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#undertale au

*关于和平的个人妄想 Sans性格恢复至受伤前


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It’s my persona! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Their usually referred to as The Player but you can call em Xylon (aka me)

Any undertale content I make that takes place during Underground is me as the player, that is me controlling frisk/chara, except for genocide cause I never did that run, so if I post genocide content it’s a genocidal player controlling frisk/chara not me-

Imma make a post going into detail about the player’s stuff and all but not for now.

They can teleport, make things float and change their size!

More content in them and the two kids coming later💚

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this weirdly feels too formal for cross to wear mhhh…I’ll redesign later

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underrestrain page 37

My friends corrected the text for me, and now I feel as if I had never learned English.OMG.


The previous page

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Astor, Undertale AU OC.

Hello!! This is Astore, not Asgore, from my Au StarTale!!

Thanks!! :)

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Cue War busting into the kitchen with a water gun and spraying Pest like people do sometimes when their pets are misbehaving

She goes ‘squirt squirt’ and he goes 'screeeEEE-’ and just nyooms outta the kitchen

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I hope and you like it @wondermax-77 ndermax qwq really I love your creation is very cute


Espero y te guste @wondermax-77 qwq de verdad me encanta tu creacion es muy lindo

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Still working out my OC/AU storyline but its going good, though im still getting distracted so i don’t know will I’ll finish it but on the bright side my art getting better UwU

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