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That moment when you fall asleep and your niece comes up to you because she can’t eat a cake without someone cutting a slice for her so you tell her you’ll cut her a slice and in that moment you get sleep paralysis and then wake up just to text her mom about it and turns out your niece also just recently went to sleep hahahaha

I hope if I do fall asleep again soon that she gets the cake she asked for 😂

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I was JUST settling to sleep at fucking 2:30am when I heard my youngest brother YELL and I have this problem where I hear things that aren’t really there so I’m wide fucking awake now unsure if he really did yell or it was another instance of me hearing a sound that doesn’t exist– nope he’s definitely awake and he’s babbling loudly, how tf am I gonna sleep now

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yesterday we realized this

all day the ANPs crave night and sleep- a break from their busy days and the stress of daily life

at night, the EPs fight sleep- dreading what the next few hours has for them, trying to distract from the memories and voices with anything social media has to offer until they can’t keep our eyes open any longer.

and then repeat.

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I just woke up, haha.. and it’s night time, oh my. I hope that you have a good night filled with the most delicious smiles that I would love to put my mouth on 😳 haha - eUë

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