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This just kind of ended up as random thanksgiving headcanons for if they all celebrated together, hope that’s ok!

-The horror variant sanses and papyruses definitely eat a lot during thanksgiving, but they can eat more without feeling sick.

-Us!Wingdings and Sf!Papyrus raid the desserts.

-Ht!Wingdings can only eat with a straw because of the damage to his mouth, so he misses out on a lot of the food. He does manage to eat mashed potatoes and gravy, as well as some pumpkin pie, though.

-Uf!Papyrus, Us!Sans, and Sf!Sans cook most of the main food

-Ht!Papyrus, Ot!Papyrus, and Sf!Papyrus cook the desserts. (Mostly ht and ot pap, but Rus tries to help)

-Everyone has to stop Hf!Sans from eating the entire ham

-They had to make another apple pie because Bt!Wingdings stole the first one

-Bt!Wingdings was banned from the kitchen for a few days. Bt!Sans was also banned after attempting to steal biscuits to share with him.

-Dancetale Papyrus and Wingdings set up decorations and ambient music

-Most of the skeletons who can teleport were tasked with grocery runs and delivering food to their friends (ht!paps and hf!sans wanted to make sure everyone else had something nice to eat)

-Hf!Papyrus used the leftovers to make everyone meals for a few days after (they made A LOT of food)

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Rumors definitely begin to circulate in Snowdin when Sans is suddenly a lot cheerier than he’s ever been. He doesn’t have a whole lot to be happy about, so what’s changed? Well, of course the first assumption is that he’s become stronger, but after Papyrus discreetly checks his stats, he’s extremely surprised to find that his brother’s LV hasn’t raised at all, but his HP has.

That can only mean that Sans has found something that’s making him happy, or more specifically someone

And the monsters of Snowdin + Undyne, and Papyrus especially, want to know what that something is.

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I wouldn’t say it’s as cut and dry as that!

It’s true that somebody who’s very sensitive might not find him the best match. Especially at the start of any kind of acquaintance, King (Horrorfell Papyrus) is probably at his least pleasant– cold and aloof and full of snide, sassy jabs that are enough to make anybody who’s easily hurt or offended think twice about trying for anything beyond the necessary acquaintanceship.

…which means that King’s strategy has worked perfectly.

The point of holding people at arms’ length like that and being unlikable is to ward off peoples’ efforts to get to know him or become close to him. He’s terrified of letting anyone in close enough to matter to him after how badly that went the last time and if all anyone ever sees is The Jerk, The Snotty Prick, The Bastard, they won’t want to get close in the first place.

Problem solved before it even began!


It’s not that he doesn’t have emotions. It’s not that he doesn’t want connection and closeness and love, just as much as anyone does. It’s not that he wouldn’t value that, if he ever found it in someone; someone who could push past the bullshit, or at least stick around long enough to wait it out.

He’s just…afraid to open up again, because when you open yourself up, you open yourself up to being hurt and he doesn’t know if he can do that again. (And maybe, for everything he’s done, being alone is no less than he deserves…)

All of that said, with a s/o who’s sensitive or emotional, the actual relationship would be fine. King doesn’t look down on those qualities–in a way, I’d say he even admires them–and once someone’s made it past his own (high, high, high) emotional walls, he’s very attentive and invested in his partner and their well-being.

It’s only the ‘getting there’ part that poses a problem. If somebody has a tendency to take things to heart and his presence in their life is a wholly negative thing it’s likely–and probably for the best!–that nothing will ever happen.

But if they don’t take all of his rudeness personally, or if they can see something in him worth knowing, or even if by whatever circumstance, they just have to spend a lot of time with him and get used to his mannerisms, and see him gradually beginning to soften towards them as despite his best efforts, they start to get close to him and to become important to him…

Well! It might not be easy or straightforward, but I’d never say King and an emotional s/o are doomed from the start.

With a little luck, some work, at least a few attempts at some honest communication, anything could happen!

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I got to a certain scene in Handplates during lunch and my heart couldn’t take the wholesomeness so I immediately had to draw it before working on anything else. Why am I like this? No one knows. XD Don’t know how to draw bone feet yet, so you get little socks (?) I guess.

Handplates belongs to Zarla

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox

(Please no spoilers, I’m still watching it.)

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papyrus- he likes to pick you up and plop you in his lap, he will run his fingers through your hair and squeeze your tummy because you are just so soft! he loves it

stretch- he likes cuddle movie nights with you, he likes to spoil you with hugs and food all the time

edge- he does like cuddle but nobody knows exept you though, at home you get movie nights and flowers. he will make a big deal with all the fluffy blankets and candles.

rus- oh its all the time, he just picks you up and holds you. outside, in the store, at home, everywhere he will cuddle you until you die.

sweets- he likes to hold you because you are just so small! but he gets nervous sometimes because he is so big . 

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[Stacey & Edge](Relationship facts!)

(Fact 3#) “Bonefriend anatomy lessons.”

When Stacey is drawing anatomy and gets stuck or confused about something, she’ll wander the house looking for Edge, asking him to be her model. He’ll stoically accepts, following Stacey into a private room to undress, standing perfectly still as Stacey labels and gently prods around and corrects her if she names a bone wrong. Edge can’t help but laugh when Stacey gets this confused expression about how one part connects to another, throwing around creative curses and spastic reasoning. Since Stacey is an artist, and an EXTREME anatomy perfectionist, this undressing and labeling routine became pretty normal for Edge. He’ll never forget the first time Stacey asked him to be her little model—she was all shy and very concerned about his comfort level, repeating, “You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to! I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” Cutest shit he’s ever seen.


~{————}~☆.。.:*・° ~{————}~


~{————}~☆.。.:*・° ~{————}~

[Stacey] OC; belongs to me.

[Edge](UnderFell Papyrus)] Character; belongs to rightful owner/open to the community

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There are not moments, but weeks, between a death and a funeral. But time had become like a wave crashing against a rock - eternal and yet fleeting, all at once. And, like a wave crashing upon a rock - like so many things in this world - it is inevitable, and it repeats.

So those weeks went for me. I got dressed, I baked food, I bathed myself, over and over, barely conscious of what I was doing. By the time I found myself seated in an overdecorated white room in a small, obscure monster chapel, it took me a moment to realize where I was or why.

The photos next to the urn did not hesitate to tell me everything. Photos often lack tact in that way.


Absolutely incredible commission by @dynjir based on my fic they fall right off, about Frisk growing old and passing away. Huge thank you to them!

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Oh ho ho ;). I’m super happy to hear willow has a fan!

  • Asking willow out on a date is very easy actually! Just be straight forward with your intentions and he’ll usually say yes, even if he’s not that interested. Dates are for getting to know people, so he’ll always go on at least one
  • The only time he’d say no is if oak hated your guts or if you talk mean about his brother behind his back. Willow doesn’t tolerate anybody talking smack about his big bro
  • Willows idea date is something that is relaxed but keeps you both busy while also leaving room to talk. Maybe a crafty date like painting or pottery lessons.
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