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I’m basically back(?) With a Sengoku/Ancestors gangs drawing with @mikatheghostgirl @kuratsukiun @bingsu-chan and @shazotohtouge Ancestor OCs because I love them sm u.u, do forgive me since it’s kinda half assed and that Tumblr screwed the quality

(Ancestors: Kicking ass, Taking names (Colorized))

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so for the past 2 years me and my two friends have been working on a big fantasy story just for fun. I’ve made a LOT of art for it but due to whatever reasons I haven’t shared any of it.
But i’ve decided to start sharing some of it for possible feedback and the fact that if i fall back into the story illustrating pit then my social media won’t be completely abandoned for months.

SO! To kick things off is a recent redesign of one of the main cast characters. The design and name are not set in stone so feel free to leave feedback! ^^

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Quinn Nesrin is the youngest avnar (main king’s wizard) ever. He served both Wyern’s brothers. He was chosen to be avnar by older princ William who died in short but bloody war. Now he serves his good friend, William’s younger brother, king Hagan. Wyern kingdom has too little allies and Quinn’s concern about the threat that it’s rising, isn’t something to be overlooked. Stubborn avnar insisted on helping Kaidia, even thou he could lose his own life. But what seemed as little not dangerous curse turns into something bigger. Now this wizard has to work with young swordwoman and arrogant prince to save kingdom where many of his friends died.

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Everyone I have a new son, his name is Dyno and I love and cherish him

He doesn’t have a set species outside of my Dragon Quest IX fanfic but he could possibly be a PinnaWing-AntreWing hybrid regarding my own fantribes (with a bit of HiveWing too, probably)

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Citrine’s weapon reference sheet released!

The Phalanx Gauntlet, A bulky bit of armour with an expanding shield part!
Had trouble designing this at first cause I didn’t want it to just be a different shaped Steven-shield, but I think this design really suits her!

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