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Hey guys! So I have a fanfic called Monster Love, and it’s where Inuyasha is a succubus and Sesshomaru is a naga.

So in the fanfic Inuyasha dies turn human, but for a completely different reason! I won’t tell you because I don’t want to spoil it!

Go support @fangirl347 and me on our patreon to get early access to drawings.

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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years, and for the continued support. All your likes, reblogs, comments, and follows mean the world to me, so thank you all.

I am excited to reveal I am working on some new Zelda art and I am posting behind the scenes work up on my Parteon! For as little as $1 a month you can see my line art, sketches, WIPS and other materials I don’t post publicly. I’m also sending out personalized Christmas cards to new Patrons who sign up  between now and December 20ths. If interested in joining, visit Hollarity on Patreon, or send me a message for a link.

Thank you all <3


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Patreon Ultimate Diamond Rewards packaging. Stay tuned for a sneak peek of the planner accessory that comes with this tier.

#packing #patreon #gchi #supportsmallbusiness #goldencreationshi #plannergoodies #gchipatreon #planner #plannerstickers #microplanning #microhp #hobonichiweeks #hobonichi #kinborweeks #minihp #minihpplanning #microplanning

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Think on your Colors


Each one a pallet to place our paints

Our perceptions a canvas of experience

Born a slate upon which the world fills

Life turns out to be a collage of us all

Personal influenced by every interaction

Common grounds share an individual flavor

A day in each mind is a new identity unlocked

Each of us a different hue of many shades

Some a cool collection others are warm

Brush strokes line our interiors

Erase the pencil opting for the pastel

What will fill you up only time can tell

Each a pallet to place our paints

Each canvas a collection of life experience

Image: a person a canvas pics

Let me know what you think and pass the thought along my Lovelies 🎨.

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If I decided at some point to set up a patreon, where people could pay a few bucks in exchange for two og short stories of mine a month… would that be a thing … anyone would be willing to do?

Cause I’ve discovered I can write og short stories between 1k and 5k words long with relative reliability, and unlike conventional labor I can stockpile those in the case I get sick or something so there’d by less chance of a scheduling mishap and like-

It would be nice to both be able to share short stories of the various og worlds in my head and get a little side cash in exchange you know? Something that the Covid can’t shut down in the blink of an eye?

I mean the stories would be … relatively random, tho I’d return to a few specific verses semi-regularly, but they’d be all in the fantasy and occasionally sci-fi genres, and dragons would probably feature a lot in one form or another, and idk what to say to sell this idea other than “hey if you like my randomness in fanfic who’d like to pay the equivalent of a coffee for two oneshots that take place solely in my own worldbuilding? Where I’m free to go nuts without any constraints of other people’s canon?”

Hypothetically is that a thing anyone would be willing to try?

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Hey guys! So I have a fanfic called Monster Love, and it’s where Inuyasha is a succubus and Sesshomaru is a naga.

So I decided to draw Inuyasha using some of his powers to give himself new clothes for the time being. He’s also hoping he’ll get Sesshomaru to like him, it’s not really working for Inuyasha.

Go support @/ fangirl347 and me on our patreon to get early access to drawings.

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My attempt at hand lettering.. Practice makes perfect… Lol

Working on packing Patreon rewards and sending out happy mail.

Sneak peek of this months Patreon rewards coming up soon.

#practicemakesperfect #goldencreationshi #gchipatreon #tryingsomethingnew #planner #plannerstickers #microplanning #microhp #hobonichiweeks #kinborweeks #minihp #happymail

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