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𝐢'𝐥𝐥 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮'𝐫𝐞 𝐠𝐨𝐝𝐝𝐚𝐦𝐧 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐝
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hatefucking with gojo, geto, toji, sukuna & nanami :)
𝐂𝐖: fem!reader, hatefucking, knife play, creampies, unprotected vaginal sex, college au, virginity loss, slight exhibitionism, injury mentions, abusive/toxic/unhealthy relationships, toji threatens the reader with a weapon, noncon, pussy/cockdrunk characters, kitchen sex, semi-public sex, infidelity/cheating, pussyeating
𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐒: boyfriend!gojo, fratboy!geto, ex boyfriend!toji, gang member!sukuna, coworker!nanami
Tumblr media
you despised him. with the entirety of your heart and the wisps of your soul. you couldn't stand how preened and pretty he appeared, gorgeous blue eyes that bore straight into yours. a cocky, masculine attitude that radiated off of the man per each step he took in the wrong direction. you couldn't pass another mirror ever again after a certain interaction with gojo. pinning you against a wall, gojo's silver strands tickled your cheeks as he softly nuzzled his head in the crook of your shoulder. "gonna be quiet for me, doll?" a lost, stoic expression guards your face, as you feel yourself becoming increasingly damp.
"how about we remove these?" gojo whips out a knife, ripping into the fabric of the lace as you yelped out in sheer surprise. "no need to be so afraid, y/n." his fingers ghosted over your folds, finally settling on your bud. "i know you fuckin' hate me, y/n. but what's with all the hatred towards me? what did i ever do?" gojo taunts, pinching your clit between his fingers and causing you to jolt. his lips crash upon yours, tampering with your tongue and gnawing at your pearly whites. unbuckling his belt, gojo discards his outerwear quickly, ushering himself inside of your wet, sloppy cunt. "fuck, feels so fuckin' incredible. and you say you hate me, so why are you letting me ravage this sweet, tight hole?"
a blabbering, incoherent mess you were. drunk on gojo's thick cock as you worked yourself back on him. over, and over again. "i... get off of me. fuckin punk... i hate..." you mumble, too fucked out to give a damn. and gojo caught on to your subliminal hints. "oh, yeah? want it even harder?" gojo angles his hips in order to reach your privileged spot, the one that women seem to love. your back arches timidly, as you let out an insatiable grown the moment gojo plows inside of you, consistently and vigorously. you're cumming on his cock quite quickly, practically damaging his veins as you clench uncontrollably. gojo's seed begins to paint your insides, an arsenal of white liquid beginning to immerse your thighs. "still fuckin' hate you, gojo." you collect your panties from the floor, heading out.
Tumblr media
geto couldn't get himself to glance in your direction the next day he stepped onto campus. what transpired over the night prior would be kept within the sturdy dorm walls. you've just about melted your brain losing your virginity to geto. you were simply a broke, touch deprived college student that needed to save up enough money for rent. and, while your bank account was starved, who could resist the university's wealthy fratboy, geto suguru? he cornered you in one of his buddy's dorms, all the while everyone had known.
"they can hear you, shut up." geto's hips knock into yours, spilling his filthy thoughts into your ear as he cupped your breasts in his large hands. missionary was geto's most beloved position, and he'd constantly bed the girls on campus, holding a high and mighty title along the way. he was most definitely a player, though the red signals refused to flash and detour you from the man. "you really want all my fuckin' friends to hear you scream for me, huh?" geto clamps a hand over your mouth, only to further lower it down to your throat, fingers digging into your sorry flesh. if it weren't for his irresistable restraint, he would have manufactured a wound.
folding you into the prettiest of mating presses, geto pins your legs to each side of your head. hands plastered on your thighs, geto rocks his hips back and forth, gently to begin with. "sh... quiet, i won't go too hard. stupid college girls don't know what they want..." the hatred you harbored for the university's most notorious player was certainly not the reason you found yourself in bed with him. he was an enigma, a force of nature. one that couldn't be held back by a simple flirt. feeling himself reach the end of his much needed orgasm, geto buries his entire cock into your cunt, pushing his copious amount of precum out in the process. though, he's not quite finished. not until he pours his sweet, thick load inside of his dear virginal discovery.
Tumblr media
"you're such a fucking mess, you know that, y/n?" your ex boyfriend's words resembled a knife in the void of your heart. you and toji often ended up in screaming matches, some of which that turned deadly. toji had shattered a glass plate, only to alert you with one of the shards, hypnotizing you with the blade. "gonna let me fuck you, or do i have to cut that pretty throat of yours?" you gulped as toji shuffled behind you, planting his feet on either side of yours and trapping you. "toji! i... can't fuck you." his grimace transforms into an evil glare. the man takes hold of your shoulders, soon to unzip his trousers.
"yeah, yeah! fuckin' horny bitch. why're you at my fuckin' house, then?" toji swayed his hips in a circle, cock pulsating inside of your contorted body. bent over the sink of the kitchen, toji took your ponytail into his fist, ramming into you while jerking your head back. "is this what my pretty girl likes?" you feel a deadly grin creep up your shoulder. "i'm... not your girl any longer!" you retort. "not my girl?" toji punishes your cunt with his rough and angry thrusts, bullying himself inside of you until he's a pussydrunk mess himself. he longed for you almost as much as patience faltered around you.
"toji... can't!" you attempt to push the man away, though your boyfriend's quite persistent. he slams you back onto the sink, fingers maliciously clawing at your throat. as toji inches closer to his orgasm, you feel your cunt start to slicken even more, in preparation for his incoming load. "fuck, baby. you think we'd make good parents?" he chuckles inevitably. "fuck being parents, i'll get you a nice contraceptive from the drugstore right after. a creampie won't hurt. will it?" toji's hands grip your waist, massaging your hips as he pounds relentlessly. "f-fuck. gonna!" he stills, refusing to let you orgasm. thick, milky globs of white fill your insides, toji's hips losing control the moment the first pulse of his cock drives him into such a state of arousal. "next time, you'll properly milk me."
Tumblr media
it became clear to sukuna what your intentions were. to make your goddamn ex boyfriend jealous. he'd always been wary of sukuna, and disliked the fact you two were always so close knit. it was due to sukuna that the two of you had broken up. eventually, he'd gotten tired of chasing you around, and left sukuna to tend to your nymphomaniacal desires. sukuna didn't see an issue, though. he was on the receiving, golden end of things.
"your idiotic, fuckin' boyfriend can't fuck you like this. he'll never lay hands on you again." sukuna pins your wrists behind your back. "it's all your fault!" you respond, clearly not entertained. despite how damn good it felt to trap sukuna's large cock between your walls, you couldn't help but remain pissed at the man who ruined your relationship. "what about that kiss you gave me, huh? was that also an accident?" you couldn't get yourself to answer him. he was right, and you both knew it. sukuna tightened his grip on your wrists, ensuring that both of them were tied together before resuming his assault on your cunt.
you buried your face into the softness of sukuna's pillow. "does your boyfriend know how to make you cum like i do?" sukuna demands an answer. he only pounds into you harder, watching expertly as you tongue lolls from the side, saliva lubricating the corners of your lips. reaching down to rub your clit, sukuna tormented the soft flesh before you cried out in aching pleasure. you wouldn't dare to ask him to stop, and every image of your previous partner was wiped from your memory as you came onto sukuna's cock. gushing around his length, sukuna decides to empty himself inside of you. he pushes both his and your slick inside and out, the mix of essences creating a scent of sex. "i'm sure you can't hate me after that, yeah?"
Tumblr media
the slick of your folds drenched your handsome coworker's fingers. while he remained in his office most of the time, you slyly made your way in, claiming you had to shred some documents. "the hell were you doing in my office?" your coworker's voice blooms from behind, only for his tone to wilt and turn sour. "i was simply looking..." nanami shook his head. "no, you were trying to pry into my personal life. no?" paralyzed, you turn your back to the man before he places a sorry hand on your shoulder.
"nanami!" you cry out as he eats you out from underneath. you're sprawled out over his marble desk, while the man who claimed you as no more than a nuisance lapped at your clit with his pink tongue. nanami relished in those fluids, the taste of your essence that melted akin to a snowflake upon his wet muscle. he inserts his tongue into your hole, flicking it up and down and pushing even further inside. "nami..." you choke out, your fist tangled in his hair. "sit back and relax," nanami orders. he spreads your thighs with his large hands, diving straight back into your awaiting pussy, dipping his tongue in between your folds.
"you taste delicious, heavenly." nanami answers any and all questions you had with each subtle move or flick of his tongue. he must have had a raging erection, though he simply refused to admit it. "nami... let me help you." nanami slams his fist on the hard marble, alerting you. "you're to lie down and cum on my tongue." his eyes flare, and each particle of lust that floats through his veins creates an uncanny feeling in his stomach. tossing your head backwards, you clench around your coworker's hot tongue, dousing his face in your liquids until you've finished panting. "there, are you happy now?"
Tumblr media
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That’s my daddy
Pt. 2 to That’s your dad?! Bc a lot of you have been B E G G I N G and I love you guys. So here we go!
Pt. 1 That’s your dad?!
Warning: 18+
Tumblr media
Big arms tightened around your waist, quietly pulling you from your slumber.
“Mm, how long was I out?”
A kiss was placed on the back of your neck as the man groaned, lifting a hand to look at the watch on his wrist.
“Six hours.”
You turned over to face the bare chested man. His heavy breathing fanned over your face as he brushed stray hairs out of your face and behind your ear. His lips brushed against your forehead; your fluttering eyelashes tickling his cheeks.
Your leg swung low on his hip, bringing his lower half snug against yours as the sheets ruffled with each movement.
“We should probably get up soon.” Toji’s gruff voice huffed as it blew the baby hairs that still poked out from your mess on your head.
“Myeah, we should.” You mumbled, burying your face in his chest.
“Y/N, you know you have a class today. And I’ve got some things to do. We talked about this.”
“Mmmm so warm though. You feel so good.”
The man sighed, rolling his hips into yours as he shifted his position a bit. His actions brought a quiet hum from your lips, causing your heavy eyes to open.
Your hand squeezed his side, digging nails in as you shifted this time, rolling your hips against his.
He groaned, coughing to cover it up as he placed his hand on your hip now, pinching gently as he pushed you away.
“You’re not doing this to me again, little lady. You’ve made me late the past few times because of that.”
You chuckled as you rolled over, sliding of the bed to slip your pants on over your underwear.
“Fuck, I could get used to that view every morning.”
You side eyed him as you shimmied the pants over your hips, wiggling then dramatically causing Toji to let out a low whistle.
“You’re a little tease, you know that?”
You smiled as you pulled your top over your head, turning to face the man who still laid half naked on the bed.
“I’ll see you tonight. Don’t miss me too much.” You blew him a kiss and walked out the door, a chuckle following you as you left.
You creeped down the hall, careful not to step on any wood that would pop and wake the other male that occupied the house. You tiptoed down each step to the main floor, making a bee line for the door.
“Not going to join us for breakfast?”
You felt bile rise in your throat as you took a few steps back to the open kitchen. Megumi sat at the kitchen counter shoveling toast and oats into his mouth with a deadpan glare set on you.
“Morning, Megumi.”
“Good morning. So, care to sit and eat so we can have a talk?”
Your body felt rigid as you inched forward, stomach growling at the sight of the warm food. However, it could be the sick feeling of being caught that’s making it do that.
“Oh, uh, no thanks. I need to get to the school.”
“Perfect!” He stood, putting his dishes in the sink then turning to grab his uniform jacket off his chair. “I’ll grab a ride with you then.”
You nodded, forcing an awkward smile as you drug your feet out the door behind him.
The car ride began silent. No one spoke. No one breathed too loud. Not even the radio brought you any relief from the heavy weight hanging in the air.
Megumi shifted in his seat, grabbing the phone from his pocket to check the time before sighing and resting his head against the window.
“Soooooo, you and my dad.”
You gulped, hands slightly tightening their grip on the steering wheel as you held your breath. You cut your eyes at him quickly before breathing out a sigh; acceptance filling you as you come to terms with the fact that you’re about to have this talk with your student.
Wow great response.
Megumi nodded, head bumping against the glass as he did.
“Are you pregnant?”
You coughed, choking on your gasp that tried to escape you.
“Megumi, what the hell?!”
“You can’t just ask someone that!! Women take offense to that you know?”
Silence fell over you both again for a moment as you silently prayed that you’d make it to the school before crashing your car.
“Are you both together?”
Your eyebrows furrowed together in thought, swallowing thickly as you turned the steering wheel.
“No, we are not.”
“But, you hook up?”
“I guess so.”
“That’s messed up. That’s literally my dad.”
“And I’m your teacher. What’s the point?”
“Because I like you. I don’t want you to get messed up by him.”
Your face softened as you pulled into the drive to the school, slowing your car to a full stop as you parked it a bit from the school.
“Your dad isn’t as bad as he seems, ya know? I’m sure he’d appreciate another chance at being your father if you’d let him. He talks about you a lot.”
“Yeah? He talks about you a lot too.”
“He does?!” You questioned, shooting up in your seat.
“Ha, yeah. A lot actually. And I’ve known about you both since the party by the way.”
“I think you’re good for him. Of course, I don’t really know him but I know you’re good. I just want to protect you from the kind of man he might be.”
“Awwww, Megumi! Thank you. This is why you’re my favorite student. And maybe son!”
“Please stop.”
The day flew by without much drama. A curse here and a curse there, but pretty soon you were making your way back to the Fushiguro household.
It was just you and Megumi, Toji not yet back from whatever it may be he had been up to.
You had never seen the house in the setting sun. It was stunning. You had only seen it at night when you had snuck in late to see Toji. You liked coming to this house before his sons bedtime.
The both of you had set out on a mission to order the most mouth watering takeout you’ve ever had, daddies money of course funding this endeavor.
The two of you chatted and watched movies as you awaited the arrival of said daddy, and finally, the door creaked open as heavy footsteps padded down the hall.
“Well, well, well. Having a girls night, are we?” 
You could sense Megumi’s annoyance as he stood, passing his dad the takeout box of unfinished food. Toji leaped over the back of the couch, plopping down beside you, causing you to bounce at the sudden impact.
“I’m tired. You take my place in girls night. Goodnight, Y/N.”
“Night, Megs.”
Once the boy had left the room, you reached a hand over to slap Toji on his chest, causing him to bite the inside of his cheek as he glared at you.
“You need to be nice to him. He’s a great kid.”
“What? I am nice.”
“You just indirectly insulted him. So what if he wanted to watch movies and pig out with me? I enjoyed it. He’s so kind in his own way.”
Toji sighed as he relaxed into the couch, resting a hand in your blanket covered knee and squeezing gently.
“He is. I need to be a better dad.”
“You are a good dad.”
“No, I’m a good dad-dy. A good one to you especially.” He said with a wink as he stuffed his mouth with food.
“Speaking of which, Megumi asked if I was pregnant today.”
Toji coughed, quickly swallowing the food as he covered himself with his usual sly expression.
“Oh really?”
“Mhm. He also wanted to know if we were together.”
“Well, obviously we are. You’re here as much as we are and I’m sure he’s sick of hearing about you. I was going to get around to asking you soon anyway.”
You smiled, satisfied with hearing those words leave his mouth. He could be a big softy when it was just the two of you.
You leaned into his frame, cuddling the blanket closer to you. He ate his fill as you relaxed into him, eyes feeling heavier and heavier as his deep laughs shook you awake each time a funny scene tickled him.
You weren’t sure how long how long you both stayed like this, but you soon were pulled out of your sleep as you felt strong arms lay you down on cool silk sheets.
Eyes fluttered open to see Toji smiling down at you.
“Hey, pretty momma. Didn’t mean to wake you.”
Your mind was clouded by sleep, making the filter to your mouth…non existent.
“You should make me a momma.”
Toji scoffed as he patted your thigh, gently squeezing the flesh.
“What? This about what Megumi said earlier?”
You smiled softly as you lifted your tired eyes to look at him.
“Maybe. Yes. I like the sound of it.”
Toji’s face softened as he squeezed your thigh a little harder. His other hand lay in his lap as his back bent to crane his neck so his face was inches from yours.
“I can make that happen. You just have to ask.” 
You grabbed the hand that was on your thigh, pulling it to cradle your face as you planted a soft kiss on it.
The smirk that grew on his face made your body shiver. The spark in his eye sinister almost as he swung his leg over your waist to straddle you. His hands grabbed your wrists, pinning them above your head as the switch from sweet to dom was switched.
“Is that right? You want me to fuck a baby into you? You want me to fill you up?”
You picked your hips, pulling your wrists in an attempt to touch him. He bit his lip as his eyes shifted down to the rise and fall of your chest as your body lifted to meet his.
“You desperate for me?”
You nodded, wining as his grip on your wrists tightened, nails digging into your skin.
“Use your words, baby. You know I love to hear you talk.”
Your eyes met him as your face contorted into an expression of need.
“Please, Daddy. I need you.”
“That’s my good girl.” 
He leaned down, lips meeting yours in a feverish kiss. He shifted your wrists to be pinned under one of his large hands as the other hand moved under your chin to keep your lips right where he wanted them. He squeezed your cheeks, causing your lips to pucker open as he slipped his tongue in your mouth to deepen the kiss.
You groaned as you felt his hips roll against yours. You lifted yours to meet his pelvis in an attempt to gain more friction. He chuckled at your actions and pulled away, letting the hand that squeezed your cheeks stroke your face.
“Is my pretty girl that needy?”
You whimpered, nodding. Your nod was cut short when his hand quickly moved to grip your chin and cheeks again; his fingers dug into your cheeks.
“I believe I said I wanted you to use your words.”
You fought the smirk that tried to push its way on to your lips.
“Yes, Daddy. I’m needy for you. I want you to touch me.”
“Mmm, yeah? Show me where you want me to touch you.”
He let go of your wrists. You slowly moved your hand to grip his gently. With your other hand, you lifted the waist band of your pants and directed his hand down until his fingers were ghosting over the lace fabric of your panties.
“Right there.”
Toji smirked as he shifted off of you. He pulled your pants down, panties ripped off as he did.
He grabbed your ankles, pushing them up so your knees bent and granted him access between your legs.
You tensed as the cool air met your warmth, goosebumps popping up on your skin. Toji looked at you from between your legs, a soft smile on his lips as he took two fingers and traced them over your pubic bone.
You shivered at the touch, making Toji chuckle at your reaction.
“So sensitive.”
His fingers spread your lips apart as his other hand began to rub two fingers across your clit slowly.
You sucked in a breath of air at his gentle touch. His eyes glanced up at you, smirking as he saw the expression of pleasure on your face.
“Is Daddy making his girl feel good?”
You nodded, mumbling a quiet ‘yes’ before he could get on to you again for not speaking.
He smirked as he drug his fingers down a bit to rub against your hole to collect the wet that had begun to form.
His fingers scissored the wet as he admired his work.
“All of this, and I haven’t even done much. You must really want me.”
You blushed as you saw him lick the wet off his fingers. Your mouth soon fell open as his own mouth attached itself to your pussy.
His lips engulfed yours as his tongue worked against your clit, drifting down to push its way inside your hole. Your head flew back as you moaned when his fingers returned to your clit.
Your hips bucked against his face, causing him to glare at you. His free hand made its way up to your lower stomach as he pressed your hips down to hold you in place.
Without your movements to grant you relief, Toji switched to licking your clit, sucking gently as his fingers worked your entrance.
“Fuck, Toji, I need more!”
He pulled his mouth off of you with a pop and his fingers from your entrance as he rested them across your thighs. The bottom half of his face was still hidden between your legs as he placed gentle kisses to your lips and clit.
“Is that my name, doll?”
“…..no, sir.”
“Wanna try that again?”
“Please, Daddy. I need more.”
Clothes were thrown to the floor as Toji ripped them off of you, placing heated kisses across your burning skin as he did.
His mouth fell into an open smirk as he rubbed the head of his dick through your folds, pulling shallow moans from deep within your chest. The head eased into your entrance, causing your walls to squeeze around it as he pulled back out.
“To-Daddy please! I need you inside me. I need you to fill me up.”
Toji didn’t reply. His only response as him shoving your legs to your chest as he pushed inside of you. And he pushed alllllll the way inside of you.
Your mouth fell open as he grazed your cervix, his head burying itself into your neck as he bit into the skin between your neck and shoulder. He groaned as he pulled half way out then pushed back in slowly. Your body shook at the intrusion as your juices welcomed more of him.
Your nails dug into his shoulders leaving long, angry scratches for him to ogle at later. He always did love flexing them in the mirror.
You moaned as he picked up the pace, pistoling in and out if you as his balls slapped against your backside.
“That’s a good girl. I wished you could see how you take me so well. You’re leaving a nice, little white ring around me. Such a good girl for your daddy, hm?”
You groaned at his words, throwing your legs around his hips as he pushed impossibly deeper inside of you.
His hands that had been beside your head moved to your waist, wrapping around your back as he pulled you up into his chest.
“Hold on, baby.”
There was no other warning given as he began to slam you down onto his cock. Every bit of his eight inches burying itself inside of you as he did. His hips slapped up to meet yours as he pulled you tighter to him.
His lip was caught between his teeth as his eyebrows contorted into concentration. His eyes fluttering between open and closed as they met yours for brief moments before your head would be thrown back from pleasure and his eyes skewed shut.
It wasn’t long until he had you under him again, the sound of skin slapping against skin filling the room. His hips began to stutter as he planted a kiss on your lips, causing you both to moan into the others mouth.
“You really want me to fill you up? You want me to fuck a baby into you? Give Meg’s a little play friend?”
You nodded as your choked out a reply.
“Yes! Yes, Toji.”
His lips were pushed against yours again as his hands lifted your legs higher, allowing the perfect position for him to empty all of his seed inside of you.
Your body felt hot as he did, shaking as you came with him. Your walls tightening around him as you milked him for every last drop.
He rested his head on yours as he collapsed on top of you. Your legs remained around his waist as your hands made there way into his hair to softly card through the dark locks.
After a few minutes of laying in silence, Toji began to stir as he kissed your forehead, then top of your nose, cheeks, chin and all the way down to your stomach where he littered kisses across the warm skin.
His actions made you giggle as you cupped his cheeks, bring him up to meet your lips.
“What was that for?” You asked as he rolled over beside you and pulled you close to his chest.
“That was a little ritual I came up with. It’s to make sure the baby and it’s Momma are happy and healthy.”
You chuckled as you nuzzled into his bare chest. The covers were thrown across your body as a kiss was placed on the top of you head.
Toji drug his fingers up and down your arm as he looked down at your sleeping figure. His heavy eyelids widened as he felt his heart swell with a feeling he hadn’t felt in a very long time.
Maybe he should go buy a ring tomorrow. Just to have on standby or something…..
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daddy-suguru · 6 hours ago
𝐭𝐨𝐣𝐢/𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐮𝐧𝐚/𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐮/𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐮 ✘ 𝐠𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐛𝐚𝐧𝐠
𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠/𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 ▸ nsfw, hints gangbang, voyeurisum, showing your pussy off, all four of them have a dirty mouth, buttplug, playing with yourself in front of them, degradation with a hint of praise, richboy!satoru, satosugu, sukuna rubs his cock against your pussy, manhandling, hair pulling, toji suddenly gives you his cock without stretching you, pervert!reader
Toji takes a big gulp of his beer before he licks his bottom lip and then tells you, “Show is your pussy and beg us to use it.” Your eyes widen as you tilt your head to the side. As Suguru mutes the tv you are standing in front of.
Sukuna is quick to back him up, saying, “Did he stutter? Slut yourself out for us and you can come with us as a cock sleeve on our boy’s trip.” Your pussy is dripping at the idea of the four of them sharing you. While heading Sukuna call you something other than annoying brat has your pussy clenching.
“Really?! I wouldn’t mind being your cock sleeve. Doesn’t matter if I’m sleeping you can help yourself.” The excitement on your face makes Satoru chuckle as Suguru says,
“Someone excited to be our personal whore. Might have to keep this going back the camping trip to Toru’s lakehouse. You shouldn’t let Toru and Sukuna know that. It would be a wonder if you get any rest.” You grab the bottom of your dress and lift it off showing your matching panties and bra as Toji lets out a whistle and tells you,
“Show yourself off for us and give a turn.” So you slowly turn, stopping when and bending over, grabbing both cheeks and spreading yourself. Which makes your panties slide between your wet lips.
The four men has shared fantasies about you many times. But you had friend zoned them all until Satoru spotted a text and snooped to find out about your fat crushes on all four of them. So why make you pick? They had all been close friends with each other and you for a while. So sharing seemed natural.
Sukuna is the first one to call out, “Is that a butt plug? Gambare Gambare pull it out for us.” So you pull your panties to the side and grab the jewel of the plug.
All four men watch as your ass spread to as the toy gets thicker and Toji groans, “Can’t wait to fuck that ass, can’t believe you’ve been such a fucking whore playing with your asshole and plugging yourself up around us.”
Pressing the toy back in your ass after the tip slips out. The lube you used when you went to the bathroom to try and help with the frustration the four men gave you whenever any one of them was around much less all four of them. You confess, “Last week I was wearing a vibrator.” As you fuck your ass with a butt plug in front of them.
Satoru lightly slaps Suguru’s chest and exclaims, “I fucking knew it! Told all of you! Our princess is so badly wants to be fucked like a dirty little slut and praised for it. Who are we to deny her that?” He grabs his drink off the coffee table and takes a large gulp. As his jeans become too uncomfortable and he unzips his pants, slipping his cock out. As Suguru spits on his hand and wraps his fist around Satoru’s cock.
Toji pushes his sweatpants down and spits on his own cock. As he keeps holding his beer in the other hand. He groans, “Such a sweet dripping pussy so wet for us. And I love how your cute little ass that’s that toy, are you going to take my cock that way?”
Standing up and turning around slowly, once your facing them you tell the four men sitting on the long sofa in Suguru’s and Satoru’s living room, “I want all four of you at once. I’ll be a good filthy little slut and take it raw.” You glance flicks from hard bulge to hard bulge, all four of them looked big.
Sukuna is next to take his cock out. As he motions you over with one finger you walk over. Once you get close Sukuna stands up, grabbing your wrist turning you around, pushes your panties to the side and rubs his cock along your lips. He groans, “So wet and warm. Perfect lube for me to stroke my cock while you play with yourself some more for us.” He slaps your ass and Toji stands up, yanking you away from Sukuna by your hair.
Toji bends you over and spreads your lips apart, quickly thrusting into your heat and spreading you apart making you cry as he says, “Just trying to lube up my cock some more.” He slips his cock out and pushes you as let’s go of your hair.
Your knees hit the floor. Where you get on your elbows as you keep your ass in the air for them. As you spread your legs and reach in between so you can rub your clit while all four them watch your pussy hole clench.
Suguru smirks as he says, “Baby girl by the end of this trip all four of us will have fucked all three of your holes many times over. Tell us princess how much do you like being filled up and covered in cum?”
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tojisun · 7 hours ago
you tell toji you wanna have a kid and he buys you a potted plant.
Tumblr media
“this… isn’t what i meant,” you say, looking at the little dragon tree that he placed on your lap.
toji shrugs, falling onto the seat beside you. “look sweetheart, clearly i can give you a kid,” he pauses and nods his head towards megumi who’s too busy watching cartoons from your phone. “but i want you to be sure that you want a kid with-.”
he clears his throat and looks away, avoiding your eyes. “just want you to be sure that you want a kid with someone old like me.”
your eyes widen as realization pools in your stomach, your heart clenching at seeing the doubt and insecurity in toji’s eyes. you put the plant down and surge toward toji’s side, your arms wrapping around him as you pull him in your embrace.
“toji, i love you,” you declare, voice steady and sure. “you’re perfect as you are, and even more so for me. so yeah, i’m very, very sure that i want to have a kid with you.”
you know it’d take more for toji to truly believe you, but you see his shy smile and for now, that’s enough.
“i love you too, sweetheart,” he whispers after a moment, his lips coming to press a kiss on your forehead.
you hum, burrowing in his arms.
(for now, you and toji keep to ‘raising’ and caring for the plant. unironically, megumi names it ryuu and baby-talks to it the way he does with his dogs.)
Tumblr media
ryuu = dragon
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drabbledealer · 22 hours ago
I had the craziest idea for Toji
he wouldn't want you to get pregnant but he wants to keep fucking you so he'll crush up anti-pregnancy pills and mix it in your food
why's my head like this 💀💀 😭
tw: mention of pregnancy and he deceives reader and gives you birth control pills without your knowledge
Imagine you want kids and he's cool with it so every night you make love together so you can get pregnant. And everything's good...
Except you never seem to get pregnant. It's been weeks and it's turning into months yet you still can't see the two red lines on the pregnancy test. And at this point you're almost giving up except he still encourages you to keep trying because surely you'll soon get knocked up. So you keept trying.
BUT what you don't know is he's the reason why you never get pregnant! He crushes up anti-pregnancy pills and mixes them with your food every morning without you knowing so you'll never get pregnant. He doesn't want a child but he does like fucking you so that's the crazy plan he developed to be able to keep doing so.
As you sob in his arms at another failed attempt he kisses your head whispering that it's ok because he's there so you can just keep trying!
And trying and trying and trying....
Tumblr media
My drabbles aren’t prompts and they are not to be used as such
I'll write a full fic about this soon.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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gojoho · 10 hours ago
so i’m kinda new here but i love it and i wish to thank you for the treasures you’ve shared with us! but anyways i would like to ask for Toji maybe a tipsy-roommate feel if that’s okay with you
✑ w. intoxication, creampie, unprotected sex, dirty talk, manipulation/gaslighting innuendos, soft dom toji
✑ n. first off, welcome anon and thank you for your kind words! means a lot that you enjoy my posts. so, im not doing asks at the moment because of my writer’s block and how sporadic i am, but i did have something similar already in my drafts so i hope this was okay. my apologies.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
toji fushiguro
he’s as sober as he is drunk; the real curse behind his oh so heavenly restriction. the old dog can’t even enjoy a good drink but he’s always the first one to start drinking. the first one to make the move—there were other ways to get a good buzz.
“doesn’t seem fair only one of us gets too feel good,” he’d coo against your skin, unabashed about his wanton fingers slipping past the hem of your shorts or brushing up along the crux of your heat. “what do you say, kid? why don’t we balance things out?”
despite being only a few years younger, he was adamant on the nickname, no matter how much you hated it. however between his chameleonic charm and the alcohol, it doesn’t take much to convince you. consequently his idea of balance is down another bottle and you straddled around his lap, keeping steady over his hefty flushed cock. with nowhere to go but down the middle and up again until you’re finally stuffed full, feeling every ample vein, whining about just how big he is.
“oh baby,” he moaned, his large hands scaling your shuddering thighs before generously filling themselves with the plush of your ass. “but you take me so well, riding my dick like that.”
toji’s tongue is as vulgar as it is warm, yet you still suck it down like a vice. your soft moans from his tightening grasp around your waist turning into desperate whimpers as he bucks up into your throbbing walls with a crude pace. his plump tip cozying up against that spot that makes you melt right through your first orgasm, and lull in the second with a tight squeeze.
“there you go baby, make us feel good.” he’s dazed with your spasm against him, and maybe bit too possessive in his grip when you stuff his head into your chest while bouncing on his cock in vain. aching and desperate, his name falls from your tongue as a velvety mantra. a stroke to his ego, and a spark to a hot white flame deep in the apex of his thighs. then and only then does that buzz kick in, putting spots in his vision, and taming his visceral growls into soft hums across your collarbone. “too good for me.”
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎! reblogs & interactions are appreciated !
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sanjiros · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𐚁 𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: dom!toji x virgin!fem!reader
𐚁 𝐂𝐖: virginity loss, unprotected vaginal sex + creampie, doggystyle, dirty talk, dom/sub dynamics, multiple orgasms/creampies, size kink, cocksucking, pussyeating, hair pulling, cum eating
You were young yourself, and had little to no experience with flirting, let alone relationships. However, it was when the dark haired man approached you one evening where you found yourself grow weak at the knees, hanging onto each syllable that left his lips as if they were sacred.
“I’m going to need to ask you a favor, Y/N.”
“Errand?” You were quick to inquire.
“No. It’s about something else. I’m going to need to talk to you in private about it.”
You nodded, and with that, the man had already left. Later that evening, you received a message on your phone from Toji. You had been out shopping for clothes and food, and intended on returning to your apartment afterwards.
Toji: Are you busy?
Y/N: Not at all. Well, what was it that you needed to talk to me about?
Toji: I’d like us to meet at the park, underneath the cherry blossoms. Does now work for you?
Y/N: Immediately? I am out shopping.
Toji: When you are finished.
You closed your phone, and found yourself puzzled in the middle of the shop. Is… he asking you out on a date? The two of you had a fair amount of interaction, but he was so impossibly hard to read that nothing he said could ever be taken the wrong way. Unless, it was that he actually took an interest in you. After paying and returning to your car, you sped off to the park that Toji wished to meet.
You could recognize him by his choppy, dark bangs. He hadn’t noticed you yet, but you found yourself smiling like a high schooler upon simply watching him.
“Y/N!” He called. “What are you doing?” You were stunned. Did he know that you were there all this time? Regardless of whether or not he did, he refused to bring it up, leading you into an awkward conversation at first.
“Hello, I’m here. What was it that you wanted to talk with me about?” You sit next to him on the bench, his arms folded.
“I’m curious about something.” You raised your eyebrow. “Do you have a thing for me?”
“That… That was abrupt.” This was nothing like Toji, but everything at the same time. “Where did you hear this?”
“So, you’re admitting it’s true? I guess it doesn’t matter then.” Toji moved closer to your body. He smelled of strong vanilla with a hint of tea mixed in.
“I want to know where the rumor came from,” you stated.
“Oh, so it’s just a rumor. That’s a shame. Especially because you came all the way here to meet me, and you were definitely staring at me from behind those trees.” He noticed your face flush, and instantly erased all feelings of doubt that clouded his mind.
“I figured you were too clueless to know,” he turned to face you, his eyes a dark and hollow grey. “So, I took it upon myself to invite you. Now, let me ask you again, beautiful. Do you have a crush on me?”
“There’s no way around it now, is there?”
“You are so beautiful,” you could see a slight smile grace his lips. “You’re the most stunning woman I’ve ever come across. Even more stunning than these flowers.” He picked one up that had fallen in his lap, and interlaced his fingers with yours, the flower crumbling. “Have you ever had a partner before? Y/N?”
You felt heat pooling in your lower regions, and immediately told it to go away. You had never even touched a man before in your life, and a mere handshake was arousing you? You shook your head in response to his question.
“Very well then,” Toji cleared his throat and put his hand on your thigh. “You don’t seem to mind this, do you?” You shake your head. He must have picked up on your bodily signals… The way you were crossing your legs in order to create friction. “I’m not going to go any further with you.” Your face fell. “That is, unless you wish for me to,” his eyes glanced in your direction once again, with a hint of sensuality in them.
“Toji…” You stutter.
“Do you wish to come back to my place and have some tea?” God, he was such a gentleman.
“I would love that, Toji.”
“Very well. Let me take you back then.”
The shared apartment was minimalistic but definitely very clean and beautiful. Toji had begun to prepare tea for you in the other room, and offered you a seat in the living room. Although you took two separate vehicles, you could not resist rubbing your thighs together the entire way to his home. God, you wanted him so badly, despite not ever having sex or even being with a man in any romantic setting… Besides him. And he was so polite, so gentle, so manly. You hoped that he had wanted you too. Your panties were soaked, and you were silently hoping that they would not have soiled the cushions below you.
“I hope you enjoy green tea. How do you take it?”
“I prefer it to be plain,” you respond.
“Similar to me. However, I enjoy black tea.”
“Very fitting for you,” you reply. He hands you the teacup and you take a sip. “Where is this tea from?”
“It was imported from somewhere. There is a really nice tea shop here. I’d like to take you there sometime.”
“I’d love to go, Toji.”. He could get lost in your eyes permanently. After the two of you gulped down your tea, Toji proposed the question of food. “I’m not very hungry,” you said. “But, you should eat something.” He sat right next to you, his eyes boring into yours as his hand rested on your thigh once more, sending tingles down your spine.
“I’m hungry,” he said, in his usual dark fashion.
“I can prepare you something. What would you…” Before you could finish your sentence, Toji’s lips came crashing into yours, his tongue starting to intrude your mouth. You were not complaining. This man was an expert kisser. You could tell by the way he used his hands to ruffle up your hair. He knew what he was doing.
“I’m hungry for you, sweet darling. You look utterly gorgeous, and I’m getting the impression that you want me to, is the correct?”
“I’ve… never done anything with a man before.”
“Good,” he said.
“I wanted to make you mine and mine alone anyways.”
“Toji…” You recited his name like a nuanced prayer. “Please… Please go faster.” His hips were pounding into yours from behind. Your ass was on full display for him as he thrusted deeply and harshly, fucking away any pain or aggression he was feeling and taking it out on your tiny pussy.
“My God, you’re so perfect,” he growled. “Although, I could tell you’re such a dirty whore just from one fact,” he stilled inside of you, his cock slightly throbbing. His hand fell onto your stomach and moved towards your neck, pulling you upwards onto his cock. You screamed in pleasure as his chest was flush against your back, allowing him to whisper sweet nothings into your ear from behind. “You immediately went for this position. Here I was, thinking I found a sweet, innocent girl.” He resumed his thrusting rhythm, causing you to let out another moan. “You think about me all of the time, don’t you? Dirty girl. You’re nothing but a couple of sweet holes for me to fuck into when I’m angry. Is that correct?” Your brows tensed in pleasure. “I asked you a question!” He wrapped his fingers around your throat.
“Yes! Yes! Toji… I’m your little fucktoy.”
“Yes, oh yes you are sweetheart. You like having your hole ravaged by me? You like being roughhoused by a man?”
“You’re such a strong man, Toji,” You thrust your hips backwards to meet his pubic area. “I love when you… Pound into me like this.” Toji slid his cock out of you, stroking it a couple of times before ordering you to turn around.
“Stop talking and start sucking. Put those pretty lips to work.” He guided your head to his hard, massive cock. Your lips slowly molded around the tip, slowly inching their way down as Toji let out groan after groan of pleasure. Strings of curses left his mouth as he attempted to choke back moans of pleasure. You had never given a man oral sex before, but from this experience, you knew that you were never going to get enough of it with Toji.
“Fuck! That’s it you cocksleeve. Keep bobbing your head up and down on my fat fucking cock. Don’t…” He began to thrust. “Don’t stop.” After you had edged him long enough to his liking, he pulled you off of his cock. “Lay on your back, slut. You want to be a slut for me so badly? Huh? Do it.” You simply obeyed him, eager to see what other things his mouth had in store for you besides humiliating you.
Toji got on his knees on the floor, staring up at you on the sofa. You looked like a goddess to him, and your pussy looked like it had been stretched clearly. He grinned, admiring your rose before diving in. He used his two fingers to spread your pussy lips, eagerly licking up and down your slit. He would end at your pearl, sucking on it passionately as well as giving it fast, merciless licks. “Toji! Toji… Please. I’m going to cum if you…” You wrapped your legs around his neck, thrusted your pussy into his mouth over and over again until you felt your orgasm begin to build.
“You want my fingers inside of you as you cum?”
“Yes!” You gasp, and without a second to lose, two of Toji’s rough and calloused fingers make their way inside of you.
“Wow, I didn’t even have to start with one. Are you that much of a fucking whore? Does your pussy like to get stretched that much?” You wanted him to shut up and continue to eat you out, so you put your hand on the back of his head and tugged on his gorgeous locks.
“God… Toji… You’re going to make me cum!” Toji thrusted his fingers in and out at a fast but predictable speed that allowed you to find your own bodily rhythm. With the synchronization of his fingers along with the sucking on your clitoris, Toji gave one final push before you nearly suffocated him with your thighs. You came hard, harder than anytime before when you masturbated. Your orgasm seemed to last forever, the only thing you remember from the aftermath being Toji licking up every last drop of your delicious juices.
“Let’s fuck this sweet cunt again, would that be okay with you?” He didn’t even have to ask. It went to show how good of a heart the man truly had. Toji turned you around once more and stood up behind you. Your face was pressed into the higher cushions as you could feel his hard cock at your hole, ready to push in. “You ready, you naughty virgin?” You smiled at his false words. Then again, it was your first session.
“Toji, please. I can’t wait any longer. I can’t…” A cry left your lips as he sheathed the entirety of his cock in you, and wasted no time in beginning to thrust. He took a fistful of your hair in his hand, and placed two of his fingers in your mouth… The same ones he had recently inserted inside of you.
“Taste yourself, virgin.” You moaned on his fingers, licking every last drop of your cum off of them and enjoying it more than you would have thought. With every rock of his hips, Toji brought you even more pleasure, bumping into your cervix and destroying your womb. You could feel his balls nudge against your clit ever so often, giving you the ultimate amount of pleasure.
“Toji, I’m going to cum again.”
“Again? Already my sweet whore? Already cumming for me a second fucking time? That’s really despicable of you.” He gave you a particularly hard thrust.
“Toji, don’t stop. Fuck my pussy, please.”
“As you wish.” His hips pistoned at a merciless pace, his fingers prying your lips open so he could hear your beautiful moans. He played with your breasts… your nipples, squeezing, pinching and grabbing before he could not take it anymore. “You want to cum for me?”
“Yes! Toji” The reciting of his full name pushed him over the edge, as his cock began to spurt load after load of sticky cum inside of you. You could feel yourself throbbing and gripping onto his cock as you too came down from an incredible orgasm. His cock was still pumping out fluids as you collapsed into the cushions, and he pulled out to catch his breath.
“That was incredible, Toji,” you look behind yourself to find him, his beautiful hair doused in sweat and his face a bright pink.
“I hope you enjoyed your first time.”
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teleosaure · 8 hours ago
Im never letting this go Toji thing go. The first thing I ever write is about Toji sry for my bad English lmfao- 😻
『Imagine going over to your boyfriends house for the first time only to be met by his hot dad. The time that your boyfriend was introducing you to his father all you could think of was how hot he was and how you wanted him to fuck you. You were practically drooling just thinking about it.』
『You knew it was wrong to think about your boyfriends father like that but who could blame you? He’s literally all you could dream of! Fast forward you ended up staying the night. At around midnight you got up to get a glass of water. You finished the water and was heading back to bed when you were stopped in the hallway by none other than Toji. He cornered you saying he saw how you were looking at him all throughout the introductions and dinner. You started stuttering, trying to explain yourself. Without another word he pulled you into his room and started kissing you.』
『You were confused and turned on. You were also scared that your boyfriend could hear your moans in the next room. At some point, you didn’t care and all you could think of was the man above you pounding into you with no mercy. Both eventually finishing he rolled off to the side and you hurriedly put your clothes on and snuck back to your boyfriends room. Still full of his cum』
Idk what this is I’m so tired
- from 😻
Wow damn, sorry i took so long just got a little bit of problem. Anyway, loved it <3
Tumblr media
Just a little bit of fun.
Toji | m!reader DNI woman-aligned thks
Tumblr media Tumblr media
  Shame wasn’t strong enough to describe the feeling your being felt. The violent thrust your ass received as this one was up in the air, held by two strong hands, made your brain doze in a deep pleasure. You were terrified of your boyfriend hearing you, of his curiosity bringing him here. You didn’t want him to see you, fucked and roughed by his father. A father you pleasantly let ruin your ass, your insides taking in every droplet of cum his cock could give you.
  He was thick, long and could reach deep enough to twist your organs. Your own dick waddled between your legs as his hips slammed against your ass, stinging from the slap his large hands could do. It echoed in the room, leaving an unpleasing yet exciting burn on your ass cheek. The silence of the house was broke by your muffled moans, trying desperately to keep noises low despite the sound of his cock slamming in you being loud enough to wake up the entire neighborhood. A bit of pride was mixed with your shame, arousing your dad’s boyfriend was something not everyone could do, after all. Perhaps because it was immoral but none of you cared, he wanted to fuck you up as much as you wanted to be ruined.
  It was supposed to be a single, simple night. Your boyfriend was glad to invite you home; you could see it in his pretty eyes. You were waiting for it too; his invitation was all you wanted. You could meet his dad, sleep with him, and see how he lived in a daily life. You saw it as a turn in your relationship, a bit more of trust put into you. A trust which was soon ruined by the sight of his dad, Megumi’s mirror. They were so different yet so lookalike, his broad chest, his large torso and his tall silhouette was appealing. You wanted him to fill you up. The guilt took, how could you think of your boyfriend’s dad like this? Pinching at your lips, you wondered how you could not think like this.
  He was a walking arousal, his voice, his face, his body; everything gave you a nauseous feeling of excitation. Having to hear his laugh, peak at his body, notice the bulge in his sweatpants without being able to touch any of that was a torment. You noticed each single details of his body, admiring every trait of his face and lines sculpting his muscles. It was an older, stronger, taller, mirror of Megumi. It was agonizingly appealing, his legs tempting you to sit on it, his lips asking to be kissed and his cock begging to get in your ass.
  Perhaps you were hoping for it, perhaps you wanted it, but the water you drank was a simple excuse to wander in the house. It filled your already drowning in food stomach, a nauseous feeling disturbing your belly. You just hoped for him to meet you, for him to bring you in his room. You couldn’t sleep; you observed your boyfriend’s sleepy face until the craving of his dad grew unbearable for you. Sleep wasn’t an option your body took, the water not enough to bring your arousal down. A single stroke outside of the room that went down, pretty fast, fast enough for your brain to just understand you got in his dad’s room.
   Stuck between him and the wall, towering you as if you were a simple insect for him, how could you say no? You tried to explain yourself, being polite and excusing your behavior but you were simply thrown on his bed. He wanted no discussion, simply wanted to ruin the ass that wiggled in front of him during the whole afternoon. Your brain couldn’t process, simply knowing your head was shoved in his pillow before his cock went into your ass. You just knew you had to stay quiet, trying desperately to hold on those pitiful moans your mouth made.
  His pace was violent, the tip of his cock punishing your prostate with harsh thrust. You tried to hold, you did but his hands, slapping your ass, decided otherwise. As one of his slid onto your throat, he raised your head, forcing your moans to be heard by anyone passing by. His chuckle purred in his chest, his groans being a melody in your ears. It aroused you, burning in your stomach as your orgasm built up. You wanted to cum, stain his sheets to let a mark forever. You couldn’t care anymore if your boyfriend heard you, you moaned as loud as his dad wanted. Eyebrows arching to the sky, you let out a high pitched whine slip from your lips, as your cock dripped load of cum. It was tickling you, his cock still pounding into you to chase his own orgasm. You felt it throb; pulsate in you before it spilled all of his cum.
  His hips were stilled, stuck to your ass as your upper body fell into the sheets. You felt your thighs trembling, your waist still held by one of his large hand. Your daze was brushed away by his body falling beside you as he rolled to the side, a hand on his belly, the other one hanging to the side of the bed. No words were said, no goodbye broke the silence, shame and guilt consuming you as your frail body stood up. Your legs were like noodles but you couldn’t sleep with him, despite how bad you wanted to.
  You put your underwear on, feeling his cum slide out of you as you left the room, shameful. Your weak legs led you to Megumi’s room, his dad’s cum resting in you while you lay beside him. You couldn’t look at him, not after what you’ve done. Despite the guilt, your heart beat with pride as you remembered a few minutes ago. Perhaps you could have a taste of his cock later.  
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mariebellasart · 6 months ago
"I can change him" bitch why, hes the perfect menace to society and i love that
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mochikeiji · a year ago
jjk men when they hit the spot
↠ characters: Gojou Satoru, Getou Suguru, Toji Fushiguro
↠ Warning: heavy smut! minors dni! slight degradation with Gojo, overstimulation, dubcon, corruption, size kink
↠ a/n: this is my first attempt in headcanons since I'm used to writing fics often. Thinking of part two? Maybe. Enjoy!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
• The meanest and absolute worse
• by meanest, i meant like the soft kind of mean. He's all mouthy with you, spilling out the dirtiest desires next to you while you're endlessly crying and shaking
• he's the worse because once he's gotten something interesting, best believe he's going to be entertaining that something until he himself is satisfied
• his mouth and hips are the cruelest combination enough to have you out of your right mind
Tumblr media
He knows he's being mean the moment your eyes went wider when he continued his penetration inside you. Only this time he knows he's got a locked on target he's purposely abusing it without his pace faltering.
"S-satoru ah wait!"
No he doesn't even wait nor listens to you. Even with your hand weakly placed on his abdomen, Gojo just laughs breathlessly above you, watching your lips quiver out cries for mercy with your eyes screwed shut from the embarrassingly, hot gaze he's have on you.
"Why? Does it feel more better when I do this?"
Pushing away your wrist, he shoves both of the legs to your chest from beneath your knees. Positioning you in a deep mating press to plow deeper as he pants next to your ear, face scrunched in concentration at the vice grip you had on his cock.
"Hng! Stop! No ah— no more Satoru!"
"What's that, cupcake? You want more?"
The tip of his cock head bruising your sweet spot was too much, but you couldn't push him away from the position you were in. Even when your nails were scraping his back isn't enough in keeping him away. Only fueling and groaning out his desires when he feels himself pulse inside.
"M-mercy! Hah— PLEASE! Satoruuu!!"
Your moans slurring out with the string of saliva dripping from your lips when you convulse underneath him as the sheets damped. The whites of your eyes showing as they rolled back, limbs going limp as your beloved lover doesn't stop his torment with you despite sending you into the oblivion.
Even with you, Gojo was merciless.
"My poor baby, I must've been very bad to have fucked you all stupid for my cock."
You've already accepted your faith for tonight after catching a glimpse of the all too familiar glint in his eyes and crazed grin.
"Don't worry, little girl. I'll still be here destroying you all night."
Tumblr media
• I wouldn't say he's as worse as Gojo is since they both share an equal amount of mischievousness
• But much like Gojo, when something catches his attention, you're going to have a lot of trouble getting him off of you once he notices you tense up at his subtle movements
• he'll become more taunting and playfully whining back to your own cries
• not really mean, but it sure is frustrating
• i need to add that Geto will definitely be looking at you with pride and lustful gazes as your body spasms beneath him
Tumblr media
"Oh? What do we have here?"
Experimentally prodding his fingers in the warmth of your spongy walls, Geto bites back a smirk for when your hand flew to his wrist with a troubled look in your teary eyes. "What's the matter, sweetheart? You don't like it?" he snickers when your head falls back with a thump on your pillow, the two fingers buried deep in you massaging your sweet spot on point.
"J-just nngh not so much...Please Suguru."
As soon as you heard him hum, your body slowly relaxed assuming he wouldn't play unfair. Only to have a large palm placed over your tummy, fingers suddenly pummeling inside your squelching cunny.
"A-ack! Mm!!"
Shameful moans covered behind your palm as the other tried to yank Geto's wrist away from battering your poor cunt and spot. "Why are you pushing me away? And here I thought you were enjoying yourself." he licks his lips in desire, watching the creamy substance leak on the sheets and soaking his hand.
His fox like eyes traveled up to meet your dewy face. Your hand cutely curled below your chin as it no longer was able to be kept covering your delightful squeals. Mouth open with endless of gasps and whimpers flying out just for him left Geto wanting more.
"Heh, would you look at that. You must really be feeling it now, cutie." adding a third finger to the party, your body tenses, trying to accommodate the intruding digits inside your small cunny, his thumb circling the sensitive bud of your clit and having you slam down in bed.
Immediately moving his hand to hold your thigh open, he welcomes the messy, mind breaking orgasm with a hungry grin watching you clutch onto the pillow for you dear life, the blush darkening along with your hair framing your features. Shielding away the damaged he's left you with. 
"See, I knew you loved it. Didn't you, sweetness?"
Tumblr media
• hands down the guy we all know has a corruption kink going on with his head
• of all the positions he's got you into, it just had to be one where he so enjoys knowing you won't be able to do much but just take, take and take
• you're just the right size for him wreck uwu
• he wants to be mean. He really does, but gosh he's just so in awe of your expressions and just praises you for being so so good to him
• was there a moment where Toji was actually soft? Yes, yes there is
Tumblr media
Thick fingers fondling with your perky nipples carefully from behind, you don't know how much longer you'll be able to hold yourself up having the strong weight of Toji's thrusts push you forward down, reaching towards the deeper parts that has you now drooling on the sheets.
"You alright there, angel?"
It was so pathetic to not even respond to him. Mind all fuzzy, senses all focused on the massive length entering you from behind finally makes you drop forward if it weren't for his hands catching you. Noting how you were out of it, panting harshly. But couldn't stop himself when he sees how your eyes just seemed to look like they were in tiny hearts for him. "Seems like I overdid it." chuckling behind you, he kneads your breast together as your body slumps down in, his large frame dominating and easily holds every ounce of power from letting you escape from his agonizing pace.
"T-tojii..ah!" you cried when his fingers pinched both buds simultaneously, his thrusts accelerating until you were sobbing, babbling about how he's just so big and you want him to stop. But how could he when all you do was keep him in like you never want him to leave?
"Sweet girl, you're taking me so good y'know?"
The way his cock disappears and comes out with the thick, creaminess of your mess sticking on his length, your sobs increasing their volume when his thumbs rolled down in harsh circles on your bud had Toji biting roughly on your now tainted skin. Hands palming every where until one grabs a hold of his arm tightly, "Toji! Please! 'ts sensitive theree!" you feel his lips from your temple as he groans a breathy chuckle at the sight of your far out look. You were still so tight for him that he had no choice but to ram into you no matter how much the pleasure hurt.
"Shhh, just let me take care of you."
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to mochikeiji. Please do not repost or copy, ありがとうございました!! (=^・^=)
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Jujutsu kaisen nsfw links
a/n: for some reason all of gojo’s links got deleted as soon as i tried to upload this so now I’ll just be doing a separate Gojo links + hcs post😀 lmk if you wanna be on its taglist
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Nanami: link link link link link
Toji: link link link link link
Getou: link link link link
Sukuna: link link link link link
Choso: link link link link link
Mei Mei: link link link
Utahime: link link link
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a/n: totally for self indulgence... don’t know how is this gonna do though since i’m not sure if a lot of people has caught up with the manga but i’m pretty sure the fandom has seen him at least once and instantly thirst for him. so, idk what colour his eyes are (i can see blue but fanwiki says green so i stuck with that and in between). this comes with a package of me pointing out how big and buff he is and idc if you’ll get annoyed over it.
word count: 6.1k
genre: AU, nsfw, smut, angst if you squint
warnings: DARK – NONCON, coercion, corruption kink, daddy kink, size kink, choking, mind break, breeding, face fucking, slight dacryphilia, spitting, age gap, degradation, virgin reader, dilf toji manhandling reader
pairing: toji x f!reader
languages available: vietnamese.
summary: you want to surprise your bestie, megumi upon his arrival home from college but things take a terrible turn.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
heavy rain starts pouring as soon as you’ve reached the front doorstep of the fushiguro’s household. it was a dumb idea to not bring an umbrella with you despite the sky already starting to get dark when you left home earlier, but you were willing to push your luck and started sprinting once you felt prickles of droplets landing on your skin. with a stroke of luck, you managed to escape the heavy downpour from soaking your clothes.
drawing a deep and relieved sigh, you take a moment to regain control over your breathing before knocking the big front door. aware of the aftermath of the run, you fix your hair with your hands as you wait for megumi to come and greet you. 
college made you and the male to part ways until phones were the only thing that kept you both up to date with each other’s lives. ironically enough, that’s the thing you forgot to bring when you left home in a rush and excitement to surprise your dear friend since he’s coming home today. you can vividly remember the last text you read; he was at the train station and you had to estimate the time of his arrival and the time he would be at home instead of asking him.
however, you’re caught slightly off guard when a different man opens the door for you instead. nonetheless, your lips curl to a sweet smile and there’s a brief of awkward silence before he speaks. you know him, but he doesn’t seem to remember you at all.
“you’re..?” with a tilt of his head, he looks down at you with a curious brow. 
“it’s me, mr. fushiguro!” you offer your name, scrutinizing the expression on his face as his forehead crinkles while he jogs through his memories. then he glances at you and away in thought and back at you again with wide eyes when he finally recalls.
“oh, it’s you!” he ruffles your hair, a bit too enthusiastic in spite of his usual character that you were always familiar with. “i haven’t seen you in a while.”
you let out a little laugh, “yeah. i think i was fourteen the last time i saw you, mr. fushiguro. but it’s nice to see you again.”
“ah, yes. i had to go out of town and overseas for business a lot.” toji explains, rubbing the back of his neck, slightly bashful that he didn’t recognize the girl– no, woman before him even when you both have met plenty of times back when you often came to play with his son since you both were still little. 
but can anyone blame him? time works wonders and now the little girl he used to know has grown to be much more mature and gorgeous and so... demure.
“yeah, megumi told me. speaking of him, is he home?” you finally inquire, bringing up the reason why you’re here in the first place. 
“why don’t you come in first? it’s cold outside.” he says before immediately turning around without answering your question. you close the door behind you and follow him closely, also somewhat intimidated when you realize how tall and huge he is– the tight fitting shirt stretches over his wide back and accentuating his physique even more. his arms are toned and popping with veins, not the way you used to remember at least, but you’ve never cared to notice. you’re not certain of his age either, but you’re pretty sure you’d be surprised if you find out.
“do you want coffee or tea?” toji suddenly breaks the silence as you nervously stand in the middle of the room to take a glimpse around the kitchen like it’s your first time being there, completely heedless over his gaze lingering up and down your curves, observing the figure of a girl who just freshly went through her womanhood and your lascivious beauty before he quickly turns around to grab two mugs from the cabinet. 
“anything is fine.” you politely reply, fear of sounding somewhat demanding if you choose your preference despite being offered with choices. 
“come on, you’re giving a man a hard time.” he jokes. “and sit down.”
he’s trying to extend his invitation though intentionally sounding assertive, but when he sees that you are quick to comply and scramble to your seat, he finds it to be... stimulating. at least he knows that you’re docile and he wonders if he could put it to the test. well, doesn’t matter. he will.
“coffee is good.” you smile, interrupting his train of thoughts and he pours the coffee from the pot before walking over to hand you your mug. 
“unfortunately,” he sits down on the chair next to you. “megumi isn’t home right now.” toji puts his lips between the warm mug and softly blows before sipping his coffee. “he wanted to take a short trip to the store but i think he’s going to be stuck there for a while.” he looks out the window to only see pitch black staring back at him along with roaring thunder from the skies.
“oh.” you mutter, taking a careful sip of the hot brew. a little disappointed that you couldn’t see megumi yet, but his dad is right– it’s nearly a disaster outside but you find no point hanging around any longer either.
“is it too bitter? you don’t like it?” his voice laces with concern when he notices your face involuntarily scrunches up at the bitter taste. 
you quickly shake your head, “no, no. it’s fine!” you reassure, afraid that he’ll take offense from the coffee he personally made. “besides, if megumi isn’t here, i–”
“oh, it’s fine if you wait here for him.” he cuts you off. “unfortunately, we don’t have an extra umbrella.” the corners of his lips tug into a comforting smile and you are quick to relax into it. 
you’ve always found toji to be quite frightening when you were young. he seemed like someone who never smiled, always had a sombre and intense vibe to him that no child would be too fond of.  there was no exchange of words between you two, except for your constant brief hello and a smile that you did out of courtesy whenever you bump into him inside his house, even though he never replied anything back. not even a crack on the lips to return the smile. 
but today is different. probably because he finds it easier for him to talk to an adult than a child and you’re relieved that you’re able to humor him in some way.
“so, are you and megumi a thing?” he abruptly asks and glances at you as he sips his coffee.
“no, we’re not!” you titter, waving a hand in dismissal as you bring up the mug to hide your face from embarrassment.
“oh?” a glint of amusement and surprise shines in his green eyes. “are you sure?”
you blink at the question as heat warms your cheeks from the thought of dating your best friend. “yes, megumi and i are just friends. really.” 
“why? because you have a boyfriend?” toji pries, uncaring if he sounds intrusive to you and you only assume that he’s trying to strike up a conversation in some old fashioned way.
you just shake your head and laugh, “it’s not that, either.” 
“hmm,” he props his elbow on the table leisurely, head resting on his fist as he looks at you intently, as if in search of something. “you’re pretty hard to figure out.” 
“what do you mean? i don’t think so.” you smile, bringing up the mug to cover your face again so you can shy away from his intense gaze yet he thinks that it’s endearing and he finds himself grinning unwillingly. 
toji notices how you always try to look away when you get so shy over some simple questions. you’re just oozing with purity and innocence of a maiden and something dark and twisted inside him is craving to violate every part of it. 
“for a start, i can’t figure out why you don’t have one.” he says, tapping his fingertips on the table as his mind is running with sinful thoughts. 
“hmm, maybe because i haven’t found anyone interesting yet.” you finally lock your eyes with his as you answer, not wanting to come off as rude if you keep on talking without looking directly at the man.
“isn’t my son good for you?” he couldn’t care less to be honest; he only plans to test the waters and is even more aroused to learn that you’ve never been touched by a man before and he feels like a wolf that’s just ready to pounce on a lost, little lamb.
“oh, no, no!” why do you have to get so bashful? he’ll fuck you on this table if you don’t stop. “we just don’t see each other that way.”
he’s so lost in his thoughts and carnal desires that whatever you’re babbling seems to go in one ear and out the other.
“then, what do you think of me?” he asks nonchalantly with a smirk plastered across his face.
you blink at him once, twice. “uhh, what?” is he suddenly getting self-conscious? 
“you heard me. what do you think of me?” yet he doesn’t seem like it either.
“umm,” you ponder for a moment as you think of every adjective you can find in your head that wouldn’t come out offensive if you’re going to be honest with him. why would he even ask you such a thing anyways? and why would it matter to him? there’s nothing nice about him that you could exactly pinpoint from the past except for ‘scary’, ‘serious’ and some other things revolving around those.
“i thought that you were kinda... scary?” you blurt unsurely, mentally slapping yourself for even daring to say such a thing to him. unless it’s a vibe that he was going for, then you’d be relieved. 
it isn’t exactly what toji wants to hear but he laughs heartily, “really?” a shiver runs down your spine when he looks at you again, his eyes glimmering with daunt. “but are you still scared of me?”
“uh, no.” you laugh. “you’re actually really nice, mr. fushiguro.” 
“oh, that makes me feel better.” another grin etches on his scarred lips as he draws his gaze to your hands that are tensing and fiddling with your sleeves and your leg is bouncing; a perfect depiction of a trembling lamb cornered in his den– and he’s fucking starving. 
has he got you on edge? are you nervous? good. “but i think you should.”
a lump catches in your throat and your heart drops, “i- what?”
the chair emits a screeching sound and it stumbles backwards as toji abruptly stands up from his seat. sheer panic causes you to rise on your feet too, and your eyes dart to the chair, and the male, back and forth as your mind tries to get a grasp on the situation.
“mr. fushiguro..?” you whisper meekly, taking a step away and around the table as you notice him taking a careful yet threatening inch closer. 
“no, no. i’m not gonna hurt you.” toji (barely) reassures you as he continues creeping on his feet. but the sinister smile on his lips takes out every last bit of faith you had in him and the loud voice in your head keeps telling you to run for the door and never look back– fuck the rain.
 as if he can read through your thoughts, he warns. “but i will, if you run.” 
the smile on toji’s face turns smug when he sees you freeze in place upon his threat. being trapped under the unpleasant situation triggers your fight or flight responses and rapid heartbeat drums in your ears as you stand in trance and trepidation.
“that’s a good girl.” he coos, taking another step forward before you decide to throw a mug at him and dash towards the door as fast as you can. you assume that toji has pushed the table to the floor when you hear a loud thud, followed by his hasty footsteps as he catches up quickly behind you. 
the door that is finally within arm’s reach suddenly changes into a mirage when a strong pair of arms grabs you by the waist and your body floats as it lifts onto his shoulder. the huge contrast between the size of your body and his should let you know; no matter how much you try to resist, he will never budge. yet, your arms and legs still flail around in an attempt to punch and kick him and you’re screaming for him to let you down and just hope that anyone is able to hear your cries in spite of the thunderstorm. 
well, so much for luck.
“ah, ah. you don’t wanna do that.” there’s a mocking and amusing tone in his voice as he advises you. “you should save that energy later. juuust in a bit.” 
“mr. fushiguro– stop–!” you sob, watching your only escape slowly disappears out of sight when he turns to a corner and into a dark room. your body bounces onto a mattress before toji’s huge, ripped figure swiftly looms above yours and ties your hands together with a belt and onto the headboard. at this point, the illuminating lights through the windows are the only thing that aids your vision and you have to rely more on your senses.
“shh,” he shushes you with a finger against your trembling lips. “the neighbors will hear. and if they do, i want it to be because you’re getting fucked so good. so be a good little girl for daddy, okay?”
regardless of being terrified, you find yourself cringing over the nickname he refers to himself. hopefully, he won’t ask you to call him that either. “mr. fushiguro– i– please don’t do this. i- i won’t tell anyone.” 
toji tsks, taking his sweet time to admire your smaller body underneath his– the exposed, soft skin on your neck waiting to be bruised, chest heaving as your breath comes deep and short, and legs pressing together to secure your modesty; though will prove to be futile later. 
“i know you won’t.” his thumb grazes against your lips, mesmerized by its plushness as he imagines it wrapped prettily around his throbbing cock. “are you a virgin?”
you only nod your head, eyes wavering as you look at his darker ones before catching it shine with interest. 
“never had anything inside here?” he asks again, pressing your cunt against the fabric of your pants with his fingers. the dark room makes it hard to see, but your cheeks are turning red from humiliation and you look away before shaking your head no.
“are you sure?” toji’s thumb presses down on your clit and causes your body to shudder apprehensively.
“o-only my finger.” you audibly whisper through the white noise outside. 
oh, how exhilarating. guess the innocent looking ones can be lewd too. don’t you know that a cock would make you feel better? a big cock like his is definitely what you need. just a finger wouldn’t be enough to satisfy you! poor little thing. 
“then i got to teach you a few things, right? it’ll come handy later. boys love girls with experiences.” he promptly strips you off from your pants before carelessly throws it to the ground and kneels between your legs to keep you wide and open for him.
“you like to be touched here?” his finger reaches down to ghost over your clothed clit, observing you with lust filled eyes while you turn away from his gaze and remain unresponsive. “daddy is a very impatient person so i suggest you answer me.”
toji pinches your clit, and your body squirms with an elicited yelp. you can only guess (and hope) that he wasn’t referring to him touching you there but you answer anyway, “y-yes.”
he hums in satisfaction, moving down until his head stops between your thighs and in front of your sex. toji grabs your thigh and spreads them apart before flattening his warm tongue against your clothed bud, causing a shiver to run down your spine and it quickly draws your attention to him.
your face heats up in embarrassment when you see toji’s head dipped in front of your pussy, but he’s only calm and teasing as his jade eyes stare up to lock with yours to look for a reaction.
“you’ve never felt a tongue over here either, hm?” he sneers, rubbing circles on your clit with his thumb and you mentally curse yourself for feeling slightly aroused over his ministrations. 
“just let me go, please.” you try to close your legs, but to no avail when his rough hands push them away.
“you know, if you keep asking for ridiculous things,” toji tuts and grasps your supple thighs hard, nails digging painfully on your skin. “i might have to get rough on you. but you’re a smart girl and you wouldn’t like that, right?” 
“n-no.” you choke and fidget.
“good. because i only want you to feel good.” he offers a gentle smile and kisses the dented mark on your thigh. “so, let’s start over. you haven’t answered me.”
you nibble your lip hesitantly and look anywhere but him, “no.”
“see? all the more reason for me to show you what you’ve been missing out.” he chuckles, tugging your underwear to the side impatiently.
“fuck. such a pretty pussy.” he growls at the sight of your bare cunt. there isn’t a lot of slick yet, but it’s fine, he’ll make you get there. that’s the point of this whole ordeal, right?
your body quivers naturally once you feel the foreign sensation; wet, warm muscle prodding your puffy folds up to your clit and circling on it with the tip of his tongue teasingly as he observes you from below. 
your eyes are screwed shut and your lips are caught between your teeth as you try to restrict your whines from the undeniable pleasure rushing in your veins and he doesn’t stop– your pathetic attempt to deny him and your sentiments only drives him to push you over the edge even more. 
with a harsh suck on your clit, he manages to get you to squeal and you can feel him smirking underneath you. toji flattens his tongue and laps off your juices again before he takes you by surprise when he suddenly slides a finger inside your tight, wet cunt. 
“shh. it’ll feel good, baby girl.” he comforts when he hears you whimper at the pain inflicted and true enough, it soon begins to feel good. you’ve fingered yourself plenty of times before, but it feels different when he does it for you– his finger is thick and long that it reaches deeper than you’ve ever been able to.
toji notices you start to become quiet so he slides in another digit, eliciting yet another sob from you. the warm and moist cunny makes his cock twitch and he finds himself getting eager. your back arches from the bed when toji curls his fingers to stroke the bumpy tissues of your g-spot with every drag.
“feels good, yeah?” he grins arrogantly as your legs tremble under his hold. your breathing has turned erratic and your toes are curling as your mouth gapes in pitiful, broken cries that are just music to his ears. 
“answer me, sweetheart.” he presses down a thumb on your neglected clit, reminding you that he is not keen on being ignored and disputed. 
“y-yes.” you finally choke through pants and shame. though the answer comes out in hesitance, your body is more honest– pussy sopping and eliciting obscene squelches and it’s enough to satisfy him for now. 
your head thrashes side to side as you feel yourself about to tip over but you still refuse to beg toji for a release. 
“hah– fuck!” you whimper loudly when toji oh-so-generously sucks your clit again, fingers pumping faster inside your cunt, making your body feel even more tense with overbearing stimulation before finally pushing you over the edge and you break into a silent scream.
toji laps off your slick before he pulls out his finger into his mouth and licks them clean. 
“that’s a good girl. why don’t you taste yourself?” he climbs on top of you while you gasp for air from the intense orgasm and he easily pulls you into a fervour, sloppy kiss. you can feel the wet slick on his chin and you can taste yourself at the same time as he intertwines his tongue with yours. 
out of spite and vexation, you found courage to bite his tongue hard and toji instantly pushes himself from you, his dark eyes express astonishment and agitation.
“fucking bitch.” he curses as his eyes narrow at you displeasingly before he takes off his pants and briefs to release his cock from its confinements. his cock is throbbing and thick, and you can almost see a trickle of precum on its head. you crumple at the sight as regret and anxiety washes over you.
“don’t worry, it’ll fit.” he says cockily upon the worrisome look on your face. “but since you like it rough, i’m sure you want to choke on it first.” 
“no– i’m sorry!” you shake your head but toji only lets out a scornful laugh as he disregards your pleas and props himself on the knees and over your neck.
toji slaps the tip of his cock on your lips, gesturing you to open your mouth but you purse them into a flat, thin line and refuse to obey. 
“open up. it’s a part of your lesson after all.” he snaps before squeezing your cheeks together. “it’ll get worse if you don’t listen to me.” 
“d-don’t wa-ant to– flea-shh.” you whimper and toji emits a long, deep sigh as he releases his grip. 
“i don’t like repeating myself.” his voice is laced with malice and chills crawls up your spine as his eyes look down at you demeaningly before you slowly open your mouth trepidatiously and wait for his next order. 
“no teeth. i think you’d know that much.” he patronizes before sliding his cock inside your mouth and he hisses as the warmth engulfs his throbbing cock. “that’s it. now, suck.”
and you have no choice but to obey submissively. you slightly lift your head and struggle to take his length as much as you can before running your tongue around to feel each prominent vein.
“i said suck, whore.” he commands through gritted teeth. you hollow your cheeks, compressing his fat cock tight between them as you bop your head up and down. 
“fuuuck, just like that.” toji groans as his hand reaches the top of your head and caresses you softly. you start to pick up the pace, slobbering his dick with so much saliva that it begins to seep from the corners of your mouth and it’s so wet and obscene– just the way he likes it. 
“it almost makes me think that this isn’t your first time.” his head falls back and hips begin to jerk until the tip hits the back of your throat, forcing you to take more than you could. you choke as tears start to well up in your eyes and the bedhead shakes when you try to tug your wrists. 
“what’s wrong? can’t take my fat cock?” he scoffs arrogantly. “you gotta work on your gag reflex, sweetheart.”
the muffles from your throat vibrate against his dick and toji groans in pleasure that he subconsciously rocks his hips, slapping your chin with his balls. your vision has become blurry and breathing becomes harder as you let him abuse your throat and your jaws ache before he abruptly pulls out and you can finally gasp for precious air.
“look at you,” his cock twitches with excitement when he sees the tears rolling down your cheeks from your doe eyes and he wipes them away with his thumb, making you flinch slightly, “are you sorry for making daddy mad?” 
toji always tries to articulate each word with appease. it’s never soothing per se when you can sense the threat entwining in his voice and it’s fucking you psychologically.
and it deems to be successful when you’re already trembling in fear underneath him. 
you’re uncertain whether he prefers you to speak or not, but your throat is sore so you meekly nod your head in response. it’s better than nothing, to be honest.
“good. open your mouth.”
your mouth is already parted for air but you assume that he wants to put his cock in again. submissively, yet dreadfully, you open your mouth wider and await for him to shove his cock back in but you’re surprised when toji spits in your mouth instead. 
it’s warm and disgusting; you’re just left gaping and repelled, and you want to spit it out but toji squeezes your cheeks together.
“swallow.” he orders. you quickly brace yourself and close your eyes before cringing as you gulp down the mix of saliva in your mouth and toji releases his grip once he’s certain that you’ve ingested. 
“i could’ve made you swallow my cum but i’d feel bad,” he chuckles sardonically. “what do you have to say?” 
“t-thank you.” you whisper vaguely and he accustoms his face to a simper. 
“good girl.” toji smashes his lips onto yours, yet his eyes are locked with yours ominously for a brief second– a telltale that he expects you not to pull up another stunt before they close as he deepens the kiss. 
obviously, nothing would benefit you whether you comply or defy, not until you’ve catered for his insatiable lechery. but you’ve learned your lesson and although you’re compelled, you finally relent as every ounce of resistance begins to drift from you. 
toji breaks the kiss and shifts lower, peppering greedy kisses on your neck before he catches the soft, chaste skin between his teeth to suck and form purplish bruising marks. he lifts up your shirt over your head and hastily unclasps your bra, causing you to shudder once the cold air hits your exposed breasts. 
large, calloused hands press your mounds before his mouth latches on one perky tit, while the other is tweaked with his fingers. experienced tongue draws circles and sucks punishingly, alternating with the other nipple. the headboard rattles as you keen over the stimulation and your eyes open in dismay when you feel something hard prodding your clit. 
he moves lower and spits on your cunt before propping on his knees to take off his tight shirt– through subdued glow, you can make out the outline of his toned abs and broad chest as his large build towers menacingly in front of you; even when he’s not standing on his feet.
“listen. daddy is going to release the binds, but do you promise to be good?” he asks, smearing the saliva with his cockhead and against your slit.
“yes. i- i promise.” you murmur appallingly; as if you have a choice in the matter.
toji leans over to unrestrain you then he observes you, expecting you to put up a fight but instead, you just remain still underneath him. 
he grins in satisfaction, getting off to the fact that you’ve fallen into submission before he shifts back into his prior position and bends your knees up to line his cock with your hole. a feeling of triumph stirs inside him when he’s reminded that he’s the ‘chosen’ one to defile your innocence.
“stop! it hurts–!” you wail and your hands clench the sheets when you feel toji’s thick cock stretching your virgin cunt slowly, but he ignores you, groaning at the warmth that engulfs him and the tight walls that clenches him as he selfishly pushes through. 
it burns. so bad. your chest heaves rapidly and you screw your eyes shut as your face twists to express pain and uncomfort. “please, please–! i can’t–”
“yes, you can.” his tone is indifferent as he holds you down since your body keeps on wincing until he finally fills you to the brim and he can see a bulge poking on your tummy. 
“fuck. haven’t been inside a virgin cunt for a while.” he mutters under his breath. “now, i know it hurts but i promise you’ll enjoy it. it’s just too bad that you get to have a big cock as your first.” he snickers nonchalantly and leans down closer to your face, making you jolt when you feel it inching deeper.
“if it makes you feel better– you’re fucking tight. just the way daddy likes it.” toji whispers in your ear but you can only freeze in fear and agony.
toji hovers above you, his hands firmly grip the headboard in front of him and he begins to move his hips; thrusting in and out of your pussy. 
your fists clench the sheets harder as a loud cry rips from your throat, “no! it hurts! please!”
but toji doesn’t seem to mind, his cyan orbs stare down at you coldly yet in focus as he relishes over the plush walls clamping down on his cock. 
“stop! stop– i- i don’t want–!” you continuously wail as you writhe in anguish before he suddenly stops pounding and he wraps his hand around your neck instead, instantly drawing your attention to him as he applies pressure in his hold. 
“if you don’t stop whining like a bitch in heat, i will fucking breed you like one.” he warns through gritted teeth, clearly agitated over your act of defiance. 
“you want this. you’re going to love this.” his words are sick endeavours to coerce you into another round of complete submission. 
but what else can you do? toji’s hand is so large that his middle finger and thumb almost reach each other as it clasps around your frail neck and you know he can easily crush your windpipes if he wants to.
“say it. you. want. this.” he seethes.
“i. want. this.” you barely croak each word and they’re slowly influencing your cloudy mind. as soon as he releases you, you soothe the pain around your throat with your hand as you gasp for air.
“fuck. don’t think i didn’t feel you clenching around my cock just now.” he sneers and situates himself again before ruthlessly and steadily continuing where he left off. 
you only close your eyes and bite your lips hard to stop whimpering as you mentally comfort yourself and dissolve every inch of your sanity; i’m going to enjoy it, it’s going to feel good soon, i want this, i want this.
soon enough, toji notices that your muscles have relaxed– suggesting that you’ve finally caved in as pleasure overtakes you so he fucks you deeper and faster before he falls on his elbows and you can feel his bangs tickling your face.
“that’s it, baby. you make daddy feel so fucking good.” he praises between grunts. you can feel the veins on his cock dragging against your walls and he’s right, it feels so good and your lips open in breathless pants.
you find your arms to loosely wrap around his neck and your legs around his waist as if clinging onto him for dear life as toji ruts into your cunny like a feral beast. 
“you like it, yeah? this is what you want, isn’t it?” 
through hazy mind, you can only manage to whimper an audible ‘yes’ as you feel an odd, yet almost familiar knot twisting in your lower stomach begging to snap and your nails dig into the skin of his broad back upon the intense sensation shooting through your body. 
a low, deep guttural sound leaves his throat when he feels your nails sinking and scratching his back– it prompts him to quicken his pace and you can feel the tip of his cock kissing your cervix over and over, causing your back to arch simultaneously. 
“i’m– i’m gonna–!” you keen as your body trembles in anticipation and your sopping cunt is clenching on his throbbing cock like a vice. 
“fuck yeah. cum on daddy’s cock.” toji urges and nips on the sensitive skin of your neck to tip you over the edge and your pupils blow wide as you break into a scream. despite being your second orgasm for the night, an overwhelming euphoria washes over you for the first time of your life; is this what it feels like? you don’t know, you’ve never had one (at least not from a cock) and your pussy is just fluttering, pulsing and creaming around his cock. 
“hah– fuck. good girl.” 
toji remains to snap his hips, fucking you through your high as you’re left in daze from your orgasm. toji can feel his balls tensing and his thrusts are turning sporadic as he inches closer to his climax. your whines and nonsense babbles are drowned by the feeling of pleasure that’s enveloping him and he doesn’t even have the resolution to listen to you gibbering when your cunny is just milking him, sucking him in like it doesn’t want to let go and he just wants to give what your greedy pussy asks for; to fill it up with his thick load until it’s full and leaking out of you. 
and daddy knows best, after all.
“shit– i won’t be able to hold it any longer. say you want daddy’s cum.” he grunts.
you’ve partly snapped out of your daze when you hear his voice again, and though you can’t see his face that’s already buried next to your head, you’re petrified and it’s making you feel dizzy and suffocated. 
“i– n-no. please not–” you sob through your raw throat.
but toji doesn’t listen and you don’t know if you’re relieved or not because if he does, you know that it’ll tick him off and it’s going to do you more harm than good– but you’re scared and it hurts, that you unwillingly start to snivel again.
“shut up. you’re gonna take it like a good cumslut.” he shoves two long fingers in your mouth, causing you to choke on them.
“daddy’s gonna cum in this pretty pussy and you’re gonna fucking take it.” 
toji’s grunts ring in your ears and you’re able to feel his cock twitching inside you before he finally releases hot ropes of cum– filling up and defiling your womb.
“y-you came inside..” you mumble once he takes out his fingers as you’re left entirely devastated and stupefied. 
“fucking did.” he pants, lifting his body up from you and pulls out his cock to shove back the dribbling cum that’s leaking from your abused cunny with his finger. you would wince but your mind is already numb and your body is sore that you can do nothing but burn holes through the ceiling above.
“don’t look so sad.” the room resonates with his chuckles and he gets off the bed to put back on his pants. toji walks over to the nightstand where a pack of cigarettes await him and he puts one between his lips and you can hear the flicking sounds of a lighter as he tries to burn the tip. 
“i can promise you that other guys wouldn’t be rough as me but one thing’s for sure,” he inhales the tobacco and exhales in a gratifying manner, “that will stay as the best fuck of your life.”
fat tears stream down your cheeks and you curl on your side, protecting your now-ruined-body as you quietly sob and your mind takes you back from how the ordeal even started and causes you to end up where you are right now– and it only makes you cry harder.
toji only lets out an exasperated sigh. he grabs his shirt from the floor and throws it on his shoulder before reaching the door.
“megumi won’t be coming home ‘til tomorrow. he said something about the train and the weather, so you can leave when you’re done. you know your way out.”
you hear the door close shut behind him and you’re left in the dark with nothing but the smell of his tobacco and the sounds of the drizzling rain accompanying you as you drown in your thoughts and griefs. 
how many mistakes have you made today? four? five? or more? 
you’ve lost count and you question yourself over again until you’re no longer able to care.
what’s done is done.
Tumblr media
duskamethyst © 2020 • do not modify, translate or repost anywhere.
enjoyed this work? wanna buy me coffee? :)
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xixolotl · a year ago
*ahem* which jjk characters would fuck your thighs while you're sleeping bc they're horny but dont wanna wake you up 👀
this...this is...yes. I hope you like this, bc I love writing in this format SO MUCH so ENJOY!! also, everything is 100% CONSENSUAL, THIS IS NOT DUBCON AS IT WAS AGREED UPON BEFORE THE READER WENT TO SLEEP!! reader and their partner have discussed beforehand that waking up the other in sexual situations is okay!! i only picked the characters that really stood out to me, i hope that's okay!! and everything takes place in my au where jjk takes place as a college instead of high school d*rk blogs/consumers dni!
💎 Gojou Satoru: Gojo had tried to wake you up, but you just..wouldn't wake up, sleeping through him eating you out/sucking you off through two orgasms. So he takes a little video as a surprise for you when you wake up. and of course he's not gonna share it with anyone but you
"Look at my pretty baby, such a mess...too bad they wouldn't wake up, I had to start fucking their thighs..." "my little mochi is so cute, look at them trying to grind against me...they're so hard/wet, wish they were up so I could touch them and look at their pretty eyes." "ooh, are you cumming, baby? cumming in your sleep like a slutty little thing while I fuck your thighs, so precious..."
🌊 Getou Suguru : Geto's hands are moving up and down your body while he grinds against your thighs, softly humming at the pleasure. You're so adorable, he wants to just shake you awake but teasing you awake is so much more fun, plus he wants to keep hearing you moan until you wake yourself up, begging him to put his dick inside you.
"you've always been so responsive, i didn't think my dick between your thighs would get you like this." "was that my name? don't tell me you're having a wet dream about me. so dirty, baby, thinking of me like that while sleeping when I'm right here with you." "don't you wanna wake up and move my cock somewhere other than your thighs? c'mon, baby. wake up for me."
🍵 Okkotsu Yuta: He's slow, purposefully grinding right against your sex, his cock leaking precum all over your thighs when he pushes through them. He thinks it's so cute how you try to grind against nothing in your sleep, he can't help but tease you a little bit, a little smile on his face at all your reactions.
"baby...so precious, wish you could see yourself..." "your little moans are so cute. aha, your still sleep, aren't you? are you thinking of me?" "your thighs are so soft, I love them so much...if i cum on them, i promise ill clean you up, baby."
🍧 Itadori Yuuji: Not outright fucking you is painful, but he doesn't want to wake you up. He's so fucking hard, that dream affected him more than he thought, and before he knew it, he was fucking your thighs, not caring how loud he was being.
"bunny, bunny, fuck, bunny, please. need you so bad, you're so soft, so soft, fuck-" "gonna cum all over your thighs, bunny, so fucking good, I could fuck you like this forever, god." "'m cumming, 'm cumming, bunny, I'll clean you up after, gonna fuck you again, shit, 'm cumming-!"
🍙 Inumaki Toge : Poor guy, he tried to deal with it by himself, trying to just jerk off in the bathroom of his apartment, silently thankful for the soundproofing, but it didn't work. Inumaki was drunk on lust, feeling embarrassed when he slid his aching cock between your thighs, softly moaning and whining for you...so when you wake up and start cooing to him, he absolutely loses himself.
"oh, toge, baby, angel, you could've just woken me up if you were this needy for me..." "does it feel good? you like fucking my thighs, pretty boy? oh, you're so cute..." "gonna cum? come on, make a mess, cum while fucking my thighs, toge, please, baby."
🍥 Sukuna: Sukuna doesn't even go to thigh fucking, he skips that. No, he's biting your thighs, sucking on them before going down on you, using his tongue and fingers to prep you before shoving his thick cock inside you, humming when you moan yourself awake.
"look who awake. took you long enough diamond, I put so much effort into making you feel good before I shoved my dick inside you." "hm? you want me to move? didn't know you were such a needy mess. beg for me to fuck you stupid, diamond, let me hear how badly you want this curse's cock in you."
🔪 Fushiguro Toji: It's not uncommon for Toji to wake up in the middle of the night, cock hard in his sweats, so he wakes you up in a way you'll know his intentions. He thanks whatever god there is for giving him someone like you who would let him fuck your soft thighs until you woke up so he could pump you full cum instead of wasting it on your stomach.
"it's time to wake up, sweetheart, don't you want me to fuck you instead of these pretty thighs?" "aw, you look so confused and aroused...spread those legs for me, sweetheart, and I'll take good care of you." "did you dream about me fucking your thighs? you're taking my cock like you wanted me to fuck you awake...yeah? you want that next time? mm, I'll keep it in mind, sweetheart, now shut up and let me fuck you stupid."
💳 Nanami Kento: Nanami usually only does this when he's very very frustrated from working, coming home to see his pretty s/o in one of his button-ups sleeping, thighs out in the open. He can't help himself, softly calling your name as he slides his hard cock slowly in and out between your thighs, giving you soft smile when you wake up.
"sorry to wake you, darling, I know it's late, but I need you." "you were responding so cutely in your sleep...would you rather I be inside you? ask nicely, darling, and I'll give you what you want." "your thighs are so soft, maybe next time I'll keep fucking them until I cum. would you like that, darling?"
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bemylord · a year ago
ʜᴏᴡ ᴛʜᴇʏ'ᴅ ᴇᴀᴛ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴘᴜꜱꜱʏ
Tumblr media Tumblr media
characters: yuuji, 'gumi, toji, satoru, kento, sukuna.
warnings: smut, aged up, oral, creampie, multiply orgasms, sitting on face [?], edging, squirt, toys or boys who know how to make you squirt.
butler's remark: ( ◕▿◕ ) hello ¿ i'm here with another smut hdc. nothing new: sukuna being sukuna, nanami is a daddy and satoru being mr. steal your girl. well, toji is a toji too <3 enjoy reading, lord!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ɪᴛᴀᴅᴏʀɪ ʏᴜᴜᴊɪ:
sit. on. his. face.
like really, pure boy would be crying for the sake of tight hole. literally, yuuji having a facesitting kink: without any wobbling or hesitationhe'd be well-fed by your cum.
the type of boiz who would to be glad be choking by your thighs as you barely holding yourself back from flattening his face.
it may seem as he enjoys that more than you by seeing his complacent face as he's masterfully flicking his tongue on your clit and making shrill fondles your dripping hole. you haven't got any other option but to sit on his face.
your morning starts with his mouth on your pussy or kisses on the pubis as he greets on with his morning, husky voice: 'just wanna say good morning to your pussy if you don't mind'
sorry, but.. who doesn't mind..?
Tumblr media
ꜰᴜꜱʜɪɢᴜʀᴏ ᴍᴇɢᴜᴍɪ:
the case when the son takes after his father.
at first, he didn't know how to please you. don't get him wrong, he knew he should lick your sensitive area and play with your nipples. but, you know, the puberty period is over and he still a baby in sex.
give 'gumi his time and you'd cry over his tongue as he starts from your lips to the pussy, shattering you using one finger and tongue.
like yuuji, megumi will lick every last drop of your oozing little entrance as you got lost in paradise.
gets insatiable of it if you'd pull his hair to see his mouth has being messy of your cum as he quickly licks his fertilized lips with your juices.
he might summoned his divine dogs as gets addicted to your hole. 'i can get enough of your juicy place, my love'
Tumblr media
ꜰᴜꜱʜɪɢᴜʀᴏ ᴛᴏᴊɪ:
the daddy knows how to do it. when he's in the mood to play or destroy you and your pretty cunt, he doesn't need his dick, girl.
his pads of fingers playing with the place you're needy for, contemplate as to how you wriggle like a snake underneath his fingers.
will whisper some dirty phrase such as: 'such a pathetic whore you're' or 'can't wait for my dick, huh?'
toji won't hold back if you will squirt on the bed. your mind being mushed and you have lost the clarity as you came on his mouth by your third time.
the perfect timing for thrust in your swollen cunt with his cock.
but nah, this daddy for sure will turn your mind off, literally and fucking literally, as you're illegible pleading for his cock.
Tumblr media
ɢᴏᴊᴏ ꜱᴀᴛᴏʀᴜ:
heaven has sent you a divine gift and a hellish torment, and the name is satoru fucking gojo.
his tongue has a target in the swollen spot, his slender fingers inside your gooey pussy.
into toys, i guarantee you this point. the vibrator, flogger, vibrator panties. about vibrators - is more likely to tie you up and turn on some vibrator while wanking his dick. o.o i... you.. just pretend..
he's kind of like all the other guys, like yuuji or nanami but he's sort of being a gojo satoru.
huge teaser. teasing and teasing and teasing you while railing and spinning nimble tongue on your pussy.
probably likes to do it at the technical college, in his office as you're quelling any sounds that letting out from your mouth with every thrust satoru's tip on your hole. 'be a good girl and stay quiet when you cum'
but how you could?
Tumblr media
ɴᴀɴᴀᴍɪ ᴋᴇɴᴛᴏ:
daddy kento is certainly into the fingering while licking your clit.
he'd relentlessly leave abrupt strokes against your entrance as spanking your butt cheeks. he makes sure he's brainwashed you enough for his cock, meticulously staring as a stripe of your cum oozing down towards your asshole.
although he's making out with your pussy if you were a good-good girl for your daddy, obey his order.
mostly it's about sucking his properly, touching his pubis with the tip of your nose, being choked by it.
if you disturbed or interrupted him in his office, kento with precision will edge you in his little room.
minor hickeys on your inner thighs as he teases you, compelling you to plea as his ears being in heaven by your celestial [?] whining.
Tumblr media
after dinner there's dessert, right? i mean, i know you wanna read about him.
if we're talking about the place who'd lick you - everywhere. in his domain? you'll squirt on his throne. if itadori switches the body with the king? itadori's bed will be soaked by your juices. somewhere in the public? you should be quiet.
certainly destroy with his tongue as he's fluttering over your drooling hole, eliciting your mooing as you're practically shaken, reaching the highest.
loves to watch as your juices oozing on your inner thighs, licking that area, as you stuck your ass more, pleading for his big cock.
the king definitely into making you squirt.
ok, but, i know it's silly, but.
imagine sukuna with four arms?? i mean, his dick is better than arms but if sukuna would somehow switch into his previous form, you'd have overdosed with fingers. imagine the next one: sukuna tied your hands above your head, holding ankles on his shoulders as his other two hands are on your hole. whilst one palm is stretching your walls, another one is making circles on your clit.
( ◕▿◕ )
well. yeah. do you think sukuna is a cat person or pussy person? hehe, sorry ;)
also abt satoru: there are very, very many different vibrators, i think you even have your own red room ;)
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denjiholic · a year ago
cockwarming w. the jjk men!
Tumblr media
✎ request: hi!! heard that u take nsfw contents can u write about cockwarming gojo and like any characters in jjk too tysm!!
✎ characters included: gojo + nanami + toji 
✎ warnings/tags: NSFW, cockwarming, edging, choking, riding, dom/sub, breeding kink, missionary, mating press, praise kink
✎ a/n: i actually really enjoyed the concept of cockwarming gojo, so im going to be including it in an upcoming oneshot!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
trust me when i tell you this man loves cockwarming
and honestly you love it too 
you love seeing his hair sticky with sweat and his chest heave as he tries to resist the urge to fuck up into your wet heat
did i not mention that gojo is the one being dominated?
cockwarming truly brings out the sub side of him, you didn’t know he had
but seriously, he loves you sitting on his cock
you’re not even riding him just yet, but seeing how long he can hold out for
mix that with a little bondage and choking, and he’s in heaven 
you love feeling him twitch inside you, his body desperate to start moving
eager to do something, anything, to subside his arousal
with small thrusts of his hips, he’ll give a valiant effort
you already know how stubborn he is, so don’t be surprised when he edges himself for much longer than expected
eyebrows scrunched in concentration, he really does try his hardest
just when it feels like his body can’t take anymore you start to bounce up and down on his length
as soon as you start to grind down your hips, he’s a goner
he releases his seed into you almost immediately, too caught up in the relief and pleasure to feel the embarrassment of coming too early 
though it was quick, he’s too busy panting and moaning to care
and honestly
he can’t remember the last time he came so hard
Tumblr media
unlike gojo, nanami likes cockwarming for the reasons any normal person would
after all, what’s not to like about being buried balls deep in your leaking pussy for a prolonged amount of time
nanami does cockwarming before and after sex, depending on his mood of the day
when it’s before, he slips himself inside of you, relishing in the way you shift your hips beneath him
you’re confused when he doesn’t start thrusting, but instead keep himself inside your warm cunt, not moving
he’ll praise you for doing such a good job taking his length, and being a patient little thing for him
he waits to see how long you can take it, before your composed facade turns to you desperately begging for him to fuck you
he follows through, sloppily thrusting in and out, until both of you reach completion
when its after, post orgasm, he stays inside you, watching the cum spill out of your entrance
it’s hot enough to make him want to go for another round, but he decides to simply enjoy the feeling of your walls around him
Tumblr media
now this is the man who does cockwarming with the intention of seeing you squirm
he’d stay in your soft, warm, cunt all day if he could
similar to nanami, toji likes cockwarming before and after sex
he adores sitting you on his lap, watching you shift eagerly on his length, while he doesn’t move a muscle 
he won’t start fucking you until you’re on the verge of tears, the need for his cock consuming you
we all know toji has a bit of a sadistic side
he likes to see you fall apart beneath him, your body completely spent from his length shoving into you over and over again
after he cums inside your tight pussy, he keeps himself inside, holding you tight
toji is a sucker for a good mating press
he always fucks you with the intention of breeding you, making sure you know damn well your body belongs to him, and him only
Tumblr media
✎ side note: to submit a request, click here to read the rules, and click here to be taken to my asks page (where requests are submitted). thank you for reading my angels!
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suna-reversed · a year ago
JJK | Embarrassing sex moments
(nanami, gojo, toji, megumi, yuuji, nobara, utahime, sukuna, naoya)
vol. 2
Tumblr media Tumblr media
minors dni || all characters are aged up
tags/warnings: mentions of sex, crying, strap-on, lots of second hand embarrassment, crack
Gojo- wildly misjudged his capability to have drunk sex. Had you all worked up with the way he was sloppily kissing and touching you, but when it came to the final show- he thought he was taking you real hard from behind, while in reality he was just humping your ass- underwear still on- as he came right there and then crashed on top of you.
Nanami- had you in a mating press when both of you heard the crackling sound of wood snap. Suddenly, you were bent at an oddly wild angle. Nanami had managed to bring his arms up to protect your head as the bed broke apart from the middle, but he didn’t quite expect just how deep the the new angle would allow him to go- mans came right there and apologised for it before getting up and making you go bed shopping with him with a straight face😳
Toji- was way too cocky the whole time leading up to it (as he should because he has a MONSTER COCC), but got awkwardly serious when it actually came to doing it- like brows furrowed, full blown constipated expression - his face was just 😡 while he fucked you and then got mad because you couldn’t stop laughing.
Yuuji- hesitantly agreed to try out degredation the first time you both did doggy style. It was all too much for him and he was overwhelmed with the amount of pleasure- tried degredading you while his head was next to your ear, but he had been so emotional that it came out as a sob and you had to listen to him cry while saying “whore” and “slut” as he continued to fuck you. 10/10 for effort though 🥲
Megumi- much like his father, he was oddly quiet at first. Another one who got way too overwhelmed and lost it a little too much after you told him to relax a bit. Ended up accidentally summoning his shikigami right as he came and you had to finish while staring into the eyes of the innocent demon dog you had so often played fetch with.
Nobara- wanted to use a strap-on but didn’t realise the importance of proper lube and size. Got the biggest one she could find at the store and had you all blindfolded when she told you she was gonna try something “new”. Ended up having to comfort your crying form and you didn’t let her near your hole for days and days after.
Utahime- didn’t exactly discuss a mommy kink with you and was utterly caught off guard when you moaned out “harder, mommy” as she was fingering you while sucking your nipples. She got flustered and bit down on your nipple way too hard😭
Sukuna- you had made the mistake of telling him his deep laugh turned you on once. He kept laughing like a maniac during sex with wide-blown eyes and you had to keep yourself from running dry because of how much he was killing the mood.
Naoya - if you are having sex with this man, that is embarrassment enough. period.
Tumblr media
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sukunababy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
— Gojo Satoru, Fushiguro Toji, Ryōmen Sukuna, Nanami Kento, Geto Suguru x f!reader
cw. SIZE KINK, big dicks, cervix fucking, doggy, riding, belly bulge, praise, hair pulling, full nelson, creampie, squirting, mirror sex  — m.list | rbs are appreciated
Tumblr media
Gojo knows he's big. He knows he has a big cock and he loves to brag about it and tease you.
"Uhu I'm too big" he asks amused as he pushes his long veiny cock inside your tight cunt, a smirk on his face when you groan and drive your nails into his broad shoulders.
"Toru, too much" you stutter when his cock is only half buried inside — but Gojo is mesmerized, eyes fixed on your folds squeezing his shaft, your cream making a ring around it and you stretching under his thrusts.
Your legs tremble on his shoulders as Satoru keeps thrusting inch by inch into you, his girth spreading you and your back arching when he's finally fully inside.
His thumb working its magic on your nub making you cream and squirt around him, your toes curving as lewd obscenities come out of your puffy lips, "Toru so fucking good." — "Good girl" he praises bending down to sink his teeth into your neck as your walls tighten on his throbbing cock continuing to milk him until even Satoru has to stop and pour himself into you, gripping your thighs and pushing his tongue into your mouth to muffle his moans.
Tumblr media
His ego boosts as you whimper and blurt out a "it' s too big, daddy" as his cock pushes on your cervix and his knuckles turn white as he roughly grabs your ass and slams his hips into you from behind.
"Fuck, you always squeeze me so good" Toji moans pulling out of your dripping cunt to give your puffy clit a few strokes with his throbbing shaft, "now, come on baby girl, make me feel good" he moans rubbing his head on your nub making your thighs tremble before sliding back in.
His cock fills you completely and your cervix begins to ache when Toji bends over you, two fingers circling your hard nub as he coos in your ear, "fuck so good, doll I'm going to split you in half" he chuckles with a grin as he thrusts his hips forward at a feral pace.
Your scream is sudden as you come and cream on his girth, his cum mixing with yours as you stretch under his thrusts, "so good, my pretty angel" Toji coo grabbing your hair and pulling your face against his to press your lips together in a sloppy kiss.
Tumblr media
He's a fucking sadist — he loves it when it hurts, he loves to see you squirm when his cock spreads you and he loves to see you cum fast when his cock is buried inside you, balls deep.
The position is embarrassing, Sukuna holding you folded in half, his hands on the crook of your legs as he forces you to look at the mirror, his fat cock sliding in and out of your cunt with lewd pops, "look how you stretch for me" he mutters in your ear as your eyes meet in the mirror. He giggles as you stare at him with teary eyes, drool collecting at the sides of your mouth as he slides you up and down on his shaft, "I know you can cum" he coos in your ear pushing his hips against your ass, your pussy getting even wetter when he adds, "come for me, slut" sucking on the tender skin of your neck.
Your cunt stretches and your belly bulges when Sukuna is fully inside, your juices gushing on his cock gathering at the base of his shaft and he licks his lips before he starts fucking you seriously.
Your walls begin to tighten around his dick and you cling with your nails on his forearms as you come with a liquid, whitish spurt, Sukuna laughs as you shudder in his arms, your orgasm not wanting to know how to end as he keeps fucking you lifted into the air, "my dirty little slut" he murmurs looking through the wet mirror at the mess you've made on his big fat cock.
Tumblr media
The lube is cold when Nanami drops it into your tight hole, his fingers moving to spread it between your glistening folds before stretching you with two fingers.
"So pretty," he murmurs watching you squirm beneath him, his thumb rubbing your hard, puffy nub and your squishy walls tightening around his long fingers, "good girl, just like that," he coos replacing his fingers with the tip of his pretty cock.
When he thrusts in gently you hold your breath, your back arches and you begin to push down to take more, "more" you babble clutching his thick arms. Nanami bites his lower lip before working his length inside you, "look how good" he praises you pushing his hips against yours, "you're taking it all in".
His hand on your thigh is rough as his balls are deep inside you, his hips slamming into your ass in lewd sounds as your lips let out obscene moans, his throbbing shaft keeps stretching you as he draws circles on your nub, sink after sink your walls relax taking in all he's giving you.
"Let go baby" Nanami murmurs leaning over you, your faces inches apart, "come for me" his words color your cheeks and as his hips give yet another stroke you come copiously on his shaft, your back arches and your knuckles turn white as you cling to the sheets, your body is taken over the edge as he fucks you through your orgasm, "that's it, baby".
Tumblr media
A smirk makes its way across his face as you mewl trying to sink onto his long shaft, eyes closed and nails driven into Suguru's chest as you try to ride him as best you can.
"You haven't taken it all yet" he teases you watching you try to impale yourself on his too-big-for-you cock, "come on baby" he encourages you as you rise up slightly and sink fully with a quick movement of your hips, your cream gathering immediately at the base of his veiny cock throbbing in your gummy walls.
Suguru is pleased when a scream mixed between pleasure and pain escapes from your puffy lips, — his tip slamming into your cervix as you begin to bob up and down, "that's my good girl" he praises you bringing his hands up to grab your ass and pull you down deeper onto him, "take me all in" he says making your heart pound and roll your eyes in the back of your head as your moans join in — while you take him at a fast pace grinding against his crotch.
Tumblr media
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milflvrr · 6 months ago
# : title just for shits and giggles, almost… smut under the cut.
tags : breeding, lots of cum?, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms hinted, use of daddy, MDNI
Tumblr media
he’s keeping his hands on the back of your thighs to reach deeper inside of your already cum filled cunt, your lower half in the air because of the angle. his cock so deep in you it keeps bumping into your cervix and making your stuffed cunt cream around his cock fit snugly inside of you.
you keep mumbling about how he’s reaching too deep, but the way your hips move towards his every time he pulls out makes it hard to believe.
“look at the way your cunt is creaming. ‘s painting my cock white baby.” he says, making you whine louder. “i should keep filling you up until your pretty pussy can’t take it anymore. keeping my cum plugged in until you get round with my baby?” he asks while slowly picking up the speed of his thrusts.
“y-yes, please put a baby in me! wanna make you a daddy.” you answer, now full on thrusting back onto him. making him reach even deeper and causing his thick cock to rub against your g-spot.
he lets go of your legs and reaches down to touch your clit. sensitive after hours of fucking, the light touching making you cum almost instantly. the tightening of your cunt almost forcing him to slow down, keeping your hips sealed together and your hips still against the mattress.
once the tightening from your cunt stops he picks up the speed again, your moans getting even louder and begs for him to slow down because you’re still so sensitive.
he’s panting by now, “gonna cum soon.” he mumbles, pressing a hand flat on your tummy to feel himself. “’m gonna cum in you baby, yeah? want you filled with my cum.” he continues.
“p-please cum in me daddy.” you mumble out, finding his eyes “wan’ be filled up with your cum, wan’ your baby in me.” he leans down to kiss you hard, hips stuttering as a showing that he’s gonna cum soon. “yeah, want you to cum with me.” and once again he’s reaching down to rub his thumb on your clit, pushing your legs over his shoulders to watch as his cock ram into your wet cunt. a white ring forms on his cock from both of yours cum.
you push against his hips when you feel yourself get close again, hips stuttering together as to show you are both going to cum soon. but this time with him and deep inside. “please please please, cum with me.” you beg, watching with wide eyes as his groans gets louder and hips thrusting even harder against yours.
with a loud moan you cum together. his warm cum filling you up and your cum squirting onto his lower stomach. you are both left panting as he stops thrusting, but keeps his softening cock flush inside of you.
separating from you he smiles softly to you, “we should clean up.” he says, “mhm, later though. want to be close now.” you mumble, hiding in his neck. you feel him chuckle and pressing a kiss to the side of your head.
“hope that makes a baby.” he smiles.
Tumblr media
# a/n : he wants a baby *gasp* /j. old piece tho so yuh i tried to change it to the better aND those older drabbles will probably have so u decide who matches best? if that makes sense
2022 © all content belongs to milflvrr. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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bemylord · a year ago
ʏᴏᴜ ᴀꜱᴋᴇᴅ ʜɪᴍ ᴛᴏ ɢᴏ ʜᴀʀᴅᴇʀ
Tumblr media Tumblr media
characters: gojo, nanami, toji, sukuna | daddies
warnings: i bet their desire to destroy your pussy? smut, daddy kink, breeding kink. squirt as a bonus for you <3 sukuna once called you slut.
butler's remark: hi, lord, i'm back with another smut hdc abt jjk. so, daddies are here, willing to destroy your pussy and mind, so why not get into it? [quite big, sorry]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ꜰᴜꜱʜɪɢᴜʀᴏ ᴛᴏᴊɪ:
ok, let's start with daddy toji. if you don't mind, i'll ask a question. do you want to spend a week or two in bed? cause, trust me, you won't be able to move your legs if you'll ask toji to do your request.
do you ask me for proofs or a story? i'm here to serve you, here you go.
you saw that prank somewhere on tiktok, wondering what your lover would do if you ask him that.
he is into paint your walls into white liquid when you dig your nails on his back, murmur your thoughts.
you covered your mouth, pretending you didn't mean it.
in a flash, your hands were above your head as toji grabbed them in his hand, smirking at your confused face. 'harder? are you gonna handle it?'
his pace is rapid, the wiggling of his hips, fucking you mindless. feeling as how your walls are clenching his cock as he's building and building and building up your coil to the high. 'don't blame me, kitten, if i'll put a baby in your stomach and you'll give me the powerful heir.'
toji with honor and pride do your request as if it's your last time. basically, he lives for your whining and purr like a kitten when he reaches to the bud inside you.
Tumblr media
ɢᴏᴊᴏ ꜱᴀᴛᴏʀᴜ:
firstly, he stopped his movements, looking at you with you deer eyes as if asking: you mean it?
would be insecure for a couple of seconds.
'am i not good at it?' or 'is my baby unsatisfied with my cock?' and the last one: 'i'll make her brain into mush with my cock in her tight pussy.'
breeding kink is mandatory.
as far as you know, gojo loves to tease and be playful with everyone, so as you wanted to twitch his cock, almost get the ecstasy feeling, satoru pulled his dick out, hearing your saddened purr. 'shall i put it back, bunny, shall i? should i breed your tight hole with my cum?'
you nodded, as your empty pussy is full with the cock.
gojo is proud and he doesn't hide it - watching how your tits bouncing every time his balls touching your bare skin is amazing.
he kissed your forehead, nudging inside you faster, stretching your gummy and redden walls with the tip - don't lie to him, you are enjoying, yeah?
the friction of his cock against your walls is of the scale, he's barely had time to pull out, cumming on your thighs. 'the next i'll cum in your mouth, princess'
Tumblr media
ꜱᴜᴋᴜɴᴀ ʀʏᴏᴍᴇɴ:
excuse me.. you asked sukuna to go harder? what can i tell, have a nice walk tomorrow?
ok, let me tell you what you'll get if you ever try to say the king that phrase.
would be complacent to full as you whispered in his ear that sweet line, perhaps you did it as you were lost in pleasure.
sukuna is ratcheting up, grinning at your facial expression - did you think he won't do it?
he doesn't like taking someone's orders but if it comes to you and your pleasure - ask him whatever, sukuna will do it.
in a rough way, of course.
the way his dick disappears and appears is staggering. for years and years being king of curses he has inhuman stamina, willingly to rip your pussy.
he caresses with an index finger on your clit as only you can do is to exhale sharply as sukuna's tip touching your coil in the stomach.
'you haven't got my permission to cum.' his low voice didn't let you milk his dick. 'beg me for it, slut.'
if anyone had heard as how from a shy and cute girl you've turned into a pathetic slut for sukuna, obediently doing everything he has told you - god, what a shame.
what you can't do for a good orgasm, right? sukuna will breed your mouth with his salty liquid, as a reward for good work.
Tumblr media
ɴᴀɴᴀᴍɪ ᴋᴇɴᴛᴏ:
kento always tries to go with a slow pace, deep but slow, enjoying every second of your intercourse, covering your face with soft kisses.
not that he can't and doesn't want to beat whining that letting out from your mouth. he knows his dick is big and thick, so he prefers to do at a steady pace.
but if you'd drop the phrase: 'd-daddy, fuck me h-harder,' practically uttering that as your body covers in a shiver as you feel the wave of an orgasm. 'oh, cutie, how could i say no.'
kento nanami turns into the daddy within a sec as you're shattering and arching back. he bent you over as your face felt the silk pillow, feeling as he pulls out his cock. 'say you want my thick cock in your pussy, lovely, and i won't disappoint you.'
he presses his body against you, inflicting a devastating, yet mind-blowing, thrust into a spongy coil.
his pushes - are everything you're concentrating on. his pace, his dirty phrases - is overwhelming.
you can't say a warning word but cum loudly, muffling your moans with a pillow. it was enough for nanami too - your walls virtually squeezing out his sperm. 'my love, i love you so much' <3
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tojisun · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
well- i mean-
Tumblr media
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