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I think we are both vulnerable in our own ways and closed off haha Maybe not closed off but sometimes we both just need to process our own thoughts before we talk about it. We gained each others trust by being honest and open with each other. 

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Of course!! I gotchu 😊

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Fun fact: there is a cool horse named Durrandon in AOUH

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hiya!! here is one from pandora x adam’s playlist: 

“So how could you believe me / When I say to you / That no one in my hollow heart / Holds a candle to you” – “stars and moons” by dizzy

send me “hi” and i’ll shuffle my music and give you my favorite line(s) of the song

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Joe Cole!


Originally posted by leomusings

He’s such a cutie! And Hozier isn’t my type

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Maris: You have feminine hips, Peake


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couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | it’s okay | kinda catchy | ok i really like this | downloading immediately | already in my library

i think my singing teacher suggested that i perform that song

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So I read this in the morning, first thing when I woke up, then had a crying session (lol, NOT bc of u omg just in general 🤧 ) and then forgot I still have it chilling in my ask box. I AM SO SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY BUT YES YOUR PIECE OF ART MADE ME S C R E A M and then whisper bc it just felt appropriate and I wasn’t sure if you were okay with me going all caps in the tags lmao 🥺🥺 

But thank you so much for writing and creating and gaaaah okay have a great better day than me byeeee ily 💓💓 @u-make-my-heart-tsumtsum

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Hi love! Thank you so much 😘

I like the fact I learned a new language all by myself, without taking any courses or classes, makes me proud ;)

I like my handwriting

I like my glasses 🤓

I love my necklaces

I like how I sing any song even if it’s just a tiny part of it ( or just the rhythm ) and even if my voice is terrible 🤣

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The silence after Izuku Midoriya leaves is palpable and nerve wracking. It gets on to Katsuki’s nerves. Sitting up, he lets out a grunt as he spies his teammates hovering behind some fallen rubble like a bunch of teenagers trying to catch mom kiss Santa. “OI! Get down here,” he snaps, looking around at the devastation, breath hitching at the pure destruction. Shit.

The first to approach, much to his amusement, is Denki. The reject Pikachu cannot remove his gaze from Katsuki’s- “Oi oi oi, my eyes are up here, dunce face,” he snaps, eyebrow ticking at the way the other blonde stammers.

“S-Sorry Bakubro! It’s just that um… well… you sorta uh.. have a lil…” he’s gonna kill this shitty extra. 

“Spill it out, dumbass!” get on with it!

Luckily for the phone charger, that’s when Mina interjects- with a flustered Kiri at her side. “You have lipstick all over your mouth, hun.”



Knowing fully well that the vainest of them all has a mirror on them at all times, Katsuki pickpockets Denki with no hint of remorse, eyes widening at the marks on his face and neck. Oh that fucker.

“I don’t care that we are heroes. I’m going to kill him.”

“Bro, don’t say that when the cameras are still rolling, please. The agency wouldn’t be able to take it.”

“Shitty hair, shut up. I’m killing him and that’s final.”

And if Katsuki is still busy thinking about soft lips and breathless moments as he wipes down… well. No one would know.

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How dare you do this to me?




Originally posted by everybodydiesgraph

I’ll never forgive you for this Mrs. Shelby

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nope I‘d rather not do that source

- Mod Bread

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Yo bitch watch your fucking mouth when you talk to me. Que te valga verga pinché perro.


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Man I actually read those some of those fics when I was young. Those were good fics. That probably started me on the whole Found Family being my favorite trop thing.

We can just have everyone visiting the tower at some point and everyone is just having a grand old time. It’s just one huge found family during that time.

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I’d adopt all the nindroids as my little brothers even though they’re like a whole foot and inch taller than me-

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when my pussy and i have time to record a new duet

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oh god from what ive read its in the replies of the sole post on @d-clussie . ill look for it but if anyone can find it before me or has already found it hmu 👀

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thanks its because im a crow. nobody else can be like me unless theyre also a crow

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I wouldn’t say I really have any sort of “method” or plan to how I write, I often just kinda think up scenarios I want to happen and figure out how to tie them together later. XD And if the scenario isn’t working then I’ll either put it on the backburner for possible use later or scrap it. A VERY common way I write is whenever I think of a scenario I like, I often try to develop it via possible dialogue, or what the situation might be.

Something I advise all the time I’m asked this is don’t be afraid to write down anything and everything when it comes to storywriting. I find letting yourself splurge words is far more helpful than forcing yourself into a mental block because you’re unsure of a scene or situation. Thinking too much or getting distracted about a detail often causes writer’s block and forces you into a corner. Even if you’re not sure about the direction of something, you can always scrap or modify it later! Letting the idea out might help develop a that direction you’re looking for! ^_^

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