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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Ooh cool (and u were right u did already tell me this before but its still a useful fact)

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Not sure how much I want to kick the hornet’s nest.

For starters the fandom variates between explaining that Sansa and Catelyn ‘suck because they are culturally southern and the South is an inferior, weak culture with false gods and mean women’ OR explaining that actually ‘Arya is a Mary Sue because she carries a sword and doesn’t conform to the gender norms, therefore I will bash her endlessly because I only recognize women who behave and dress as I want them to as worthy of respect’.

Not to mention the number of fics who butcher Sansa’s character in order to make her their perfect flawless self insert who has never done anything wrong or petty or lost her cool, ever, because she’s not allowed to be a human being she has to be a perfect angel on a pedestal.

Or the fics that ‘fix’ Sansa’s character by ‘making her more badass’ which seems to mean killing people and enjoying it or making long speeches about how Ned and Robb were morons.

Catelyn is just regularly bashed in fics because everyone projects their own issues with their mother onto her or feels she needs to be the ‘mean’ or ‘severe, by the book’ parent compared to this weird ooc Ned who is suddenly the most accepting and tolerant person to ever walk the earth and who thinks his kids should do whatever they want and never get married.

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lol i know that ur joking but honestly like, i didnt say that, i went out of my way to say that alec CAN beat magnus, it’s just not easy for him (which again, is canon, or did you see anything else going on in that training scene?) but apparently putting him on the same level of someone as low as magnus is a disrespect to his character lol

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Yeah, it’s my native and first language, well, technically dutch and flemish is some kind of dutch, I always use flemish in my tags because I write how I talk in my posts and that isn’t standard dutch and I don’t want people who don’t know dutch or are still learning to be confused

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I really love to sing and read aloud.

I have notebooks all aroud my flat bc when I think of something (even very simple like “water the plants”) I have to write it down or it’ll obsess me till I actually do/realize the thing.

I’m hyperflexible in the back, I can grab my ankles while doing a gymnastics bridge for example. Or put my foot on my head if I’m lying on my stomach.

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There’s this white boy in one of my classes that used to be my friend. He wanted to be friends with benefits but I got into a relationship. And I know he’s been salty with me since (this was like 3 years ago)

Should I fuck him or not?😗

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I admit that the aesthetic is very appealing but it bugs me on account of the magic. Like… how… do you turn yourself into a flock of crows… that later gather together and turn back into you? This does not make sense to me. We’ve seen Griffin get turned into a crow but that was simple transformation magic. But transforming into a bunch of crows just to teleports seems like a bit of an overkill tbh. It looks both overly complicated and excessively consuming in terms of magic since there surely are simpler ways to teleport. Also, I am not sure how it fits with the rules of magic. Not that we’ve really seen any of them but in season 4 it is specifically Flora who is the fairy of nature that brings the stuffed toys to life which implies that not everyone has the ability to grant life to inanimate things. Now the Trix situation is different because they turn themselves into a bunch of crows and both of these are animate, breathing life forms. Valtor, on the other hand, turned himself into a lightning somehow and the real Avalon turned into goo in s2 so there is not much logic that the writers apply to any of these abilities, I guess the thing that bothers me a little with the crow thing is the fact that one Trix turns into many crows which is specific to their situation and different from anything else we’ve seen. Also, teleporting before that was a Stella gimmick because of her control over light and every other teleporting was always done with some sort of device or spell that opened portals (when you exclude Griffin’s sudden teleportation ability in 2x16) which Stella didn’t need to do. I guess Darcy could teleport on a similar principle but through darkness instead of light but Icy and Stormy’s ability to do so seems sudden and inexplicable. (There might have been some teleporting experiences with Darkar that I’ve forgotten about but that would only play more into the idea of light/darkness being used for that since he had the Shadow Fire and if the Trix could teleport using Gloomix, then it was again because of his powers enhancing theirs.) Generally, I think it was a bit unnecessary even if cool to look at. They could have focused on more important things (both the writers and the Trix).

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Continuation of this

Considering how tired their two kitties were when they returned that fateful day a month ago, it really shouldn’t have come as a surprise to either of the two owners that their trip to the vet had ended up the way it did.

The whole week, Dahyun had been sluggish, barely wanting to play like usual. She’d ask for food, then deny said food, quick to get nauseous.

And Chaeyoung had been unusually protective over her mate, hissing at others when they went outside, and even hissing at the two of them on occasion. But neither Dahyun or Chaeyoung could properly explain their behavior. They just felt the need to act that way.

Though Sana and Momo had an inkling. So that’s why they’d scheduled an appointment, going into the vet 2 days later. They’d only taken Dahyun (much to Chaeyoung’s protest until Dahyun managed to calm her down) promising to come back as fast as they could.

Chaeyoung basically waited by the door the whole time. And when she heard that familiar jingle of keys, she was up in a second.

“How’d it go? Is Dahyun ok? Is she sick? Should I take care of her?”

“Easy, easy.” Sana soothed her, giving her head a pat. “Everything’s fine.”

Momo stepped to the side to reveal Dahyun behind her, closing the door.

“I think you two have some talking to do. We’ll be in the room when you’re done,” Momo said. Sana gave a hum of agreement, then walked off with Momo to their bedroom.

“Let’s sit on the couch,” Dahyun said with a smile, looking much better than she did when she left. For that, Chaeyoung was happy.

The two walked to the living room and sat side by side, Chaeyoung staring at her mate intensely.

“So nothing’s wrong, right? Because you don’t look like anything is wrong.”

“Nothing’s wrong,” she said with a nod of her head, “we’ve just got a few more kittens that’ll be joining us in a few months.”

Chaeyoung tilted her head in confusion. But when Dahyun grabbed her hand to press it to her stomach, her eyes brightened in realization, the tip of her tail flicking.

“It worked!” she shouted happily, bounding forward to hug Dahyun. “It really worked!”

“It sure did,” Dahyun smiled, “I’m really happy.” She said, tears starting to well up in her eyes.

“You can’t cry or I’ll cry,” Chaeyoung whined with a pout.

“I’m not gonna cry,” Dahyun sniffled, “Just got a little emotional for a second.”

“Ah I really can’t wait to meet the little ones…,” Chaeyoung rocked the two of them back and forth. Then she stopped. “Wait. Should we think of names now or later?”

“We can start now!” Dahyun replied brightly, “It’ll be fun.”

And the two of them continued to chat loudly about names and speculations of what their babies would be like.

“Aww I’m happy for them,” Sana sighed from the bed. Momo smiled from where she sat next to her. “Me too… it’s gonna be a lot to handle though.”

“…Don’t make me think about it just yet Momoring. Just let me bask in the happiness.

“Right, of course,” she laughed tiredly.

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A long static noise prevented Jay from hearing some of what the voice said. He jumped, trying to identify words among the static, but he couldn’t hear much… something about Garmadon?

He shook his head. He needs to stop getting distracted.

“I’m fine. I can handle this. I’m not weak.


Mod Angel: we have plans. Garmadon will remember, but not yet.

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Dee, deadpan: thats hella sexy dude


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Hey! I’ll be on my DM if you ever need to talk (: I’m much much better now!! I hope you are too 🙏

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