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hedgehog-moss · 5 hours ago
in what ways do you prefer French as a language, and in what ways do you think English is better?
I love how flexible English is, and I love how rigid French is! I know I've talked about this before but these traits always stand out to me and each has my preference in different contexts...
English is blessed with a very complaisant syntax, it often gives you multiple choices with regards to sentence structure, word order, verbal forms, etc, and if you worriedly (Frenchly) ask which one is the right grammatical choice, English speakers will say "Idk, depends on the way you want to say it? on whichever one seems best to you in this context?" (Distraught French speaker: "How can it be up to me? what does the rulebook say?? Which one were you forced to learn by rote in school and recite like a robot?")
English also offers a profusion of monosyllabic words which essentially act as Lego bricks you can stack on top of one another to innovate to your heart's content, it’s amazing. And much harder in French, which has longer base words, often with silent letters at the end, which may or may not need to be pronounced if they end up in the middle of a compound word, where they were never supposed to be... Poets in English love compounding because concision makes a poetic image more vivid (e.e. cummings’ "a watersmooth-silver stallion" obviously has more impact than "a stallion with a silver coat as smooth as water"—the immediacy of the image is what matters.) Fantasy writers love it as well; they can invent words in a really natural-sounding, frictionless way. French translators do their best but can only come up sometimes with a longer, awkward, painfully-hyphenated word because French has much more of a "who do you think you are" approach to inventing new words. (In Lord of the Rings “Dimrill Dale” was translated as “La Vallée des Rigoles Sombres”, “lockholes” as “trous-prisons”...)
French on the other hand is blessed with a very unforgiving syntax with a well-defined framework of rules (and yes, I know, many exceptions, but those are rules under another name), plus a profusion of little grammatical footholds (think: wherein, thus, thereupon...) so as not to lose your grip on the meaning of a long sentence. A badly-structured, pointless sentence in English can hobble along clumsily, tricking you into thinking it's viable until you try to understand the point it's making and are like "... what did i just read"; while this sentence in French would crumple down like a dry sandcastle and refuse to get up until you've made some attempt at fixing it. Usually by making a better use of semantically-weak “tool words” that don’t carry any information but are here to make sure the sentence holds together well. French primary school kids are force-fed these words and the grammatical structures they enable in truly excruciating detail.
So all these rules (and their painstakingly-defined exceptions) provide a solid frame which makes it possible to build long meandering sentences without loss of clarity. English can be more fun because you're swinging from vine to vine at greater speed and with more freedom of movement, but in French which forces you to lay railway tracks for your train of thought, it’s often easier to see how each component connects to others and how it led your thoughts from here to there.
I've found that great writing in English is often taken to mean, a way with language that evokes vivid imagery with simple but powerful words (by powerful I mean instantly evocative—meanwhile ornate, meandering sentences are often perceived as convoluted purple prose), while great writing in French has less to do with imagery and more with the motion of language and how it carries you through feats of momentum and balance. I’m generalising, and not trying to say you don't find both types of writing done well in each language, but overall what English does best is allow your words to convey a wealth of meaning and images in a concise, striking manner, while French makes it easy to swim for a long time before coming up for air, and feel the flow of language around you. I love that English is flexible while French is rigid, and that both are blessings in the hands of a talented writer.
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sidsinning · 17 hours ago
Ok but I love that? Villainess Mari desperately trying to call off their engagement while Prince Sunshine is just like "oh yeah it's a running joke we have :)" to any concerned party sshshdhskkaksldjjs
Rose tinted glasses to the max
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p1neapplerum · 7 hours ago
I love your swap au Wilbur- something about him is very soft and I love him
that's just something divorce does to you innit /j
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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aro-culture-is · 11 hours ago
polyam aro culture is "idk how it works either but it's definitely queer"
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Ok so I loved ur Poseidon coming to get his kids snippet, u capture each character perfectly. the little sibling dynamic of Percy selling Triton out was just … right. I am just imagining the two of them getting chewed out by their father. after he’s had his coffee of course.
This is actually so freaking funny to me the more I think about it. Bc if Poseidon is mortal then the immediate threat of being vaporized is gone and there's room for the typical parent/child arguing but with them it would be just so.... petty. Like, Percy might try pull the “well, I paid for this apartment” card out while living in Alaska and it just devolves into:
Poseidon: Right. You paid with this card? From the Lotus Casino? Of money you did not earn?
Percy: I’m sorry that I didn't get monetary compensation for saving the world, Dad.
Poseidon: Why should you? I did not get any for creating it.
Percy: You - ohhhhh my gods. Triton? Please help?
Triton, eating chips: Let me think. Um. Well, Father, technically you didn't create-
Poseidon: Think this through.
Triton: Nevermind (:
Or something like...
Poseidon: I can't reason with you. Go over there-
Percy: Where?
Poseidon: Just - go to that room.
Percy: That-? You know what? I will! I will go into that room. Let me just open this and-
Triton: That’s a closet.
Triton: Uh-huh. Um, Father? You’re just gonna let him sit in a closet?
Poseidon: If he wants to be childish that's on him.
Percy, from the closet: I'll come out whenever you want, my lord.
Triton: ...neither of you are gonna move on this? Alright. Go ahead. I'm ordering take out.
You know. Just the typical parent fights that don't quite play out the same when your parent is a god lol
Percy: You don't pay for my phone, you don't own my phone, you don't have anything to do with my phone, so there is no reason you can just take it without my permission-
Poseidon: I invented it
Percy: ...
Poseidon: ...
Percy: No, you didn't. You expect me to believe a sea god invented a cellphone? You think I'm actually believing that?
Poseidon: Okay, but what do you need to power a cellphone? Electricity. Who discovered electricity? Benjamin Franklin. Who is electricity? Zeus. My brother. Without him, you have no cellphone-
Triton: Remind me, Father... Who is your favorite child?
Let them have a crack sitcom TV show lol. Every so often Sally gets called which add a whole new layer of chaos.
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cloudtail · 50 minutes ago
where is your pfp from?
It's from the Russian version of Cats of the Clans!
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hedgehog-moss · 4 hours ago
Ngl as a Russian seeing English being called flexible in word order was funny (we have free word order)
As a French speaker, do you, as the Slavic language, German and Spanish speakers I asked, feel that English is quite dry, lacking emotional capacity that seems inherent to other languages, often formal, even?
Ha, I wonder how French speakers handle learning Russian. Probably the same way I handled my llama escaping her pasture nearly every day when I first got her. It feels intolerably chaotic at first but little by little you learn to chill and accept that your llama is never where she's supposed to be / that your words don't have a place where they're supposed to be, and you make peace with it even though you secretly wish for more discipline.
Conversely I wonder how Russian speakers learning French feel? Probably like they're in a straitjacket. It reminds me of Emil Cioran, whose native language was Romanian, complaining: "To suffer in French—how paradoxical! To agonise in a grammarian language, the least delirious of them all! Geometrical sobs!"
I think just as he thought of French as a language unfit to convey emotion, we're perhaps bound to think of English as hollow or cold because every word is more emotionally-charged in our native languages? I don't find English formal at all, I often find it distressingly informal (esp. when trying to write a formal email!) compared to French with its differents sets of pronouns and "registres de langue" with strict boundaries, but English does feel a bit "fake" from my point of view as a non-native speaker, like a Halloween costume of a language—like this post says. To me it makes it easier to express my feelings in English because, well, it doesn't count!
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ashstfu · 6 hours ago
Ash what your dream career is?
to disappear under mysterious circumstances
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tiktoksthataregood-ish · 6 hours ago
i know this was like a year ago all the beatle hate but i’ve gotten into a lighthearted argument with one of my friends over the beatles. he thinks they are the best fucking song writers and he loves john lennon and i’m at my wits end pls help
This makes me wanna revive the beatle slander, keep at it
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mayakern · 17 hours ago
hewwo!!!!! I'm only ~ 8-10 chapters into Spitfire right now (loving it, i now have Some Feelings for Lysithea and I absolutely ADORE Allene) buuuuut I was wondering if you had made any art of the swiftwyrms? I'm enamored with their description, but I can't quite picture them in my head!
i’m not a creature artist but my best friend @scookart did some sketches of them ages ago!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
she drew a bunch of fun variants, including a peacock style one (4th image) and a fluffy chicken style (3rd image) and a baby (6th image)
i colored one of these but tbh i don’t think i did her sketch justice
Tumblr media
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hansoeii · 4 hours ago
The way yall take mobius' good cop bad cop routine with subsequent gaslighting and imprisonment in an effort to break Loki down and get him to comply and somehow turn it into "someone who has loved you romantically (even though the creators described their relationship ultimately as being paternal) all your life" and "the healthiest and most compelling relationship he could ever have" makes me really concerned about what you people think qualifies as romantic. Truly olympic-level mental gymnastics yall are doing
Alright anon, you good? Feel free to see it that way, but this makes me believe that we didn't watch the same show.
You make this sound like some kind of R rated HBO series.
Mobius was doing his job, he was brainwashed by the TVA. Loki was his variant and he treated him the way the TVA wants him to treat variants. He still did it with much more kindness than other workers did. They all wanted Loki pruned, only Mobius didn't. He saved him. He saw him as a person. When Hunter B-15 called him a "cosmic mistake", Mobius immediately said "that's enough". He cares about Loki. He doesn't want him to comply or gaslight him. He just genuinely cares about this guy and wants to give him another chance, cos he sees so much potential in Loki. He tells him in episode one right away that he knows he's smart, that he doesn't see Loki as a villain. How can you possibly see this as gaslighting him? He just gives Loki the nudge he needed. Loki was genuinely happy around Mobius. Mobius gave up the TVA for him! The TVA was his entire life, but he gave all that up for Loki.
Mobius was the first person to show genuine kindness to Loki. He praised him and complimented him. Something Loki has never encountered before. That's what made Loki grow attached to Mobius, he wasn't manipulated into that. Yes, Mobius wanted Loki to help him find the variant, but Loki becoming Mobius' friend wasn't part of the initial plan. That happened naturally. Their whole relationship grew naturally and it's beautiful.
Mobius brought love and trust into Loki's life while Loki brought excitement and truth into Mobius'. It's beautiful and very romantic. Their dynamic is wonderful.
Maybe be a little nicer next time, anon! ;)
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plumb1tes · 16 hours ago
Weird confession but I’ve always felt uncomfortable with headcanoning korekiyo as non-binary without at least acknowledging that the gnc traits he displays in canon were either enforced upon him by his sister, or taken up in imitation of her, like... none of what he wears is even (necessarily) what he likes or enjoys but rather what she found sexually appealing on him
i can understand that being uncomfortable for people, personally as a nonbinary person i find comfort in hc'ing him as nonbinary, and that he likes to present however he wants regardless of his sister's influence.
Danganronpa's track record with lgbt characters isnt great (including characters that are written with transphobic rhetoric) and sadly korekiyo being gnc and is implied to like being called feminine falls into this regarding his circumstances. But similar to my view of Chihiro, i personally pick and choose the canon circumstances of korekiyo being gnc and percieve him as genderfluid outside of his sister's influence
most people (esp nonbinary people) ive seen that headcanon korekiyo as nonbinary arent doing it out of disrespecting or romanticizing his trauma or force it on anyone so please don't assume its with ill intent
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turnerclassicmilfs · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hello 911
fbkdkjfdkd WHAT is this from
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rslashrats · 4 hours ago
rats...rats... we're the rats...we prey at night, we stalk at night, we're the rats!
im da giant rat tbat makes all of da rules…
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p1neapplerum · 3 hours ago
Oh! Oh! can i request? Can you draw Callahan it's been a while since someone an talented artist have drawn that silent chaotic god.
im all for chaotic gods
Tumblr media
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northern-passage · an hour ago
HELLO OMG can I get some trans related Merry facts hello omg omg omg I am kissing her on the mouth as I type 💕💕💕
hello tumblr user merry-harlowe.... 💗
merry started transitioning as a young teen, with support from her old whaler crew. i've said before (but it was a while ago) that she started whaling at around 14/15, before the whole... pirate thing.... and would be out at sea for months at a time, so those people were like a second family, and really gave her a lot of love and confidence.
her real family was also supportive, though she saw them much less than her fellow whalers. we're going to find out more about them and other people from her past later in the story, so i don't want to give away too much.
i will add on that transphobia doesn't exist in the tnp world. exploring gender and identity is a part of growing up and every kid is encouraged to do it. so even though the hormone potions and surgeries do still cost money, they are treated as essential & potions at least can be bought at any alchemy/general store. a lot of people will tend to have a specific alchemist whose potions they favor though, like merry having an alchemist on her crew & choosing to buy from lea rather than going to the alchemy shop in blackwater. also lea will tell you that their potions are better anyways...
i really want to make it clear that there will be no tragedy in her backstory that has anything to do with her being trans, and that goes for lea and clementine as well. the characters in tnp are complex and all have had terrible things that they've done or had happen to them, but none of it has to do with their identities or sexualities.
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hansoeii · 5 hours ago
realising that loki and sylvie met in alabama
👁👄👁 that explains a lot
Tumblr media
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Hello! I know you were once asked about werewolf prompts (because I was the one asking) but I've used them all up by now and transformed them in mediocre to possibly good short (or long) stories!
May I kindly request some more?
Thank you in advance, and of course this is your blog so yeah you can just ignore this if you want to!
Danke danke! <3
Hi :)
Here are some more prompts for you:
More Werewolf Prompts
They all seemed way too calm for the fact that there was a living and breathing wolf standing in the middle of the room.
Entering a werewolf into a dog show was a lot of fun, right?
Wolves are social animals and they even except werewolves into their packs.
"Isn't it weird? You know, to have a pet dog when you practically turn into a dog once a month?"
They knew something weird was going on, when they saw their neighbor's cat playing peacefully with a giant wolf in the backyard.
"I like it when you're in your wolf's form. I can definitely read your mood better from the way you hold your tail, than from your resting bitch face."
Other Werewolf Prompts
I hope you like them!
- Jana
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finelythreadedsky · 7 hours ago
i'm new to classics so this might be a stupid question but i read the odyssey for the first time a few months ago, and just before ody narrates his story to the phaeacian king, homer goes "and odysseus, lord of lies replied," so... was everything he said a lie? i understand that he might have to, as we say in spanish, "put makeup" on the story to make himself more pitable and earn the king's sympathy, cunning as he is, but he confesses to most times being the one at fault who got his men killed so was he really lying?
that’s a great question! one quibble: the word translated “lord of lies” is πολύμητις, which isn’t explicitly about lying, it translates more literally to “of many wiles,” but it does refer to the trickster aspects of his character. I really like how that translation brings our attention in this moment to the fact that Odysseus is a man known specifically for deceit, and throughout the Odyssey he tells a number of very prominent lies and creates multiple detailed false backstories for himself. your question is a good one regardless of the exact wording here: Odysseus is a known habitual liar, so how do we know that he’s telling the truth in his story in books 9-12?
so on the one hand a really concrete answer: we know that the things Odysseus claims happened really did happen (within the universe of the Odyssey) because the narrative voice corroborates them in a couple of specific instances. in the proem, the narrative voice tells us that Odysseus's men died because they ate the cattle of the sun (1.7-9). in the Ithacan assembly in book 2, we meet a man named Aigyptios and the narrative voice gives us some backstory and tells us that his son Antiphos went with Odysseus to Troy and was killed by the Cyclops on the way back, which is something that Aigyptios himself doesn't know at this point (2.17-20). and in book 8 Odysseus uses a knot that the narrative voices notes he learned from Circe (8.447-448). so we don't just have Odysseus's word to go on, we know that he really did encounter Polyphemus, Circe, and the cattle of the sun. he's not making the story of books 9-12 up from whole cloth. those things really did happen. but as for how they happened...
see, the Odyssey is very, very aware that there are a million ways to tell the same story. it’s partially a function of its orality: there are a million ways to tell the story of the odyssey, and we know a ton of different versions of the story with different events, twists, and perspectives were circulating in antiquity. we only have the one that survives, but the Odyssey we have actively refutes a lot of other narratives, so we see a kind of ghostly imprint that those other stories have left in, say, the aggressive defense of Penelope’s honor that indicates that in other versions of the story she was not so faithful, or the unsatisfyingly aborted mission of Telemachus that suggests other narratives where the son does find his father in a foreign land, or even the ‘lies’ Odysseus tells to various people on Ithaca, which are definitely not true within the universe of the Odyssey as we have it, but which do hint at other stories where Odysseus goes to Crete and Egypt and Cyprus instead of Aeaea and Ogygia and Laestrygonia.
a million ways to tell the same overarching stories, and a million ways to tell the same story within that story. and I have to go back to the proem now, because it tells us to expect a story about “a man who wandered much after sacking holy Troy town, who knew many men’s minds and towns, who suffered many pains in his heart at sea, trying to preserve his companions’ lives and homecoming— but he could not save his companions, though he wanted to, for they perished in their own recklessness, the fools who ate of the cattle of the Sun, Hyperion's son, so he (the Sun) took from them their day of homecoming.” and that’s… not what we get. the Odyssey begins ten years after the fall of Troy. all the things mentioned in the proem occurred within the first three years after the fall of Troy. they’re not included in the Odyssey’s timeframe, so they have to be told in flashback, in the story that Odysseus tells in books 9-12. the proem seems to fit Odysseus’s story in 9-12, which is not actually part of the events of the Odyssey proper, more than it fits the actual Odyssey.
but! the proem tells the same story Odysseus does in a very different way! from the proem’s perspective, the most important thing, the thing that seals the fate of Odysseus and his men, is the eating of the cattle of the sun. in the version Odysseus tells, it’s the encounter with Polyphemus. if you look at it strictly numerically, it’s actually the Laestrygonians, because that’s when over 90% of the original Ithaca contingent actually dies. and the proem goes to great pains to absolve Odysseus of any responsibility for the fate of his men, blaming them for their own “recklessness” (the same word often used to describe the actions of the suitors on Ithaca). that strong resistance to the idea of Odysseus being to blame suggests that other narratives of the Odyssey did blame him, which we also see hinted at in the last few books where we’re reminded that Odysseus is basically responsible for the destruction of two entire generations of Ithacans, even if it was kind of their own fault. Odysseus’s own version of the events in books 9-12 falls somewhere between those. is he responding to the versions that blame him by telling a story that excuses him to some extent? is he responding to versions like the one the proem summarizes and saying that he actually does accept responsibility and rejects the sanitized heroic version of himself that the proem proposes? (Joel Christensen’s chapter “Odysseus’s Apologoi and Narrative Therapy” in his book The Many-Minded Man sort of takes this view and almost describes books 9-12 as the Phaeacians watching in real time as Odysseus comes to terms with this responsibility and the hundreds of deaths he’s caused.)
we see Odysseus describe the episode with Polyphemus as his own fault because of his curiosity and desire for a guest-gift, and then in the next breath he talks about how he fearlessly rescued his men from Circe and when he had her at his mercy she begged him to sleep with her and said he was the most incredible man she’d ever heard of. some pieces seem obviously intended to paint a more favorable picture of himself, but others seem almost self-condemning. mostly he doesn’t try to cover up the roles he played in the deaths of his men, but does emphasize his own bravery and heroism. he’s lying and telling the truth. he’s admitting responsibility for the deaths of his men and also glorifying and whitewashing his own actions.
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yehudah · an hour ago
Im not gonna demand you cite a source for the "the toothpaste flag was made by a transmed" claim and for disclaimer im not the biggest fan of the flag either, but i've seen conflicting accounts of the toothpaste flag's origin. I always thought it was one mogai blog who made a flag for one of their followers?
afaik the confusion is because the original toothpaste flag was made by a transmed, and then someone took it and changed the colors up a little to make a separate flag. theyre both mlm flags and they both have basically the same colors so i cant be fucked to remember the difference but. that might be why theres different origins
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