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mr. pokemon center reviews Please look at the muk sitting cuties reviews. i can't even pick a favorite theyre all so good
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wastelesscrafts · 35 minutes ago
I want to patch up some small holes in my clothes, but vision and joint issues make it really hard for me to use a sewing needle. Are there any other options?
Accessibility and mending
Which options are available highly depends on your personal situation. I can't give medical advice, only point you to some things that might prove useful.
I've compiled a few ideas that work for me or for people around me. If anyone else has suggestions, feel free to share them!
Vision aids:
My vision issues aren't severe enough to interfere with my crafting, so I have no personal experience with this situation. The following ideas are things I've seen used by fellow crafters.
Some people enjoy using a magnifying lamp. This appliance is both a magnifying glass and a lamp in one, so useful when small details are giving you trouble.
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: a person doing needlework while sitting on a beige cushioned chair. A white magnifying lamp stands beside her, its magnifying glass hanging above her needle work.]
A needle threader is a useful tool if you struggle with manually threading needles.
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: a metal needle threader lying on a blue background. A purple thread is looped through it, while the threader is looped through a sewing needle.]
If you're using digital patterns, a screen reader might be convenient too (if you don't have one yet). This type of software reads your screen out loud, and makes navigating without an overview of your screen easier, too.
NVDA is a decent open source screen reader. You've also got TalkBack for Android and VoiceOver for Apple products, which should come pre-installed on your device. You'll find them among the accessibility options. Some Android producers skimp on these, so if you can't find TalkBack, you can also download it from the app store.
Microsoft Office and certain PDF readers also have built-in functions to read documents out loud.
I've also found a list of sewing machines suitable for people with visual impairments and a list of low vision sewing aids, but have no personal experience with these.
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: a yellow seam ripper with a magnifying glass attached to it.]
Joint issues can be really annoying when you want to mend clothes. I'm speaking from my personal viewpoint as a person with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome in this part of the post, so what works for me might not work for you if your problems have a different cause.
If you're hypermobile like me, braces can help a lot! It's always best to check with a medical professional before you start using them, if you haven't yet.
I wear silver splints to keep my finger joints in check. They help a lot when sewing or knitting and such. Splints can be pricy, but PrettySick Supply has tutorials on how to make your own finger splints if you already know what type of support you need. You could also try to 3D print splints if you happen to have a 3D printing lab in your neighbourhood (universities sometimes offer this service, e.g.).
I also use two wrist braces, depending on what I need. One's pretty flimsy, but suitable for daily wear and keeps me from overstretching my wrist. The other one stabilises my wrist. I don't use it every day, only when necessary.
Tumblr media
[ID: a hand lying on a black surface. The thumb, index finger, and middle finger all have a silver splint supporting the centre joint. The other two fingers are held together with an 8-shaped ring to avoid overstretching. A flimsy black brace sits around the wrist.]
Tumblr media
[ID: a hand lying on a black surface. The thumb, index finger, and middle finger all have a silver splint supporting the centre joint. The other two fingers are held together with an 8-shaped ring to avoid overstretching. A dark gray brace supports the wrist and part of the hand.]
Tools like embroidery stands, long needles, and automatic needle threaders can be helpful for motor issues, too. I've also found this Reddit discussion about cross-stitching while hypermobile and dyspraxic that might contain useful tips.
(While we're on the topic: as a dyspraxic person, I highly recommend keeping a first aid kit nearby when doing anything that involves needles, cutting, or ironing.)
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: a wooden embroidery stand. White fabric has been inserted in the hoop. The fabric has been embroidered with red, green, and yellow plants.]
Take plenty of breaks, and don't forget to stretch your hands and wrists in-between sewing sprints. Don't overdo the stretches. Try to find a few exercises that work well for you, and be very mindful of your limits when doing them.
Mending without a needle:
Mending doesn't necessarily have to involve fiddly hand-sewing. Some people are more comfortable with a sewing machine instead of a manual needle. There's knitting and embroidery machines, too.
Investing in a good machine can be pricy, so it might be worth a shot asking friends if you can use theirs or checking if your local library or community centre has one that's publicly available.
Iron-on patches, fusible interfacing, and fabric glue are some other options to mend holes that don't require fiddling around with a needle.
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dailyhatsune · an hour ago
Miku as a plant person hybridized with leek DNA
Tumblr media
the leek’s eating her
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noctude · 19 hours ago
What’s your opinion on scars corset?
sexy & powerful.
but it’s completely cosmetic and actually has elastic in the back that wraps around because fuck that would hurt to sit down in. comfy and posture-supporting!
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karkalicious769 · 18 hours ago
The show never failed at a redemption arc for Chloé simply because it has never in the plans to do that and they clearly are not interested in it.
The fandom wanted one to happen and then threw a fit when it didn't and keep on trying to claim it was "botched". But how do mess up something you never did?
For the Miraculous ask game.
Ice Cold | Chilly | Luke warm | room temp | Hot | Nuclear | Heat death of the universe
You made this just to spite me | Absolutely disagree | I have some problems with this | I dont really see it | Completely Neutral | kind of agree | I agree | You are right and You SHOULD say it
I see why you left this one on anon. I wouldn't want to touch the whole mess that is this fandom's opinions on Chloé, either.
That being said, I'm absolutely going to, because I disagree with fundamentally everything you just said.
I think the only person working on the show who really hates Chloé is Thomas Astruc. I'm not well-versed in the drama behind the scenes with the staff, so correct me in the replies if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that Thomas wasn't directly writing in season two (or at least, not as much as season one) which is why and how we got the beginnings of a Chloé redemption.
(Does anyone have that tweet of Thomas Astruc saying "We thought she was redeemable. She wasn't." in regards to Chloé? As if she isn't literally a character who's personality is entirely under his control, like. It's not that hard to turn her around, as the fandom has demonstrated in fics over and over again, but go off, I guess. Next time just say that redemption arcs are too difficult for you and move on.)
Any redemption of Chloé's was 100% botched. Thomas can say whatever he wants, but if he wanted Chloé to stay a one note mean girl forever, then episodes like "Despair Bear," "Zombizou," "Queen Wasp," and "Malediktator" should have never aired.
Are we seriously going to ignore Chloé protecting Sabrina from akumas in "Heroes' Day"?
I'm not saying that Chloé was an angel in season two, of course. She still definitely had her moments, like in "Frightningale." But the writers for this season were clearly laying the foundation for Chloé to be a hero. The scene where she willingly returns her Miraculous to Ladybug and Chat Noir, and opens up to Ladybug about upsetting her father and her issues with her fellow students at school... Ugh, anyone who ever gave a shit about Chloé was 100% robbed. She got much more build-up to being a team member than Alya or Nino did, and I think that being Queen Bee was a lot more important for her character/arc than Rena Rouge and Carapace were.
The show gave us glimpses into how the neglect from her parents had made Chloé bitter and jaded, and how she does legitimately want to do better — she just doesn't know how. She cares about Adrien and she wants to make Sabrina happy.
And then we got the season three finale and season four doubling the fuck down on what is very clearly character regression.
I don't believe that Thomas Astruc will ever commit to making Chloé a better person fully, so I choose to ignore it entirely. I write fanfiction so Chloé can get some character development as a treat.
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you have excellent timing with your jewish dinosaur reblog - it's the last night of hanukkah tonight!
Oh good! I know I saw posts about the first night some days ago, but I have an absolutely awful sense of time
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cutechim · 10 hours ago
can i request; dilf!jk taking care of pregnant oc drabble 🥺 hormone mood swings, cravings & morning sickness 😂
for some reason, when i write smutty requests they always become fluffy, and fluffy requests always become suggestive... 😩 i'm sorry anon!! 
here's a very short snippet of horny and slightly insecure tc!oc being comforted (ish) by her clueless man 😂💕
Tumblr media
featuring the too close couple. 900 words of just...horniness, but nothing explicit. warnings: body insecurity, oc being bratty, one line of dirty talk. 
“Jungkook, are you awake?”
Your voice breaks the lull of Jungkook’s sleep gently, but it takes a few seconds for his body to catch up with his brain.
“Jungkook?” You poke his shoulder tentatively, leaning over his sleeping form from where you’re sitting up in bed.
“Hm…” he responds groggily, struggling to open his eyes, disoriented. “Why are you awake?” he mumbles with a yawn, turning over to envelope you in his embrace. With bleary eyes, he reaches to place a protective hand on your belly, rubbing your bump softly. “You okay?”
“I’m fine,” you reply, though there’s a bit of a squeak to your voice. “I just—” your gaze is downturned sheepishly, “Are you horny, by chance?”
Jungkook blinks a few times, having fully expected the usual request of water or pickles. His gaze drifts down to where the tent between his boxers would be, if it weren’t respectfully obscured by the duvet.
“Uh, is that a trick question?”
You frown, displeased with the answer. “Why would it be?” you huff. “Is that a no?”
His brain definitely isn’t functioning at full capacity, because he fails to pick up on the way you’re rubbing your thighs together beneath your nightgown.
For some reason, his mind lands on the conclusion that his lovely wife is offering to take care of his morning wood. Sure, the timing is a little bizarre—he glances toward the bedside table to see a neon 4:14 am—but that’s just how selfless you are, apparently.
“I mean, isn’t it a little early? Can we wait a couple hours?”
You have hormones to blame for what comes out of your mouth next—weeks of built up insecurities and frustrations bubbling to the surface in the most immature way possible.
“You could have just said no,” you mumble, under your breath so he can’t hear, “I don’t need pity sex.”
“Wha—where are you going?”
You’re aware pregnancy has turned you into some sort of wifezilla, but Jungkook knew exactly what he was signing up for, at least this time around. He planned the romantic date night, he made sure that the babysitter could stay late, and he’s the one who purposely buttered you up with all that talk about how nice it would be to give Jungwoo a sibling.
You waddle out towards the dresser, cradling your hefty belly as you do.
“Don’t worry, just go back to sleep,” you reply pettily. As you rummage through your drawers, “Just going to spend some quality time with my vibrator.”
Jungkook sits up, now fully awake. “Wait a second—you’re horny? Right now?”
“Do you think I woke you up just to chat?” you reply sarcastically, rolling your eyes.
“Babe—I’m sorry, I didn’t realize,” he says, crawling across the bed to reach for your hand. “Just come back here, I’ll take care of you.”
You turn your nose with a petty huff. 
“No, Kook, it’s okay. I get it—why would you want to have sex with your bloated wife? My ankles are all ugly, my ass is big enough to have its own orbit, and—Jungkook!”
Jungkook easily scoops you up off your feet, gently tossing you back onto the bed.
“Don’t be like that, baby,” he replies, voice dropping an octave as crawls back over you. “I just didn’t realize.”
With a childish pout, “You’re so clueless sometimes,” you gripe, avoiding his eyes. “I’ve been making moves on you all week.”
He gives you a bewildered look. “What? When?”
You glare at him. “This morning I said you have a cute butt.”
Jungkook blinks vacantly for a moment, before narrowing his eyes skeptically. “That was you coming on to me?”
You nod.
“How was I supposed to—” he shakes his head when he realizes logic is futile, “you know you can just ask me, right?”
You avoid his eyes, pout lingering on your lips. 
“You haven’t been—” you pause, swallowing back a small frog in your throat. “You’re usually all over me. And you...haven’t been, lately. I don’t know if I can take constant rejection.”
You don’t expect sympathy from him, and you can’t blame him for not wanting or have sex with you. You’ve been a grouch for the past few days, increasingly frustrated with your lack of mobility and constant discomfort, and you know that isn’t exactly sexy behavior.
But you certainly didn’t expect him to burst out laughing at you.
“Is this why you’ve been so grumpy?” he asks through crescent eyes, amusement flickering in them. “You’ve been horny this entire time?”
Your jaw drops in indignation. “Why are you laughing at me? Of course I’m horny, have you ever seen yourself in a mirror?”
He only laughs harder at that, a cocky smirk tugging at his lips.
“You’re so mean, Jungkook,” you grumble, pushing at his chest in an attempt to roll away from him, seeking the unconditional love of your Hitachi. “I get it, you don’t want to fuck your balloon wife, no need to rub it in my face—”
Jungkook takes your jaw in his hands, gently pushing your cheeks together and muffling the end of your sentence.
“Sweetheart, I mean this in the most loving way possible, but you’re insane,” he says, eyes dancing with mirth despite his fond gaze. “You’re ridiculously sexy, okay? I was afraid you would bite my dick off if I tried anything, so I’ve been waiting for you to make a move.”
Your eyes widen in surprise. “Really? You’re not just saying it?”
Jungkook rolls his eyes, pulling you down into the mattress to give you a soft kiss.
“Yes, you brat,” he repeats, his husky voice sending a shiver down your spine. He licks his lips, his gaze falling south with a hungry flicker in his eyes. “But I think I know how you can make it up to me.”
Tumblr media
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nadjasgizmo · 18 hours ago
i see your "Guillermo should only get with Nandor" and i completely agree. I also think Laszlo and Nadja do not understand that he isn't in the polycule. Laszlo is like what do you mean you only want to fuck Nandor. What do you mean you only want to fuck one gender. What's wrong with my wife. Why do you not want to fuck my wife do you offer insult? I'll see you with pistols at midnight
Literal scene from after Nandor and Guillermo get together, that! 😭
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dailyarturiartfgo · 18 hours ago
i have a very self indulgent request
lancer artoria taking off her cape and placing it around master to keep her warm
Tumblr media
I wish that was me
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incorrectbatfam · 9 hours ago
Batfam on tumblr please
Dick: created a new meme that went viral
Jason: trash talks Batman on every Gotham post
Tim: main blog is photography, side blog is shitposts
Damian: has a sideblog for each of his interests
Duke: roleplayer with long reblog chains with his friends
Cullen: the most famous Supernatural fanfic writer
Stephanie: reblogs all the iconic Tumblr posts
Cassandra: puts all her comments in the tags
Barbara: niche computer programming humor
Harper: fights anyone and everyone
Carrie: reposts videos from Tiktok
Kate: complains about this hellsite but refuses to leave
Alfred: complains about this hellsite and actually leaves
Bruce: official celebrity account, except nobody cares
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hyydraworks · 17 hours ago
What if you made a baby deer?
This is a mighty fine suggestion. I love deer in general, but haven't experimented much with them because thems some slender legs and can be hard to capture even semi-accurately in clay. This is a fellow I made a while back and hope to return to them soon.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nartothelar · 18 hours ago
It's only a matter of time before Aizawa's quirk usage also starts to harm Hizashi's eyes. Something I'm sure Hizashi would try to prevent if he thinks they would be able to switch back when whatever quirk this is wears off
Hm! That brings up the idea of whether or not a person’s body adapts because of their quirk or if they’re born with those biological changes.
I can’t remember the name of it, but I remember reading a fic where Momo and Bakugou switched quirks and how it hurts Momo to use his quirk since her hands hadn’t developed the callouses needed to withstand the pain of igniting explosions from your palms
So in Aizawa’s case, was his dry eye due to constant use and strain from his quirk or a secondary thing he was born with to limit the quirk itself, like a natural limiter
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maxknightley · 18 hours ago
My uncle Clit works with sharks he said the workers have to use angle grinders to make them all nice and smooth
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incorrectbatfam · 9 hours ago
First time asking lol,,
Had this idea of an idle photo of Nightwing taken by a civilian, where he's bored during patrol and is goofing off on his phone, on the side of a building. Standing on a flag pole and keeping balance by leaning on the building. Just ignoring the world tbh
It becomes a meme. People start putting captions like "when you're one missing assignment away from failing but Sherlock season 3 just came out"
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Do you sell the "oh heck! my tea!" as a mug? I saw it on tumblr but when i went on the redbubble i only saw it as a sticker.
Yes, it should be there! For some reason when you go to a collection or the main page of a designer it just shows one random item of each design instead of just the main design listing with all the things, but underneath there's a bit with links to the rest of them.
Tumblr media
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spheal-a-day · 16 hours ago
Today is my brother's birthday, I can get him a spheal booping a doduo?
Tumblr media
Double boop!
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dailyarturiartfgo · 18 hours ago
Archer EMIYA cooking for Saber & Ritsuka?
Tumblr media
Try-hard mode activated
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