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#dream smp

dream doesn’t care about anything, except tommys discs. those discs have sentimental value to tommy because they’re a metaphor for his friendship with tubbo. dream wants to tear their friendship apart, and he knows the discs hold power over their friendship. but while tearing tommy and tubbo apart, the very same thing is happening to himself, and he’s not even aware of what’s happening. he has already lost george and sapnap, it’s only a matter of time until they turn on him for good. 

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Dream: “I dont start problems, I help solve problems” that’s a straight up lie I dont think he has solved one issue on this server

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Dream is not playing a smart plan. He is distancing himself from the only allies he really has. I mean he still has Punz by his side, but saying he doesn’t care about anything and then dethroning George. That doesn’t help him, i don’t know what he is planning but he is creating enemies.

I want Puffy to fess up about Dream blowing up Bads base. So he will support them without asking for lots of land. Because he blew up the skeppys statue. Something bad worked on very hard.

And like I said by dethroning George and then trying to kill him. He only proves that he doesn’t care about anyone. There is this huge hole and if Dream continues like this he will lose his friends.

Now that he has beef with l’manburg and mexican L’manburg. And that they could ally with the badlands. He is powerless, he said to Quakity that even if 100 people fight him he’ll still win. I sencerally doubt that.

If Tommy is exiled i think it is eventually a good posibility he goes to Techno. He is asking to take down a tirant. Not to fight for another govement. But to take down a tirant who is controlling everyone at the moment.

And if everyone comes together, Dream is fucked. He will be all alone at the end.

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drama in dream smp are sooo good and that all i want.

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“twas the night before marriage, and in l'manberg

not a creature was stirring, not even ghostbur

the flags that were hung up by our l'mantree

wavered oh so gently in the evening breeze

and tommy in his ‘kerchief, and i in my tie

had just settled down to play sweet mellohi

when down in the crater arose such a clatter

we sprang from our bench to see what was the matter

away to the podium we flew in a flash

checked behind the billboards, hid away our stash

when what to my wondering eyes did appear

but fundy in a suit and a portal near

that led to a world built by jera with care,

right by treasure planet, in galactic air

and i heard him exclaim, as he went out of sight

"i’m going to get married, and married tonight!”

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who wants to be friends and also explain everything that’s ever happened in the dream smp server bc i want to get into the storyline but i’m so fucking lost it’s like starting a tv series but you’re starting in the middle of a random episode from season four without any clue as to what the show is and there’s no ‘previously on…’ aHHH

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