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My inspiration

Haunts my brain longing for peace

Until it’s appeased

-haunted turtle 🐢

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Geez I really need to polish up my figure drawing and gesture drawing. My characters be look’n like sticks sometimes


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the only reason i actually ever go to bed is beacuse my mutuals either a) make some post about not wanting to sleep or b) we live in the same timezone and its late as fuck

so we make a deal to go to sleep if the other one does and not gonna lie thats the only reason im still somewhat functioning

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Me: walks into bedroom and sees BF sleeping in the middle of our bed

Him: wakes up a little as I get ready for bed

Me: “hey, you’re in the middle of the bed, want me to move the pillows for you?”

Him: “no, I’m okay. Thanks though” and goes back to sleep.

… in the middle of the bed.

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How Do You Make Money While You Sleep? Insights To Help You Understand And Leverage Opportunities In The $79 Billion Sleep Industry

How Do You Make Money While You Sleep? Insights To Help You Understand And Leverage Opportunities In The $79 Billion Sleep Industry

Tired young women falling asleep at her desk.

 In the world of sleep, business is booming. According to a 2019 Statista report, the sleep-health industry which includes anything from bedding, sound control, sleep consultants and prescription sleep aids is collectively estimated to be worth around $79 billion in the USA and has historically grown by more than 8% a year. Premium mattresses,…


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Sleeping is easy, unless you have to. Then you’re existing at the speed of light when you have to be up in 4 hours. Also you’ve been in bed for he last 2.

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Dear diary,

I’m in bed. It’s 4:21am. I’m not even tired.

I got up at 2pm today and we walked the dog through the fields for 2 hours! It was a beautiful sunny day and I loved it. The wind was beautiful in my lungs and the sun on my skin, as I watched her run through the grass, enjoying herself.

Then we had a clean of the house and enjoyed a takeaway and spent the night with all the animals on the sofa. It was a nice day.

It’s a shame I couldn’t enjoy it 100% due to depression and anxiety and these stupid fucking intrusive thoughts getting in my way, but at least it was a silver lining on an otherwise dark cloud.

I’ve got to get up extra early tomorrow as we’ve got a long walk and then are going for a Sunday dinner. Excited to get back out there with the sun on my face and the wind in my hair and forget the world exists.

I’m wide awake. Typical. Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight with no nightmares or keep waking up. Wish me luck.

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last night i slept 13 hours, then i took a 3 hour nap.

the night before i slept 2 hours and no nap


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Quería dormir poco y mal pero contigo.

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When you turn off the light and walk to your bed, open the window and let me in, who knows, I could show you the stars for all eternity as you fall to a deathlike sleep…

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sleeping with the sound of rain dripping onto your window is heavenly

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Once more I shall attempt to enter the realm of sleep. Hopefully this time will be more effective.

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Guide To The Albanian Riviera: What To Do, Where To Sleep, Eat & More

Guide To The Albanian Riviera: What To Do, Where To Sleep, Eat & More

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A stretch of shoreline along the Albania coast from Vlorë (Vlore) and Palasë (Palasa) in the North to Sarandë (Saranda) and Ksamil in the South – the Albanian Riviera; that’s where you’ll find the best-hidden beaches in Europe.
The coast of Albania is the perfect place for a holiday with history, natural beauty, and…


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