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huffylemon · 6 days ago
Alright, so tumblr staff is acting like as if we tumblr users have enough money to pay other tumblr users.
tumblr forgets that their user base is basically just a bunch of alley rats huddled around a slice of cheese
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cursedpossums · 8 days ago
here's a baby possum that was stealing from my peach tree a few years ago! his name is samuel and i let him take as many as he wanted :)
Tumblr media
i was going to post this when it was first submitted but every time i opened my inbox the image made me so fucking excited i forgot to post it
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mayakern · 2 days ago
I understand your a high brow artist that deserves the cash but $450????????????????????????? And the lower end is $200? I love your art but that's most of a paycheck right there.
i price my commissions at the price that makes me want to actually take them 🤷‍♀️
it’s fine if you don’t want to pay that price. most people won’t! which means i can spend extra time and care on the commissions i do take.
anyway i still post plenty of things online for free for everyone to enjoy. not getting unique art commissioned from me won’t hurt you in any way.
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mintywhisker · 5 days ago
hi *hands u*
Tumblr media
thanks bestie
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sayonara, shadow the hedgehog
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big-innit-hotel · 2 days ago
Check Hank Green’s tiktok, I think that might count as pov outsider 👀
oh my goodness thank you
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fruiitlins · 4 days ago
trans mob colors!! :D
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
here ya go :D
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firstgrave · 10 days ago
The "bi women are cringe" posts are about cis bi women. They were never about trans bisexuals.
? you realize cis bi women still experience biphobia, right? and that it’s not okay to mock bisexuality regardless?
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commieinnit · 2 days ago
“Hermits can’t RP” ok tell me you’ve never watched a Hermit without actually telling me. I’ve only seen clips and even *I* know their rp skills are among the best in the community
rendog could play c!dream but dream could NEVER play the red king
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yayee-prsp · 9 days ago
If you’re still okay with art reqs, Sokka with long hair? 👀
Absolutely 👁👁
Tumblr media
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hansoeii · 3 days ago
Mobius with the long hair traveling to all the different multiverses looking for Loki would ruin me
This is all I want for season 2
give me this mobius searching for his lost love!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jacquesthepigeon · 9 days ago
In-universe it wasn't a good decision, but from a storytelling perspective I'm actually glad Alya told Nino. I like that she made her own decision (albeit a bad one) instead of just obeying everything Marinette says, and it may lead to interesting places down the road.
I’m kinda bothered by how much I’m seeing the phrase “obeying/doing whatever marinette wants/tells her to” bc this is something they discussed and mutually agreed on beforehand, even if Marinette pushed for it more, Alya consented and agreed that it was the best course of action
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sidsinning · 3 days ago
What's a girl gotta do to get some of your adorable chibi villainess!au marinette
Well, as an explanation for this- here ya go
Tumblr media
He was invited over for dinner by her parents
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peachyasspussy · 10 days ago
I wanna cum in you ♥️
that’s nice. i want an electric scooter
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weaver-z · 6 days ago
(@ your last post) the amount of 18 year olds with minors dni blogs (that are just normal blogs) is wild to me
YEAH it's really funny to me. I get it if you make nsfw art or something, but if you're just a normal blog, a 17 yo will not combust because they saw you make a sex joke.
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pencilscratchins · 3 days ago
miss scratchins who else is a lesbian
bestow upon us this knowledge
believe it or not, god is a lesbian
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mintywhisker · 5 days ago
Mina the a mong oose
Tumblr media
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skycowboys · 7 days ago
Do miniature horse pegasi exist? The possibilities are very cute.
They dooooooooo!!
At least sort of. I've got the following small pegasi. Not all of them actual mini horses.
Northern Jewel shortwing, Fan-tailed Candy longwing, Strawberry broadwing, Blue-Bonnet Cliptail mini longwing, and the tropical Southern Pygmy Emerald shortwing.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- Lauren
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lovej0ys · 9 days ago
wait why did i just now realize that none of the syndicate members have lost a canon life,,, like. c!techno is the only character who's canonically used a totem (as far as i remember), c!ranboo has a shit ton of totems and c!phil is immortal. where is the SPICE
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