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hmmmm. pranks. jun definitely likes pranks, and jia as well. i can completely see lu joining in as well, usually because he’s stumbled upon it and he just annoys them into letting him in on it. he’s a kid, after all! pranks are kids’ stuff, and the adults can’t get angry at his adorable little mug, can they? 

(they do. he doesn’t get food if zhen’s the victim of the pranking.)

yu(f) hates pranks. detests them. but it’s not easy for them to prank her anyway, since she… avoids them at any chance she gets, for perfectly good reason. 

yu(m) probably gets the brunt of all the pranks because 1) they’ve pranked teng too many times and it’s so gullible that it’s no longer fun. also he doesn’t necessarily hold grudges as he does whine about them, which, well. is not something anyone ever wants to hear; and 2) jun has what i’d say a sort of antagonistic, sibling-rivalry with yu(m) and obviously, siblings gotta prank siblings; and 3) he brought jia into the apartment and jun thinks it’s about time he pays for that crime. jia, as an asshole, agrees. 

yu(m) is still upset about how they glued his lips together in his sleep. jun defends himself by saying that yu(m) barely speaks at all anyway, and if he’s known just as a hovering presence over teng, he should remain that way and keep his mouth shut. jia finds it all very amusing, and lu thinks that it means he’d have more food at the dinner table (why? no one knows. yu(m) doesn’t even eat with lu at the dinner table)

teng doesn’t even realise that yu(m)’s mouth is sealed shut, which irks the man even more. 

oops this got long, thanks for the ask! <3

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I’d say, after looking through my Jenny tag, that at least half of the prompts in there are somehow related to her being injured, ill, or otherwise upset. This seems like a high percentage to me, especially considering that I don’t tend to get these sorts of asks about anyone else, at least not to the same level. I do write angst, but normally I get far more fluffy/neutral prompts than angsty ones, and Jenny is just a clear exception to that rule.

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I can totally understand enjoying relating to a character, but the Jenny that you relate to is never the Jenny I intended to write. I feel like I didn’t really get to establish Jenny as a character before I started getting prompts with people’s own ideas about her, which almost makes me feel like other people are trying to craft a character through me instead of letting me craft my character myself. The nice thing about original characters is that everyone can make their own, so if people want a little Danvers sister with medical problems or who’s timid and shy or who went through a lot of rough experiences, they can create her themselves, but that was never the little Danvers sister I wanted to write.

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anon, i’m sorry i don’t think i understand the context behind this ask :( if you wanna talk to me feel free to send me another ask or even come and message me and i’ll do my best to understand :)

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🌱 - favorite arc setting

whitestone during the briarwoods, the happy fun ball and when they were pirates

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“Well, I’d be glad to see my son and I hope to know more about what happened to him as a child. I could tell that he was neglected and abused by just looking at him, but I just want to know more about his younger self because I know what he was like back then… I’d know what to do to help his wounds heal completely.”

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Hi! First of all I’m glad you like the blog!!

Second, I had a loooky-so sorry it took so long 😅

The usual one you see (the pink and yellow one) was made by someone with some exclusionist beliefs and so I didn’t feel comfortable using it cos I come under their dni- I assume that’s what you meant by non-controversial flags

I managed to find a butch nonbinary lesbian flag


The person who used it in an edit said they didn’t know where it came from so be careful as I’m not entirely sure if the source is controversial or not


Also found this which is just a combo of the nonbinary flag and one of the newer lesbian flags

If you don’t like that flag I made an edit of the nonbinary flag and the more traditional lesbian flag (not the lipstick one)


If any of these r controversial I’m really sorry x I tried very hard to double check the sources

Also sorry that the combo flags r probs not what you had in mind x I hope they’re ok

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madly in love AJAHSHAAHAHAHSHHSHA 😩 werewolves are neat too!! i wanna make a werewolf oc soon

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✨— kind, inviting, fun, i love talking to you

salamat, pare. HAHAHA

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they’re absolute idiots and they don’t think they’re in the wrong because they view themselves as being the law and therefore think they’re above following laws. And they’re not being held accountable for it and they’re obviously taking advantage of power they should not have. the closest protest to me happened at a fucking gas station and the protestors were outnumbered by cops who were in full riot gear, it was luckily one of the few instances where cops didn’t engage. But yeah people are protesting a corrupt system and the inherent racism within it and any cop who takes that personally shouldn’t be a cop because they’re part of the problem.

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“Gods forbid she ever had to break up with him. She’d never be able to visit the sea again without remembering her broken heart.”

can we just discuss how annabeth assumes breaking up with percy would break her heart. she doesn’t say “she’d never be able to visit the sea again without thinking of him” she says that visiting the sea would remind her of her broken heart. she can’t imagine a world in which she and percy are no longer together and she isn’t heartbroken about it, because the thought is so absurd that complete devastation would be the only rational way they’d stop dating. 

tl;dr me, crying in the club: yes anon i remember that Percabeth quote

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