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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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For getting up: I bought a super loud annoying alarm clock that I put across the room from my bed. I HAVE to get out of bed to turn it off. Granted I have gotten back in bed before but if I do that I set an alarm on my phone.

This is good! thanks!!

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I feel like a cat … ate, slept, and ate again.. often too sleepy 🌌 🌙

Чувствую себя котом… поела, поспала и снова поела..😶 часто слишком сонная 🌌🌙


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I’ve always been prone to nightmares. Maybe they aren’t necessarily nightmares. Whatever they are, they are definitely bad dreams. Sometimes they go away and I forget I ever had them. But then they always come back, as if they were never gone. Anytime I fall asleep they’re there. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night. I remember when I was a child I had them every night. They went away for a while and came back when I was maybe 16 or so. I thought it was my medication that made them so vivid. Maybe it was. Anyway, they’re back again. 

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That was a super stressful dream. I can still feel the frustration after waking up. Hopefully leaving isn’t going to be that stressful when this whole thing is over.

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