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astrificare · a minute ago
continued semi-hiatus due to my health being absolutely dire and my depression kicking my ass and just [gestures at my body and how much it hates me rn]. drafts will come whenever i feel up to it (most likely by queue unless it’s that one zoy.alai thread with marty) and i intend to revamp my muse list, aka add some people and not manage to take anybody off it so. i’m here i’m a-lurking on the dash and also disc if we’re mutuals - zoya of the garden#1831
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scorbunnyvllgr · a minute ago
Tumblr media
5 slots Can choose any clothes you like for your character 💕If you want a different background it will be an extra fee depending on the complexity
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lauraluna98 · a minute ago
Happy mothers day
And what is better to remember that date than a story about our favourite lesbian mother Witch
Bernardette Cavendish
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And the other mom Laura McLaren
Tumblr media
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drama-by-daylight · 2 minutes ago
Ben: Steve, you're blocking my god damn view!
Steve: Girl.
Steve: I am the view.
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rats-and-clovers · 2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the male pop star outfit is all kinds of OOC for Alistair, but DANG!! he looks so CUTE!! ;;u;;
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cisphobicscrina · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
pov you are eddie @baldi-science-madness
[reblogs are very much appreciated!]
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lizzie-wendigo · 3 minutes ago
200+ Followers Tubmlr Contest!!
Well fellas, before starting I want to clarify two things: one, the prizes will be a little simpler and less than before, since the contest is the same on Deviantart, and I also have to make prizes for them & two, It will take me a while to deliver the awards for the situation I'm going through
1.- Reblog this journal (to know that you are interested in the contest)
2.- Make a fanart of one of these characters:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
3.- Tag me in the image when you post it and include the phrase "for 200 followers!" (don't forget to emphasize that the Oc is mine, please)
-First place:
1 fanart of your OTP (CanonxCanon, OcxOc, OcxCanon)
-Second place:
1 fanart of an Oc of yours
-Third place:
1 Drawing of yours in my style
The contest ends on June 1, 2021
The Fanart can be Traditional or Digital
For the first place: The OTP cannot be LGBT (i.e. cannot be a same-sex couple)
If you have already published the drawing, but in 2 days you see that I don't respond, please send me a private message (notifications sometimes don't notify when someone mentions you)
The more detailed or original the fanart will be, the more chances you have of winning
I know I'm a mediocre artist for giving you these awards, but I do my best, please don't despise them
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tigernaute · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
last one of my art spam (for now) she’s my recent freeform OC Sasha but I think she’s growing into being some kind of Suma’s spiritual child (so idek how to tag it)
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sheylieminn · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
idk what this is i just know that i gave up in the end. also just an excuse to draw blood its been a while
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everafterpromo · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
                                   "𝐎𝐍𝐂𝐄 𝐔𝐏𝐎𝐍 𝐀 𝐓𝐈𝐌𝐄"
                             she started to say, a wicked gleam in her eye.
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crimsonfireboltart · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
An OC for my first mermay! Please meet Marie! A mermaid swordsman ✊
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gnyv · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
my oc katsumi after being redesigned for the millionth time
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nikkywrites · 4 minutes ago
Underwing Question (and no obligation to answer every ask this month if you’re busy!): which oc do you connect with the most? Or the least?
My goal is to answer them all, but thank you for the pardon!
I think I connect to Keithia the most, though I don’t really have a reason why. As for who I connect to least— hmm. That’s tough. Maybe Xia? I don’t think we’re similar at all really.
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vivji · 5 minutes ago
you come off very nice and your wips are cute!
Me, getting one nice ask: Oh my god this is my hour.
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spoopy-fish-writes · 6 minutes ago
Anne Boleyn route
Part 1 [Chapter 1]
Tumblr media
I shot up in bed, heart pumping frantically in my chest and fear taking a hold of my thoughts when I took in my unfamiliar surroundings.
Immediately, I pushed my back against the headboard and looked around. It took me a moment to remember that I wasn't in my own room. and now I'd gotten to be where I was now. I'd woken up in a fright, some form of nightmare having plagued my sleep and my thoughts were in a panicked disarray and I hugged my knees close to my chest as I attempted to calm my racing heart. I took in a deep breath and closed my eyes as I tried to make sense of the dream. Why would I have had a dream like that? It wasn't the greatest thing to wake up to after yesterday's ordeal.
Deciding that a glass of water would be the best remedy to clearing my head for the moment, I made my way to the kitchen and soon found myself recounting my dream to Sebastian, a glass of water in hand and my nerves significantly less high strung and tense.
I still found it hard to believe that I'd actually had a dream like that. Why of all things did I dream of someone biting my neck?
"Like a vampire would."
Somehow, saying what I had thought about it made it sound all the more unbelievable and I found myself feeling somewhat at easy at the realisation. There was no reason for the dream to have scared me too much now that I knew that it had all been on my head. Vampires didn't exist no matter what my dreams had to say on the matter.
"Dreams can be so realistic even when they're about the most unbelievable things."
Sebastian listened to my story calmly, giving no judgement which I appreciated. It was already mildly humiliating to admit that I had been so spooked by a dream about something as unrealistic and superstitious as vampires of all things. Had I recounted this dream to anyone else, I have no doubt that they would have brushed it off as a mere dream and chalked it up to a wild imagination or laughed at and mocked me for having such a ridiculous fear of something that was so unbelievably childish to entertain the existence of.
"I suppose that it's a sign that you had that dream, tonight of all nights."
"The dream serves as a warning..." He began. "That you are to give them neither your body nor your heart."
"Them?" Who exactly was he talking about? None of this was making any sense.
"The residents of this mansion. You see, everyone that you have met tonight, they are exactly what you saw in your dream. They are all vampires."
With Sebastian's stoic face, I almost believed him for a moment, the atmosphere growing tense as a seed of doubt entered by mind. I brushed off the feeling of uneasiness as quickly as it had come on as he clearly meant it as some form of joke, however, though the tension was still lingering in the air between us.
I didn't know he was the type to make jokes, much less ones like these but I did appreciate his effort to try and make me feel better about having such a silly dream.
Sebastian's still unchanging expression, staring back at me, completely seriously, made me waver once more.
There was no way that what he was saying was true. Was there?
Surely not! That's ridiculous to think. He was probably just trying to help reassure me in regards to the dream by joking about it, albeit in his own strange way. Vampires can't be real. It isn't possible.
I smiled at the butler and shook my head, releasing a breath that I hadn't realised that I had been holding as I'd mulled over the possibility that he had just been joking around with me and simply trying to make me feel more comfortable seeing as that seemed a lot more plausible in my mind than the former. Vampires. It's ridiculous.
"Thank you, for trying to make me feel better, Sebastian and listening to me ramble about my silly dream."
A mix of what seemed to be caution and worry flashed across Sebastian's stoic features.
"That wasn't-"
"Anyway, I really should be getting to bed if I plan to help you around the mansion tomorrow. Bonne nuit, Sebastian."
I turned and walked out of the kitchen but there was still a nagging feeling in the back of my head. Whatever it was, I was sure to feel better after a good night's sleep.
As I made my way through the dark hallways, the oil-lamps no longer lit to provide me any light or reassurance in this strange new place, I found my fears becoming continuously more heightened and apparent at every slight noise or creek.
"Oh great, you're still awake?" I jumped at the sound of someone's voice slightly behind me and turned to come face to face with a familiar pony tailed individual, his expression laced with confusion and annoyance.
"Oh! Raphael right?" I had to say that I was surprised to see him here. I knew that he lived here but he didn't seem to be the type to leave his room that often if my first meeting with him was anything to go by.
"You remembered my name. Wonderful." His words dripped with sarcasm and mock happiness which he didn't even bother to make an effort to disguise. It seems that my prior assumptions about him were correct. Definitely not a people person.
"You're quite difficult to forget." The first words I'd heard him speak had been all too telling of his character.I
"I was intending on having my meal here but, seeing as we have company, I'd much rather not. You should leave while you still can. You don't look like you'd last long here."
With an attitude as cold as his and an expression to match, it was difficult to forget who he was, especially with what he'd said. Not only was he openly displaying his distaste towards me but he sounded so cryptic. It wasn't like I was in any danger here. Le Comte had made sure to have reassured me of that.
Regardless, why was he awake at this time?
"I was just in the kitchen getting a glass of water. And you?" I made an effort to continue with the conversation. It wasn't like Sebastian's words could be true after all.
Given the icy glare that he fixed on me and the way that his features twisted into a judgemental stare, it was evident that he didn't want to continue this conversation though it felt more like I had just threw something at him rather than just asked him what was keeping him up. "I was just going to get a light snack. I wasn't able to have dinner after all."
Nearing the end of his statement, his voice took on an accusatory tone and I scoffed in offended disbelief. It wasn't as though I had decided to get trapped here and ruin his dinner! And I didn't see why my presence should have to put him off from eating! Did my being here really bother him so much as having to try and avoid my very existence? If anything, he seemed to be all too entitled.
"I stand by what I said earlier." He spoke, as though his previous words weren't entirely out of line. "You don't look like you'll last long here so, if you plan on making it through the night, I suggest that you go to your room and be quick about it. Isaac skipped out on his rouge and might be coming to get some soon."
"Make it through the night"? "Rouge?"
There he goes again, being cryptic. I was still more than a little disgruntled by his earlier words but I couldn't help but think more into his words. What did he mean by that? Why would Isaac coming to get some rouge, whatever that was, stop me from making it through the night. This was the second time that he'd said something along those lines.
Sebastian's words flashed through my mind.
"The residents of this mansion. You see, everyone that you have met tonight, they are exactly what you saw in your dream. They are all vampires."
No. It's just that nightmare that I had influencing my thoughts. That's still a ridiculous thought to entertain! Surely, he's just being figurative about his clearly demeaning view of me.
My confusion in regards to the situation must have been all too evident on my face as realisation washed over his features. "Ah. You don't know?"
Know? Know what?
The hallway seemed to darken at his smile which held a mockingly pitying and yet predatory tone to it and I started to feel impossibly small. Like a rabbit cornered by a fox. My heart beat quickened as my breath caught in my throat. Alarm bells started ringing in my head and I felt the overpowering urge to run and hide.
"I've been informed that you'll be residing in this mansion for the time being, at least until you're able to get back home through the door, correct? I don't particularly want to associate with you though it seems to be impossible to avoid at present but it would be unfair to simply allow you to stay here without knowing the truth though, by your expression, it seems that you already know." He took a few purposeful steps towards me, only stopping when he was mere inches away from me, invading my personal space. Every cell in by body begged me to run, but I was frozen in place, as though by some kind of unknown force.
Of course I knew what he was talking about and what he was trying to imply but the thought of it being true made my heart lurch. It was impossible but this was too much of a coincidence that he would bring this up after my conversation with Sebastian. This couldn't just be some sick practical joke, could it? Practical jokes don't go this far.
"I assume that Sebas than has already tried to tell you but you with your fixed and unimaginative mind were unable to believe it so I'll spell it out for you. After all, lambs need support before they can walk on their own." His expression was still pitying but his eyes were steely and I felt a shiver run down my spine as I started to tremble and feel faint. The air between us seemed much to think as my head fogged up with fear as my body froze in place as I waited, unwillingly, for him to confirm won't thoughts. "All of the residents of this mansion are exactly what you think we are. We're all vampires."
A cruel smirk twisted Raphael's lips and I couldn't help but see him as what he claimed to be. A vampire. A monster that fed off of human blood.
The confirmation sparked something in me, terror flooding through my veins, and my body went into fight or flight. I shoved him away from me with as much force as my trembling arms could muster and was only able to catch his shocked expression before I started off, my shoes padding across the carpeted floor as I ran.
I had no destination in mind and no thought other than getting out of this place and finding help.
Tumblr media
Had to repost it because Tumblr, as usual, was being fucky with the original 🙂
Chapter 2 goes up in a few hours 😙✌
Do not repost, edit or claim
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lovebitesads · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
set in the year 2023, 500 years after the supernatural world had been brought to the knowledge of the humans, vampires had lost their soulmarks, their soulmates; due to a lone vampire killing their soulmate. but now, years later, they are finally getting the chance to find their soulmates, as a tattoo begins appearing over their skin.
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oletarts · 6 minutes ago
I love Gareth to bits (he looks like he gives good hugs)! Would he have his own special weapon?
aw thank you!! i’m happy you like him ❤❤ and tbh he could! i’m very inexperienced with designing weapons tho jkgkjsd but it’d def have a viking motif since that’s his general theme!
i plan on posting about his elemental skill/burst but generally i picture him as a burst support that can be a main dps!
at friendship 6 he will give the best hugs 🥰💖
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