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Gave my GF her birthday present early because, you know, we’re all stressed out. I’ve owed her this painting for years, but I think it turned out better because I procrastinated ;)

Her beloved tiefling, Thane

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Some shit the dnd party I’m part of got up to in the first session

Accusing the queen of having an affair with the maid (rightfully so)

Roasting the shit out of the maid for having an affair with the queen :)

Destroying a royal buffet table

Taking food from the royal buffet without asking

Being a dick to the king

Bringing a dier wolf into a book shop

Forgetting ones alignment and offering to help our rouge steal, then backing out after remembering that one’s alignment is lawful good


Distracting a barbarian-type guy by challenging him to a drink-off, then rolling a nat one for the first round

Somehow winning a drink-off

Attempting to bargain for a cheaper room at an inn

Paying full price for a room at an inn while another party member was in the middle of bargaining

Trying to carry a very drunk tiefling that is much larger than one’s self up the stairs

Falling down the stairs

Stealing a piece of the curtains

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summer’s long gone but that ain’t gonna stop me from posting this

fun summer 90s/80s vapor wavey style of my tiefling/eladrin girl dulcet

commission me for something like this or see more art on ninapedia dot art

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more roshan sketches… academy era roshan and some of his go-to disguises. he’s an arcane trickster so his limited magic is mainly illusory!

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