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Yaoi is so fucking funny to me. The one joke where a character is crying, “If we tell our friends/coworkers/families/whatever about our relationship, they won’t accept or love us anymore!” and then someone in that group is later like, “Dude, we knew you guys were dating! You fucked in hallway! You’ve made out in front of all of us like twenty times! You are not good at keeping a secret!!!”

This makes me laugh everytime. I don’t care if it’s the hundredth manga to use the plot, it’s so funny.

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no one cares but I love bokuto so much. I love the fact that hes so full of life, I love his positivity, I love that he is funny without having to be mean. I love how hes so considerate of other people’s feelings. I love the fact that he is always trying to be the best version of himself and is always trying to improve his techniques. He is proud of himself and never puts himself down. He is the sun itself and I love him for it.

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Dragon Ball


Seriously guys … Do I really have to comment???

Come on.

I really think that at least 85% of the human population aged between 20 and 30 (I’m 21) started his career (unknowingly) as anime-lover by watching Dragon Ball (or at least, this is what I was able to see in Italy, although I think the same thing could be valid for most of the world ahaha).
In my case, I thinkI was 3 or 4 years old… It had been broadcasting for years, from Monday to Friday, at lunchtime…In loop. 
And damn it, I perfectly remember how much I’d lost my mind for Goku (I was 4 but I already had a well-tuned mind on beautiful anime boys, I must say) … I used to go around the house trying to keep my hair spiked, like those of Goku… (obviously with little success and amidst my mother’s screams…)
Good Heavens … It must be said that perhaps the origin of everything was “because of” my uncle … who also listened to me and encouraged me and my madness (I was a poor baby, hey) by giving me the magnets and all the nice and cool things that in that period were sold in YOGURT and FRUIT JUICES, gentlemen! (AND I STILL HAVE ALL THEM. YES).
So…If I have to think about it, in terms of anime it’s seriously the first one that comes to my mind of which I have clear memories … Followed by another couple, but the first is definitely Dragon Ball.
Well, want to add more .. Timeless story, don’t you think?😉

30 day anime challenge

(I note with extreme pleasure that although I said it was not necessary to comment, I still commented. And it was an anime “about whom I didn’t need to comment” … Just think how much I could write about those I really have to talk about!! My comrades… start to fear.
Well. I have to say I really started on the right foot … I have to keep my logorrhea at bay … Aim in the aim of this challenge)


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