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bri-briii16 hours ago
AITA for cheating on the guy my ex boyfriend cheated on me with by kissing my ex boyfriend?
My ex boyfriend [m20] cheated on me [m25] with this guy, dream, [m22] at a party and my friend/roommate [m23] told me about it. At first i didn't believe my friend because my ex boyfriend said it was just his identical twin who dressed exactly like him but the guy responded to one of his tweets and confirmed it :(. I started talking with the guy and it turns out he didn't even know my ex was in a relationship and he turned out to be pretty sweet. Once he carried all my books home for me and bought me a latte and when i said I didn't like whipped cream he scraped it off with a spoon and ate it. He works at our college's iguana shelter too :) The one red flag is that he doesn't think england exists but i can fix him!
i invited to him to a party I was having with my roommates but my ex showed up and said Dream was lying and he never cheated on me. obviously i believed him! but then this guy [m26] who i think is my roommate's [m20] estranged father dumped his drink on my ex's head and he left. the next morning when i was sober i realized he was lying to me again :(((.
Anyway after my ex had been harassing me on twitter again i hooked up with him as a rebound. then i hooked up with him again. after this we went to a club with him but my ex showed up AGAIN and called me his butter cupcake snickerdoodle and i mean i kind of HAD to hear him out but then i ended up making out with my dreamy creamy to make him jealous. but then my scrittly scroot (dream) asked me what we were and i said friends! of course! but apparently not?? i told him i wasn't ready for a relationship after what happened with my ex and we ended things. i felt really bad so i chewed on some lamp shades to feel better
i ended up going to miami to take a break to feel better about things, and i planned to stay in a villa that my friend [25] from england lent us. it turned out that my friend also was dricklepoo's neighbor and gave him and his roommate [24] the house too. i was unaware of this so when i heard someone else in the villa i hid in the fridge but it turned out it was just my twinkle dwinkle :) the house was too big for everyone to get their own room so i offered to share with him.
then i ate four bananas in the kitchen with him and he didnt have his shirt on (it was a whole thing you wouldn't understand). we hooked up a few more times and i was starting to think i really like this silly goose! sadly my ex showed up again, broke into the villa we were staying in, and played uno with my friends. (don't worry though! he didn't win!)
i went back to the villa and talked with sapnap. little did I know that my boinky scrunge's roommate was hiding in the washing machine listening to our convo. luckily, the washing machine got turned on so he got a concussion so i could blame anything he thought he heard on that but unfortunately dream was also hiding in the laundry room and he heard our convo where my ex kissed me and then i kissed him back. but then i realized DREAM's the one i really want but it was too late he was already drinking peptobismol in sadness at the airport and he went home. then we had to rush out of the villa because it turned out my (british) friend had just had us break into a random person's house but we got out before the owners came home so it was fine!
anyway we found out through his tumblr that now he flew to disneyland to be the goofy mascot but he's already so goofy :((( i don't see why he had to do that :(((
so reddit, Am I The Asshole? i just can't imagine how this must've hurt my poor little tootsie pop
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businessbois11 hours ago
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
revenge / forgiveness (鈥渋 shall repay that injustice a thousand times over鈥/鈥漬o, no it鈥檚 not.鈥)
finishing the restaurant (3:27:17) // quackity gets betrayed (13:36) // desolate (late-august) // tommy is in l鈥檓anburg while exiled (40:22) // quackity gets betrayed (13:50) // dawn of the 16th (sad-ist) // hog hunt (sad-ist) // ozymandias (sad-ist) // dance of death (toktopus) // bittersweet (amanda fagan, wolfythewitch) // tommy gives dream his discs (1:03:08) // a new arc! (1:15:23)
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ditocandy21 hours ago
Tumblr media
POV: you鈥檙e the only human in your grp
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tadbites2 days ago
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Tumblr media
I realized I forgot to post my new c!Quackity design here lol
This is Quackity a couple weeks after the LEGACY part
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kudan99911 hours ago
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Tumblr media
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lovejoy4ka day ago
ctommy & cquackity are brothers, you can鈥檛 tell me otherwise
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gaecactae2 days ago
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hi gamers:)
woah! Lore happened huh
right so, as usual, not doing canon fanart, there鈥檚 enough of amazing artists that do these :)
I like to stay in the comfort area! Family headcanons are definitely one, so yah, I hope you like this one :D
Might even put Charlie in Awesamfam!!! Who knows!!!
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businessbois2 days ago
my opinion is that 鈥渓adderduo鈥 is dumb, 鈥渃alamityduo鈥 is vague (might as well call them 鈥渨arduo鈥) 鈥渇eatherduo鈥 is okay but i鈥檓 still unsatisfied.
and so since quackity and tommy have like twenty duo names and people will not know who i鈥檓 referring to anyways, if for some reason i ever need a shortcut name for them, i will just be calling them viceduo i do not care. they were the vice presidents. they do a little vice-having, some drugs, some gambling. vices. and they鈥檙e a duo.
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appleflavoredkitkats2 days ago
now that lore is up and running, i want to say that heavy aggression and generalizations of groups of fans will only cause those fans to not listen to points of rebuttal about a certain topic. i know aggression is compelling when you believe a certain group of people is missing the point of something in the dream smp, but typically, aggression, polarization, etc. only leads to the normalization of aggression as a way to deliver your points on tumblr. and usually, the same will return and be done to your own group. again - people don鈥檛 listen if they鈥檙e being insulted, or told to shut up, or told that 鈥測ou don鈥檛 understand鈥, etc. i highly implore people to create posts that go straight to the point without needing to insult someone. you鈥檇 be surprised by how much genuine politeness and respectfulness would make others listen to your point 馃憤馃憤馃憤
(ps. aggressive does not mean critical, be critical of the dsmp all you like but again, be respectful)
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stellocchia2 days ago
Here we go with another Overly Long Analysis!
This is part 2 of my little 3 parter thing about the streams from the 28th. You can find part one where I discussed Sapnap's stream [Here]
As always I'll be talking about the characters, not the content creators unless stated otherwise, and the dialogue is color-coded so we'll have: Tommy, Dream, Phil, Ghostboo, Jack, Quackity, Eryn
Of course, this is an Overly Long Analysis so everything is under the cut.
Tumblr media
(Little gift left from Eryn)
"If Dream really has escaped then he's gonna come for me. He's gonna come straight for me" (Turns out that Tommy really is the one who understands Dream's priorities the best, everyone else thought he'd go for his weapons first)
Tommy's first instinct is to build up his defenses: build walls, seal off the entrances, get resources, and such. He soon remembers about the Ax of Peace in the Exile area and decides that recovering has priority.
"Dream can't have the Ax of Peace! That would be far too much irony!" (Once again using humor to deal with highly stressful situations)
"The weather is such a clear juxtaposition to how I feel right now" (I just thought this was a pretty interesting example of Tommy showing he can be eloquent)
Tommy meets Tubbo outside the portal. Tubbo moves as if to follow him but Tommy shakes his head signaling him to stay put. I think that may be because, as he'd mentioned a few times, he actually expected Dream to get the ax and it is possible that he didn't want Tubbo to follow along because he didn't want to risk endangering him. (That's just a theory of course).
He gets to Logstedshire and finds the chest, but it's already empty. Dream isn't immediately noticeable when he gets out of the hole, what tips Tommy off is the now broken portal in fact:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is a pretty big callback to Dream destroying the portal in Logstedshire the last time they were there to cut off Tommy from the rest of the server. This is, in fact, a pretty good way to isolate him physically as well, since it takes quite a while for anyone to get there in the overworld.
"Hey, welcome back to exile! Welcome back! Welcome! You鈥檙e back at home!" (I find it pretty interesting that, the way that is phrased, make it sound like Dream is welcoming Tommy back to their home. Not just Tommy's home, but both of theirs)
"Give me that ax, that's not yours. You can't hold the Ax of Peace" "Oh, it wasn't yours either" "Yeah but I earned it" "Oh, how'd you earn it?" "I earned it from fighting for- for doing the right thing Dream. Something you've- stand- stand back!" "I'm not gonna hurt you... yet"
From the opening here there's a lot to say. For one thing, Dream is pretty friendly here at the start, or faux friendly at least. He's fully aware that Tommy is scared of him, it would be hard to miss, but he's still playing this charade with him. It's somewhat similar to how he acted in exile, but the danger is much more clear, and it's intended to be that way (which is obvious by the threat of "yet" there at the end).
Another thing of notice is that Tommy starts responding that he earned the ax by fighting for [Techno], but immediately switches it up by saying that he actually earned it by doing the right thing. This is a pretty big callback to him taking the decision to leave Techno's destructive ways behind and actually help his friends during the Community House scene.
The last thing is: body language. Dream, in every single scene where he's with Tommy since exile always tends to crowd in on him. Doesn't give him much space most of the time, and here's not any different.
"I'm out. That means I'm meant to be out. I earned it!" "No no, please stand back... You didn't earn it I- you didn't earn anything! You stole! You manipulated! You d- you- you- you killed- Dream! One of the last times we were here you killed me just to prove a point! You- you haven't earned anything! Stand back alright? I've got my shield up"
This does go to show that Dream didn't think that his betterment was the objective of the prison. He earned being out by simply getting out. To Tommy it seems to be the opposite, the reason why Dream hasn't earned his freedom to him is the fact that he still hurt him. The last time they saw each other Dream killed him, so of course, he didn't earn his freedom. Also, notice the sheer number of times Tommy has to ask Dream to stand back? Yeah, Dream really doesn't know what personal space is when he's around Tommy.
"Maybe I'll kill you again鈦" "Don't- no you won't" "And then I'll revive you, and then I'll kill you again, and then I'll revive you, and then I'll kill you again, and then I'll revive you" "No you won't!" "And then I'll kill you again!" *Dream approaches Tommy again and Tommy hits him* "No you fucking won't!" "Don't hit me!" "Stop speaking like that!"
Once again it's interesting to notice when the pretenses fall with Dream. Tommy just disagreed with him, putting something Dream said into question ("I'm free I deserve it" vs "No you don't") much like it happened in the prison ("I can revive people" vs "No you can't") and that's when Dream stopped pretending. That said, even in this scene Dream is using the particular "soft" tone he often uses with Tommy, most likely because he knows that that specific tone is one of Tommy's triggers.
"Hey Tommy, you wanna- you wanna drop your items in a hole?" (Once again aiming for Tommy's triggers)
"Just me and you! No one knows we're here!" *Tommy hits Dream and Dream hits back* "Tommy don't fight me" (using "don't fight me" instead of using "don't hit me" again is an interesting choice. Especially considering the fact that Dream was trying to convince him to behave like he would back in exile again. So it can be interpreted as "don't fight my conditioning" as well)
An interesting thing to notice is also that Dream repeats the fact that they're alone and no one knows where they are multiple times. The tone he uses is one of fake reassurance that is anything but. But I do wonder if he's just trying to get Tommy back in that sort of mentality or if he's also noting that for himself. He does seem to be quite happy about being back there just the two of them once more.
"You could die right now and no one would know. No one would know. No one would care" "Every- dude, people would care, alright?! You're not doing this again!" "Oh who would care?" "You get into people's heads Dream!" "Who's your friend? Who's your friend?" "You get into people's heads alright?" "Tell me who your friends are Tommy! Who's your friend?" "Tubbo! Ranboo!" "Oh okay. What about- what about- what are they doing?" "They're my friends alright! They're not- none of them are gonna stand for your shit this time!"
And we're back on Dream's good old manipulations tactics. Only this time they don't really work for 2 main reasons: the only reason why Dream was able to make Tommy doubt his friends in exile was that they had just seriously hurt him with the exile itself, right now though he's pretty confident in his friendships because things have been going smoothly, the second reason is that Tommy knows how Dream's manipulation works by now. That doesn't make him immune to it, but it does mean that he's gonna question everything that comes from Dream's mouth.
"You wanna invite them to your party, Tommy? You wanna give them a little party? Come on, let鈥檚 go to the beach! Let鈥檚 have a little party, let鈥檚 have some tea-" (Dream using traumas he caused against Tommy instance number 3)
"You know you fucked me, Tommy. You put me in prison. I rotted in there. I was tortured by Quackity! I'm sure you knew about that. I'm sure- I'm sure you let it happen- I'm sure you wanted it to happen" "What...?"
Another interesting little exchange. This is Dream shifting the entire blame of what happened to him onto Tommy (despite Tommy having nothing to do with it) for the simple reason that taking his frustration out on Tommy is more fun than taking it out on Sam (the one who actually proposed to put Dream in prison and who escorted him there) and Quackity (the one responsible for the torture) would be. Because no one but Tommy is fun it seems. Also, this is the third instance of Tommy empathizing with his abuser because of something bad that happened to him (the first was during the Disc War Finale and the second in prison), which speaks volumes about his capacity for empathy.
"Tommy, I am going to make every day for you a living hell on this earth" "No, you鈥檙e not. No, you鈥檙e not" "I鈥檓 not gonna let you die, I鈥檓 not gonna let you die" "This isn鈥檛 happening, this isn鈥檛 happening" "I can bring people back. You鈥檙e living forever. You鈥檒l be immortal, we鈥檒l be immortal and I will fuck with you every single day"
I said this before, but Dream's way of speaking about Tommy becoming immortal has shifted from "We can become immortal together" which implies that that's a possibility, not a certainty (and even implies that Tommy may have some degree of choice in the matter, even if that was never the case) to what we have now. Now it's not a possibility any longer, it's a simple fact. And any pretense of choice Tommy had before is gone with the "I won't let you die".
"You're just the big bully alright? And this is just the school cafeteria" (Tommy using metaphors to simplify complex emotions he wouldn't be able to express otherwise, it's a pretty common thing he does to deal with stuff)
"Okay. How about- how about- why don鈥檛 you experience maybe- maybe, eh, 1000 years of the afterlife, Tommy" (Dream using traumas he caused against Tommy instance number 4)
We proceed to have a chase scene that lasts several minutes. It's several minutes of psychological torture in a row. There are also quite a few interesting exchanges during it:
"You can't do any of this Dream" "Tommy" "What?" "Who's gonna stop me?" (Does this remind anyone of the "how powerful I am and how powerless you are" scene?)
"Don't fight me Tommy! Don't fight me!" (again, same point as before. Using "fight" instead of "hit" or some variation of that feels like a rather interesting choice)
"People are gonna know this time Dream, They're gonna know that you did this!" "No they're not! And everyone is gonna think I changed Tommy while I make your life a living Hell" (This probably reinforced Tommy's belief that no one would believe him about what he's been through. Something that proves to be wrong later)
"You know I'm only on one life! No I can't- I can't go through that again!" "You know what Tommy? You're not on one life!" "I can't go through this shit again!" "You have infinite lives, Tommy! You're at infite lives! You have infinite lives Tommy!" (Once again, he talks about it in the present. Meaning that in Dream's mind immortality is not a thing he has to reach anymore, it's something he already has. Or, at least, something Tommy already has)
"I don鈥檛 have infinite lives, Dream, 鈥榗ause every time you do- every time you do any of this, it hurts!" (PTSD coming back in full force)
"If this helps you sleep at night, that鈥檚 fine! But you鈥檙e gonna go down as the monster in history, alright! L鈥橫anberg is remembered as a good thing! No one鈥檚 gonna remember you as a good thing, Dream! Your legacy-! No one鈥檚 ever gonna remember you, no one鈥檚 ever gonna love you, you鈥檙e gonna be alone" (Once again the theme of Legacy coming through. Multiple people tried to destroy L'Manburg's legacy but it still lives through people like Tommy, meanwhile Tommy's right, Most people definitely don't think about Dream in positive terms)
"I'm just- I'm just toying with you again Tommy. I- I- I probably could have killed you by now if I really wanted to. This is just fun"
Btw, this is the confirmation of what I said at the beginning. Dream knows that he simply shifted the blame on Tommy once more, but he doesn't care because for him this is fun. Chasing Tommy down, making him think that he's gonna kill him (even though he didn't have any actual intention to do so), hurting him, taunting him, that's what Dream has fun doing. Also callback to the Disc War Finale with the whole "I'm just toying with you" speech.
Finally, Tommy notices Techno's and Phil's beacon and goes towards them screaming for Phil. Dream is not pleased about this, but Tommy gets to Phil before he can stop him so he retreats. (Therefore starting his whole plan to mess with Tommy while everyone else is none the wiser). Phil doesn't see Dream anywhere, but he still does believe Tommy.
"He hit me Phil- he killed me. I can't go through- I can't go through that again Phil. I've spent all this time rebuilding myself up alone. Working on my- my self-confidence, my health and I- I- I can't go through it again Phil, alright?" "It's okay, it's okay" "When he killed me that sent me down the worse spiral I've ever been- I can't-" "Tommy, Tommy, you're safe"
This is the second time that day that Tommy tried to explain what happened to him amidst a full-blown panic attack (the first time was when he was explaining why Dream was bad to Eryn and Michael). Also, Phil tries his best here to calm him down, but, admittedly, there isn't much he can actually do.
"No Phil he was just there! I'm so- you- you believe me?! He was just there! Minutes before!" "I believe you. I- It's okay. It's okay. I believe you" (Again, Tommy is terrified of not being believed. Partly due to what Dream said, for sure, but partly also because he's been branded a liar before and people do generally assume the worst of him)
Tommy hides out in Phil's base and there's a little scene where he sees Wilbur's picture and sighs in relief (still finding safety in his older brother figure).
"Phil, I saw him break out of prison. I saw- did I see you? Did I see- I saw him, and Techno, and Ranboo I think, were you there?" "Yeah... yeah. Tommy, I- I got something to tell you. I... I- I helped- I helped break him out" "Phil... why? Why would you do that Phil? You don't- you- why- why- tell me why you did that, right now!" "Techno" "Tell me no reason I shouldn't burn down your entire house too, Phil" "Techno had to repay a favor" "So it wasn't your favor" "No" "Please just tell me I can trust you Phil!" "You can trust me, you can trust me" "Ever since L'Manburg I haven't- I- you know I haven't been able to go near anyone properly"
Okay, wow, long one. Alright, 3 things to say here:
1) This is an interesting look into Phil's mentality. Techno had to repay a favor so they were justified in freeing Tommy's abuser from prison. It was just a business transaction after all, freedom for the favor to be considered repaid. The consequences this would have on everyone else aren't even part of the equation for him.
2) Tommy's trust issues come back in full force. They have originated from a lot of things: Eret betraying them in the original war, Wilbur during Pogtopia, Dream during Pogtopia, Techno's betrayal, Tubbo betraying his trust by going back on his decision during the exile debacle, Dream's manipulation, and so on. Definitely having just passed a stressful 15 minutes with his abuser trying to convince him that no one cared once again didn't help
3) Much like we did for Tubbo, we now have the confirmation that Tommy too hasn't felt like he belonged to a community since L'Manburg. Which makes Phil's speech afterward about how they valued material items too much feel even more laughable and detached from reality.
"I get you didn't mean that, but sometimes Phil it's not- even for the right price Phil you have a r- r- r- a responsibility. You've not done the right thing" "I've done the right thing by Techno" "But Techno doesn't always do the right thing Phil!"
I'm guessing that here Tommy sees himself in Phil. Or, more so, how things could have gone for him, and he doesn't like it. Because he was in the same position before, he could have "done right by Techno" as Phil put it and stuck with him during the Community House confrontation. But he didn't, because to Tommy people have a responsibility to do the right thing, and destroying L'Manburg wasn't it.
"I wanted to make money because there's nothing else more valuable to me because I have no value" (He always sprinkles little self-deprecating sentences like this in the middle of his rants and it's rather worrying ngl)
"Fucking psychopath, he knows me so fucking well Phil" (Yeah, Dream by now can predict Tommy with ease most of the time. Not enough to find him boring, but enough for his stalkerish behaviour to be possible)
"The first thing he does when he gets out of prison is torment a child. I swear to God, I'm gonna fucking murder this Teletubby piece of shit next time I see him" (Guess we know Phil's opinion on the matter then. Also this does make Tommy feel a lot better)
"Will you walk me back to my base? I don't like it here in the snow. It reminds me of when I used to stay in there hiding from Dream. Ha... I'm just back, aren't I? My life is just one big hidey-hole from Dream, Phil. I've got no substance" (Once again, his self-deprecation coming through)
"If me and you are friends then Dream will know and he'll come for you, alright?" (A few examples of this in the past are Dream trying to kill Ghostbur, Dream killing MD, and Dream trying to kill Tubbo. All of them because they were close to Tommy. So this isn't an unfounded fear that Tommy has)
"He's gonna make me sound crazy, Phil! He's gonna make me sound fucking insane, but I'm not! I know I'm not!" (Now this is entirely a result of what Dream said previously. The fact that no one would believe Tommy because he'd make them think he changed while he's torturing Tommy. Which, btw, Dream tries to do immediately with Sapnap and fails miserably)
"Why did you- why did you do L'Manburg Phil? Why did you blow it up? Because you didn't- you know you and Techno didn't have to. You didn't have to" "We kinda did. It's the only way to get through. With, like, the message. I'm sorry you had to go through that" "What was- what was the message? I did Phil! I really had to go through it! You don't even know what I've had to go through!" "The message was Tommy- right, the message was Tommy that there's more important things than material items in this world. There's more important things than a country in this world. People- people are way more important, they're valuable, they're not here forever, okay?"
Let's take this one at a time again:
1) Tommy completely demolished Phil's point on why L'Manburg needed to be destroyed by simply not understanding the message. Proving once more that violence is not a universal language. People don't learn anything valuable through violence, they only learn to be scared of those harming them
2) One of the richest people in the server telling one of the poorest that he and the other rich f*cks had to teach the poor that material items weren't that important is just hypocrisy at its finest.
3) Phil went on a whole rant about how people are more important, which is fair, but Tommy mentioned just a while before how L'Manburg WAS people. L'Manburg was the only thing that gave many of them a sense of community. By destroying it Phil and Techno only harmed the people, they didn't teach them anything, they just split them up. Took away their sense of community, their sense of belonging
Also, Phil gave Tommy a speech about how better he must feel now that he's free of responsibility as if Tommy hadn't mentioned just a couple of minutes before that he'd been living in a never-ending spiral of bad mental and physical health ever since. Like, Phil, please.
"Sometimes is not just about the materials or the nation it's about- it's about the meaning behind it. You know my discs Phil?" "Yeah" "They're not just music discs now. They're a sign of victory, a sign of progression, a sign of- of- of health. I- I won something Phil! Because you know me, you know of- of my past histories, I never used to win, even before this Dream SMP I was always on the losing side. That was proof I won something"
This is the first time that Tommy actually put into words why the discs matter. Why everything matters actually. Because there are memories tied to the things we surround ourselves with. They are reminders of good times, sometimes reminders of bad times. But, regardless, it's natural and healthy to develop an attachment to things, as long as it doesn't become excessive (like, if you build a shrine made of pure gold for the things you're attached to maybe you've gone a tad too far).
"And now look back where we are, I'm just a shell! An anxious, paranoid, traumatized shell Phil! And it's-" "You're not. You're not Tommy. You're so much stronger than that, you're so much more than that" (This stream is truly the self-deprecation fest for Tommy. That said, it was about time someone actually told him out loud that he's worth more than he thinks)
"I forgive you for L'Manburg Phil. Not everyone else, not the incident itself, but you"
Now, I wanted to talk about this because A LOT of people complained about it. Before I say anything, it's important to take note of the fact that Tommy is forgiving Phil and only Phil on a personal level. He's not saying that he agrees with him, he's not saying that he's forgiving Doomsday as a whole, just Phil.
Why? Well, he mentions later that he appreciates Phil taking the time to explain things. Despite everything Tommy still holds the original values of L'Manburg, aka words over violence. To him, someone who uses words will always be stronger. Therefore this already makes him more inclined to forgiveness. On top of that there's the fact that Tommy agrees with part of what Phil is saying, he agrees that people are worth more than anything, he's shown this before. He doesn't agree with Phil's methods, but he agrees with that message. And also, of course, he was in an extremely vulnerable state of mind at that moment. He's been in an incessant self-deprecation spiral intermitted with panic attacks the whole day and Phil is the one who helped him with it, of course, he's gonna be grateful.
That said, after that discussion Tommy explains that he needs to put up some walls to protect the area of his base. Eryn gets there as well.
"Tommy's having a bit of a moment. He's, uh, he's working through it. He's working through it. I'm proud of him. I'm proud of him" (Pretty sure it's been a long ass time since anyone said they were proud of Tommy)
Eryn pushes Tommy a bit too much on what happened (not maliciously, he was just confused) and Tommy lashes out a bit and asks him to leave.
"We need Shroud, my beloved pet, in a box and safe. We need to make sure that nothing can happen to him. I can't- I can't relive what went through with Henry" (Just saying, the pet wars also gave him some traumas)
"You look different" "Yeah because I'm- it's because I'm dead" (Can't believe that people don't actually realize he's dead unless he tells them)
"Take this for a sec" *Tommy throws an allium to Ranboo* "Calm yourself" "Uuuuh, thank you! I like these ones! These ones are great" "Me too" (Allium duo moment everybody. Also Tommy actually admitted he likes flowers for once)
Ghostboo expresses a worrying amount of dislike towards Ranboo. It's pretty much the opposite of Wilbur as a situation. He does have all his memories though. And he gives Tommy an enchanted golden apple.
"When I take damage, especially if it's from Dream, it doesn't just hurt my body, it hurts my mind, alright?" (For those who think Tommy has "gotten over his fear of damage already" the answer is no, he's still traumatized)
"This is too much for one boy to handle" (Again, to those wondering if he's actually meant to be a kid? Yes, yes he is)
Quackity contacts Tommy and tells him to meet him in the Holy Land so that's where they meet, on top of the Holy Land's Tower. To be exact Quackity finds Tommy on a precarious wooden platform, which freaks him out quite a bit. Especially since it's the second time that Quackity sees Tommy on the edge of an extremely tall building. Still, after getting him back inside he tries to help Tommy. First he tries to get Tommy to accept the fact that Dream DID escape and that he IS out. Then he tries to get him to relax.
"You can't live under paranoia. I lived under paranoia, it started fucking with my brain and so much shit happened" (Quackity also being rather self-aware)
"First of all, as much as I appreciate this acting like a bit of a big brother I just, you know- I just- I've been with Wilbur. You know, after all that Las Nevadas stuff it's- you know it's still a little..." *Quackity laughs* "No no Tommy. No no no, forget about Wilbur. Listen, this is not- nothing to do with Las Nevadas. Forget Las Nevadas, forget Wilbur" (Not much to say, I just found it interesting that Tommy immediately assumed this was some kind of ploy)
Quackity actually takes off his armor to make Tommy more comfortable. Which is actually a big thing for both of them, for Tommy because he's generally the one in the weaker position when it comes to gear, and for Quackity because he generally doesn't trust many other people to do it around them.
"He fucking-! The first thing he does after getting out of jail is go and see you and- and fucking-" (..) "Stop! Tommy, first things first: you're not insane. Okay? Listen to me, you're not insane. That guy's a piece of shit, I think you and me know it very well, that guy's a fucking- he's the scum of Earth. I fucking hate him, Tommy, I despise him okay? I know what he's capable of, I know what he's done, okay?" (Once again, we know what Quckity's opinion on what happened is. Less surprising from him but he did manage to keep Tommy from spiraling)
"Listen, do walls help you feel safe? More comfortable? Less overwhelmed?" "Yes, I've got a good history with them. Whenever I've been in a wall with my friends it's been lovely! Those were the good times-" "Okay, listen, there you go"
Another moment that's important to both of them. For Quackity, walls have always been something that made him feel excluded, left out, which is why he's making sure that they're actually a good thing for Tommy before handing him over the materials for them (and he gives him obsidian and yellow concrete to emulate L'Manburg's walls, which was just lovely). Meanwhile, for Tommy they've always been a good thing, they remind him of a time when he was safe and content.
"I don't trust anyone but I think- I think I've learned something and it's that, if someone's looking out for you, at least one person, it doesn't hurt to have that person around, okay? I'll be that person for you Tommy, if you ever need anything from me, if you ever want anything just let me know" (Quackity is basically offering to be for Tommy what Slime was for him, someone Tommy can trust fully and that's unconditionally loyal to him)
Quackity mentions that he has people in Las Nevadas who protect him, and asks Tommy if there's someone who does that for him. Since Tommy denies that Quackity hands him his own armor so Tommy can get a full set of netherite. Again, normally Quackity is the one receiving armor, it's a big ass thing for him to be the one to give it away. Also, they canonically hugged.
On the way back Tommy meets Sam. Tommy is pissed at him for not improving the security after he himself broke in, meanwhile, Sam is just really glad that Tommy is alive. Sam also tells Tommy that Dream is gonna come for him (which Tommy definitely knew already), gives him a full set of enchanted netherite armor, and begs him not to go after Dream (Tommy promises, but he does so keeping his fingers crossed). Tommy asks Sam to keep an eye out for him and his base, and then they part ways.
"Oh dude, I feel safe in here man! This is just- I feel safe!" (A reminder of home was all he needed to feel a bit safer again)
Sam arrives to give Tommy some more obsidian and Tommy gives him one of his diamonds as payment (so guess Sam WAS keeping an eye out for the base). Jack arrives at the scene as well and Ghostboo immediately traps him in a box to the confusion and slight horror of Tommy.
"Dude, Jack, I don't wanna see you, your such a host- hotel-stealing piece of shit" (Guess Tommy is still upset about that. The resentment still goes both ways for them)
"Look, I don't give a shit about seeing you either, I just wanted to make sure you were alive and look: here you are, you're fine" "Why would you make sure I'm ali-?" "I just wanna make sure you're alive! That's fine! Dream's out, I just-"
Jack's feelings on Tommy are obviously still conflicted. But him checking on him to make sure he's alive still speaks volumes about the affection he still feels for him. Despite everything, they've gone through. It's also interesting how confused Tommy is about Jack thinking he could die, especially since he feared the same himself during the meeting with Dream. I don't know if it's because Tommy is more aware than he seems and he knows that Jack had wanted him dead before or if there's another reason for the confusion.
"No, you know what Jack? I- I- I- As ridiculous as this sounds I- you- you were there for- for when- for the good old days when it all started. I could do with you- will you help me? I need to put up these walls Jack" "Why should I? Why should I? When did you help me?" "Jack I'm not safe. And I- I need help. I can't always have Philza in the call with me going 'it's all gonna be alright mate', please" (...) "Please Jack. You remind me of a simpler time" "Why? Every time I do this, every time you go 'I'm in danger-" "Oh fine! Don't help me Jack Manifold! Fucking Hell man! It's not that big a deal!" "*sigh* I'm glad you're fine" "Thanks man"
This is actually the most productive conversation they had in a long time. They still talked past each other a bit, but way less than in other situations. Another thing that is worth noting is that, to Tommy, the friendship with Jack is important for the same reason the discs are important: he makes him think of better times, most likely actually making him feel safe, despite everything that happened between them. And lastly, Jack is clearly really conflicted. He resents Tommy deeply for a multitude of reasons, but still can't help worrying, and he's clearly frustrated with himself more than with Tommy at one point because hearing that Tommy is in danger probably made him as himself if he should help him after all. Also, the whole encounter ended on a positive note which is more unique than rare for them.
And, with Jack, all the people who are aware of Dream's obsession with Tommy checked up on him. No matter their current relationship with Tommy, knowing that was enough for all 3 of them to worry greatly.
Tumblr media
(Phil's gift)
"Wilm isn't Wil- Like, to do with Wilbur though, is he? 'Cause Wilbur makes me feel safe, but in the kind of way that, like, having a knife- like two people shooting guns at each other makes you feel safe. Like, you got one at your side, but you also have one that's just not. And that's how I feel safe when I'm with Will. I don't feel, like, safe" (So, Wilbur is basically a double-edged sword to Tommy. He makes him feel safe to a certain degree, but he's also scared of getting hurt. And Wilbur is just as scared of people being afraid of him. These two would really benefit from a good talk)
"Ranboo, Ranboo, look at me, look at me, Ranboo, Ranboo" "Yes?" "Flowers duty? Can you get yellow flowers? Ghostboo, thank you" *Ranboo picks some yellow flowers from Tommy's lawn* "No, not these flowers, these are nice flowers" (Flower boy Tommy. Also I don't know if those are still the flowers that Ranboo planted for him, but it's still telling that that's the only memorial made for his death that Tommy keeps around)
"So why- why- why were you [Ranboo] in a prison?" "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Sam just like- Sam just like- what happened right? Was like, Sam was just like *noises* 'I know what you- I know what you've done! You have to get in this prison' you know? And I was just like 'heh?' and then he was just like 'Oh, no, you need to be in here' and then uh-" "Wait, what have you done?" "I don't know man. Probably something bad"
So, we have the confirmation that Sam found out something Ranboo has done. If he was locked in prison for it, it probably was him exploding the TNT on top of the prison. After all, there is very little Sam would lock people up for: messing with the prison, helping Dream, and Connor seem to be the only possibilities. Sam could have found out about Ranboo helping to blow up the community house instead, or him helping Dream with the discs as well though. I just see the other option as more probable considering how seriously Sam always took the prison.
"Connor, by the way, never get locked up in prison with that guy, he will tell you everything you never wanted to know" (Connor lore?)
Ghostboo proceeds to tell Tommy and Phil what happened after he got out of the prison and how he died, but didn't receive much of a reaction from it. Ghostboo proceeds to recommend them death (wtf cc!Ranboo?) and Tommy answers he's been through it already and, while he didn't become a ghost (whether because he wasn't dead long enough, or if he was and just doesn't remember we don't know), he hated it. Tommy also asks about Ghostbur and Ghostboo mentioned that he kinda saw him, but didn't interact with him because he was crying and Ghotboo didn't know what to do about it.
They finally complete the initial layer of the wall.
"What does Dream wanna do to you? Is it kill?" "Hm, I think so. Kill, torture, murder, blow up my base, hit my family, yeah, sure" (Tommy be like: 'if I'm casual about this, I can avoid having my 20th panic attack today, it's genius!')
"If there's a fire on the outside. But last that I- last that I talked with Dream he only uses manipulation and stabbing. So, uh, I don't think he's used fire a lot" (Not much to say, he's just right)
"Oh, I really don't wanna obstruct this view [the view from the bench] though... Phil, what'd I do?" "Oh, you'll have to decide" "Oh, I don't want- this is my happy view!" (The bench is another thing that is important because of the meaning behind it, as it contains a lot of Tommy's happy memories. And not only his)
Tommy invites the other two to listen to one of his discs once he's satisfied with the walls. Ghostboo enthusiastically agrees and chooses Mellohi. Phil and Ghostboo have another conversation where Phil asks how come Ranboo only had one life, and Ghostboo responds that he has no idea.
"I miss Schlatt man. Well, okay, I really don't, he was actually awful. I just- I miss- I miss that one moment in that ball I had with Schlatt. Like, the perfect moment" (Again, nothing to add, it was just interesting)
Eryn arrives as well. He asks if he can sit on the bench as well, and gets extremely happy when he's given permission. The respect for the bench and what it represents in this stream was really nice. Also, Tommy asks Eryn to get him some gravel and sand, and he actually did it. Commitment.
Tommy and Eryn tear down "Poo House", which was the house Tommy made for Eryn since he wasn't using it and it was slightly obstructing the view from the bench. Then Tommy notices that Ghostboo was singing and stops him, as apparently if Ghostboo sings or dances he ceases to exist for good.
"Maybe I get a more aggressive stance and hunt him down. I don't know, there's just a big Dream problem that's gonna cause me anxiety until either he's dead or I'm dead" "I can- I can- I can help you out, 'cause, you know..." "Are you a fan of Dream or not? 'Cause it's unclear" "I'm a fan, look, man, I'm a fan of you" "Okay, thank you, but you avoided the- are you a fan of Dream? Because if you are then-" "I don't- I don't know the guys, like-" "No! That's- I've explained to you-" "Okay, I'm not, I'm not! I'm not, I'm not, I'm a Dream hater" "Okay, good"
This is just further proof that Eryn only cares about 2 things: Tommy and chaos. In fact, this same day Eryn got the chance to help a group of people (that didn't contain Tommy) to hunt down Dream and kill him, but he refused to do so because he didn't have enough information to decide if he thought that Dream deserved death or not. And yet, as soon as Tommy said that he may be going after Dream to kill him, Eryn immediately offered his help, with no hesitation. Likewise, he literally now decided that he's gonna be against Dream, not because he has any more info to judge whether he likes the man or not, just because his friend needed him to. It feels very "early clingy duo" of them.
They mess around for another couple of minutes and then the stream ends.
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