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moriphyte · 18 hours ago
wilbur: our characters have a platonic psycho-competitive relationship that could be interpreted as romantic
quackity: …ya our characters totally fucked
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ithinkdogshouldvote · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Au where wilbur offers to let dream crash at the burger van next to las nevadas and tries to make quackity jelly on the way there :)
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dreamholic · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing(s): dreamwastaken x gender neutral reader, georgenotfound x gender neutral reader, sapnap x gender neutral reader, karl jacobs x gender neutral reader, quackity x gender neutral reader
summary: you call them by their real name instead of a nickname.
warning(s): use of dream and quackity’s real names. the use of sapnap’s name once. use of the nickname bubs on karl’s since people don’t like that one for some reason ?
Tumblr media
DREAM: has the shock of his life when you call him clay. like karl, he thinks you’re mad at him for something he did. he tries to figure out what he did as he walks to the kitchen to you. “yeah?” he asks when he’s unable to come up with anything he did wrong, watching you clean the dishes. it couldn’t be the dishes, right? today is thursday, your day to clean the dishes. “clay, can you get patches some more food while i finish here?” he winces, having hoped you just decided to call him clay for once but nope. “okay,” he mutters, doing as you told him to but can’t help himself and asks, “did i do something wrong, baby?” he watches your expression carefully as he sets patches’ bowl on the floor. your brows furrow, looking over your shoulder at him. “i don’t know, did you?” you’re immediately suspicious of him after that but he shakes his head, “no, no i mean like— you’re calling me clay instead of babe or even dream. you only call me clay when you’re mad at me or being serious.” “oh,” you shrug, turning back to the sink. when you don’t say anything, he grows more concerned. “baby,” he whines slightly, “i’m sorry for whatever i did.” your lips twitch up, listening as he continues to whine and make promises that he’ll make it up to you. when he says, “i promise i’ll do all the house chores for a week!” you brighten up and turn to him, “really? great, thanks, babe. you can start now, i’ll go tell sapnap that you’ll do everything.” he watches in shock as you walk away to the living room, slowly registering that you tricked him. “Y/N!”
GEORGE: you have to stifle your giggles before starting with, “george, pass me my laptop charger.” he goes to grab it but halts halfway, brows furrowing. he concludes it was just a one time thing so he grabs your charger and hands it to you, expecting a kiss on the cheek or lips along with a sweet, “thanks, love!” as you always do. but he gets nothing except for “thanks, george.” and you dismiss him without another thought. he stares at you in silence and you look up at him, “what?” “don’t call me that.” “call you what? your name?” your eyebrows raise. “you don’t call me george, you— you call me love or, or gogy,” he explains hastily, cheeks turning pink at his words. you have to force your lips into a straight line, “oh? i thought you didn’t like me calling you those names since you whine all the time about it.” he huffs, cheeks turning even more pink, “y/n! don’t pretend you didn’t know.” “didn’t know what, exactly?” you can’t hide your smile this time. “that— that i like you calling me love!” you simply stare at him in silence, a satisfied smile on your lips as he soon realized, “you just wanted me to admit that, didn’t you?” “yup,” you chirp, leaning in for a kiss which he quickly dodges, “no! no kisses since you like to trick your boyfriend.”
SAPNAP: he’s busy playing valorant when you decide to do it, eyes focused on his computer screen. “hey, sapnap, what do you want for dinner?” you lean on the door frame, knowing he’s only in call with punz as he plays and neither are streaming. he doesn’t answer, making you furrow your brows. you’re sure that he can hear you, his volume is never loud enough just in case something happens, but you step forward and tap him on the shoulder anyways, “sapnap. what do you want for dinner?” he still doesn’t answer, making you huff only to hear punz ask through his headphones, “dude, y/n’s asking you a question.” sapnap still doesn’t answer. you roll your eyes, crossing your arms over your chest, “oh really? that’s how it’s going to be? nick!” he keeps silent. “jesus, fine! what do you want for dinner, baby?” you emphasize the pet-name and he finally turns around, sending you a sweet smile, completely different than his blank look from earlier. “how about some sushi?” “dude,” you hear punz laugh as you roll your eyes and start to leave the room, “you’re unbelievable.” “don’t call me sapnap again! love you.”
KARL: freezes the moment you say “karl”, trying to think of something he did to upset you. can’t think of anything so he decides to play it safe and tentatively asks, “yeah?” he’s confused when all you do is ask him to do something simple and not at all torturous. stays quiet, deciding to just forget about it but it doesn’t leave his mind for the rest of the day, not to mention he also notices the other times you continue to call him by his real name. he ends up not being able to take it close to dinner time, “okay, what did i do wrong? ‘cause you’ve been calling me karl all day and a hundred percent of the time, you call me bubs. so—” he’s confused at how you start giggling, cutting him off. “i was just waiting to see how long it’d take you to confront me,” you explain through your laughter. he stares at you before giggling in amusement and a huge amount of relief, “thank god. can you call me bubs now? because hearing you say karl directly to me makes me want to be asleep forever.”
QUACKITY: “alex, do you think i should buy this?” you tug him closer to you so he can look at your phone but all he does is stare at you. “alex? … alexis?” he simply blinks at you with a blank face. you stare back at him in confusion, “dude. quackity. do you even hear me?” he then decides to open his mouth, “who is alex?” you give him a bitchy stare, “um, you?” he shakes his head, turning back to his computer and staring at it with his jaw clenched slightly. your lips twitch at the sight, knowing he’s not really mad but just being dramatic and salty. “quackity.” “nope, don’t know who that is. why are you talking about another guy?” you scoff, “oh, sorry, honey. happy now, cutie? oh, or how about handsome? or—” “jeez, okay i get it!” his cheeks flush lightly, avoiding your stare with how quick you seemed to turn the situation on him instead of the other way. “ … i like honey.”
Tumblr media
tiktok series. library.
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fernlessbastard · a month ago
Tumblr media
Felt like drawing Quackity so--
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gogogy · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
i might've put way too much time into drawing his hat
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quackcito · 2 months ago
How to cheat on a exam by Alex Quackity [translation].
This was one of my favorite clips from the spanish stream. I find it very funny to translate and share it. I hope to be able to bring more translations with better quality LMAO
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haiyouchashaobao · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Animated Poster for Redemption Tickets
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autumnandolives · a month ago
dsmp x fem reader as pictures i found on pintrest plus dating hcs again because i can
a/n: was i gone for months only to return with this? yet another one of these? yes.
Tumblr media
☆i know this has been said before, but this man is protective of you
☆you want to go outside when its cold?
"baby, you cant go outside without a jacket"
☆oh but you dont have a jacket???
"here babe, take mine."
Tumblr media
☆ok so hes not that into physical affection
☆but, say you were long distance, and yall were meeting up for the first time
☆the running into each others arms
☆him whispering in your ear
"y/n love, im so glad youre here, but i do need to breath a some point."
Tumblr media
☆oh my god he buys you so many candles. its so random but. yes.
☆oh did i mention matching lighters??
☆like for valentines day
☆you expect a normal present like a necklace, but oh nonono
"y/n babe, heres your gift, its because our love burns so bright"
☆(bonus points if he puts it in fancy necklace box)
(i might steal this one for an actual fic lol, anyone want it???)
Tumblr media
☆just hanging out on the train is your favourite activity
☆so of course you drag your boyfriend along as well
☆you guys just sit like this for hours, not caring who sees
☆eventually it’s time to go home so you get up and walk home under the streetlights together
Tumblr media
☆chat didn’t believe that you two were dating, (*cough* they didn’t believe quackity could get YOU *cough*)
☆so quackity took this picture and posted it on his instagram story with the caption
“see, y/n IS my s/o and she is not being held hostage.”
☆you later appear on stream and chat goes wiiiillld
Tumblr media
☆wilbur took you to a museum he loved.
☆he took you to all the “undiscovered” areas
☆when y’all were alone in front of his favourite painting y’all kissed
☆which led to a full-on make out session
☆which also led to you guys being kicked out after a staff member found you two
☆worth it
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bleetingramz · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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quackarl · 4 months ago
dating alex quackity would include!
Tumblr media
very big on rubbing your soft cheeks and looking into your eyes and using it as an excuse to get close to you
you better not tell anyone but he would wake you up in the middle of the night if he was having hard time falling asleep saying its an emergency and then just tell you he loves you
and he'd also have to act funny and tell you he likes you more than a friend
but you know better than not to play along
"oh wow thanks alex, i thought we've already established that"
"oh nah that must've been just a dream you had. look at you taking so many l's right now" he says WHILE literally cuddling closer to you
but those late night talks when you actually get to see the soft and tired non-chaotic side of him and hear his voice be so low and soft as well. <3 i bet his gentle and quiet voice is so comforting
would also make some cute little sleepy sounds and sighs in his sleep that you get to hear every night
when he’d walk into the room during the day and just see you laying on the bed just mindlessly scrolling through your phone, it'd be an open invitation for him to immediately approach you
but at first he'd slowly approach you like he doesn't know what to do or how to properly express he wants to cuddle and pretending he'd never seen you before or pretending like he didn't know who you were ( ͡ಠ . ͡ಠ) and totally pretending like he doesn't want to get close to you or do couple-y things ( ͠◔ . ͡◔) until he'd just give in and get over himself and come cuddle you ( ͠^ ₃ ͡^)
that happens a lot. especially when you first started dating each other, he'd be cautious to show you any affection. or more like he has to play it as a "lol what if we hugged rn" joke first if he wants to hug or cuddle you and feeling lowkey embarrassed
he'd usually start by just standing or sitting or laying next to you and slowly and carefully scooting closer and closer to you until he was close enough to hug you
some nights he’d stay up playing while you were trying to sleep and he would adoringly chuckle at all of your nightly tossing and turning and other small traits you do in your sleep
you talking to him would have his undivided attention, especially off stream, he'd be very attentive to your needs and what's on your mind
would probably somehow turn a lot of things like even household chores into a playful competition
sometimes doesn’t know how to turn off that playfulness and get serious but you love him anyway
“oh, don't clean that drawer. you may find a ring there” + that smug smirk. CUE TO YOU BLUSHING
the world is about to know too that he has found his s/o when he'd sing some love songs on stream and be a little too into it
or crack 'jokes' about his 'single days being over' but make them sound a little too serious
would grab your hand and just guide it to his hair so you could play with it
but not before giving your hand a little smooch
he's a gentleman
he'd pout at you when you’re crying >:(
honestly you'd laugh at everything he says and vice versa
sometimes it’s more of like a giggle he does
but he claims ‘he doesn't fucking giggle
random selfies sent to you with captions like ‘hey If I was the judge I’d sentence you to my bed' when you know he's actually studying for his law exams
purposely creeping in the background of your selfies
twitter enjoys them though
or maybe even a hand around your waist in mirror selfies or his head on your shoulder. that's the furthest he'd go at first
listening to his screams while he streams
he would occasionally call you to him to check out something totally not stupid he wants to show you
“aye AYE aye come see this!!! no no no this one’s important!!”
that’s what he said the last time as well and it was a stupid soap opera he was watching and he wanted to recreate an overly stupid pick up line on you and then ask you to rate his performance
“so what’d you think?? chat chat CHAT they’re so into it”
yeah you totally were
god forbid if you try to show some affection on stream
would just gently push you off of him and say something stupid like “CHAT my best friend just tried to hug me what do i do??!”
you know it's your cue to leave the room
Tumblr media
sooooo, my first tumblr post!! new to tumblr but not so new to the mcyt fandom! let me know your thoughts!
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saterise · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Meeting a friend
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dreamholic · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing(s): dreamwastaken x gender neutral reader, georgenotfound x gender neutral reader, sapnap x gender neutral reader, karl jacobs x gender neutral reader, quackity x gender neutral reader
summary: wiping off their kisses.
warning(s): none
note: let me know if there are any other trends you want me to write and make sure to send an example in case i don’t know what it is !! sorry it got shorter to karl and quackity’s 😭
Tumblr media
DREAM: you’re on his lap while he’s editing a video, scrolling through tiktok with earbuds in. he gives you a kiss on the cheek five minutes later. smiling at him, you ‘subtly’ wipe it off with the back of your hand. he freezes, staring at you and you raise your eyebrows at him, “what?” “did you just wipe my kiss off?” he asks and you frown, shaking your head. “okay…” he mutters, kissing you again but this time on your lips. again, you wipe it off with the back of your hand. dream stares at you incredulously, “you just did it again.” “no, i didn’t,” you deny, shaking your head. he scoffs in offense, “yes you did! what, you don’t like my kisses?” you giggle, “i’m not wiping off your kisses, dream!” he shakes his head at you, pulling you in by the back of your neck to give you a rather wet kiss on the lips, tilting his head to deepen the kiss. when he pulls away, he raises a defiant eyebrow, “try to wipe that away.” you stare at him before quickly raising your arm to wipe it away. “babe!”
GEORGE: he presses a loud kiss to your cheek, being dramatic. you shake your head at him before quickly wiping it away and he blinks in shock as you go back to your phone. he stares at you before kissing you again on your cheek, just in case you didn’t mean to. he then watches as you wipe the kiss away again. his mouth drops open, unsure of whether to feel hurt/offended or just shrug it off. “did i do something wrong?” he asks and you frown as you look up, “no, why?” “i— you…” he racks his brain to think of anything he could’ve done as you go back to your phone again. definitely texts dream and sapnap for help before sapnap realizes what you’re doing and tells george. turns to you in offense that you thought you could get away with this, even though you kinda did at first. he takes your phone away, ignoring your protests and showers you in wet and loud kisses all over your face. “can’t wipe them all away,” he mutters, pressing a kiss under your ear, “no more tiktok for you.”
SAPNAP: he’s immediately suspicious when you wipe his kiss away the first time, going to give you another kiss and watches as you wipe it away again. pokes you in the side, giving you a WTF look and you look at him in the same way, pretending to be confused. he scoffs, “wiping my kisses away? real mature.” “no idea what you’re talking about,” you feign innocence, shrugging at him. “mhm,” he mutters, going back to playing valorant but you can tell he’s still thinking about it, trying to think as to what he could’ve done to deserve this. “is this because i didn’t pick the dirty clothes up from the floor?” he turns to you 20 minutes later and you raise your eyebrow at him. “no, but thanks for reminding me of that.” he huffs, “okay, then… is this because i ate your leftovers?” your mouth drops open, “that was you? you told me it was dream!” he realizes he just snitched on himself and winces, “um…” “sapnap!”
KARL: already knows the trend but it doesn’t register in his brain until the third time you did it in the span of ten minutes. doesn’t give you a reaction and does the same thing to you later on in the day. he tries his best to not laugh when he sees your mouth drop open in shock at him, continuing to scroll through his phone. “babe!” you whine, “did you just wipe my kiss off?” he grins, finally glancing up at you, “no, why?” “liar! you totally just did.” “oh, so you can do it, but i can’t?” you huff before wrapping your arms around his neck, “fine, fine. give me a kiss now, but don’t wipe it away this time.” he giggles again, pressing kisses all over your face, “as long as you don’t do it, either.”
QUACKITY: he stares at you like you’ve grown two heads after he watched you wipe the kiss away. he’s immediately offended but also kinda hurt. tries to act nonchalant but you could tell he was like WTF. becomes clingy and definitely scatters kisses around your face that you also wipe away. around the 15th time, he realizes you’re playing with him when he sees the small smirk on your face. unable to believe that he fell for it, he gives you the silent treatment and makes you beg him for kisses. you lost, he won. will definitely pull a prank back on you because giving the silent treatment just isn’t enough.
Tumblr media
tiktok series. library.
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jschqtt · 3 months ago
schlatt, wilbur, ted, and quackity causing you to flinch
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Tumblr media
cw: flinching, implied past abuse, cursing
a/n: i didn’t like my last post about flinching, so i’m remaking it :]
schlatt didn’t mean to. he really didn’t mean to make you flinch, he was just doing a bit. he yelled at you, but it was just a joke. he noticed you flinched away from him, backing yourself into a corner, and almost blocking your face. “i’m sorry!” you’d instinctively apologized to him, even though you’d done nothing wrong. he felt awful. he didn’t know who hurt you to cause you to flinch away like that, but he swore he’d find out. “fuck- hey, look, i didn’t mean it like that. it was just a joke.. I’m sorry.”
wilbur had picked his hand up to grab something off the top shelf, but from your peripheral vision, it looked like he was going to hit you. you gave a sharp gasp, backing away from him and guarding your face. “please don’t!” wilbur immediately turned around, seeing you in a defensive state. your voice sounded so.. broken, and scared. he never wanted you to be scared of him. “oh, dear, no, no no.. I wasn’t trying to hit you, i’m so sorry. Please, don’t ever think that.. I would never do that to you.”
ted really, really didn’t mean to. he had raised his hand to grab something, but it looked like he was about to hit you in the face. “wait— i’m sorry!” you flinched, backing away from him with tears in your eyes. he felt so fucking bad, he slowly went up to you, but you continued backing away from him. “no, no, wait. i wasn’t gonna hit you, i promise! i didn’t mean to do that.. i’m so sorry, y/n.” he promises to find the person who made you so vulnerable.
quackity has a problem with being too loud, and i think we all know this. so when he gets frustrated, in turn, he gets loud. he was getting frustrated with cooking in the kitchen, so you walked in to see what was wrong. he let out a loud “what?!” in reaction to you walking in. you stumbled back, squeaking and putting your hands in front of your face in defense. “i didn’t mean to bother you! i’m sorry!” he immediately tried going up to you, “hey, wait, no. i didn’t mean that,” he paused, trying to get hold of your arm and pull it down. “i was just frustrated, i’d never actually be mad at you.. i’m sorry.”
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fernlessbastard · 3 days ago
Tnt Duo Pride Week - Day 8. Pride
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A rendered version of the doodle, I suppose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Idk I think I really fucking popped off with Wilbur's coat
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emlarrr25 · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
look guys !! theyre all living together happily and nothing bad ever happened to them!!
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heliumcake · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
alone on valentines day? pathetic
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idiotaffectionate · a month ago
Tumblr media
karl, tina, & quackity tote bags !!
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sergeant17thstreet · a year ago
techno: "spell economy" 
quackity with the full confidence of a man who knows he is about to make everyone break character for at least a minute: "a-"
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autumnandolives · 6 months ago
dsmp x reader. their lock screens.
(dream, george, sapnap, karl, quackity, wilbur)
a/n: lol not proofread.
Tumblr media
⋆ yeah he gets asked about the circumstances of this very often.
"well you see, y/n wanted to eat patches, so i took a picture."
⋆ patches was not amused.
Tumblr media
⋆ yeah you forced him into this.
⋆ you also promised that you would send him the picture.
"y/n im only doing this because now dream owes me $50."
⋆ (definitely not because he kinda wanted to try it on)
Tumblr media
⋆ ok. lemme explain.
⋆ what was supposed to be a bonfire turned out a little different.
⋆ but it was contained, so why not take a picture?
⋆ now whenever he looks at his phone he remembers to never let you near fire again.
Tumblr media
⋆ this happened on a late night walk.
⋆ he meant for it to be cute and romantic
⋆ but because you were skipping ahead, it ended up just being blurry
⋆ chaotic, just like your relationship
Tumblr media
⋆ he shows this off to his friends.
"no, look my minecraft girlfriend is real!"
⋆ ofc no one belives him
⋆ poor quackity (we all love him though)
Tumblr media
⋆ you stole his guitar and sent the picture to him
⋆ he pretended like he was mad, but he obviously wasn't
"y/n, love, thats not how you play"
join the taglist!
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gibbigabba · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
quackity but yesterdays stream
tweet says quackity without his headphones !!
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