
to see my other works, you can check out my masterlist here.
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ak-archive · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
this type of messy⠀〃♡〃⠀gojou satoru + fem! reader
Tumblr media
! :⠀SFW, mentions of drinking, o/c ends up puking, reposted from kanajous
Tumblr media
nanami isn’t typically the type to play a hero.
well, he isn’t cold enough to leave someone suffering but when it’s something so trivial for him, he wouldn’t dare waste more of his time on it. rather, he’d let them settle that on their own. he doesn't need to pry on other people's business seeing how much effort he's use but...
this time, you were a different case. he can see you out of focus and all be damned, he knew you’d be in trouble without him.
“f/n, it’s already your third mug... isn’t that too much for you?”
“but i want to get him out of my head! he’s been bugging me for so long! that handsome and annoying blue albino sorcerer.”
it was quite a normal scene... the dark lighting of the bar, bottles lined at one corner of the table, mugs of beer emptied down, a man assisting his friend who’s been drowning herself with alcohol so she can at least be drunk because of a drink and not in the feelings harbored for the man that she likes.
yes, it is indeed another normal occurring scene in a fancy pub in roppongi. nothing to worry about besides a woman just trying to drink the sorrows of her heart.
yeah, it’s just another night trying to get rid of the gojou satoru out of your damn mind,
everyone was out here to at least forget little of the things troubling them when sober and despite the stark differences when it comes to the individuals going in and out the room, no one cares when you’re crying or hollering around.
and under the roof of a semi-crowded establishment filled with hard liquor and striving souls stood you in all your intoxicated glory accompanied by nanami who was dragged along as he was partnered up with you during a mission.
it was successful, the curse had been killed and the people had been saved. there was something to celebrate for but the poor man was pulled by the tears cascading down your cheeks when he saw you looking through your phone after your mission. nanami may be aloof and not much of a sympathetic, coursing through the path of gains and benefits, he can’t ignore how much you’ve helped him from the past and this was the least that he can do for you at the moment.
and he’s slowly regretting that he let you drink away your sorrows instead of helping you talk to the man in question.
“what happened this time?” as far as he’s concerned, he doesn’t want to pry on your business and would rather look for possible ways that he can help as long as you’re the one who gives him the right information. it was wrong to assume that it’s gojou’s fault but you wouldn’t be this distressed when it wasn’t.
“he’s been on my mind ever since the day i met him. and you know that i don’t have the guts to confess, right? like, what the hell is a grade a sorcerer that can’t even grow the balls to tell someone she likes them? you can kill curses but you can’t tell gojou satoru that you like him?” you continuously rambled all your muddled thoughts, barely even making any sense as you drag on the hate-train of your self-effacing descriptions of your own self.
“he is so handsome and annoying and for what?”
the man was at a loss when you started tearing up once more, nimble hands covering your eyes swollen through the hours spent crying at your hopeless state. nanami knows you were confident, heck, you can even surpass him as a sorcerer if you want to but you’ve been holding back so much potential because you wanted gojou to shine in your life.
ah, this proves to be more difficult than it already is.
sadly, you weren’t able to hold back your impulsive behavior, a finger raised to have the bartender set you up another round of beer but nanami beats you to it. you frowned and persisted another drink when he pulled you out of your seat and carried your limping body outside the place. you were tired, your mind feeling so light because of the liquor but your heart was weighed down by your emotions.
a heart’s a heavy burden, yes, it is indeed a fucking burden.
“let’s get you back home.” nanami muses, feeling how you slowly loosen in his hold and lurched over the side as you can no longer carry the pump of bile making its way out of your throat.
it was embarrassing, of course, to puke in front of your colleague. the fact that you’re dramatically drunk™ earlier was eating at your brain but to have a front-seat view on how you emptied your stomach was too much for its own.
“i’m sorry i’ve dragged you into this nanami,” you mumbled, looking away with flushed cheeks and body slightly functioning as normal due to the fact you’ve thrown up everything you’ve drank the whole night. nanami wasn’t at least bothered and just fished out his phone and dialed someone he knew that could help you.
and he isn’t the least sorry when he hears gojou’s voice on the other line... even if he should be.
“okay, i’ll buy you that cake. just wait for us to get there.” that was the last thing he said to the cheeky man, his voice dramatically increased in intensity when nanami had mentioned your name earlier during the call.
gojou isn't as insensitive as some had perceived him to be. he knows what people think about him. though he’s the least worried when someone tries to bring him down nor compare their strength to the power he possesses, it is different when you’re the one who’s concerned.
he was given minor details of what had happened to you and he can’t help but sense a small fluttering in his core, similar to the excitement felt when he’s being threatened by the almighty sukuna. he knew you had feelings for him but he doesn’t act on it because he doesn’t want to mortify more of your timorous demeanor when it comes to him.
if he wants to, he should’ve been the one to confess. he doesn’t have anything to lose and he’s pretty confident with his words but he can’t help but want to see more of your bashful side before deeming himself as your lover. it may seem like he’s being a sadist, no lie at that part, but it’s because of other reasons.
you seem like to be someone so capable of yourself and your strength plus your adoring nature had caused the strongest sorcerer to admit he’d taken a liking to you because of those admirable traits. and you have a smoking hot body that he can’t take his eyes off whenever you’re around him but he won’t just admit that.
but how did it really start?
well, all gojou knew is that when he noticed how your cheeks would flush when he’s near you, it became a habit to observe the reactions you’d do when he’s in close proximity. the flushing cheeks is one and then he’d see how you would play with your fingers and constantly look at your side just to break the trance you had because of his blue eyes.
it was those small little things that became so addictive to gojou, he can’t resist not falling for the clumsy and adorable fellow sorcerer that is you
“well, you’re fast.”
“of course, it’s f/n we’re talking about here.” gojou was quick to dash through no, he literally warped himself there. he didn’t even break a sweat, holy tiddies and he immediately smiled at your sleepy form in nanami’s back. “and i’d be the one taking good care of her. thank you for looking out for this little one. you’re the best nanamin!”
nanami internally sighs and softly taps you on your shoulder, shaking you out of that little nap and looking up with a lazy grin. ‘is it morning already?”
“hey there f/n.” gojou welcomes you with the same grin, catching you off guard as your eyes flashes big in surprise. you almost fell down on nanami’s back, but was quick to grab a hold of his neck and he almost choked at the action.
“what are you doing here?” you asked, blushing beet red when you saw him walking near you two. “nanami, is he real? oh my god, am i hallucinating? wait, i now have halucinations of him?”
you were a mess and gojou loves it.
“you can check if he’s real or not if you want.” the blonde poor man muses, observing how you went down his back and walked towards gojou. you can see the greatest sorcerer smirking underneath the pale fluorescent light of the street.
even with the horrible lighting, gojou is so damn ethereal in your eyes or maybe you’re just too in love or too drunk. slowly, you raised a hand and placed it on his cheeks.
“holy shit, it’s warm. i think he's the real gojou,  nanami.” you looked at the said male and he could almost just facepalm at how you reacted.
“well, that’s because i am real, f/n.” gojou adds, holding your hand and pulls you closer to him, embracing you in his arms. you can only let yourself enjoy the feeling of being hugged by this gorgeous man. maybe you’re really dreaming right now as nanami brings you home but this was so━ 
“real, i wish this was real,” you mumbled in his chest, arms locking around his torso.
gojou doesn’t know what to reply, looking down at you. he just stood there, placing his arms on your hips and steadily sways you to the beat of his heart. you were enjoying this sense of comfort and suddenly, all the messy thoughts keeping you stressed had disappeared and all you could focus on was him.
“let’s go home and rest, yeah?” 
you nodded, eagerly clinging on his side but you let out a surprised shriek when he picked you up. you wrapped your arms around him, feeling how the bells of his laughter rattled the already fast tempo of your heart.
“you’re so adorable, do you know that?”
“of course i am! how couldn’t i be when i’m in front of you?” you don’t know where you got this sudden surge of confidence but you didn’t care at this point. the alcohol left swimming in your system got the best of you. 
“well, if that’s the case, do you want to spend the night with me?” the suggestiveness in his voice had you sparkling in delight, gingerly sliding a hand up and down his chest. you ignored how he warped you to his apartment, mind just focused on the one and only gojou satoru.
“don’t mind if i do.”
he opens the door to his bedroom and lays you down on his bed, shifting across the empty space and letting him rest down beside you. the tall male pulls you once more in his embrace, whiffing out the sweet scent from your hair. with another deep intake of air from the man behind you, your body felt hot and needy.
you turned towards him and left a hand to settle down on his cheeks, gliding across his soft skin. gojou watches what you do, anticipating the most unexpected thing you’d do next.
“can i kiss you?” you were still thinking that this was a dream, well, it would be better if this was a dream because you can no longer stop the impulse in indulging yourself in him.
this man, he’d be the end of you.
“you don’t really need to ask.” with his reply as a cue to continue, you crawled yourself up and laid your body on top of him, slowly leaning in.
gojou isn’t really the type to be so nervous but he can’t help the erratic beating of his heart that pumps blood to his cheeks. you looked too cute, being this confident under this intoxicated state. as much as he wants to indulge you as well, he can’t. he thought that you weren’t aware of what you were doing.
but you are.
“can i take off your blindfold as well?” you reached out a hand but gojou beat you to it, hastily pulling off the piece of cloth hiding away the diamonds sparkling from his eyes.
his eyes never failed to take your breath away at how beautiful those are.
your mind short circuits at this point, seemingly caught in the ethereal visages you saw from his blue irises when you felt his lips crash against yours. it felt like the whole world stopped spinning for a second at how that moment felt so damn perfect. each time gojou's lips molds on the spaces left for him to fill, he was the missing puzzle piece to complete whatever emptiness you always have felt in your life.
he was gentle, slowly melting you at the intensity it brought when he lifted an arm to caress your cheeks in such a loving manner.
you could almost cry at how much you wanted this to happen and now that it did, you tried your best pushing back the doubts fogging your mind because all you could ever think of is how gojou makes you so elated with just a simple kiss.
"wow." that was all you could utter when both of you finally let go to catch some air at how breathless it was to finally grow the balls in kissing someone you really like.
"damn." gojou was just as flustered as you are, feeling how fast his heartbeat was, afraid that you'd caught up at the speed it goes when you laid your head on his chest, cuddling close as you trace heart-shape patterns on his built form.
"you know, you should be put in jail after stealing my heart like that," you mindlessly said before staring at his crystal hues for eyes. "you should pay the fine for doing me this badly. always teasing me and never once affirmed whether you're really interested in me or not by being so obtuse about it. you're so unfair gojou."
there really is a difference at what alcohol can do to you and gojou didn't expect to hear you ramble at how much  he made you question your feelings.
"after being so sweet and then you'd do the same damn thing to others and yet here i am, expecting to at least be someone different for you. i hate how much i fucking like you, you blue albino." you didn't expect a reply at this point, just wanting to put your point across the boundaries you're so afraid to speak off when you're properly sober. but gojou really is the strongest sorcerer out there as he just knows what to do in making you more smitten than ever.
he smiled, leaning close once more and shut you up with another kiss. this time, he took his time to ease you in, slowly building up what he thought he lacked through the desire hidden within the way his tongue licks on your upper lip until he pushes himself in to finally take over you.
you were beyond stunned to assert the same amount of ardor to the man you love yet you can't ignore how much you craved this attention, the feelings you can only grasp when you hold onto every word transcended in this kiss.
you held tightly on his shirt, feeling your head swayed along the lack of oxygen filling your lungs because not only did he steal your heart but he also stole your ability to appreciate breathing because of how addicting it was to kiss him.
"there, is that enough to prove how much i love you too?"
the playfulness in his voice strum a beautiful melody to play with your heartstrings, the feeling you felt because of him grows stronger by the minute.
"i think i need a little more compensation on your part," you answered back, squealing when he pulls you underneath him and smothers your face with another round of kisses.
"then i need to pay my fine, right? in what way do you want me to?" he smirked at your already beyond flustered face and leaned in to whisper on your ear. "or you could let me do all the work."
oh he would really be the end of you.
Tumblr media
ak-archives © do not repost, modify or copy my work.
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yanderesimp-san · 8 hours ago
Gojō Satoru x Reader
-can be read as gn/female/male/trans/onion etc.
-crack and baking cookies:)))
-pls anything is funny if you are with your lover/family/friends
Tumblr media
Gojo moaned in pain as you smack his ass with a spoon.
"You fucking disgrace!" You scowl at your freakishly tall lover, "don't eat the batter!"
"But you ate it too!" He glared as he rubbed his bum, that definitely had a spoon mark now. Hmm, maybe he should turn on his infinity near you from now on as well.
"Well I am different, I am the one baking so I can eat it raw if i want to," You stuck your tongue out at Gojo, before starting to panic internally, hOLY fUck whAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SAY ENDHDJDJJXJS OH MY GOD, IF HE NOTICES IT I WONT BE ABLE TO LIVE IN PEACE EVER AGAIN EJDBSJJSJ–
He, in return, let out a scandalous gasp, "babe! you mean WE. WE ARE BAKING TOGETHER."
You sigh in relief secretly before playing along, "Oh honey, i would have included you too if you weren't just staring lovingly at me instead of actually helping me." You gave a tight lipped smile
"I-" Gojo stopped as he realized something. Your eyes widened. "Did you-"
"STOP IT WAS MY MISTAKE PLEASE-" You almost cried.
"COOKIE BATTER– BWAHAHAH!!" Gojo wheezed demeaningly at his dumb lover, "what the fuck?? Cookie batter??? Seriously babe??? pffttt-"
"pLease- at least at SOME POINT it used to be a batter!" You say as you smack the dough.
"yEah at sOme pOinT, not nOw."
"Ugh shut upppp." you groaned as you rolled your eyes. "Humans make mistakes."
"Yeah, and mistakes make humans." Gojo sneered as he eyed you up and down haughtily.
you pick up a bigger spoon.
"Wait babe im soORRY-"
A/n: in case you are wondering why it is not the 'raw' part, it's because doing/eating it aint that uncommon between you guys ;))
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roscgcld · 2 days ago
Hello bubs! IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE I SENT AN ASK TO YOU!! How are you? Are you okay? I read that rude anon and I hope you are better. If not, I came to change this quickyly with Dad!Nanami content!!!
Just imagine your baby( girl or boy doesn't even matter) wears a loose sleep shirt( preferably his dad's) and waddling around the house!!💗🥰😊🤗😇💖
Hi babes! I have been crying because of essays and not getting what is going on in my law classes 0-0 but I am surviving. Honestly, I don't really care of that rude anon, since it's been awhile haha
But honestly??? I can imagine maybe like you guys accidentally shrinking the laundry, so you guys just gave a few of the shirts that had shrunk to your kids to sleep in? Just imagine tiny baby waddling out in a cute white shirt that Nanami usually wears underneath his button ups, blonde hair ruffled from their nap and soft lines from the blanket pressing against their chubby cheeks appearing on their cheeks in light red lines. Just a giggling and smiley baby because kids can be cute when they want to be???
I don't want kids...but the idea of Nanami wanting kids gives me bad baby fever ;-;
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lavenderberrycookie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
CG! Itadori Yuji Headcanons!
soft caregiver with a big heart
trains and works hard to be the best papa he can be for you
always carries extra snacks for you
a little scared of how to care for you at first, he learns quickly
needs a bit of reassurance that he’s doing a good job of taking care of you
his favorite time is bath time because he’s ends up covered in bubbles and gets to see your wide smile
loves watching cartoons with you
very silly he lives to make you laugh
won’t let Sukuna out incase he frightens you
“angel papa wants to play with you!! what do you want to do? we can do whatever you want!!”
spoils you with Gojo’s money
often behaves like a regressor himself in the sense that he does everything with you, color, play dress up, go to the park, watch cartoons you name it
reminds every night before you go to sleep that you are his world, that you are his sunshine he loves beyond anything else in the world
he cherishes the memories he makes with you and often takes as many photos as he can
he sees everyday with you the best day of his life
keeps all your drawings and coloring pages taped on his dorm walls
has a little space corner for you so when you come over you can feel safe
gets anxious when you have s lot energy because you run around a lot and he doesn’t want you to get hurt
“sweetheart, please slow down!! papa doesn’t want you to get hurt his heart would burst!!”
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satosuguslut · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
➪ feat. yuuji, megumi, gojo, geto, nanami, toji and sukuna
➪ warnings: mentions of NSFW for nanami, toji, and sukuna, but it’s mostly suggestive
➪ a/n: nobody requested this, it’s self indulgent as writing crack always makes me feel better when I’m overly anxious. the hcs are based on a female reader with an implied mother and father, so I’m sorry that it’s not super inclusive, like I said this is my own request, lmao. okay enjoy anyway, mwah <3
Yuuji Itadori
Shows up with a homemade side dish he made (ex. his famous meatballs 💀)
Your parents love him IMMEDIATELY 
Extremely adjustable to anything and everything your parents throw at him
Answers all questions honestly and is very respectful
Not at all embarrassed to tell them how deeply in love with you he is
Even tells them straight up that he intends to marry you
“I just wanted you to know that I love Y/N, and my intentions are very serious. I promise to treasure her and I look forward to you both being my future in-laws.”
Your dad looks at him like: 😳😳😳, but respects the grind anyway 😤
Helps with the dishes, and praises your mom’s cooking skills
Takes home leftovers and repeatedly thanks your parents until you have to shove him out the door to shut him up
Megumi Fushiguro
Shows up fucking 30 minutes early because he doesn't want to make a bad impression 
SOOO uncomfortable, and relies on your hand squeezing against him to push through the night
Talks about his shadow technique and your dad replies, “Oh so you do like magic???”
Megumi is sitting there like:  👁👄👁👂🏻"huh?”
Your mom pulls you aside concerned, “Is he okay? He looks upset.”
“No mom he always looks like that.” 💀
The food your mom made is too spicy for his sensitive tongue so he is now GULPING water down bc he's too scared to speak up
His face is so red and hot and its painful to watch 😔
Leaves feeling sick cause I just know this man has fucking stomach issues from how much angst he carries
Says goodbye like, “Thank you so much *hiccup*, can’t wait to come back *hiccup*”
Satoru Gojo
Hugs everybody even if they don’t hug back, is not shy in the slightest
This man will run STRAIGHT to your childhood bedroom after introductions and ravage the room to find anything embarrassing
He picks up a picture of you and says, “You were cuter back then.” 😭😭😭
You slap his bicep and he laughs hysterically
Your parents can not keep up with his energy, and are concerned you are in love with a drug addict 💀
Your dad asks you privately if he wears a blindfold because he’s a ninja or something
Gojo shows them his eyes and your mom starts simping ✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻
If you have siblings, he would get along with them super well, and join them as they bicker about you
“Oh my god you’re right, Y/N does suck at *insert activity*, please tell me more”
Enjoyed dinner but only cared about dessert time
Left crumbs fucking everywhere with no goddamn remorse
Kissed everyone’s cheek goodbye, your dad is now reconsidering his sexuality 😳
Suguru Geto
Shows up with flowers for your mom, and your favorite dessert from a bakery you both go to religiously
Keeps his arms around you at all times, very protective and sweet
Unintentionally seduces your mom, making you so embarrassed as she asks to touch his hair 😖
Motherfucker lets her do it too 😪
If you have little siblings, they are now all trying to braid his hair like he is that chunky ass Barbie hair styling set 💀
He does not mind the attention at all, but you yell at everyone to back off because it is getting out of pocket 😤
“This is soooo good, thank you for inviting me over,” and your moms like: come over anytime 👀👀👀
Your mom hugs him for a lil too long as he says goodbye and you tell them you will never invite him over again 🤧
(some NSFW from this point on)
Kento Nanami
Brings an extremely expensive bottle of wine/sake
You tell him to dress “casual,” but the mf shows up in a whole ass suit regardless
Impresses your parents with his knowledge of the business field, but under the table is touching you as he continues to charm them 😳
He is TRYING to get you to act up, turning to you like, “Y/N remember that time we went to *insert place*?”
You’re staring at him like: 😀😀😀
He asked your parents if it was alright if he could see your room cause he’s “curious”
Since he seems so respectable they're like “yes of course”
He fucks you as your bent over the small ass bed, and makes you shove a pillow into your face so you're quiet
Eats dinner like he didn't just rearrange your guts minutes before 😇
When he leaves he bows at your parents and thanks them for the evening, sending you a wink when they aren't looking 😫
Toji Fushiguro
Unlike Megumi, shows up a whole ass 30 minutes LATE, and does not apologize at all 😔
Kisses your mom’s hand while greeting her, “Thank you for having me over, and if Y/N looks anything like you when she’s older I think I’m safe to say I’m set.” 😇
Your dad LOUDLY clears his throat, but Toji ignores it, giving him A PAT ON THE BACK before strolling into the kitchen like he owns the mf place 💀
Pours himself water after rummaging the cabinets for a cup, and your mom messages her horny mom Facebook group like “Daughter brought home a DILF, life is unfair. But, I am so proud.” 🤠🤠🤠
Toji holds your hips in his hands as he stands behind you, watching with you as your mom chops veggies and your dad has now taken refuge in the living room to escape this living hell 😖😖😖
Just like Nanami, Toji is trying to get you to act up, and under the dinner table takes your hand and places it on his semi-hard clothed cock 😳
Fucks you in the bathroom and shoves his fingers in your mouth to muffle your moans 😚💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼
Your parents can still hear and your mom is now SPAMMING the group chat, and your dad has decided to put himself to bed 😭😭😭
Leaves shortly after taking you with him because he wasn't done with you just yet 🥵
Overall, the man is a freak and has absolutely no shame 💀
Ryomen Sukuna
Rings the door bell and you open it to find him shirtless, your mom almost has a fucking heart attack 🥰🥰🥰
Your dad asks about his profession and he’s like: “Well actually I-”
You cut him off, “Lawyer, he’s a lawyer.”
Sukuna is confused why he can’t just tell them he’s a murderer 😖
Makes “jokes” about killing people at the dinner table for fun, NOBODY LAUGHS
Casually eats food from his hand mouth, everybody pretends they don’t notice but they do 💀
Keeps grabbing your ass when they aren't looking, the man cannot help himself 😔
Has the fucking audacity to say to you, “Can you pass daddy the salt?” YOUR DAD CHOKES ON HIS FOOD
Your parents pretend they are tired but really just want him to leave 😭
Decides to spend the night just to spite them 😤
© all content belongs to satosuguslut, do not modify or repost
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