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Winter Blues

Next in Corbin in cute aesthetic outfits relating to eir season. It was weird having to draw a bit of a background. I probably could have left the window empty, but I decided to draw some seasonal trees.

I decided to keep the pattern of “freckles relating to the season” and attempted to give her sort of frost like freckles.

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do u ever have an oc that , even if they arent in the Forefront of ur artistic musings, is just always sorta There, Lurking,

anyway, made a theme song for a dnd oc i rly hope to play someday 👉👈

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the best form of human interaction is you and your friends hyping up each other’s dnd characters :)

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Joyaya when she still worked for The Sun! And her son, Figogo! They are fine, she is doing great and totally doesn’t regret working for or even associating with Pareidolia. 

Hopefully the players get to interact with her more, cause she is a hoot and has a lot to offer, despite her absolute unbridled chaos and weird personality. 

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Maldreth is trying, Zane, he is really trying

DnD content; cause i like it :(((
Anyway Zane belongs to Yesile, Maldy is my boy whom I love dearly

(Yes this is based of a tumblr post, no I don’t have the link ):, yes I will post it in the replies if I find it, yes I would appreciate help if you can find it) 

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I joined a dnd campaign a friend of mine is running

my character is a child of divorce whose stepfather is lucifer and he tries to be a good father. Their original dad left without a trace and never looked back. his mother remarried to lucifer and they hate him. my character ran away at 120 (their a wood elf) and was found by another character hissing at people on top of a dumpster and he went yes that one you are my child now.

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Out of context conversation from my session zero for a new campaign I’m starting set I’m the past of another campaign I’m also running:

New player: so how canon divergent would it be if I say… started a communist revolution?

Old payer: I mean you don’t really need to start a communist revolution, that’s kinda what we’re already doing in the other campaign just against God.

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First session back in person for a while today!!!! 

Things the players did: 

- accidentally stepped into a mushroom circle much to the amusement of local fey

- saved a man’s husband in a massively heroic fashion, ripping open the bars of the cage 

- realised the combo of hunger of hadar and then fireball is wildly effective 

- renamed their adventuring party!!!!

- defeated some trolls 

- defeated said trolls in like, less than 2 rounds 

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