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Here is the side bar art I drew for the @phasmotale blog!

Papyrus being safe at base while the other boys are out investigating. Blue’s (always) having technical difficulties and you can bet Red’s green with envy that Papyrus doesn’t have to be on-site. …heh.

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Corrupted Lust

So uh.

Yeah it I think About Classic “Lust” it probably was people I was ashamed to post this Called “Corrupted Lust” called “Viorel” so you kept saying?.

Like uuh…like Basically like used Pink stuff with Lust’s Color difficult Corruption I’ve seen few people do stuff with “Corrupted” so added to this?.

Ok just got Glicthed comes from corrupted and this due to Happened Genocide Route Lust is Very tried with such Commit that’s exactly what he does because he can’t take it anymore with Eyes stats to Glows pink this to the corrupted witch cause lust (Viorel).

So…it I make Design To Corruption lust “Viorel”.

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Weird Yogurt note is that:

He can’t eat if it doesn’t contain strawberry … most of which are desserts, he’s still allergic to almonds.

Why does he only eat strawberry?

Because it gives him a bad stomach that is unbearable.

Example: Pure chocolate cannot eat if it does not have strawberry

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mmmmmmmmm…so…i did as foretold..replace characters from genshin impact with skeletons i thought best fit them.. more are on their way.
 and soon i’ll explain why certain sans’ fit certain characters

but for now take:
Swap as Paimon
Spite as Keaya
and fellswap (gold) as Diluc

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