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Забыл в прошлый раз скинуть ссылку сюда, а по итогам мой прошлый пост оказался кому-то полезным. Поэтому - второй открытый пост про мою схватку с тревожностью и паническими атаками :)

Первый там же на Патреоне чуть ниже, тоже открыт.

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Aliver J. is creating Canzoni originali, esperimenti musicali cantati e rap | Patreon
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Are there any fanfic authors here that use Patreon? I have some questions.

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Daily ramble 2/28/21

A group of men enter, in their midst there is a familiar man. He wears a white suit with a violet dress shirt unbuttoned to show the tattoo snaking across his chest and up over his collarbone but not enough to be lewd. He wears a gold necklace with a pendent of a symbol from a culture that died many eons ago. He has three gold rings on his fingers. His hair is long and wavy like the ocean and pulled back into a loose ponytail with a length of purple ribbon from a lover. He wears glasses and an easy smile, but his eyes are sharp and cold as a knife when he looks around the room. That is until they land on you. The ice melts as he greets you, the smile becomes more genuine. You play with his hair as he sits next to you, remembering the day you gave the boy next door the purple ribbon from your hair to tie up his own.

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stickers are on sale in my shop! ♡

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It’s my understanding that today is the official 25th anniversary of Pokemon. I was introduced to the world of Pokemon when was a kid and even as an adult I am still hooked on these cute creatures with Pokemon Go.  If I had to choose my favorite from the “original” pokemon crew it will always be Bulbasaur. ;D

This was drawn with my current Patreon theme of “Love” in mind. Here is a cupid Pokemon Trainer with her Bulbasaur. :D

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TrashBunnysPatreon is creating Just some pieces of digital art. | Patreon
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Short Month
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Want to see how the stories end?

You can now support me on Patreon to get EXCLUSIVE access to ALL fics: past, present, AND future!

With a current selection of 50+ fics, there is PLENTY to keep you busy while you wait for NEW stories - which are posted EVERY 2 weeks!

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I really don’t understand why people bitch about the redistribution of BOUGHT content! You don’t see stores bitching about consumers paying for stuff and giving it away to others for free or as gifts. There’s no TOU for that. I mean, if your stuff is pirated or stolen that’s one thing, but you really going to dictate what someone should do with their PAID stuff?


Especially considering how you yourself violate the EA terms to make the items free after a certain time?


And don’t come here on some “I create my own mesh”! Your mesh is nothing without the resources needed for it to function in the game! So YES, you are violating the terms, so take several seats on that high horse of yours.

If people redistributing the content THEY PAID FOR makes you decide to leave the community or stop making cc, then BYEEE! One less greedy person in the community. But you have no one fooled because you’ll probably be back under a new name so we don’t know you’re still making money off of the community you basically gave a big “ FUCK YOU” speach to.


Originally posted by realhousewivesoutofcontext

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Monthly patreon reward for @jamesreed! Thank you so much for supporting me :)

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Please Be Real - Chapter 6 - It Is Quite a Misfortune
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