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Edmur is a really old OC I’ve made 5 - 6 years ago when I was really into Game of Thrones. I was obssesed with Starks back then and I wanted to make a character that lives in the north. 

Edmur is, to put it simply, a piece of shit (lol). He’s one of those jerks everyone hate. But somehow, I still like him, because it makes him a really fun character! 

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My Orchid-Mantis Hazbin OC

Initially, I had her mouth just growing larger/dislocating her jaw but I thought it would be more horrifying for both herself and her victims that her face splits open.


When Fortuna first landed in Hell after murdering her lover and his side chick, and dying from blood loss, she only ever ate other sinners as a form of self-defence. She hated it; the taste, the texture and the sensation of her head splitting open. 

Eventually, her means of survival turned into a decent weapon to get ahead in Hell’s twisted game. One day, after over-eating, she threw up all of the built-up acid that came with devouring sinners and could only watch as it melted through the floor. 

Soon enough, Fortuna began participating in turf wars and building a decent reputation for herself. 

Full body design and abilities here

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thinking of making an ikorian planeswalker oc (separate from my ravnican character idea) whose companion is umori

either simic or golgari but probably simic knowing myself

i’m thinking green hair and cute space buns

and sparkly crystal jewelry

they like collecting rocks

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Our supernatural trio^^

Cornelia didn’t meet Nazeel and Archie yet, it’s still planning, but i wanted to draw them together, like what if they meet each other^^

Cornelia belongs to @wildstarfan and @milasartblog (both me)

Nazeel and Archie belong to @captainthane

Okaria et Feria belongs to @wildstarfan and @captainthane

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