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#jujutsu kaisen headcanons
violettelueur · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤷ featuring : fushiguro megumi + gojo satoru + nanami kento
⤷ warnings : grammar issues
⤷ form : headcanons + drabble
⤷ published : 24 october
⤷ pronouns : not mentioned
⤷ coffee order : Omg i saw your requests are open!! Can I ask for some headcanons of how Gojo, Nanami and Megumi react when their s/o falls asleep on them?? Thank you so much!!!
⤷ barista’s notes : so....who seen the new jjk chapter....thing are getting heated up....BUT ALSO thank you so much for ordering this, i am so sorry for such a long ass wait time and i hope you all enjoy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ♡
Tumblr media
Fushiguro isn’t the type of person that will get used to physical touch so easily from his significant other, it will take some time but it’s worth the wait. So when you fall asleep on him, he will tense up slightly but tries his best not to move to not wake you up but he can’t help but admire you.
Being on the train is quite peaceful for Fushiguro, looking out the window or reading a book that has been on his TBR list is the only time he gets to relax outside of his dorm room without his friends and his annoying teacher to disturb him. With the night sky approaching, it’s more therapeutic for him since it gives him the indication that it’s time to rest since it’s nearly the end of the day, leading you to take the message literally as your head suddenly lightly thudded against his shoulder, causing the sorcerer to stiffen for a quick second before slowly turning his head away from the window to see you with your eyes closed while your chest gently went up and down in even intervals, informing him that you have definitely decided to hit the hay for the day. Carefully, Fushiguro moved the stray hair that was covering your face to have a clear view of your face before adjusting your head really slowly ensuring you weren’t going to awake now or with a sore neck when you both needed to get off at your stop. “Idiot, you shouldn’t be sleeping on the train when you know you have to get up anyway,” Fushiguro muttered under his breath before a small uncharacteristic smile slowly appeared on his lips as he began to admire you since he wasn’t used to you slowing your guard down, so to see you relaxed made his heart bloom knowing that you were comfortable around him. Gently. Fushiguro took the hand that was laying on your lap to his, interlocking them before feeling you tighten the hold like you knew it was him. “But I’ll wake you up when we get there, okay?” Fushiguro commented before lightly brushing his lips against your forehead.
Gojo isn’t one to shy away from PDA, he adores being the centre of your attention and will do anything to have it even if you are sleeping. If you can touch him in any way, he will accept it in a heartbeat without any second thoughts.
You really don’t know how you got into this situation, you were supposed to prepare the second years’ training for the Exchange Event that was happening in a few weeks along with Gojo’s two first years that seemed interested to join as well. “You should be sleeping honey, you just got back from an overseas trip and now you wanna work again, don’t you think you’re overworking yourself?” Gojo asked in a light tone before poking your cheek as a way to gain your attention. At this moment in time, your body was completely on top of your husband’s (by force) on a couch in the teachers’ lounge with his other hand slowly going up and down on your back, trying to soothe you to sleep and to no one’s surprise, it was working really well. Gojo could see your eyes slowly closing before snapping back open, trying to fight off the sleep that was sneakily approaching. After a few more minutes, Gojo began to grin as he noticed how your overall demeanour was more relaxed as he can feel your back rising up slightly before going back down leading him to conclude that his mission for the day was accomplished. Smirking at the sight of you, the strongest sorcerer couldn’t help but pull out his phone to take some quick snaps of you in your relaxed state, ready to use these photos for teasing reasons later on in life before giggling to himself when he went through his gallery to look at blackmail material, before moving his head to the side to see the real thing in front of him. Gojo couldn’t deny that these pictures he took kept him sane when he was away from you due to missions as it made him feel like you were sleeping right beside him. Taking in one deep breath, Gojo decided that he was getting bored of taking photos and began to relax as he placed his device away as he wrapped his arms around you to bring you closer to him - while also making sure you weren’t going to get away from him if you wake up before him.
Nanami is someone that really cares about you, he wants you to be in the best condition making sure you eat, drink and get enough rest. So falling asleep on him is something he allows if you need him there, he doesn’t tell you that he loves it when you depend on him a bit, but you can tell he does - so you let him indulge his caring nature onto you quite a bit.
“Are you sure you’re not tired?” Nanami asked softly as he noticed how quiet you have gotten since you sat on his lap and rested your head on his shoulder. “No…” you quietly muttered before covering your mouth to yawn, not giving Nanami any confidence in your answer. “I just want to hear you read,” you confessed before getting comfy on his lap again, waiting for him to tell you the story of the book he was reading called ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’. Placing a light kiss on your forehead, Nanami’s attention was once again back to the page of the book before reciting the line he stopped at causing you to smile dreamily at the comfortable atmosphere before slowly closing your eyes, giving in to the tiredness that was creeping up on you since you came home from work. Noticing how quiet you have gotten again, Nanami decided to take a peek rather than asking you as he did before causing him to scoff lightly at your sleeping figure before folding the corner of his page to place his book away. “And here you are saying that you weren’t tired,” he commented with a smile as he noticed how you were trying to snuggle closer to him leading the ex-salary man to place his hand on your cheek as he used his thumb to caress the apple of your cheek as if trying to communicate to you that he was right by your side as well as how much he cared for you even when you weren’t able to see it. “You should have slept after we ate dinner,” Nanami muttered again as if you were engaging in a conversation with him when in reality, he knew regardless if you were awake or not, you weren’t going to listen to him and just climb into his embrace at the end of the day.
Tumblr media
© violettelueur 2021 - all rights are reserved to violettelueur. Do not repost, copy, change/modify, plagiarise, translate or screenshot my work : this will also include other social media/writing platforms like AO3, Wattpad, TikTok and many more.
Tumblr media
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General Dating Headcannons
Gojo +Megumi + Yuji
JJK Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Man loves you since he laid eyes on you
Loves that your in love with his pink hair
PDA approved
He has a thing for laying on your chest while you stroke his hair
good night kisses through your window
Matching socks
Millions of selfies
Nobara and Fushiguro approve
So does Gojo
Defends Sukuna and Yuji
Sudden hugs from behind
Him and Sukuna argue with each other Yuji doesnt want him to degrade you
But Sukuna came out and was like: "This bitch!?"
And then you were like: "oh its you hoe"
Mhmmmmmmm he may or may not approve as well
Socked him in the face as Sukuna, okay he approves
Amusement park dates
Lots if cotton candy
You made him a birthday cake shaped as Sukuna's finger.
Wearing each others clothes
Tumblr media
Silence for a while
Small head pats turn into kisses on the cheek
Doesn't know how he lives with you: your basically female Itadori
But is greatful for that, hes glad he has someone to go and hold when things get rough.
Matching piercings
You painted his nails in his sleep
He now keeps them dark dark blue or black but only if you paint them.
PDA's not his thing
Gojo's all like "oh. my new daughter in law! Awe are you the cutest!"
Kissing in private is his favorite mostly because you hold him after wards
You get along with everyone so it kinda makes his jealous
Especially when Sukuna comes out, he keeps teasing Megumi for sure
Sleeping in the same bed is a must
He knows your feeding the stray cat that comes by occasionally
Itadori gave you a boquet one time and Megumi got super jealous
"Why is he giving you a boquet!? Its not your birthday is it?! Its not valentines day- our anniversary?!" "No Megumi they were going to throw them out so he gave them to me." "Oh.."
Shimigami get all the head pats from you
He'll hold hands with you in public after a while
Loves to listen to oldies with you
Likes to do your hair
Tumblr media
Guy loves PDA, kisses, hugs, hand holding shit make out with him in public, he loves it
Unfortunately for him you're no to much into PDA
Stotic ♡ on crack
You are always ontop of stuff so naturally if he cant find something he goes to you
You make him lunch and the three kids he teaches, often they get better lunches than him
He's often jealous they get better lunches
"But baby! Why can't I have a better lunch?" "Because you said you like leftovers" "not all the time." "Oh..."
Instantly regrets and says Left overs are So amazing, even eats left overs for dinner for a whole week to make sure you dont cry
Enjoys your cooking
Tries to cook for you but just gets take out because he burnt everything
The kids have never actually met you: well they have- they just didnt even know
Kiyotaka had a crush on you for a while and still does, he also doesnt know your dating Gojo
Gojo's on crack constantly, your pretty sure atleast so when he hugs you and pokes at you while you're informing students they figure its just Gojo being Gojo rather than both you dating
But it comes to a shock when your obviously pissed one day and he stops poking at you concerned.
"Are you dating Y/n?" "Hm? Oh! Yeah! For almost a year now!"
Honestly wondered how someone so stotic and genuinely hard working could be with someone as Goofy and laid back as Gojo
You often fall asleep at your desk, Gojo's always taking you home sometimes he'll wake you up first with fresh gas station bought instant ramen and you'll both eat in your office.
You're glad you have someone like Gojo or honestly you'd think you'd die of starvation
Gojo may be sporadic but always makes sure you have whatever you prefer to drink, food and water
"GOJOS BACK!" "Oh. Didn't know you left" "well who salted your water today?"
He's jealous of Nanami, you often hang out with him during lunch or go over finaces together, hes a big help
"Do you love Nanami more than me?" "No." "SCORE!"
Loves reading over your shoulder
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isabella-stoll · a day ago
First Encounters with Dilf Jjk Men
Jjk Dilftober: Day One
Characters involved: Gojo Saturo, Nanami Kento, Sukuna, Itadori Yuji, Megumi Fushiguro
Gojo Saturo
As a sorcerer, Gojo is a really busy person. Throw a child into the mix, and this man barely has enough time to do his sorcerer duties and be a sufficient parent. That, however, never stopped him from going shopping.
After all what was a better way to cool down after a tiresome day than sneaking away to the new festival in town? Sure, the stalls at the festival occasionally seemed a little lacklustre in comparison to what Gojo had seen over the years, but the cute little sorceress buzzing around him made up for it.
Saturo wasn't even sure what you wanted, something about the elders holding an emergency meeting he had to attend or whatnot, but it sure was amusing to watch you try and reason with him.
At one point your nags got considerably lesser while your voice sort of ebbed away into a void of disappointment; something that didn't sit right with Gojo.
"How about we play one of the stall games, if you win I'll attend the meeting."
You wouldn't win. Gojo knew it, the person handling the stall knew it, and in some part of your heart, you knew it too. That didn't stop you from scrunching your eyebrows in concentration as you lifted your gun towards the target with a determined frown.
Saturo thought you were adorable.
It was clear you were relatively new to the Jujutsu world but still skilled enough to be of importance to the elders. Something that increased his intrigue.
At the end of the day, he still beat you at the game, but Gojo decided to humour himself and trudge along to the meeting either way.
Nanami Kento
Nanami didn't understand why he had to be paired with a rookie of all people.
It didn't matter that you were skilled and had the potential, you were still just an oblivious new sorceress fresh out of school trying her best to make it to the top.
You were an annoyance. So much so that he briefly considered asking for a new partner just to get rid of you.
He usually wouldn't react with such hostility, but the thought of his time being wasted because of an incompetent partner irked Kento beyond measure. Nanami had places to be and children to care for!
You were just too new.
Too young and naive with a glimmer in your eyes that was far too bright for someone preparing to execute beings who were previously human. You were just like all of the other hopeful little girls who wanted to make a name for themselves.
Or so he thought.
It started with small observations. Pointing out things and noticing evidence a second faster than he did, making guesses and painting scenarios so clearly he couldn't help but picture your words as reality.
By the time you exorcised the first curse who had snuck up behind the two of you, it was safe to say Nanami had changed his mind.
Sure, you were young and perhaps a little too bright for his liking, but dubbing you naive was a severe miscalculation on his part.
You were observant and smart and had clearly exorcised a good number of curses. In a way, your 'happy teenager' demeanour could have fooled anyone into thinking you were a little ditzy, but it also gave you an element of surprise most sorcerers lacked.
Kento had to give it to you, you were far from the useless child he had made you out to be.
Perhaps Nanami had misjudged you after all.
Ryomen Sukuna
Sukuna didn't understand why he had to deal with you of all people.
Out of all the bloody sorcerers in the jujutsu world, why did the one who successfully snuck into his domain have to be an annoying little girl?
You didn't look like much, and the way you hesitantly backed away from his throne made it clear your presence in his domain was a mere accident.
Sukuna didn't plan to spare you for too long and was already contemplating murder methods that would be silent enough to not disturb his heir, but his thoughts ebbed away the second his mini version sauntered towards you with a small giggle.
His heir...liked you.
It was weird to see you like this. Usually, intruders would be greeted with soft growls and weak attacks from his far too young child, but somehow, you were different.
You didn't recoil away in shock or attempt to hurry away and convey the news of Sukuna's new weakness to the world, instead, you knelt towards the child with a soft smile on your face.
"My name is y/n, what's yours, little guy?"
Sukuna didn't particularly like you. But there was something about your demeanour towards his child that pleasantly surprised him.
Perhaps he could postpone your death for a little while.
Itadori Yuji
Itadori couldn't begin to comprehend the situation before him.
Really, he didn't understand how he could lose his little toddler in a supermarket of all places.
He had just turned away for a second, one little second, but in that time the little girl beside him had disappeared and was nowhere to be found. How on Earth had his daughter outwitted him so fast?
She was his daughter, after all, and if the situation had been different Yuji would probably be happy if not proud that his child had inherited his speed, but did she have to use said speed in the worst possible situation?
The name made him whirl around as Yuji wildly searched the store before him, only stopping once his gaze settled on the young woman before him and the pink-haired little girl beside her.
Apparently, his daughter had wandered off to fetch them cereal but hadn't realised she had no idea where the cereal was until it was far too late. You just happened to spot the short pink-haired girl sobbing in the middle of the store and decided to help her out.
You just hadn't expected the little girl to get so attached to you.
The pink-haired toddler sent you a toothy smile as she latched onto your hand once again and pulled you along the supermarket, muttering something about cereal, her parents, and thanking a nice lady.
Yuji really didn't want to inconvenience you further, but something about watching his daughter ramble off as she swung your intertwined hands made him think otherwise.
Megumi Fushiguro
Of course, she had punched the child you were babysitting.
Out of all of the solutions in the world, of course, Megumi Fushiguro's daughter had chosen to use her fists to win a petty little argument.
And of course, she had broken the kid's nose.
Megumi couldn't decide if he was proud, annoyed or simply too drained to care. After a long day of exorcising curses all he wanted to do was pick up his daughter from the park, grab some food, and fall asleep with her small form curled up beside him.
Was that too much to ask for?
With a kid who was a little bit too much like him, the answer was apparently yes.
"Look, I'm sorry she hit the kid-" you had said his name about five times already, but Megumi couldn't bother remembering it, something that just increased your annoyance
"-but I'll pay for the damage."
Of course, he chose to settle matters with money than bother to actually chastise his child.
Megumi expected you to turn him down. He expected you to walk away furiously with the bleeding child in tow and disappear somewhere between the sea of moms seated on the other side of the park.
He did not, however, expect you to mockingly smile at him with a bright glint in your eyes.
"Good. If it isn't too much, could you drop us at the hospital too?"
No. That was what he was supposed to say. That was what he, and the little girl clinging to his pant leg, wanted to say. But for some reason, even in his tired and worn-out state, Megumi couldn't fathom leaving you in the park with a presently crying little boy.
"Try not to get any blood on the car seat."
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waverlyanne · 22 hours ago
Can I please have some platonic headcanons with Nanami and fem!reader? They’re the bestest friends and she’s outwardly affectionate and has no problem saying ‘I love you’
I feel like he’s a brunch, weekly dinner, and frequent meet-ups at a Cafe kinda bestie and I love him 😭❤️❤️
Tumblr media
Nanami Kento + an affectionate best friend ❦
female reader
masterlist • request information • ko-fi
What a sweet request!! Nanami would be the greatest best friend 🤧 I might have gotten carried away a wrote a lot, but I hope you like it anyways! 💕 - Waverly
Tumblr media
❦ Going anywhere with Nanami “I don’t need friends, they disappoint me” Kento is always an event.
❦ Most of the time, he acts like he either doesn’t want to be there, or hardly knows you, but you know that he enjoys your outings as much as you do.
❦ When you embarrass him, he will switch to using formal language with you and won’t hesitate to call you by your last name.
❦ However, if anyone around you comments on how you’re being informal or rude, he will walk over to their table and say “no one can call my best friend rude, but me.”
❦ You embarrass him, but that doesn’t mean he wants people to dislike you! He will come to your defense whenever needed.
❦ While planning one of your dinners, you asked him if he thought they would give him free cake if you told them it was his birthday. It was not his birthday.
❦ He was this close 🤏🏻 to canceling, but he wanted that cake.
❦ They did in fact give him a free cake, and they sang for him too. An event for which he has yet to forgive you. He’s so embarrassed that he refuses to go back.
❦ He likes to act like he’s annoyed with the nicknames you give him, but in actuality, he’s impressed with just how many you’ve come up with.
❦ Calling him Nami, Mimi, Nam, Namnam, or Kenny is fine. He’ll only act annoyed. Call him Nanamin though, and he’s calling over the waitress and asking for the check.
❦ Prepare to hear him complain about how you spend too much time with Gojo. It doesn’t matter how much you actually speak with him, that nickname is forever tainted.
❦ In another one of your schemes to get a free dessert, you proposed to Nanami.
❦ You made it known beforehand that this was your plan, and he agreed only if he didn’t have to be the one to get down on one knee.
❦ Nanami likes to act serious, and as if he has no sense of humor, but you know that he enjoys these attempts to swindle cake from high-end restaurants.
❦ He makes it known by sending you links of places you two can just barely afford that have a high-priced dessert menu followed by a text that says “doesn’t that cake look delicious?”
❦ 10 seconds later you’re already telling him your game plan and what color dress you’re wearing, making sure to remind him to match his tie.
❦ One time, while having brunch at a café, a waitress brought you a free loaf of cinnamon sugar bread because you were going on and on about how much you loved Nanami and couldn’t believe you’d been together for six years.
❦ Together to you meant being best friends, but she thought it was your anniversary. Neither of you corrected her.
❦ The first and last time you tried to set Nanami up while at a café, the person you were talking to walked up to Nanami and said “please tell your girlfriend to stop trying to set me up with you.”
❦ You still bring it up every time the two of you are at that café. To you, it’s hilarious, but Nanami is still incredibly embarrassed.
❦ There was one single time the two of you went to a cat café.
❦ A tuxedo cat came up to Nanami purring as loud as possible, distracting him from his food. You thought Nanami would be annoyed and shoo the cat away.
❦ You were wrong. He scooped the cat up in his arms and snuggled him to his chest. The action literally made you cry it was so precious.
❦ The photo you took of the moment was your lock screen for a year.
❦ Unfortunately, Nanami refuses to go back because of your reaction. He said that having someone who looks like his date sitting across from him sobbing into her teacup made him look like a bad guy. Even if you promise not to try next time, he won’t believe you.
❦ The two of you always have fun when you’re out together; you get joy from causing a scene and making Nanami flustered, and he finds joy in all the free desserts you’ve managed to get a hold of.
❦ After a while, you successfully convinced him that it’s not a bad thing that everyone thinks you’re together. In fact, it can be quite fun.
Tumblr media
✎ waverly anne 2021
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rieka-archives · a day ago
JUJUTSU KAISEN CHARACTERS & their most streamed female artist
Tumblr media
GOJO SATORU, sukuna, MEI MEI, hoshi kirara
Tumblr media
maki zenin, NOBARA KUGISAKI, toge inumaki, miwa kasumi, momo nishimiya
Tumblr media
YUJI ITADORI, TODO AOI, yuta okkotsu, mai zenin, yuki tsukumo
Tumblr media
megumi fushiguro, KENTO NANAMI, CHOSO, utahime iori
Tumblr media
shoko ieiri, GETO SUGURU, toji fushiguro, kinji hakari
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prettyboychrollo · 2 days ago
gojo saturo bf head canons
tw: explicit content 18+ minors do not engage.
Tumblr media
dating gojo would be like dating your best friend.
he eats out of your dinner plate even if you get the same food
eats anything you pick off your plate like if you pick out the pickles he will swarm in and eat them
slaps your ass when there’s an opportunity
calls you weird pet names such as honey bottom, bun buns, and sugar balls (idk LMAO)
hes a crazy sleeper and takes over the bed when you sleep together
and he hogs the blanket
always picks on you it’s funny in the beginning but then it gets annoying
always wants to play fight. like he would come up from behind you in a boxer stance and throw air punches at you. you touch him the slightest and he acts like he’s knocked out.
argues over petty things
you ask him to take out the trash he will say he already did it even though he obviously didn’t and you end up taking it out
always shirtless
he always flexes his pecs and shows you
when you go on walks together he always picks flowers from ppls yards even dandelions
always goes with you to run errands. whether it be to the dmv, the bank, or just to buy toilet paper, he’s going with you.
whenever you go somewhere by yourself, he’s overprotective and makes sure your locations on, you have enough gas for your trip even if it’s in town, and you have your pepper spray with you.
holy shit why am i crying
he’s a boob guy so your boobies are always in his mouth
it’s so therapeutic tbh i don’t blame him
anyway, he always put his hand down your shirt and coddles your boob
his favorite position is cowgirl with you facing him so he can watch ur boobies bounce
he says the most nastiest shit too
absolutely degrades you
“take it like the slut you are” “you nasty fucking bitch you like that don’t you?” 🥰
anyfuckingway, he keeps it interesting during sex and like to try new shit
he will buy a new dildo/vibrator every other day like “heyyy look what i got for US”
MAN where can i find someone like that
he’s into all that sexy shit, he will handcuff you, tie you up, spank you with a paddle.
when he’s in missionary he likes to rest his forehead on urs and have you breathe and gasp into eachothers mouths
he would absolutely go faster when you ask him to slowdown or stop
during doggy, he will make you throw it back on him he makes you do the work
“you wanted this dick right? then work for it”
bc he’s tall, he will find it easier if he fuck u in the edge of the bed while he’s standing
sooooo he when he puts your legs over his shoulder he bites and kisses your calves and sucks ur toes n shit
he has a foot fetish for sures
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ghost-party · 2 days ago
Sukuna 🎁🧡💔
Sure thing, anon! 🙂 Thanks for requesting!
Tumblr media
🎁 What gift would they get their s/o?
Sukuna hates thoughtless gifts, or, as he puts it, “impractical shit” that no one ever uses. So whenever he needs to buy a gift for his significant other, he takes it seriously and tries to choose something meaningful and memorable. He’s more likely to opt for an experience of some kind — a wine tasting, stargazing, a weekend trip — rather than a physical object, unless it’s something special he knows you’ll love.
🧡 How do they confess that they like someone?
It takes him a while to say anything. At first, he’s in denial and tries to ignore it. When it becomes clear that his feelings for you won’t just go away, he begrudgingly starts to think about how he should handle things. He might have a plan in mind, maybe telling you over dinner or drinks, but more than likely, he’ll get impatient and blurt it out, feeling awkward and vulnerable (and pissed about feeling that way).
💔 How do you break their heart?
It takes a great deal of trust in order for Sukuna to open up to someone. If you give him cause to distrust you, or if he suspects you’re not being totally honest with him, his instinct is to put distance between you. Despite his snarky attitude and the bold confidence he projects, he’s actually very sensitive when it comes to his innermost thoughts and feelings. If you break his trust, his walls will come slamming down.
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scratchonthelip · a day ago
The shining of the moon
Tumblr media
PAIRING: fem!reader x geto
Being in the dark, something unknown pressed on your chest, forcing you to breathe heavily.Without having time to take any action, dozens of pitch-black hands grabbed you, not letting you move.Looking up, you saw the blood moon, which began to split, and dark liquid flowed from its cracks.Unable to resist this pressure, you wanted to scream, but nothing came out, as if your voice had been taken away from you.Everything started to blur before your eyes, and you woke up.
You looked at your watch and saw 1:43 a.m.
The room was stuffy so you decided to go out on the balcony.
In the depths of the night sky, bright stars twinkled, forcing you to look at them longer and longer.But your attention was attracted by a lone moon casting a pale light on the buildings.
A cool wind was blowing, so you hugged yourself by the shoulders with both hands and continued to look at the moon, swaying slightly from side to side.
You heard a creak that made you turn around.It was Suguru.His dark long hair fluttered slightly in the wind and his face looked sleepy.
Your lips broke into a smile.
"Why aren't you asleep?"He asked yawning slightly.
"It's pretty cool in here, so let me warm you up."
Warm hands gently hugged you from behind, and he pressed you to him.Hot breath pleasantly burned your neck, forcing you to relax.These actions caused a languor that engulfed your body.
You turned around, looked at him with sincerity and smiled gently.In the moonlight, Suguru's face was mysterious and beautiful, and the stars shone in his eyes.
He reached out and slowly and carefully stroked your face, as if you were a fragile crystal.
Noticing your contented face, he put his long soft fingers on your shoulders.In these places, your skin caught fire from his touch.
In response to his actions, you began to sort through his black silk hair.A second later, your fingers were stroking his cheeks pleasantly.From this pleasure Suguru closed his eyes and you giggled softly.
When he heard your voice, he pulled you to him and lifted your chin slightly to kiss you.His soft lips touched yours and you both merged in a passionate kiss forcing you to succumb more and more.
Your breath has become so hot that you feel dizzy from pleasant bliss.
You pulled him closer to you, but he lifted you up and deepened the kiss even more.
You looked into each other's eyes - the look was filled with love and tenderness.It seemed that everything around was illuminated by a special light that made you both drown in it.
You buried your cheek in his chest, and he bent his head, burying his nose in your soft hair.
His strong, reliable hands do not let you think that something bad can happen.
"So why did you wake up?"
"I had a nightmare and the room was hot so I came in here.But when you're around, all the fear goes away at once."
He smiled at your words and you both looked at the sky, strewn with stars, the rays of which shone and crossed.
Tumblr media
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ykwrites · a day ago
Sukuna takes control-Yuji Itadori x reader smau
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yuji Itadori x reader
Warnings: Swearing!, implied nsfw
Summary: Sukuna decides to take control and texts you with Yuji´s phone, letting out a little secret.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sandsorghum · 9 hours ago
JJK Week Day 2 - Family/Childhood with Choso Kamo
Tumblr media
Prompt by @jujutsukaisenweek
"I'm gonna be a dad?"
Sneak preview of a headcanon/drabble series where the JJK guys knock you up, but I found Choso's reaction the most fitting for this theme! I will publish the other characters at a later date.
For now, pls enjoy this! Very slight spoilers ahead for anime-onlies
Word count: 1116
You revealed the surprising news on an early morning, and you think his beam is bright enough to break through both your black-out curtains and those swirling clouds of doubt.
He wraps you in a bear hug, refusing to let go as he asks, "How long have you known?"
You tell him it's only been a couple of weeks at most, and that you're really nervous. Choso immediately picks up on your uncertainty about raising a kid, and tries to address your concerns. Among the JJK men, he'll be one of the most persuasive in trying to get you to keep it and be parents together.
You know how important Family is to him, you've seen it in the way he treats his brother. You've never explicitly discussed raising a child together, but you've noticed how his gaze will linger on the kids chasing each other when you're strolling through a park with him, or how soft his smile was when he helped some random 10 year old retrieve their frisbee after it got stuck in a tree. Later that evening, you scold him for his carelessness when you see his scraped up shins and forearms, but he gives you a very distracting kiss to reassure you, to show how much he appreciates your concern.
You just didn't think he'd want one this soon. Or maybe, it's not exactly early for him, considering he's existed for the past century and a half. Although, it's only over the last decade that he's adapted to being a human, or as close to an approximation of one for him. But you think you're too young to be a mom, there's other adventures and this relatively new relationship and a career to consider, you wouldn't be able to balance it all.
It wouldn't be fair to Choso, or this child, potentially.
He listens to you listing all the things you'd both have to compromise on, never interrupting. When you look at him you realise he's trying to keep his expression neutral, but you see how crestfallen he really is. There's a sudden pang of guilt at never having once asked him how he feels.
He tells you how being born as a Death Painting made him feel like his existence was doomed from the start, that as a kid he couldn't decide if his life was destined to be more worthless or wretched. He feared the former more, so he started getting into battles, fighting to find some meaning. He didn't have parents or anyone to guide him. Alone, the sense of desolation swallowed him from the inside and he felt numb to everything - until he discovered he had siblings, that he could have some kind of patchwork family.
But he thinks he lead them down the wrong path, that their deaths are on his hands. Back then, the only way he knew to derive and contrive meaning in life was through conflict, proving blood ties with bloodshed, through victory. So he had taught them as much.
He learned the lesson too late from their sacrifice that winning wasn't a basis for a decent life. It was enough to protect people, to tell them they were cherished, or to know them so well they felt like an extension of your soul, separated at conception.
Choso tells you the dozens of new ways he's found meaning, it's in your yawn when the early hours of the day are still swathed in indigo, in your frantic footsteps when you have to compensate for caving in to his plea that you stay in bed with him, just five more minutes. Then five more after that, and another five and so on, until you're late for work. He finds it in the wrinkle of your brow when you can't skip adverts on Youtube while accessing a bootleg clip of a concert, in your unabashed swearing when you stub your toe or find a run in one of your stockings. Such mortal mundanities, he finds you and them fascinating - and then of course, there are the more special moments you afford him.
It's in the slightest shiver as his touch melts away the tension knotted in your lower back after a long week, in the glide of your fingers down his bare chest, or in the utter lack of space as you writhe on top of him wordless, breathless, all at once his princess and gladiator and victim. Choso presses a soft kiss to your mouth, murmuring And see, here's another way you make meaning take the shapes he traces in his mind constantly, this carnation blush blooming on your cheeks at all the details he's just divulged. Another memory, another gift from you.
You don't want Choso to stop, his lips lazily dragging against your neck feels too good. You have a distant thought that you ought to chastise yourself, your poor impulse control is what got both of you into this situation in the first place, in an unwanted position with no easy choices.
You feel Choso pull away from your collarbone, and you're simultaneously relieved and disappointed. His gaze is unwavering when he speaks.
"It's a burden being born a Cursed Womb, designed for destruction since the beginning. There are too many things I would regret if I remembered them all. You've no idea how much you alleviate that weight, and this," you feel Choso's hand warm and comforting against your belly, "this womb is blessed, it's a blissful accident and the furthest thing from cruel intentions. I want to give the both of you everything I and my brothers never had, affection and security and someone to turn to when you don't know what's the right thing to do. That's all."
You return Choso's kiss, and it isn't as gentle as his. You can't be, with every warring emotion overwhelming you.
"I don't need an answer now," he whispers, thumb catching the single tear you let slip. "Whatever you decide, you'll always be the best thing that happened to me."
The future flickers, and suddenly you can see his potential as a wonderful father, or as a partner even. The visions rush toward you, Choso catching and comforting your toddler when it tripped, getting frustrated with their temperamental teenage years, arguing with you over how they should be disciplined, and finally, being fully present to offer advice to your child if they felt directionless about their future, as he once was.
You desperately want to believe Choso's certainty is sufficient for the two - or three, of you. Only time will tell. For now, he cradles you in his arms, embrace soothing you to sleep and its merciful delay of irrevocable decisions.
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i-like-the-stars · 6 hours ago
random fucking hc that toge just. likes to be rattled. like he loves it when his friends pick him up and just. shake him. violently.
idk WHERE this spawned from but they found it out when panda picked him up from behind and shook him as they were walking back to the school from an evening out. it was really just panda being an asshole, but when he put toge down he was thoroughly surprised when he asked him to do it again.
and so it just became a thing. maki loves picking him up and throwing him upside down and swinging him. she also loves throwing him over her shoulder and then slamming him down on soft cushioning (the sofa, mostly). yuuta will hook his arms under toge’s armpits and then swing him as hard as he can. panda usually just does what he did originally.
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suna-reversed · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jujutsu kaisen nsfw links
a/n: for some reason all of gojo’s links got deleted as soon as i tried to upload this so now I’ll just be doing a separate Gojo links + hcs post😀 lmk if you wanna be on its taglist
Tumblr media
Nanami: link link link link link
Toji: link link link link link
Getou: link link link link
Sukuna: link link link link link
Choso: link link link link link
Mei Mei: link link link
Utahime: link link link
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bemylord · 6 months ago
ʜᴏᴡ ᴛʜᴇʏ'ᴅ ᴇᴀᴛ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴘᴜꜱꜱʏ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: yuuji, 'gumi, toji, satoru, kento, sukuna.
warnings: smut, aged up, oral, creampie, multiply orgasms, sitting on face [?], edging, squirt, toys or boys who know how to make you squirt.
butler's remark: ( ◕▿◕ ) hello ¿ i'm here with another smut hdc. nothing new: sukuna being sukuna, nanami is a daddy and satoru being mr. steal your girl. well, toji is a toji too <3 enjoy reading, lord!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ɪᴛᴀᴅᴏʀɪ ʏᴜᴜᴊɪ:
sit. on. his. face.
like really, pure boy would be crying for the sake of tight hole. literally, yuuji having a facesitting kink: without any wobbling or hesitationhe'd be well-fed by your cum.
the type of boiz who would to be glad be choking by your thighs as you barely holding yourself back from flattening his face.
it may seem as he enjoys that more than you by seeing his complacent face as he's masterfully flicking his tongue on your clit and making shrill fondles your dripping hole. you haven't got any other option but to sit on his face.
your morning starts with his mouth on your pussy or kisses on the pubis as he greets on with his morning, husky voice: 'just wanna say good morning to your pussy if you don't mind'
sorry, but.. who doesn't mind..?
Tumblr media
ꜰᴜꜱʜɪɢᴜʀᴏ ᴍᴇɢᴜᴍɪ:
the case when the son takes after his father.
at first, he didn't know how to please you. don't get him wrong, he knew he should lick your sensitive area and play with your nipples. but, you know, the puberty period is over and he still a baby in sex.
give 'gumi his time and you'd cry over his tongue as he starts from your lips to the pussy, shattering you using one finger and tongue.
like yuuji, megumi will lick every last drop of your oozing little entrance as you got lost in paradise.
gets insatiable of it if you'd pull his hair to see his mouth has being messy of your cum as he quickly licks his fertilized lips with your juices.
he might summoned his divine dogs as gets addicted to your hole. 'i can get enough of your juicy place, my love'
Tumblr media
ꜰᴜꜱʜɪɢᴜʀᴏ ᴛᴏᴊɪ:
the daddy knows how to do it. when he's in the mood to play or destroy you and your pretty cunt, he doesn't need his dick, girl.
his pads of fingers playing with the place you're needy for, contemplate as to how you wriggle like a snake underneath his fingers.
will whisper some dirty phrase such as: 'such a pathetic whore you're' or 'can't wait for my dick, huh?'
toji won't hold back if you will squirt on the bed. your mind being mushed and you have lost the clarity as you came on his mouth by your third time.
the perfect timing for thrust in your swollen cunt with his cock.
but nah, this daddy for sure will turn your mind off, literally and fucking literally, as you're illegible pleading for his cock.
Tumblr media
ɢᴏᴊᴏ ꜱᴀᴛᴏʀᴜ:
heaven has sent you a divine gift and a hellish torment, and the name is satoru fucking gojo.
his tongue has a target in the swollen spot, his slender fingers inside your gooey pussy.
into toys, i guarantee you this point. the vibrator, flogger, vibrator panties. about vibrators - is more likely to tie you up and turn on some vibrator while wanking his dick. o.o i... you.. just pretend..
he's kind of like all the other guys, like yuuji or nanami but he's sort of being a gojo satoru.
huge teaser. teasing and teasing and teasing you while railing and spinning nimble tongue on your pussy.
probably likes to do it at the technical college, in his office as you're quelling any sounds that letting out from your mouth with every thrust satoru's tip on your hole. 'be a good girl and stay quiet when you cum'
but how you could?
Tumblr media
ɴᴀɴᴀᴍɪ ᴋᴇɴᴛᴏ:
daddy kento is certainly into the fingering while licking your clit.
he'd relentlessly leave abrupt strokes against your entrance as spanking your butt cheeks. he makes sure he's brainwashed you enough for his cock, meticulously staring as a stripe of your cum oozing down towards your asshole.
although he's making out with your pussy if you were a good-good girl for your daddy, obey his order.
mostly it's about sucking his properly, touching his pubis with the tip of your nose, being choked by it.
if you disturbed or interrupted him in his office, kento with precision will edge you in his little room.
minor hickeys on your inner thighs as he teases you, compelling you to plea as his ears being in heaven by your celestial [?] whining.
Tumblr media
after dinner there's dessert, right? i mean, i know you wanna read about him.
if we're talking about the place who'd lick you - everywhere. in his domain? you'll squirt on his throne. if itadori switches the body with the king? itadori's bed will be soaked by your juices. somewhere in the public? you should be quiet.
certainly destroy with his tongue as he's fluttering over your drooling hole, eliciting your mooing as you're practically shaken, reaching the highest.
loves to watch as your juices oozing on your inner thighs, licking that area, as you stuck your ass more, pleading for his big cock.
the king definitely into making you squirt.
ok, but, i know it's silly, but.
imagine sukuna with four arms?? i mean, his dick is better than arms but if sukuna would somehow switch into his previous form, you'd have overdosed with fingers. imagine the next one: sukuna tied your hands above your head, holding ankles on his shoulders as his other two hands are on your hole. whilst one palm is stretching your walls, another one is making circles on your clit.
( ◕▿◕ )
well. yeah. do you think sukuna is a cat person or pussy person? hehe, sorry ;)
also abt satoru: there are very, very many different vibrators, i think you even have your own red room ;)
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vi-x-rose · 6 months ago
cockwarming w. the jjk men!
Tumblr media
✎ request: hi!! heard that u take nsfw contents can u write about cockwarming gojo and like any characters in jjk too tysm!!
✎ characters included: gojo + nanami + toji 
✎ warnings/tags: NSFW, cockwarming, edging, choking, riding, dom/sub, breeding kink, missionary, mating press, praise kink
✎ a/n: i actually really enjoyed the concept of cockwarming gojo, so im going to be including it in an upcoming oneshot!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
trust me when i tell you this man loves cockwarming
and honestly you love it too 
you love seeing his hair sticky with sweat and his chest heave as he tries to resist the urge to fuck up into your wet heat
did i not mention that gojo is the one being dominated?
cockwarming truly brings out the sub side of him, you didn’t know he had
but seriously, he loves you sitting on his cock
you’re not even riding him just yet, but seeing how long he can hold out for
mix that with a little bondage and choking, and he’s in heaven 
you love feeling him twitch inside you, his body desperate to start moving
eager to do something, anything, to subside his arousal
with small thrusts of his hips, he’ll give a valiant effort
you already know how stubborn he is, so don’t be surprised when he edges himself for much longer than expected
eyebrows scrunched in concentration, he really does try his hardest
just when it feels like his body can’t take anymore you start to bounce up and down on his length
as soon as you start to grind down your hips, he’s a goner
he releases his seed into you almost immediately, too caught up in the relief and pleasure to feel the embarrassment of coming too early 
though it was quick, he’s too busy panting and moaning to care
and honestly
he can’t remember the last time he came so hard
Tumblr media
unlike gojo, nanami likes cockwarming for the reasons any normal person would
after all, what’s not to like about being buried balls deep in your leaking pussy for a prolonged amount of time
nanami does cockwarming before and after sex, depending on his mood of the day
when it’s before, he slips himself inside of you, relishing in the way you shift your hips beneath him
you’re confused when he doesn’t start thrusting, but instead keep himself inside your warm cunt, not moving
he’ll praise you for doing such a good job taking his length, and being a patient little thing for him
he waits to see how long you can take it, before your composed facade turns to you desperately begging for him to fuck you
he follows through, sloppily thrusting in and out, until both of you reach completion
when its after, post orgasm, he stays inside you, watching the cum spill out of your entrance
it’s hot enough to make him want to go for another round, but he decides to simply enjoy the feeling of your walls around him
Tumblr media
now this is the man who does cockwarming with the intention of seeing you squirm
he’d stay in your soft, warm, cunt all day if he could
similar to nanami, toji likes cockwarming before and after sex
he adores sitting you on his lap, watching you shift eagerly on his length, while he doesn’t move a muscle 
he won’t start fucking you until you’re on the verge of tears, the need for his cock consuming you
we all know toji has a bit of a sadistic side
he likes to see you fall apart beneath him, your body completely spent from his length shoving into you over and over again
after he cums inside your tight pussy, he keeps himself inside, holding you tight
toji is a sucker for a good mating press
he always fucks you with the intention of breeding you, making sure you know damn well your body belongs to him, and him only
Tumblr media
✎ side note: to submit a request, click here to read the rules, and click here to be taken to my asks page (where requests are submitted). thank you for reading!
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laudthingcat · 4 months ago
JJK/Things they did that killed the mood during s#x
Characters: Gojo Satoru, Nanami Kento, Toji Fushiguro, Choso, Sukuna, Megumi Fushiguro, Itadori Yuuji, Inumaki Toge, Todo Aoi
Warning: NSFW, second hand embarrassment LOL
All the characters are aged up!
Tumblr media
Gojo: His phone started ringing right when you were about to reach your orgasm. You were sure he will ignore it, as he usually does, but after what he peeked on the night stand at his phone and saw it was Nanami who was calling, he quickly jumped off the bed to take it. Bruh
Choso: He told you he’s tired, but you were really horny so you suggested he just lays down as you take care of everything yourself. You were bouncing up and down his length when a realization hit you. He fell asleep 😭   
Nanami: He was going so fast you started clenching your feet. That’s what caused you to get one of the worst foot cramps in your life. Pushing Nanami aside, you reached for your foot so you could massage it.
Sukuna: After a heated kissing session, you started undressing each other. All good until you got to his pants. Pulling them down, you busted out laughing at the sight of his underwear. He was wearing a pair of red boxers, with the text “Kiss the King ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” written on them, crowns all around it. You couldn’t stop laughing and that got him annoyed, since he thought you’re going to be impressed lmfao.
Yuuji: The initial plan was “Netflix and chill”, but he got so into Netflix he stopped “chillin” every couple minutes or so to pay maximum attention to the movie.
Todo: He had a playlist created especially for when you fuck. It had so many songs in that you never got to listen to them all. The two of you were having a really good time when suddenly “It’s gonna be me” by *NSYNC started playing 💀
Megumi: He’s usually pretty loud in bed, but that certain day he didn’t let out a single sound. Even worse, he was also spacing out on top of you.
Toji: He doesn’t go slow, ever. And things usually get very messy. Your ass was really slippery, so when he was thrusting hard, his cock got out and he just pushed it back, but in the wrong hole... RIP
Inumaki: He loved hearing your moans, but he also wanted to hear you say his name, so he used his cursed speech.. “Say my name”. And so you did, but it was almost whispered so he wasn’t really satisfied. “Say my name, loud”. That’s when you yelled his name, and Panda came in a rush, knocking on your door to check if you’re alright.
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sukunababy · 5 months ago
not me imaging toji geto gojo and sukuna eating me out and not stop even when i tap out 👁👄👁
How they would eat you out 
Toji Fushiguro, Satoru Gojo, Suguru Geto, Ryōmen Sukuna
Toji's favorite position to eat you is with you facedown and ass up, he loves to see you at his mercy;
He loves to lick from your little clit all the way down, including your ass. Yes, he eats ass;
He likes to be able to hold you by the ass and penetrate your pussy with his tongue;
When you're the one who starts moving towards his face for more, god have mercy on you, you'll end up with his face buried inside you;
If his tongue is moving over your clit you will definitely have a thumb in your ass and index and middle fingers in your dripping hole;
If one hand is fully involved in stimulating you the other is busy fucking his cock in his fist, what do you expect that having opened you up like that he won't seek some relief for himself!?
 He lives to stimulate you even once you come, "I'm still hungry here, stay still, fuck" 
69 lover. You like to have contests to see who can make the other cum first. Usually he wins, it's hard to keep your concentration with Toji's tongue seeping into your tight hole.
Tumblr media
Gojo is probably one of those who likes to eat you while you're standing;
He likes to wrap your legs around his neck. He likes to be grabbed by the hair and when you are the one who sets the pace his tongue should take;
He's always looking for eye contact with you, he wants you to look at him when you' re cumming;
His hands are always on your thighs, he likes to squeeze you and leave bruises so when you wear a mini skirt everyone knows you belong to someone,
He uses his teeth. The inside of your thighs are his life, he loves to bite them because they remind him of his favorite mochi. He also uses his teeth on your clit but only to hear you gasp when you think he wants to bite you. He loves to tease you;
When he licks pussy is the only time he is quiet, less talking more eating
Tumblr media
Classic position in bed: you with your legs spread and him between them,
If only he could he would spend hours between your thighs;
His hands are everywhere, he likes to be able to feel your breasts, rub your sensitive nipples 
if his tongue is inside your pussy he would use his thumb to rub your clit, instead if its his tongue on your clit he would fuck you with two fingers,
The motion of his fingers goes with your breathe, if you breathe slow he will go slow if you gasp hard he will fuck you with his big fingers until you sink the sheets with squirt
A king at making you squirt. Periodt. He can always find that spot inside you, yes just the one that makes you lose your mind, and stimulate it over and over again. He loves it when you squirt in his mouth, if you don't do it, he'll go on fucking you with his fingers and mouth until you're completely a mess of juices and screams, good for you
"Suguru, please" nothing can stop him, your begs?  They only turn him on more. "Go ahead baby, I can be here all damn night"
Tumblr media
Sukuna definitely suited for eating pussy;
His tongue is so wide that with one lick he can cover your whole pussy;
He can eat you in any position: if you want to stand, he loves to be on his knees for you; if you want to sit even better because he can watch your pussy open and stretch just for him,
His favorite position is definitely you sitting on his face;
He loves to hear you beg when he stops every time you're about to cum, he likes to tease,
He likes to hold you by your thighs as you try to wiggle after you cum;
If he's not holding you by your thighs, his hands are on your waist, helping you move to ride his face;
The King of Curses also known as the King of Overstimulation
He licks the pussy with his mouth open, he wants to take more juice in his mouth than he can hold.
Lover of 69 too, while you are busy sucking his big monstrous cock the tongue on his belly will be working to suck your cunt while he can finger fuck you. He's not satisfied with using two fingers, he can go to three, four, if you're horny enough to try;
More louder you are while he licks you better is for him. He wants everyone to know he is the only one who can make you cum like that, “Yeah baby, say my name”
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ghost-party · 2 days ago
Getou suguru 🧡 if thats okay 🤙🏻
That’s definitely okay! I don’t write for Geto very often, but I have a big soft spot for him. ☺️
Tumblr media
🧡 How do they confess that they like someone?
In most things, Geto is calm and composed, always seeming to know exactly what to say. But when it comes to expressing his feelings, he has a more difficult time. He won’t rush things, because he wants to take the time to think through how he wants to tell you. But once he’s figured out the best time and place, he’ll do his best to be upfront with you. At first glance, he looks fairly collected. But the way he shifts in his seat, how he clasps his hands together, sitting forward, it all betrays his nervousness.
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reverees · 9 months ago
thinking about...
Tumblr media
warning(s): not proofread. other than that, none.
other musings: read a haikyuu version of this and now i can’t get these out of my head,,, ALSO, i apologize if your fave isn't in this!! truthfully, i wanted to include more characters, but i couldn't find the inspiration + i was scared to not get their personalities down. might do a pt. 2 with some others later when my creative juices are properly flowing once more but i'm not promising anything,,,
update: this was inspired by the haikyuu (original) version, which belongs to @kageyuji !! pls go and check their stuff too!
Tumblr media
...holding the jujutsu kaisen characters’ faces.
𝐈𝐓𝐀𝐃𝐎𝐑𝐈 𝐘𝐔𝐔𝐉𝐈 pauses and tilts his head, though his face quickly breaks into a beam, the color of his cheeks matching his hair. if there was a puppy’s tail attached to him, it’d be wagging furiously by now. he then proceeds to nuzzle either one of your hands, loving the feel of your palms and the thumb rubbing his cheek, eyes sliding shut. they snap back open, stuck in a lovesick gaze when he feels your petals against his forehead and nose. once you've finished, he tackles you with a hug, burying his face in your hair. “love you,” he mumbles, tightening his hold around you, “so much.”
𝐅𝐔𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐆𝐔𝐑𝐎 𝐌𝐄𝐆𝐔𝐌𝐈's face is blank at first. it doesn't take long for it to morph to one of suspicion, eyes narrowed— a way of asking 'what do you think you're doing'. your reply came in the form of a sheepish smile, explaining how you simply wanted to admire his pretty features and provide affection. one of his eyebrow quirks. not wanting to annoy him further, you're about to pull away, only for him to cover your hands with his, face looking off to the side. it’s your turn to raise a brow. “...never told you to stop...” he mutters, barely audible, the tip of his ears burning, subconsciously leaning further into your touch.
𝐈𝐍𝐔𝐌𝐀𝐊𝐈 𝐓𝐎𝐆𝐄 seems startled, though his widened eyes soften immediately upon spotting your familiar form. he didn’t say anything—not that you expected him to, anyways. another thing you didn’t expect, however, was for him to reciprocate the gesture, cradling your face with a tenderness one would use when holding the finest china. you brush over his eyelashes, which seemed to trigger something in him: peppering kisses all over your face as he basks in the sound of your melodious giggles.
𝐆𝐎𝐉𝐎𝐔 𝐒𝐀𝐓𝐎𝐑𝐔 blinks once, then twice. his diamond cut irises gleam with pleasant surprise, mouth curling to a smirk. one of his hands reaches up, temporarily removing one of yours to place a kiss your on inner wrist, while the other makes its way around your waist, closing the distance between. “oh?” he starts, “and to what do i owe this pleasure?” his teasing tone prompts an eye roll from you. “my poor, unfortunate dumbass who's hopelessly in love with you.” a low chuckle escapes him at your reply, and he shifts to press his forehead against yours. “really? 's a good thing i'm hopelessly in with love you too, then.”
𝐍𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐌𝐈 𝐊𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐎's unreadable expression doesn’t waver. “can i hold your face?” the question remains unanswered for a while, and sweat is beginning to gather at the back of your neck. you begin to crumble under the weight of his gaze. “ah, um, you know what? nevermi—” “cup your palms.” did you hear that right? “wha—” he doesn't let you finish, already seizing and positioning your hands. afterwards, he leans his head forward to perch on your awaiting hold. he lets out a tired (or is it contented?) sigh, eyes sliding shut. you could've sworn you felt him snuggle into them. “don't ask.” “what?” “next time, don't ask. you don't need permission to do this.”
𝐑𝐘𝐎𝐔𝐌𝐄𝐍 𝐒𝐔𝐊𝐔𝐍𝐀 exhales loudly. he clicks his tongue, “this is revolting.” you pay little to no mind to his words, knowing there’s no real harm behind them. if he wants you gone, he would’ve done something, yet here he stayed, scowling at you but never making any actual effort to escape or pry you off. in fact, when you try to let go, he moves to grip your wrists faster than one can blink. “i thought you didn’t like—” “shut the fuck up.” again, his words drip with malice, but your smile never falters, especially not after the uncharacteristically gentle way he guides your hands back to his face.
Tumblr media
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ch0s0 · 6 months ago
hi luv!! your works are so comforting to read 🖤 if you’re open for requests, can i request something for some jjk boys/men (nanami, gojo, inumaki, itadori) (or whoever you want) where the y/n is sitting on their bed or the floor reading or doing work and the boys are being needy so they unbutton y/n’s cardigan so they can fit their head inside it and sleep/cuddle on their chest? 😂 i thought it’d be a cute scene to imagine. tysm if you do this!!
sneaking under their cardigan to cuddle w/ the jjk boys
[with: nanami, inumaki, itadori, gojo] [a/n: ok i absolutely loved this idea but i got really inspired to do it the other way around, so i hope thats ok- i’m all for doing it with them going under ur sweatshirt so just lmk if we r wanting a part two (also pls, imagine nanami in a crewneck- i might just implode rn)] also sorry but itadori has a “comfy” (if u don’t know look up “big comfy” and u’ll know what i’m talking about) in his hc cause he just does.
Tumblr media
-> GOJO smirks the moment he see’s you crawling towards him from the other side of the couch, gaze lingering on you, slightly confused at what your doing- mouth forming a small ‘o’ when you lift up the ends of his sweatshirt, resting your head against his chest “y/n?” “mhm?” you’re voice comes out muffled from inside of the shirt, gojo smiling to himself “whatchya think you’re doing in there?” “it was cold on the other side of the couch” you feel his breath hitch in his chest, his hands moving to wrap around you before he shrugs his head through the top opening, bright eyes finding yours “’toru what are you doing?” “wanted to see what the appeal was- i gotta say, its pretty nice in here”
-> NANAMI eyes trail after you as you hoist yourself up from the bed, crawling on top of him as you slip under his sweatshirt, laying your head against his stomach, cheek smooshed up against his skin- and the man is more than a little confused- freezing up when he feels your breathing even out, not moving a muscle “y/n” “--” “y/n?” a few seconds pass by before he pokes your side “darling?” “mhm” “you need something” he can feel you shake your head, a light blush beginning to settle on his cheeks “what r u doing then?” “napping- or i was” he can practically see you side eye him through the fabric as he shift slightly under your weight, hand moving up to rub your arm as he closes his eyes “sleep tight y/n” you hum as you feel nanami drift off to sleep, the rise and fall of his chest lulling you asleep too
-> ITADORI was chilling on the couch, legs tucked up under his giant blanket-jacket mashup as he scrolled through his phone, completely oblivious to you staring at him from the chair you sat in, adjacent to his spot on the couch. huffing a bit, you make your way over to him, darting down as you pull his jacket over your head, poking your head through the top as you stretched out in his lap “hey yu” “hey y/n” he says nonchalantly, eyes never straying from his phone as he presses a kiss to your cheek, arms wrapping around your waist, one hand resting on your thigh as he rubs light circles with the pad of his thumb “whatchya need babe?” “mhm nothing, just wanted to be close to you” you can’t see it but dudes redder than a tomato
 -> INUMAKI says nothing as he watches you climb into his lap, sticking your head underneath his sweatshirt as he continues to type away at his computer, completely undisturbed by your presence- only looking away when he feels you begin to slump against him, peaking his head under his shirt to look at you, shaking his head all the while. you look absolutely adorable, cheek squished against his chest, legs wrapped around his waist as your arms dangled limply at your sides- the sight causing inumaki to blush, a red glow settling on the tips of his ears. sighing, he takes a hand from his keyboard, resting it against your arm, thumb rubbing soft strokes up and down as he rests his head against the top of yours, giving you a small kiss before getting back to work
Tumblr media
[a/n: head empty, only itadori owning a ‘comfy’] masterlist requests open join taglist here <-
Tumblr media
see you space cowboy
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