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r-rowancore · a minute ago
The adorable mutual that needs hugs and doesn't know how talented he is. ❤️
Snort breathing
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otherwolves · a minute ago
what kinds spellbook & arcane focus does Mizu use??
Mizu’s spellbook looks like the model student’s notebook. Outwardly bound with black snakeskin, the inside is an organised mix of spells, incantations, and sigils with personal notes and observations packed into the margins. Their arcane focus, on the other hand, is a gaudy ring inlaid with a diamond worth more than 50 gp. It was a gift from their father, a marid.
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askmartin · a minute ago
*Gives Martin a tight hug* NO ONE SHALL HURT THE BEAN TwT
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sub-scorpio · a minute ago
Fuck you anon. Gentle giants are still amazing submissives
Truuuu!! And I am indeed a gentle giant 🥲
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wonderfulobsessions · a minute ago
Tumblr media
[ID: a picture of two hands holding a capybara photoshopped onto them. over the image is flaming white text that reads: "FUCKING CABYBRA" /end ID.]
thank you for this gift
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kaileedraws · a minute ago
Candle cove, huh?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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blackberrybucky · a minute ago
fiona angel🥺
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thesquipproject · a minute ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stay peachy bestie
u got lucky and get two because i realized there was a falling down picture which is 1000 times better
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elijahs-wife · a minute ago
Bass and viola ☺️🖤
thank you for the ask babe!! 💞
bass - what song makes you feel happy?
sgskhsksjd can't pick one so— "weightless" by atl, "you give love a bad name" by bon jovi, "in too deep" by sum 41 (i could keep going for hours lmao)
viola - what song has a bittersweet memory attached to it?
"1234" by the plain white ts— bc of my ex lmao
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*sends you hugs through the screen*
thanks :) *hugs back*
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marv-llous · 2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
fashionable nerd vibes. basically the best vibes ever <3
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yukika · 2 minutes ago
they're the current pop stars of our generation duh..
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the-dream-team · 2 minutes ago
Excuse ME. This is a formal cease and desist letter to pause Shirtless JP May before you kill me
Tumblr media
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sapphichalo · 2 minutes ago
Numbers 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 please 🌈
thank you angel!! these are very fun and i appreciate you ☺️🌻✨
6. Which one of the boys would you challenge to a fight?
that’s easy, harry on sight
8. Which one of the boys would you rob a bank with?
hmmmm i think zayn, louis wouldn’t take it seriously and liam would take it too seriously, niall i can’t imagine would do good under pressure given that fake pregnant woman interaction, and harry is too clumsy
10. Which one of the boys would you have a Star Wars marathon with?
who like star wars the most ??? id want to watch it with whoever knew the most facts cause i love hearing that stuff, and if none of them are fans then louis cause i think we’d have fun making fun of the old ones together
12. Which one of the boys would you go get a tattoo with?
anyone except niall hhfkdhsh, no but actually harry, i like his tattoo style the most and i want to get some of his lyrics tatted
14. Which one of the boys would you go thrift shopping with?
harry again, i feel he’s the obvious choice for this one
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artificialarteries · 2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
gender? what's that
also rat friend :)
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dramaphan · 2 minutes ago
the merch price is dropping and theres a lot of people that paid like $8 more. thank god i dont have money to buy merch bc id be one of those people
I wonder if they do that on purpose? Set the price high because they know a bunch of people will buy it immediately and then drop it a while later
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vriska · 2 minutes ago
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jupiiter · 2 minutes ago
Chiron 11th house culture
You've probably experienced a lot of hardships in your life in terms of friendships. You might of gotten bullied or had a lot of bad experiences with groups of people. You might also notice that you're very attatched to social norms and so you might force yourself to fit in because you downt want to be alone. You might even stay in toxic relationships because of attatchment issues. In this case, you're also going to learn how to heal from these things, or you might be interested in trying to heal people with similar issues
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langdonsjoyy · 2 minutes ago
I'm happy to see you're still around, and living your best life!!! I hope you're doing well <333
Hello love! I’m doing well, surviving as best as I can! Feel free to message me for anything🥰
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wayflftv · 2 minutes ago
OKAY please rank me X by TDE. if you wanna also throw in the rest of their songs or whatever you wanna do feel free xoxo bella
okay so i’m still getting used to this album bc ive only listened a few times (i know. a crime. i need to listen More so i can know it better when i see them in nov). BUT i will rank just the album as i know it best
1. Preacher Man 2. Scared of Heights 3. Afterglow 4. San Francisco 5. Welcome to the End of Your Life 6. Nobody Knows 7. Low 8. Feel You Now 9. giveuwhatuwant 10. Natural 
send me an album and i’ll rank it from best to worst
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